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Eagles Select Safety Earl Wolff In Fifth Round

earlwolffThe Eagles added some depth to the safety position in the fifth round, selecting safety Earl Wolff from N.C. Sate.

This is the first pick that the Eagles have made that won’t be a lock to make the 53-man roster. Wolff will need to compete with Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, and Colt Anderson for one of the backup safety positions. on Facebook

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135 Comments for “Eagles Select Safety Earl Wolff In Fifth Round”

  1. Few people have said this guy has skill but a little under sized. Special teamer and injury fill in at best I guess.

  2. If his only obstacle to make the 53 man roster is Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, I think he’ll make it.

  3. Here’s some Stats
    5-11″ 209lbs and runs a 4.40 in the 40 yd
    Has led the Wolfpack in Tackles the last 2 Seasons
    Not great lateral movement but a very smart player in play recognition calling coverages and a sound tackler with decent hand/ball hawk skills
    Compares to a Deon Grant per CBS Draft Scouts who was primarily a 3rd Safety during his 10 Year Career..

    • Also has a 39″ Verticle Jump, and a 11.2″
      Long jump and mean Track/field while in High School so obviously this kids a great athlete..

  4. Giants, Redskins and Cowboys are all having Nice Drafts
    Guants beefing up OL/ DT, added a young back up to Eli in Nassib
    And just added a 6-5 Safety from Cooper from Virginia
    Redskins adding Secondary help to an already good Front 7 when healthy
    And Cowboys addressing OL , TE, WR , RB & Safety/Secondary needs

    • And the eagles aren’t “beefing up?”

      With a 6’6″ 310 lb tackle (who will play 20 lbs heavier)
      With a 6′ 5″ 350 lb TE
      With a 6′ 2″ 310 lb DT

      Not beefing up at all

      And I’ll take my chances with Barkley over Nassib any day.

      Clerly the Birds are in full rebuild mode…and the direction is positive.

      Pocket passers with Foles and Brkley. Giants across the board on the Oline, at TE and WR.

      there are only so many picks….can’t fix everything all at once. QB and Oline first (with big TE) fantastic.

  5. Vinnie most of the guys on here don’t pay attention to details.

  6. We will see Regal if this translates to winning I’m in. If I have Foles and think he’s the guy then I am not drafting Barkley period end of story you can find a vet down the line to back him up.

    • No way. You pay far less for a 4th rounder with potential to be the starter as well!

      • If you whiff on a 4th rounder it does not set your team back for 5 years like whiffing on a 1st rounder at QB does.

        • When you have other needs you can’t whiff on a 4th rounder but we’ll see I keep hearing you don’t find your QB of the future later in the drafts so this might just be much ado about nothing.

          • No I disagree, Now in the league you want 2 QB’s that can run your offense well. Injuries happen in this league. People forget Cousins played well when RG3 went down. 2 QBs that can run your offense and a maybe 1st rounder last year in the 4th round this can’t complain. The USC thing nags me but we are all in with Chip right?

  7. NT Geathers in the 7th?

  8. CB Johnson from Purdue, McCsary from App State
    Center (Stankiwich from Penn State)
    Inside LB

    Cards picked RB Stephon Taylor (Stanford) a couple of picks after Eagles choose Wolff.. Taylor will have a nice NFL Career
    The Cardinals s have actually had a nice Draft
    The Jets have too, really addressed the OL

  9. Rams also added WR Steadnan Baily from West Virginia to add to the dynamic Tayvon Austin.. Adding Bailey who will be their Possesion WR was a nice pick-ups this Teams in the NFC West are stacking up young Takent and appears to be the toughestvDivision in all of Football behind the NFC North where Vikings, Packers and Alison’s gave made excellent Sekectiobs this far
    The KC Chiefs are killing it also, good Jon by AR & Company

  10. The Broncos, Texans, Jaguars and Dolphins are having very nice Drafts in the AFC as well as the Patriots

  11. Paulman, where are all the trades you predicted? (:

    • They didn’t happen, too much status quo and a lack of balks by the Eagles Front Office in my opinion, but generally speaking, they are typically not many trades involving Players during the Draft.. We may see some after the Draft for future 2014 Picks but I feel there are at least 4-5 Eagle Current Starters or contributors who will now just not fit this new System on both sides of the ball (Celek, Avant, Herremans, Cole, Graham) but you could say the same for every Team with a new Coaching Staff
      So we we see come Summer Camp and end up reading a news post about a player being moved for a 6th/7th Round pick
      Lost Opportunity in my book , but that’s how it works in the NFL
      Most of the Eagle Players I listed will provably make Eagles 2013 Squad but not see the field much as the Season progresses which diminishes their
      Value to the point they just get released and move on..

      • I believe the Eagles needed to obtain 2 more Picjs between the 40th & 100 selections to really make an impact with the 2013 Roster and maybe they even tried to move some of the above Players with no takers or good offers in return so you go with who you got..

  12. Paulman who is having a bad draft?

  13. Wolf was rated by some as the second best safety in the draft… He’s I’d by far better than Nate and Coleman and will be our starting safety after Kenny Phillips contract is up. You can count on it

  14. The only reason these smaller school guys are rated lower are because of the school the attended. Cyprien and wolf guys like that I believe will be better pros than Eric Reid and Elam. Morris Claiborne was a drafted top 5 and is clearly not a top 5 talent. Stephen Gilmore is better but went to a smaller school therefore drafted later.

  15. Bennie Logan is a massive space eater and takes up two linemen. Allowing our LBS to get busy. I love this draft. No flashy. But systemized and solid. Tom Gamble is a top three player taken evaluator behind the ravens , pats. The niners have 9 drafted pro bowlers on that team because of him. The Willis’, bowmans, aldons, goldson(bucs) , iupati, Davis, gore, Vernon, and so on. That’s why howie went after to him. These ain’t howies draft picks there gambled. I trust what there doing 100%.

    • He only weighs 309, that’s not massive in football. John Jenkins from Georgia was available 6’5″ and 350 that’s massive

  16. Gamble player talent evaluator*

    • It’s nice to see someone else that feels the same as i do. Silencer10 just made a very good point about evaluating talent. It’s nice to have someone like Tom Gamble here to help this team rebuild. We seem to be heading in the right direction..

  17. Another solid pick with Kruger in Rd 7. 6’7 DE, although I suspect he’ll be an outside backer in this D.

  18. Eagles get an “A” from me for this draft…they went with kids who love football and play hard…..Johnson, Ertz, Logan, Poyer and Wolff will all be starting in 2014

  19. 7th rounder sound decent. Not sure why they were skipped over reading their profiles. Poyer was in some first and second round mocks at one point. And Krueger was considered a top 100 pick…could be steals but could be bust.

  20. Yup it’s amazing how a player who is projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd rd ends up being taken in the 7th is amazing. Kid looks legit

  21. one two joe is coming for you three four better lock your door. Lol yeah we got a Kruger fellas. Man this is going to be one big ass team hell yeah

    • He’s nothing……….

      • GM, u dont seem to have liked this draft too much bro hahaha

        • No JH, we really whiffed on a lot of real talent, that could have helped us. I am one person that really believes, Howie Roseman was very instrumental in the drafts of the past considering some of the mediocre draft picks in this years draft.

          I like Ertz, and Poyer, for where he was drafted, but thats about it for me. I grade this draft C- and I’m being generous. I know most won’t agree with me, but I am confident 75% of these draftees will be wasted picks.

      • LOL, he’s at least tall more blocked field goals and extra points. LOL

  22. Overall I give them a solid B.

  23. A- is my grade. Looks good on paper, now for the work

  24. Well, I think this was a very refreshing draft.

    No crazy trading…just take the guy they liked best. None of us have any idea how many of these players will turn out. Even a “great” draft usually nets 3 starters.

    But…true to Kelly’s word (again refreshing), they sure decided that if they were going to miss, they were going to miss big.

    6’6″, 6’5″, 6’3″, 6’3″, 6’7″, 6’5″ are the OL, TE and QB heights…and the weights…310, 309, 280, 270…250 and 230 for the TE and QB


    clearly this is a whole team rebuild…and this is just year 1….hopefully this will work out.

    New tall pocket Qbs, giant DEs, athletic Oline and TEs.


  25. Chip Kelly says in his post draft press conference we needed to get bigger. You cant have a bunch of small over-achievers. A small dlineman back up by a small LB backed up by a small safety. That’s how you get run over lol. Brandon Graham is gonna look like someones kid next to the new OLB and dlineman.

  26. Gmcliff, u negadelphian.. C- says u don’t kno shit. Period.

    • We’ll see, I’ve proven that I do, over, and over, and over again. You just haven’t been around to know any better. So I will excuse you, for your ignorance. We drafted mediocre players that Howie THINKS are going to pan out.

      We’ll talk after the season my man……….Because when I’m proven correct, I want to see how Silent you are Silencer, when you win your new membership, and I tell you to kiss my ass, and you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • I want the Eagles to contend for a Superbowl, drafting BS talent like this….

      The Pac-10, and the West Coast isn’t the only place in the country that has talent, which is where most of these draftees come from.

      I’m telling you guys we passed on some potential Pro Bowlers again…..

  27. Cowboys had the worst draft by far

    • Cowboys had a pretty good Draft and landed 2-3 Starters and quality Depth
      Probably their best Draft in 5 Years to be honest about it..
      A good pick in Center Frederick who will Start on Day 1
      TE Escovar and WR Willams will see action and then solid Picjs in the Secondary with CB Webb & Safety JJ Wilcox who both will contend for Starters positions by 2014

  28. Chip also basically said that the the Birds had Dion Jordan rated higher than Lane Johnson and that if Dion was there they would of had to think about it. In other words, as I mentioned, Jordan was there guy going into this Draft. They wanted him so bad and the Dolphins knew it thats why they leap frogged them to take him. I really think sometimes that we have someone in the organization that leaks information to other teams. It could all be in my head but thats what i think. But as for the picks, I feel the Birds had a great draft, addressed some need areas but also just took the best guys on their board. Gamble, Chip and Howie all working together on this but its plain to see that Chip has the final say..

  29. If Sagles wanted Zjordan bad enough, they would have moved up to the Raiders spot.. All knew Raiders were needing and looking to obatain as many picks as possible in this Draft.. The Dolphins made the move, the Eaglez were content at getting Johnson at #4 because it filled a huge need for RT

    • Chip admitted that they did not want to give up the amount of picks they would’ve had to in an effort to move to the 3rd overall spot. And as much as I wanted Dion, I agree with their approach and Im happy with them staying put and trusting their board..

      • Dolphins gave up only 1 Pick (their 2nd Rounder)
        To move up from #12 to #3 to select Jordan
        Which is not a steep price for one of the few real playmakers on Defenders in this entire Draft

        • The Birds only had one 2nd rounder paul, and the meat of the draft were rounds 2-5 so the Birds needed to keep all the picks. With the trade for Barkley they only gave up one 7th rounder. Smart smart moves by the Birds.

          • Know what Eagles had Draft Picjs wise JH
            All I am saying is if the Dolphins only gave up a 2nd Round Pick
            to move up 9 Spots to get who they wanted, the. What would the Eagles have to give up to move 1 Spot?? A 4th a rounder and a Player??
            If they felt that strong about Jordan, then you get him. As did the Dolphins apparently felt.. The Eagles were staying put at 4 which tells me that they were not all in for Jordan as you keep suggesting they were..

            • Read what Chip said. Its not coming from me its coming from the HC. They wanted Jordan, but didn’t want to give up the picks. Knowing the Raiders, they probably wanted a second rounder regardless of where the team was, a spot behind them or whatever.

              • Then I guess they didn’t want him bad enogught
                The 49ers on the other hand wanted Safety Eric Reid to replace Goldston and got him, that’s the difference of adding impact players that fill a need and sitting on your hands as good players are coming off the board.. The Vilings wanted WR Patterson, so they traded back up into the 1st around and got him (albeit probably gave up too much) but these Franchises show conviction on identifying impact players, then act on those instincts which requires some risk but also balls to do.. The Eagkes sat by passively until moving up to get Barkkey for the Raiders or Chuefs would have nabbed him.. But even though Barkkey was great Value at 4, I see Fooes as the better Pro QB so it was a wasted move that cost the 4th pick and a 7th Rd pick that could have been used on other Players

        • Right Paul,. But they thought Jordan would be there.

  30. This draft was solid in conjunction with the Free Agency period that we had. Hopefully in RFA we will be able to complete a big purge of old Reid era players.

    • Good point Regal, I agree, the signings they made in FA and the draft went hand and hand. Not like in past years when were scratching our heads every pick even though some guys on here make a living being a Negadelphian. All the picks made sense..

  31. Churn that Roster chip.

  32. I give the Eagles a “C+”

    I liked the first 2 Picks (Johnson & Ertz)
    Not that crazy about Logan, Barkley and Wolff from the 3rd thru 5th
    Good solid picks in the 7th with Kruger & Poyer who have a real shot to make the Team and be real contributors by 2014..

  33. Really after years of picks like
    Teo Neshiem in the 3rd
    J Jarret in the 2nd
    blah blah blah… Are we gonna complain about this draft. (not for at least 3 years I aint)

  34. Paulman c+ is just uneducated. Tool bag

    • I see 1 Starter (Lane Johnson) and 2 Rotational Players
      (Ertz,Logan) and a 2 year Project at QB (Barkley) when they already
      have a young pocket QB with better Pocket Awareness, a Bigger Arm, and is Taller and showed some toughness and good leadership skills,
      Already on the Roster in Nick Foles
      I think aith having the 4th Overall pick and early Selections in each round that the Eagles should have generated more impact prospects that can contribute right away
      From the 4th Round on ( Barkley included) I don’t think any of the last 5 Draft picks make much of a contribution or even the Roster and was expecting
      2-3 Starters from the Top 4 Selections..
      The Eagles didn’t really address the Secondary until late in the Draft, added no Depth at Center/Guard Positions, added no ILB Depth..

      • Thank you Paul. I agree with you.

        Its obvious some of these guys don’t realize that these players in the NFL, aren’t as good as they think they are. I can’t wait until the end of the season.

  35. Well it’s obvious that coach kelly is content with Cole,Curry and Graham on this team. So lets play ball and see what we got. This is just my opinion but I think Barkley will be better than most people think. But only time will tell, I do like the fact he drafted bigger guys. Logan not really sure about that pick, I mean you had jenkins amongst others still on the board at that point. Jenkins is like 6’5″ and 350. Man that would have been nice in the middle of this line. But we will see how these young guys fair. It’s rare that all your draft picks make the team. But I think all of these guys will make it on in some capacity. He picked some pac-12 guys he was familiar with in the later rounds which is cool.

    • I like Curry, but Cole, and Graham should have been traded, without hesitation. Jamie Collins, and Ziggy Ansah, were available to upgrade this OLB Core, and when we look back on this draft, barring injury, you will see they will make for more impact than Cole, and Graham.

      Cornelius Washington, is still available as well……….

      • Cliff, I thought OLB was the one position that they couldn’t leave this draft with out securing. I think Johnson was the rite pick for the circumstances. I do like the Ertz pick, not sure what to make of the Logan pick? I understand the Barkley pick for the value part of it. I’ll have to admit that Kelly threw us a curve on what we thought we knew. Don’t know much about Wolff. I can tell you that I do like Poyer and Kruger pick, big dude Kruger is and only 20 years old.

        • Exactly Big Frank…..Ziggy Ansah, Star Lotululei, Jamie Collins, and Jonathan Cyprian, to me were must haves in this draft, to help fix the Defense. Fixing this defense was more of a priority, than anything else with this team…..Just Dumb draft picks

          Howie, must really believes that Barwin, and Graham, are going to be productive. This is why some feel he is not qualified to be the GM. I think he’s crazy for risking his career on mediocre overachievers like Graham, Cole, Lane Johnson, and Barwin……..

  36. Can’t wait for some football

  37. I see nothing has changed lol paulman writing articles about nothing.

  38. Barkley is looking to start day 1. He’s always been a starter all his life. Has been groomed to be a OB since the age of 5, he has all the intangibles, looks off the defenders, pump fakes etc etc, called the shots in SC, ran his on plays called his on calls, did everything a elite QB does. A very smart smart QB. As a true freshman from day one was the starter. He’s unfazed by the lights camera action. He’s seen it all. He’s a gem guys, and will be the eventual starter for our Philadelphia Eagles, whether its this year or next..

    • Yeah, but he won’t……….

    • No he didn’t JH, he is on record throwing Kiffin under the bus for his play calling.

      • And Varkly can’t throw the ball more than 45 Yards, wait to the cold Nov/Dec when the ball gets slick and the Winds hit the Linc and Northeast, this Southern Cal QB will be in real trouble just hanging onto the ball.. He’s a bright kid, and a quick learner, just don’t see the athleticism, the arm strength and pocket awareness that Foles
        Already has shown.. a great Value pick in the the 4th Round
        But if you don’t need him, then why bother..

    • I agree Mr. hart, Matt Barkley will prove all of doubters wrong..

  39. I am just not that excited about this Draft and will call it like I see it..
    It was a good solid Draft, but not as good as it could have been,
    with Reaches in the 3rd & 5th Rounds and took a QB in the 4th that has no more upside than young QB Foles in my opinion so it was a wasted pick..
    I see many Teams selecting at the end of Rounds who selected better Pro Prospects than the Eagles (Bengals,Texans, Packers, 49ers,Seahawks,Pats & Ravens all come to mind)

  40. Add the Broncios, TB Bucs, Arizona Cardinals
    SL Rams, Vikings, Lions, all with better Drafts as well
    the Jets, Cowboys, Redskins all improved.

    I put the Eagles Draft Class as Average along with the Colts, Panthers,

    Teams who missed the mark in this Draft
    Browns, Bears, Bills

  41. Guys when Chip did his first news conference he told us exactly what he was gonna do. He’s doing it. Im not gonna grade this draft but I like it. Free agency gave us some veterans from winning teams. In this draft we picked up players that were leaders on their teams. I don’t know about you guys, but i am sick of the pussy, leaderless teams we have had on the field the last 4 years. Seriously the team has been weak, without any on field leaders. This team has gotten bigger, faster, and meaner through free agency and the draft. Chip doesn’t seem like a bullshitter or a liar. So I’m gonna defer to him…I put my opinion out here like all of you, but I know it doesn’t matter…Im excited though, and 3 months ago I really wasn’t. That for me is a win.

  42. Reading grown men whine like women and children is sickening. I guess everyone is a psychic and can predict things before it happens? No one knows, including myself, who will and won’t pan out. The bottom line is the draft is a crap shoot. Hell, our undrafted punter could be all-pro in 2 years. We don’t know. Anyone can be an expert sitting at home but are you getting paid doing it?

    We finally get some new blood in the building (Chip), yet I still sense a lot of the same negativity we had when Andy was here. I just have to come the sad conclusion that nothing will make Philly fans happy.


    Not even a Super Bowl, smh.

    • Dont fret man. People on this site have their agendas. Some wanna be seen as football geniuses so they are contrarians. Most people though know their football Ill say that. Since the “real” experts dont agree these guys aren’t gonna. Some piss me off and some make me laugh a hell of a lot, but for the most part they just wanna see the Eagles win. A lot of people are in denial right now because they can’t or won’t believe the Barkley pick. Chip said from the beggining decision making is top priority. He hates turnovers, Im gonna be interested in Barkleys jersey number since his collegiate one is 7. Interesting stuff and exciting.


    Here’s a look at our new safety Earl Wolff. The man is athletic and I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible.

  44. Just a Lost Opportunity to upgrade this Defense with Younger Prospects
    Is what I take away from this Draft
    They did a promising OT, TE & CB and Varkkey could end up being a homerun
    Pick down the road, but I already believe that Nick Foles could be that Honerun pick from last year.. The remainder of their Draft I see as rotational players at best and some possibly very little oroduction at all

    • You have to look at the whole picture, Paulman. We added some nice pieces via free agency. This isn’t a one year fix. Atleast, give the team a chance to prove you and the others right, before all the doubt kicks in.

      • They did add some nice pieces Defensively but Kenny Phillips, I Soapaga and CB Flet her have had injury issues and Soapaga is not young
        So these are short-term fixes.. I am not a fan of Patrick Chung so if Kenny Phillips goes down, the Safety Position is back where they Started
        Saw no Center/Guard added (Kelce won’t complete rehab to late June)
        And so no LB Delth added and believe that Cole, Graham & Curry all are not good fits for the new schemes..

      • Camden, talent wise all e got were FA’s that should be on the roster for depth….no real impact at all Brother….

  45. What the Barclay pick means is Chip now knows which direction to steer the offense. With the younger Foles and Barclay look for a more WCO slant. Vick and Dixon’s style of play would seem to be secondary. The addition of Ertz makes this even more appealing. Looks like a WCO with an athletic offensive line leading a potent running game. Should be fun!

    • That’s not true. They had no intention on picking Barkley. If they did there is no way in hell he would of waited to the 4th round to pick him. There was noway they could of known he was dropping. So what your telling me is when Barkley fell to the 4th round Chip said I will change my offense now. lol. Barkley was projected to go in 2nd or 3rd round at worst. Chip told you the reason, he dropped and was good value.

      • I think by moving up to grab Barkley there was a whole lot of discussion about the direction of this team if they decided to do so as they had a whole night to decide. That tells me (maybe know one else) that Chip is not sold on running exactly what he did in Oregon or on an aging also-ran (VICK) and a guy that can not crack a NFL roster for any length of time(DIXON).

  46. I like the Eagles draft – I give them an A plus — the only pick I don’t like was the Matt Barkley pick but accept it because he has a hurt shoulder and will be the 3rd string developmental guy while it heals and learns the NFL game( bye bye Dennis Dixon)
    Best pick Zack Ertz – I hated the James Casey free agent signing and this rectifies that awful move.

  47. GMCliff & Paulman can stuff those trade down for extra draft pick trade fantasy scenarios up their ass LOL
    they found out what the 4th overall pick was worth to trade down, (a single 2nd rounder Dolphin/Raider trade )– No one offered the Eagles anything for the 4th overall pick, Nothing, Zilch LOL

    • That’s where you have to get creative with your Offers,
      Let say you call a Team and Offer the Vikings the #4 and WR Maclin
      Then maybe they think about trading with you.. Add a NFL proven player that may not fit your schemes any longer to get additional picks is what Cliff & I
      Have been saying. Dangle a Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, Brett Celek or a Naclin with a pick to get some action.. I believe the 4 Players I just listed are not on the Eagles come 2014..

    • E0S, if anything it shows we know what would be better for the team. I don’t think they tried hard enough or got creative enough to get more picks.

      Cole, Maclin, Mathis, and Graham shouldn’t be on this team

  48. Is it possible that Chip Kelly tries to install 2 offenses? Could that even be possible. To have Vick and Dixon run 1 package and Foles and Barkley run another? lol

    • Yes very possible and very likely as I stated when they hired HC Kelly and especially when they hired West-Coast Style OC Shurmur
      If Dixon catches on and shoukd with variation of Read-Option, then Vick is the odd-player out, the base Offesnsecwill be a West-Coast Style with emphasis of double TE Sets like the Patriots run which requires a tall Pocket QB who can read defenses, deliver the ball in rhythm and make quick decisions which us Foles/Barkkey’s strength’s not Mike Vick

      • I mean keeping all 4 QBs with Dixon backing up Vick and Barkley on practice squad backing up Foles. Then running 40 read option plays with Vick and 40 hurry up WCO plays with Foles. Making whole sale substitutions throughout game? Is that possible?

        • Possible but very difficult to carry 4 QB’s on a NFL Roster
          Remember the Eagles will carry 3 TE’s, probably 5-6 Receivers
          Where do you cut positions from the 53 Man Roster.. You have to have at least 9 OL and 3 RB’s too..
          With the 3-4 scheme you need more LB’s and less DL, but they all have to be versatile.. You figure 3 Special Teamers (K, P, LS)
          Leaving about 25 Players each on Offense & Defense

          • If Dixon shows he can handle the R-O Variation and some Wildcat
            Fornations, then Vick is the odd man out.. It only makes sense Roster spot wise.. If Dixon can’t handle this, and Vick has a good understanding/execution of it, then he stays and Dixon goes..
            Remember that in Camp, lest full co tact practices are allowed under the new rules of the CBA, so there is not a lot of time to give 4 QB’s many reps and gave 2 Systems in place and work well with new OL and Receivers all in one off-Season.. Keep it simple, up tempo and build from therir for the Players who figure in the future of the Eagles which us probably not Vick, Celek, Avant, Herremans, etc, etc

            • They are not carrying 4 QBs on the active roster. Dixon will be put on the practice squad unless he surprises the shit out of everyone, which I highly doubt.

              For what its worth, Reports were that the Eagles were only interested in Barkley and EJ. They did not like Geno, Nassib, or Scott…which they showed by obviously not selecting them when they easily could of all over the draft. It was also reported that Chip did not like Geno as much as he did Foles, which is showed by him not using a first or second round pick on him. Chip also called both Vick and Foles when he selected Barkley. I don’t know what any of this means, Im just saying what has been reported on.

              Btw, they traded up to get Barkley, right in front of Reid. So lets not act like someone put a gun to their heads and forced them to select him or they played rock paper scissors when they were on the clock. The traded up, they clearly had an intention to make Barkley a Philadelphia Eagle.

  49. And yet the Vikings gave up a 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 7th Rounder
    To move back into the 1st Round to get the Pars 29th Pick
    To get WR Patterson.. It’s all relative to what a Team wants and how bad they want a specific player..
    I was ok with Eagles Sraying at #4 and taking OT Kane Johnson for I believe he is a perfect RT opposite of Peters for Kelly’s up tempo Offense and should open up the field for MCCoy on both sides, remember the last 3 years almost every screen or sweep was to Peters side for the lack of confidence and athleticism on the Eagles RT (Whether it was Herreman’s, Justice, Dunlap or Kelly) Now they should be able to attack both sides

    The 2nd Round Pick was a great chance to slide down as was the 3rd Round
    But hey, whatever was done is done.. The key picks will be Logan, Wolff and of course Barkley, if all 3 Develop and contribute and compete as Starters by 2014, then it’s an “A” type of Draft, if these 3 are marginal, back-ups only, Special Teamers, Then it’s a “C” Draft in my opinion
    Time will tell but these 3 Players I mentioned are key to this being a great draft and in 2 years time we”ll know..

    • I disagree the key to your draft is never the players in the mid rounds developing into starters, its the top picks. If Lane Johnson and Ertz become top 5 players at their position and the rest of the picks aren’t on the team in 5 years it was still an A+ draft based upon the success rate of the draft around the league. If the guys btwn rounds 3-7 become studs then you got lucky, because at best you are hoping they can fill out the depth on your team and be solid fill in starters/backups.

      Before the draft started I said I wanted anybody but Johnson or Geno at 4 overall. So I hope Johnson proves me wrong and becomes a beast at the position. I loved the Ertz pick based on what was available at that time. I wanted Elam so bad. And Cyprian would have been nice and likely the pick if he wasn’t selected a couple picks earlier. But since those guys were gone to go along with Hopkins/Rhodes, I loved the Ertz pick. The TE is taking over the league. I want one too lol

      • I agree that the TE position needs upgrading but this was a very deep Draft
        at TE but not so At OLB or TE, I wanted DE Tank Carradine or OLB Jaime Collins with that #35th Pick and then grab a TE in the 3rd/4th As there were still many on the board

  50. Meant to type “but not deep at OLB or DE”..

  51. There will be only one playbook for offense fellas. Take that to the bank. If and this is a big if they have a QB on this team other than Foles and Barkley ( I would only carry 2 beyond that you get a guy off the street just as good as a practice squader/ 3rd QB with young guys) Then look at the offense as a sundae. an ice cream base with each QB brining the toppings with thier unique “skill set”.

    Still believe that Foles starts game 1 and barkley is a back up for at least a year maybe longer based on Foles performance.

    This is a new team and old muck needs to be washed away. (Vick)

  52. To further clarify there is really only one offense in the NFL as teams copy each other’s concepts. What differs is the language used to call the plays.

  53. Hard to grade the draft as there hasn’t been a game let alone a practice. On paper looks pretty darn good. Seems like a lot of the nfl media believes the picks are pretty good giving a b+ or better.

  54. Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Colt Anderson and Earl Wolff…Yeah it really looks like the Eagles are trying to improve their defense through the draft. (sarcasm)

    The second round pick should have been used on the best safety available given how many question marks the secondary has played itself into. Philip Thomas or Shamarko Thomas would have been ideal. Maybe the Eagles will pull last years Philip Thomas off the streets since it looked like he knew how to play against coverage in the open field.

    • They also signed Kenny Phillips who when healthy can play as can chung. so they risk little and get at least an NFL caliber Secondary vs the Harry Highschool show that was the 2012 Secondary.

      Rome was not built in a day.

    • Butch, Elam went like 5 picks before Ertz. Cyprian went before him too. I would have been pissed if Elam was available and we selected Ertz. Watch that dude be a beast in Baltimore. Xavier Rhodes would have been awesome in the 2nd round but he was taken also. Thus, I like the TE pick since all those guys were gone. I think those other safeties would have been reaches at that point (Nate Allen and Jarrett all over again). Maybe TJ McDonald in the 3rd? I think he was off the board tho during the Logan pick.

      For what its worth, Giants fans tell me that if Kenny Phillips is healthy, he is a top 5 safety in the league. I know thats a big IF, but hopefully it works out and its not another Steve Smith. I still think that guy was a fucking spy.

  55. This was a solid draft in my opinion. I think those criticizing it seem to think we can fix every hole in one offseason which is really short sighted. This team is still a year or two from being a contender and I for one really like the approach they’ve taken in FA and the draft. Going to be an exciting year either way. Really looking forward to seeing who starts at QB week 1.

    • Absolutely!!!

      The offseason is to improve your team. Did the eagles do that? YES!!!

      Trade out an old stake coaching staff for a fresh new feel. Check
      Bring in Players to start or compete for starting jobs through FA. Check
      Bring in Youth with Talent. Check

      Now separate the Great,Good, Serviceable and Poor and build the best 53 man roster possible…(whith an eye towards the best 53 man roster over the next 3-5 years.) IE ditch Vick!!!

      • But kept Vick so the liserchentality will not be totally gone until he’s gone.. He’s led this bunch the last 2 Seasons where they have been 12-22
        Over their last 34 NFL Games and don’t give me the Kast 6-7 weeks of 2012 with a Lame-Duck Staff, a back-up OL at 4 if the 5 Pisitions, no McCoy/D-Jax and even Celek the last couple of games as an indicator of Fokes potential, he actually breathed a little life in the Team with a bunch if back-ups and if it wasn’t for Bryce Briwns Fumbles should have finished 3-3
        In the 6 games he started with below NFL Fakent and a Coaching Srafff working in their resumes afaidnt Teams ms till fighting for Playoffs ( Redskins Twice, Cowboys, Giants & Bengals)

  56. Have the Eagles signed any undrafted Free-Agents yet???
    Any word on this..
    Would like to see ILB Reddick from UNC and Center Matt Stankiwich from
    Penn State sighked for depth at these positions

  57. **Eagles News**

    The Eagles have agreed to terms with the following 9 undrafted free agents, according to my “Superior Resources”

    Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook – The 5-foot-9, 209-pounder ran for 1,964 yards and 21 touchdowns as a senior.

    Russell Shepard, WR, LSU – Sheppard is 6-0, 196 and ran a 4.46 at his Pro Day

    Brad Wing, P, LSU – 6’2 205

    Kyle Quinn, G/C, Arizona – 6’3, 294 was a two-year starter at center for the Wildcats and snapped for Nick Foles in 2011.

    Isaac Remington, DT, Oregon – Chip Kelly was able to get his hands on at least one of his former players. Remington (6-6, 298) had 22 tackles, including four for loss last season. He was cited (but not charged) for a DUI and temporarily suspended by Kelly last season.

    Damion Square, DL, Alabama – Kelly said he likes SEC defensive linemen. Square (6-2, 293) started 32 games for Nick Saban over the past three years. He looks to be a little small to play nose tackle, but we’ll see where Kelly thinks he fits.

    Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State.The 6-2, 243-pounder was a first-team All-Big 12 selection as a senior despite missing the final four games with a shoulder injury. Will likely compete for a depth spot at inside linebacker.

    Matt Tobin, OL, Iowa – The Eagles added the 6-6, 290-pound guard, according to multiple reports. Tobin was 6-feet as a junior in high school, but grew six inches in two years. He was a two-year starter with the Hawkeyes.

    Matt Tucker, RB, TCU. At 6-0, 221, Tucker ran a 4.55 at the Combine. He was a rotational player in college, never rushing for more than 709 yards in a season.

  58. Good info JH, thnx for Sharing

    RB Masonyet from Stony Brook is a real player and the type of little fire Lou, 3rd down scat back and Returnnan that has a chance..
    Think of of a poor man Brian Westbrook, shifty, strong and built low to the ground.. I think he has a great chance as 3rd RB on the Roster

    Center/Guard Quinn is another athletic interior lineman good for the Zobe-blocking scheme Kelly’s offense will likely employ..

    Iowa’s Tobin is another well-coached OL who will compete
    For depth at the Guard position

  59. I would have liked to have seen them try to sign/draft Stanford OLB Chase Thomas. He would have been a solid back-up/special teams guy. Went undrafted and then signed by NO.

    • I like Chase Thomas too on Tape, but he did not play well in Senior Week,
      struggled with lack of Speed and poor in Pass Coverage Drills at Indy Combine and on his Pro Work-Out Days

  60. How about LB Kevin Riddick from UNC, another Player who I thought would be Drafted and looked good on Tape..

  61. I get that Cyprien and Elam were gone, but Philip Thomas had more interceptions than either of them. I get the fact that the team needed to get bigger, especially on defense and that’s where they’re headed. They have the smash mouth part covered on paper, but where are the guys that are going to get the turnovers? I don’t know how many games Kenny Philips is going to be able to play, he is an injury prone player.

  62. Maybe the QB we got in the 4th round can stop the horrid play at safety.

    I’m convinced the Eagles are suffering a curse at the safety position for the way they treated Dawk.

    Teams are going to continue destroying the middle of the field, hell I remember Philips getting torched by our receivers when he was a Giant. Chung is ass.

    When will Howie learn?

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