I Like Lane Johnson’s Chances Of Being A Great Player

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I know the selection of Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson in the first round of this year’s NFL draft was more of a risk than you usually see in the fourth pick in the first round of the NFL draft, but there are no sure things in the selection process, especially when you’re talking about the third offensive tackle amongst this years prospects.

Still, I’m confident this is going to wind up being a good pick because the Birds did their homeweork on this kid.

The fact that this young man loves the game of football, is a hard worker and wants to be great, can’t be overemphasized.  Later, we’ll talk about the fact that he has the size and athletic ability needed to be a great player.

Johnson has only been playing the offensive tackle  position for a couple of years, but he was kicking butt and taking names at this year’s Senior Bowl.  He’s been continuously improving and making huge jumps in his play.  He’ll benefit from the fact that he will be working with an outstanding new Eagles offensive line coach in Jeff Stoutland, formerly Alabama’s offensive line coach.  I see a young, athletic and more skilled Jon Runyan coming to town.

I’ve heard some local sports personalities say Johnson is another Danny Watkins, but I disagree.  The former number one pick of the Birds isn’t half the athlete that Johnson is.  The big Oklahoma tackle has three qualities which make him an outstanding prospect.

First of all, he’s got quick feet, which allow him to move with the speed rushers coming around the corner.  He shuffles with them very easily, so he won’t need to be overanxious against speedy players because his feet are nearly as fast.

The fact that he was a quarterback coming out of high school, then a tight end, a defensive lineman and eventually an offensive tackle showcases his ability to move his feet.  If you can do the footwork needed to play quarterback and tight end, you can do the footwork needed to play offensive tackle.

Remember that the guy playing on the other side of the Eagles offensive line Jason Peters, came into the league as a free agent tight end for the Buffalo Bills and he grew into the NFL’s best offensive tackle.  Peters will be a great sounding board for Johnson.

Secondly, he has outstanding body control.  I’ve seen him set and then reset versus quality pass rushers.  This is a requirement for offensive tackles and he’s got it.  He ran the best time for all of the offensive tackles in the 20-yard shuttle run, which requires tremendous body control to execute it.

The third quality Johnson has is his exceptionally long arms. Long arms give him an advantage on the pass rusher.  He can get his hands on the pass rusher first.  It’s like a boxer having a reach advantage on his opponent.

The final quality the kid has is his mean streak.  He finishes his blocks.  Johnson loves to bury the guy he’s blocking.

88 thoughts on “I Like Lane Johnson’s Chances Of Being A Great Player

  1. This guy has been successful at every position he played. I don’t think he as a risk at all. He dominated at the senior bowl against quality competition. He destroyed margus hunt for example. I think with his athleticism and strength. In a fast pace offense, he’s gonna have the stamina to consisitenly dominate the dline as the wear down. Gurantee be makes pro bowl year one and years to come. I liked him more than fisher n joekel.

    Ertz is gonna be a 10td year TE. Ill put money on it.
    Wolff will take stating job in two years. Dude is a beast along with jPoyer. And the surest thing is, Matt Barkley will be starting by the end of year and be our starter for years to come. He’s a top 10 pick last year and had a somewhat avg year this year making his stock fall.

    4 PAC 12 guys. This was totally not an Andy Reid draft and it felt awesome.

    I really wouldn’t mind going 0-16 to pick up JDClowney.. The dude is gonna be the best defensive player for the next 10 years

  2. Tell us G-Man,
    I was in favor of this Pick the last couple of weeks and in fact believe that he will end up the Best OT in 2-3 Years Time over Fisher/Joeckel/Fluker and is the Best Fit for Kelly’s Up-tempo,zone blocking Scheme that they are likely to emply.. He needs to get Strong, learn some better Techniques, but I think he has the most upside as a Perennial Pro-Bowler at OT than any other Tackle in this Draft Class.. I preferred Eric Fisher, but figured he was going #1 to the Chiefs.. I would still have taken Johnson even if Joeckel was on the Board

  3. It is amazing to see this guys body transform from a string bean to a mammoth beast in just a few years. it shows his dedication and hard work

    look at string bean lane johnson just a few years ago

  4. It is amazing to see this guys body transform from a string bean to a mammoth beast in just a few years. it shows his dedication and hard work

    look up “lane johnson quarterback” on youtube and look at string bean lane johnson just a few years ago

    1. GMCliff who would you take?
      You can’t name 35 guys and then retroactively cherry pick the guy that plays well and scream I told you so, in hindsight monday morning Quarterbacking — You see the Eagles picks and the entire NFL’s real time value. Give us your post mock draft — YOU GET ONE GUY AND ONLY ONE GUY PER PICK — I already know Paulman is incapable of following these instrucitons to only pick one player per Eagle pick so I won’t even offer the challenge to him —- I don’t want to read another year of GMCliff pretending he is a genius with 35 guys he likes only to conveniently shed the stiffs and only remember the good players. So the Eagles picked at 4, 35, 67, 98, 136, 212, 218, 239 you can pick any player below that number that wasn’t already drafted on the official NFL draft tracker– one player per pick .
      Put up or shut up! You get 8 players and only 8 players to pretend you would have drafted better than Howie and Chip, no trades to add more picks, you get 8 players just like Howie — Put up or shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. E0S I’m with u on this brother! I was just about to post the same challenge to all the pseudo GMs on this site. Cliff especially. Lets see if he puts his money where his mouth is.

        1. Dude are you serious.? Do you really think that I’m afraid to be wrong? I’m challenged by you guys every offseason….Negro Please!!!!!

          All I know is that the majority of the guys I mocked for the Eagles will be more successful than all that they drafted. Period. Just like for the last 12 years. You better ask somebody……….

      2. E0S, I don’t need to prove anything that I’ve already BEEN proving year after year. I’ve BEEN putting up and shutting up my loud mouth critics for years now. You, Real, Concrete, Biggie, and anybody else won’t be any different.

        My targeted players are well known, and the Eagles didn’t select one of them. So you can look back and see what I suggested, and come to your conclusion. I am not going to worry about it. I’ll have my say at the end of the season.

        I don’t need to Cherry pick. Last year, I mocked 16 players, 15 were starters, and made real impact. The year before, I mocked 12 players, 10 were starters, and 5 were Pro Bowlers this year. My mocks are based upon what I would do drafting players, which includes trading down for more picks. The picks are actual picks, not cherry picking for player a, b, or c. This year I suggested trading down the entire draft because we are technically rebuilding.

        However, I will let this process take its course, and you can judge for yourself if what I would have drafted would have been superior, to what the current Eagles Draft experts made official this weekend.

        You’re not saying anything, with your put or shut up rant. I just want you to shut up when it becomes apparent I know talent better than you. Stay tuned. I told you so.

      3. We can start with your assessment of Vick, and Foles. I told you he would be back, and that Foles is the future. The majority says, “Foles doesn’t fit !!”
        Apparently he does. Why couldn’t you see it???????

        Matt Barkley, won’t change anything because he needs 3 years to develop into a better QB. You more than likely think that he will start this year – How dumb, shortsighted, and foolish is that conclusion??!!!

        Step off me man………..

        1. Don’t hurt him cliff, I for one appreciate the fact that you, paulman and a few others take to the time to debate guys you like. Hell even Vinnie got the Ertz pick right. LOL I love this site.

          1. The draft is over, GMCliff says everyday that he is better than Howie —

            Howie Rosemans vs. Cliff Dorsey
            04 Lane Johnson ——————-?????????????????
            35 Zack Ertz ————————-?????????????????
            67 Bennie Logan———————?????????????????
            98 Matt Barkley ———————?????????????????
            136 Earl Wolfe ———————–????????/????????
            212 Joe Kruger ———————-?????????????????
            218 Jordon Poyer ——————-?????????????????
            239 David King ———————–?????????????????
            …………………………PROVE IT!……………………………….

          2. Biggie you know I don’t sweat E0S.

            My draft compared to Howies would be completely different period, because I would have been smart enough to get more picks, and not stand pat.

            He himself made a trade in the 4th Round to get Barkley. I wouldn’t have traded up for him. If I wanted a QB in that round I would have selected Landry Jones.

            It’s not just who you select that determines how successful you are in the draft, it’s also how you position yourself as well. This was a year they needed more, and could have had more if Howie was in tuned with more talented prospects than the ones he selected.

            I wouldn’t be satisfied with one pick in each round………Thats what would make my draft better.

            1. Here is my trade down scenario draft. If you don’t want to hear it. Then we’ll wait, and see who had the better eye for talent.

              BTW, I have never responded to Chicken Fella..LOL!!! AHAHAHAH!!

              What do you think of this Denny, Paul, DCar, Biggie?

              1. Ziggy Ansah – DE/OLB
              Star Lotululei – DE/DT

              2. Jonathan Cyprian S
              Jamie Collins – OLB/ILB

              3. Larry Warford – OG
              Blidi Wreh Wilson – CB

              4. Landry Jones – QB

              5. Montori Hughes – DT

              6. Cornelius Washington DE/OLB
              Bacarri Rambo – S

              7. Alvin Bailey – OG
              Da’Rick Rogers- WR
              Michael Williams -TE

              1. I would attempt to make a trade for Brandon Albert, and play him at RT, move Heremanns to LG, Trade Mathis, and play Warford at RG….

              2. The Eagles defense would be 100% better with Cyprien and Collins people use the term beast all the time well let me tell you Collins in the hoodies defense will be a beast x10.

            2. For the last three years they have overvalued their roster and they are going it again free agency and this draft to me says our roster is better then 4-12 a little tweaks here and there and we’re back. For all our sanity I hope they are right. Who on our defense right will scare anyone this is not the PAC 20 where you win 52-45 every week.

            3. gm, I can’t even respond to anymore draft crap, let alone debae it with the know nothing, lemmings on here! You & Paul excluded. I’m so disgusted, with this teams, “I know more than the world, I’m going to revolutionize the game attitude”, that I can’t get myself worked up again. They screwed the pooch this draft, with all 4 of their 1st 4 picks! The have NOT 1 play-maker, or difference maker on the defensive side of the ball! Not a 1! I understand that they’re rebuilding, but coming into this off-season, with arguably the deepest depth in Secondary talent, in both he Free agency & the draft, & they got noting but ?????’s, reaches, special teams & rotational players! They missed a huge opportunity, to get, play-makers, with all 4 of their 1st picks. Bu they come out with a reach, project RT, a TE & QB we didn’t need, & a mediocre, rotational DT! F^#@ Roseman!

              1. Ciggy, there were trade s made all day long, do you honestly think that the Eagles couldn’t have made a trade in the proceeding rounds?

                It was also about who they were targeting as well…..more mediocrity…

  5. Here is what I like….

    There is a new attitude in town. This guy looks like the hard working slightly nasty kinda guy we need around here. Partner this guy with Peters and Herm and we have 3 pigs on this line. Mathis has played better than we could have imagined and we shall see what the beard can do. Watkins is the backup for just about ll of these spots because if Peters or Johnson get hurt you know Herm moves back outside. Id like to see them add 1 more solid guard to this mix and we should be good.

    Add in the fact that they will run the ball (this helps the line) and nomore bombs away and we should be rockin on the line.

  6. I liked the pick because I felt we had two holes on the right side because Herremans sucked at RT. This fills both needs since Heremans can now slide over to RG where he will be more effective. If nothing else, he is better than Watkins from day 1. As far as the draft overall, I give them a solid B. Of course it is impossible to tell. Right now it looks like they may have a good starting OT and a good starting TE three years from now. Logan may be a starting DE in a 3-4 but 3-4 DEs are not that special. The rest are projects and back ups. But statistically one of them will be better than we think. Either Barkley, Poyer or Kruger may turn out to be a good starter some day.

  7. I think the Eagles did what they needed to do so far. Now they have to play the games and see what they have. Next year will be the more critical year to get players once you have assessed what you have and systems are in place. hey have more solid DBs than they did last year. They have added enough D linemen in the off-season as well. I like that they didn’t go after LBs because I really think you have to see what Barwin, Kendricks and Graham can do beofore you spend resources trying to replace them. Barwin has proven to be a good NFL player and what if Graham has 12 sacks next year? Then you are kicking yourself for drafting Dion Jordan and not addressing the O line. At QB I want to see what Foles looks like before I give up on him and chase his replacement. RBs were fine. O line still lacks depth, but who has great O line depth? No one. TE is impoved as it needed to be. WR was the only area we did not address and we know how over rated our group is. But we have to see what Chip gets out of them. AR always over used a few guys. Maybe Chip does better with this group. I know Maclin looks a lot more like a PB WR when Foles is in the game because Vick always tries to look to his buddy D Jack most and looks off Maclin too often. I expect Avant to be traded before camp starts in July. KC will take him. Or Indy.

  8. gm i’m not a draft guy and have offered no opinion on the draft– i just think its presumptious to say make this trade or that trade- you don’t know what was offered, counter offered etc– and you can’t just make a trade for the sake of making a trade. i don’t believe this is a one year rebuild anyway– i think its a two off season rebuild and in their minds they got the player rated highest at the time of their pick

    1. Thats fair Ciggy. I’m not faulting you brother. In drafting, it’s a matter of taste; What players you value. So those who they drafted were highest on their board….

      Not to mention, they tried to trade up to get Dion Jordan, proving Lane Johnson wasn’t really their guy. I say lets wait until after the season, and see if what Howie felt was value, was actually value……..and how my draft picks measure up………

    1. You have my answer. It makes no sense to beat a dead horse. You have my players, my draft strategy, and my reasoning. You compare what I feel are difference makers, and impact to what Howie drafted this past weekend.

      Anyone who knows anything about football can see my draft is better. You hold on to this post, and after the season, you will receive your t-shirt, and the honor of joining the kiss my ass club….You are going to learn my man…..hahahahahahah!!!! Chicken, hhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. you can wait till Gary Cobb turns Chinese for all I care. I give less than a darn about what you’re spewing.

        Just make sure you’re available for me to talk to when it matters, after the season. I can’t wait. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. con man –
        Were Hershel Walker, RG3 and John Elway involved to get so many picks?
        mano a mano vs Howie Roseman – was the challenge.
        Howie Rosemans vs. Cliff Dorsey
        04 Lane Johnson — waiting on Cliff’s 8 Picks
        35 Zack Ertz ——–
        67 Bennie Logan—-
        98 Matt Barkley —–
        136 Earl Wolfe ——
        212 Joe Kruger ——
        218 Jordon Poyer —
        239 David King ——-

    2. 1. Ziggy Ansah – DE/OLB
      Star Lotululei – DE/DT
      2. Jonathan Cyprian S
      Jamie Collins – OLB/ILB
      3. Larry Warford – OG
      Blidi Wreh Wilson – CB
      4. Landry Jones – QB
      5. Montori Hughes – DT
      6. Cornelius Washington DE/OLB
      Bacarri Rambo – S
      7. Alvin Bailey – OG
      Da’Rick Rogers- WR
      Michael Williams -TE

          1. You don’t understand yet? Thats my draft. I’m not even acknowledging any challenges. Why do I have to do what Howie does, to prove that the guys on my list are more game changing, and impactful than the garbage we drafted.

            All the names on this list will be more impactful immediately than Howies picks. Not looking for more chances to be right, I’m right on all of them, just more right than Howie, E0S, and all of you that think this draft is good.

  9. Just to play Devil’s Advocate, The Draft could have went like this (without any Trades) though I will keep the QB Barkley move-up in the 4th Round..

    1st RD (#4) OT Lane Johnson
    2nd Rd (#35) DE Tank Carradine
    3rd Rd (#67) CB Leon McFadden
    4th Rd (#98) QB Matt Barkley
    5th Rd (#136) DT Montori Hughes

    Then keep the 7th Round the same except I would have grabbed the highest Guard/Center instead of DL King with the Final Pick

      1. What I listed above actually looks pretty close to some of my Mocks for I had Johnson,Carradine and McFadden in many of them..
        The more I think about the Eagles Draft, the Matt BArkley was a very smart & good move and for only giving up a 7th Round PIck to move up to get him in the 4th Round could come back to pay big dividends with very little risk involved
        I am still not crazy about the DT Benny Logan or Safety Earl Wolff Selections
        Logan on the Big Board was Rated the 96th Prospect (Eagles used #67th)
        Wolff on the Big Board was Rated 190th (Eagles used the #136th)

        They got great Value with Barkely & Poyer but I think they reached a bit for Logan & Wolff…

          1. Logan isn’t a NT you idiot. He’s barely 309 lbs. Grow up already! You’ve acted like an embarrassing, imbecilic child, long enough! Go get a f^#@ing clue!

            1. Inside the Eagles Draft War Room with Daniel Jeremiah & Charles Davis had Bennie Logan listed as a DT second string behind Isaac Sopoaga.


              But will concede I heard a Brian Baldinger interviewed on the Philadelphia Eagles website with Dave Spadaro indicating Logan will be a 5 technique DE and nickle DT as a reserve. Does it really matter, he is making the team ahead of everyone except Cox and Sopoaga because of guarantee money. I posed the post as a question, I really don’t know how the depth chart will look for a 3-4 DL.

  10. Not to change gears here, but does anyone else think the Guy in the Picture
    above the “Refinance Adverstisement” at the top of page looks alot like an aging Howard Eskin… Any thoughts…

      1. All jokes aside E0S. It’s not just who you select that determines how successful you are in the draft, it’s also how you position yourself as well.

        I’m not a Joe Banner fan by any means, but when you can get more picks you position yourself for a successful draft, and he did that for next year.

        1. You have to remember this for the Browns sake,
          they have added a lot of young Players the last 2 Seasons
          I believe Joe Banner and GM Lombardi and the new Coaching Staff
          really need this Season to see what they really got, whofits, who doesn’t,etc,etc and also take in account that they added 2 Starting Caliber WR’s with some of the Trades they made (WR Josh Morgan and Devon Bess) which are not All-Pro’s by any stretch but can come in from Day 1 and Start and be productive and since this Draft was not deep at all on Skills Players or Big Playmakers on either side of the ball, they probably thought it’s better to stock up for Next Years Draft after a more thorough evaluation of their Current Roster..
          The did add Pass-rusher Barkevious Mingo and CB McFadden so in essence, they added 4 Probable Starters to go along with Free-Agent Aquisitions who will likely be Starters in DT Desmond Bryant, OLB/DE Paul Kruger, LB Quentin Groves and then Back-up ROtational Players like WR David Nelson, TE Gary Barnidge, TE Kellen DAvis, RB Dion Lewis, QB Jason Campbell, LB Ryan Rau..
          Bottom LIne, is that the Cleveland Browns have turned the Corner and have an excellent Coaching Staff, Front Office and a Master at Salary Cap Management in Joe Banner.. Give this Team 2 Off-Seasons, and they will compete in the AFC North and depending who they do in 2013, they will be stocked up for 2014 Draft with 6 Selections in the Top 130 Players or so..

  11. We still need a starting cb. I don’t know where we get one this Late in the game but that’s my number 1 concern. We didn’t draft an impact player for this spot for next year either. I’m not slamming the moves but they need 1or 2 play makers on d still.

    1. Just read this quote from Kelly…..”We felt like with Fletcher and Cary, we weren’t going to sit here on draft day and say, ‘We have to get a corner.’ We feel like we have two guys that have played in the league and have proven they can play in the league, so now we felt pretty good looking at our positions, so that we don’t have to reach.”

      Wow….. Not very good.

      1. Fletcher has played only 1 Full Season in his NFL Career, I believe, due to his various injuries and Cary Williams is a solid, promising and agressive CB, but you really need to have 4 CB’s on your Roster with all the Different Packages that Offense’s present in today’s pass-happy Defense..
        I think Boykin improves and I believe Poyer will make the Roster..
        but Marsh,Highes,Lindley have not proven to me to be NFL Caliber potential Starters and have been around now for a couple of years so I don’t a whole lot of upside with them ..

      2. This is the one really big negative during the off season, I can live with healthy Phillips and Nate Allen at safety. Adding only Poyer in the 7th was a huge mistake too many good corners not to get one. They will try Russell Sheppard at corner but that’s a project.

      1. I disagree E0S
        I don’t see much of a big Role at all for Trent Cole for he is just not a real good Fit for the 3-4 Schemes that Davis will employ
        The 3 Biggest Keys for the Eagles Defense is going to be the Play of LB’s Connor Barwin, Brandon Graham and Safety Kenny Phillips
        The DL will be rotating in and out and pretty interchangeable all Season with no dominant Players.. the real Key to this Billy Davis Defense will be the Play of it’s LB Corp.. If Barwin/Graham/Ryans/Kendricks play fast, run to ball,make Plays behind the line of scrimmage, create Turnovers, then they can be successful.. This Davis Defense will be designed for the DL to hold their ground, clog up blockers and allow the LB’s the space to create plays.. If this happens and the LB Corp’s play well, then this Defense will be improved, if this doesn’t occur, they will be in serious Trouble Defensively..
        The Eagles Defense schematically by their previous 3-4 Cocahes over the last 15 Years have been dominated with everything starting and ending with their DL and havinf a good Secondary behind them with little to almost no imput from their LB’s.. This New Eagle Defense will be driven schematically but it’s LB Match-up’s..

          1. Yes but you don’t pay Trent Cole the kind of $$$ he’s making to be a 3rd Pass-Rushing Specialist’s only… Vinny Curry/Phillip Hunt could do very similar production #’s for 1/6 the Salary of Trent Cole, moving forward..

        1. you still didn’t explain how you received 3 first round picks?
          #4 has to be used on Ansah.
          you have to get ahead of Jacksonville into the first round to get Cyprien.
          Wave your magic wand and somehow get another high draft pick Lotululei ahead of Carolina at #14 . —— Then do the same thing again to get an additional 2 to get Collins and trade into the 2nd round to get ahead of Detroit to take Warfield —- then magically get 2 3rd rounders
          you couldn’t qualify to be the general manager of the looney pin at Bellevue

          1. This is what I would have done if I had to use those same picks with the players available.
            #4: Warmack
            #35: Ertz
            #67: TJ McDonald
            #98: Barkley
            #136: Jessie Williams
            #212: Kruger
            #218: Poyer
            #244: Zeke Motta

            I don’t jump for joy when I see our draft, but on paper right now I think it looks OK. Im warming up to the Lane Johnson pick but I would have just liked a guy who is more of a sure thing, instead of banking on potential at that pick. I understand why he was picked tho due to his fit in uptempo offense. Watching Elam get picked 3 spots ahead of Ertz was sad to watch for me. I would have done everything in my power to trade up a few spots there. But again, maybe the Eagles tried to trade up, we don’t know. Based on what was available, I like the Ertz pick. I must say this tho, trading future first round picks for more picks in THIS draft is very stupid thinking. You don’t mortgage the future of a rebuilding team for more picks in the one of the weakest drafts in years. Im sorry but thats just dumb, almost as dumb as an “Eagles” fan wanting a 33 year old bum QB to start a rebuilding season this year. Hopefully we can get 2 above average-great starters out of this draft, since thats what most teams hope for. Anything else is a bonus.

          2. Says you, but you are the only one talking……Like I said just watch those players impact their teams, more so than this years draft class by Howie. This draft stunk. That is the point.

            There was better talent on the board that would have helped the Eagles more so than what was drafted this draft is a C-……..

            Again, I don’t have to flatter YOU, to have any credibility on this website. Just know what I am talking about. Even the media isn’t sold on this draft. If you think so, maybe it’s YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED AS A DINGBAT, and doesn’t know football. But, what else would you expect from a Giants fan…….they had a great draft.

            I have consistently had the same game plan of moving down in the draft, and haven’t wavered from it…Howie has been exposed. Stay tuned for the I TOLD YOU SO………..

              1. Trades aren’t unrealistic if they’re reasonable. The problem in explaining to people who just want to be critical, is there really is no satisfying answer – they’re going to continue to belabor THEIR argument – It gets redundant. So my approach to it is why bother.

                But just for fun, I’ll appease E0S:

                4 Ziggy Ansah – DE/OLB – BYU
                35 Jamie Collins – OLB/ILB – Sothern Mississippi
                67. Blidi Wreh Wilson – CB – Connecticut
                98. Montori Hughes – DT – Tennessee- Martin
                136 Cornelius Washington – DE/OLB – Georgia
                212 Ty Powell – LB – Harding
                218 Aaron Mellette – WR – Elon
                239 Damion Stafford – SS – Nebraska

                Undrafted Free Agents:

                1. Kevin Riddick – LB – North Carolina
                2. Ryan Griffin – QB- Tulane
                3. Manase Fuketi – OG – West Texas St A&M
                4. Rob McCabe – LB – Georgetown
                5. Luke Marquardt – OT – Asuza Pacific
                6. Conner Vernon – WR – Duke
                7. Alvin Bailey – OG – Arkansas
                8. Damion Square – DE- Alabama
                9. Ryan Levi – TE – South Florida
                10. Kwame Geathers – DT – Georgia
                11. Da’Rick Rogers – WR – Tennessee Tech
                12. Ray Ray Armstrong – S – Miami

  12. GMCliff the offer remains Beat Howie’s Picks —
    apparently you think it is easy to beat since it is a D grade now.
    Howie Rosemans vs. Cliff Dorsey
    04 Lane Johnson — waiting on Cliff’s 8 Picks
    35 Zack Ertz ——–
    67 Bennie Logan—-
    98 Matt Barkley —–
    136 Earl Wolfe ——
    212 Joe Kruger ——
    218 Jordon Poyer —
    239 David King ——-

    Paulman and Pheags88 both made some changes but both keep Barkley,Poyer and Kruger

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