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Brandon Graham Says He Can Be A Standout Linebacker

BrandonGraham1Eagles former number one draft pick defensive end/linebacker Brandon Graham has no idea what position he’ll be playing for Birds this year but he says it doesn’t matter right now because he can do whatever the Birds need him to do.  Graham is eager to get ready and make a good impression to Chip Kelly when he gets on the field.

“I’m just excited because I don’t know if they really know what I can do and I know what I can do and I can’t wait to show them this year,” Graham said. “I’m excited about if I’m going to stand up or not. If I stand up, that’s cool, you can see more of the field and be able to drop and catch interceptions and stuff. I want to show that part of my game if I do do that.”

Graham knows how big of a season this is for him.  He was coming on last year when he finally got on the field, but now he must prove himself to Chip Kelly and his staff.  He’s also got to overcome the fact that he’s about he’s weighing 270 pounds and will need to lose more weight in order to improve his agility, so he can drop into the passing lanes as a linebacker.

“There’s been a lot of talk around a lot of things, but I don’t really know where they want to put me,” Graham said following his first official workout of the offseason at the NovaCare Complex. “All I know is wherever they put me, I’m going to go full-out.” on Facebook

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19 Comments for “Brandon Graham Says He Can Be A Standout Linebacker”

  1. It’s pretty amazing how before last season everyone was writing Graham off as another first round bust, but he’s my player to watch on defense this upcoming season. When he got the opportunity to play, you could see that he was one of the only players giving constant effort. I think he understands that GM’s and fans in this league don’t care where you were drafted, or where you came from, it’s about making it happen on the field. Hopefully he can stay healthy because there is nothing better than a player who has motivation and something to prove.

  2. As for the draft, I think the eagles should either take Fisher or Milliner with the 4th pick assuming they don’t trade it. What I would really like is for them to trade down with QB needy teams (Bills & Jets) to the 8 or 9 spot, pick up an extra second round pick and draft:

    #8-9: Lotulelei, Lane Johnson, Warmack
    #35: Reid, Cyprien, Hankins
    #39 or 41: Barrett Jones, Alex Okafor, more OL depth

    I’d be happy with any of these picks but there is still a lot of time before the draft for the birds to make moves.

  3. All good moves Sean, and I agree with your first post about too many Fans writing off young players way too quick.. Graham should have been on the PUP
    List and out for all of 2011 allowing him to get 100% Healthy and not lose his confidence for the Start of 2012.. He did come thru the last 8-10 Weeks of the Season and was by far, the best and most productive Eagles DE last Season adn one of the 3-4 Players on their Defense who did not quit on his Teammates,Coaches or Team in my opinion
    He is in his final Year of his Rookie Contract, this Season will tell the tale on whenther he is a big time NFL Player or simply a rotational pass-rusher but there is no hard or downside for the Eagles to have him play it out in 2013 and see what he can do in a new Scheme and a 100% Healthy..

  4. the little fella is a linebacker now — LOL isn’t that cute.

  5. Graham played well at the end of last year and I am excited to see what he can give us this year. Guys want to call him a bum… thats fine…. but I think we should be praising the 2 or 3 guys that gave it their all last year when the chips were down. This D is now young and Im happy to see Graham giving it his all right now.

  6. Agree Stevo. People are too quick to write guys off. Which with Graham, his problems were injury related as opposed to his actual play on the field. Keep in mind Graham is only 25 years old. I expect a breakout season from Graham.

  7. I think some of the fans never believed in Graham as a 4-3 DE and thought Earl Thomas should have been picked instead (myself included). Factor in his injury riddled 1st couple of seasons and thats where the notion of “writing him off” comes from. I’m excited to watch him this year in the 3-4 and have always seen him as more of a Lamar Woodley type player (not saying as good as) in the first place.

  8. I still can’t believe we passed up on Earl Thomas. SMH.

  9. I’ll be the first to admit that I wanted Earl Thomas and thought for sure that was the guy we were going to get when we traded up in 2010. That being said, my problem is with people on this site who think Graham is a bum. Seems ridiculously unsubstantiated for a 25 year old player who hasn’t had much opportunity due to injury. I was very impressed with him this past year when he got playing time and fully expect him to take another step forward this year.

  10. Graham isn’t a bum. I like him. He’s a hard-working legitimate football player. However, Earl Thomas is one of the top safeties in the NFL. The type of player that only comes around once in a while….and we passed on him. What makes it bad is that EVERYONE know it was a position of need and EVERYONE knew he was going to be special — and Fat Andy passed on him because he once again tried to “outsmart” everyone. Ugh. Good riddance.

  11. yes you can! Graham can be an impact player in 2013. I think he will surprise a lot of the pessimistic fans. He played well considering the amount of snaps he received. He outperformed every D Linemen in my opinion. I think people crowned Graham a bust too soon and now they are hoping they are right. Instead of being a fan and hoping they are wrong. Anyone who watched the Eagles in 2012 and was not satisfied with Grahams effort or productivity doesn’t understand the job of a DE. I am intrigued by Graham possibly standing up in the 3-4, I for one hope he becomes that player that the Eagles believed he would be..and from what I’ve seen in 2012 its going in the right direction

  12. Brandon Graham will continue to improve and grow into the impact player that he is capable of being. I’ll say it again. He and Llamar Woodley have a similar skill set which Woodley himself acknowledge when they continue to train together. He played the same scheme and position as Woodley at the Big House!!!

  13. I believe Brandon Graham will be the next Mayor of Philadelphia when he retires..

  14. Bunch of dreamers…….come week #2 everyone is going to want Graham out of this city…he can not play OLB in a 3-4…he doesnt have the agility…..he is a bum!

    • jott, exactly. He might be able to be a situation ROLB, but he can not be a cover OLB. He sucks! He needs to go! Everybody on here, all got boners off of his 5.5 sacks last year, that came during a lost season, with no pressure on! GTFO!!!! Same goes for Cole! Trade them, & get more picks for players that fit the scheme. We just fired the Hindenburg, who was famous, for forcing the square pegs, in the round holes!

  15. Something I was thinking about and this probably sounds crazy as most of my thoughts are.. I believe Graham could be a Beast at playing ILB in the 3-4
    And could just raise havoc against Center/Guards whether its the run or in passing situations where he can move around and get after the QB
    In the 1, 2 or 3 Gaps and disrupt the play from the inside
    At 260-265 Lbs with a couple yards of momentum behind him..
    Maybe like a Trotter or a Levon Kirkland in his hey day
    What’s everyone’s thoughts about this possibility..

  16. Anotherwords, switch him and Kendrick’s
    Have Graham on the inside, and put Kendrick’s on the outside where he belongs and have Barwin play the SAM Spot in a Base 3-4 Defense

  17. Please stop with the Earl Thomas stuff. Everyone and there mother wanted Earl too. Everytime i think about it i want to puke. I just hope Graham can stay healthy this season and contribute somehow.

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