Thoughts On The Eagles Draft Part 2: Projections

2013 Senior BowlTop Prospects I Like

On Star Lotulelei

If the Eagles plan on playing a 3-4, they need a dominating force at nose tackle that can be disruptive and create opportunities for the linebackers to make plays.

There were some concerns about his health, but he’s recently been given a clean bill. With the lack of 3-4 defensive lineman on the Eagles roster, Lotulelei could be for the Eagles what Haloti Ngata is for the Ravens.

On Eric Fisher

Fisher is athletic, and plays with a mean streak. He can still get bigger and stronger, and might have the best upside of any of the offensive tackles in the draft.

With the offensive line possibly being the team’s most pressing need, Fisher would make just as much sense as anyone if he is infact available by the time the Eagles get on the clock.


Jonathan Cooper

Cooper is an athletic guard that would fit well within the fast-paced style of offense that Chip Kelly wants to run.

As a guard, he’s certainly not someone to consider with the fourth overall pick, but if a scenario plays out in which the Eagles were to trade down between 10-15, Cooper would be a fine selection that would provide some instant stability at the right guard position.

Top Prospects I Don’t Like

On Dee Milliner

Milliner is considered the best cornerback in the draft, but I don’t think he’s a good for Philadelphia.

Milliner has been described as a “system cornerback” who may only flourish in the NFL if he plays for the right defense. He’s also not a physical corner, and has issues with tackling. Over the last few years, I’ve seen enough of cornerbacks and safeties that play soft and don’t want to hit anybody (Nnamdi, Asante, DRC, Nate Allen, etc) that I’ll happily pass on Milliner and look to address cornerback later in the draft.

On Geno Smith

I can’t remember seeing a player’s draft stock go up and down as wildly as Smith’s has.

One week he’s a top 15 pick. Then after some excellent workouts, there’s talk that he could go in the top five, possibly as high as Jacksonville at number two. Now not only has he fallen out of the top five, but some believe there’s even a chance he could fall out of the first round altogether.

When you draft a quarterback in the first round, it’s either going to put your franchise on the map (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco) or set you back at least three years or more (Blaine Gabbert, Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russell).

There’s just too much uncertainty about Smith to deem him worthy of the fourth overall pick, and all of the buzz surrounding him seems to have died off.

On Dion Jordan

I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for the Eagles to take Jordan.

Jordan’s stock has soared ever since the Combine, and teams are in love with his size and speed. What concerns me about Jordan is that for all of his physical skills, he only recorded 5.5 sacks against weaker competition.

The Eagles have already invested a lot into a pass-rushing linebacker when they signed Connor Barwin, they have greater needs, and I think Jordan is a higher risk than some of the other candidates that might or might not be available. Jordan is an interesting prospect, but the Eagles need to spend their top pick on a safer option.

 What I Want To See Happen

When you look at this year’s NFL Draft, it’s a draft with a great deal of depth, but at the top of the draft it’s missing the usual handful of top-of-the-line potential cornerstone prospects that are usually available within the first five picks of the draft.

Given the absence of a true elite prospects, and given the number of needs that the Eagles need to address, I think it’s in the Eagles’ best interest to trade down from fourth overall and stock up on extra picks this year and next year. I like some of the guys that are available at the top of the draft, but I’m not in love with any of them. I believe the Eagles could get a prospect in the middle of the first round that could make as strong an impact as any of the players that they could take fourth overall.

A lot of teams are going to be interested in the top offensive tackles, and the Eagles will have the opportunity to trade down. They will need to make a decision whether or not they believe Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson can be one of their bookend tackles for the next 10 years or whether or not they’re better off accepting the package that another team offers them. Gaining an extra second round pick this year and possibly another third or fourth round pick next year could go a long way towards filling this team’s numerous holes.

What I Think Will Happen

Most of the Eagles moves this offseason have been geared towards improving the defense and acquiring new defensive coordinator Billy Davis some better players to work with. But the only real offensive weapon that Chip Kelly, an offensive-minded coach, has added to the roster to this point has been versatile tight end/fullback James Casey.

I think that Kelly is going to use this draft to add pieces to his side of the ball now, and he’s going to start with his offensive line. He knows the Eagles offensive line, even when completely healthy, needs improvement from what it was a year ago. He’s going to have an opportunity to take either Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson with that fourth overall pick, and I think it’s going to be hard for him to pass on the chance to inject a top prospect into his offensive line.


37 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Eagles Draft Part 2: Projections

  1. Jordan is going to be a force to reckon with. He will add muscle mass n get that pro level training n turn into a DWare mold.. These linemen are late first round picks in a good draft. Unlike this one. I wanna see them go:

    Dion Jordan 1st
    Tyrann Matheiu 2nd
    Kyle Long 3rd

    Next years draft is gonna be amazing. We’re not gonna be ready for the bowl in years to come. I think we hold tight on this qb situation and go after Tahj Boyd from Clemson(next RGIII but better).

    So I would in fact if we can’t get Jordan at 4. Trade out and TRY to grab a first for next year.

    There are major superstars coming out next year
    Tajh Boyd QB Clemson
    Marquis Lee WR USC
    Johnny Manziel QB A&M
    Sammy Watkins WR Clemson
    Make Matthews OT
    Cyrus Koundijie OT Alabama(however its spelled)

    1. So, you must be a clairvoyant, huh?!? 1st off, Jordan isn’t a #4 pick. Long ain’t getting out of the top of the 2nd & the honey badger in the 2nd, is the funniest thing I’ve heard in decades! Take it easy Nostradamus!

  2. Again, if Jordan is such a force, why didn’t he make more plays last year? And you want Matheiu in the 2nd? Undersized CB who hasn’t played in a year? Seems like a reach.

  3. you can beat Milliner but you better be throwing line drives like Cam and Kap. If Eli heaves a hail mary in Milliner’s direction, swat. Milliner is also great at goal line fades. I like him.
    There are 5 studs in this draft and the eagles are at 4. Eazy Peezy —
    Joeckel, Fisher, Floyd, Milliner, Warmack. and even if one of thoses players turns out to not be a stud Jim Johnson’s tag along fraud Head Coach will be the one to take him at #1.

  4. Although unconfirmed I have learned that the Eagles have put in a request for new uniforms for next season!!!!!!! now if only they could can that pathetic “fight song”

  5. I think dion Jordan is gonna be a beast as well. todd mcshay was talking about him yesterday and said they asked him to drop into coverage a bit more last season. yeah he had 5.5 sacks so if he had 10.0 sacks would that make a difference in opinion. But the one thing we can all agree on is whoever the eagles pick I hope he is either the defensive rookie of the year or Offensive rookie of the year!!!

  6. bugsyhawk I think the bigger gamble is having Brandon graham playing outside linebacker in this 3-4 scheme hell he could barely play 4-3 defensive end lol.

    1. I would have Brandon Graham play ILB next to Ryans and move Kendricks to the OLB position opposite of Conner Barwin.. I cannot see Graham in Pass Coverages on the Outside as an everydown LB.. As strictly a Pass-rusher, I can see him on the Ooustide, but not covering Backs,SLot WR’s in Pass Coverages..

    2. Really that is a bigger gamble than only having 1 OT on the team and that one is coming off of major surgery? Well, we disagree on that then. This team has a ton of holes to fill, and they can’t all be filled in 1 pick.

  7. Everyone thinks OT is a sure fire shot. Again there just as much of a gamble..hence Watkins, camiri, Eugene Monroe..average at best. Dion shoulder doesn’t bother me. Everyone has been hurt. Injuries are injuries. Hence why 7 teams passed on Adrian Peterson becuz his knee. There egg on 7 teams faces. Jordan has the tools. He is the fastest LB in the draft. He’s able to match up one on one with any TE in the league running high 4.4 sub 4.5 forties along with the cone drills he blew out the water. He’s gonna get bigger and stronger.
    And Matheiu.. Please the kid is a top 10 pick if he never got in trouble. Ask the rams if janoris Jenkins is working out. They reached on him. He had criminal charges..And he is the best cb out of his draft class. People need to look past these issues n size and look at the talent. And at his size he 5-10 185. He makes plays. Most forced turnovers by any player out of college. He made Claiborne look good. And Morris sucks. Bet on it

  8. Jordan’s number might not been as flashy sack wise. But what stats don’t show, is his ability to cover TEs and rbs. He’s freakishly big and fast. He can jump over the moon. And in a odd front he is gonna be a nightmare.

  9. Monroe is the only guy that you can kind of compare to the guys that we are talking about here as he was the 8th pick in the draft. Wadkins was a gamble and everyone knew that for many reasons. Plus he was the 23rd pick and Carimi was 29th. This will be the 4th pick and you still want to go on potential instead of track record.

    Yes Mathieu was a top pick until he effed that up. Now he has been out of football. I am not saying, he can’t play, but he is a gamble, because you have no idea what that layoff has done to him. Beginning of the 2nd round seems pretty high for that guy.

  10. Jason Taylor, Chris Williams, Tyron smith, Alex Barron… The list is longer than u think.. First rd busts. Winston justice real high second. So linemen are not safe picks.

    1. WJustice was not a bust, he was not very good in AR’s Pass Happy Offense and was never LT material.. but as a RT in a Balanced Run-Pass Offense, is a more than a serviceable NFL Player and Starter Material as we saw last year with Colts which he was having a nice strong season until he got injured..

          1. a 6-7 Year Vet/Player who has started over 40-50 Games in the NFL is not a bust..He’s not an All-Pro by any stretch, but he will hook with a Team and play in the NFL another 2-3 Season so a 10-Year PLayer is not a Bust..
            I consider a Bust who was on ly in the NFL a short perird of time (2-3 Years) and hardly ever played or well enough and ends up out of the League and never heard from again like a Ryan Leaf, JeMarcuss Russell, Jaquan Jarrett due to performance isuses as opposed to injuries….

  11. Eagles Mock Draft Version A
    #4 OT Eric Fisher (Central Michigan 6-7 315lbs)
    #35 DE Tank Carradine (Fla State 6-4 280lbs)
    #67 Guard Larry Warmack (Kentucky 6-3 330lbs)
    #101 CB Leon McFadden (San DIego State 5-10 193lbs)
    #136 OLB Michael Buchannan (Illinois 6-6 255lbs)

    Eagles Mock Draft (Version B)
    #4 DT Star Lotuleile (Utah 6-3 315lbs)
    #35 OLB Alec Ogletree (Georgia 6-3 242lbs)
    #67 OT David Bahkitari (Colorado 6-4 300lbs)
    #101 Center/Guard Barrett Jones (Alabam 6-5 306lbs)
    #136 CB/Safety Sanders Commings (Georgia 6-0 216lbs)

    Eagles 2013 Mock Draft (Version C)
    #4 OT Lane Johnson (Oklahoma 6-6 315lbs)
    #35 DE Margus Hunt (SMU 6-8 277lbs)
    #67 OLB Jaime Collins (Southern Miss 6-4 250lbs)
    #101 Safety JJ Wilcox (Georgia Southern 6-0 215lbs)
    #136 CB BW Webb (William & Mary 5-10 185lbs)

    That’s it for now

  12. Paulman needs to lay off the rock. Justice was a bigger bust than if you we’re in the draft..point being he wasn’t worth his value, kinda like you and ur weak ass trade alerts and mock drafts

    1. Mathieu has been my sleeper pick for awhile now, he will be a productive pro and will most likely be a corner, but he really wants to play safety and that’s where he shinned during his LSU days. If I were the Eagles, I would select this kid between the 3-5 rounds..

  13. You know what’s sad tho fellas, the draft is the main focus of our sports attention right now. Yeah I like the draft but this should be kind of secondary to a playoff basketball team. Or a great baseball or hockey team, this shit sad man.

  14. Pman in overdrive how many mocks can you get out by tommorrow morning LOL. I really like your B version amongst the three. I think star can complete our starting defensive line.

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me in the Honey Badger is an undrafted FA. The guy is basically the same size as Joselio Hanson, I don’t think he grades out as an exceptional starter at corner or safety which would primarily make him a nickel back without some really extraordinary summer camp play at corner or safety.

  16. Dion Jordan covered the tight end a lot on college which limited his sack production. Jordan can cover any tight end in the NFL how many years have we been burned by Jason written and rob gronk? He is phenomenal in coverage and he is rated as the best pass rusher in this class.

  17. Like I said earlier.. He did a lot of shit that can’t be recorded in the stat column.. Cool fact.. He can go 0-16mph in three steps.. That’s badass..Best player and athlete in the 2013 draft.. If he’s not there ima be pissd..ill be even more pissed if he is there and we don’t take him..

    And regardless of his 225 reps. Damontre Moore is gonna be a stud… He was a top 5 talent before that. And Jarvis Jones is gonna be a stud.. We need to go OLB or 3-4 5 technique end.. Star will be a beast playing the 5 T. But that’s where we need to go.

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