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Report: Sixers Hope Doug Collins Steps Down After Season

dcgoneIt doesn’t sound like Sixers’ head coach Doug Collins is long for Philadelphia.

According the Philadelphia Inquirer, although the team has publicly voiced support for Collins, behind closed doors they hope that he’ll voluntarily step aside at the end of the season.

Its been a rough year for the Sixers. Everything that could have gone wrong in the Andrew Bynum trade went wrong. As Collins himself mentioned several months ago, the team traded away Andre Iguodala, Nik Vucevic, and Moe Harkless, and neither of the pieces they received in return (Bynum or guard Jason Richardson) are on the floor for them.

The result has been a long, painful season filled losing and disappointment. While Collins certainly isn’t to blame for how things have turned out this year, he has been known to have a personality that can grind on a team and flame out quickly when things begin to go south. The organization’s future is filled with questions, and a guy like Collins would be best suited to coach a stable team with a chance of doing some damage in the playoffs rather than a young group with years of rebuilding ahead of them.

So from that standpoint, it’s understandable why the organization may want to move on from Collins. It’s not that Collins hasn’t done a good job, or is to blame for the team’s current woes. It just so happens that the best thing for everyone involved might be for the coach and the team to go their separate ways. on Facebook

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53 Comments for “Report: Sixers Hope Doug Collins Steps Down After Season”

  1. I believe this report to be 100% true because the sixers are ran but total fucking idiot. If Doug wasnt the coach this team would probably be competing with the Bobcats for the worst record in the NBA.

    This roster that has been assembled is fucking embarrassing and how Doug has got these misfits to win 4 out of every 10 games is an outstanding coaching job. Every time I look at this roster I laugh and shake my head, I would take Charlottes roster over ours in a heartbeat!

    In my opinion if I had confidence in our ownership I would think they would fire Doug so we could get a top 3 pick next year and probably the next 3 years after that. But I am certain they want him to leave because they think he is not a good enough coach which is idiotic. The state of the sixers is ugly.

    • Agree with you 100%. Also you have to take into account, how horrid this new ownership has been. Starting from their bogus mascot search, just to drum up headlines & interest in the team- hiring DeLeo as the GM- the Bynum fiasco- to not making ANY trades at the deadline 3 years in a row now, unless you want to add Sam Young as a significant signing- Collins going off of the deep end, & losing his marbles, the entire year, it’s been a cruel, nauseating joke! This team will NEVER be any good! They are 5 years away, from being 5 ears away!

  2. Maybe ED Snider can Purchase the 76ers and name Bob “the Hound”
    Kelly as GM & VP of Basketball Operations.. Good Grief..

  3. This team needs another former all-star player from their past at the helm to replace Doug.

    Anybody know where Dana Barros can be reached?

  4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 losses

    10,9, 8, 76 losses

  5. you wanna save the sixers? give bynum the gold. once hes got his financial security long term, thats when he’ll take chances and play

    • 109876losses

      that makes absolutely 0 sense. Bynum isnt faking this knee thing, if he played this year he would got a max deal for sure 100%, now he has 1% chance of getting a max deal or long term deal with that 1% being our idiotic organization… Bynum has cost himself at least 40 million by this years injuries and you think he will play once he gets money???????? he is making 17 million this year ya know probably much more than he will make next year…

    • Oh that’s brilliant give a petulant, lazy, zero pride, clown with bad knees a max contract…

    • Again, you are nonsensical, troll! Go back under your bridge. Give him the gold?!? IDIOT!!!!

  6. they were hustled by the Lakers —
    The Sixers had a fun team to watch last year, a playoff team and they ruined it ! What makes me furious is they keep selling Jrue Holliday to the fan base — He never gets fouled and can’t stop anyone from scoring — If Jrue was white every one would be calling him SOFT – he is so boring to watch.

  7. if theres one thing ive learned from sports, is that money cures all…look at magic johnson with the aids thing, he used his gold and the aids went away….same thing here. bynum knows his knees are held together by paino wire, and he couldnt afford to play becuase it would have been a disaster, unfortunately he didnt take into account that bowling would have done the same thing, but hes on the road to recovery, and the team thats smart enough to give him his gold will reap the benefits.

    if nothing else, this is simple logic. you know if he goes somewhere else hes gonna be great. so stop him from going somewhere else and being great, get on board, and keep him here.

    • thats a good idea, so the sixers are fucked for 5 years like they were with webber. great idea

    • D you know that the nba is full of knuckleheads that get paid and then dawg it for the entirety of the contract?

      • but the difference here is that bynum’s paycheck is coming from the LA contract…the sixers havent given him any gold yet since theyve got their insurance kicking in, so the sixers show him some loyalty, and theyll get loyalty back

        • Loyalty? He snubs his prep team, even at that school no one says a good thing about him. He is loyal alright. Loyal to clubs, cars, cool apartments, private planes

          • do we know the whole story? NO

            perhaps the prep school coach treated him like mike rice treated his rutgers players. why would bnuym associate with people like that?

            or maybe they do have good things to say, but no one will run a story about it because they want to bring bynum down and run him out of town just because he didnt want to put his career at risk

            • Never mind… Sign him, remain in basketball purgatory

              • the east is there to be had…miami has no center that could contend with bynum, the nets suck, the nicks are frauds, granger has knee problems and will never be healthy again for indy, and derrick rose is taking for freaking ever to show up for work, so if we get bynum a little gold…possibilities=endless

              • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

              • 109876ers
                April 11, 2013 – 4:48 pm

                the east is there to be had…miami has no center that could contend with bynum, the nets suck, the nicks are frauds, granger has knee problems and will never be healthy again for indy, and derrick rose is taking for freaking ever to show up for work, so if we get bynum a little gold…possibilities=endless

                BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hall of Mercer, is on 8th & Locust, give them a call!!!!

  8. c webb didnt work out because of iverson…c webb saw what this situation was, and wisely didnt put maximum strain on his body so that hed be ok for the long run.

    • wow you arent very smart.

      i guess it was iversons fault webber shot below 40% for 2 years with us, I guess it was iversons fault he played with no heart, i guess it was iversons fault he missed with knee issues, i guess it was iversons fault he could shoot 65+% free throws and it was for sure iversons fault he couldnt play D. thats smart

      • iverson jacked so many shots, demanded so many balls that it is easy for a guy playing alongside him to get discouraged…it effects your head, and your game just collapses wuth it.

        if iverson shared the ball, he’d have gotten more shots and hit more than 40 per. ive already explained the no heart, becyase iverson discouraged him. as for the free throw line, its always harder for bigs to hit free throws, so idk what you expect from him.

        think outside of the box a little bit, and youll see the trutgh

  9. sorry for not saying you are smart 109876ers that wasnt nice of me. is teaching me that it is better to ignore certain people and that not everyone sees reality the same…

  10. 76 I have a 78 dodge truck, she’s a real bute leaks some oil but I will sell it to you for 500$, you put another 100 million into her and she will be as good as new

    • i dont have 100 mil to put down on a truck…if i had 100 mil, i dont think id by a truck, i like cars better…trucks are kinda ehhh i mean they do stuff, but cars can get to fast speeds much quicker than trucks.

      • Away I get it. Ok buy season tickets to the sixers and next january I’ll give you 85cents each for them and decide to stay home

        • how come your putting so mcuh emphasis on bartering with me? do need money or something

          • Sorry man I was making fun of you but obviously..
            Let me put it in plain English, signing Bynum is throwing good money after bad

            • its a mistake to write him off…did nik vucevic look like nothing a year ago? the sixers didnt give him a chance, and look what happened.

              did chris clemons look like nothing for the eagles? the seahawks gave him a chance, and look what happened.

              did sergei bob look like nothing for the flyers? the columbus gave him a chamce, and look what happened.

              you’re about to let mr. 20 and 10 walk out of the door without a second thought. if i were in charge, hed be locked up by now. worst case scenario, if hes hurt again, we trade him to another team thats enamored by his talent and make back the gold we spent

              • Yes, Bynum has no Heart or Oassion for the Fame or what Team he plays for, Fuck him with a Captol F and move on.. This Franchise was set back 3 years with the last-offseason moves like I stated they would be, move I. And Re-build once again..

  11. Hurt again and someone will want him and that contract? I think you must be teasing me

    • think about how rare big men in the nba are…this is a league where the sixers hired kwame brown on a two year deal, with a player option for 3 mil…and kwame was nothing special

      so youve got a guy like bynum, 20-10 powers, big impacts in LA…you might have to wait until hes on the last year or two of his deal to get another team to take a shot, but its doable because teams are always looking for centers

  12. Ok last try then I’m out..they don’t want odom at $20

  13. ugh…come on man im not talking about lamar odom…im talking greg oden, the guy who the trail blaizers took over kevin durant. ]]

    • Yah I know… I’m so baffled by your ‘logic’ it was a mistype… I know who you mean and he wont get 20 either and no one wants Bynum for 20

  14. 109876ers you are one stupid piece of shit, and what probably makes things worse is the 76ers have a front office equally as stupid as you. Everybody knows the Sixers suck, and unless they make some drastic improvements they will continue to suck. With your stupid ass dick riding Bynum logic they will be intentionally throwing away any chance of ever having a decent team for at least the next 5 years.

  15. REPORT: I hope the NBA expunges the entire team & organization, so we can get a expansion team. Just saying…………

  16. 109876ers= Stupidest, imbecile, to ever have posted on here.

    • Wonder if he’s JH dressed in drag…
      JH has been awful silent since the All-Star Break when we called him out on how shitty this 76er Team really is.. I called it back in Oct/November that Bynum would never even suit up for the 76ers this Season..
      He’ll, I don’t even follow the NBA much anymore and know a sucker
      and a heartless piece of shot when I see them
      Poor JH … I stated their Off-Season move’s would set the Franchise back 3 Years after showing some excitement and promise last Season.. Any novice, casual NBA Fan would have known this.. They got exactly what they deserved as a Franchise and of course true 76er’s Fans have to wallow in embarrassment and frustration yet once again

  17. 109876 is emblematic of what’s wrong with this country, his logic to throw more money to a bum then he will work is the reason so many welfare recipients, workers compensation claimants do not look for work because it’s not worth it , but if you offer them a high paying job they would at least attempt to work

    It’s time to take our country back, get rid of the bum in the white house who closed public tours but has private concerts, who reduced our country to a pile of debt while he vacations and gives everything away off the backs of the working man

    That’s who you have in 109876

    • you are correct the last two presidents have done exactly what you said there!

      • GW Bush’s Invasion of Iraq, set this Country Back 10 Years Fiscally.
        It was a War of Choice and not of “National Security”, meanwhile, the US Gov’t keeps writing unfunded, blank checks to the MIlitary for 10 Years and this is what happens… 1000’s of lives lost, Ten’s of Thousand’s seriously Injured and Thousand’s more with mental/pshycological issues that will last a lifetime and who knows all the future costs of this…. and for what.. To get rid of Sadaam Hussein, who was no more of a threat to US Security the last few years of his Dictatorship.. The Invasion/War with Iraq will go down as the Stupidiest and Costliest Decision that any POTUS has made in the History of the US and here is it in 2013 and our National Economy is still feeling the results of having Unfunded Wars ..

  18. PG Lou Williams
    SG Jodie Meeks
    SF Andre Iguodala
    PF Elton Brand
    C Nic Vucevic
    6th Moe Harkless
    Beats this current 76ers team

  19. University of Louisville, Michigan, Wichita State, Syracuse all beat this current 76ers Team.. maybe even the U COnn and Baylor Women’s Team.. Good Grief.

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