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I Don’t See Fit For Trent Cole or Vinny Curry In Eagles New Defense

TrentCole10I was concerned about Eagles defensive end Trent Cole before the training camp because I didn’t see a place where he fit into the Eagles future plans.  Cole is very strong for his size, but he’s a 4-3 defensive end, not a linebacker and he’s not a 3-4 defensive end.

“We’re trying different things,” Cole said without a great deal of confidence. “I’ve dropped back in coverage in the past. It’s not new to me . . . We don’t know where we’re going to be at right now.”

First of all, he’s not agile enough to drop into coverage and stay with the quick, speedy running backs who come out the backfield in the NFL today.  Cole could have done it when he came into the league years ago from Cincinnati, but he can’t do it now after years of getting down in a three-point stance.  He hasn’t been doing it and it would be asking too much for him to change what he’s been doing that drastically.  Cole is a pass rusher.

Secondly, he’s not big enough to line head up on the big offensive tackles in the league today and two-gap them.  Two gapping an offensive tackle means taking him on at the snap of the ball, standing him up at the line of scrimmage, then being able to control him so that you can come off to either side of him to make the tackle.  You’re responsible for the holes on either side of the offensive tackle.

You must weight at least 300 pounds to do this.  Plus you need long arms and you must be as strong as a bull.  Trent Cole can’t do this.  He’s not big enough.  His arms aren’t long enough and he’s not strong enough, although he is very strong.  He’s best when he can use his combination of strength, speed and quickness on an offensive linemen.

Cole has more good football in him, so I expect him to be traded before or during the draft.  He’s good enough play in the league, but I don’t think it will be here in Philadelphia.

I’m not done yet,” said Cole. “I got some years in me, and I look forward to having some great years here coming up.”

There’s an outside chance that the Birds change the defense they’re planning on running in order to find a way to get Cole on the field.

I also don’t think Vinny Curry fits the defense the Eagles are getting ready to play.  Curry like Cole is a 4-3 pass rushing defensive end.  I can’t see him covering a running back, tight end or anybody else who goes out on pass routes.  This kid needs to have his hand down and be rushing the passer.

Right now they have Curry trying to be a 3-4 defensive end.  He’s not big enough, nor strong enough to do that.

“I just want to play,” Curry said.

I think he’ll be playing somewhere else before training camp ends. on Facebook

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30 Comments for “I Don’t See Fit For Trent Cole or Vinny Curry In Eagles New Defense”

  1. trade both on draft day! Detroit has our old d-line coach. get what you can for them more is always better #draftpicks

  2. Draft Weekend Trades

    Trent Cole, Jason Avant to the Colts…
    Vinny Curry, Nate Allen to the Jets (involving CB Revis)
    Todd Herremans to the Chiefs..

  3. Is this any surprise to anyone? Throw Graham in there also. Trade all 3. This draft is loaded with versatile OLB’s, ROLB’s & ILB’s. I think we can get a 2 & 5 for Graham. A 3 & 6 for Curry. And a 4 for Cole.

  4. Paul…fisrt of all you know I respect you. But your trades are silly. The Colts and Jets also play 3-4. We are saying they don’t fit that defense so thereofre silly trades. Atl is ideal trade partner for Cole. Curry has no value. 89 snaps and not a single hurry even?? This kid is NOT an NFL pass rusher. I have been saying that since last pre-season. Its another blown second round pick by Mr Andy Reid. But I think he can hustle and he can ADD WEIGHT. Not everyone can do that but I think this kid can be 280-290. Justin Smith plays the position at 270. So Curry can be a 3-4 DE. It is his only hope actually because he will be mediocre as a 4-3 DE. 3-4 sacks a year guy. Certainly not what you would expect from a second round pick. And a boring 3-4 DE is not what you want from a second round pick either, but at least you salvage something. Otherwise you have another Jaquan Jarrett on your hands. A second round pick you get nothing for and nothing from.

  5. Colts need a Pass-Rusher to replace Dwight Freeney
    Trent Cole would be their designated Pass-Rusher and play about 30-35 Snaps a Game (which is what he should have been doing with the Eagles to be honest with you) T Cole is not a everydown DE anymore (and never should have been)
    He’s best at Rushing the Passer from the Edge on Passing Downs, that’s it and you can do this for any Team and in any Scheme

  6. Hello. G where did you miss this.. We’re gonna run a 4-3/3-4 hybrid…therefore we will be running 4-3 AND a 3-4. Chips D was 60/40 in its diversity. So… This is a pointless article

  7. We need beef on the Dline i would trade Cole if we cant use him properly. And same goes for vinny i think we will trade in certain parts of the draft. I wish it was next Thursday already

  8. After Issac and Cox an maybe dixon their is really no one i want on the line we need depth we need stop gaps last year or LB was our weakness now its our strength along with DE and OLB but at the same time when do we know when there is enough an focus on other areas of need.

  9. they blamed sean mcdermott then Juan Castillo but the players just aren’t any good

  10. 7 days to draft —
    two starters #4 & 35 just like Cox and Kendricks but both should be better because they are to be drafted higher

  11. Well if Reid was responsible for most of these picks (which i don’t think he was) then let’s trade Curry and Cole to the Chiefs. Don’t they play a 4-3? Looks like the Chiefs will be getting the Dolphins 2nd rd pick if Albert is dealt to Miami. Cmon Andy you owe us something lol

  12. To Paulman

    Do you actually have the birds acquiring Revis? I’ve seen you mention it a few times with Trent Cole, Riley C, and Nick Foles being involved in a trade with NY

    • I really believe GM Roseman is going to make a legitimate attemp to land Revis..
      I think it’s a matter of what he want’s to give up and whether the Jets want to have Draft Picks in a Rebuilding mode (As their new GM wants) or Proven Players in return (as HC Rex Ryan wants and is on his last Coaching legs and wants Players that can help him in 2013)
      TB Bucs have the Draft Picks to give up and the
      Eagles have the Players to give up and also have the Salary Cap Space to afford Revis’s Contract which 90% of the NFL does not have at this time..
      But either way, Revis will not suit up again for the Jets, he’s going to end up somewhere and I think the Eagles are in Play for him..

  13. NO to Revis for this team.

    Kelly is blowing smoke with all this. In college you can play a 3-4 and a 4-3 because you have 100 freaking players and can have different setups. You have half that in the NFL. I believe Kelly is smart enough to know he will need to commit to a personnel TYPE (3-4 personnel or 4-3 Personnel) that does not mean he wont put 4 down at times with 3-4 type players. He must hold all his cards until the draft is complete and Training Camp is ending.

    He purposefully is not telling anyone anything other than he want’s BIG payers who will compete for jobs.

  14. I would love to see Kelly trade a majority of guys over 25 years old away for picks in this draft. Turn the whole dang roster over. This team was 4 and 12 and looked SOFT!!! That is only partly coaching some of it is due to having too many SMALL players.

  15. This team doesn’t need no damn Revis. Get a clue. We’re building for the future. That bum is overhyped btw.. He’s in a division with only one good WR. Who in fact smokes him everytime they play, mr Stevie Johnson. And a headache whining little bitch. I’m good with drafting, and what we acquired..

  16. Defenses are built around one good cb no more. Most nfl teams run 3 wr sets with athletic TEs. You build the D through the front seven. Because it doesn’t matter what you have in the back four. If you have no front seven you have no defense.

  17. I have them 9-7 on the year with a much improved defense that could rank between 10-13 and a much better rushing attack.

    Probowl players this year

    Fletcher Cox
    Desean Jackson
    Jason Peters
    Lesean McCoy
    Alex Henry

    @Washington Redskins – Loss
    San Diego Chargers – Win
    Kansas City Chiefs – Loss
    @Denver Broncos – Loss
    @New York Giants – Win
    @Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Win
    Dallas Cowboys – Loss
    New York Giants – Loss
    @Oakland Raiders – Win
    @Green Bay Packers – Loss
    Washington Redskins – Win
    Arizona Cardinals – Loss
    Detroit Lions – Win
    @Minnesota Vikings – Win
    Chicago Bears – Win
    @Dallas Cowboys Win

  18. Eagles play their 1st three games in 11 days! running a quick tempo as well could equal some serious fatigue. I hope they put some magical fairy juice inside those smoothies.

  19. I like the Eagles schedul but they need to get off to fast start and have a shot
    In their first 3 games to win 2 of them (who knows if RGIII will be ready Week 1)
    Then 3 Road games at Denver, Giants and Tampa they need to win at least 1 Game to be at 3-3 after 6 Weeks then Split next 2 Road games at Oakland & Green Bay to go 4-4 then 3 Home Games with a bye giving them a month at home versus the Cards, Lions and Redskinms which are all Winnable games
    To go 7-4 then win 2 out if the final 3 games vs the Vikings, Bears & Cowboys to finish 10-6 is very doable
    Remember that Chargers, Chiefs, Cardinals & Bears all have New Coaching Staffs and Programs in Place.. If the Eagles can win 3 of these 4 Games
    They have a chance as well as at splitting within the NFC East

  20. As far as first 3 Fanes in 11 Days to open Season I believe helps the Eagles with their fast paced, up tempo style they will employ
    One thing I do know about HC Kelly is that he will rotate many Players on both sides of the ball.. I believe we will see 12-14 Players rotate in the Eagles Front 7 Defebsively getting a lot of plays and very few Players getting 60-70 Snaps a game. The Secondary will have 6-7 Players rotating in bases on opponents, score and situations.. So a lot of Pkayers will have Opportunities to get in and make Plays..
    On Offense, I see 5-7 WR’s on and out along with with 3 TE’s making the Roster as opposed to the Standard 2 of the Andy Reid Era
    Kelly also likes to see different Bacjs in the backfield so there may be a few less touches by McCoy, but collectively they the RB Corp should be fresher for end of games and end of Season stretch run

    • I don’t think RG3 will be completely ready week 1. SD has to make east coast trip so that hurts them much more. KC has to make trip. They won 2 games last season for a reason. WE should start 3-0. But it gets tough from there. I see 7 wins

      Its also pretty much impossible to judge since we have no idea what Chip will be like on an NFL level. Chip will have the early advantage before the league gets tape on him.

      • Reports are saying he’s well ahead of schedule but Chip Kelly has to plan as if he’s the opening day starter. On the other hand Kirk Cousins is no slouch. Two back up QB’s I would not want to face is Kirk Cousins and Ryan Mallet.

    • You got to believe that not all these players that are currently on the roster will work in Chips offense. Im with you that Brent Celek is one of them but other players that I think will flop is Jason Avant, Maclin, Harbor.

  21. picking wins and losses in April is beyond stupid! Tell me who is going to get hurt, and which teams will get the lucky bounces and I ‘ll tell you what their records will be. Show me a team that loses both their starting OTs, center and one of their guards and /or their QB and I’ll show you a team drafting in the top 5 the following year….

    • Its all for fun Dixie. Once upon a time there was a man named Schiller who made it his career in calling out Gcobb followers for making early predictions but thats another story. No football is depressing in itself so these mock drafts and predictions are all for entertainment purposes.

  22. I think they’re going to switch to primarily to a 4-3 or that over the shoulder 3-4 Gary’s been talking about somewhere in the middle of training camp…It doesn’t make sense to accept a complete rebuild situation where the defensive team isn’t competitive for a year to a year and a half and that’s only with a lot of crossed fingers and prayer to hopefully get the right personnel fit. The Eagles don’t already have an Aldon Smith, a Mario Williams, a Clay Matthews, a J.J. Watt, or a Brian Orakpo…you really have to have one of those types of beastly OLBs or have one staring you down in the draft already before deciding to make a major scheme change like what’s been discussed, otherwise it’s just and arbitrary change. That’s the kind of thing that loses a lot of games and eventually gets a lot of coaches fired because they didn’t make best use of the personnel they had and didn’t luck out and get a beast of an OLB or two in the draft or free agency for whatever reason.

    The Eagles can’t draft all of the quality players they will need to run a straight up 3-4 in one draft. From where they are they can rebuild and re-stock the secondary, rebuild the O-line and start stocking the D-Line cubbert with serviceable 3-4 D-Linemen in one draft.

  23. Unfortunately, I think Maclin and Avant are going to get traded. I’ve heard from DeSean Jackson who already has an idea about what his role is, but niether of the other two WRs have really made any statements about what they’ve been told their roles will and that makes them expendable, especially when the FO starts bringing in jumbo sized WRs with no NFL experience pre-draft.

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