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DeSean Jackson: Vick would be fine with Eagles drafting Geno Smith

The Washington Redskins play the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL FootballMichael Vick might have told DeSean Jackson he doesn’t have a problem with the Birds drafting West Virginia’s Geno Smith, but I don’t believe he was telling the whole truth.  I think many times Vick just tells people what they want to hear. If the Eagles draft Smith, it guarantees that Vick’s days are numbered and that this year will almost surely be his last as an Eagle.

You know Vick is planning on having a big year and trying to solidify himself as the Birds starting quarterback.  Do you really think he wants the Birds to draft Smith?

Vick remembers Donovan McNabb being bothered by the Birds drafting Kevin Kolb, who has stolen more money than everybody short of Bernie Madoff.   Vick isn’t going to act like McNabb because he remembers how number five was criticized for complaining, plus after two horrible seasons, how could Vick complain about anything.

On Wednesday night Jackson was interviewed on the NFL Network and he said Vick wouldn’t have a problem with the Birds drafting Smith.

“Actually, me and Mike Vick were just talking about that in the weight room the other day,”  Jackson, who is a two-time Pro Bowler said in an NFL Network interview. “Mike Vick is at the point in his career where he is 32 [years old], he feels him getting a one-year contract, that he still has a lot to go out there and prove. At the same time, he understand it is a business and the team and organization will have to do whatever they can to make it work. I think he will be ready this year to go and you will see a different Michael Vick this year.”

Jackson is hearing some of the same things I have heard about the Birds possibly drafting Smith.  Eagles head coach Chip Kelly loves a mobile quarterback as much as any coach in the NFL.  Smith’s stock had to go up with Kelly and the Eagles when he ran the fastest 40-yard dash, 4.58 of any quarterback in this year’s draft.  I have heard the Birds were just going through the motions when they went down to Morgantown to take a close look at Smith.

“I have been hearing about that, honestly, too,” Jackson said. “Geno Smith was a great player at West Virginia. He has done some great things. He could probably fit right in with this offense. Mock drafts and things like that, I don’t really get into them because a lot of times none of that stuff turns out to be right. We will see, I am getting interested … Hopefully whoever comes in can help us get to where we need to, fast and in a hurry.” on Facebook

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16 Comments for “DeSean Jackson: Vick would be fine with Eagles drafting Geno Smith”

  1. Why doesn’t someone ask D-Jax what he would think about if the Eagles Drafted WR/Returnman Tayvon Austin…

    • He would say, AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. I’m still the lightning bolt to this Offense,… matter how bad Paulman wants me gone….I’m still here, and not going anywhere, so stop hatin…..

  2. Another lightening rod article! Way to go GCobb! You just can’t help yourself! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Who gives a rats @$$ what he thinks?!? We’ll be drafting his replacement, when we do, so he better care! Vick can plan all he wants, on having a big year, but anyone with 1 brain molecule, & any knowledge, knows that’s not happening!
    Cue the idol worshippers…3..2..1…..

  3. If Vick tries to get rid of the ball in 2.5 seconds he is just going to get hit right back in the head after it is rejected

  4. eagles0 haaaaaaa i like!

  5. They aren’t drating a

  6. They aren’t drafting a Quarterback in the first 2 rounds, because we don’t need a QB. So they’re not drafting Geno Smith, because we don’t need him.

  7. I agree 100% GMCliff
    They should and will go OL,DL, CB in the first 3-4 Rounds

  8. There’s not a top 10 quarterback in this draft. If someone picks Geno Smith at the top of the draft they will be getting screwed.

    Why would Kelly care about Smith’s 4.58 speed? Mike Vick could still beat that speed today.

    To me, Smith is not even the best quarterback in the draft.

  9. I think Geno Smith and Barkley fall to to the end of 1st Round and possibly to the early 2nd Round..
    I could see a Teams like the Bears, TB Bucs trading back into the late 1st Round and currently have lame duck QB’s in their final year’s of Contracts (Cutler and Freeman becoming Free Agents after 2013 and moving from their current Teams) as Teams looking to address their future QB situation
    And if this doesn’t occur then Teams like the Jags, Raiders, Bills, Jets will
    Probably grab these QB’s with their 2nd Round Picks

  10. Geno smith to eagles at 4

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