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What Does The Drafting Of Matt Barkley Mean?

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Everybody is trying to figure out why Chip Kelly and the Eagles decided to trade up and draft USC quarterback Matt Barkley in the fourth round.

I was shocked at the move myself, until I stepped back and considered the obvious.  What does it mean?  Kelly and his staff aren’t sure about any of the Eagles quarterbacks or definitely not sure about all of them.

Are any of you sure about any of the Eagles quarterbacks?  Michael Vick?  Nick Foles?  Dennis Dixon?  G.J. Kinne?

Barkley will have the chance to be the starting quarterback this year.  It’s a long shot that he would be the guy, but Kelly needs to have a quarterback, who can make changes at the line of scrimmage and make accurate throws.  He’s a quick study who has been running a pro style offense for the past four years, so you can’t rule him out.

I think they made the move because they thought he was a good value in the fourth round, just like they said.  He was a good value at that spot.  This does back up what Kelly’s been saying about it not being a must that his quarterbacks be able to run.   Kelly wants a quarterback to be able to run the offense by making good decisions and being consistently accurate with their throws.

I’m sure the only Eagles quarterback who was smiling at the news of the Barkley pick was Foles.   The drafting of Barkley underscores the fact that Kelly has his door open to pocket passers.  At the same time, Foles didn’t smile long after realizing Barkley is a threat to his job in particular.

I’m sure Vick wasn’t smiling and neither was Dixon.  They might have believed their running ability was going to make life easy for them under Kelly.

Barkley at his best could develop into Drew Brees type, undersized and accurate.  He’s a smart field general with outstanding poise, who has great accuracy.  I could see him having a field day throwing to the Eagles tight ends and big wide receivers in the short and intermediate game.

I don’t think Kelly’s staff has great confidence in any of the quarterbacks they have on the roster, so they were looking to add what they believe will be a good quarterback to the group.  Barkley has shown he can produce under pressure.  He can consistently make quick, correct decisions and deliver the ball accurately.

Maybe Kelly saw these qualities missing from his quarterbacks at the spring workouts.  The coach said prior to the pre-draft practices that the observations made by the scouts and the coaches would affect the draft.

Right now, Vick is my pick as the guy who starts the season at the quarterback position.  Vick brings that running element to the offense, while Barkley and Foles don’t.

The young man doesn’t have a bazooka for arm, but he can make all the throws necessary to play in the league and his accuracy is outstanding.

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118 Comments for “What Does The Drafting Of Matt Barkley Mean?”

  1. If its a fair QB competition then Vick at best would be the 3rd starting QB.
    I got a question/comment for you Gcobb followers…

    Lets just say Nick Foles is the starter and Barkley wins the 2nd string QB job and Vick is the 3rd option. If the Eagles start off the season 0-3, 0-4 etc. I can see Vick running his mouth about how he should be the starter. I can see Vick becoming a cancer. I think if he does not win the starting job then he should be cut. Vick has been known to throw his teammates under the bus. Does anyone else see this happening? if he does not win the starting job do you agree with me that he should be cut?

    • This is an absolute truth. If Foles or Barkley beat out Vick (they will) he must be cut to eliminate any going back. This is why Foles will start and if needed Barkley will take over. I believe that this is Foles job to lose for the 2013 season.

      • Regal I agree. No going back. Vick has been very vocal in his time here. From Dynasty to im still the leader of this team to him throwing Kolb under the bus by saying I think we would have had a chance to win the game if I was the starter. He clearly thinks he is a starter in this league which is fine so I think if he does not win the job then the Eagles will give him a chance to sign with someone else.

    • STHU you ignorant fool. Who did he throw under the bus? Name the person your dumb a&&!

      • jmt8251 why should I answer your question when you start off by calling me a ignorant fool? stop being a troll and grow a pair of nuts before you attempt to reply to one of my comments.

    • No I don’t see that happening. that is one of the most dumbest comments ever posted on GCobb…Vick wouldn’t become 3rd string because the Eagles would release or try and trade him, which would remove the locker room issues. But speaking of the locker room, how many players on the Eagles do you think wants to see Vick running this offense? Who’s DJax’s pick? McCoy’s pick? Your comment was nothing but hypotheticals with really no logical basis. Vick has shown himself to be an excellent teammate as an Eagle. Vick 3rd string with the QB’s the Eagles have, that is completely asinine thought. Foles or Barkley beating out Vick…hahaha…Now both will beat out Vick? hahahaha lmao…what you wish for isn’t always what you get.

  2. You also have to think about the Future of D-Jax whio is not a WR who eill excell in tehe West Coast Offense which requries catches across the middle,slants,bubble routes, etc, etc .. Can D-Jax last a 16 NFL Game Season taking hits from LB’s and DL as oppossed to simply running Deep Routes for most of the last 3 Seasons… I believe D-Jax will struggle mightily in this new System and may be wise to Trade him to the Oakland Raiders for a 2nd Round Pick in 2014..

    • Im worried about that too but im more willing to give him a shot that I am Maclin. I want to see what ifeanyi momah can give us. Jason Avant will more than likey be cut along with Riley Cooper. Starting WR’s will be ifeanyi momah, Desean Jackon and Maclin in the slot.

    • I am a huge D-jax fan but I have to agree with you Pman about what your saying about D-jax. I think we all recognize the fact that he play’s scared now since the hit by Robinson. We all see it, he still has the ability to be explosive. But he play’s not to get hurt, I’ve seen his game change thru the years. And again I am a D-jax fan but just telling you guys what I see.

    • D-jax best asset is catching a short pass and turning it into a punt return. He is not tall enough to truly threaten down the field if a faster corner can close before the ball drops in.

      Djax is a slot guy and return specialist. He is not an every down guy! He is too small to block on running plays. Thus you will see a-lot of 3 TE sets with 1 WO Maclin/Benn/Cooper

      • Djax will find new life and a new role as a yac reviever with the big tight ends balancing the attack, with a quarterback who makes good decisions

  3. Don’t be so quick to say that Desean jackson will not excell in this offense because Oregon also ran a lot of end arounds and screen plays that a player like Desean can pick up extra yardage. I think Vick will probably start since Barkley is inexperienced and Vick brings more to the table athleticism wise than Foles. I think that it’s clear though that Kelly needs to rehaul a number of areas on this team, and he will probably favor the run game this year. I mean that’s why we got Lane Johnson right? We could go 8-8 if McCoy plays like he did two years ago.

  4. Plus I think Vick commands more respect from the younger players

  5. I like Barkley I think with some work he can be very good actually. You don’t have to throw the ball 70-80 yards to win games. Just be accurate, consistent and go threw those progressions and he will be fine.

  6. Robert Woods, Marquise Lee, and the sluggo route helped Barkley get the PAC-12 TD record. I’m hoping Jackson and Maclin can get him more TD’s in the future.

  7. What I mean by the 70-80 yard comment is the long ball, the bomb, the home run etc etc.

  8. What I’d like to see from the eagles regardless of who the qb is….

    Use the run game.. Run McCoy all day long.
    Use Dax on end arounds like a second running back.-if McCoy is having success up the middle they will have to respect him.mrunning Dax along the outside will open that up.
    Use the 2 TEs. Use them in screens and streaks… Use them to block… Use them everywhere.
    No huddles… Use the mismatches with guys like Casey.

  9. Oh no Eagles cut Evan Moore. There goes our superbowl run.

  10. NO More VICK…NO more VICK…

    I want to root for my team with pride get rid of this player!!!

  11. Drafting Barkley means drafting another QB next year. LOL but anyway if Vick isn’t the starter then he isn’t here period. If Barkley pans out then start him no need for him to hold a clip board. I guess neither Vick or Foles has much to smile about.

  12. Alright Birdo…. the bet…..are you sure?

    (I posted this on the other thread, but I should put it here so that its caught)

    Do you know your GCOBB history?

    This will be my 3rd straight WWF style “retirement” match, and I haven’t lost yet.

    In 2011 with Vick coming off his “amazing” 2010 season I guaranteed Vick wouldn’t would fall back to his norm and never hit 3500 yrds or 20 tds and that he’d fall back to his career 2.5% int average. “Never!!” were the calls. And of course, someone called me on that and we made a “go away if you are wrong” bet. And of course I won.

    In 2012, amid all the “he’ll return to form” garbage, I said he’d play max 12 games and would be on the bench for the end of the season. Someone called me on that and we made a “go away if you lose” bet. What was that kid’s name again?

    Are you sure you want to be victim #3?

    Because I guarantee that the 33 yr old, broken down, hasn’t hit 60% passing for 2 years, less tds than Mark Sanchez, just took a 2/3 pay cut that makes him easy to cut, outdueled by a raw rook, all time fumble machine never was superstar, will not be the Eagles starting QB come week 1.

    Book it.

  13. Tim Tebow has landed in Philly for a Workout at NovaCare,
    Someone please kidnap him.. I will pay for your Bail and would do it myself if I didn’t live 500 miles away in The Blur a ridge Mtns of Western NC
    Please, This is an Energency!!!!

  14. What the Barkley draft means is that we won’t hear long from these pricks who root for Vick under the guise they are eagles fans, that’s why I love chip Kelly, even if I disagree with the Barkley draft, he has the balls to do what he believes is right , screw what is popular, like the idiocy espoused by jaworski, stevo, they pander to a certain fn base, but chip has a deaf ear, and unlike reid, he is his own man, can’t wait to see this play out, screw you Vick lovers, haha

  15. Vick Recieving Death threats = Wrong
    Vick Being Resigned = Smoke Screen
    Vick Cut in favor of Foles and Barkley = Priceless

  16. There is some moron on 97.5 stating that Chip Kelly’s system will not last long term. He believes that Kelly is going to run his oregon offense as he did in college. He says Matt Barkley is a fall back plan.

    This guy is CLUELESS!!!!

    Chip kelly has told us he will build an offense and a defense around his best 53 players. I believe that and think it will work!

  17. I was not a fan of CHip at first but I am now….

    Run game…. short throws….. big players…. tough D. Im all over this. Very excited.

    I would be fine with losing Vick… i never wanted him here in the first place…. but i will stand with the HC no matter what. I want to win.

  18. So again let me get this straight a bunch of Eagle so called fans who will only be passionate fans just so long Vick isn’t the QB. The same bunch who was ready to hang Chip Kelly when he resigned Vick are now singing his praises because he drafted Matt Barkley. Clueless absolutely clueless.

    • Its called convenient hypocrisy Biggie. Thats what some of these guys do. The problem is that most of them don’t realize, that they don’t really know what they are talking about.

      Matt Barkley is not a better QB, right now than Michael Vick. It’s asinine to think that way just because you want to hate on Vick. Chip Kelly is looking at it without any bias, unlike some of these guys.

      BTW, If Vick has a good season, he will be back, and Barkley will continue to sit……behind Foles, where he belongs…………

      • Cliff that’s the part that kills me, you know I’m not a Foles fan but in no way will Barkley out perform him. In my opinion he’s just another entitled USC QB who will not pan out.

        • Big you might be right but how can you kill a man before he even put on an Eagle helmet. Look a lot of QB’s that came from Notre Dame were garbage until Joe came along. You never know he may be a gem, we just have to wait and see man.

          • I know I’m being hard on him diddy but his stock dropped for a reason, even before he injured his shoulder, I also question his character a bit because there was no reason not to come out after his junior year, then when that went bad he threw his coaching staff under the bus complaining about play calling. We will see and oh yeah I hate USC. LOL

      • Gm I think most people including myself just want a fresh start. Vick is a better quarterback right now over Barkley and Foles. Having said that I kind of know what I am going to get from VIck. This team is not a contender right now. So why not give the young bucks a shot. Barkley and Foles are still unknown’s for us and we are a fan base very curios about what they can do that’s all.

        • I agree 100%
          I really thought this season was going to be. Fresh start for the Organization and they will not truly be Chip Kelly’s until Vick is gone,
          Plain & simple, whether they win 4-5-6-7 Games in 2013 is not as important to me than a strong foundation being built with new, hungry Players who will be part of the long-term with the Eagles
          I don’t believe Vick, Trent Cole, Herremans are part of the Future long term of the Eagles just like I thought Asmo/DRC/Patterson, Coach AR, MM or any of the others that were released, Time to move forward with new Leadership and that means releasing Mike Vick

        • We’ve seen Foles in the Pros…Barkley’s arm isn’t half as strong as Foles, and Vick’s please need we even comment on that….HE WILL HOLD THE CLIPBOARD FOR AT LEAST 2 YEARS, and then back up Foles

    • You have to give Chip credit for doing what he said he was going to do. Don’t know if it will work but it’s damn exciting as an Eagles fan. Plus you know as well as I do they are all passionate Eagles fans or they wouldn’t be on this site arguing the same thing day after day after day. You all say the same shit about each other…you must love it or you would go away lol.

  19. Vick has to go just like Reid had to go, it’s time to start over. I don’t need to see anything I’ve already seen. I can’t understand how you guys can claim to know so much about football and not see that Vick can’t play. I like the guy and really wanted him to do well, it’s nothing personal, but how many times do you have to see the same thing to know he’s not capable of long term success. I understand the line was horrible last year but the year before they were among the league’s best and he did’nt play well. He def. shows glimpses of greatness but he can’t sustain it and he can’t play consistently good football. He’s not going to be here, why would they want a lame duck qaurterback, it’s not like there gonna sign him to a long term deal halfway thru the season. Foles or Barkley will be the starter and thats just fine by me, if your gonna start over then start over.

  20. In all seriousness this signing says.
    1. Chip is smart and understands that Pro Football Is a business and the number one investment a team makes is its players especially the QB. It is UNWISE business to subject your LARGEST INVESTMENT to UNNECESSARY RISK. (Let me explain)

    1. A qb hands the ball off = Low risk to investment as he will likely not get hit.

    2. A passer drops back and delivers the ball on time (quickly) with anticipation = Low risk to investment as he should not get hit very often.

    3. A passer scrambles = HIGH risk as he takes a hit he would not in scenarios 1 and 2.

    If you design an offense that disregards this it will be Flashy and Exciting but you will enjoy be the MORON watching your Greatest Investment REHABBING an injury vs PLAYING the game.

    For proof see the HX of football. I love Randall Cunningham he is my absolute childhood favorite eagle along with Reggie the minister of defense. Randall got lit up and it effected his game. Vick gets lit up and is rehabbing. Oh what happened with the phenom RGII (He is an astounding QB but he is now rehabbing his knee) Shure Pocket passers get hurt but the risk is diminished and the rules favor pocket passers as well,

  21. The drafting of Barkley means that the Eagles don’t plan on having Vick on the roster for too many more years and they have to find the next starter and the next backup.

    Let’s face it Vick might start this year but his days are numbered. He is not the long term answer. Foles and Barkley will compete for the quarterback of the future job…Unless one wins the job this year, which I doubt.

  22. The signing of Barkley tells me that this coach understands the PRO GAME. I hate to point this out but the reason you can run Qb after QB out on the field in college is that they really are not an investment like a pro qb is. They are more just parts that you can cheaply (scholarship) swap in and out.

    Some may hate the way I break this down but it is truth!

  23. Drafting Barkley doesn’t mean much of anything there’s always next year’s draft. It floats the notion that Kelly meant what he said in terms of not being locked to a running type of QB. Kelly has no idea exactly what his offense will look like and he has no idea what each QB running it live is going to look like until he actually executes it. He’s trying to give himself as many options as possible to figure out the QB and then figure out how to best form the various parts of the playbook into a cohesive strategy around the QB and the rest of the personnel. Being that Kelly is green on a number of levels I completely believe that he doesn’t have any favorites at QB he just hasn’t had the time to really develop the types of relationships that create “Favorites.”

  24. One unintended benefit is that Barkley will probably push Foles to get more accurate on his deep passes, that was the only part of his game that was shaky in the games that he did play.

  25. Barkley has the tools and unfortunately a USC label on him.
    I like the signing of a big tight end and Johnson too.
    Build up the offensive line and i think Vick still wins the job.
    Reid limited his mobility last year and tried to make him a pocket qb.
    Overall if some of these players work out you never know.

  26. What Does The Drafting Of Matt Barkley Mean? It means that they wasted their 4th round pick, on a mediocre, unproven, BU QB, when they still had a chance, to get a few good defensive players, left on the board! Just like their 1st 3 picks. They got lucky, with Poyer & Kruger falling to the 7th. Ertz, is going to be good, but we didn’t need him. Johnson, was a complete reach. A product of Senior week & combine!

  27. Barkley is a few practices behind Vick and Foles in learning a new offense. Last year proved Vick still can’t read a defense, holds on to the ball too long and still fumbles even though he’s a “veteran”. Foles didn’t throw many ints, but still has to prove his worth. Barkley mat not have the cannon arm, but may understand the qb position better than the other 2 today. Doesn’t mean he will start, but it will give Kelly 3 reals options. Understand this team is rebuilding and you don’t rebuild around an old running qb that has lost his speed.

    • Geez man what makes you think Barkley knows the QB position better then the other two? If that’s the case why was he drafted in the 4th round. You guys just keep believing his stock dropped because of weak arm, teams saw something they didn’t like about this kid isn’t it obvious, Jimmy Clausen 2.0

    • Jphalines -You do know that Kelly likes to have the QB look to the sideline, and he changes the play. That’s part of the reason why his teams hustle to the line, let the defense get set with plenty of time on the play clock, allowing him to read the defense and call a play. Just for your information….

    • You are dumb as hell….. Barkley Can’t touch Michael Vick, or Nick Foles.

  28. Chip just said on WIP that no qb can function when losing 4 offensive linemen to injury. Said it wasnt all Vicks fault and thinks that if they give protection, he will be am all-pro qb. Also said it was a no brainer to bring him back! Go Chip!

  29. Good chance Vick is gone by 1st game……

  30. Metrics.

    Kelly will base his QB decision on what the mathematical metrics tell him.

    Here are some numbers he’s considering:

    33: Vick’s age this season.
    32: Number of Vick fumbles over the past 35 games
    8.5: Mike VIck’s hands
    60.6: median completion % in NFL
    58.1: Vick’s completion % in 2012
    22: Median TD passes in NFL
    12: Vick TD passes in 2012
    2.5: median interception % in NFL
    2.8: Vick interception % in 2012
    6.1: Median sack % in NFL
    7.7: Vick sack % in 2012
    16: Median QB Games started in NFL 16
    10: Vick games started iin 2012 (12.3 games/year avg with Eagles)

    And perhaps most importantly

    11: number of QBs that took snaps during Kelly’s 6 years at Oregon
    3: Number of Qbs that took snaps in New England over the same time period

    (ergo a true read-option QB will not work int he NFL because teams do not carry enough QBs – thus a more traditional pocket QB that can stay healthier)

    Oregon started 11 guys under centre in a over about game sched that really only faced about 6/7 quality opponents a year…in the NFL its 16 quality opponents a year…..added to that, NFL teamscan’t carry 100+ players on their rosters.

    • Exactly. A QB is too valuable to a franchise to run him when a RB can take the same bruising for less money and can be found (with exeptions..Adrian Peterson) all the time.

  31. RG3 and Locker both were hurt on running plays. Tennessee looks like they are going all out Read option.

  32. The main thing that will prevent Barkley from being a quality qb is his ability to function under a pass rush. It affects all qb’s, but how much does it alter their production. There are probably 100 guys that can sling it around at 7 v 7 practices, but add a pass rush and the pros rise to the top. The next year will show if Barkley can handle the heat of an NFL pass rush. Foles height and size really help overcome the rush, but you have to know what to do with the ball first and foremost.

  33. Vinnie you don’t know shit about football as a whole. Yeah, you throw out your stats that you google, anyone can be a plagiarist.

    Kelly already made a decision to resign Vick, he is done looking at those stats you mention above Vinnie. Now it comes down to player evaluation in real time. Player vs player. What player he believes will apply more pressure to the defense, is something that he has considered from the start. Hence, why Vick was resigned. He’s already looked at Vick’s recent history… He probably considered that Vick was very productive under Castillo as OC…Seen he struggled in Mudds scheme, possibly also considered, was that the right fit for the player? He also probably asked his self this question before signing Vick…listen up this is real talk……”Can I win with Vick? Can I put him in the right situations and can the offense be productive? If the answer was no, Vick wouldn’t of been signed, bottom line.

    He’ll be making his decision on player evaluation, player vs player from here on out…
    Who has the strongest arm? I think we all know who wins that
    Who can make throws on the move? with good speed?
    Who applies pressure to the defense? who will be the hardest for a defense to prepare for?
    Then, if Kelly is considering running some read option…the questions become greater and more in the favor of the hated #7.

    It’s a waiting game right now. The players will decide who the starter is.

    Vinnie I HAVE A BET FOR YOU…and anyone else that wants to take me up on it…
    I bet you that Vick will be starter for the Eagles in 2013. If Vick is not the starter I will never come to GCobb again….If Vick is the starter, you never bring your ass back to GCobb again. Look at it this way, at least you’ll be able to talk shit about Vick, just not on here….

    • Real, Vick will be the starter this year, and there is a good chance that if he plays well, he’ll be here next year as well.

      All these guys are just hating on Vick, from an overall bad TEAM year. I personally blame the Offensive Line for the majority of Vicks ineffectiveness. I’ll put the blame on him for some of the fumbles, except the Arizona Blitz one that went for a touchdown.

      But how many times did you see the defense on top of Vick by the time he said hike. Mathis stinks, Watkins stinks, no LT, and Dallas Reynolds stinks.

      These guys are just hating on Vick, but Chip Kelly went in this with no bias, and said Vick can still play – which he can…….I agree with you.

      • Agree 100% GM…I didn’t want to mention the O Line, because then I’d be accused of making excuses. On this topic you and I def are on the same page!

  34. The re-sifgning of Vick makes him easier to cut you twit. Had he been cut under the old contract it would have been a $15 million cap hit…now its only 3.5.

    Bet is on.

    “I don’t think that was our goal . . . to make sure we had a perfect team in 1 year, it was to start the process of building back a team that’s going to compete every year.” Howie Rosweman

    You don’t “start rebuilding processes” with 33 yr old mini-men no matter how much you want them to Realtalk.

    And God its funny to read someone who posts “you don’t know sghit abot football” and then proceedes to list arm strength and throws on the run with good speed” as the 2 most important QB abilities.

    • I never said they were the most important QB abilities…just some things that Kelly will be looking at…Get your talking out now…Start of 2013 you won’t be here! RealTalk!

    • no doubt, it makes him easier to be cut…But guess what it makes him easier to keep..They are thinking they got a steal with that deal…you see, I see things from all perspectives, not just one way like yourself….

    • Also for a team rebuilding as you suggest…They sure as hell didn’t make many moves in the draft. Rebuilding teams normally try and get as many draft picks as possible…Again, another sign that you don’t know shit about football as a whole!

      • You are saying EXACTLY, what I have been saying all last weekend Real.

        Major Props to you brother. See, we aren’t that far off in our thinking.

  35. Was nice talking with you BTW. You’ve got about 4 months left to say what you’ve got to say, so make your posts good.

  36. Starting next year:
    2 New Qbs, 2 new TEs, new LT, New DT, New DE/olb,

    They are precisely rebuilding…starting from the most important positions first. QB, OL, DL…and anyone who can’t see that should’t be dropping the “you don’t know….” lines, because they’re clueless themselves.

    Not rebuilding. Status Quo…just adding a few more peices eh Realtalk? That’s why they didn’t trade down…what a crock of horsehit.

    BTW – LOVE that you put arm strength and ability on the move #1 and #2…and then immediatly backtrack and say, “I NEVER SAID they were the most important….”

    You just mentioned those two things forst and second (and completely ignored the more important abilities like understanding D, intricate knowledge of the playbook, decision making, touch and accuracy on short and intermediate throws)….by….ummmm….accident….ya, that’s it

    Do you write for Jon Lovitz?

    • Another thing you certainly don’t know….new LT? where is Peters going? you know Johnson can play left or right? oh thats right your thinking Peters is old, so Johnson must of been brought in to replace him.

      The Eagles had a big turnaround with personnel just two seasons ago. When they were considered as being contenders…do you recall, these moves 2 seasons ago?.

      QB Vince Young, RB Ronnie Brown, WR Steve Smith, TE Donald Lee, OT Ryan Harris, G Evan Mathis, DE Jason Babin, DE Phillip Hunt, DT Cullen Jenkins, DT Anthony Hargrove, DT Derek Landri, CB Nnamdi Asomugha, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, S Jarrad Page, KR Johnnie Lee Higgins.
      G Danny Watkins, S Jaiquawn Jarrett, CB Curtis Marsh, ILB Casey Matthews, K Alex Henery, RB Dion Lewis.

      In my opinion, way better collection of talent than what we have witnessed this off season thus far..Point being there are new players starting every season. NFL is a revolving door. The sport where the average playing span is less than that of any professional sport. Again, more proof you don’t know shit about the game of football!

  37. Real, you comment that Vick was signed by Kelly. That is a half truth, he was resigned to keep an existing qb on the roster because there aren’t quality qb’s unempolyed on the street. His salary went from 16.5M down to 3.5M, that’s a short term solution until he can get something better. Vick had a career built on this feet, strong arm and amazing toughness. The guy was a stud, but the game has passed him by. Vick has nothing to do with the long term future of this team, that is a pretty obvious statement that is hard to argue. Vick may have a few starts to keep the seat warm and prevent the young guys from taking any hard hits while Kelly learns about his own offense works in the NFL. It sounds bad, but I think Vick will get some starts and be a crash test dummy for Kelly for half the season.

    • Wrong, because he can play, and there wasn’t a better QB available on the roster, who you could trade for, FA, or in the draft. Period.

      • cliff can you possibly explain how you got 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 thirds? and please don’t tell me you got a pick for cole or something.

        • Move on Ciggy, thats my draft brother….E0S can kluk himself to the Coniels front door for all I care. My point is there was better talent on the board, and this draft stunk, and I’m glad to hear that I am not alone in feeling that way…….

          Wait until the end of the year, when I really let you guys have it when this draft reveals itself to be a D+

          • I think you might understand talent evaluation a bt but you live in the fantasy GM land where all other teams are stupid and would trade you the world for trash…. What coach would trade a high draft pick for a 1st in 4 years? These coaches want to win now

    • There is nothing more valuable than playing experience for young players…If the coaches didn’t believe Vick could play, why prolong it?…If your comment or belief is true, every second with Vick is costing the young fellas valuable playing experience which is then going to slow the growth of the organization another year or so….Yea, that makes a lot of sense.

  38. G your right about the comparison to Brees. Matt Barkley can be another Drew Brees if he’s in the right system. Both QB’s have a decent arm and are both very accurate with their throws. I’m excited to have Barkley on this team. Smart kid with good character. Good job Eagles

  39. OK so here it is for the Vickpologists

    The stelers draft Landry Jones. Charlie batch comments about how they will groom him to replace Big Ben in a year or 2 because he will cost far less and the upside of a young QB vs a 35 y/o QB is financially and logically a better risk. Teams want to avoid having an aging declining (Ben is not yet but will be) talent with a high cap number.

    The only reason vick is still on this team was his agreement to redo his deal PERIOD. If he had refused the birds would likely have cut their losses and taken a chance at only having foles this year. What redoing the deal did though was open the door for vick to be cut at a reasonable number. He is no more than a camp body at this point because all the smart money is now on Foles and Barkley.

  40. Couldn’t have said it better myself Regalbeagle

  41. Vinnie once again shows how he knows very little about football.

    Yes Chip likes math, but it has nothing to do with the numbers you stated. Signing Barkley doesn’t mean Vick’s toast. And here’s why:

    “But this line of thinking still has to be tempered with a bit of realism. Kelly is clearly bright, committed, and open-minded, but the idea that he can step into the NFL and run any offense — spread, pro-style, West Coast, Coryell, Wing-T — seems implausible. He shredded college football running a very specific attack based on very specific principles, and the mathematical advantage he gained from having his quarterback be at least some kind of a threat to run was a central tenet. He might be able to adapt his offense to his players and coaches, but this is not the same thing as continuing and growing what worked at Oregon.”

    There’s a mathematical advantage to having a QB who is at least a THREAT to run. Doesn’t mean they have to, just means the defense believes it’s a possibility they will.

    As far as bets – it’s just a guessing game. There’s not a single thing that’s happened that suggests any of these guys is the guaranteed starter. And I’m inclined to agree with Stevo – it’s still likely a VIck vs. Foles situation, there’s no need to start a rookie QB (unless he’s a Luck, RG3, Cam type) when you have two vets on the team.

    But hey, I’ll hope Vick’s the starter if it means no more VInnie – but we all know he isn’t going anywhere even if Vick is the starter. He’ll backtrack like he always does when he’s proven wrong.

    • Funny you only copied that paragraph and not the one that came after it. (And BTW – I wrote my post before reading the Grantland article)

      “He’ll backtrack like he always does when he’s proven wrong.”
      Still waiting for that to happen.

  42. But if you’re all hot for quoting articles from guys who don’t know any more than I do:

    From the same article you quoted:
    In addition to drafting Barkley, among the major moves Kelly made was signing tight end James Casey in free agency and drafting Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, two movable chess pieces to go along with Philadelphia’s other multipurpose tight end, Brent Celek. These moves might be an indication that Kelly’s focus is shifting from the roster of speedy running backs and dual-threat quarterbacks he had at Oregon. Instead, Philadelphia may be looking to mesh the fleet-footed receivers already on its roster with a group of dynamic tight ends. As part of that group, Kelly is likely hoping Barkley can be an extremely accurate, intelligent, intangible-heavy quarterback who can efficiently operate his lightning-fast no huddle.

    Kelly, who grew up in the northeast and coached at New Hampshire before Oregon, wore a shirt at his Sunday press conference that said “Massachusetts State Police.” His intellectual relationship with Bill Belichick has been well documented over the years, particularly as Belichick has embraced Kelly’s frenetic no-huddle philosophy. Indeed, if the moves Kelly has made over recent weeks are any indication, then I’m not so sure Chip Kelly is trying to bring Oregon to Philadelphia. Instead, he might be trying to bring New England.”

    And from Easterbrook:

    In other football news, bartender, zone reads for everyone! The college-derived zone-read offense got the Seahawks and Redskins into the playoffs, and got San Francisco within fourth-and-goal of winning the Super Bowl. Going into the coming season, many teams will run the zone-read and many will brace to stop it.

    The top of the draft told that story. The sole quarterback taken in Round 1, EJ Manuel, seems a long shot for the NFL, but was the well-known quarterback most familiar with zone-read tactics. Three of the first six players chosen — Dion Jordan by Miami, Ezekiel Ansah by Detroit and Barkevious Mingo by Cleveland — are lean, rangy edge rushers. None would be much use against the kind of power-rush offense used by the Cowboys of the 1990s, but all have the speed and reflexes to catch Kaepernick or RG III when they keep the ball and veer outside.

    And the preponderance of offensive linemen in Round 1, coupled to the absence of running backs, is in its way an indicator of the fad. Watch a quick-paced zone-read attack — the Skins of 2012 or the Oregon Ducks’ blur offense. These tactics depend on fabulous blocking: the left tackle is more important than the tailback. Blocking matters in any kind of football. But the zone read just can’t work if someone gets off his block right at the snap. Small wonder five of the first 10 selected were offensive linemen, while the first runner wasn’t chosen ’til pick 37.

    Rocky Zone Read is a great flavor of the month. Expect vanilla football to reassert itself.

    Fads comes and go. The Wildcat seemed unstoppable for a while. Once nobody could stop the run-and-shoot; now nobody even uses it. Mike Tomlin had a point when he described the zone read as the “flavor of the month.” Sometimes the flavor of the month is really good, but year in and year out, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry dominate sales. By the end of the 2013 season, zone-read attacks may be stalled, while classic pocket passers shred college-flavored defenses. A few years down the road, Matt Barkley is more likely to be in the Pro Bowl than EJ Manuel.

  43. did realtalk really write this?:

    “He probably considered that Vick was very productive under Castillo as OC”

    thats not realtalk realtalk

    • yea Real Talk wrote it and he followed up with some more possible consideration as well, considerations that included possible reasons fro his struggles, like a poor O Line, Mudd’s scheme,system, technique…tons of things to consider (the types of things that Kelly says all the time about evaluation of a player)….Are you saying Vick wasn’t productive in 2010? the lone season he played behind Castillo’s offensive line as a starter? The season where he was in running for MVP….? some of you cats, never cease to amaze me, wow!

      • Vick was on fire for 7 Weeks in 2010 for a lot of reasons,
        Fresh legs, committed attitude and the biggest reason, Defenses and Coordinators had not seen him play in over 2 Seasons, once they broke out the old tapes and began blitzing the hell out of hem and containing him more in the Pocket, he was Toast.. and hasn’t been the same QB since that blind-side hit that came from 15 yards out by the small CB Winfield from the VIkings that fateful Tuesday evening game which blew their last good Playoff Chance in the Andy Reid era nad for Vick’s Career in my opinion.. He’s been a below average and below .500 Starting QB ever since and that’s the reality of the Vick situation.. He has terrible Pocket Awareness, always has, always will

  44. Vick will be the QB next year simply because his running ability is an added element to the offense. I mean lets be real, there’s no QB on the roster better than Vick. That’s as simple as it gets.

    • Hogwash,
      If he’s not the Future and at 33 Years old with declining skils, hasn’t played a full Season since 2006 and 1 more concussion away from serious injury,why even bother for the 2013 Season.. With him, they win 6-7-8 games maybe at tops..
      With Foles/Barkely and a little Dixon sprinkled in, they win 4 or 5 but lay the foundation for a 2014 and beyond… See where I am coming from..
      This Team and Franchise will not be Kelly’s Team until Vick is gone, plain and simple.. time to rid of that loser mentality that’s he’s been part of the last couple of seasons and I am not blaming Vick for the Eagles Woes for there was plenty of Blame to go around, but what’s past is past and it’s time for Chip Kelly and the Eagles Franchise to move forward and ahead for the Future

    • You should check auto-correct.. It filled in “simple” when I’m sure you meant to type “stupid”

      “added element” Fuck, running backwards and spinning into DEs isn’t an “element” anyone wants.

      You’ve got 4 months left too. Enjoy them.

    • Hahahahahaha

      Vick is not a good QB.

      Good QB’s don’t negotiate a pay cut for themselves

  45. “WIN NOW with Vick!”

    Should be the team slogan…sponsored by the 3 lifetime members of the Ron Mexico fan club. Realtalk, Birdo and Tsjohnson

    What a frikkin lark.

    • Vinnie, you can change that to Foles or Barkley as well, why do you guys think that Chip Kelly will be happy to lose games. I will say this again he came here to win football games and if that means playing Vick, Foles, Barkley or Dennis damn Dixon that’s what he’ll do. Rebuilding my ass look at the FA signings and drafting a TE although a good one with 2nd pick. He obviously thinks he can win with the holdover players on the roster. Guess what if he didn’t think he could win I wouldn’t want him here.

      • Check your NFL history.

        Just about every team that is about to start a new young QB goes and grabs a young TE. Because TEs are young Qbs security blankets.

        Why do you think I knew they were going Ertz with the second pick? Because it was exactly the kind of pick a team would make if they were about to start a young or rookie QB.

        Was easy to see. Just like its easy to see that Foles will be the starting QB with Barkley as his backup (its a good idea to have QBs with similar styles as the backup).

        Though I believe, due to NFL rules, Dixon will be listed as the 2 and Barkley the 3 so that Dixon can come in and run some read-option plays every now and then.

        Everyone who isn’t part of the “WIN NOW WITH VICK” group delusion, recognizes what the Eagles are doing. Its pretty obvious.

        • Vinnie who was Vicks favorite target in Atlanta, check your history and get back to me.

          • Duckett.and that’s exactly my point. Teams always bring in a young TE to go with their Young QB. Develop that safety blanket when they’re both young.

            Ertz wasn’t brought in to develop over the next 10 years with Vick that’s for sure.

            He was brought in for the young QB(s)

            • It was Crumpler but we are on the same page except why wouldn’t Vick use Ertz like Foles or Barkley would? That part we don’t agree on, young or old a good TE helps you.

  46. I never said it wasn’t possible for Barkley or Foles to be the starter. I quoted the part of the article that showed why it’s STUPID to say Vick is toast because Barkley was the guy.

    “Still waiting for that to happen.” when said DJax would be traded. And VIck wouldn’t be resigned. And how there would be no QB competition. And how Foles would light it up.

    I could go on – but those are the highlights.

    If you throw enough spaghetti at the wall some of it will stick.

    • True indeed TSJ5….short term memory, Vinnie probably doesn’t even remember making those comments!

    • I said Desean “should” be traded. not would.

      Vick wasn’t resigned. He took a pay cut and will be cut before the season.

      Foles, compared to all his rookie peers, did light it up…..and he performed better than MV7….and this with players inferior to that the one even MV7 had.

  47. I’m not a “win now with Vick” person. I’m a “best man for the job” person. If that’s Vick I have no issues with that.

    I have ALWAYS said it should be a QB competition. And that you keep Vick instead of getting another free agent to do that. Was never a fan of getting Smith or who else was available – keep the veteran you have, keep Foles and draft a guy and have them compete. Or cut Vick draft a guy and have him and Foles compete.

    Funny that’s exactly what happened.

  48. I have ALWAYS said it should be a QB competition.

    Why exactly? First off, I think VIck is going to look fabulous at the passing camps this spring/summer. He always does.

    2nd…lets say, god forbid, that he actually does with the competition and we have to waste another 8-8 season and then enter 2014 without knowing if the young kids are good.

    Lets just say that happens. Then what?

    1 – they go 8-8, vick misses his traditional 4 games, and we get to the end of the season again with 2 question marks in Foles and Barkley. Fantastic. 1. Vick in shotgun…takes his traditional 7 more steps backwards, right to where the OT is steering the DE and whammo sack fumble.


    2nd Q doink off the facemask…or floater pick…or headfirst slide and spined…or any of the pther patented Vick Foibles


    “We! Want! Nick! Foles! Clap clap clap

    How exctly…in any way shape or form is that going to work.

    The only think that will come from rolling out MV7 to start the year is a gigantic team ruining cluster fuck.

    There is absolutely no positive upside to rolling out that fossil. None.

    And the only people who don’t understand this are his delusional fan club members who want him to succeed over the development of the team.

    Under no logical argument does rolling out a 33 yr old declining player on a rebuilding team make any sense.

  49. I am on the Chip Kelly, Matt Barkley band wagon. These fellas will be holding up the Vince Lombardi trophy by 2015. You heard it hear first.

  50. Barkley will be starting by game four of this year. In chip I trust

  51. Running a QB = Bad business!
    RB are much much cheaper and a running QB threat is not a game changer with the speed in the NFL today as opposed to 13 years ago when Vick was drafted.

    RGIII is a passer who can run but he should not if he want’s to make a living following his recovery! Best of luck RGIII get well and lose to us every year!

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