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Thoughts On The Eagles Draft Part 1: Biggest Needs

LaneJohnson1Team Needs

1. Offensive Line

Even with Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Todd Herremans returning from injury, the Eagles still have problems on the offensive line, and could use some fresh blood to upgrade the talent and give themselves more flexibility for this year and beyond.

The left side of the offensive line should be fine with Peters, Evan Mathis, and Kelce at center. Peters and Kelce are expected back healthy, and although I don’t think Evan Mathis is anything more than a serviceable starter, he’s also far from a liability.

The right side of the line is where the team has serious concerns. Even before Herremans went down for the year on injured reserve, he wasn’t playing very well. He’s been in the league for nearly a decade now, and he’s dealt with foot problems throughout his career. He may be at the point where the amount of miles on his body has caught up with him, and I don’t know how many quality years he has left in him. I don’t think it would be wise for the Eagles to count on him to be their answer at right tackle, at least not without a very viable Plan B somewhere on the roster.

They also have no answer at the right guard position. Maybe Danny Watkins can find himself under the new coaching staff, but he can’t be counted on. If the Eagles draft a tackle early, maybe Herremans slides back to the inside and becomes the answer here. But the bottom line that as of this writing, the Eagles have no acceptable option on the roster.

With Dennis Kelly and Dallas Reynolds as the team’s top backups right now, even if the Eagles don’t use their top pick on an offensive lineman, they’ll almost certainly have to use multiple picks in this draft on the line just to rebuild their depth.

1a. Quarterback

The long term answer at the quarterback position isn’t currently on the roster.

Michael Vick is a stopgap, Nick Foles doesn’t fit Chip Kelly’s system (and has questionable upside to begin with), and Dennis Dixon has a roster spot purely because of his history with Kelly at Oregon.

Naturally, the Eagles hold a top-five draft pick in a year without elite quarterback prospects. Geno Smith is the only considerable option in the first round, and if the Eagles aren’t in love with him they could try to fill their need in the second or third round. In the last few years, teams have been able to draft exceptional quarterbacks outside of the first round, with the most notable cases being that of Colin Kaepernick of San Francisco and Russell Wilson of Seattle.

2. Defensive Line

An area of need that hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as it should is the defensive line.

When you look at the Eagles front seven, you can safely assume that DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks, Connor Barwin, and Trent Cole/Brandon Graham are going to be the team’s starting linebackers. But when you look at the defensive line, there’s a great deal of uncertainty right now.

The Eagles have brought in a handful of new linebackers and new defensive backs, but the only addition to the defensive line is Issac Sopoaga, who brings a good locker room presence, but isn’t a game-changer. Right now, the Eagles don’t have nearly enough 3-4 defensive lineman to successfully run that scheme.

I agree with the idea that Fletcher Cox can succeed as an end in the new scheme, but I’m not sold on Cedric Thornton, Vinny Curry, or any of the other potential starting 3-4 ends.

3. Secondary

Yes, the Eagles addressed these positions in free agency by signing Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Kenny Phillips, and Patrick Chung, but other than Williams I don’t know that you can view any of these players as an answer at their respective positions.

There’s a reason Kenny Phillips couldn’t command better than a one-year deal from the Eagles in free agency. He can be an impact player when he’s on the field, but he’s only played a full 16 games once in his career. He’s constantly battling knee issues, and he could very easily give the Eagles just as much as they got from O.J. Atogwe last year. (Nothing)

Chung has been an up-and-down player during his career with New England. He may be better than Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, but that’s hardly a ringing endorsement.

Fletcher was once considered and up-and-coming prospect, but he fell out of favor with a highly-respected defensive coach in Jeff Fisher. With no depth to speak of behind Fletcher, the Eagles would be taking a huge risk to go into the season gambling that the former Ram will develop into a respectable starter over the summer.

The Eagles need to add more fresh blood across the board here. on Facebook

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65 Comments for “Thoughts On The Eagles Draft Part 1: Biggest Needs”

  1. Good reason to trade back and score more picks. Even 1 more pick could prove significant. For the sake of argument, if we move back to 12 (Miami), we could get at least an additional 2nd plus maybe a 4th. We could get a CB or Safety at 12. A QB and a OT in round 2, and a DB in round 3. That leaves DE /OLB in the latter rounds, but it’s a beginning.

  2. “In the last few years, teams have been able to draft exceptional quarterbacks outside of the first round, with the most notable cases being that of Colin Kaepernick of San Francisco and Russell Wilson of Seattle.”

    But not the Eagles. Foles has “questionable upside”. But SF and Sea found “exceptional quarterbacks”

    Even though the “excpeptional” SF QB couldn’t crack the lineup for a year and a half. So “exceptional” that in 5 of his last 6 games he was in the 55% completion range.

    So San Fran found an “exceptional” guy….again who couldn’t get on to the field, despite his “exceptionality”, for a year and a half…….(perhaps he’s exceptional because he was given time)

    (btw – am I going to be suprised if Kap’s #s fall off next year………nope…..)

    And Seattle found an “exceptional QB” who over his first 7 games had a lower comp%, less passing yards, less points scored, and double the interception% than Foles….he’s an “exceptional” 3rd round find….but our 3rd round pick has no upside.


    • vin, & you wonder why your accused of being biased, & racist. You put a target on your own back, with your comments. How do you know Kaepernick’s & Wilson’s #’s are going to fall, next year? Kap, now has a great possession WR in Bolden, to go along with, Davis, Crabtree, Manningham, Gore, & James, & Wilson, now has Harvin, to go with, Tate, Rice, Zach Miller, & Lynch. Come on! I would like to see what the kid has too, but all signs are pointing otherwise!

    • Vinnie,

      Wilson won the job in training camp over Matt Flynn, who the Seahawks had just signed to a big contract. He didn’t set the world on fire statistically, but he played well in big moments and helped his team go the second round of the playoffs, all as a rookie. If that’s not an exceptional result from a 3rd round pick, what is?

      When San Francisco drafted Kaepernick several years ago, they knew that he was going to be a bit of a project, but the potential was there for him to become the starter. He couldn’t crack the lineup for so long because Alex Smith performed very well in 2011, guiding the 49ers to the NFC Championship game…and Smith also played well until getting injured last season. There was no justifiable reason to play him over Smith until the injury, and once he was given his opportunity he showed what a great dynamic he was able to bring to that offense. If that’s not an exceptional find outside of the first round, what is?

      Were either Wilson or Kaepernick perfect? No. But each of them has the physical tools to be successful starters and already had a great impact on their respective teams, and had a lot to do with their success.

      Foles clearly has physical limits with his arm strength and mobility, and put too many balls up for grabs last season…watching him play last season, does anyone honestly get the sense that he can be anything more than a serviceable, game manager? If that’s not questionable upside then what is?

      The point here isn’t to knock Foles, the point is simply that teams don’t necessarily have to draft their quarterback of the future at the top of the draft.

      • The point is you are employing some serious revisionist history here…especially in terms of Russel Wilson.

        Sure…he beat out Flynn in the pre-season. Going a solid
        40 of 64 (62.5%) for 536 5 tds and 1 int

        But our “limited upside” QB did not beat out our high priced QB when he went a remarkably similar:
        40 of 64 for 553 6 tds and 2 ints

        And BTW – Flynn had a much better preseason than did MV7….so the gap between Foles and Vick was much wider (after the preseason) than was the one between Wilson and Flynn.

        Yet…according to you, one is “exceptional, and one has limited upside.

        You also seem to fortget, that around week 5-8 of the NFL season, talking heads on TV were all dropping the exact same, “limited upside, physical limitations”, “height” etc, business about Wilson. Mnay people were questioning the decision to name him the starter….why….because his first 7 weeks were….unspectacular, at best. Their offense was not producing points…

        These criticisms really intensified after Wilson’s terrible 39% 120 yrd 0 td 1 int stinker in week 7.

        Than goodness, for Seattle fans, the team had the patience to allow Wilson the time to develop and were rewarded with a rather meteoric rise over the final half of the season.

        But saying WIlson was successful, or exceptional from the beginning is flat out wrong.

        So why does this apply….because we have a QB who is currently in the same position. Dropping “limited upside” lines on a guy with 6.5 games under his belt is premature. If you were in a position of power in the Seahawks organization, and applied the same evaluation over his first 7 games, I suppose he wouldn’t be their starter either.

        I agree wholeheartedly that teams do not need to draft a QB at the top of the draft….but they need to allow their QBs at least a season to develop before making decisions abvout teir future.

        I do not know if Foles will be good or not….but I think that he compared extremely favourable to one guy you say is exceptional.

        So why drop the “limited upside” line….’cause he missed a couple of deep throws?

        • Agreed Vinnie…….Tom Brady

        • wow well said. winner vinnie by unanimous decision sorry denny

          • LOL Im pretty sure if Kaepernick and Wilson started with the roster Foles played with you would also say they have questionable upside instead of exceptional. They played with arguable 2 of the best rosters in the league. No fucking way they look that exceptional on the Eagles.

        • The difference here is, “faith in a player”…head coach vs player. Carroll believed Wilson would deliver, chose to play him and rode with him…

          Your line “you dont know if Foles will be good or not” its one of the most stupidest…you run around here every day giving a case as to why Foles should be the starter, comparing him to HOF caliber QB’s and you don’t know if Foles will be good or not…thats something one says just to save face in case, what they believe turns out to be straight garbage.

          Unfortunately your not the coach neither am I. If Foles is the guy and the best QB on the Eagles, then no worries, Chip will play him.

          • Really strong points here Real. Both coaches wanted Wilson and Kap to play even though Seattle had signed Flynn and SF had Alex Smith.

        • I never said either Wilson or Kaepernick was exceptional from start to finish.

          And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if either one or both of them took a step back this year as NFL defensive coordinators gain a better understanding of how to defend them.

          I label them exceptional because both of them are clearly starters on their teams for years to come, while Foles might not even be on this roster come Opening Day, so before he even has a chance to develop and flourish he’s got to be in the right situation, and honestly I think the odds are against him to even achieve what either Wilson or Kaepernick were able to do last season.

  3. Denny, great article. Other than having QB as 1a, I agree wholeheartedly. I would list the needs as-
    1- OT (Long, Armstead, Pugh)
    2- 5 tech. DE/ NT (Lotulelei, Richardson, B. Williams)
    3- Both Safeties (Reid, Swearinger, Cyprian, Rambo)
    4- CB (Trufant, Banks)
    5- OLB (Ansah, Hunt, Collins, Thomas)
    6- ILB (Kiko, Minter)
    7- TE (Escobar, Kelce, Williams)
    This is why, we need multiple, additional picks. Trade down? Trade chips, in Cole, Graham, Curry, Mathis, Maclin, & even DJax

  4. Eagles Biggest need Part one:
    Competent leadership at the highest level in decision making.

  5. Definitie Needs List for Upcoming Draft

    1) OT (A Right Tackle)
    2) DE (that can play a 5-Technique in a 3-4)
    3) CB
    4) Guard/Center
    5) DT
    6) Safety
    7) OLB
    8) TE
    9) ILB
    10) WR

  6. Over their first 7 ggames…..2 of these are “exceptional” and one has “limited upside”

    Which is which???

    A) 104 for 175 (59.4%) 1230 yrds 8tds 7ints (4% int rate) 16.5 pts/game
    B) 161 of 265 (60.7%) 1699 yards 6tds 5ints (1.9% int rate) 19.5 pts/game
    C) 115 of 181 (63.5%) 1449 yards 8tds 3 ints (1.7$int rate) 25.8 pts/game

    Now – I think you could argue that ONE of those was exceptional (candidate C)….but not 2

    And if you were going to pick who the 2nd “exceptional” guy was….who would it be? Candidate A? Candidate B??

    BTW – take away Candidate A and Cs games against the Patriots and their HS defense, and the numbers get even more interesting…..

    And on another note…..Take away one half against the Pats, and candidate C had 4 tds and 3 ints over his final 5 games……were D’s “catching up”?

    • Are we psychics? Who are they?

    • What happens when you take away the stats candidate B had against Tampa?

      • Then he would again look the same as A and B without their NE game.
        All 3 guys benifited greatly by facing a pansy D on their sched

        What else do I have to say? In terms of every QB metric, team points scored etc….Foles was right there with fellow rookie Wilson, and second year man Kap. Yet, according to some here, those 2 guys are amazing, and Foles is “bum ass” or whatever the comment du jour is.

        And why? The response often given is that they “just know” or Foles doesn’t “have it”. Or today’s “Limited Upside” or “no deep throw accuracy” (though I believe he was higher than the alleged superstar he replaced was he not?)

        Always without allowing for the proper time to make these evaluations (a full season min).

        I am not trying to “save face”. I do not know if he is agoing to be a pro-bowler or not.

        But I do know that:
        1 – he shows a lot of promise
        2 – he’s better than any other QB on the team, including the never was a superstar.

        Another thing that is very noticable is how Cs stats began to fade over his final few games as teams changed tactics and worked to keep him in the pocket. GB (for whatever reason) abandoned this and played Man, resulting in their demise….I don’t expect the same stats from Kap next year….but that’s because I think running QBs will never succeed long term, and the read-option is a bit of a fad.

        One thing you must notice as you look at running QBs is how they fade as their games and season moves along, while more “traditional” QBs like Wilson,…and Foles, remain much more consistent, and often improve as their games/seasons progress.

        Running QBs who jump onto the scene (al la MV in 2010) always spike early. They are unexpected and shock people…but they always fade.
        They get hurt. Their bodies break down, and Ds scheme to cut out their legs…and once the running is gone and the “duel threat” disappears…..its done.

        It is no secret why, over his career, 75% of the TDs Vick has thrown have come int he 1st half of gmes, and 25% in the second half. He gets beat up. And Ds get used to his “speed”. (most QBs are much closer to a 50/50 1st half 2nd half split)

        Another example
        RGIII first 4 games vs last 4 games
        Comp % 73, 69, 61, 74 vs 61, 58, 66, 50
        Yrds passing 320, 206, 221, 321 vs 163, 242, 198, 100 (left hurt)
        yrds rushing 42, 82, 74, 36 vs 72, 34, 4, 63……

        Can you not see the downtrends? This is probably due to both defensive schemes that are adjusting, and his body breaking down..

        I don’t know how smart RGIII is. I’ve read that he was a excellent student and is quite articulate …but that simplistic read-option system of Shanahan’s did not allow for RGIII to develop the mental aspects of the NFL game….too much reliance on his legs….
        and RGIIIs game faded as the season progressed……

        Brains are faster than legs every day of the week.

        • you said you know “he’s better than any other QB on the team, including the never was a superstar.”

          if thats the case, why are you so worried and constantly run around here making a case for Foles…if he is better than any other QB on the team, then he will be starter…Its an open competition at the QB spot so whats the problem?

  7. Denny

    How exceptional would these qbs look playing in front of the line foles had, with the receivers he had, and conversely, how would foles look if he played with the talent the so called exceptional qbs had

    there is a media bias in favor and against certain qbs, its the way you guys get promoted, you cant speak the truth, you will have no job, you will be labeled a racist, bigot like I am called here

    There is nothing racist or bigoted about Vinnie’s comments, he’s comparing our qb to those the media calls “exceptional”, and once the haze is worn off it is revealed that opur qb is as good if not better, but he has no “upside’, wonder what you are really trying to say Denny

    • Jake,

      There’s nothing I’m really trying to say, I just look at what I see physically from Nick Foles, and I don’t see the answer at the quarterback position.

      And I hear you, the offensive line was a mess last year obviously, but I’ve never given Michael Vick a pass for how he played behind a bad offensive line, and I do the same for Foles.

      There’s no bias, I just look at him and see a guy who at best can be “OK”. And that’s not good enough…and I don’t think that’s in anyway an unreasonable/unfair assessment.

  8. I would love to see them trade down and take Warmack then trade back in the first round and take Johnson. That would be a success to me.

    • Hell no on Warmack……….

        • OG Chance Warmack has Dropped considerably,
          He apparently has not had very good workouts around the NFL and some questions about his attiude,work ethic and conditioning..
          Some NFL Scouts/Observors have reported that he may be an end of the 1st ROund Selection at this time… So something is going on with him behind the scenes.. These Alabama Players while dominating at the College Level seem to be maxed out physcially by the time they hit the Pro’s and may of them have not lived up to the “Hype” of coming out of a Great COllege Program (same can be said of Players from LSU as well, expecially the maturity level onf some of these guys..
          Just read where LB Rolando McClain, a former High 1st Round Pick of the Raiders and a bust who was released and just signed a 1 Year Deal to the LB needy Ravens was arrested again this weekend in his hometown of Decatur,Al..

          Guard Jonathon Cooper (UNC) is the Best Pure Guard in this Draft, very atlhetic, strong and very agile to get out to the 2nd level, pull on running running plays and pull out on Screens,etc,etc…

          • what are you talking bout Paul? On no mock draft, do I see Warmack being selected late 1st round. Nor do I see any scout reports about poor work ethic and conditioning…From what I see he is the 1st OG to be selected on many mock drafts ahead of Cooper. I’m seeing some saying he is a future pro bowl guard. One of the last stories I read on Chance (posted 5 days ago) referring to Warmack as a “worker” then states “his work ethic will pay dividends early”..So where did you get your information regarding Warmack’s work ethic and conditioning? There is some debate regarding Warmack or Cooper. Warmack is more powerful, Cooper does have agility on him though.

            • I agree RealTalk. I haven’t seen a damn thing about his stock dropping at all. The so called experts always refer to his game tape when they talk about him. His game tape is dominate and a much bigger factor to consider over some media workout at the combine. The combine is a joke for the most part. Like you said Warmack and Cooper are different players. Give me the big ass dude that will be a dominate force and move the pile play after play. Im dying for this team to get some big nasty players on the O-line/D-line. Warmack has been my guy since day 1 and nothing has changed my mind about him. Another thing is that you can’t believe anything you read at this point in time. Teams that really want guys throw out anonymous BS info all the time so that fools will stay away while the future probowl player drops right into their laps. Its nothing new for teams but gullible people will still run with it.

              Another guy for everyone to keep in mind is that Nassib kid. I remember back in the early fall, there was a story about Howie being seen on the sidelines during one of his games. The only reason people found out is because an Eagles fan noticed him and took a picture of him. The Eagles didn’t publicize it like it they Geno or EJ. Just saying, that how the the Eagles do business.

              I dont want Nassib, unless it was like a 3rd round pick. But maybe the Eagles surprise people and take him with the early second (if Buffalo doesn’t take him in the top 10).

              • Funny you bring up Nassib, NFL network is reporting that the Bills are looking at him at 8.

              • Big, I called that last week. Nassib’s college coach Marrone, is now the HC of the Bills. It will happen. I can almost guarantee, that they panic, & reach for Nassib.

            • Was reoprted on NFL NEtwork by one of the Analysts who had “Risers and Fallers” who reported about 4-5 Players who were Dropping (QB Geno SMith, CB Milliner Guard Warmack, OLB Dion Jordan,WR Patterson, RB Lacey, CB X Rhodes) and 4-5 Players who were Rising up the Draft Boards (OT Lane Johnson, DT Sheldon Richardson, CB Jamar Taylor DE Datone Jones,OT Menlik Watson, CB DJ Hayden, OL J Pugh , QB QJ Manuel)

              • You’re making my point Paulman. Team scouts/personnel make a lot of crap up to all these media guys who beg them for info on a 24 hour basis. More than half the crap they tell these media analysts is BS to try and throw other teams off.
                Teams have had their boards set for weeks/months. All that “riser and faller” crap is BS that the media uses on ESPN/NFL network cause they somehow have to fill over 2 months of programming since the NFL season. What else is NFL network going to talk about?
                The only reason a player would fall at this point in time is for some type of off the field issue like a DUI. Other than that teams stay true to their boards they have developed from the game tape.

              • I guess that Al Michael’s won’t be calling anymore Sunday Night Games with his DUI Arrest FRiday eveing in Santa Monica,Ca,
                then again, it will probably get slapped up the rug and soon forgotten about.. Let’s see if NBC or the Commish Goodell invokes “integrity of the game at risk” and suspends him ?? ..

  9. when Warmack’s body hits a DL they stop dead in their tracks and begin to tilt backward because he has such powerful extension — He is a top ten talent and guarantee superstar at guard

    • We also happen to have his coach here. Im pretty sure that dude knows how to coach and keep that beast motivated. I wouldn’t worry about him at all, if anything the Eagles are likely the best landing spot for him to be an AllPro someday due to those connections. ANd the best part is that Watkins can go back to fighting fires since he sucks at NFL football.

  10. The number one need for the Eagles is a defensive game changer, I don’t care what position it is just get one. Somebody who the offenses has to game plan against that is something that has been lacking for years.

  11. Asante was somewhat that guy but he gave up as many as he got it seems. The QB debate is stupid everybody knows we need one everybody knows that Kelly doesn’t have one except Vinnie and Jake. Foles has as much chance of succeeding in Kelly’s offense as Vick does but reality says Kelly will find his QB later in this draft or next years.

    • Instead of just making blanket “everyone knows” statements. Back it up.

      How do you know Foles isn’t a good NFL QB? Put him up against every other rook QB from last year, or the year before, or the year before, or any year…..and he grades out very favourably.

      But “everyone knows” he’s no good, right Big? Ridiculous. No one knows, but he hasn’t played enough games…..but early results are very good.

      If….and only if, Kelly is installing a complete read-option attack where the QB is required to run, then there there are 3 things I do know:

      1 – You are correct, Foles will not be the Birds QB.
      2 – We will watch at least 5 QBs take snaps behind centre over the next 2 seasons
      3 – The Eagles will start strong early, then fade badly as teams catch up and our QBs roll through the trainer’s room
      4 – The Eagles will be looking for a new coach sooner rather than later.

      • Vinnie when you became HC you can hand over the starting job to Foles, otherwise he’s going to have to beat out Vick and perform well. If not he’ll have to prove that he’s a capable starter for another franchise. I happen to agree with your last paragraph I am not a fan of the full blown read option and I think I this a QB killer.

    • Agree 100% Big. They are a bit too interested in QBs in the draft in my eyes to really be settled on a qb.

  12. Great stuff vinnie, keep it real, expose these chump authors for what they are, frauds, jumping on the bandwagon of the newest, latest craze, that’s what they think will get them promoted , and foles, the dumb white guy, he states without any reference to facts declaring foles without “upside”, a bogus baseball term,it wasn’t a unanimous decision mhenski, vinnie knocked this jock sniffer basens out with a huge haymaker, a fraud wanna be, keep up the good work vinnie we are reading and believing

  13. I think we will all get a good look by Summer Camp/Preseason on what QB looks like the best fit to lead this New Eagles Offense.. Way too many unknowns at this time to even conjecture.. They (Vick,Foles,Dixon and whoever else) will all get opportunities to show what they’ve learned,studied for and how they grasped this new Season.. May the Best QB win and I have full confidence that Kelly will go with the QB who gives the Eagles their best chance to Win… Until then, nothing we can say or do makes a difference..

    • You are correct paulman, in your opinion does Kelly draft Scott or Manuel if he has the opportunity? Anyone can jump in on this.

      • No I don’t beleive they Draft a QB at all this Draft and especially since they went out and signed Dixon, Kinnie to be his Mentors to see if they can handle his System.. I believe they will employ a more true “West Coast Style” under SHurmur for both Vick/FOles to succeed in..
        Then after this Year, If QB needs updgraded or if Vick/Foles are not the answers for him, then he will address the QB Position in 2014
        The only way I see them Drafting a QB is if they were to Trade Down and or Trade some PLayers (Cole,Allen,etc,etc) and gain some extra 2nd or 3rd Round Picks, but I truly believe they will focus on OL/DL/CB/LB/Safety in this Draft (At least the first 4-5 Rounds/Selections) then maybe grab a TE,WR,RB etc in the late Rounds
        Build the infrastructure first along the OL & DL, then add new Skil PLayers that best suit his System, for 2013, he will go with who he has already got (Vick.Foles,Dixon,Kinnie and see what happens)
        would be my best guess and what I hope what the Eagles do.. Since there are very few real Offensive Playmakers in this Draft but lots of good OL & DL which are a need for the Eagles, I rather see them spend their Top Picks in the “Strength” of this Draft Class and updgrade this OL & DL for not only the short-term,but for the next 3-5 Years..

  14. So first it was Baldinger and now its Sal Pal jumping on the Tavon Austin possibility that I mentioned weeks ago. Its just makes too much sense in regard to Chips likely style of offense. Again this isn’t what I would do but what I could see Chip doing at 4 or later in the round if they trade down.

  15. Paulman, since when have the eagles done what you thought, would have preferred them to do, you predicted Vick would be gone, yet he remains and will start until ej Manuel is ready, you waste all your time working up mocks, who the eagles will draft, meanwhile they have the best qb on their roster compared to what’s available and won’t start, you see no problem with that, you go about your business , but never face the reality of the eagles, their ownership, who plays qb for them, you refuse to face the hard questions we want answers to

    • They never have Jake, but my Hope and Belief is that Tom Gamble and Chip Kelly are smarter than the Previous regime.. It’s the only I have to be honest with you.. Gamble has a shaft mind for Takent, Toughness and knows how to build a Winner and I am hoping that Chip Kelly is of the sane mindset and so far by what they have done with getting bigger and tougher, I kinda of hope they continue with this trend as they rebuild this Eagles Roster in their likeness.. My biggest worry is Roseman getting in their way..

  16. Vinnie…Kap and Russell Wilson would beat out MV in training camp if they were on the Roster this year, and a matter of fact Vick would have been cut if either of them were on the Roster…..

    All the Eagles QB’s are taking the same number of snaps, so Foles will beat out Vick in this camp like Wilson did Flynn last off season if he’s what you believe he is. Right?

    When Alex Smith went down Kaepernick seized the moment and took the QB position on that team to the next level, but when Vick went down Foles was faced with the same opportunity and didn’t impress. Right?

    Which leads us to now.

    If he don’t beat out the QB’s in this camp getting the same number of snaps then he’ll get what he deserve.

    The clipboard.


  17. Paulman, hope in one hand, crap in the other, open your hands, what do you have, there was hope when Reid was fired, when Gus was on his way, but they hired this mole Kelly, and in his first, most important decision about qb, he brings back Vick, that tells the intelligent fan he’s either an incompetent fool or still under the direction like Reid was as to whom plays qb , either way, you are delusional to think this franchise will get it right now because nothing has changed, ej Manuel, geno smith, that’s your pick

  18. @Vinnietheevictor, man look take a bow good brother. Your points and stats on Foles is dead on. You have to give this kid a chance dam, I mean we all know what we will get from Vick. But this kid may have a future and for people to just say oh he is so limited blah blah after six games is just not fair. Bravo my man good shit.

  19. Nice thought pdiddy, but you are in the minority who can see talent and who is not guided by agenda, listen to these pundits who want to make a career for themselves , vinnie just thoroughly exposed this clown Denny basens, he just throws out labels, adjectives, with no research, critical analysis, because he espouses the mantra that will make him popular, get him promoted, but not based on truth

  20. If Foles is the best QB on the team this offseason….

    He will start.

    So, what’s the fuss?

    Who want Foles if he can’t beat out Vick anyway?

    • Foles is the best QB on the team, but that in no way means he will be the QB for the Eagles’ next year.

      This isn’t about the best Qb. Its about what Kelly feels are the most important characteristics of his style of QB. If, as we’ve been told, mobility is king, then Foles, by nature is out. That would be unfortunate.

      Foles has already proven he is better than Vick. He demolished Vick in the preseason. Then again in the reg season (with backups) he had higher %, lower int%, lower fumble%, more pts scored etc. We know that in a conventional offense, Foles is the better QB.

      Foles would beat out Vick on 80-90% of the teams in the league. But probably not the Eagles.

      It is doubtful Kelly will run anything that looks like a conventional offense. Foles is the better QB, but he does not seem to fit the requirements that Kelly prefers in his system.

      He does not have the skill set (running ability) for a true read-option attack. If Kelly installs such a system (and I hope he doesn’t) then Foles will not be the Qb for the Eagles.

      Now I look at it from a different perspective than you. Not only do I follow the NFL, but I also understand the CFL.

      Now there is a league where read-option con\cepts have been popular for a long time. A league that has a longer and wider firel. A league where rules (including unlimited motion, DL a yard off the ball) encourage a much greater allowance for “playing in space”.

      Its a league designed for the mobile QB. And several have had success (Damon Allen and Doug Flutie being the most famous).

      But even here, in a league that is supposedly predicated on the mobile QB, who has dominated? The statue.

      Tom Clements, Warren Moon, Matt Dunnigan, Anthony Calvillo. All guys who just stood there and dished.

      Pocket QBs are more consistent. They rely on their brains. They get hurt less. They last. They win championships. Running and read-option QBs rely on their legs. Get hurt. And fade.

      So….if we run a traditional offense (though sped up) that allows for the QB to play QB, then Foles is the guy. If its read option, then Foles is not……and we will watch 5 or 6 QBs roll through the trainers room over the next 2 seasons.

  21. Denny, before you give up on Foles, consider the offensive line he was playing behind (vs SF or Seattle). Go back and see how quickly he got rid of the ball, and check out how many GOOD decisions he made (vs Vick who got rid of the ball 1 second slower and whose decisions were often wrong). I think you have to view the environment the QB is working in. How well would Brady have done behind that oline? We know Vick couldn’t…..

  22. I look at any Eagle’s Players Stats over the last 1/2 of last Season and basically throw them in the Dumpster.. The Players,Coaches all knew that the AR Era was over, The Offense lost 3-4 of it’s Starters, McCoy,D-Jax,Celek were out over the last month of the Season, the Defense had already given up (Besides Graham,Cox,Ryans) and was just a complete Train Wreck.. I really thought that Foles handled himself quite well considering the circumstances for playing on a Team with no Post-Season Chance, a Coaching Staff starting to update their Resume’s and with many of ir Star Players either Injured or Tuned out for the Season..
    Now Vick’s Production the first 1/2 of the Season is a little different to judge by, The Eagles were still in the Playoff Hunt, had most of his Playmakers (McCoy,D-Jax,Celek at Full Strength) with a Coaching Staff who probably thought they still had a shot of making the Post-season and Saving their Jobs abnd especially when they Started out 3-1 which most of knew was a shaky 3-1 at best with the Team and it’s Offense still not playing very well..

    But bottom line is that last Years Performance,Stats are irrelevant to 2013
    What can these Players do now under a new System and a new Coaching Staff and all we can do is wait and see until they start Playing Football again.

  23. Mike Vick took a beating last year. He can’t withstand any head trauma let alone 16 games worth of it. If Mike Vick starts the season as the QB he will be carted off the field within a month. I would be surprised if he can stay cerebrally healthy through 4 preseason games.

    • I agree 100 % and believe Vick is at a point in his Career where he will be exposing himself to irrevisible harm, to his Head/Brain similar to what Boxing Legend and Great Mohammed Ali did in those last few fights where he got pulverized and took many needless Head Shots which led to memory loss,speech impediments and normal mental cognitive ability and this well before the Parkinson’s Disease kicked in for Ali..
      The first hit to the head of Mike Vick, with his Season and Career likely to be over as it should be in my opinion… This is another reason why I didn;t want Vick part of the 2013.. He’s a “Tomato Can” at this point of his Career and one Concussion Away from being done..

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