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Michael Vick: “Honestly, I just look at it as this is still my team, my job”

MichaelVick11According to reports coming out of Eagles practice, quarterback Michael Vick says he still looks at the Eagles as his football team and he still looks at the starting quarterback job as his job.

“Nothing is ever set in stone or concrete. I think we all have to earn our respect in this league. We have to earn our position, earn our jobs,” Vick said. “It’s not only on Sundays, but like Coach Kelly said you have to win every day. We’ve got to let our habits reflect our mission and that’s what I’m trying to practice.

“Honestly, I just look at it as this is still my team, my job. I think that’s the mindset you have to have. I believe in myself and my abilities and I believe in the guys on this football team. I’m excited to be back in Philadelphia for another year and we have an opportunity to do some great things.”

Vick also went on to say the offense has been working on the read option, which I think means trouble for Nick Foles in my opinion.

We’ve done a lot of read option,” said Vick. “It’s part of what we do. I’ve been working very hard in the weight room, and all the quarterbacks have as well. We’re trying to make sure we’re physically ready for whatever needs to be done in this offense.”

The quarterback feels he’s improving in running the read option and executing Kelly’s offense after getting some repetitions running it this week.

“I felt like I made a big jump from yesterday to today,” he said. “Actually going out there and practicing and seeing it against different defenses. I was very accurate today, guys running wide open and I think that’s the system. But I was able to make some tight throws, and I feel like the learning curve for me in this system is coming along.”

 Vick also used the word refreshing to describe how he felt about the Birds new offense.
“It’s very refreshing,” Vick said after practice Wednesday. “This offense is very dynamic. It’s up-tempo, fast-paced. It’s something I’ve never seen before. I’m very excited about what we’re doing.”
We’ll see how refreshing it is in the fall against NFL defenses.

Regarding Foles’ ability to run the read option Vick says Foles can run, “He’s got two legs”.  Of course we all know that Foles is missing the speed needed to be a threat in the read option offense.

Amazingly Vick doesn’t believe he or the quarterbacks running in Chip Kelly’s offense will get injured.  I’ll have to see Vick stay healthy for an entire season before I will believe it.

“The thing is you don’t have to take a hit,” Vick said. “You’ll understand when you see us practice and when you see us play. You don’t have to take a hit.”

Regarding the Eagles drafting a quarterback in this year’s draft, Vick replied, “If they do, it ain’t going to change me. No sweat.”  We’ll see.

Vick needs to have confidence in himself.  Who knows he might click with this offense, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. on Facebook

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43 Comments for “Michael Vick: “Honestly, I just look at it as this is still my team, my job””

  1. So if you know its your spot and this is your team play like it is. And stop playing like a deer in the headlights because someone could easily take over and your out of work. PROVE IT VICK.

    • “Deer in the headlights” I’m sorry but I just have to reply. That’s the same term the haters used in reference to Randall Cunningham just before they ran him out of town to Minnesota. Randall set scoring records that year and missed the Super Bowl by a failed chip shot field goal while the Eagles went 3 & 13.

  2. haaaaaa Vick is retarded. No clue how bad he blows.

  3. Stay focus foles let Vick do all the talking.

  4. I really believe that VIck is entering a bit of a “dementia stage” similar to Mohammed Ali before the Parkinson’s Disease really set in.. I believe that Vick has be hit in the head too many times for too long and that he loses touch with reality.. He believes in what he says no doubt, he just isn’t thinking clearly about what he says.. It’s a shame but he’s been concussed too many times and fear for Vick having “Clear Faculties” when he’s 45 Years old..

  5. This is the offense you were “born” to run Vick. Go out there and prove it or pack your bags.

  6. If there was any doubt that the read option was coming to Philly, Michael Vick erased it Wednesday.

    “We’ve done a lot of read option,” said Vick. “It’s part of what we do. I’ve been working very hard in the weight room, and all the quarterbacks have as well. We’re trying to make sure we’re physically ready for whatever needs to be done in this offense.”

    And so we know that the option game is being implemented. And we also know that Nick Foles is splitting first-team reps with Vick in what Chip Kelly describes as a wide-open quarterback competition. How does that work?

    “I mean, Nick can run. Everybody got two legs,” said Vick, DRAWING LAUGHS. “ He can do it, man. We all can do it, and that’s why we’re all here.”

    But it was Foles who admitted at the end of last season that he is not cut out for a read-option system. Kelly has stated that he will cater the offense to the strengths of his players. It will be interesting to see if the read-option is the the foundation of this offense, or simply an element of it that can be taken out at any time.

  7. As much as I hate to say it, it is his job to lose as well his team.. I know Chip Kelly hasn’t put it in words or anything like that, but going into the season I guarantee you MV will be the starting QB on this team. I’m not saying that’s what I want but its going to happen.

  8. Vick is a turnover legend you know he will give you the rock eventually. Just have to stay patient with him.

  9. I don’t like Vick at all, but if the eagles choose him as the quarterback then I will support him. E-A-G-L-E-S eagles go birds.

  10. Dag nick had a few games as a rookie, Vick has had a whole career of fumbles man please.

  11. This offense may have fit Vick in his prime but man he done. Step slower age catches up with all of us.

  12. Vick is a stop-gap. 1 year and he’s gone.Unless somehow he succeeds. I just want Chip to run his offense. Not tailor it to someone who doesn’t fit. All in means all in. I don’t want no excuses. It didn’t work because I had to tailor my offense to a 3rd round statue. No I want Chip Kelly to go all in so there’s no excuses. I want to see Chips offense. I want to see if it works. That’s why he is here. If he has to tailor it eventually then so be it. But I want him to be able to have the opportunity to use everything he envisions.

  13. Good point dag I see what your saying.

  14. 2002 ““This year I think you’ll see Michael Vick at his best. This year I’m more comfortable, I’m more relaxed.”

    2004 “I just have to be able to be me.”

    2005 “As long as I continue to make plays and win football games, that’s all they’re going to remember. That’s all I care about.”

    2006 “I have always been an outstanding football player, I have always had uncanny abilities, great arm strength, an immense ability to play the game from a quarterback standpoint. The problem was that I wasn’t given the liberty to do certain things when I was young.”

    2012 “I just gotta get my swag back – get back to playn’ football the way I know how to play it

    2013 “it ain’t going to change me.”

    the more things change….

    “It’s a gift from a quarterback’s standpoint that all you have to do is throw the ball up for the guys. You don’t have to worry about throwing to short targets. That’s sort of hard to do.”

    • I see you are still employed by G. Cobb, only someone getting paid would take the time you do to look this bs up and take the time to write it.

  15. If Chip Kelly coached Donovan Mcnabb for 14 years and ran the read option theres no doubt in my mind that we would have won at least 2 superbowls.

    • Don’t know how you could honestly believe that when the read option hasn’t won a damn thing in the NFL. The QB blueprint for winning superbowls is out there, just look at who wins SBs every year. Its not rocket science. It blatantly stares the Eagles Organization directly in the face but of course they try to go the opposite route with this read option pipe dream. But hey they must know whats right since we have so many Lombardis in our trophy case. What else if fucking new.

      And McNabb’s career would have been cut in half since it will get your QB killed. Maybe he lasts 5 years at most. I don’t think he would have been too happy getting crushed in the open field. Getting hit by college dudes in the big east is a whole different story then getting hit by NFL professionals for 16 weeks.

      In regard to Vick’s statement, what else is new with this delusional fool. Hes all talk.

      • Yep he’s all talk but he gettin paid, you on the other hand is all talk and ain’t gettin shit, and you have the nerve to call him a fool

    • Donovan McNabb could never run the read/option. He got winded just scrambling out of the pocket a few times. He would be hyperventilating in the huddle ever other play.

  16. Mcnabb has over 3,000 rushing yards for his career with a pass happy coach. early in his career he was a great running QB but Chip Kelly would have never settled for Todd Pinkston and James Thrash. Andy Reid is 90% of the reason why The Eagles have come up short the last 14 years. Mcnabb in his prime is a better QB than Joe Flacco.

    • In his prime McNuggets was better then more then half the QB’s playing today people don’t give him enough credit for how good he really was. Meanwhile back on the farm I can’t wait to see Foles trying to run read option.

      • Biglion, McNabb was definitely a good QB there is no doubt about that. BUT I think your wrong. The group of QBs playing today are way better than the group that played in McNabbs prime. Its not even close, and the numbers prove it. Every year it seems as if a new QB record or rookie record is getting shattered. Bottom line, QB play in todays game is on a whole other level. And with young talent like RG3, Luck, Kapernick, Wilson, the level will only keeping rising.

        And sorry to break it to you but if Foles ends up being the QB, you won’t see him running the read option. He will be playing like a more traditional QB, you know like the ones that actually win Superbowls.

    • LOL one guy is a SB MVP champion while the other throws up in the SB. One guy has a clutch gene and gets it done in the big moment while the other chokes in the big moments. Thats nonsense.

  17. He has to be seriously uncomfortable…if you have to tell people you’re the leader you’re not.

  18. If Foles wins out it’s basically going to mimic New England’s offense scheming and rythm wise.

    • Ummm what part don’t you understand? They are running a lot of read option in practice. lol. Its hard to beat anyone out of anything if Foles cant even run half the plays. lol. Oh yeah he has “two legs” as the crowd laughs. lmao.

    • Odds are Vick is closer to Kapernick and RGIII(2 who have never won a thing QB), than Foles is to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning. lol don’t you think.Yeah lets run NE offense. Yeah we have Nick Brady on our roster to run it. lmao.

      • Odds are almost zero that a 33 year-old quarterback will win his first super bowl after 10 years in the league. It happens, but not very often.

        Big tall dorks like Nick Folds are the type of guys the win super bowls. I can point to Big Ben, Joe Flaco, Tom Brady, and several other guys that have skill sets much closer to Foles. Mike Vick’s skill set has no similarity to any super bowl winner.

        Every season that Vick is the quarterback is a wasted season, except for those who Idolize Vick. If you want the Eagles to win a super bowl, then you can’t want Vick to be the quarterback. Most people that want Vick to be the Eagles starter will openly admit that they know he will never win a super bowl.

  19. He’s a great talker. He can be a professional motivational speaker, when he gets knocked out of the league.

  20. Yo them motivational speakers get paid that’s a great gig if you can get it lol.

    • pd, as much $#!T that he spews out of his mouth, I think he can make the transition smoothy. He’s going to need another career very soon, when he has to retire.

      • Who spews more shit than you and that other nut who does nothing but make dumbass comments, you must enjoy what he says, you don’t seem to miss a word or an article. I guess that’s your career, well at least the NFL is paying him more for his shht than G.Cobb is paying you for yours.

        • peace go back in the cave you crawled out of, & take your Idol Vick with you! Don’t make dumb@$$, ignorant, comments, if you don’t know anyone on here! You got a job there BIG SHOT, or are you on Government assistance! I work 2 jobs, numbnuts, & come on here while at my night job, & to converse about my teams! Did you just get paroled, you ain’t been on here awhile! If you don’t like what someone has to say, too f^#@ing bad! Try having a discussion, instead of being a reprimanding troll!

  21. Didn’t Vick also say “Dynasty” last off season? Maybe I miss remember. Oh no no I am pretty sure he said that about a 4-12 team. Delusions are a bitch.

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