Mock NFL Draft For April 23, 2013

utah cuNobody wants to trade up to the number one spot.  Jacksonville hasn’t extended the contract of offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, so that probably means they’re going to grab Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher depending on which one of them the Chiefs grab.  Everyone has the Raiders taking Sharrif Floyd, so that would leave the Eagles in position to take Dion Jordan or Star Lotuleilei.

I think the influence of veteran NFL people will influence them to grab the defensive lineman rather than the linebacker.  Selecting Jordan would be somewhat of a gamble because Jordan only had three sacks last year, so they would be hoping to develop into a pass rusher.

The Eagles are sitting in a great spot at number four and will likely have the chance to trade down if they choose to do so.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Star Lotuleilei, DT, Utah

5. Detroit Lions – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

6. Cleveland Browns –  Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

7. Arizona Cardinals –  Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

8. Buffalo Bills – Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

9. New York Jets – Ezekiel Ansah, LB.DE, BYU

10. Tennessee Titans – Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

11. San Diego Chargers – Dion Jordan, DE/LB, Oregon

12. Miami Dolphins – D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

13.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

15. New Orleans Saints – Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

16. St. Louis Rams – Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

18. Dallas Cowboys – Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas

19. New York Giants – D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

20. Chicago Bears – Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International

22. St. Louis Rams – Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

23. Minnesota Vikings – Slyvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

24. Indianapolis Colts – Keenan Allen, California

25.  Minnesota Vikings – Robert Woods, WR, USC

26. Green Bay Packers – Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

27. Houston Texans – DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

28. Denver Broncos – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

29. New England Patriots – Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

30.  Atlanta Falcons – Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

31. San Francisco 49ers – Eric Reid, FS, LSU

32. Baltimore Ravens – Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

46 thoughts on “Mock NFL Draft For April 23, 2013

    1. I am really high on Datone Jones as well– 6-4 285lbs, can play DE in a 3-4
      play a Pass-rushing DT in a 4-3, scheme .. I think he has as much upside as any player in this Draft along the DL..

  1. My final mock.
    1. Kansas City Chiefs– Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars– Dion Jordan, DE/LB, Oregon
    3. Oakland Raiders– Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
    4. Miami (trade)– Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
    5. Detroit Lions– Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
    6. Cleveland Browns-  Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    7. Arizona Cardinals-  Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    8. Buffalo Bills– Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse
    9. New York Jets– Matt Barkley, QB, USC
    10. Tennessee Titans– Ezekiel Ansah, LB.DE, BYU
    11. San Diego Chargers– Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
    12. Philadelphia (trade)- Star Lotuleilei, DT, Utah
    13. New York Jets– Barkevious Mingo, OLB/DE, LSU
    14. Carolina Panthers– Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
    15. New Orleans Saints– Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE, Georgia
    16. St. Louis Rams– Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers– Slyvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
    18. Dallas Cowboys– Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas
    19. New York Giants- Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
    20. Chicago Bears– Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
    21. Cincinnati Bengals– DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama
    22. St. Louis Rams– Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    23. Minnesota Vikings- Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State
    24. Indianapolis Colts- Tank Carradine, DE, Florida St.
    25.  Minnesota Vikings– Keenan Allen, California
    26. Green Bay Packers– Robert Woods, WR, USC
    27. Houston Texans– Tyler Effert, TE, ND
    28. Denver Broncos– Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M
    29. New England Patriots- Matt Elam, SS, Florida
    30. Atlanta Falcons– Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
    31. San Francisco 49ers– Eric Reid, FS, LSU
    32. Baltimore Ravens- Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB, Florida St.

    Birds get-
    1st- Lotulelei
    2nd- Johnathan Banks & Kyle Long
    3rd- Rambo/ Swearinger
    4th- Kiko/ Minter

  2. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Eagles are trying to trade back from the No. 4 pick.
    According to “two NFL sources,” GM Howie Roseman has reached out to “at least” two other GMs in an effort to arrange a trade if the Eagles “don’t like what players are left on the board.” The Eagles have been mocked a wide range of players, with no real consensus emerging. Andy Reid left behind a team with needs at many positions. Addressing the offensive line, defensive line or secondary will all be possibilities for the Eagles on Thursday evening.
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    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Apr 23 – 2:03 PM

    1. Do not be surprised if the Eagles come out with more than one 1st Rounder, more than one 2nd, or 3rd Rounder as well.

      1a. Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB
      b. Star Lotululei DE/DT
      c. DJ Fluker OG/OT

      2a. Jonathan Cyprian S
      b. Larry Warford OG
      c. Jamie Collins ILB/OLB

      3a. Terron Armstead OT
      b. Quinton Patton WR
      c. Blidi Wreh Wilson CB
      d. Cornelius Washington DE/OLB

      4a. Da’Rick Rogers WR
      b. Montori Hughes DT
      c. Brian Schwenke C

      5a. Alvin Bailey OG
      b. Michael Williams TE
      c. Luke Marquardt OT

      6a. Manase Fuketi OG/OT
      b. Aaron Mellette WR

      1. GmC…Hate that pick. Everyone is trying hard to convince themselves that he is the next JPP. Let’s face facts. We all thought the Giants were fools and they got lucky. Ansah is a major gamble and everyone just wants to avoid the mistake they made with JPP so they are reaching. Its a risk I’m not willing to take at four. If he is JPP2 I will gladly admit to you I was an idiot. I want an OT. It is one of the few positions we don’t have covered. I would rather fill a need and a hole with the pick than just take the BPA. That’s why I feel like drafting Milliner, Jordan, or other pass rushers is redundant. We have Barwin and Graham for now at OLB so let’s plug a hole even though Milliner and Jordan may be better than what we have. You can still get a great player and fill a hole. I know you are not supposed to do that. But it’s different at four than say 26 when you draft for need. Holes are NG, 3-4 DE, FS (because Phillips is still hurt and will give you slightly more than Andrew Bynum), RG/RT. Herremans can play RG but he sucks as RT. So Fisher/Johnson, Lotulelei, Floyd or trade down and take Vacarro.

        1. JBird, all due respect, I will live with, or take the egg on my face with this pick. I am not comparing him to JPP.

          I first saw him at the Senior Bowl, and the way he ran down Denard Robinson, and played in coverage I didn’t see JPP. I saw a bigger Derrick Thomas, with coverage skills. He has the potential to be a better all around skilled player than JPP.

          My vision doesn’t revolve around how others see the players I mock. I have my own style and thought process. Its not base upon the evaluations others have.

          I would like an OT too brother, but in order to get more picks we have to pray we get an unbelievable deal so we can move down.

          I don’t like Barwin or Graham, and I wouldn’t settle for them at those positions, so I upgrade to Ansah, who won’t take over permanently until he, gets his feet wet, and learns the pro game, and Barwin can go back to where he came from.

          Jamie Collins will be an upgrade from what Graham can give you in pass rush, and coverage in a 3-4.

          I think Shariff Floyd is overhyped and will be a pedestrian pro.

          1. Ziggy, is even more raw, & inexperienced than Jordan. Not to mention, he might be 28 years old. Dude as great upside, & I like him better in the long run, than Jordan, but No thanks at #4. NO PROJECTS! We can’t afford to miss with our first couple of picks. But, if we do manage to get additional picks, like you & I hope they do, then we can take a few good projects.

            1. Remember, DCar, I want them to trade down…….not pick Ansah at 4

              In trading down, my targets are Ziggy, and Star/or Sheldon Richardson, as I have said all off season. I think you misunderstand me, but you would thank me, if he becomes the best player in this draft.

              I like this front 7 Dcar:

              DE – Fletcher Cox
              NT – Kevin WIlliams
              DE – Star Lotululei
              ROLB – Ezekiel Ansah
              RILB – Jamie Collins
              LILB – Myckal Kendricks
              LOLB – Cornelius Washington

              1. gm, I would have multiple joygasms, if that happened, but where, & how are we getting 2 high 1st rounders, to draft Lotulelei & Ansah! Kevin Williams hasn’t been affective in 3-4 years. I love all 3 of the above, under certain circumstances. Star & Fisher, are the perfect fits, at #4. I also think we can get Star at 12.

              2. There are multiple ways, and a little luck for lack of a better word.
                If they were to do a trade with the Jets, their two picks would put them in a position to draft both Ansah, and Star…….

                Not saying it’s going to happen, but you did ask how…Thats just one scenario…….

  3. My preferences for the top rounds…
    1: A:Warmack
    B: Fisher
    C: Star

    2:A: ELam
    C: Ogletree

    3: A:David Amerson
    B: Blidi Wreh-Wilson
    C: Kelce

    4: A: B.W. Webb
    B: Chase Thomas
    C: Akeem Spence

    1. Pheags my mocks are based upon possible trades, and moving down, for more picks. It’s not (A) my first choice, (B) my second choice……

      David Amerson, has given up the most TD’s scored on by any Cornerback in the draft this past season; He has been exposed as an Izell Jenkins Award Candidate, although he had more interceptions the previous year. They were more prepared for his game this year, and I would stay away from him…he stinks……..

      Matt Elam is a liability in coverage ala Roy Williams, – Texas, Dallas Safety.

      I love BW Webb…Thomas, and Spence aren’t special to me.

      1. We obviously disagree on this draft. I don’t think its stupid at all to take arguably the best possible player in this draft, who I think Warmack might be 5 years from now looking back, at 4.

        Elam has also been my guy since day 1 and we have disagreed on him lol. Roy Williams is such a bad comparison in my mind. He never had the football speed or instincts that Elam has. And Elam can actually cover. The knocks on him is his size and him loving to take people out with the big hit instead of wrapping up. We need a force at safety and I think Elam is that.

        I like Amerson. People say he will be a safety at the next level. I also like Thomas a lot for 4th round quality. Whats funny is that he put up better numbers against the same competition than Dion Jordan this year.

        1. On top of that you can come up with deficiencies and question marks about any player in the 3rd round like you did for Amerson. Thats why their mocked for the 3rd round lol. What the hell do you expect to get there, a superstar prospect with no negatives attached to him?

          Esp in this draft, even the majority of of 1st rounders have a ton of question marks attributed to them. Its just that type of year.

          1. Gmcliff, from Peter King…
            “I think you could make the argument that this could be the riskiest first round in NFL history. The exemplifier of football risk this spring is a man who will be picked in the top 10 of the first round (I have him No. 2, to Jacksonville, in my mock draft, which you can find on Wednesday), Brigham Young defensive end Ezekiel Ansah.
            Numbers defining the incredible rise up the draft charts of the 22-year-old Ghanaian, and the risk entailed in taking the on-the-rise player:

            1. Twenty-one — Ansah played 31 college football games at BYU. In his first 21, he did not record a sack.

            2. Three — He first touched a football three years ago, at Brigham Young, when he walked on to the team.

            3. 4.5 — Ansah’s career sack total.”

            Those are some serious question marks man. His college career was a joke but because he had a big day in the senior bowl the media hyped him up. He could end up being a great player but like I said almost every player in this draft has serious question marks about him.

            1. Anyone read the article on “grantland” from Bill Barnwell? About the draft. Good read.

              No one actually knows anything. All a big crapshoot.

              On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence telling us — at least on an anecdotal level and on some quantitative levels — that teams routinely do a subpar job of judging college talent as it enters the league. I think there is a difference between the relative scouting abilities of teams, but that difference in ability is probably one the media, fans, and those respective organizations overstate.

            2. LOL!!!,,,I don’t care what Peter King says, he’s not an NFL Scout, or Successful GM. I just said to JBird. I have my own evaluation process. and I don’t even consider the evaluations of King, Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock, Reuben Frank, and others.

              Do you realize my brother Pheags, how often they are wrong in their evaluations. I really believe some NFL GM’s, actually listen to them, and make their selections of a lot of what they say. I don’t. I think Ziggy Ansah may be one of the biggest steals in this draft. And I am not backpedaling with that statement.

              1. How in the hell is Ziggy a steal when he will likely go top 10 in the draft? That doesn’t even make sense. Everyone knows who he is and he has been hyped up by the media since the day of the Senior Bowl. My point was to show that the majority of these players have questions marks surrounding them, even the top guys like Ziggy. So when I mention a guy like David Amerson for the 3rd round, ofcourse he will have question marks too, all the 3rd round rated guys do. Like I said what do you expect to get in those rounds…

                ANd dude Peter King agrees with you so its kinda funny you are criticizing him. He said he has Ziggy going #2. He like you are ignoring the concerns that come with him to take him that high in the top 5. I wouldnt be able to do it. Like Dcar said, if we had a good team then I would take the gamble, hoping it pays off and he becomes a beast (same with Jordan). But no way do the Eagles have the luxury to do that this year.

                Man Im sick of talking and arguing about “potential” players the Eagles will draft. Can this draft fucking happen already. Paulman should be arrested if he gives us another one of his mock drafts.

              2. LOL!!! I agree on Paulman’s mock drafts….

                Pheags, I believe in this draft every player is a project of sorts. For me it comes down to personal taste.

                Dave Amerson, has proven tape, and or combine that he really isn’t someone you would take a chance on in the 3rd Round, to me. His measurables are impressive like EJ Manual’s , but when I look past that, and look at their performance, balanced with their ability, weaknesses, and their overall potential……It doesn’t equate to a successful pro in the NFL…TO ME…..

                Peter King may like Ziggy, but I’m not stupid enough to pick him at #2…Let me clear this up….I TRADE DOWN….to get Ziggy Ansah, and Star Lotululei

                People can have who they want. Myself, DCar, Paul, we want domination for the Eagles. Which means, I don’t want players like Dave Amerson, EJ Manual, Ryan Nassib, , Justin Pugh…or injury risk like Jarvis Jones, and Dee Millner.

                This whole draft is evaluated on potential. The best front office, and scouts will come out with the best players in this draft. But the Eagles need more hits than misses this year, because we need more talent, and potential on this roster. My picks would be , for the Eagles:

                Ansah, Jamie Collins, Jonathan Cyprian, Larry Warford, Star, Quinton Patton, Da’Rick Rogers, Montori Hughes….and here is a name for you guys to remember….Ryan Griffin, 6-5 210 QB – Tulane…….

        2. A Guard will never be the best player in the draft. He is not the best player in the draft because he isn’t the best player at his position. Jonathan Cooper is as good or better than he is, and he isn’t the best player in this draft.

          It is stupid to draft a Guard at 4. It shows no common sense. The impact isn’t half as great as it is with other positions…

          Numbers don’t mean anything. Many of GM’s have lost their jobs reasoning like that. Thomas can’t touch Dion Jordan, his production was more in coverage, he wasn’t asked to sack the QB as much.

          If you remember a lot of you guys said the same thing last off season about Devon Still’s numbers……..Hows his career worked out so far?

        3. Elam is a major liability in coverage like Williams was it is the perfect comparison. Hard Hitter, can’t cover a lick……….I don’t like him, but if the Eagles draft him I can live with it……….

          Amersons not worth debating………

  4. For what its worth:

    From Chris Bunke referencing Peter King on some radio show:

    .@SI_PeterKing on #SIDraftLive: “Chip Kelly likes Geno Smith … but he really likes Nick Foles.”

    Now I personally think King is way off most of the time…but whatever.

    Now on to the mock drafts….tight end in the second round if either the ND or Stanford kid are sitting there.

  5. If Kelly really likes foles he sure as hell isn’t showing it, Kelly will draft a qb this draft, either smith at 4 or ej manuel, moving up to get him with the second pick, and dj swearinger with the third, they should not draft a qb, but if they do, Manuel is the better option to back up foles

        1. When you play the positioning game in the draft DCar he is. I would take a QB later if I felt the potential is there, instead of reaching for a QB in the 1st – 2nd Round, I would take him in the 4th, or draft Ryan Griffin- who maybe the surprise of this QB Class in the 5th.

          We agree to disagree Dcar Bruh…..

    1. How is that?..He has said repeatedly, I want Nick Foles on this team, and reprimanded the media, that they’re reading too much into his Oregon Offense needing a mobile QB.

      You have to do some research on his Offense in New Hampshire – which he has repeatedly stated as well – that he doesn’t need a mobile QB to run his offense.

      I live in Delaware, and his Offense, at New Hampshire played the Blue Hens regularly. I’m telling you he won’t run a purely read option offense. Team will figure that out at some point in time – then what?…….You are going to need a traditional QB……I stand firm on my claim that Foles will be here for the foreseeable future…….and Vick MAY be here next year too……

  6. A team should never draft a OL unless they are a great team needing a LT. We need help in many areas. What did that OL pick do for Miami a few years ago, nothing

  7. If we don’t draft an OT in this draft we will have to overpay for one of the remaining aging free agents. Should the oline unravel like last year, we will be lucky to go 4-12 next year. With a fortified oline we will see weekly shoot outs with a high powered offense trying to outscore the results of our patchwork defense. With luck, we might see an 8-8 season.

  8. To me Lane Johnson and Luke Joeckel seem like safe picks. It would be great if the Eagles were to trade out of the #4 spot. Apparently rds 2 and 3 are where the value is at in this yrs draft. We have 4 picks in the seventh rd, and i have a feeling the Eagles will be wheeling and dealing come Thur.

  9. Reported the Dee Milliner has been dropping down the Draft Board due to having 5 Surgeries, over the last 3 Years,which has Scouts,Coaches and Teams Medical Personnel concerned
    1 Knee Scope, 1 Right Tibua Stress-Fracture, 1 Sports Hernia, & 2 Shoulder Surgeries and is stil recovering from recenet SHould SUrgery and not expected to be ready for contact until Summer Time..
    I think he falls out of the Top 10 with his Medical History

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