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Old Man Michael Vick Smokes LeSean McCoy In 40-Yard Dash

MichaelVick,LeSeanMcCoy1Word got out of the Eagles Nova Care Complex today that quarterback Michael Vick smoked running back LeSean McCoy in a forty yard dash.  McCoy had been calling Vick an old man and challenging him to a foot race.

McCoy was said to have been telling Vick that he didn’t have the big-time speed any more, which he was known for when he came out of college.

Vick may not be able to run as fast as he did when he came out of college, but he still put McCoy to shame by beating by about five yards in the race.  McCoy has never been a speed back, but he is a better cutter than he is a sprinter.  The star running back ran a 4.7 forty-yard dash at the NFL Combine, when he came out of college.

Unfortunately, Vick’s win over McCoy in the 40-yard dash does nothing to assure Eagles fans that he’s going to have a better year throwing or running the football. on Facebook

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183 Comments for “Old Man Michael Vick Smokes LeSean McCoy In 40-Yard Dash”

  1. No, it doesn’t assure that he’ll have a better year running or throwing the football — but it will shut up those Vick haters that were using the “he’s too old and slow” excuse as a reason to ship him out.

    Can’t use that one anymore fellas!!

    • Ya it’s wonderful that he still has his speed, but he still is a terrible QB birdo. He hasn’t proven he can last a whole season, and be a reliable QB. Time to move Vick lovers!!

  2. Just as “Spin Story” put out by Kelly & Eagles to state that
    Mike Vick is Back and to deflect the questions about Why Drafting QB Matt Barkley last week.. First it’s Kelly Press Conferebce to Claim Injuries were the biggest blame for a poor 2012, even though Vick played poorly in 2911 when OL was completely Healthy..
    Are these guys even in Footvall Shape yet to be running all-out in a 40 Yard Dash, pretty stupid if Vick or McCoy pulled a hamstring in doing so..
    Abd the final bullshit deal of this non-story is that Straight-Line Speed (as Vick definitely has) means very little on how to play the QB Position at a high level
    You can check with Tom Brady or Big Ben or Dress Bree’s or Matt Ryan
    If you think Top-End Speed is required to Play QB
    Sound decision making, quick releases, accurate throws and reading coverages and pocket awareness are what count and I am still waiting for Vick to be consistent in these critical areas of the Game
    Enough with the Re-making of Mike Vick already..

    • I know you hate it, lmao lmao lmao

    • Chip Kelly and the Eagles don’t have to spin shit. They could care less who the fans want at Pssst Paulman Chip Kelly has had tremendous success with his QBs at Oregon that cant read defenses and aren’t accurate. Check his record. lol. Paulman you constantly fail to answer the question of WHICH QB at Oregon read defenses and was accurate? Please enlighten me.

      • PS Nick Foles was also in the race we are still waiting for him to finish.lmao

        • His Success at Oregon will have little to do with how the Eagles will perform.. HE fast-paced,up-tempo offense was an Offense that most COllege Teams don’t have the Speed, the sheer Volume of super athletic players and Defensive Coaches on the Opponenets they played that knew how to stop it.. in the NFL, every player on the Field is an athlete, NFL Defensive Coaching Staffs will design Defensive Plays,Schemes to shut down a Read-option Offense and will know the Eagles QB out if they were to run it, so not an Apples to Apples Comparison at all Dag.. and besides Chip Hero Kelly has already stated that he is not going to run and R-O for he knows QB would get killed at the NFL Level.. Dixon was pretty accurate and was QB Mariotta a couple years back also… Oregon’s complete strategy was to wear a Defense down but running plays quickly and attacking the edged which would eventually wear down at the COllege Level and in masy cases versus smaller schools, very quickly.. This will not wrok going against the big boys of the NFL and he’s smart enough to know this so waht happened at Oregon for the last 5-6-7 Years is a moot point.. What is he going to do devising an Offense against Professional Defense’s with Professional Coaching … This remains to be seen..

          • HAHAHA. So what he did in college means nothing in the NFL then why the hell did we hire him? lol. PSSSt Here a newsflash for your defensive players are bigger and faster. It works for the offense to. Last time I checked there was no Jason Peters or Shady McCoy or Desean Jackson or Maclin at Oregon either. You cant say ohhh the defensive players in the NFL are better. Well guess the f&&k what so are the offensive players.

        • Haha, good one dag, nick foles wearing Herman Munster boots

    • It’s May the season doesn’t start until September and your worrying about a pulled hamstring? Also nobody knew about this until Colt Anderson tweeted about it, so what exactly is Chip Kelly trying to soon?

    • This post only cements your idiocy and poorly disguised fench-riding. If it isn’t your stupid predictions you spam this site with; it’s your bias and unsubstantiated sources. Now you’re claiming some sinister attempt by Kelly and ownership to pull a fast one. You’re full of shit and the biggest attention whore on this site. How the fuck can people like you sleep at night. You assholes are obsessed with this qb.

  3. Word is Chip put out free bottles of genital herpe medicine at the finish line for the winner.

  4. Will this make him fumble faster, throw Int’s faster? Perhaps get the ball knocked down faster so as not to waste time? His speed will make him pick up blitzes or read defenses better? Perhaps not get concussed by hardly being touched? He has always been a speed demon and it doesnt make him a good QB. This is like watching a Gilligans Island rerun and they might get off the Island…Cept Gilligan gets hurt…or fumbles..or isnt used right. He is a great athlete just not a great QB. All bs aside He isnt elite he isnt even good. It’s reality.

  5. That’s always been the problem with Michael Vick. He pays too much attention to running. I wonder how many running backs super bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco raced last week? Vick was also talking about rushing for 1000 yards again.

    Michale Vick was the fastest player in the NFL for a long time – Tom Brady is one of the slowest. Just goes to show how important speed is for a quarterback.

    The faster he runs the harder he lands on his 33 year-old ass….. that’s the problem. When the Eagles need their starting QB he will be on the couch with his “Worlds Fastest QB Trophy”…

    • Yeah that’s great if you have a 1st round QB like Flacco, or Rothliesberger or Manning, Rogers or Luck. Or if you have a HOF QB like Aikman, Brees or Brady. Not a dopic 3rd round reach or a 4th round reach like Barkley. Big difference.

    • You brought up Tom Brady.. Do we have Tom Brady? Do we have Tom Brady. Do we have Tom Brady. Do we have Tom Brady. Answer the question. please. Stop bringing up one of the top 5 QBs of all-time. plllleeeeassseee stop.

  6. Kapernick is pretty fast and was pretty damn close to winning a Super Bowl.

  7. Heres one more thought for your BOGUS only passing QBs win Super Bowls. Well no shit because only a few running QBs have ever been in the league so naturally that cuts the odds down. Black QBs with athletic ability at the QB weren’t allowed to play QB until the last 20 years. But guess You best believe its coming and Kapernick and RG3 are knocking on that f%^king door. With Boyd and Bridgewater coming out next year its just a matter of time. Believe that.

    • Running QB’s have won the superbowl before. Roger Staubach. Steve Young and John Elway..they just could pass the ball too. Plus if Randall had a coach with a clue he would have won one. So stop with the racist bullshit and your personal agenda. Does Kapernick count in your agenda since he’s half white and was adopted by a white family? How about Rg3 Who is put down by blacks cause he is “a Corny Brother” and is engaged to a white girl? We are interlocked here so stop your black QB bullshit and realize that a QB will win the Superbowl no matter the color.

    • I agree with you dag – I think there will be plenty of black quarterbacks winning super bowls in the coming years. I wish a great young black, or white quarterback played for the Eagles. I could care less what color the quarterback is.

      When I think of Michael Vick I don’t think black QB… I think a little skinny guy who fumbles a lot and doesn’t get the ball to the play-makers. When I think of Russell Wilson I don’t think black QB…I think a Drew Brees kind of guy who sees the whole field and takes care of the ball.

      I think you mistakenly assume people who don’t like Vick are automatically racist. Some of us just want a good quarterback, black or white.

    • ya…well Qbs with athletic ability have been playing in the CFL since the early 70’s and the running QBs get obliterated by the statues there too.

      Moon, Dunnigan, Cattillo….sure there have been a couple of mobile QBs who have won (Flutie, Garcia, Allen) but even in a league designed to allow a mobile QB to succeed (wider field, unlimited motion), Statues reign supreme.


  9. glad to see that Green doesn’t matter here to a lot of folks only Black or White.

  10. Say what you want about vick but thats incredible … mccoy ran a 4.25 at the nike football camp .. and ran a 4,5 at his proday after battling the flu.. mccoy definitely runs 4.4.. 5 yards is equivalent to about half a second..

    • I agree he is fast as hell.

      • Xevious, it will never go away never, it gets tiring because it reality it has nothing to do with color once the ball is snapped. It just kills me because it truly is sad if people watch the games and pay attention to the ethnicity of the players. Instead of rooting for their team.

    • I sheikh sky mcount NcCoy ever ran a 4.25 in his life
      His quick, great burst and acceleration but is not a straight line spied steer to run a 4.25.. This entire Story is who cares and means nothing but to keep Vick in the news that he’s back and to keep deflecting the reality that Eagkes Traded for QB Natt Varkkey and whether it’s the 2nd Round or 4th Round
      Doesn’t batter.. If Kelly fellt strong about Vick and Foles as the long-term #1 QB on this Team, this Selection doesn’t happen.. Kelly already has his eyes on 2014 and it appears that Barkkey will be that guy..

  11. And Foles had just as many rushing TD’s last year so whats the point?

  12. So what …. Vick is working on getting better and thats all right with me. Go old man

  13. post super bowl game Steve Young said something that still sticks with me — He said Colin Kaepernick will never play in another post season game this healthy ever again.
    RG3 is not a read option player anymore, if the Shanahan’s call one QB running play they both should be fired before the next play. RG3’s knee just used up his 8th life. It is being head together with bubble gum and super glue.

  14. Xevious, stop worshipping a white color. I’m extremely bias, I just want to win Idc whos in there for us as long as he wins.. A bad oline is a bad oline. Vick struggled behind one of the worst olines ive ever seen, Foles struggled behind an improved yet still poor oline. No QB succeeds behind a bad Oline, period. Rookie or 12 yr pro. You and others who have race issues need to quit trying to anoint the next Great White Hope and admit that this Oline was the main reason why Vick struggled and had a losing record and the same reason why Foles did too. Dont keep throwing the rookie card out there either, there were plenty of successful first yr QBs this past yr..

    • Chip Kelly said the same thing but they think they know more than he does. They will not be happy until they have a white qb, but the are to much of a coward to admit that…..

    • Jon, the o line was only part of Vicks problems. Did the o line make him have 7 turnovers in the first two games? Did the o line make him fumble while running into end zone against the Steelers? How about in 2011 when we had a top 10 o line? Quit making excuses. Props to Vick for beating McCoy but it proves absolutely nothing. Also, Russel Wilson is not black; he’s part black.

    • John Hart your an FN moron. Since I don’t like Vick Im only rooting for a white QB. Read my posts and understand them you wanna be gm idiot.

  15. Some of you sorryasses that sit everyday writing your speeches will complain if the Eagles won the SB with Vick as the qb….If you know so dam much why haven’t u sent resumes to the Eagles front office, half of you think you know more that the f/o coaches and any dam body else….Pathetic But yet all you seem to be qualified at is complaining on GCobb website, and he’s dumber than most of you.

    • Peace112, you do realize the Eagles are currently the worst team in the NFC.
      GM Howie Roseman has zero playoff victories since hired as General Manager in 2010.
      Every one and I mean everyone on GCobb could accomplish zero playoff victories and be the worst team in the NFC.

      • Well it shouldn’t be a problem for one of you know-it-alls to get Howie’s job, I mean after all you believe you know more than him or anyone else in the f/o , you might want to run to the Nova Care and submit that resume.

        • I don’t qualify to be a NFL GM, that is the point —-> Neither did Howie Roseman, hence the Eagles being the worst team in the NFC.
          There were no resumes being accepted for considerations. Howie back-stabbed ( Judas Priest/ Benedict Arnold) his way into that job. When the leader is a conniving rat then the underlings ( players) emulate their conniving leader. ( finger pointing, blaming, selfish ). The rat serpent GM runs to take credit and hides and assigns blame.

    • I guarantee you I will never have to complain about that.

    • peace, I don’t know why people on this site (including myself) are “sorryasses” just because we use facts to indicate why we don’t think Vick is a good QB. You have always been one of the most racist people on this site and it’s disgusting how you can actually defend someone so adamantly just because he’s black. If you think Vick is a good QB, then that is certainly an opinion you’re entitled to (although you wouldn’t have anything to back it up). You Vick lovers need to realize that we’re not against Vick because he’s black; it’s his lack of production, turnovers, etc. All of you Vick lovers bashed the hell out of Kolb and even Foles. We didn’t cry racism, did we?

      And for those of you who keep saying Chip knows more than us (which he does) and he sees something in Vick; what do you say to the fact that in 2010, Kolb beat out Vick for the starting job? Granted he lost it, but he still beat Vick out and you all have been very vocal about your disdain for Kolb (to which I would say you are racist)…sarcasm in that last line.

      If Vick is the starting QB this year, I will root like hell for him although I think I know how that story goes.

      • Hey Dude thanks for proving my point, you indeed are one of the people I was referring to. So now you are saying Kolb beat Vick out for the starting job in 2010, are u fking kidding, I guess that comment makes you feel good.

        You can say whatever you want to say, but I will say this I do know racism when I see it, so again thanks for proving my point….But then again you prove that my point in every comment you make.

        • Actually, Kolb did beat out Vick. If he didn’t, why didn’t Vick start that first game against the Packers?

          I’d love to know how me not being a fan of an average QB like Vick makes me racist. I really would. People who cry racism like you are what keeps this country from moving forward.

          I’ve owned three jerseys in my day; Westbrook, McNabb and Cunningham. Two black QBs and a black RB. Seems odd that a racist like myself would be so high on black QBs that he’d fork out money to buy their jersey.

    • Vick will not win a SB. I don’t hate Vick what so ever, but I’m a realist. He’s not a good QB. Great athlete yes, but not a good QB. Solid offensive line or not, he isn’t a good QB. Sorry Vick fans, but its time to move on to a new era..

  16. “Old Man Michael Vick Smokes LeSean McCoy In 40-Yard Dash”

    Well, G, you just confirm my feelings…I have always felt that Michael Vick was pigeonholed for certain reasons…See, it is apparent that he can still run, and I have always put him in a class with Tim Tebow as far as being an athlete.

    Let’s use Vick at back up RB, and as a kick/punt returner…Always need Special Teams help.

  17. The ignorance, stupidity, racism, & idiotic lunacy, never ceases to amaze me on this site! I really pray to God, some of you haven’t procreated yet, because I feel sorry for the future of mankind, if you POS’s did!

  18. Well it looks like the 4 time All Pro has “still got it”. We know he has a “cannon” for an arm. Let’s get the competition goin’ and let the best man win. I’m sure that the ” real” Eagles fans want to see the best players on the field in September and we don’t care what color they are, we just want them to win.

  19. guys keep your children from vaccines….the cause the disease and break down the immune system.

  20. Wow that is impressive, I wonder who would win between DJax and Vick

    • I know your being sarcastic diddy, but he’s already tweeted he’s not dumb enough to race DJax.

    • Diddy, McCoy challenged Vick. He was calling him old and slow etc etc all day long according to my resources, so Vick being the competitor that he is took him up on that challenge and smoked him. One thing you can say about Vick is that he’s very competitive and doesn’t shy away from competition. That’s why I think this QB competition will come down to Vick and Barkley at camp, Foles will be the 3rd QB any way you look at it in my opinion. I could be wrong, but where I’m at right now that’s what I think..

  21. Another race baiting article. Looks like a pretty good catch.

  22. Vick’s ability to run fast is NOT the issue! Making quick decisions, getting the ball out quickly and on target is what Chip is looking for. If Vick continues to be a turnover machine, he will be gone – $8,000,000 is too much to pay a backup.

    • Current NFL active leader in fumbles (all players)
      4th all-time in fumble %.
      Ranked 15th in interception % among active QBs.
      Ranked 5th in “sacked yards lost” among active QBs (and this despite playing and throwing the ball about 1/2 the amount of the 4 guys above him. In a sense, Vick is lucky he’s been hurt so much, otherwise he’d be #1 in a landslide)
      Ranked 3rd in sack % among active QBs (only Charlie batch and David Carr are worst)
      Ranked 31st in completion % among active QBs. Just below Charlie Batch and just above Mark Sanchez.

      That’s the guy many of you want at the helm. If he was anyone other than Vick you’d have the pitchforks out.

      But next year it will be different!!! MVP season

      I am going to post and repost this every single time I read someone ‘idiotic “MV& will keep proving this……”

      • Vinnie?

        Peyton Manning missed a season with a possible career ending injury.

        Do you think that injury came from scrambling or running?

        Before you answer ……..Joe Theismann’s career ending knee injury??

        Was that because he was a running QB?

        I have more but let me first get the answer to these.

  23. Things never change on this site.

  24. @greenfan- Nope, they don’t. This is the 3542 argument about Vick after 15473 arguments about McNabb.

    Let me summarize:
    Vick stinks
    No he doesn’t
    Yes he does
    No he doesn’t
    Vick Lover
    Kolb/Foles/Barkley lover
    (Insert both sides insinuating that the other is racist)
    You’re a racist
    No, you’re a racist
    (insert various ways of both sides telling the other to go eff themselves)

  25. Oops I forgot to put these in after the 1st “no he doesn’t”

    Here is a list of stats about Vick that shows that he stinks
    Here is Foles win/loss record

    Did I miss anything?

  26. Bugsy — you just made me spit out my coffee. That was hilarious.

    I don’t take things seriously on this discussion. I am not Vick. Vick is not me. However, the VIck-haters DO take it seriously……and I am more than happy to help them blow their gasket.

    All this “hate” towards one man is ridiculous. All we ever ask from our sports stars is to give us their all…..leave it all out on the field. Even if your talent doesn’t match your heart, just give us everything you have.

    Vick does that — and it’s not enough for some of these clowns.

    • Chad Hall used to give his all ont he field too. Was that enough?

      • What hypocritical bullshitter…Reno Mahe and Chad Hall gave it their all. Im sure Riley Cooper gives it his all too. Yet, they didn’t get your support like Vick does…Hmmm I wonder why

        BTW this the the NFL, having just heart doesn’t cut it.

        • So now you too bitches are comparing Vick to Reno Mahe and Chad Hall? LMFAO

          • Yes, you said sometimes the talent doesn’t match the heart. It’s ok to Love Mike Vick or Reno Mahe Or Chad Hall but when the Talent doesn’t produce wins you upgrade that position. So when you put the conditions of rooting for someone out there and comparisons are made that fit it…Vick isn’t an Elite QB..You look for upgrades.

        • You beat me to it Vinnie.
          But yea anyways, nobody ever questioned Vicks heart on the field. He just sucks so bad a QB lol, and the numbers clearly show it. He is just like Tebow, another guy who sucks but plays hard. Even though Tebow has actually won a playoff game in the past decade, media is obsessed with them when they were two of the worst QBs we have seen recently. Watching them play QB can be flat out hilarious at times.

    • I don’t hate Vick. I’ve applauded the way he’s turned his life around since getting out of prison as have many Vick detractors on this site. We’ve also applauded his toughness and warrior like mentality. We just don’t think he’s any good nor do we feel it makes any sense for him to be QB during the first year of a rebuilding season. It’s really that simple. But to a lot of people on this site, that makes us racist.

    • Oh, I am not saying that I don’t enjoy it, because I do.

      Not like I have anything else to do with no playoffs for any of our crappy teams and the dissapointing Phils and their 178 mil payroll.

  27. What I find to be the most hilarious part about the Vick debate is that none of the Vick lovers actually give any reason, facts, stats, etc as to why they defend him so much. They just grasp at the only straw available which is to cry racism. Boo fucking hoo. Meanwhile, the people who are not in favor of Vick being the QB continue to back it up was ACTUAL FACTS AND STATISTICS. I think the only stat I’ve heard in favor of Vick was that he took Atlanta to the NFC Championship game in 2004. I mean hell, McNabb took us to the NFC Championship game in 2008. We should bring him back.

    • WTF are you talking about? It’s a useless argument because you morons don’t LISTEN anyway. In the words of the great Chip Kelly…you know…the guy that gets PAID to be the head coach of the football team “No QB could survive with 4 of his starting offensive linemen being done for the year”.

      You say “Vick lovers” don’t give reason/fact/stats etc. to back up our argument. Well how about the SIMPLE FACT that the HEAD COACH is TELLING YOU that he still sees plenty of football left in Michael Vick — how is that for you? Acceptable enough? Of course it isn’t.

      • Haha because the head coach hasn’t seen him close up the past 4 years. Wait until he fumbles the ball or tosses a horrible INT Or misses a blitz. Chip will get frustrated then it’s bye bye time.

      • I wonder why he didn’t feel he had to make excuses Foles in the same manner playing with the same oline and backups at the skill positions.

        No one could survive!! Well, except for the 23 yr old rook who completed more passes, more yards, less ints, and for more points.

        Kelly said that on a radio show because he had to say that. Nothing more.

        • Foles looked like shit behind that line and he was aided by a better config of the line with Scott and no Bell – and 2 one hundred yard games by Brown.

          Foles got his A LOT – broke his own hand in the 5th game which would have left him out for multiple games and routinely under threw or over threw players.

          And the shitty line is part of the reason Foles even has a shot at the starting gig – he looked OK and now it’s time to see if with a better line and new look offense can he be good.

      • First off, I love how you are the one calling everyone names while the rest of us are trying to have a legitimate debate. You’re a real stand up cat Birdo. Your mother really brought up a gentlemen.

        So let me get this straight, we’re supposed to throw away the last 12 years of tape we have on Vick; specifically, the last two abysmal seasons, and then just believe whatever Chip Kelly says. If Chip was so enthralled with Vick, why was he asked to take a MASSIVE pay cut? And to go a step further, why did Vick even agree to it? Because he knew no team out there would be willing to give him a dime over what the Eagles are paying him.

        • “And to go a step further, why did Vick even agree to it?”

          Agreed….can you imagine how that conversation went with the Agent

          MV, “Man, no way am I taking a pay cut. They owe me the 16″
          Agent” well, they said you had to drop to 3.5 or they’d release you”
          “Screw it, I ain’t being disrespected like that. Find me another team then!!”

          one week later….

          Agent, “Ummm, Mike, I think you should take the 3.5”
          “MV “No way am I dropping from 16 to 3.5…that’s 75% less. I told you to find me another team that reapects my skills and what I bring to the table!
          Agent, “Well, ummm, I talked to all the other teams and really, I think you should just go with the 3.5…(and with fingers crossed behind back) look, I got them to throw in some incentives that could raise it up to 7 (”
          MV – oh ya, 7. You think I should take that?
          Agent, “its probably for the best.”

          • Believe that if you want to. It’s a one year deal that leaves him as an unrestricted free agent after this year and likely running an offense tailored to fit his talents. It makes plenty of sense to stay.

        • It’s 7 mill if he plays and 9 with very easy to achieve incentives. If you think Vick wouldn’t have found a home in the QB hungry league then u don’t understand how football works.

          They could have cut him and owed him nothing. They were only on the hook for 3 mill if NO ONE picked him up for at least that – to think no one would have picked him up for at least 3 mill – well you really don’t know anything about football.

      • And Birdo, “The Great Chip Kelly?” Hahahaha. Seriously? The guy has won ZERO games at the NFL level and you’re taking whatever he says or does as the gospel. Again, you’re grasping at straws. Chip has brought in three QBs since taking over as head coach and asked the current one to take a massive pay cut. Doesn’t seem the actions of a guy who has much faith in Vick.

        • No actually you’re the one grasping at straws. Vick will be the QB this year. If he does well, he will continue to be the QB. Accept it and enjoy the ride.

          • If Vick does well, then I will enjoy the ride. I guess I just don’t understand why you think he will do well. If he’s the QB, I really hope he does do well but that’s a completely different topic. I have no reason to believe he will somehow drastically improve his game this year and not turn the ball over at an alarming rate.

    • I said this to Denny, I’ll say this to you btc, take color out of the equation. You honestly don’t think Chip Kelly and his offensive staff hasn’t studied every snap that Vick has taken as an Eagle? Because he has and he’s even said so, now all Vinnie’s stats mean exactly what to Chip Kelly and his decision making on Vick. I told you the reason why I get fed up and it has nothing to do with color.

      • Biglion, Ill answer that simple question you asked. They clearly have studied those stats and came to the conclusion that either this guy takes a HUGE cut in his salary or hits the unemployment line. Thus all those pathetic stats do actually mean something. IF they didn’t mean anything like you say, they would have never cut his salary.

        Further, Chip hasn’t even come out and said Vick is my starter. Look around the league man, if you ask Shannahan, he will say RG3 is my starter. They will say Eli, Ryan, Newton, Flacco etc..they are the starter today.

        ON the other hand, Vick is in the same boat with a guy like Sanchez, who sucks just as bad. In fact, they are pretty similar when you think of it. Their coaches won’t come out and say this is my starter. The fact that coaches will say its an open competition is an insult to these guys. It shows how much they both suck. You dont hear open competition mentioned with the good veteran QBs in the league.

        Thus the stats obviously mean a lot to Chip because otherwise he would say Vick is my starter, no questions about it. And Vick would still be on his old contract.

        • pheags, very good point. Even middle of the road QBs are told that it’ll be an open competition for the starting job.

          • Christian Ponder knows he is the Vikings starter. But VIck doesn’t.

            • If Vick had hit the open market…Christian Ponder wouldn’t be Vikings starting QB. Also the Viking have AP – that’s why Christian Ponder still has a job.

              • bahahaha So Vick choose to stay here take a pay cut and fight for a starting job instead of going into the market where he could be the starter with AP? I don’t believe you have thought this one through my friend.

            • hahah you only know what Chip tells the media…I think Vick has a pretty good idea that he will be the starter

            • Actually he doesn’t know they signed Cassel to challenge for the job.

              • Actually everyone seems to forget that there was a good chance VIck was gonna be a Jet prior to them hiring MM.


                I think if he’d landed in the open market there may have been interest from the Vikings among others…but Philly under Kelly was a tantalizing proposition PLUS he’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year. So a min 7.5 – but likely 9 million and can negotiate a much better salary after this year…why not stay.

        • Pheaggs if you see my posts I have said over and over this conversation is stupid because nobody has beaten anybody out yet. I have also stated that Chip Kelly is not about to lose his job watching Vick continue with the turnovers and bad play. My point about all this is the second anybody says anything good about Vick here comes the predictable comments and stats. This was a simple story about Vick not losing his speed and just look at the comments. But that makes me a Vick apologist because I get tired of the same crap and say let the Head Coach decide whoplays.

          • And this is why these convos always baffle me. He has to WIN the job. If he doesn’t win the job he’s not the QB. Simple. So why – when anything good is said about Vick – everyone gets their panties in a bunch. Makes no sense.

      • Big, I think Chip wants Vick around to have options. I base that on the fact that he’s brought in three QBs since arriving in Philly and I don’t think that shows all that much confidence in Vick. Maybe I’m wrong. Let me ask you this though Big, how confident are you that Vick is going to have a great year and if you are confident, why?

        • Y. The packers drafted a QB last year, dradfted another one this year and then signed 2 more free agents.

          Strange that when they renegotiated their QB he want from 20 to 100 mill. When the Eagles “rengotiated” theirs he went from 100 to 3.5

        • First btc, he has to win the job that is the thing everyone misses. If he wins the job it will be because he’s operating Chip Kelly’s offense correctly. If that happens then based on the numbers Chip’s offenses put up then he should have a good year. Confident? Nope we have no idea what Chip’s pro offense will look like. By the way I don’t need stats to know that our QB’s have been horrible for the last two years.

  28. Ding Ding Ding
    in this corner a turnover machine and bottom 5 QB
    in the opposite Corner a turnover machine and bottom 5 QB –
    Am I the only one hoping Matt Barkley earns and takes the QB job in the pre-season?

  29. You can tell A South Jersey Fan as soon as you start reading the hatred from some of the crap post you read on here. From the Writer doing the story, to the ignorant F*&^ that will always show thier true face.

  30. I finally figured out why Birdo has been sticking up for Vick every waking hour this week. He is a Giants fan

    • hahaha ooooo wow…hahahah that was sooo funnnnn….NOT! You’re a dumbass!

      • and u are a trashman. just complete trash at life. a total scumbag with no class and havent grown as a person since they were 13. and is a disgusting role model to your own kids and any you may coach. your garbage and a disgrace to this city.

        • like I give a F what you think about me, clown!

          • that is not what i think about you that is what you are. anyone that calls people names unprovoked is a scum bag, acts like a 13 year old, has no class and is a disgrace period.

            all you do is call people names and try to start fights with people on the internet because you are a pathetic twirp, that has a miserable life. i feel bad for anyone that had a hand in raising u, u are a complete disgrace to whoever those people are.

            • and this comment was just full of class…no put downs or anything in that comment…the more you talk, the more stupid you prove to be!

            • only a select few get called dumb asses…my apologies that you fit the bill…maybe you should just stop being a dumb ass…..problem solved!

        • By the way, I’m a computer technology is my field, son…but what’s wrong with being a trashman? its an honest living…it’s an occupation that the world needs…your comment sums up what type of person you are…but yet I’m a poor role model…ok, ha!

  31. Vick was being caught by lineman trying to escape the rush. This does not mean that Vick is fast but that Shady is slow. This is all bullshit. You have to wait for the regular season to assess the team. No more of this nonsense as to who looks great in camp playing against third stringers. Can Vick read defenses? Can Vick look off the intended receiver? Can Vick improve his completion percentage? Can Vick stop turning the ball over?

    • Vick beat shady by 4 or 5 yards. Shady runs probably a 4.5 or so – this means that Vick is fast. Not 4.25 fast, but likely high 4.3 – 4.4 fast. Which is FAST.

      • tsjohnson5
        ” The star running back ran a 4.7 forty-yard dash at the NFL Combine, when he came out of college.” Quote from the author
        Stated that Shady ran a 4.7 40 at thew college combine where do you get these made up times. Vick is supposed to be a quarterback not an Olympic runner even though he has the QB skills of one.

        • Lesean ran a 4.5 at the combine and a 4.25 at another event. A quick Google search will show you that. He dropped to the second because of his 4.5 40 times. No starting QB is running a 4.7 – that’s what lineman run.

          • “No starting QB is running a 4.7 – that’s what lineman run.”

            Brady: 5.23
            Manning I: 5.27
            Manning II: 4.92
            Foles: 5.17

            there are 5 starting QBs who are higher than 4.7

            • That was supposed to read “no starting RB is running a 4.7” If you weren’t so quick to want to prove someone wrong you’d realize that.

  32. It does not matter how F’ing Fast your QUARTERBACK is. It matters to WR to RB but not to a true QB. Speed does not beat concusions, ACL tears or worse that occur with higher frequency in running QB’s!!!

    Terrible IDEA!!!!

    • Didn’t you know:

      Starting in 2014 SB will be decided by a series of 40 yard dashes.

      1st Q is QBs vs RBs and OTs vs DEs
      2nd Q is Wrs vs DBs and DTs vs Guards and Centres
      3rd Q is LBs vs TEs and KR vs PR
      4th Q decides it all with punters vs kickers

      Its the new NFL

    • It matters if you run an offense where you need your QB to be a THREAT to run. You don’t actually NEED him to run, but you need defenses to beleive he can and will do so.

      It’s why Kelly says he doesn’t need a mobile QB, but best beleive he wouldn’t mind one since it puts the math on his side.

      • In college you can run your QB because you have NOT invested $100,000,000.00 in him. College QB’s are USED and “ABUSED” (in a sense) by coaches in many ways.

        Running a High percentage of your Salary Cap out on to the field to get CRUSHED is A VERY VERY VERY BAD business decision. NFL will stand for NOT FOR LONG if this is your philosophy!

        Exhibit A: How many complete seasons has Vick Had?

        Exhibit B: RGIII already under the Knife.

        I loved watching Randall but He was KILLED and you can not put your investment in that position!

        • When did Randall get killed? The one time he was injured as an Eagle it was in the pocket.

          • Do you think Bill B in NE would treat Tom Brady the Way Buddy Treated Randall??? Hell no because the league learned that the shots these mega athletes took were becoming too much.

            Randall’s Poster had a prominent spot above my bed along with Reggie’s.

            Now that I am grown up though I can understand the punishment and the ill advised idea of subjecting the biggest investment on your team to that type of punishment.

            I know I made it obvious I don’t like Vick and I don’t. He is not and never will be Randall… but even 7 should never have been subjected to the style of football he has been asked to play / or has chosen to play. The game is hard enough on a body to ask it to take punishment like that. RB’s last how long??? You can replace a RB a heck of a lot easier than a QB.

            Bottom Line. RUNNING your QB is STUPID!

            • And where did Tom Brady get hurt? Scrambling or in the pocket? Why did P.Manning need neck surgery? From all those ill advised read option plays the Colts ran? Football players get hurt it’s part of the game not just running QB’s. I guess all those scrambling yards Troy Aikman racked up was the cause for all those concussions he had. Maybe playing QB period is stupid.

              • Do you want your QB to lay or do you not?

                Take the years they played * 16 (games available). Then look at the amount of games they actually played.

                Brady 12 years as a starter. Played 177 of 192 games. Played in 92% of his games.

                Peyton 15 years as a starter. Played 224 of 240 games. Played in 93% of his games.

                Vick 9 years as a starter. Played 102 of 144 games. Played 71% of his games.

                Football players do get hurt.

                Running QBs get hurt MORE.

  33. Awesome, now get me a slow accurate passer to win a SB

  34. @Vinnie, football players get hurt period injuries are part of the game another nonsense stat Foles played 6 games and ended the season on IR. How many games did Steve Young or Roger Staubach or Fran Tarkenton miss? Do some get hurt more then others? Yep fact of the matter is this most QB injuries come in the pocket not scrambling.

  35. Fine…if that’s the way it has to be:

    Some famous pocket QBs

    Brees: 169 of 176 games. 96%
    Marino: 240 of 265 games 91%
    Moon: 297 of 336 games 88%…and 14 of his missed games came after 40
    Flacco: 80 of 80 games 100%

    do I have to go on, or do you get the idea??

    Famous running QBs: (who averaged more than 50 rushes/year)

    Cunningham 112 of 160 games or 70%
    Vick 102 of 144 games or 71%
    McNabb 142 of 176 or 80% (didn’t count wsh or minny)
    Young 114 of 144 or 79% (only counted after he became a starter)

    Do I have to go on, or is it sinking in yet?

    All football players get hurt. All quaterbacks get hurt.

    Running QBs get hurt MORE.

    • And your missing the point, how many of those injuries came in the pocket Vinnie, you can post a million stats that don’t mean a thing because you don’t know where the injuries occur if your a mobile QB and you get hurt in the pocket that stat means nothing absolutely nothing. So now back to the original point where do QB’s get hurt scrambling or in the pocket? Case in point Bledsoe was a pocket QB who lost his job to Brady when he was hit outside the pocket on a scramble but his injury stats would fall under pocket QB’s. So those numbers your posting means what exactly?

    • I really do not get why people can not understand this. It is so obvious.

      A running QB is a bad business move in that you can expect the face of your franchise to miss far more games than if you go with a traditional pocket style Qb

      • What mumbo jumbo are you talking about now? You and Vinnie’s point about running QB’s are senseless. Football players get injured period its part of the game. If you actually played football you would understand that.

  36. Look Biglion. I think you are a smart guy. A regular guy. An intelligent guy.

    So why do you have to write things like you are challenged.

    Buddy the numbers are obvious. Running qbs get punished. They miss more games. Done.

    Stop playing the ignorant game “but why but why? – were they hurt in the pocket??”

    You sound lint an idiot.

    They’re hurt more because they get hit more.

    I have no idea (and neither do you) where the final injury – the one then keeps them out of games- happens…in the pocket or out.

    It doesn’t matter.

    Running qbs get hit more.

    Those hits accumulate.

    Bodies breakdown.

    And they get “hurt” more often.

    Anyone who watches footy knows this. The numbers bear it out.

    As for you, there are 2 otions:

    1 – you are an idiot who doesn’t see it

    2 – you know it, but ignore the facts because they don’t mesh with your love for Vick

    who are you?

    • You have no point Vinnie, what’s easier to hit a stationary target or a moving target? Your intelligent so you know the answer. Michael Vick has nothing to do with this conversation. I would venture to guess that pocket QB’s get hit more than running QB’s over the course of a season unless they are running the ridiculous read option all game.

    • Got a better question how many games did Peyton Manning miss due to injury in 2011?

  37. BigLion,

    ” I would venture to guess that pocket QB’s get hit more than running QB’s over the course of a season unless they are running the ridiculous read option all game.”

    Have you watched football over the past 20 years????

    Pocket Qb’s take far less hits.

    Look up Manning and look up vick hits per year.

  38. What games are you watching? The NFL has changed rules the last 10 years to lesson hits the QB’s take in the pocket, now why do you think that is? Now ask that stupid question again. How much do you pay attention to the games? And even with rule changes pocket passers still get hurt just like mobile QB’s.

    • No. They. Do. Not.

      They. Get. Hurt. Less.

      • You are clueless on this point Vinnie, see you didn’t answer my question what is an easier target, stationary or moving?

        • The stationary target has 5 or 6 giant guys in front of him keeping would be tacklers….so….when it comes to the QB, “stationary” who remain in the pocket are clearly harder to hit than players in the open field.

          Your rattling on otherwise does not make it so.

          You keep saying over and over that running qbs and pocket QBs get hurt at the exact same rate, despite all the evidence placed in front of you.

          You see it. You ignore it.

          Now, I will gladly accept your premise that running and pocket QBs get hurt at the same rate, the moment you provide some valid evidence to that claim.

  39. Big as I stated before. They don’t care how smart and reasonable you are. They don’t care. You still haven’t gotten an answer to your question in regards to where Randall, Brady, and manning were when they were injured. It doesn’t matter; they’re dug in. Remember how excited most were when Kelly was hired. Optimism abound. The moment he stated his desire to keep Vick almost all started calling him a moron; accused some collusion with a gm/owner with “agendas” favoring players “like” Vick. I mean it’s not like their post aren’t right here in black and white. No pun intended…lmao. And not that it matters, but like you I’m rooted for my team whether it’s foles, barkley, or master yoda. But I’m going to call out bullshyt when it’s plain as day. I am convinced that if Vick did when a sb as the starting qb, many of thses same guys who constantly bring his name up (even in threads not directly about him) negatively, would be PISSED.

  40. There’s no arguing the fact that quarterbacks who put the ball under their arm and run 100+ times a season spend more time on the injury list than pocket passing quarterbacks. There’s mountains of data that support that fact. Go do some research if you can’t believe what should be obvious

    There’s good reasons why coaches don’t want quarterbacks running the ball. Chip Kelly don’t even want his quarterback running that much. You won’t see RG3 running as much in the future.

    • Irish let me ask you a question and Songs brought this up football players get hurt, Joe Theisman was a mobile QB how did his career end? Name me one QB that had a career ending injury on a scramble? Manning who hañd in Vinnie’s words 5 big guys protecting him and a quick boot woundd up missing an entire season. What does data mean when the data doesn’t show you where these players were injured. Like I said to Regal the NFL was so concerned about injuries to pocket QB’s they have instituted all kinds of rule changes. Football players get hurt some more so then others what is so hard to understand about that?

      • Yes the league protects QBs in the pocket – even more reason to stay in the pocket. This is a silly discussion…. What player on the field has the shortest career life? RBs – and it’s not close. Running with the ball is the most likely way to be injured in football.

        Michael Vick came into the league with LaDainian Tomlinson, Deuce McAllister, Travis Henry, running backs that are long gone from the pounding they took.

        Vick also came in the league with Drew Brees – Brees has played in 170 games to Vick’s 120, but Brees has carried the ball 198 times to Vicks 791. Brees has missed only one game to injury in the last 9 years…. not Vick.

  41. Thank you

    Another voice of reason. I am trying really hard to not focus specifically on Vick and more on the idea of running QB’s as a bad idea!

    Big. If a QB is running North and a LB is running south and they collide the force of the impact is much greater than if the QB is in the pocket steping to the side and getting sacked. PHYSICS can not be beat. It’s one reason RB’s do not last as long they get hit at high speed while moving at high speed A-Lot!

    • Right Regal and most really good rb’s play for a long time. Or don’t you watch the games?

      • Actually, that’s another in your long list of ridiculous, unsubstianted statements.

        The reality of RBs is they have the shortest career average (years played) of any position, precisely because they take so much cumulative punishment (esp to legs).

        Most starting RBs begin to fade (often quite quickly) around age 29-30.

        Mike Vick, on top of his laundry list of injuries he’s sustained, has 790 caries added to that mileage….though of course, none of this means anything to you….the past is irrelevant in Biglion’s world.

        • Yep and add on the 4 years of college ball and 4 years of high school ball most running backs are on borrowed time when they get to the league. Vinnie nobody is arguing against the fact that Vick is injury prone my point is football players get injured regardless of position mobile QB’s get hurt in the pocket and pocket Qb’s get hurt running what is so difficult to understand about that?

      • Big, I’ve always liked you but you’re digging yourself a hole here dude. RBs have the shortest shelf life of any position and by a pretty significant amount. Why do you think that is? I realize QBs can get hurt in the pocket but the chances are easily increased if they’re running too.

        The odds of getting into a car accident are highest within 2 miles of your house. It’s not because that stretch of road is any more dangerous but because that’s where the bulk of your time is spent; so obviously pocket QBs will fet hurt in the pocket. Name me one pocket passer who has missed more games over his career than Vick.

        RG3 and Vick are the poster children for why running QBs are more suseptible to injury.

        • Let me try to explain this, some players are more injury prone than others, for every shortened career you can counter with a long one, at every position. Ed Reed plays a physical game he’s still playing, Bob Sanders couldn’t stay on the field gone. Same at running back, Payton, Franco Smith those dudes played forever, how many games has Aaron Rodgers missed a mobile QB. How many games did Elway miss a mobile QB, Football players get injured some are more susceptible then others and being mobile has nothing to do with it.

          • There is a difference between Mobile and running. Elway did not tote the rock like a college kid in the oregon offense did.

            BTW elway won when he had a running back (TD) who everyone knew was going to get the ball and he did not need to threaten to run. You can use something else more effective and that is play action. Establish dominance upfront with runs for positive yards and BAM pull it out of the RB gut and go Downtown baby. Like the giants did for years to get a few rings. (I hate the giants but they have played much better football than the soft eagles have over the past few years.)

      • Find me a running back with a career as long and productive as Warren Moon and Peyton Manning! Pocket passers play longer if they take care of themselves. Find me a RB at 35 who is getting another contract for big money!

        I am laughing this is such a bad argument!

  42. Vick gets hurt ’cause he doesn’t slide – not because he runs. If you run and slide or get out of bounds you’re not taking too many hits. It’s the refusal to go down and think your 6ft 200lb frame and take on some oversized defensive player.

    And the bulk of Vick’s injuries lately have come int the pocket. A fact everyone keeps missing.

  43. Where did I say that Vinnie? I said QB’s get hurt whether they’re mobile or not and because you can’t pinpoint where these injuries occur it’s more useless statistics. But since you want to make this all about Vick you cannot understand that. Injuries happen Bledsoe statue hurt outside the pocket. Locker mobile hurt in the pocket.

    • This isn’t about VIck…its about running QBs and how, historically, they get hurt more than pocket QBs. This is because they get hit 5 or 6 more times each game and those hits add up.

      That is one of the reasons running QBs do not work for long term success in the NFL.

      But you won’t allow yourself to admit the obvious will you? Despite mountains of evidence showing that QBs who run more get hurt more and miss more games.

      Just one big 80 year long coincidence.

      But you won’t admit that

  44. Oh…and somehow…Bledsoe, a human statue (who you said should be easier to hit because he was so stationary) was somehow able to play in 93% of the games he could have. That’s weird.

  45. Who cares. I am Vicked-Out…
    Team will not be a 100% Chip Kelly’s Team until Vick is gone..
    He could have done something about it, but failed to do so,
    So the QB Discussion goes back and forth for another Season
    Which in the end will show to be a wasted rebuild season by Kelly and his Staff
    As they try as the previous 3 NFL Coach’s did in “Re-Inventing Mike Vick”
    Instead of focusing on the Team for the Future in Year 1 of his Tenure..
    Another lost opportunity by the Franchise..

  46. OK last point. If you are investing your money in a player. Do you invest in a Pocket passer for whom the league is writing rules to protect your investment? Or do you invest in a running QB and run him to get crushed outside of the protection of the rules?

    If you pick running QB then You are either a dope, have money to lose, or really are a sicko that wants to see ACL Tears, Concussions, Broken stuff, at a higher frequency and you get a kick out of paying someone to go into your modern day Coliseum just to watch the carnage and feel like Nero as your investment BURNS AROUND YOU!!!!

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