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Chip Kelly: “Mike (Vick) can still play”

MichaelVick11After taking a look at the Eagles game footage from a year ago, Birds head coach Chip Kelly made it clear that he and his coaching staff believe Michael Vick can still be a productive quarterback.

Much of the Eagles fan based moaned when Kelly gave his assessment of Vick, because the quarterback’s popularity has taken a major hit due to the struggles of the last couple of years.  I’m confident that Kelly is well aware of the fact that keeping Vick wasn’t a popular decision with the fans.

Kelly didn’t take a step back at all when he appeared on the NFL Network. He hasn’t changed that opinion one iota based on what he had to say to stood to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network.

“Mike can still play,” Kelly said.  ” When you evaluate a quarterback, you have to evaluate everything. The losing of three or four offensive linemen for the season, he took a lot of hits. You as a quarterback when you drop back hope that that guy is going to be blocked, and when we miss a block and he ends up getting hit, it’s not the quarterback’s fault.

“When you sit down and analyze what his skill set is and what he can still do, he can still throw the football, still accurate with his throws, he’s extremely tough. There was no question in my mind that I wanted Michael to be back on this team.”

It’s going to be very interesting to see how Vick plays during training camp, but the real questions will come during the season because I think he will be the starter.

Can he stay healthy?  Can he eliminate the turnovers?  Can he make the proper adjustments at the line of scrimmage?  Will he able to get rid of the football against the blitz?

It’s going to be a very interesting summer to say the least. on Facebook

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25 Comments for “Chip Kelly: “Mike (Vick) can still play””

  1. “Birds head coach Chip Kelly made it clear that he and his coaching staff believe Michael Vick can still be a productive quarterback.”

    I really need to get Chips definition of “productive” and “still”

  2. The decision, that will be the beginning of his downfall! I don’t know what was worse the Vick decision, or the Davis hire?!?

  3. Vick is tough but will continue fail due to organizational dysfunction.

    • Vick will fail for he is still unable to read Defense’s after playing 10-11 Years in the NFL and is just not consistent enough in his decision-making and ball security to take any Team for a legitimate Playoff Run

      The Decision to hang onto VIck was a mistake, what better time of cutting the chord with all the disappointments and failures of the last 2 Season with the Eagles then saying goodbye to it’s Coaching Staff, and it’s QB
      Remember this Eagles Team has only won 12 of it’s last 34 NFL Games dating back to the end of the 2010 Season so it’s not like there should be any protective Players on this Current Eagles Roster

  4. YES! Another Vick article!

    What is forgotten in all this “Mike’s still got it!” BS is the utter stupidity starting Vick would be. What a waste of good development time that would be.

    Starting Mike Vick would be an act of complete and utter stupidity. And I don’t think Kelly is that stupid.

    Thwere is no future in Mike Vick. Even IF he can “return” (love it – what exactly will he be “returning” to – 5 games in 2010??)…anyway, even if he “returns” to form…..he”ll soon be a 34 yr old guy who has relied on his legs in a young QBs league….

    Last 15 SB winning QB (28, 31, 27, 31, 26, 27, 27, 30, 23, 27, 26, 34, 24, 28, 28)

    There is no future in 34 yr old running down QBs

    He has – at best…and I’m really stretching the realm of possibility here – at best 2 “productive” 13 game seasons left in him.

    There is no future in a 34 yr old running QB. Everyone – including Kelly, knows this.

    If Vick is named starter, it is a guarantee the Eagles will be drafting a QB next Season. Presumably, Foles of Dixon would be a backup in that case.

    So….wouldn’t it be behoven upon a new coach to determine, knowing he have, at very very best, 2 13 games seasons left in the mini-man….to find out what Foles and or Dixon bring to the table before the 2014 draft?

    Of course it would be.

    There is no future in Mike Vick. The future is Foles, or someone else….the only intelligent move would be to roll with Foles and or Dixon this season to see if a new QB needs to be taken in the first round next year.

    (Of course, this should have been done 3 seasons ago).

    Chip Kelly starts Vick this year means we won’t see a competitive (and by that I mean better than 8-8) team until 2015. Mike Vick is ancient history….Chip Kelly represents “new” (at least I hope he does)…..

    “One more year of re-treads”, or “lets see what the kids have?” I think he’ll choose the latter, because the first choice is for dummies.

  5. wow I start commenting again and here’s a Vick Article….I shouldn’t be shocked. Fine, Start Vick so we can draft Johnny Football or Bridgewater. Lol Songs is still at it Blaming everyone but Vick. Wait aren’t you a Redskin fan now?

  6. Vinnie? He’ll soon be 33 not 34

  7. Vinnie….

    chip Kelly have studied the tape and know what Foles brings to the the table and have decided Vick is the best option to run what he runs best.

    He also recruited Dixon to Oregon and know what he brings to the table.

    Foles may get traded to the Jets.


    • Is this personal for you dude? Such hate. Ive been reading 2 months worth of these articles on here and it’s always the same. Even though Chip is the “Boss” he says some misleading things IMO. Just gonna have to wait and see and not take it personal. I do support Vinnies opinion here, but Im still a birds fan first. No need to get too Hyped especially after a subject that has been beat to hell the past two months. I think the next two weeks will be telling.

  9. So you’re in the “stupid” camp I suppose Rocko.

    As for the trade of Foles, its possible…perhaps even possible.

    But the drading of Foles and the cutting/trading of Vick are not mutually exclusive.

    Any trading of Foles would clearly be accompanied by the drafting of Smith. Then its Dixon and Smith into the new season….

    At that point it would still be stupid to have Vick on the roster when the emphasis at that point would have to be on the development of Smith and Dixon.

  10. chip can believe in Vick all he wants, right up to him reaching a performance bonus and then Howie will tell Chip it’s time to believe in Foles for a while

  11. Time will tell, best case we make playoffs, worse case another top 5 pick…likely the later

  12. Kelly says Michael Vick can “still” play. The word “still” means to continuing now, as in the past.

    I don’t know exactly what Kelly is looking at but if Michael Vick “still” plays like he has in the past we don’t have much to look forward to…

    These coaches have giant size egos – they all look at Michael Vick and think “I can fix a few things and this guy will be a stud”…. We’ll see Chip.

  13. Even though the defense will suck ass under Billy Davis, I’m excited about the prospect of what Vick will do under Chip Kelly.

    Enough to make me watch but I’ll hold my wallet until I see real changes from the GM to defensive coordinator.

  14. I really can’t see the Eagles Defense playing or being much worse than what we’ve seen the last couple of Seasons.. I was hoping for a fresh start at QB with Vick gone but I guess I can’t have anything in life and maybe he will surprise many and actually pick-up Kelly/Shurmur’s Offense and play efficiently and well.. Time will tell and this should be a very QB Freindly System with minimal reads having to be executed to perform well..

  15. Nothing new here. Lurie through Howie telling his coach who to play at qb until the heir apparent geno smith is inserted as the starter

    • With the 1st Pick of the 2014 NFL Draft
      The Philadelphia Eagles select QB Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M ..
      Could you just see the Pictures of Roseman and Lurrie with big huge smiles with “Johnny Football” Holding up a #1 Eagles Jersey between them…
      I think I am going to get sick… Good Grief…

  16. Look- Nothing means anything until game 1 of the regular season.

    Vick was loved so much that they renegotiated a 1 year deal with him to stay for money they had to pay him anyway. (I believe Vick is cut prior to the start of the season barring catastrophic preseason injury)

    Foles in 2013 (Kelly will not make a mistake and Stretch for for Smith at 4)

  17. One thing is for sure no matter who plays QB. Chip Kelly has just told us offensive line will be the 1st pick this year. Chip just tipped his hand

  18. I guess we will find out if Mike can flourish in Chip’s offense, if not we can put up with Foles until Chip finds a real NFL franchise QB.

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