With Playoffs Out Of Sight For Philadelphia, NFL Draft Approaches

ChipKelly8Help Chip Kelly!!! Help!!!  We don’t care if you give the guys smoothies or milkshakes, you’ve got to build a winner in town.  You can have them wear heart monitors or portable lung.  We don’t care.   We want a winner.

The city of Philadelphia currently doesn’t have one playoff team amongst the four major sports.  The Eagles, Phillies, 76ers and Flyers have each had poor seasons one right after another.  It’s not a good time for Philadelphia sports fans and it’s one of the reasons, this year’s NFL draft must be a good one for the Birds.

We’re counting on Chip Kelly!!!

The Eagles had two awful drafts in 2010 and 2011.   Outside linebacker Brandon Graham, safeties Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, and linebacker Jamar Chaney have the chance to partially rescue the 2010 fiasco.  Graham has been on the bench for two and half years.  Allen has been struggled when he’s healthy and Coleman isn’t big enough or fast enough.  Chaney can’t hang onto a starting job.  It’s three years later and not one pick from that year is solid starter much less a Pro Bowler.

They drafted right guard Danny Watkins out of Baylor in the first round in 2011, then followed that up by drafting safety Jaiquawn Jarrett as their second round pick.

Watkins still hasn’t been able to establish himself as a starter.  Truth of the matter is quite a few of the young Birds have started, but none of them has been able to establish themselves as solid starters.   If the Eagles draft an offensive tackle, they’ll slide right tackle Todd Herremans inside to right guard, so they can put him on the bench.

Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett was a number two draft pick, who wasn’t even offered a contract by any other NFL team after the Eagles released to him.  That clearly says the Birds missed it by drafting the young man.

For the third season in a row, we’re placing our confidence in veteran quarterback Michael Vick to come save the day.  The only thing he’s saved so far is his financial situation.  The more you think about another year with Vick, the more you think about hitching the wagon to Geno Smith, at least he’s younger.  Why did this have to be the quarterback-less draft.

By the way, if Chip Kelly’s wants Smith and believes he can be the quarterback that leads them to championships, then go get him.

The Phillies have been pathetic so far.  The offense can’t produce any runs with Ryan Howard struggling with one home run and only six RBI’s.  I hope all you Phillies fans who used to complain about his batting average.  Now you realize that his most important job was and will always be driving in runs as a power hitter and not hitting for average.   He’s batting about .280 but not driving in enough runs and the Phils are struggling to score at all.

They’re doomed unless Howard starts driving in runs.  Later for the average we need run production.

Former ace Roy Halladay still has a big question mark over his head even though he’s pitched well the last two times out.  He’s got to keep it up all season. Cole Hamels need to step up his game as well as Cliff Lee, and Chase Utley needs to stop making all those errors at second base.

I don’t like our chances of catching the Braves or Nationals, even if our stars start playing like they should be.  It looks like this Phillies club might have finished making their yearly trips to the playoffs. You don’t even want to know how long it will take to rebuild their team.

The Sixers were so bad this year that their coach Doug Collins quit.  The guy who was supposed to save the franchise, Andrew Bynum will likely go somewhere else next year, get healthier, then turn back into one of the NBA’s best centers.

The 76ers are going to spend so much time in the basement, that when they are eventually able to climb out of it, they’re not going to be able handle the sunlight.

The Flyers will need to go back to the drawing board and I think it’s probably time to not only look at the team’s coach but also GM Paul Holmgren.    Goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov wasn’t terrible this year, but he wasn’t great either.  They must at least consider moving him out.

My advice for Flyers fans is to check out those 1970’s Stanley Cup Championship highlights because it’s going to be awhile before that happens again.

The bottomline on Philadelphia sports is that this is a very bad situation and I don’t see an easy escape.  That’s why Chip Kelly and the Birds must have a good Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  You’ve got to get this draft right.

3 thoughts on “With Playoffs Out Of Sight For Philadelphia, NFL Draft Approaches

  1. Wow, depressing article…..but true. Although who complains about Ryan Howard’s batting average? Most complain of his striking out swinging at junk. Get two strikes on him and it has become an easy out.

  2. Philly was on a Roll for a While, but unfortunately, their Teams have all regressed by poor Drafating, Poor Scoutings, Poor Coachnig HIres and Front Office Decisions made by all the Sport Teams.. These Franchises, Fans and yes the Local Media all got a little too spoiled if you ask me and need a slap of reality every 5-10 Years nad this is the Time Period we are in…
    76ers are going to have to rebuild again, the Phils by mid-summer may end up trading the 4-5 Decent Players they have for young Prospects as this is the last hurrah for many on the Team from Manager Manuel,to Utley, M Young, Doc, Lee, and Jimmy Rollins has 1 FInal Season left for 2014..
    I see M Young, D Young as 1 Year Players at most..
    The Eagles can be competitive in the average NFC East as ealry as this year and definitely by 2014, but are still a ways behind the Power House Teams of Today’s NFC like the 49ers,Seahawks,Packers,Falcons,Saints and aere even behind Rebuilding promising Teams like the Rams,TB Bucs and VIkings from Top to Bottom..

  3. UH OH

    Citing multiple sources, NFL Draft insider Tony Pauline reports the Raiders “will consider” trading down with the Lions if one of the draft’s top-two left tackles is available at No. 3.
    There are a lot of “ifs” here, but it’d be a trade rebuilding Oakland would love to do, and address a massive weakness in Detroit. It’s logical. If the Chiefs draft Luke Joeckel and the Jaguars take Dion Jordan, the Lions would then trade up with the Raiders to select Eric Fisher. The Raiders would move down, perhaps add a third-rounder, and take their highest-rated player left at No. 5. Per Pauline, that would be either Sharrif Floyd or Star Lotulelei.

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