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Analyzing Draft Prospects: E.J. Manuel

EJ-ManuelMany names have been linked to the Eagles throughout the draft process. Most have been first rounders for the Eagles to take with their number four overall pick. However, a name that the Eagles could grab with their second round pick is Florida State Quarterback EJ Manuel.

Manuel, 6-5 237 pounds, has the rare combination of size and speed that could potentially make him lethal. After running a 4.65 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, Manuel proved his speed that stood out on game film. Speed is necessary for a quarterback in Chip Kelly’s offense. Much has been written recently about the fact that Chip Kelly doesn’t have a “type” for quarterback but it is no secret that he loves speed over any other characteristic in a potential pick.

Manuel’s speed stretches beyond his foot speed. He possesses a quick release and, while it may sometimes be too fast, he does a great job of making his way through his progressions quickly and making his decision. Another thing Chip Kelly has stressed in his offensive ideologies so far is getting the ball into the hands of the wide receiver quickly and letting them make plays. Since DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin both thrive in the open field, the wide receiver position is one that can be addressed in later rounds if Kelly isn’t happy with his current group. The Eagles just need a quarterback to put the ball in their hands within a second or two, a practice that Michael Vick has struggled with as one of the 2012 quarterbacks who held on to the ball longest.

There is always the saying that you “cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” Michael Vick is no exception. While he has run abstract versions of the read option in the past, he has never run anything repeatedly like Kelly’s offense is expected to look. Entering the season at 33 years old, Vick will be “old” in quarterback terms and will likely be unable to handle the hits that a read-option quarterback will be susceptible to. Vick refuses to slide when a defender is closing in on him, an infuriating habit for the duration of the 2012 season. While it may sound like a joke, it is something the Eagles will have to look at for their new offense and EJ Manuel has proven that he will slide and not put his body in danger of taking a big hit.

When Manuel dumps the ball off for a check-down, he can often be inaccurate, something that he will have to improve on in the NFL. It is hard to find a more accurate deep throw quarterback than Manuel, though. He places the ball with pin point accuracy into a deep receiver’s hands. While Jackson and Maclin may stick to short, fast routes in 2013, it doesn’t hurt to have a quarterback who can complete the deep ball.

Manuel could help fix another issue for the Eagles. The Eagles are notorious for poor redzone performance. In 2012, EJ Manuel threw 13 touchdowns and just one interception in goal-to-go situations. In his time as a full-time starter, 2011 and 2012, he has thrown 20 goal-to-go touchdowns and still just one interception.

Every quarterback in this year’s class has flaws. Geno Smith is the top-rated quarterback by a wide margin and has been projected anywhere from the first overall pick to the end of the first round. However, no matter what the ratings say, at least one quarterback is a “reach” pick every year. Last year it was Ryan Tannehill at eighth overall. In 2011 Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder were drafted eighth, tenth, and twelfth overall, probably higher than any of them should have been picked. History shows that one of the quarterbacks in the 2013 class will be overvalued and drafted earlier than they probably should be. Matt Barkley and EJ Manuel are the top two candidates to possibly rise to the late-first round.

The Eagles should keep their fingers crossed to not have to trade back into the first round to have their chance at EJ Manuel. The Jaguars are a potential threat at 33 to take Manuel with only Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne on their current roster. After mini-camps and a more reliable time for evaluating, Chip Kelly and the Eagles’ brass may find some dispensable players to help them pair with a pick to move up. The Eagles also currently hold four seventh round picks; don’t expect them to keep them without trying to move up at any point in the draft.

EJ Manuel, if he is available at 35, would be the ideal pick for the Eagles. He fits the system. He is a bigger, cheaper option than Michael Vick, whose contract makes him very tradable if any teams show interest. The Eagles don’t have the greatest history of second round draft picks so let’s hope a new head coach and new scheme can help change that.

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49 Comments for “Analyzing Draft Prospects: E.J. Manuel”

  1. Ej in the second round would be perfect. Me and gm both agree that ej is the man. Lol

  2. You cant draft EJ Manuel in the 2nd round. If you draft EJ Manel then you are basically saying that EJ Manuel is the future star of your club. Which means next years draft which is loaded with talent at QB if you are in a position to draft one then you cant simply by drafting Manuel in the 2nd round. If you do draft Manuel with a 2nd and you draft one of the QB’s in next years draft with a top pick then you just wasted a 2nd rounder this year.

  3. My prayers go out to every one in Boston. What a terrible situation.

  4. I would stay away from any QB in this 2013 Draft Class, Eagels have 5 Under contract right now and unles they are Trading Nick Foles (which could be a possibility) they should plan their 2013 Team with QB’s Foles,Vick & Dixon, the stash young Kinnie on Practice Squad.. If both Foles/Vick do not grasp Kelly’s System, PLay Well or appear unable Win Games, then the Eagles can address teh QB poisiotn is a strong QB Draft Class in 2014
    This Draft is not the Time to add another 2-3 Year Developmental QB, for the Eagles haev many other needs to be addressed.. The first 4-5 PIcks should be OL/DL/LB and Secondary

    • Edwards was released. UNless they get blown away with a offer on draft day, no reason to get rid of Foles

      • Told you Pheags…..

        • I hope you end up being right. I just want whats best for this teams future. I want young guys playing this year all over the roster. Vick will most likely not be part of that future the way he has been sucking/getting injured pretty much every season he has been in the league. He likely won’t event be part of the NFL 2-3 years from now. If it wasn’t for this amateur coach Chip, he wouldn’t even be here right now. Hopefully they at least get this draft right with Gamble in here. two young promising stars on each side of the ball would be a great start.

        • gm, you didn’t have to be Nostradamus, to know that was going to happen! Come on!!!! LOL! XD

  5. I was just watching nfl path to the draft and baldy was like possible tavon Austin at four for the eagles

  6. pdiddy, Baldy must be reading my GCOBB posts because I said watch Chip draft Austin at 4 (or later in the first round) last week. Taking Austin would definitely not be the conventional thing for the Eagles to do no doubt, but since when has Chip shown to be conventional when it comes to his offense. I don’t think he gives a damn about height when it comes to his offense. I mean the big WR he brought in, that we all desperately wanted, was Benn. That dude is barely bigger than Maclin.

  7. The eagles will draft geno smith at 4 if he’s available, big mistake, they are far better off drafting ej Manuel, better qb prospect than smith, but I called it months ago, geno smith is the next qb of the eagles

  8. They brought in that 6’7″ receiver from Boston to pheags88. Wow I mean if they Austin , then they won’t go quarterback second round will definitely go o line. Man this could really get interesting fellas.

  9. I like the fact that Manuel is a Senior and won 2 academic awards. Bodes well.

    What does not bode well is that he’s a bit of a “fair weather” player. Stats drop when things get tough.

    Over the past 2 seasons he has 26 tds and 9 ints in the first half of games and 15 tds and 9 ints in the 2nd half of games…..he really declines in the 4th Q of games, with only 6 4th Q tds to 3 ints..over the past 2 years

    .(hmmmm….a guy who fades in the 4th Q….sounds like another Q I know rather well)

    Against ranked teams the past 2 seasons Manuel has 4tds and 5 ints.

    For what its worth…..but I don’t think its going to matter with the eagles taking a TE in the 2nd round anyway.

  10. By contrast (in college 2010 – 2011)

    Our current young QB was pretty even in the first and 2nd halves of games.

    1st half 23 tds 11 ints
    2nd half 25 tds 13 ints

    In 4th Q 15 tds 7 ints….

    Against ranked teams 12 tds and 7 ints

    I mean….it isn’t even close.

    Oh wait….Manuel can run fast. So that’s all that matters.

    Then again….against Chip Kelly’s Ducks…. Foles was:

    93 of 157 (59.2%) for 1160 10tds and 2ints

    I have a feeling that may have left a little impression

    • Nah I think the “young” QBs 6 TDs 5ints, 5 fumbles and durability issues(hence the retaining of Vick and all the college QB speculation) is the real impression left. lol

  11. We need foles to hold the snaps on the extra points.. So we should definitely keep him. I would mind manuel at 6’5 240 he would be more durable than vick with his larger stature…

  12. Foles should be the guy for 2013. Fix this Defense this year. Then address any Offensive needs next year. Foles would have won a few more games last year if the eagles had even a back up defense. They had little leaguers in there on D or at least it looked like it. (Cue footage of Namdi pointing at a peer shrugging).

  13. The eagles Defense reminded me of the youngest kids on my daughters soccer team. LOST LOST LOST. They have added some free agent competition but building a real Defense would allow any QB to be more successful including Vick who had better be cut by end of training camp.

  14. the boston marathon fiasco is a false flag…google drills at boston marathon.

    Drills for the same exact event was being run at the same exact time. prepare to give up your rights folks.

    • WTF are you talking about, you F^#@ING lunatic?!?!?!?!?!? Go live in a cave somewhere in the badlands! Everything is a conspiracy with you. GTFO!

  15. I’m at a loss for words regarding the horrific event that took place in Boston. I

  16. What happened in Boston today is a reminder that evil still lurks among us, and we as a nation must come together just like 911, and never allow these cowards the satisfaction that they so desperately want. We as Americans will get through this, and become even a stronger nation. We will not be defeated by these terrorists scum bags, and will NEVER

  17. give in to their demands. God bless to the families that were affected tod

  18. look into drills run – boston marathon…don’t buy the official story.

    • Go back to your conspiracy site, “anonymous” That is your screen name on there, isn’t it? Don’t try to deny it either, you’ve stated exactly, word for word, what was on there. You’re a bigger lunatic, than I thought you were.

  19. Songs the conspiracy theorist, lmao

  20. I know Songs! Unbelievable.

    One witness said that there were police with bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

    Unbelievable. I can’t believe there would have been cops with dogs at a gigantic public event.

    You know what else??

    They have x-ray machines at airports.
    And they actually ask for your passport when you cross the US border.
    There are some highway patrol cars with radar guns in them.

    Crazy man.

  21. Austin at 4 is a reach. He isn’t going to reach with his 1st pick of his NFL coaching career. If they stay at 4, it will be Fisher, Star (can’t spell his last name), Jordan or Millner. I am assuming that Joekel will be off the board by then. Even if they trade down, I think that Austin is a bad pick. Too many other holes to worry about what Maclin is going to do next year.

  22. **Eagles News**

    QB Tyler Bray will be visiting the Eagles today

  23. Gil Brandt invited EJ to the draft on behave of the NFL — Gil has great sources, EJ in getting drafted in the first round

    • I look for the Chicago Bears to Draft EJ Manuel..
      Cutler is on his way out, New HC Trestman loves the athletic QB and is very innovative offensively.. It’s amazing how the Bears have gone from a Power Team for their total existence to a Pass-First Team which started about 2 Years ago with Cutler & Mike Martz, then added WR Brandon Marshall and now new HC Marc Trestman
      Goerge Halas would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what has happened to his “Bears”

      • Manuel to the Bears? Not likely.

        Clutching at straws there Paulman. Look at Trestman’s history:
        Bernie Kosar – statue
        Scott Mitchell, – statue
        Plummer – mobile, but lowest amount of rushes in career the 2 years Trestman there
        Gannon – Mobile, but again rushes dropped significantly from 90 before Trestman to 60 to 50
        Young – 2 lowest rushing totals in his career

        And Finally ( and perhaps most importantly)

        In the CFL – a league predicated on “mobile QBs” he dominated and won 2 Grey Cups with Anthony Calvillo at QB. A 40+ year old guy who makes Drew Bledsoe look like Carl Lewis.

        Trestman prefers traditional drop back passers.

        And finally

        • Trestman was just giving false reads to everyone Vinnie while Coaching IN Canada for that’s waht American’s do while in Canada.. Now that he has his first NFL HC Job, he will be going back to his Roots and that includes a athletic QB…

  24. Probably the Strongest Arm in this entire QB Class.. Really could have used 1 more Season at Tennessee, but since they fired their Coaching Staff once again, he would have had to learn a new System again anyways..
    He’s very bright,has the leadership and intangibles but is a good 2 Year Project like most young QB and will probably be a Mid-Late 2nd/3rd Round He’s 6-6″ and about 235lbs and to be honest, is very similar to Nick Foles except he’s perhaps a little more athletic . but he’s built in the mold of a Classic Pocket Passer.. (He Ran a 5.04 in the 40 Yard Dash) and have likened his Skill Set with a Phillip Rivers type..
    I am a little surprised the Eagles would invite him in since since he’s very similar to Nick Foles skill set wise .. but that’s just me..and would not be surprised to see the Giants,Bears,Cowboys,Jags,TB Bucs,Texans all give him a close look…

  25. I love how you all have written off Foles after half a season on a horrible team.

  26. I like Tyler Bray but I agree with 0 superbowls stop wasting picks on Qb’s who won’t play for you.

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