Mock NFL Draft For April 9th, 2013

GenoSmith15There’s a major debate that’s taking place right now in the NFL and it concerns Geno Smith.  Some say he’s good enough to be the first pick in draft, while others say he shouldn’t even be picked in the first round.  The scouts are either hot or cold on him.  There are few in the middle.

That brings us to the Eagles.  I know they went down to Morgantown, West Virginia to work him out because they were excited about some of the things they saw on tape and they were eager to get a closer look at him.  His arm, speed and play-making ability intrigues them, but that doesn’t mean they will draft him at number four.

Who knows, the Eagles may have cooled on him or they may have decided that if he’s there, they’re going to make him their number one draft pick.  I believe there’s a good chance that more and more information about their intentions may come to light before the draft.

Here’s a look at a mock draft where the Eagles grab Smith.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dion Jordan, DE/LB

3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

5. Detroit Lions – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

6. Cleveland Browns – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

7. Arizona Cardinals – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

8. Buffalo Bills – Matt Barkley, QB, USC

9. New York Jets – Star Lotuleilei, DT, Utah

10. Tennessee Titans – Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

11. San Diego Chargers – Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

12. Miami Dolphins – Ezekiel Ansah, DE/LB, BYU

13.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

15. New Orleans Saints – Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

16. St. Louis Rams – Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

18. Dallas Cowboys – Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas

19. New York Giants – D. J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

20. Chicago Bears – Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International

22. St. Louis Rams – Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

23. Minnesota Vikings – Slyvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

24. Indianapolis Colts – Keenan Allen, California

25.  Minnesota Vikings – Robert Woods, WR, USC

26. Green Bay Packers – Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

27. Houston Texans – DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

28. Denver Broncos – Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

29. New England Patriots – Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

30.  Atlanta Falcons – Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

31. San Francisco 49ers – Eric Reid, FS, LSU

32. Baltimore Ravens – Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

58 thoughts on “Mock NFL Draft For April 9th, 2013

  1. Geno Smith at 4. Fantastic. He’d have been available at 80 last year.

    Mike Maylock on Geno Smith:
    “”I have a hard time buying into that,” said Mayock, fresh off studying 12 hours of Geno’s tape. “I couldn’t even pound the table today for a first-round quarterback, let alone a (No. 1) pick quarterback. I watched a bunch of Geno Smith and he can make every throw. He’s athletic. The ball jumps out of his hand. But there’s a lot of things that make me nervous about him. He misses people by wide margins for no reason. I see a little bit of hesitancy with the blitz. When that first read is not there, it’s not as pretty on the second or third read. His eyes come down. He makes mistakes. “I couldn’t take Geno Smith in the top 10, probably the top 20,”

    Geno is a great pick at 25, not so great at 4.

    Too bad there’s no one in the draft teams are going to want to trade up for……that and the fact that just about everyone from picks 2 to 4 are willing to trade down.

    No market. No Value.

    Take a 12 year OT and head to the second round.

  2. Moving back would be great….but I have a hard time seeing it happen.

    Raiders and Jags (both ahead of the Eagles) are also willing to move back (esp the Faders)….so you’ve got 3 teams willing to trade down (at least theoretically). That is problematic.

    Mopre problematic is there isn’t anyone “special” player that will be available at 4 that anyone will trade up for.

    3 teams willing to trade up and no one willing to trade up is problematic at best.

  3. Sorry, 3 teams willing to trade down

    At least we have this:

    Chip Kelly:“You look at the history of this, when people make mistakes it’s when they kind of reach for something that probably isn’t there.”

    Well, Geno Smith is a reach at #4… we’ll see if Kelly’s being truthful or not.

  4. i am no draft wonk and have said nothing about the draft- i defer to those of you that follow the hell out of it and i enjoy reading it even paulmans 97 mocks- but my input after reading all that most of you say- weak star power, impact at the lineman spots– take a tackle at 4 and move on– get your trey thomas start looking at round 2

  5. There not taking Geno Smith remember Howie said there taking the best available player at 4 no matter what position no one has Geno Smith rated in the top 10 players. The pick will be Fisher, Floyd, Jordan, Jockel, or Star.

  6. Paulman’s Mock Draft (#98)

    1) Chiefs – OT Eric Fisher
    2) Jaguars – DE/OLB Dion Jordan
    3) Raiders – DT Shariff FLoyd
    4) EAGLES – DT Star Lotuleile
    5) Lions – OT Luke Joeckel
    6) Browns – CB Dee Milliner
    7) Cardinals – OT Lane Johnson
    8) Bills – Guard Jonathon COoper
    9) Jets – DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo
    10) Titans – Guard Chance Warmack
    11) Chargers – WR/Returnman Tayvon Austin
    12) Dolphins – DE Ezekial Ansah
    13) TB Bucs – CB Xavier Rhodes
    14) Panthers – Safety Ken Vaccaro
    15) Saints – DT Sheldon Richardson
    16) Rams – WR Corderelle Patterson
    17) Steelers – OT DJ Fluker
    18) Cowboys – OLB Jarvis Jones
    19) Giants – TE Tyler Eifert
    20) Bears – DE Bjorn Woerner
    21) Bengals – SS Matt Elam
    22) Rams – SS Jonathon Cyprien
    23) Vikings – DE Datone Jones
    24) Colts – DE Tank Carradine
    25) Vikings – WR Robert Woods
    26) Packers – DE Margus Hunt
    27) Texans – WR Deandre Hopkins
    28) Broncos – CB Marcus Trufant
    29) Patriots – DE/OLB Damontre Moore
    30) Falcons – OT Justin Pugh
    31) 49ers – DT Jonathon Hankins
    32) Ravens – SS Eric Reid

      1. I am not that high on DT Star Lotuleile myself and would be very surprised and disappointment with this Selection to be honest with you..
        I think Lotuliele is another Rotational Player who will play 30-35 Snaps a game and Eagles need more production with that #4th Overall Selection

  7. i wish i could bet somewhere that the eagles would draft a ot with the #4 pick, i would put my house on it

  8. Vinnie:

    Here is the trade back scenario: Miami desperately needs an OT. Logic dictates that one of the 3 will be there at 6, but Detroit at 5 needs an OT. If you MUST have an OT, or you MUST have one of the top 2, then Philly at 4 is the best target. The 4th pick could be had with a 1st (#12), a 2nd, and a 3rd or 4th. The Dolphins have an extra 2nd and an extra 3rd…..won’t say it will happen, but more likely than moving up to the top 3.

  9. Good analysis DixieFan and your right with the Dolphins losing OT Long to Free-Agnecy they are looking for Starter at OT and a DE Pass-Rusher with their 1st ROund Pick .

  10. Back from my self-imposed Exile from lame QB talk. About 2 weeks till the draft time to get serious. The QB crop is not good, but the lineman crop is bustling..Especially at 4. Looking forward to a stud lineman to really sure up the line for the next decade. Lots of stuff to analyze the next couple weeks. Hoping Howie and Chip can make the right decisions with Picks and Players.

  11. The Eagles will draft Tavon Austin with their first round pick, whether at 4 or somewhere else. I have a feeling this is what Chip will do, not what I would do (I have made it clear I would take Warmack) but I think Austin is his pick. Chip is more secretive than Reid ever was…no way I see him doing the conventional thing like taking a Olineman.

    1. I wish I could bet money on this because I assure you Tavon Austin is not being drafted at #4 by the Eagles. I would have to assume it’s going to be Fisher/Joeckel or Floyd/Richardson. I’m not sure I’d be ok with any other pick but that’s just me.

      1. Btc, I never said it had to be at 4 or that it would be my choice if I was picking. I just think thats what Chip will do. Basically, I would be surprised if our first round pick wasn’t a surprise. Im telling you man watch them draft Austin.

        Another thing is don’t pay too much attention to any mock out there. I bet nobody will even call the first 6 picks right in this draft. All these mocks will look embarrassing once day one is over.

  12. Holy shit GCOBB for the first time in the history of his site actually modified a post. I am shocked

  13. Chip Kelly’s recent qoutes…….

    “Mike can still play,” Kelly said in an interview with the NFL Network.” When you evaluate a quarterback, you have to evaluate everything. The losing of three or four offensive linemen for the season, he took a lot of hits. You as a quarterback when you drop back hope that that guy is going to be blocked, and when we miss a block and he ends up getting hit, it’s not the quarterback’s fault.

    “When you sit down and analyze what his skill set is and what he can still do, he can still throw the football, still accurate with his throws, he’s extremely tough. There was no question in my mind that I wanted Michael to be back on this team.”

    Kelly has also praised Nick Foles in the past two months, so a statement like the one he made on Vick does not mean Vick is the starter. In fact, the Eagles could easily draft a quarterback in two weeks who could supplant both Vick and Foles.

  14. Paulman, now that’s the kind of mock i like to see. BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE! And Star is that guy. Would have a monster front line on D

  15. THEY…… ARE…… NOT…… DRAFTING…… GENO…… SMITH……..!!!! Stop with the fire starting, lightning rod, articles! GEEESH!!!

    1. Agreed. careful what you say though Dcar gcobb is now editing posts and moderating.haaaaaaaaaa

  16. Don’t be shocked if JAX drafts Geno Smith with the 2nd pick. This would mirror the formula their new GM experienced while in Atlanta. Also, I am unaware of ANY visits or work-outs with the other QBs. Personally, I am expecting us to draft EJ Manuel in round 2, so I am leaning towards a defensive pick in round 1 (Jordan or Lotutellei) if we don’t trade back for more picks.

  17. I would be very surprised to see new HC Gus Bradley and Company make a reach for QB Geno Smith at #2 Overall.. I see them strictly going for a Pass-Rusher/DE or OLB the entire way with either Dion Jordan, Ezekial Ansah or even a Jarvis Jones..
    Bradley is going to want to Start his HC Career with an impact Player on Defense to Put his Stamp on the Jaguars as they begin a new Era, there is little doubt in my mind about this…
    I could see them Draft EJ Manuel with their 2nd Round Pick though…

  18. we are not taking Geno Smith but somebody will in the first RD. I think we will try to trade down a few spots but if we cant get an additional 2nd rd or a 3 and a 4 we will be forced to take best player on our board depending on what’s there. this is a copycat league and our offseason pickups suggest we are looking at the SF model at how they turned their team around by drafting two stud lineman on Offense and a stud outside rusher. chances are we go with one of the remaining OT between Luke and Fisher, or since the draft is deep at OT getting Floyd, Star, Jordan. I don’t think Millner is in the picture. Since we have offensive playmakers and we are a piece away from a really good O-line I think Jordan is the selection bc we have nothing dynamic/freakish on that side of the ball. I also like Starr but if he really was considering quitting I have to pass bc we don’t have a ray lewis type to light a fire under his ass week in and week out.

  19. Eagles will pick geno smith at 4, it is written in stone, you dick heads may know football, but do not understand he this bull shit organization operates, geno smith at 4, assuming he’s available

  20. And I have been calling this for months, this organization is not interested in winning unless it’s with a black qb, so it’s geno, a terrible pick at any selection in the first round, but suitable to this racial agenda front office, eagles and Oakland the last refuge for the underperforming, over hyped back qb

    1. Once again you’ve outdone yourself Jake. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more racist and stupid you pull this outbid your ass. Well done jackass.
      Just promise us that if the eagles do not draft Geno Smith that you will never post on this site again. The real fans would appreciate it. Thanks.

      1. And what’s your promise when I am correct, that geno smith is undeserving of a first round pick, he sucks, but will be drafted by the eagles at 4 for all the reasons I have articulated so tell me little big man, what’s your promise if I am correct, that the eagles draft geno smith at 4, what’s your stuff to talk so tough, let’s here from you

        1. Jake please. You don’t really want it. Trust me. You’re an Ignorant racist just admit it. But just to shut u up if they pick smith at #4 I will no longer post. If they don’t you can gtfoh maybe move down to Mississippi where u will fit right in. Don’t forget your white hood.

  21. Reports from Oakland is that they offered there #2 Overall pick for QB Mike Vick before pulling the trigger for trade with Seattle for Matt Flynn…
    Lurie,, Roseman and HC Kelly stated that they think Vick
    “Can still play in the NFL” … Details to follow..

  22. I failed to add that Raiders wanted Trent Cole
    And RB Bryce Brown in the package also..

  23. F**k Geno Smith! I don’t want him at #4. The Eagles are going to regret this move if they take him at 4. Stupid f**ks. Sorry just makes me super angry when i hear them taking Smith at #4. Hey Chip…why don’t you use Nick Foles and work around his strengths…

  24. **NFL News
    Ravens to sign LB McClain who was cut by the Raiders last Week (Watch him become an All-Pro with the Ravens)
    Patriots sign Unrestricted Free-Agent WR Emmanuel Sanders leaving the Steelers with 5 Days to match the Deal.. Steelers are awfully thin at WR
    with Anthony Brown, J Crotchery and Plaxico Burris on their active Roster
    (I expect the Steelers to struggle winning 6-7 Games in 2013) they have a lot of issues, poor OL, no WR,s No stud RB, againg LB, Aging Safeties..

    1. ****More NFL News**

      NY Jets sign Safety Dwan Landry
      Bengals release CB Jason Allen who only played 4 Games last season
      Bengals are close to signing LB Karlos Dansby who was released by Dolphins earlier in the Off-Season

  25. Batwing, Dansby,, Ryan’s and Kendrick’s ,on the outside ,would make a pretty damn good LB n a base 3-4, then on passing downs, slide Kendrick’s back inside and bring in a Cole or Graham for a pass rusher opposite of Barwin..

    1. That OLB Core is weak, and the weakest link is Connor Barwin. Dansby is slow, and no longer the player he once was. People get too caught up in names. Names that can’t ply or can’t play anymore.

      1. gm, my man, while I agree, that our OLB’s are weak, I don’t agree your Barwin analysis. How can you say, he’s the weakest link, when he’s the only experienced 3-4 OLB, that we have & has been successful. Cole blows, & doesn’t fit. Graham, is small, unproven, & doesn’t fit, unless he’s a situational pass-rusher. Other than that, we don’t have any other OLB’s. Barwin will be fine. He didn’t put up the numbers last year, because Houston used him in coverage, 80% of the time, in contrast to the prior season.

        1. DCar, Connor Barwin, is Jason Babin reincarnated with as much unrealistic expectations. He isn’t all that. He had one good year, and it wasn’t just because he was in coverage, he wasn’t as good as his 11 sack season suggested. That was exposed last season, because Defensive Coordinators were ready for it this year. He is nothing special.

          Because of the unrealistic expectations for him, he is the weak link, in fact he won’t even be as good as Babin was…….WEAK!!

          1. Very poor comparison GM lon Barwin & Babin
            Barwin is a 3 Down OLB who can also rush the QB.
            Babin is strictly a Pass-Rushing DE and nothing else
            Not even close Cliff..
            Barwin Sack Totaks were down last year due the emergence
            Of JJ Watt and the Texans had Barwin drop in coverage many times
            As DCar correctly alluded to above..

          2. You are wrong on this one gm! You didn’t answer my ??? Again—-
            “How can you say, he’s the weakest link, when he’s the only experienced 3-4 OLB, that we have, that has been successful. Cole blows, & doesn’t fit. Graham, is small, unproven, & doesn’t fit, unless he’s a situational pass-rusher.” Comparing him to Babin, doesn’t back up, what you stated. How can he be the weakest link, when he’s the ONLY 3-4 OLB we have? He is not the Weakest link.

  26. Gmcliff, exactly, couldn’t have said it better about Barwin, he’s a gym created football player, but he will be nothing special, and he reminds me a lot of that stiff Babin

  27. Barwin, if used properly, can be similar as another Clay Matthews type
    Move him around the formations, blitz him from Ll over, but can also play the run and cover TE’s/RB’s out in the flats in Oass Coverages..
    I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised of how athletic and having a knack of being around the ball and making plays.. He’s a finisher unlike what the Eagles have bad in Babin and Trent Cole or at the OLB Position
    The last few Seasons.. I expect about 10 Saxks from him, good Run Suppoet and good pass-coverages skills on TE’s who have killed the Eagles the last 5-7 Years or so..

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