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Eagles Trade Dion Lewis To Cleveland For Emmanuel Acho

Dion-Lewisx-largeAfter several weeks of shopping backup running back Dion Lewis, the Eagles have found a trade partner.

The Eagles sent the former fifth-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

Acho is 6-1 and weighs 240 lbs. He was Cleveland’s sixth-round selection last season, but spent the season on injured reserve with a knee injury. Current defensive coordinator Billy Davis was the Browns’ linebacker coach when Acho was drafted, so he’s familiar with him and might believe that he can get something out of him. on Facebook

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87 Comments for “Eagles Trade Dion Lewis To Cleveland For Emmanuel Acho”

  1. I like A Ho who will compete for a Roster Spot as Back-Up OLB & Special Teams Play, he’s athletic, long arms and pretty active and should be able to best out Chaney/Matthews for a Back-Up Spot..
    RB Lewis was most likely not going to make this Years Roster so a minor move, but probably helpful to both Players and Teams in a minor way
    Lewis can be a solid back- up to Richardson/Hardesty for the Browns

    • Paul, how do you know what he is as a pro? He has never played in 1 game yet. He missed his entire rookie season. O.o

      • Because I know everything DCAr… Ha ha..
        Acho played well in College (U of Texas) and was utilized quite a bit as
        Outside PassRusher, Cover LB and has some potential and I see no reason that he compete as a back-up and contribute on Special Teams
        I am not saying he’s a Starter by any means but a quality young player with some upside, meanwhile Lewis failed to make an impact on Soecial Teams while in the Eagles and fell behind Bryce Brown as back-up to McCoy
        And contributed very little to the Eagles during his time in Philly

  2. Just saw Ryan Rau was released. Was I the only one who thought Rau was the best LB in preseason last year? I thought he was very physical and played well.

    • I don’t know about the best. Kendricks played pretty good last preseason. But, he did outplay Casey Matthews; That was obvious. Politics are apparently keeping Mathews around now. For them to cut Rau, is just hypocritical when they talk about having the best players on the field. He is flat out a better football player than Casey Matthews…….He has no business being on this football team…………

      • cliff, politics is life

        • Big Frank you also know Politics today is screwed up, and rarely benefits the oppressed. Eagles fans are oppressed with the inability to get over the hump of never winning a superbowl. This type of politics isn’t going to help us either.

          Neither Matthews, nor Dixon, to me are worth patronizing, as impactful NFL Players.

          • I hear ya Cliff, and I agree about Matthews and Dixon. But those Oregon ties are strong for those guys. Politics rearing its ugly head.

          • gm, you can count on a heavy Oregan contingent, coming in here at draft time. Expect an overdrafted Jordan at #4, Long in the 2nd, & an overdrafted Kiko Alonzo, in the 3rd, no matter HOW unbiased, he says he’s going to be! Now, if we trade down & get 2 #1’s, & utilize trade chips, in Cole, Graham, Maclin, & 1 of either Vick, or Foles, to get additional 1st-4th rounders, then we’d have the luxury to do so. I really like all 3, but not if he makes those 3 moves, in that scenario, in will be a major setback, for a few years. Jordan should be no higher than 20-32. Long is a legit 2nd rounder, & Alonzo is a 4th-5th rounder, with his health & off the field issues. But, I have a bad feeling, these idiots, are going to do, what I originally stated! 8*(

            • Neither QB will be traded, and were not drafting Geno Smith nor an overhyped EJ Manual.

              I can see them drafting Don Jordan, but the others won’t be good pros. There are other voices on the Eagles, and I can’t see a heavy Oregon contingent in my mind because, I don’t think he will run the exact same scheme in the NFL. Especially on Defense. So he will need stronger TALENT, as opposed to stronger familiarity with his college system.

              People forget that Oregon didn’t really get all the highly regarded high school all americans. In the NFL draft, he will have access to better talent, than he was used to getting at Oregon. Again not many of his players from Oregon even make an NFL Roster. So I can’t see it DCar.

            • Thats why I say Foles isn’t going anywhere. Because schematically, I don’t look at Oregon, as his bread, and butter……
              I look at New Hampshire, which he has referred to many times, most ignore, and most are not familiar with.

              You, Paul Daggolden, Greenfan, Frank, and Jake are thinkers. Look beyond the obvious with this thing.

              I am on record, that I wanted Gus Bradley, as our Head Coach, but I will say, and admit, that Chip Kelly has intrigued, and impressed GMCliff. I think we may be surprised by what he rolls out for us.

              I do not think his scheme, will be a 100% Read Option scheme, so he won’t exactly need a mobile QB, but a quick thinking, tough, strong armed QB, and like it or not, Foles, is it.

    • Doesn’t fit, in the 3-4. Neither does Acho. That’s why this move is mind boggling!

  3. I was a big fan of the Texas linebackers back when acho and Robinson played. This was a great depth and special teams move. Just too many guys coming off injuries tho.

    • pdiddy, great, is a little bit, too high praised, but I agree with you, about the rest.

      • And many were high on Robinson, the year he was drafted, and he wasn’t even close to the expectations of some of these posters. Special teams specifically. Acho, is for the same purpose.

        • LB Keenan Robinson was a 3rf/4th Round Grade and E Acho a 5th/6th Round Grade so who was saying they were going to make an Impact..
          GMCliff, you need to be more realistic Bro, there are only about 5-8 Players in each Draft per year, that actually make an impact their Rookie Season.. You sometime act and comment as if 40-50 Players every Draft are going to step right right in their Rookie Seasons and make an impact rs which is just not realistic.. It’s about Coaching UP and getting any of these Talented Drafat Prospects in the Right Systems/Schemes to take advantage of their god-giving Talents which was probably the biggest fault of Andy Ried, It’s his System hell or high water and he is just going to stick the next player in whether they are ready or not or if the schemes even fit their natural abilities.. The Top Coaches adjust their Schemes to their Players Talents (Belicheck,Harbaugh, even Shanahan) I am hoping to see this from Chip Kelly who has stated this numerous times but the proroof will be in th epudding when we actually see them play this Fall

          • I am very realistic. Some are just not as aggressive with their approach. When I say IMPACT. I’m basically saying they would have the potential to reach the starting lineup.You would be able to discern that during their rookie year.

            All Offseason many would post, including you Paul, that Keenan Robinson, would be a star. All of you were wrong. He won’t be. Just another college name overhyped.

            • I never said he was going to be a star GMCliff, I stated that he will be a good player who is a starter and contributes and I believe this Season we will see that for the Redksins, remember he is learning and playing behind Londno Flethcer who has about 1 year left in his body.. Not every player is a All-Pro GMCliff, there are only about 50 of them out of the 1800 Players in the NFL and just because a Player doesn’t make All-Pro Status doesn’t mean he’s a bum or overrated.. You seem to diss players sometimes before they even have a chance to learn the NFL game ..
              Something like 5% of all Starters in the NFL are ROokies to begin with so 95% of Players Drafted are not Starters in Year 1 to begin with.. does this mean that these PLayers Drafted Suck and have no Future in the NFL… C’mon GMcliff, let Players Develop .. Good Coaching is the key here in developing Players not where they are Drafted or how much they play their Rookie Seasons is all I am saying..

              • You mean like Brandon Graham…….time to pull the plug on that experiment

              • Brandon Graham is what I thought and stated he would be
                A rotational pass rushing DE good for 35 Snaps a game and about
                8-10 Sacksa Year when healthy..
                I never had high expectations for him as far as an impact or Pro-Bowl Talent, but I don’t blame him for the Eagles moving up 11 Spots and trading away 2 3rd Round picks to do so, that was the Eagkes Decision and doesn’t nake him a better or worse player
                The Eagles F’d that one up, not Brandon Graham
                And if they were going to move up that far shoukd have taken Safety Earl Thomas or could have stayed where they were and probably still could have grabbed Graham or taken Center Pouncey or CB McCourtney who was my pick if they stayed at #23 if my memory serves me well..

  4. I would like for the Eagles to draft an OT so I never see a bell, dunlap, kelly or herremans again #4 pick OT —
    Scott and Watkins also has to be replaced OG in the 3rd round–
    Kelce might return but Dallas Reynolds can’t be trusted ever again, C in the 4th round —

  5. the one thing I do believe is Chip Kelly looked at the video of the Eagles OL last year and just shook his head and apologized to Mike Vick for having to play with minor leaguers

  6. There is a reason why Reid never drafted a player from Texas.

  7. There was a group of us at the PSU/NWestern game last year (great game). A few other friends and I try to get to atleast one game a year. Just so happened this year that we were sharing a box with Fran Ganter. His son Chris, who was the back up QB in the early 00’s was also there and happens to be an aqqaintance of ours and graduated togather. We all were talking and Fran Ganter was talking about recruiting Texas kids. He said they would NEVER recruit kids from Texas. In Texas football is everything, they have weight lifting facilities like small colleges. So at 18, when they are ready to come to college they are nearly fully grown. He made mention that you always, always, alwyas take thew FLA kid. No facilities, hungry and tougher.

    • I have read similar things about Texas Kids and I think some Scouts are a little leary about Players from LSU,ALabama, & Texas for many of them appear to have “Maxed-Out” already as Players
      Another Rule of Thumb is to stay away from RB’s with more than 400 + Rushes during his College Career.. A workhorse in College is not going to have a very long,productive Career in the NFL before their bodies,legs start to break down.. Check RB Chris Polk on the Eagles who can never stay healthy to even contribute or compete for playing time and was a wasted Roster Spot last Season when the Eagles should have kept TE Brackett instead

  8. Gm you my man and everything but Robinson may still be a player. This his second year. Give him a chance, hey you said that kid Poe would be a beast and so far he sucks. I mean we all get some wrong from time to time big dog.

    • Poe is starting, and contributing as a starter, on a bad team. Robinson is strictly a backup/special teams player PDiddy, and won’t be anything more.

      • Correct. Poe, will still be very good, Robinson, is very ????

        • Poe has done nothing but look like a bust. He hasn’t even made one impact play, no FF no sacks, just some tackles. His stats were mediocre in college and will likely be the same story at the NFL level, which is sad for how high he was taken.
          I have to agree with Paulman here, Gmcliff. Sometimes you want a superstar at every position on the team. Its just not realistic. You have completely dismissed many young quality players like Kyle Rudolph as being nobodys when they are actually pretty good football players. Like Paulman said there are only a handful of elite guys in the league at every position. Just saying, its crazy to give Poe any type of pass while not doing the same for players that have actually performed like Rudolph for example.
          I wish the Eagles could have All-Pros everywhere man. I’m with you on that, Im sure everyone is. Having 5 Jason Peters across the line would be amazing but it just wont happen. Watkins can definitely be upgraded tho, there is no disagreement on him lol

          • BTW in regard to Brandon Graham, I don’t think he will be anything more than an average football player at best so Im with you on him. I have never liked that pick since his name was called (everyone in my household thought we were taking Thomas, I even rmbr Sal Pal saying Thomas was likely an Eagle after they traded up before the pick was called). But it is what it is now. Hopefully Chip doesn’t try to think he is smarter than everyone else like that bastard Reid did.

            However, even though I don’t have much hope in him, I will give him this year to see what he can do since we aren’t winning shit anyways. I would rather see Graham start week 1 over say Trent Cole. I want young players starting all over the field. Time to rebuild this nightmare of a team.

          • I don’t want a superstar at every position. I want a quality player; not an overhyped player. That is realistic. I just think different from a lot of guys who think they know. Paul says I want a superstar at every position, I say, I want QUALITY, for the roles they are to have on the team….Poe, plays his role just fine.

            Then there are some guys that most will want on this team that aren’t as good as some of you think they are. Here are a few:

            1. Dee Millner
            2. Shariff Floyd
            3. EJ Manuel
            4. Cordarrelle Patterson

            • Come on bro, you have to be joking when you say he plays his role just fine. He plays the role of a bust. You think they drafted Poe 11th overall to be a role player? they drafted him with the expectation to be a stud player, at least the second best player on the Defense behind Berry. He is nowhere near that. He will be a major disappointment for how high he got picked. Thats what happens when people fall for that combine hype.

              In regard to that list, I don’t want any of them. Never have preached for the Birds to draft any of them. I don’t want any QB in this draft. If the Eagles stay at 4, I want either Warmack, Joekcle, Fisher (my dream scenario is them trading back and grabbing Warmack later on). Also not a fan of Patterson. I have made my preference known that I like DeAndre Hopkins in the second round. I also believe Tavon Austin will have a much bigger impact in the NFL than Patterson.

              • Poe is there to stuff the middle specifically.

              • Poe was Drafted to be an Impact Player and not just be a space eater, Poe is not an impact player GMCliff and was not worthy as a high Draft Pick last year as I stated on last Draft run up analysis.
                Did his Indy Combine workouts, which were very impressive and his game tape was worthy of a 3rd Round Prospect which is what he really is..

        • Poe was a Top 10 Pick in a very bad Team, and was overhyped..
          LB Robinson was a 5th Rounder??? Poe was supposed to be an impact Player which he was not, Robinson drafted to play Special Teams and add Depth to a Team with a pretty solid corps of LB’s..

  9. This is the move that will fix our franchise!

  10. Ocho was known for his good coverage skills in college….during this senior season he had 131 tackles and 11 tackles for a loss….he is agressive and should help on special teams right away

  11. @gm, dcar tell you guys what I will drop this for now with Poe. Reason being its his second year. In all fairness Poe and Robinson could be better so it is a wait and see from me for now. But I will revisit this about mid season of this year and see where they are both at. I think that’s fair

  12. Call me crazy but I like acho better than all the back ups we have here now. So I am glad he’s here cause we don’t have any great depth at linebacker. He can’t be worse than Casey Mathews or Chaney or jordan

  13. @pheags88 lol agreed man, but give Watkins another year dammit lol

    • Its harder to give him another shot then say a guy on defense. Because if he does something stupid, that could mean Shady getting his head knocked off. Watkins has shown no progress what so ever and when your as bad as him, progress should be relatively easy. He just seems to not just give a damn about football.

  14. You know what I changed my mind about Manuel for one reason. I just found out that he was a great student. See for me him being that intelligent in the classroom along with his physical abilities. I think it’s worth a possible second round pick.

  15. I mean I don’t have sources I am just watching Gruden camp. And I found out he was a great student. I love smart people in every walk of life. Now I know it doesn’t mean he will be a great football player. But the combination of everything he brings is very intriguing.

    • JaMarcus Russell was a great student in that camp too…….Don’t believe the hype PDiddy, because thats who EJ Manuel’s career will be like.

      He has measurables on paper, on the field, it didn’t balance, or show impressively.

      • Another Poor Comparion Cliff,
        Manuel has Leadership, work ethic and a desire to become an NFL QB,
        J Russel never demonstrated these fundamental grits even while at LSU,
        Had the Talent, no doubt, but not the Heart & Passion and the Smarts that it takes to play at the NFL.. I am saying that EJ Manuel will ever develop more than a back-up QB in the NFL, but comparing him to JeMarcuss Russell is way off..

        • Manual Is COMPLETELY OVERHYPED……..That is the exact comparison Paul, in terms of measurables, arm strength, mobility, accuracy, and overall career……

          Your nuts if you think any higher of him.

          • You seem to be the only one talking about Overhyping EJ Manuel
            He’s a mid/late 2nd Round PIck and a good 2 Year Project in my opinion and probably as a Back-up/Wildcat/RO QB for a Team.
            I haven’t heard or read any real high expectations or high productuction on him out of the gate on EJ Manuel at all, expcept for here on G.Cobb..
            JeMarcus was a 1 Hit Wonder as was Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Mark Sanchez, Baline Gabbert, and other QB’s ( I am afraid Geno Smith will fall in this Category also) as these Players were products of a Innovative Systems with Talented Skill Players at the College Level more so, than their own Skills & Decision Making..

            • I am not the only one with this opinion Paul. To be quite frank, and we will see who is right in their evaluation. Geno Smith is a much better QB, than EJ Manual.

              I can’t say I don’t like Geno Smith as a prospect. I just don’t like him at #4. We have too many priorities on Defense to compromise by drafting a QB that high ;1st, or 2nd Round. But he is a hands down better player than EJ Manual…….

              I can show you better than I can tell you Paul. So, we’ll be talking during the season. I expect to be told to give him another year or two, but I Guarantee – it will be obvious my evaluation will be the correct one.

        • He did nothing in college to warrant such high regard in the draft. He or Ryan Nassib. Both will be overdrafted, and do exactly as I say they will do in the NFL…..FLOP…….and I will listen to you tell me how you didn’t have then high on your board, and wouldn’t have drafted a QB this year but, your evaluation would still be off………..

          You know me Paul, we agree to disagree, until the proof is in the pudding,

          • Manuel had his ups and downs at FSU as every QB in this Draft Class has and as I stated, to simply write him off as another JeMarcuss Russell is not fair and rather an insult to the young man from FSU
            It was pretty apparent to most, that JeMarcus Russell had the Big NFL Arm, but that was about it, the leadership,attitude,work ethic, committment,the smarts and intagibles were all questioned about him and even while he played on LSU .. Russell was a Top Pick, Manuel will be about 40-50th Pick, not comparison between these 2 at all on or off the field.. Manuel with the Proper Coaching could develop into a nice QB 2-3 Years Down the road and mechanically, reminds me a lot of Josh Freeman of the TB Bucs when he came out of College a few Years back
            Ryan Nassib is strictly a Game-Manager, smart and tough leader who will make a nice back-up for an NFL Team and maybe an occasional Spot Starter.. Again his is a mid/late 2nd Rounder this Drat Class and probably would have been a 5th Rounder is last years Class.. Nassib reminds me a bit like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Flynn Type which is a High Football IQ, Strong Leadership and Intangibles but limited athletically.. I see the BIlls,Bears,Browns,Jets as all being interested in Nassib in the 2nd/3rd Round..

            • Paulman remember the question marks of Russell Wilson this time last year?

              The bottom line is no one knows how a QB will perform on the next level until they play on the next level.

              A few things must be in place on order for them to have success like good coaching, a good offensive line, and a good game plan from week to week.

              Hell, Russell Wilson would have failed miserably if he would have played behind the Eagles atrocious line with Reid at the helm.

              If the QB’s in this draft turn yields success the so called experts will then defend their positions by making bogus statements like….

              “No one knew”

              No, the correct phrase would be “We didn’t know”, as no one really know until the player perform on the big stage.

              There’s a lot of “payolo” that lands in pundits pockets to get an extra word in for players too, and that can’t be ignored either.

              I can point to Mayock and Kiper with others who made positive statements on can’t miss QB’s and were dead wrong.

              check out Mayock’s words concerning Jamarcus Russell before the draft….

              “This year, I can’t get over how good and talented JaMarcus Russell is. It just blew me away. If I had the first, second, third, fourth, fifth pick in that draft, I would be tearing apart his personal life trying to figure out whether or not I could trust this kid with $10-million … From a physical skill set perspective, I’ve never seen a college quarterback with more ability than Russell. You put the tape on and it’s frightening. The only thing that’s going to keep [Russell] from being great is him. What it comes down to is you’ve got to figure out whether or not this kid wants to be the best quarterback in football. If he wants to be the best quarterback in football, he can be.”
              — NFL Network’s Mike Mayock

              I can go on and on…..look what he said about Russell Wilson…

              Mayock’s take: “I can’t tell you how much I like this kid. … Not only can he be a competent backup and change-of-pace quarterback, but I think someday he can be a starting-quality player.”


              How about first day QB? How about pro bowl out the gate QB?

              Why even put the word “backup” in the assessment?

              So, guys on here really need to chill on statements that there’s no QB worthy of a high pick like Geno Smith because you just don’t know.

              He could be the next best thing or the next worse thing, but the hopes of getting the most important position on the field correct is worth the risk and that’s why so many teams draft high for QB’s.

              That’s one of the reason’s the Eagles hired Chip Kelly knowing he knows more than Mayock or any other so called pundit concerning this year’s crop.

              Don’t be surprised if Geno Smith or Manuel have success right out the gate, and that success may be with the Eagles.

              • I don’t recall you giving Kolb or FOles that same benefit of the doubt Songs…
                My Analysis of and many other’s of Russell WIlson was simply a
                size Issue.. At 5-11″ would he be adept enough of seeing the field out in front of him, Heis Football IQ, his Leadership,Smarts nad Toughness were never questioned by me.. It was is good enough to avoid the pressure and have enough pocket awareness to see down field and the answer is clearly yes as he demonstarted last Season, now do remember that the Seahawks did it the right way, they kept the game plans simple and relied on a strong running game, strong defense and Special Teams and didn’t ask Russell WIlson to go our and throw the ball 40 Times a Game and expect him to carry the Team, as he delveloped more confidence, they began to open up the PLaybook the last 6-7 Weeks of the Season in which Wilson really excelled so kudo’s to HC Pete Carroll and OC Dana Beavil for not throwing him into the fire like a Andy Reid would have done..
                I simply do not see the Leadership and Intangibles that is required from Geno Smith at this point of his Career to be worthy of a High Pick, it’s just my opinion, I believe he is the product of a very innovative offensive system that was run very well by WVU against COllege Teams which hald of them were no match..
                Once WVU began to play better competition..Geno Smith struggles with accuracy, getting the ball out, etc,etc and reading Defenses.. The Game Tapes versus Kansas State,Oklahoma State and Syracuse bear this out pretty well..

              • I don’t care for the guy very much, but Mike Mayock wasn’t too far off on either Russell.

                He was correct in saying that JaMarcus Russell had talent but that he would have to want to be great. JaMarcus got the money then quit. It was not a lack of talent.

                And, you could find much worse scouting reports on Russell Willson from last year. Even the team that drafted him didn’t have confidence that he would be the starter. He was Seattle’s third pick…

            • Neither will be anything as a Pro. Manual, Nassib, or Barkley……..
              All Busts……:)

            • Both will be overdrafted, and flop in the NFL……….

          • See there you go again Cliff, what did a guy like Cutler do in college to warrant where he was drafted? Manuel will be a guy who plays 10 years in the league at what level I don’t know but he has a great head on his shoulders is a student of the game and is intelligent enough to run any system and he has a good skill set.

            • He (Cutler)had skills, and it was obvious his tools could land him a starting position. He played his tail off against SEC Competition.

              EJ Manual can’t even be mentioned with him in the same breath even as a College player. Your analogy, is weak Biggie. You’re still overestimating Manuals’ talent. He isn’t half as talented as Jay Cutler.

              All you stated about his head, (Which is incorrect, his decision making skills, and inconsistency prove you wrong) and skill set don’t mean squat, if his talent, and production doesn’t display itself on the field. He didn’t display it in College.

              Spare me your arguments for EJ Manual. I think he is S$#%t, for a prospect.

              • Yep Manuel has the same same skills as Cutler, big arm mobile and he actually has a better grasp of the game coming out of college then Cutler had, so tell me again what Cutler did better in college then Manuel? Again I have no idea what kind of pro Manuel will be but your underselling him the same way you claim people are over hyping him.

              • No he doesn’t..LOL!!!!hahahahah!!!!!

                Biggie I don’t want to give you a t-shirt brother, but lets just say whoever is right, will have bragging rights ok

              • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh!!!!

  16. @gm, no gm Manuel is a great student academically not in Gruden camp that means a lot to me. He is very smart outside of football, so adding this to his size and ability is intriguing. And I think he is worth a shot.

  17. Russell was never a great student of the game or academically. I believe Manuel is both.

  18. Manuel will be this years Russell Wilson. I want Manuel as foles back up

  19. Interesting Songs,

    “Hell, Russell Wilson would have failed miserably if he would have played behind the Eagles atrocious line with Reid at the helm.”

    So…Wilson would have gotten a pass, but the young QB who is currently on the Birds roster and did not fail miserably, who in fact who played very well, especially over his final 5 games……no pass for him. He’s a bum.

    But Wilson would have gotten a pass from you. But not Foles. He’s a bum.

    And also about Wilson:
    “Someday? How about first day QB? How about pro bowl out the gate QB?
    Why even put the word “backup” in the assessment?”

    How about his “first day” 53% 160 yrds 1 td 1 int in a loss.

    Actually….Wilson was pretty pedestrian over his first 6 games. You do know he didn’t even throw for 200 yards until his 5th game. Twice in his first 4 he was below 55% completion rate. In his fourth game he had 0TDs and 3 interceptions. In his first 5 starts, Seattle score over 16 points just one time.

    In Wilson’s first 6 starts the Seahawks scored over 20 2x
    In Foles first 6 starts the Eagles scored over 20 4x

    In Wilson’s first 6 starts he had multiple int games 2x
    In Foles first 6 starts he has multiple int games 1x

    In wilson’s forst 6 games he had multiple tds games 2x
    In Folews first 6 games he had multiple td games 1x

    In Wilson’s first 6 starts he threw for over 250 yrds 1x
    in Foles first 6 starts he threw for over 250 yrds 3x

    In games 3-7 (allowing a couple games to get acclimated)….
    Wilson 926 yrds 6tds 6ints 14.5 pts/game
    Foles 1276 yrds 5 tds 2 ints 22 pts/game

    Oh course Russel must have made up for his lower throwing #s by using his “athleticism” and rushing more….

    Except over that time period:
    Wilson 71 yrds rushing 0 tds
    Foles 39 yrds rushing 1 td

    Songs you are pretty damn quick to throw one guy under the bus (Foles) while praising another guy who was “a pro bowl guy right out of the gate”

    Instead of imaging how bad Wilson would have been behind the Eagles line…why not imagine haw amazing Foles would have been behind Seattle’s!

    Foles outdueled Wilson in almost every category over their first 67 games, despite Foles playing with a rag tag bunch of replacements, backups and quitters…….but he’s a bum ass. Wilson is the truth!

  20. @agreed pman on geno. @big where you been man agreed with Manuel. I would like him to develop here or the two young bucks battle it out. Foles and Manuel.

  21. @gm, gm what I don’t understand is that you say Manuel or nassib has done nothing to warrant being picked high in the draft. They did nothing in college right , okay well explain Poe to me again. A guy who was nothing in his division three school. He didn’t do anything at all to warrant where he got drafted but you loved him why? Both Manuel and nassib at least play division one. And even tho they play a different position from Poe they put up decent numbers in school.

    • My reason for wanting to draft Poe wasn’t based on hype, but the fact that the Eagles, at that time had no one Big enough to stop the run, they needed, a big body in the middle, in fact two. I liked him for his Physical stature, and his presence on the line would have helped the Eagles, playing next to another stud DT other than Mike stinkin Patterson, or Brodrick Bunkley. I stand by that without backpedaling. There was hype around Poe, but I was looking more at building a more stout DLine with two stud DT’s. I also wanted them to take a run at Haloti Ngata that year. That was my vision in drafting Poe fellas.

      That being said, that has nothing to do with EJ Manuels’ evaluation.

  22. @gm, you say you don’t like over hyped players. Then what is Poe nobody was more over hyped than him. Gm I love your knowledge of players but you fall victim to hype to bro just like everybody else.

  23. Alright enough of this talk we are a week and a half from draft day. Football Christmas to all of us. With the fourth pick the eagles select ….. I really don’t know I mean tackle seems most likely but I really don’t know fellas.

    • Eric Fisher, Dion Jordan or Ezekiel Ansah w/ a trade down.

      May take a run on getting another 1st Rounder to go after Star Lotululei, or Sheldon Richardson

  24. Gm I was just watching path to the draft on nfl network. Baldinger was saying the eagles could take Tavon Austin at 4. He said they may trade Jeremy Maclin. Is Austin really that good at 4

    • No Diddy he isn’t, it would be a mistake to trade Maclin and draft Austin. He will be a notch below Desean as a pro.

    • Not at 4 PDiddy while we already have DeSean. I want to trade Maclin, but only if:

      1. I can get another #1 pick by trading him, Mathis, and a 2015 #1 pick

      2. I can draft Quinton Patton, and Da’Rick Rogers in the 3rd, and or 4th Rounds

      Tavon Austin is a luxury Pick, that we already have in DeSean Jackson. We can concentrate on Defense, or Eric Fisher.

  25. Austin may not be worth a #4 Pick but I do believe he will be a better Pro Player than D-Jax due to his toughness.. For a small guy, he’s pretty solid and strong… D-Jax is just so brittle..once he gets hit, he becomes a non-factor.. Austin could be that missing WR that can make big plays out of bubble screens, reverses,slants that D-Jax/Maclin are too wimpy to do.. I think Austin is the most explosive Offensive PLaymaker in this entire Draft whether it’s at WR,Return Game or even on reverses,option plays..
    I would Trade Maclin in a heartbeat for he will not resign back with the Eagles after 2013.. He is looking to play for his hometown Team the SL Rams and to be honest, he is not worth teh COntract that he will be looking for next off-season.. Eagles are not going to Pay the $50 million Deal to D-Jax and then another $40 Million Deal to Maclin, WR’s are a dime a dozen out there..

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