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GenoSmith15Okay the Eagles have Lane Johnson in house and now it’s time to add more players, who can help rebuild this team.  The second round is supposed to be the strength of his draft.  It’s supposed to be very deep and not as

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is still on the board, but he won’t be sitting there in front of the nation this morning, waiting to get drafted.  Smith could end up being the steal of the draft in the second round.  The Birds could stay where they are and get a shot at him, but they may have to move up to get him.

The Eagles still may need help at the safety position and they could get it by selecting Jonathan Cyprien of Florida International.  I saw him at the Senior Bowl and he stood out.  Cyprien is a big hitter and playmaker, who has the speed and size to be a standout.  He stands 6 foot even and he weighs 217 pounds.

SMU defensive end Margus Hunt has tremendous potential with with great measurables.  He’s 6’8″ and weighs 280 pounds. His body build and arm length is much like J.J. Watt of the Texans.  He can put more muscle on his frame to get up closer to 300 pounds. could play on the Birds defensive line.

I have a cousin, Jonathan Jenkins, who is a nose tackle out of Georgia and he could help the Birds on the defensive line.  He’s a big fella at 6’5″ 350, who is a tremendous run stopper and he has the quickness and strength to develop into an effective pass rusher.

Jesse Williams is a talented Alabama nose tackle who could wind up being a target for the Birds.

California wide receiver Keenan Allen has the size and pass catching ability which could get the Eagles attention.  Tennessee wide receiver Justin Hunter is another wideout that the Birds need to consider.  USC wide receiver Robert Woods is an ideal slot receiver with great quickness and hands.

Stanford tight end Zach Ertz would upgrade the Eagles tight end situation with his speed, size and pass catching ability.

Jamar Taylor is a corner, who may be able to help the Birds immediately.  Mississippi State cornerback Johnathan Banks is another cornerback, who would upgrade their talent at that position.

Who will every forget the show that Alabama running back Eddie Lacy put on in the National Championship game.  He’s a one cut running back with a great size and speed combination.

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o didn’t play very well in that game but he’s one of the better players still on the board.  Te’o has a great instinct for the game, but his lack of great size and speed are the reasons, he’s still on the board.  One of the best linebacker still on the board is Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown, who is the brother of Eagles running back Bryce Brown.

Florida State DE Tank Carradine and Texas A&M defensive end Damontre Moore are two outstanding defensive end prospects.

We would love to get your suggestions of players they should target today.

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  1. I like Jonathan Banks in round 2….and Zac Dysert in round 3. I would be satisfied with Cyprien in round 2 though. Need to upgrade that defense in round 2 im thinking. If they go DT though in round 2 I would pass up on Dysert and go DB in round 3.

  2. 2nd, and 3rd Rounds, I need multiple picks….Jonathan Cyprian, Jamie Collins, and Larry Warford.

    3rd – Quinton Patton, Blidi Wreh Wilson, and Cornelius Washington

    Only because of need, I pass on Geno Smith. But we need to move around, and get more picks.

    Those are my suggestions G….

    1. What happened to your extra picks from trading around??
      GM Roseman does not work the Deaft Board well in my opinion
      And how to trade Veteran Players who no longer fit Kelly’s Scgemes and turn them into Draft Picks as I suspected .. Lost Opportunity for the Eagles to just stand pat and the best upside Propects go to other Teams..

      1. Reported that Darrius SLay has a Torn Meniscus FYI and will probably drop to the mid-round Selection.. He’s a good prospect and I like him better than his Teammate Jonathon Banks at the NFL Level.. Not sure if his Knee issue is just a mnior deal or something he’s had issues with..

  3. The top guys the Eagles will target in the 2nd round even if they trade back will be Manti Teo, Geno Smith, T Mathieu.. any order u wanna put them… This is the day the birds may start wheeling and dealing to acquire more picks bc this draft class has strong depth in rounds 2-5.. the eagles need to try and get another 2nd round pick

  4. I wouldn’t mind Jon Jenkins in round 2. Gotta build up our line on both sides of the ball. The offensive line couldn’t block anybody and the defensive line couldn’t get penetration (cept for Fletcher who would double teamed all year). Time for new blood.

  5. FYI

    PLayers Eagles have worked out with a projected 3rd round draft slot or lower & still available:

    Geno Smith, QB, WVU 6-2 218 Official Visit 1st

    Tank Carradine, DE, FSU 6-4 276 Official Visit 2nd

    Darius Slay, CB, Miss. St. 6-0 192 Official Visit 2nd

    Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno St. 6-0 208 Private Workout 3rd

    Quanterus Smith, OLB, WKY 6-5 250 Official Visit 3rd

    Dallas Thomas, OL, Tenn. 6-5 300 Official Visit 3rd

    Travis Kelce, TE, CIN 6-5 255 Official Visit 3rd

    Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford 6-5 249 Private Workout 2nd

    Gavin Escobar, TE, SDSU 6-6 254 Official Visit 3rd

    Vance McDonald, TE, Rice 6-4 267 Private Workout 2nd

    Robert Woods, WR, USC 6-0 201 Official Visit 2nd

  6. I think the Eagles 100% walk away with a TE today. Id like cb/te or s/te but am scared thinking we take Geno

    1. Good call Mhenski on TE Ertz.. I preferred a Defensive Player myself since Good TE’s were available for their 3rd Round
      They needed a CB, Safety or OLB Collins wi their 2nd Pick

    1. Not me I think safety are their 2 most pressing needs. that secondary is a skeleton crew of scrubs at the moment

      1. My thing about the secondary: look at the secondaries of the past Super Bowl winning teams? Ravens-Giants-steelers- Pats, none of which had above average secondaries. What could they all do? Get after the qb. Granted, these teams had a better secondary than the current eagles.

        1. The Key is Turnovers from your Secondary..
          You need to make Int’s and casue Fumbles from your Secondary even if they give up some big pass plays once in a while for every Secondary will.. but the Eagles have been neear the bottom of the NFL causing and getting TO’s for the last couple of Years.. Need 2-3 Per Game betwen Int’s & Fumbles.. When you create Turnovers, your Defense gets off the field, your Offense has more chances to score and all of a sudden your Defense looks better since you are winning games and having leads to play wit making Offenses 1-Dimensional..
          The Exact issue has cost this Eagle Team and real chance the last 2 Seasons, as we are all aware.. It’s been the Eagles Offense, led by Vick, that’s been coughing up the Ball,while the Defense has not getting it back and/or getting off the Field giving up TD’s

  7. I still say DE Tank Carradine at Florida State (6-4 276lbs) is their Top Target
    He is coming off Knee Surgery back from November,2012 or he would have been a Top 10 Pick.. If he medically checks out, then he would be a great Pick in the 2nd Round
    CB’s Jamar Taylor from Boise State is the Best CB on the Board right now
    Safety Crypien does not have the great speed as GCobb alluded to up about (Ran a 4.7 40 Time) but play’s fast and definitely brings the hammer down
    DT Jenkins I stay away from him this early in the 2nd Round, His conditioning,stamina and motor has been questioned at the College Level

    DE Margus Hunt, TE Ertz are both intriguing and have a lot of upside..
    With TE/FB Casey on board, and if they Draft TE Ertz, then I would think that TE Celek could be traded for a Mid-round Pick to the Browns,Jets,Bears who could all use a NFL Caliber TE on their Roster’s..
    DT Jesse Williams will be a solid rotational player at the NFL Level, but
    not sure he’s worthy of a High 2nd Round Pick..
    DE/OLB Damontre Moore would be a High-Risk, High Reward type of pick
    I see him as a Stand-Up Pass Rusher in the 3-4 (kind of like a Aldon Smith)
    but he has maturity, strength issues, only Benched 225 12 times at the Combines which is horrible for a 6-4 250lbs Athlete , but when you watch Tape of his Games, he makes a lot of plays, has those long,lanky arms and is very good at attacking the line of scrimmage… Moore will be either an dynamic player or out of the NFL in 2-3 Years Time, so a definite risk..

    Players to stay away from
    QB Geno Smith, QB Matt Barkely, LB Manti Teo, CB J Banks, WR Keenan Allen

    I also would not be surprised to see them Trade Down to pick-up an extra 3rd Round pick from someone (49ers)

  8. I think this pick is up for grabs to the highest bidder. I’d like to see the eagles come away with some more picks here, either swap of seconds and a third, or swap of seconds and a pick next year. If they don’t I still can’t see them taking Geno. Margus Hunt does interest me but I might be too early to grab him that high in the second. Zach Ertz would be a nice pick, I’m not sold on Celek being the go to TE in this offense anymore. I also feel as though we may be looking to move some people off this roster via trade tonight to get some more picks. Maclin for a 2nd maybe? Then draft his replacement with that pick? Lots of really good wide outs still on the board. Can we steal a pick from someone for Trent Cole? Should be interesting!

  9. I’d like to think the pick is up for grabs…and that makes a little sense…but I am leaning that its not going to happen.

    I think they’ll just take the best guy on their board. For me that’s Ertz. For them it may be Geno, but that precludes a trade of wither Vick or FOles.

    As for the cals for DBs and Safities….I think the plan is to score 50 a game. so who needs corners?

    1. Based upon whats available, I would be happy with Ertz. I think he is going to go to SF tho (didn’t Harbaugh coach him?)….They also need another guy on offense, and they went defense 1st round. I think Ertz def goes there.

      I hope the Eagles trade down though.

  10. Are we forgetting about Tyrann Mathieu AKA Honey Badger. He is the best Dback in the draft. Former Heisman finalist and a beast on the field. I know he had some off the field issues but hes a proven player between the lines. How often does a defensive player name be mentioned in Heisman contention? Ill wait… He must be good. I dont think his off field issues are that major to not validate his skill set.

    1. screw him he is a 5th round prospect…stop talking about that guy…

      FYI, He is not a beast. A Heisman candidacy doesn’t add credibility to you being an NFL player…settle down with that BS logic son …….

      There are more talented guys – who didn’t have the privilege of playing with a roster of NFL caliber players, that make him look better than he really is – on the board way into the 5th Round….Honey Badger my ass…..

  11. No Mike, but the fact that he is tiny and hasn’t played football for a year are issues. He is not a 2nd round pick at this point.

    It would be nice if they could get another 2nd round pick somehow, because there is a lot of talent left on the board. Trade Cole and a pick to move up?

    1. i do see his size being an issue at 5’9 but the fact that he played in the best conference in college shows he has the skills. Teams are sleeping on him he was a Heisman finalist and played with Peterson and Claiborne shows he must be good. I want Geno and Honey Badger…

  12. Paulman,
    why are adverse to Te’o? Take away the Bama game (where I believe he was distracted) He might have been a top 10 pick..I think he fits the 3-4 zone defense very well…but I’d prefer Cyprien or Jenkins

    1. Fraudman is adverse bc Manti is a big name and everyone talks about the guy so in an effort to be contrary, he says no manti or any other big name. Hes a joke..

      And Repski ur absolutely right he would fit the 34 scheme perfectly

      1. I don’t care if Manti Teo is a big name or not, I just don’t think he’s an impact player at the NFL Level or even a productive Starter for that matter
        Size, Speed, Coverage ability and overall strength, I feel he’s below average NFL Talent level.. Just my assesment..

  13. repski,

    Teo is a 4/3 WIL LB! Not a good fit for us…Tank is also doubtful. Besides his knee injury, we already have him – CURRY! Besides Cyprien who could solidify our Secondary, I can see Jamar Taylor who starts day 1 or Damontre Moore – who plays a position of extreme need. My guess is we trade back and get a DB and an additional pick.

    1. Dixie – Vinny Curry, and Manti Te’o two different players, that play two different positions…….I don’t understand your reasoning….LB, AND DE aren’t the same

      1. I think he was talking about Carridine and curry, but Curry will not play 5 tek. That’s why there are reports Curry is on the block

        1. Tank is 6-4 276lbs with a frame to go to 285 easily,
          Long arms, a true DE in a 4-3 or a 5-Technique as a 3-4 DE
          Curry is shorter in height, shorter arm and wingspan and a more compact body 260lbs abd more of a Trent Cole mold which is a DE in a 4-3 Scheme, And not strong enough at the point of attack to play a 5 Technilwye so I don’t believe A Carradine & Curry are a good comparison at all

  14. My preference (since Elam and Hopkins are gone) is Ertz. If SF takes Ertz then I hope they trade down because Im not loving anybody else right now at 35.

  15. Good Call Vinnie on TE Zac Ertz
    Eagles now gave Ertz, Casey and the aquired WR A Benn
    I believe strongly that Brett Celek and Jeremy Maclin will be traded this evening.
    Brett Celek to the Browns or Jets
    Jeremy Maclin to the Rans, Bears or Chiefs

      1. Agree gmcliff, Chip will use (and need all of them) if he plans to run as many plays he wants to in his mind. I don’t see Celek going anywhere. Its more like pack your bags Clay Harbor (thanks for nothing)

  16. So far I’m impressed with Chip’s 1st draft. Physically large men with unique skill sets, how refreshing. I’d like to see DJ Swearinger at some point at safety.

  17. Love the Ertz pick. I really thought he was going to SF. Real happy about getting this dude.

    How about TJ McDonald in the 3rd? get that big hitter in here

  18. Damn Patriots selected Pass-Rushing OLB Jaime Collins
    From Southern Miss.. Watch him end up a Pro-Bowler in 2Years time

  19. at first i wasnt happy with the ertz pick as i thought the guy from rice and sd state were as good or better and we couldve got him in the 3rd and the corner for miss st in the 2nd BUT after seeing the other 2 TEs getting quickly snatched up in retrospect it was a great pick.

  20. You gotta be freakin kidding me.. The Cards got Mathieu and Patrick Peterson… LSU all over again… Shut down DBs..Unbelievable.. Im speechless right now

  21. Zack Ertz sounds a lot like James Casey. Why was Casey brought in?I understand Chip runs a lot of plays and Ertz is a good receiving TE but honestly there is only 1 football to go around. and McCoy, DJax, Brown, Casey, Maclin all need their touches. Sounds like a luxury pick to me, I was fine with Celek for another year or two. After solidifying the oline with Johnson I honestly would of been looking for a playmaking defensive player at 35. Did it ever cross anyones mind what if the Eagles don’t get 1st downs he aint running 100 plays a game. Im not killing the pick I just think defense was a bigger issue.

  22. Casey will play a lot in the backfield as FB, in motion, blocker,
    While Ertz will be split outside the Tackle Box quite a bit similar to how the Pats use Gronk/Hernandez and how the Saints utilize Graham..
    Casey is more of a Dallas Clark Type and will work the inside formations
    And out of the backfield..
    I would think Avant, Cooper & Celek are on the way out

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