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Eagles Worked Out Stanford Tight End Zach Ertz

Zach ErtzEagles head Chip Kelly couldn’t stop talking about the New England Patriots utilization of their tight ends.  You could see that he was enamored with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Fernandez, who present matchup problems for the defense. He likes the idea of having big receivers, who can run and make plays in the red zone because that’s how you score points.

Kelly has said that he wants to get bigger as a football team and that big guys beat up little guys.

This is one of the reasons I think the report that the Birds had tight ends coach Ted Williams working out Stanford tight end Zach Ertz last week is significant.

He’s a matchup nightmare at 6’5″ 249 pounds.  He’s got a great set of hands and he’s had success in the red zone.  He caught 69 passes for 898 yards in 2012.  He caught six touchdowns while averaging 13 yards a catch.

Kelly has already added a tight end/H-back in James Casey to the offense, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if the Birds drafted another tight end to work with Brent Celek and Casey.  I’m not sure how they feel about the Birds backup tight end Clay Harbor.

Again, Kelly seems to want to have a size advantage with his receivers when he’s throwing the football.  It makes sense when to take account of how the referees call the NFL game.  A big receiver has a tremendous advantage because of pass interference penalties.

Maybe we’ll have more success getting the ball in the end zone when we get in the area from now on. on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Eagles Worked Out Stanford Tight End Zach Ertz”

  1. Eifert of Ertz is the pick in the second round.

  2. Eagles working out everybody. Maybe they’ll work out Pope Francis next. Geez.

  3. Nothing wrong with working out these players my man. Would you rather them not work these guys out and have them base everything off of film? Ya not smart

  4. Don’t forget 3 TE’ms that can be had in the 3rd & 4 Rds
    Vance MCDonald (Rice 6-4 265lbs)
    G Escobar (San Diego State 6-4 250lbs)
    Ryan Outen (Fresno State 6-6 245lbs)

    This is a great Draft Ckass for TE’s

    I like to see the Eagles trade Celek with a 5th Round pick and try
    To get a 3rd or 4th Round pick in Return mthe Cleveland Browns, NY Jets,
    Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals could use an Upgrade at TE

    • Any opinion on Kelce’s brother? I wouldn’t mind using a mid round pick on him. compares him to Gronk. I don’t think he has amazing college stats but I read thats mostly because of the style of offense Cin plays.

      I would rather take Deandre Hopkins (if he is available) in the second round over Ertz or Eiffert then draft Kelce brother in the 4th who is just as big as the top guys.

      • pheags late 3rd-5th rounder, coming off of an injury to his abdomen. He ain’t a difference maker. He’s a solid blocker, inconsistent receiver. Wouldn’t mind in the 5th, if he’s still there.

        • Dcar I think he suffered the sports hernia or whatever it was around week 2 of the season. So he played through it the entire season and was still able to make plays. Its not like he had a knee injury or concussion issue. I wouldn’t shy away from him in the 4th round-5th (don’t think he makes it there). I think he will be a player. He can run block really well and is versatile. I could def see Chip drafting him.

          • I beleive TE Kelce from Cincinnati is late 4th/5th Round PIck in a year of so many good TE’s.. I think he will be a solid Player and used more of a Double TE’s and a blocker as opposed to a real receiving threat and stretching the field for his QB/Offense, he is just not as Athletic as the Top 8-10 TE’s that are in this Draft, but he will get Drafted and be a solid contributor to whoever selects him and probably play some Special Teams as well.. He’s tough and just a football player .. The Eagles already have that in Celek and need a more Athletic TE if they are going to Draft one since they added Casey.. ..

  5. Travis Kelce is a big, physical TE who has soft hands and an ability to get YAC. Needs to work on his blocking. I am a fan of his skill set. He’s had some issues off of the field though. Kelce will be a third or fourth round pick If the Eagles do not get Ertz Kelce is definitely my next favorite TE. Ilike Eifert but the Eagles won’t have a shot at him in the second. The TE position is not a priority given the birds needs in my opinion, however, a stud TE would add a dynamic to this team that will only enhance their ability to put up points!!!

  6. Unless they trade for additional picks, they ain’t wasting their 2nd round pick, on Ertz (My #1 TE). Not a need, & we have too many other holes on both lines, secondary, & ROLB. NOT HAPPENING! If it does, Weaselman, & Kelly should be fired on the spot! Plain & simple!

    • Howie keeps saying he is taking best player available regardless of position and Kelly has no say in personal — Kelly might eventually as his tenure progresses but this is Howie’s team ( he is the head honcho )

  7. This years draft should tell us how Kelly really feels about the team’s talent level. He knows this years crop of colleg players from games and recruiting as well as anyone. He may do what Pman keeps talking about, which is trade several existing guys that have some value for draft picks. It clears salary, cuts dead wood and gets more of his players in faster. This is the year he can really clean house,

  8. ***NFL NEWS***
    Cleveland Browns Trade QB Colt MCCoy and a 6th Round Draft Pick to the
    San Francisco 49ers for their 2013 5th & 7th Round Draft PIcks in returrn, furthering my belief and call that the Browns will Select QB Geno Smith with their #6th Overall Pick in the Draft and have Geno Smith compete with QB Weeden for the Browns Starting QB..
    Remember the Browns have new Ownership,GM,Coaching Staff that are not tied to QB Weeden and probably want to set their own course and build a new identity moving forward..Selecting SMith also allows the Browns to compete better with the Steelers/Ravens who are both not as strong Teams as in the past with their large amount of Roster Turnover and Salary Cap Issues, so if the Browns want to begin to be relevant again, this 2013 Season is the time to do it..
    McCoy will compete with QB Scott Tolzien for the Back-Up QB behind
    Starter Colin Kaepernick

    • I thought your belief and call was that the Bills were going to move up to #4 and take Smith? I thought you wrote that 20+ times. Must have been someone else.

      • I was Mhenski until the BIlls signed QB Kevin Kolb and committed to $15 Million over the next 2 Seasons to him.. I have taken the BIlls out of the Geno Smith running and think they still Drafat a QB but in the mid Rounds to groom behind Kolb who likely comes in as the Starter .. (which I don’t think he deserves, but I believe that’s what’s going to happen in Buffalo)

  9. McCoy was expendable because they signed Jason Campbell (a minor upgrade there I think) to be the backup.

    So I don’t think it necessarily means Geno Smith……

    Weedon was absolutely terrible over the first 10 games of his career…throwing 12 picks to 9 tds….but finished up decently for a rookie…

    Over his last 5 full games before getting hurt he was 3-2 (he was losing the 6th when hurt) going 112 for 181 (62%) for 1297 5tds and 5 ints….not great by any means (certainly nowhere near Foles over his last 5 games)….but I think perhaps too early to dump him right yet.

    What would be the point of drafting Smith? Drop a 1st round pick in his second year for another very questionable first round pick? Better to give Wheedon (and I don’t think he’s anything much – but who knows) another year and if fails, then pick a QB from a better class next year….

    • people that say, wait and pick up better player next year make me laugh… There is no guarantee that the Browns will be worst than 75% of the league next year (likely but not guaranteed)…There may not be a player available when the Browns select next year that is better than Geno Smith…possibly those QB’s are drafted and after their performances in 2013 college season, maybe some stocks fall…its not about who may be available next year that may be better than Smith…its about upgrading your roster every year…and drafting Smith would be an upgrade for the Browns…

    • You have to understand what’s going on in Cleveland and how their New Coaching Staff Scheme’s their Offense..
      New HC Chudzinzki and new OC Norv Turner like the throw the ball down the field.. They like Power Running Game to set up the Play Action for big plays..
      McCoy and Weeden are not these Type of QB’s who do not have big NFL arms .. Chudzinski & Turner like to use double TE’s Sets and have big speedy WR’s to make those plays down the field.. I really believe Geno SMith is very high on their Radar..
      Remember that this entire new regime in Cleveland have no direct ties to Weeden,McCoy or past Draft Picks for that matter and have spent some $$ this Season to re-shape their Front Office and acquire some NFL Talent..
      I really believe that they will have a very competitive Team in 2-3 Years Time,they have a lot of things as an organization in place.. (GM Mike lombardi has a keen eye for Talent, Banner is a master of Contracts/Salary Cap Management. Chudzinski has somlide credentials and is local from eastern Ohio and has his Job for Lfe and OC Norv Turner is an excellent game play caller and works with young Qb as well as any Offensive Mind in the NFL..
      I never really liked Turner as a HC, but as a OC where all he has to do is focus on his Offense is one of the Best..
      I don’t believe that it’s the same-old, same old with the Browns any longer

  10. playing in front of the 49er OL made the last 2 SF QBs look great

  11. I am a big Ertz fan. He put up numbers with and without Luck throwing him the ball. He constantly gave Chip Kelly’s teams problems. I would love that pick at the top of the second round. I actually am starting to believe Kelly may give Foles a chance. The influx of big recievers is great and he loves TE’s. Kelly worked with Belechek in the off seasons at Oregon. His direct contact with an NFL system has big TE’s and an imobile QB in Brady. He may be willing to let Foles and Vick fail or suceed by themselves this year while adding as many young guys as possible.

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