What Would Be The Ideal Draft For The Eagles?

NCAA Football: Southern California at UtahI argue this Thursday is when the 2013 season truly begins. I hope Chip knows what he is in for because this, as a draft always can be a make or break year. The draft is the most important element in providing long term success for any franchise in any sport especially football. Brining in free agents to create a “dream team” rarely works in any sport save for the NBA and the Miami Lebron’s, yes the Yankees have done it but only once since 2000, in 2009 sorry Phillies fans. Look at the L.A. Angels from last year and even the beginning of this year not off to a great start. And of course we have the 2011 NFL Dream team or simply the Philadelphia Eagles. I shouldn’t have to say more. Free agents can help stabilize a franchise but the backbone to successful franchises is a successful drafting resume. We can see what happens when futility in draft war rooms in shown. Picking the wrong guys can set your franchise back years. Just look at the Jaguars, Bills, Browns and unfortunately the Eagles. The Eagles have not drafted well in many years. Since 2000 the Eagles GM (Andy Reid) has only drafted 9 pro-bowlers: LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Trent Cole, Shaun Andrews, Lito Shepperd, Michael Lewis, Brian Westbrook, Derrick Burgess and Corey Simon and not one of these players have made the pro-bowl more than twice.

Looking at elite teams in the NFL and I define “elite” teams by having won at least 2 Superbowls since 2000 and we start with the Patriots. The Pats have drafted 14 pro-bowlers and six of those have made it to three or more pro-bowls. The Steelers drafted 12 pro-bowlers and 5 players have made it to 2 or more. The Ravens have selected 12 not including Flacco and the Giants have picked 10 pro-bowlers. (Info from Pro-football-reference.com) One thing all these teams have in common is that they have the holy grail of football…a Franchise Quarterback. All drafted by their respective teams except the Giants who drafted Philip Rivers but got Eli Manning in a trade with the Chargers for Rivers. The Pro-Bowl stat is not everything in drafting but it can work as a gauge to define a successful drafting resume.

The future of a team is constructed through the Draft. The Eagles future looks bleak. The 2010 and 2011 draft might be the worst two drafts ever by any NFL team. The total number of draft picks from those two years were 24. 11 of the 24 drafted are still on the team. You’ll remember in 2010 we traded up to grab Brandon Graham instead of taking  S Earl Thomas or DE Jason Pierre Paul. Two elite players at their positions. Graham not technically a bust yet and actually I think he will improve this year but I would still rather have Earl Thomas. Other “notable” players on the team drafted include Danny Watkins, Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Jamar Chaney, Riley Cooper, Alex Henery, and Jason Kelce. Kelce is the only one worth a starting position. 1 true starter out of 24 now I’m not good at math but that seems like a very low ratio. How can this team do well in the future when we are drafting that bad? Thanks Andy!

The 2012 draft, thank goodness, was pretty decent. Fletcher Cox looks  to be worth the trade up and although Mychal Kendricks hit a rookie wall I see him as a solid starter in the NFL. Brandon Boykin looks to be a decent nickel or dime cornerback and Nick Foles future is still in question. Not a bad 3rd round pick, but may have to be moved because of Chip’s offensive system. Things seem to be looking up. It needs to continue Thursday night.

Chip Kelly’s first draft is one of the most important in years time. This is the first time in 14 years there is a different culture and hopefully with a culture change comes a drafting change. Maybe the smoothies and 12 hours of sleep can help Chip and Howie pick right. We don’t how much power Chip has in the war room but I would argue that this is his team and he will be making all the final calls. Chip can make or break his NFL career with this draft. He can put us on the right path or down the road to even further away from a Super Bowl. I hope he chooses correctly.

The 2013 draft has no superior players but tons of depth. 2nd and 3rd round picks are extremely valuable. Most of the talent from this draft will come from there. At this point I will tell you my Eagles dream draft as I think these players can make immediate impacts for our team.

First I would trade down from 4 to around 8-11. I would take Star Lotulelei (who should be there) and if not I would choose one of the guards available either Chance Warmack or Jonathon Cooper. Star is a can’t-miss prospect who has a quick first step and can take on double teams consistently. His heart condition is overrated and will not affect him at all. By trading down we should be able to get a second round pick but I believe with no great players worth trading up to get we may have to settle for a getting another third, which in this draft is gold. With pick 36 we choose Jonathon Banks a cornerback out of Mississippi State who is 6’2” and reminds me of  Richard Sherman the standout Seattle Seahawk. Banks has long arms and loves to play physical and playing in the SEC he is always going against the best talent in college football.  With our first 3rd round pick we choose TE Vance McDonald out of Rice. He’s a rare athlete who can run routes well and can be dynamic is the passing game. With our remaining 3rd round pick we choose S Baccari Rambo out of Georgia. Scouts say he can read quarterbacks eyes and is considered  a ball hawk, but can be a gambler which I believe can be coached out of him. Our 4th pick should be OLB Trevardo Williams out of UCONN who is a great athlete who can get to the quarterback, not great against the run but could be the pass rusher we need. With the 5th round pick we should go offensive line and take guard Alvin Bailey out of Arkansas. Another SEC lineman going up against top talent week in and week out. I will not try and guess the remaining 4 7th round picks we have as they can easily be traded. (The scouting reports can be read at walterfootball.com)

I would love to see these guys picked as I think they can come in and start right away. Some other players I wouldn’t mind them drafting are Dion Jordan, Eric Fisher,  Gavin Escobar in the third round (San Diego State TE,  or Kiko Alonso in the 3rd round (Oregon ILB)

Notice I have not mentioned a quarterback. This year’s QB crop is not very good and are only being hyped because quarterback is the most important position on the field. I believe that the three guys we have now, Foles, Vick and Dixon can run the offense adequately because of the weapons we still have. Maclin, McCoy and Jackson are still very fast and very dangerous players that will be used by Chip Kelly to create havoc for defenses. Adding an offensive TE can be a game changer for us and make us even more of a team to for defensive coordinators to think about. Star will be a great nose tackle for years and Banks can be a great shutdown corner. Rambo is a good tackler and will not shy away from containing the run game and can force turnovers.

I really hope we do not go after a quarterback until late in the draft in the 6th or 7th round. E.J. Manuel hasn’t had to make full reads in his career at Florida State listening to him on the radio this past week on the Colin Cowherd show he said that making half reads which he made his whole career is harder than making full reads which I believe is an absolute joke, and Geno Smith is not a franchise QB. There are more important positions to fill than filling it with an average at best QB.

This year’s draft is very important, and missing is not an option. For this organization to succeed in the following years, the war room needs to make a statement this draft and help bolster a roster that still has potential and talent. Chip has already begun to make the necessary changes for a culture change lets hope that he can continue into the draft and correctly pick the next pieces for our team and deliver us an eventual Super Bowl. Remember it all starts Thursday night in New York.

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  1. I completely agree Mr. Gramenzi. And I’m sure 95% of the fans would agree too. Let’s just hope they hit it big and get it right for once

  2. PLEASE no qbs this year. Everyone of them suck. There all bums. Next year we need to do what we can to get Tahj Boyd Clemson. Write down. Lock it up. He’s gonna be this years Heisman

  3. Don’t forget about Louisville’s Tedy Bridgwater and some QB out in California
    The young QB’s from UCLA,, Stanford and the younger Carr Brother at Fresno State all have bright Futures ahead of them..
    Eagles should Desft OL & DL with their top 4 Selection and Draft from the Strength of this 2013 Draft then look to add Skill players at QB, WR
    Next Year

    1. With you Pman. Logan from Stanford or Hundley from UCLA. I think that both of those guys are legit. Both lost big time RBs this off-season, so we will see where they will go in 2013-14

  4. **Early Draft Buzz News**

    Some shocking news I received today from my superior sources, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to trade up from 32nd overall all the way into the top 10 anywhere from 4-10 in an effort to take OT Lane Johnson.

    My Thoughts: Will this happen? It would be rather difficult for them to pull this off, but if they call the Eagles at 4 and Johnson is there and the Ravens offer players and or picks, do they Birds turn that down? This will be very interesting to see so stay tuned..

    1. You stated all Off-Season that your Sources from Ravens wanted
      MLB Manti Teo.. What a Fraudman you are JH..
      Stay with the NBA Please..

  5. Silencer, flutie turned out to be a decent pro, Johnny football looks more like an accountant to me

  6. Not going to name names, because less than 30% of draftees work out….so just positions….

    1 – OT (whichever of the 3)
    2 – Whichever of ND or Stanford
    3 – Trade Vick for extra 3rd rd pick
    Take a CB and a DT

    That be about a perfect first couple days

  7. But I now know who I do not want the Eagles to take no matter what….

    “They want me pretty bad,”
    “But I think it’s just a matter of who takes me first, because I know the Eagles may want me, the Cleveland Browns may want me, the Buffalo Bills and the Jets,”

    I I I I I I ….we already have too many of those.

    Nein to EJ Manuel.

    1. How would you like him to frame himself, in the conversation, as him, them, or those? Cut it the F^#@ out already, your act is getting old! If you don’t like him because you think he sucks, then fine, but who gives a f^#@, how many I’s he puts in a sentence. It is pointless, gibberish, on your part! BTW, I don’t like him, because he reminds me of Vince Young, throwing motion & all!

    2. Come on Vinnie, how else was he supposed to answer that question? He has all the skills to become a serviceable starter but I watched him come up small in too many big games so I’m hoping the Birds pass on him.

      1. How should he answer?

        “Its been a very exciting past 2 months. I’ve had a great time working out for teams, meeting all the great coaches in the NFL. As far as who is interested…I really don’t get into that too much. It’s just an honour and a privelege that I’m even being considered to play in the NFL, and if my name gets called over the weekend…wow….that’s be amazing.”

        Or something like that.

        Instead its

        “everyone wants me” (I’m that awesome)

        etc etc

        You can say that “my act” is getting old or whatever….but some day Dcar you will recognize that guys that roll out like WWE wrestlers, tooting their own horn, and pounding their own chests at every opportunity never win anything, except exposure for themselves..

        1. You just made a hypocritically, dumb statement. Your, what he should have said statement, has an I’ve, an I, an I’m, & a my in it! It’s basically the same f^#@ing thing! WTF, are talking about, & trying to prove? Like I said, your act is getting old, & is pointless, useless, meaningless, gibberish, that means absolutely nothing! Did you ever think he’s confident, because teams talked him up, & helped him feel that way? I have no problem what he said, & he wasn’t pounding his chest! Your overboard, exaggerations, are ridiculous. If you don’t like someone & think they suck, just say so. Stop hiding behind the BS nonsense. Cut it the f^#@ out already!

          1. BS nonsense eh? Well, if you can’t tell the difference between what I wrote and what he said, I doubt I can help you, but I’ll try:

            Mine: “I’m humble and appreciative”

            Him: “I’m the best and everyone loves me, as they should”

            Confidence is one thing (a good thing). Unfiltered self-agrandizing and promotion is another.

            Guys that talk like that send several messages, noteably:
            1 – that they’re probably not as good as they think they are
            Chris Johnson – “I’m the best in the NFL. I can beat Usain Bolt”
            MV – “I just gotta use my god given talent. I know what I can do”
            Moss “I’m the best WR ever”
            2 – they they are completely unaware of how society interprets/responds to their words/actions (and this perhaps is most distressing). He may be “confident”, but he should (after having done dozens of interviews, and been coached countless times by his agent) begin to regognize that there are things he should avoid saying….and going around preaching how everyone wants him isn’t the way he should be conducting his business).

            What does that say about the guy. He’s been coached 1000x about how to answer these questions, but he still rolls with the crap that you know makes his agent cringe.

            (BTW – if he falls to the second round past “all the teams who want me”, you can bet we’ll be hearing the “disrespected – use it as motivation” garbage soon)

            BTW – I have no idea whether he sucks on the field or not.I’ve never seen him play, nor did I watch the combine coverage. So maybe he’s good.

            But what I will tell you is guys that drop the “I’m the best” gabage……usually aren’t.

            1. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Nobody seems to care, or are getting foolishly upset about what he said, but you! Who gives a $#!t! If you never seen him play, nor know anything about him, you have no right to unwarrantedly criticize him, for no reason. So he’s confident. Would you rather him say I suck, on the biggest week of his life? Get over yourself!

  8. Probably the most intriguing draft in years due to the depth of quality talent but lacking star power. This is why I think the Eagles will value additional picks in rounds 2-5 acquired via trade if they can find a willing trade partner who is hot for a specific player and willing to pay the freight. That said, I do think the Eagles will have no problem selecting a player at #4 if they can’t get the value I believe they covet. A major factor is how far down they are willing drop in the first round. But until this new regime starts making moves or picking players I really have no idea how this thing is going to play out. My only hope is that their draft board values difference makers, physical, freakish athletes, etc. who love to play the game of football, hate to lose and want to be great football players. Build your team by drafting those guys and I’m on board 100%. Yes, this draft will say a lot about what the Eagles have been thinking for the last 3 months and provide a clearer understanding of their vision for this football team for the next 3-5 years. I have faith that they think they know what their doing. As a fan for the last 30+ years, I just hope that they are right more than they are wrong.

  9. As I stated on the mock article, My final mock & what I believe will happen-
    1. Kansas City Chiefs– Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars– Dion Jordan, DE/LB, Oregon
    3. Oakland Raiders– Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
    4. Miami (trade)– Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
    5. Detroit Lions– Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
    6. Cleveland Browns- Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    7. Arizona Cardinals- Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    8. Buffalo Bills– Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse
    9. New York Jets– Matt Barkley, QB, USC
    10. Tennessee Titans– Ezekiel Ansah, LB.DE, BYU
    11. San Diego Chargers– Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
    12. Philadelphia (trade)- Star Lotuleilei, DT, Utah
    13. New York Jets– Barkevious Mingo, OLB/DE, LSU
    14. Carolina Panthers– Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
    15. New Orleans Saints– Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE, Georgia
    16. St. Louis Rams– Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers– Slyvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
    18. Dallas Cowboys– Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas
    19. New York Giants- Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
    20. Chicago Bears– Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
    21. Cincinnati Bengals– DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama
    22. St. Louis Rams– Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    23. Minnesota Vikings- Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State
    24. Indianapolis Colts- Tank Carradine, DE, Florida St.
    25. Minnesota Vikings– Keenan Allen, California
    26. Green Bay Packers– Robert Woods, WR, USC
    27. Houston Texans– Tyler Effert, TE, ND
    28. Denver Broncos– Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M
    29. New England Patriots- Matt Elam, SS, Florida
    30. Atlanta Falcons– Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
    31. San Francisco 49ers– Eric Reid, FS, LSU
    32. Baltimore Ravens- Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB, Florida St.

    Trade Cole for 4th rounder.

    Birds get-
    1st- Lotulelei DE/NT
    2nd- Johnathan Banks CB & Kyle Long RT
    3rd- Rambo SS/ Swearinger SS/FS
    4th- Kiko ILB & Barrett Jones C
    5th- Reddick ILB
    7th- Quanterus Smith ROLB, Mike Williams TE, Oday Aboushi OT, & Jeff Baca OG

    1. Im not sure about your 1-32 but if the eagles were to pull off the list of players that you named, I would probably nut in my pants with excitement. I don’t know a lot of the guys from 5th to 7th, but I like all the guys from 1st-4th.

    2. Couple of things. I really think that they will take Fisher at 4 if he is there. Also, what about the Miami/KC trade for Albert? That could put a wrench in your monkey.

  10. According to Philly.com, “Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb mentoring Florida State’s E.J. Manuel”
    UH OH!!! LMMFBO!!!!

  11. Sources state that GM Roseman with Owner Lurie on Board about the Eagles Drafting that woman FG Kicker whose name escapes me, she had a workout and pilulldd a calf muscle and didn’t complete her workouts by Rosenan was overheard that she has the “Passion and rally loves to play the Game”
    Details after the Draft..

  12. It looks like Fisher and Joeckell are going to go 1 and 2 now. If that happens Im sure the Eagles will be trying to trade down (with the Jets I suppose)…then the possibilities are endless.

    If we don’t trade down, I will not be happy if Lane Johnson is our pick at 4. I just don’t see this guy as a top 5 pick. Im always skeptical of guys that rise almost halfway up the board late.

    I would rather the Eagles draft Dion Jordan, Ziggy, or even Eifert over him. Because to me, Johnson is a big time gamble. ANd if your going to make a gamble like that, they should just go for it all and draft one of the other three I mentioned instead. I just hope all this Johnson to the Eagles talk is all BS.

  13. This is what I think they will do, the Birds will look to trade back and acquire more picks. A trade with the Jets is a possibility. Then the Birds will have 2 firsts. With the first pick I see them selecting either Star, Jordan or Joeckel if he falls. Then in a shocker the Birds will select Geno Smith with the 2nd first round pick they will get… You heard it here first

      1. Joeckel or Lane Johnson, then Geno with there 2nd 1st rounder. They will address both offense and defense in the first round. Heard it here first.. “JH has spoken”

  14. I think Kelce is losing his job this year just based on Chip Kelly’s big guy’s beat up small guys comments. This is also the reason I think Jeremy Maclin could get traded.

  15. Even if Fisher, Joeckel and Smith go 1, 2, 3 I could see the Eagles drafting Star Lotulelei and not feeling bad about that pick at all. Of course I would feel better about that if the Eagles would sign Eric Winston already, but hopefully that will happen if they don’t draft a tackle in the first round.

    Lane Johnson is an interesting pick, but an athletic guy that puts on a 100 lbs. in less than 3 years concerns me as a #4 overall pick in a draft.

    1. yeah, I am not big on Johnson. He is not in the same category as the other 2 tackles. If Joekel and Fisher are gone at 4, I would rather they take Star. 100% with you on Winston.

    1. you heard it here first the Legendary Jon Hart has predicted the Eagles trade their #4 to the Jets for their #9 & #13. Jon predicts the Luke Joekel falls to the Eagles at #9 and the Eagles draft him then take Geno Smith at #13.

      1. It all depends on who falls. But yes I see them addressing both sides. They may not take a Olinemen at all. I more so see them going defense with the first 1st rounder then Geno with the 2nd one..

        1. WOW! The Eagles will address both sides of the ball! WOW, I thought they were going all DF, or all OF! Thanks for setting us straight, Nostragenius! We can’t make it without you!

  16. Jon Lil Bron-Bron Hart, after your long hiatus in the joint, why do you got to come out of the woodwork now, just to aggravate us, & ruin the day, with your trolling, imbecilic lunacy & retarded delusions?!? Go play in traffic blindfolded, already! GTFO!!!!

  17. Paulman’s 1st Round Mock Draft

    1) Chiefs – OT Eric Fisher
    2) Jags – OT Luke Joeckel
    3) Raiders – DT Shariff Floyd
    4) EAGLES Trade Back to Chargers – Chargers select OT Lane Johnson
    5) Lions – DE Ziggy Ansah
    6) Browns – Trade back to 49ers – 49ers Select DT Star Lotuleile
    7) Cardinals – OT DJ Fluker
    8) BIlls – QB Ryan Nassib
    9) Jets – OLB Dion Jordan
    10) Titans – DT Sheldon Richardson
    11) EAGLES Trade back to the SL Rams – Rams Select WR T Austin
    12) Dolphins – OLB Jarvis Jones
    13) Jets – CB Dee Milliner
    14) Panthers – Safety Kenny Viccaro
    15) Saints – OLB Barkevious Mingo
    16) EAGLES Trade back with the Vikings – Vikings Select Guard J Cooper
    17) Steelers – Guard Chance Warmack
    18) Cowboys – DT Sylverster Williams
    19) Giants – OL Menelik Watson
    20) Bears – LB Alec Ogletree
    21) Bengals – Safety Matt Elam
    22) Rams – Safety Eric Reid
    23) EAGLES Trade back to the Ravens – Ravens select CB Xavier Rhodes
    24) Colts – DE Datone Jones
    25) Vikings – WR Jason Hunter
    26) Packers – TE Tyler Eifert
    27) Texans – WR Cordarelle Patterson
    28) Broncos – CB Jamar Taylor
    29) Pats – DE Margus Hunt
    30) Falcons – CB Marcus Trufant
    31) Browns – QB Geno Smith
    32) EAGLES – DE Tank Carradine (FLorida State 6-4 276lbs)

    With all these Trade Downs the Eagles Receive the Following Picks
    for the 2013 Draft
    2nd Round (their own #35, #46 (Rams), #52 (Vikings) #62 (Ravens)
    3rd Round (Their own #66, #76 (Chargers)
    4th Round (Their own #101, #120 (Vikings)

    3 Additional Picks in 2014 Draft
    Chargers 1st Rounder
    Rams 2nd Rounder
    Ravens 4th Rounder

    1. Eagles 2nd Round Selections
      #35 – Safety Johnny Cyprien (Fla Int’l 6-0 217lbs)
      #46 – OT Terron Armstead (Ark Pine-Bluff 6-5 306lbs)
      #52 – OLB Jamie Collins (Southern Miss – 6-4 250lbs)
      #62 – Guard Larry Warford (Kentucky 6-3 330lbs)
      Eagles 3rd Round Selections
      #66 – TE Vance McDonals (Rice 6-4 267lbs)
      #76 – CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (Conn 6-1 195lbs)
      Eagles 4th Round Selections
      #101 – Center Barrett Jones (Alabama 6-5 306lbs)
      #120 – DE William Gholston (Mich State 6-6 280lbs)
      Eagles 5th Round Selection
      #136 – ILB Kevin Reddick (UNC 6-2 245lbs)

  18. Trade up??

    All this talk about trading down (its pretty much all I’ve heard for last 2 months). Looks now like the only way the Birds get one of the top 2 tackles is if they themselves trade up……

    The 4th and Foles to the Jags for the second?

    Eagles dump the QB that doesn’t fit the read-option gimmick, end up with Joeckel and then draft Manuel

    meanwhile the Jags get a potential QB and one of the 3 top DL talents.

  19. Major Rumors or Deal between Jets & Eagles
    Jets want WR T Austin and not sure if he will be there at #9
    Eagles to Send their #4 pick, Brandon Graham, Jason Avant & Nate Allen to the Jets for their 9th & 13th Picks ..
    Jets get their Playmaker with Austin at #4 and get 3 other Starters
    Eagles select DT Star Lotuleile at #9 and Safety
    Kenny Vicarro at #13 …
    Good move by both Teams..

  20. They just interviewed Fisher and Joeckel outside radio city music hall….and if wither of them know which is going #1, then they’re pretty good liars. I believed Fisher when he said he has no idea…

    BTW – for those of you in the “it doesn’t matter” what these guys say, or how they present themselves, should replay that interview with those 2 boys….enthusiastic, but humble….esp Joeckel. Very nice. Kid will do well.

    1. Yea Vinnie and ot’s and QB’s have exactly the same personalities right. You just will not give it a rest. How come no words about Barkley throwing Kiffin under the bus? And before you say the Eagles aren’t interested true but they aren’t drafting Manuel either.

        1. He didn’t say anything bad
          what else could he have said
          its just confidence

          and now…
          qbs aren’t like OL…they have different personalities…..ok then. That explains it.

          whatever….and as for Barkley…if he spoke like an idiot (and I haven’t seen the quote) then he spoke like an idiot….I won’t make excuses for the guy.

  21. Another Rumor going around in my head
    The 49ers really like/want DT Star Lotuleile and will offer their
    #31 & #33 Rd Picks to Eagles for their 4th to get Star..
    If I am Sagles, I take it and then Eagles would have
    #31, #33 & #35 Picks..
    Remember the 49ers lost DT I Soapaga and De Justin Smith has about 1-2 more years left at most land obviously have a good relationship with Tom Gamble
    The 49ers have 13 Toyal Draft Picjs for about 4-5 Roster Spots
    And will package these Picjs to target a few Players..

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