Eagles Trade FB Stanley Havili To Colts For DE Clifton Geathers

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly told reporters at the NFL owners meetings that he wanted the team to get bigger and more physical.  Earlier today, the Eagles traded fullback Stanley Havili to the Indianapolis Colts for big defensive end Clifton Geathers.  Adding Geathers, who is 6’7″ and 325 pounds has made the Eagles defensive line bigger.

This deal makes sense for the Birds because Havili was going to be cut any way, since the Eagles signed tight end, H back and lead blocker James Casey.  The Birds aren’t going to use a fullback in Chip Kelly’s offense.  They want to have more of a pass catching threat at that position than Havili is. Casey will serve that role as the pass catcher and lead blocker.

Geathers is going into his fourth year,  He was drafted in the sixth-round by Cleveland in 2010.  In only a few years, the defensive end has played with the Dolphins, Seahawks, Cowboys and the Colts.  Last year he played in eight games for Indianapolis, recording five tackles and a sack.

Hopefully he will come into his own with the Birds, but how good can he be if he is headed to his fifth team in only three seasons.


37 thoughts on “Eagles Trade FB Stanley Havili To Colts For DE Clifton Geathers

  1. Looks like the Eagles are stocking up on Acquisitions that addressed the
    Secondary,LB,WR Positions .. If no OL Added soon, then you have to think they are GOing IT at #4 (Joekel/Fisher or Lane Jonson)
    I also beleive that since they are still $17-$18 Under the Cap, that there will be a Trade in the making to the NY Jets for CB Darelle Revis that would incluse some Players and swapping of Draft Picks in the 2nd or 3 Round..
    The NY Jerts are desperate for Bodies and have their hands tied until Revis is off the books… Could we see a Vinny Curry, Nate Allen and WR Riley Cooper
    and QB Nick Foles as part of a BLockbuster Deal with the Jets…Stay Tuned

    1. “Stay tuned” haha now you wanna talk like your all for a Revis trade when I mentioned months ago about the possibility of the eagles trading for him and you said it wouldnt be a good idea and that hes coming off an injury yada yada yada. Fact is you change with the wind and base your opinions off others. One day your extremely contrary then the following week your repeating exactly what the person said. What a joke. If anything make mention of the person that said it on here in the first place that being JH himself..

      1. I still don’t think it’s a good Idea JH, but I believe that GM Roseman is desperate to make a big splash and they have the Cap $$$ that they must Spend and the Jets are desperate to move him so it’s almost like a perfect Storm.. Jets need Players all over their Roster
        Eagles have 3-4 Veterans that don’t fit Jelly’s new schemes (Trent Cole, Nate Allen, Jason Avant and possibly TE B Celek who would probably all start for the Jets from Day 1

  2. the significant part of this trade is they traded for a fucking lumberjack DE 6’7″ 325 lbs. if this was last year they wouldve got a 5’11” 270lb DE

    1. Geathers will most likely compete with Cedric Thornton at DE in the 3-4 Scheme as a 5-Technique DE and also as a back-up at NT behind Soapaga if Anotnio Dixon doesn’t come to Camp focused and ready to play.. A nice Deal for the Eagles who may get 10-15 Snaps a game from Geathers where Havilli was not even going to make the Roster since they acquired TE/FB/HB James Casey..
      Does this mean that no Big DL Drafted early (1st or 2nd Round) in the Draft like a Star Lotuleile or a or Jesse Williams.. I tend to think it does..
      Don’t be surprised to hear of another Playmaker whether it’s a WR/RB added early int he Draft by the Eagles.. Just sense that Chip wants more options and versatility with his Skills Positions Players..

  3. The way their off season is going, I am starting to believe. They are going to draft heavily on the offensive side of the ball.

    1. You may be right PDdiddy,
      Kelly may surprise us and after grabbing OT Fisher or Lane Johnson,
      He may grab WR, TE or even a RB early in the Draft,

    1. It would surprise me a lot with the #4 Selection
      I believe the Eagles and probably many other Teams love Guard Chance Warmack as a PLayer and probably All-Pro Player for the next 8-10 Years, but unfortunately, the Guard Postion is one of lowest rated Positions to fill so most Teams just simply don’t value the Postion…
      All Teams have rinternal Rting #’s by Position ((Where QB,LT,DE,CB) are all Rated the Highest and FB,Center,Guard are probably rated the lowest..
      Bottom line with Warmack, is that he’s a Very Good Player and a Day 1 Starter for whoever Drafts him..
      The only way I see the Eagles Selecting him is by Trading back from the #4 Position but Warmack will likely be Drafted at the 10th Selection held by Titans which Coach Munchak just loves

  4. The change in philosophy will show. I am hoping they build up the O-line and add a few offensive weapons. I could see Manuel being drafted 2nd Round.
    Chiefs are going to trade their pick to Oakland for a future 1st and move down a few spots and suprise everyone.

  5. It’s good to see some more size. I would love to see him play NT, he’s 6′-7 and get him up near 340. Give me a guy to stailmate the centrer/guard and try to knock down passes. TJ Barnes is a 6′-7″ 340 pound draftable guy I’de like to see play NT. Forget the fire plug NT, I want a fat power forward trying to deflect crossing passes and possibling creating interceptions. Get in the QB’s head and you have already won.

  6. That is a joke, eagle suck and considering all the picks the skins gave up for rg3, the fact that Eli should be on the decline, the eagles gave a chance to take leadership again of this conference, it all depends in large part why they do with this most important draft

  7. Be careful jake, I don’t think Eli is on the decline yet. I just think he had an off year after a superbowl. You know how that goes.

  8. 2 things about Eli about last Year
    1) WR Nicks was injured off and on all Season and was pretty much a non-factor and Defenses were able to somewhat control Cruz a little bit
    2) Giants RB Position was a revolving door all last Season with Bradshaw
    In and out of line-up, Andre Brown Starting then disappearing late in the Season, And rookie RB David Wilson having big games, but fumbling often as many rookies do (think Bryce Brown)
    3) Giants OL was old & injury prone

    Giants will rebound but are definitely not the same Ream they were
    2-3 Years ago

  9. Hahahahahaha Tony “come out of the closet” Romo 8yr/108 mil from the Cowgirls. Sorry, but Romo isn’t even close to that. That’s straight stupid!

  10. That’s what I am talking abou dman , even if the eagles saddled up to Vick they are no worse, but probably better than the skins, cowboys, redskins , if they decide to build around foles they are much better than any team in the NFC east

  11. Chip Kelly and the new look eagles will take the league by storm, similar to the effect that Jim Harbaugh had on the 49ers. I see the eagles being a playoff team in the first year of this new regime. Gamble is doing more than everyone knows, hes helping chip form this entire roster. Not only that, but this past week Chip changed the seating arrangements in the Locker room, just like what Jim Harbaugh did when he came to the 49ers. Gamble is behind alot of these moves and upcoming ones. By the end of this thing, the Birds will be a SB caliber team. Thats just what Tom Gamble does to teams..

    1. What happened to your Bynum, JH, I told you he would not play a single game for the 76ers this Year back in October

    2. STFU!!!! Nobody cares about your imbecilic, delusional, rantings! Go back in Lebrons @$$, where you belong! Take the league by storm? SB caliber team? What a F^#@ING, @$$PUPPET!!!!

  12. I also stated that the Free-Agents they signed and pursued were the work on Tom Gamble, and called Casey, Soapaga, Barwin and Kenny Phillips as very likely Players that they would pursue heavily and hopefully sign
    You got nothing new JH, just your same old, recycled garbage, go clean your basement, for you can’t compete with the big boy’s that are on GCobb

  13. I think the eagles should trade back a few spots and draft EJ Manuel.. 6’5 240 ran a 4.6 only lost 2 very close games last year..

  14. Manuel will most likely be there in the 2nd Round
    I rather the Eagles Coaches work with QB’s they have in
    Vick/Foles and even Dixon and solidify the OL/DL/Sam LB
    And Secondary with their early picks in this upcoming Draft
    Unless they get this OL updgraded, they will be in trouble no matter who is QB
    Right now RT & RG are open for grabs
    And LT Peters has to prove that he is close to
    100% from his injury/surgery and can return to form
    The Right Side of O/Line and quality Depth at OT & Center
    Must be had in this Draft for shorty term and long term success

  15. I dont think he’ll be there paulman. He’s been killing his workouts.. There are even talks of him going at 9 to the cardinals. The lack qbs is going to make him go up draft boards. that size for a mobile quarterback is hard to find.. like a big ben or a cam newton.

  16. There a lot better and mobile QB’s in the 2014 Pick
    The Eagles as a last place Team in 2012, simply do not have the luxury or time to use a high-draft Pick (first 3 rounds or so) on a 2-3 Year project folr down the road and that’s the reality of the situation of their Current Roster

  17. Who cares how fast qb can run, the most misunderstood statistic, a 5.2 forty guy at qb can make a 4.6 linebacker look slow, when the qb reacts, anticipates and he’s past the pursuit before the linebacker figured it out, learn up, it’s not about the combine , it’s about instincts, whether you can play the position, most importantly, how do you throw under pressure, where are your feet, where are your eyes

    None of these qbs compare to nick foles, if I were foles I would be damn pissed that a bum like geno smith, ej Manuel are being talked about to be drafted and take his place

  18. Some NFL QB News
    Oakland Raiders about to reach a trade and deal for Seahawks back-up
    Matt Flynn (expect Carson Palmer to be released this week)
    Buffalo Bills come to agreement with Kevin Kolb

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