E. J. Manuel On Eagles Interest in Him: “They want me pretty bad”

E.J.Manuel7It happened to me when I was coming out of college and I’ve heard hundreds of other NFL prospects, talk about how a team told them they were going to draft them, only to disappoint them when the team had the chance to follow through on their words.

Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel seems to be headed for a major disappointment.  He thinking that one of a number of teams will draft him.  Hopefully he won’t have his heart broken.

“They want me pretty bad”, Manuel responded to a question about the Eagles interest in him, according to Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com.

“But I think it’s just a matter of who takes me first, because I know the Eagles may want me, the Cleveland Browns may want me, the Buffalo Bills and the Jets,” he said. “I think those are all sequential picks, you know what I mean, within those top 13 picks or whatever. I’m just hoping one team loves me, because really, that’s all you need, one team to fall in love with you.”

Personally, I think the Eagles like Geno Smith much better than Manuel, but are just trying to give other teams a head fake.  Remember that Jeffrey Lurie didn’t go down to see Manuel’s workout.

32 thoughts on “E. J. Manuel On Eagles Interest in Him: “They want me pretty bad”

    1. Word out at Novacare is that the will Convert EJ Manuel to Safety
      What’s your thought’s about this GMCliff..

        1. Vinnie, you read what you want to read and miss key words…key words if missed, a comment can be taken negatively or wrong…Not Manuel’s fault you have a reading disability.

          “I know the Eagles may want me”..

          I don’t think his response was cocky by any means. Key word used being “may”…All a team had to say is that he impressed them and they will be in touch. That could be the result. Truth is he will be drafted and he is 100% correct a team will want him. Pretty sure it won’t be the Eagles though.

  1. Everyone needs to keep this in mind, Chip Kelly obviously doesnt mind having former players on his roster or guys his coaches are familiar with. That brings me to more of my speculation that the Birds could very well select former Oregon standout star and former player under Chip Kelly Dion Jordan with their first pick. It makes sense, a guy that Chip knows very well and a guy who could possibly be in the same mold as an Aldon smith who Tom Gamble had a hand in drafting when he was part of the niners staff. When I see Jordan I see alot of Aldon Smith, that new hybrid type of OLB/DE. I have a strong feeling that Gamble sees the same thing… Then, if he falls, they go Geno with their 2nd first rounder or Tavon Austin.. This of course will be possible by them trading that 4th overall pick to one of the lower teams like the Jets or Dolphins etc etc..

    Btw, both Dion Jordan and Dee Milliner will start camp on the pup list so both will drop in the draft.. Stay tuned

      1. He’s one of the guys I mentioned if he was to drop. Read my post again. My opinion, depending on how the board goes, I see the birds having two first rounders 1 pick being Dion Jordan or Star then the 2nd being Geno or Austin..

        1. Jon Hart
          April 25, 2013 – 11:05 am

          This is what I think they will do, the Birds will look to trade back and acquire more picks. A trade with the Jets is a possibility. Then the Birds will have 2 firsts. With the first pick I see them selecting either Star, Jordan or Joeckel if he falls. Then in a shocker the Birds will select Geno Smith with the 2nd first round pick they will get… You heard it here first


          1. Stranger things have happened on draft day Henski. The draft rarely goes as planned or in other words, as many draft gurus thought it would.. their are trades, goes falling, guys moving up etc etc..

        2. or Jordan, and Star….I prefer Ansah, and Star….no Geno in the 1st Round. I would take him in the second….We have DeSean, no Tavon eeither….

  2. Jon harts sources just called to inform me that what paulman said is indeed true. EJ Manuel will be the eagles next starting safety/waterboy

    1. i cant understand anybody wanting ansah or jordan especially ansah the dude started playing football 3 years ago and essentially did nothing in college

  3. So are you saying the Eagles still might make the biggest mistake ever and take Geno Smith at the #4 spot? I sure hope not. The front office has screwed up yr after yr. E.J Manuel doesn’t exactly excite me very much. He’s like another Vick just taller.

  4. this draft fucking stinks. half the first round is projects. lmfao anseh and dion jordan workout kings it stinks like mamula…

    hopefully fisher or joekel drop to #4 otherwise trade back even for peanuts… if you cant take star

  5. no surprise here, andy taking the central michigan chipawaa over the SEC guy.

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the Chiefs have informed Luke Joeckel that Eric Fisher will be the No. 1 overall pick in Thursday night’s draft.
    If true, the Jaguars will have plenty of teams trying to trade up and take Joeckel in the No. 2 spot. As was reported on Wednesday, the Chiefs coaching staff preferred Fisher over Joeckel, while the scouts wanted Joeckel. Coach Andy Reid appears to have won out. Fisher has also been receptive to the idea of playing right tackle should Branden Albert not be traded.

    1. Good call Mhenski,
      I mentioned a few times that Fisher was more Coach AR’s Type than Joeckel
      Who is more cerebral and a tactician where Fisher just has that mean streak and wants to dominate opponents..

  6. E.J does not excite me either, but don’t put the poor guy down by saying he is another Vick, just taller, ha ha
    E.J atleast had 4 college years of passing pct. of 65,70,65,68% and his last yr TD/INT 23-10
    Vick’s last yr college 8 td 6 int

  7. No way I dont think EJ is VIck or Young. I would compare him favorably to both of those guys. That being said Im still not interested, but I don’t believe in Chips system at an NFL level. Hoping Joek falls to us or Sharriff…they are really the only two I would want at 4. This draft is infuriating but fun. I would compare EJ to Culpepper or Rothlesberger depending on how or if he develops. Size mobility looks like he has touch…but who knows.

  8. I agree G the kid may be in for a rude awakening. owners/gms are ruthless this time of the year and have the own self interest in mind. history has shown that rumors and outright lies will be circulated to affect the outcome or flow of the draft. EJ, son, they all love you pre-selection…lol

    Personally I don’t see him as a first round selection. he may be tempting to take in the second round. But I see him more in the mold of Foles. Third is where he truly should be. As to the Vick comparison. not even in the same galaxy. Nothing about their games outside of being mobile is remotely the same. Vick relied purely on his athletic prowess when a collegiate. EJ actually sees the game better as collegiate from a passing standpoint. pocket awareness and ability and desire to make certain reads and passess go to EJ. Vick was a freak athletically that no team had an answer for. No offense, but bad comparison. And if I was a GM at the time Vick was drafted, I would not have made him the number overall pick. I honestly loved Brees then; even though the “experts” wouldn’t stop with his measurables(height). I also admit to liking the Seymour and that DE from florida state who turned out to be a bust.

  9. Unless Foles Traded (which I doubt and hope doesn’t happen)
    The Eagles will not and should not Draft a QB this Draft

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