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Matt Barkley: “I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact”

MattBarkley5Maybe Matt Barkley knows something that the rest of us don’t.  He was on 97.5 The Fanatic and made the following statement amongst the conversation.

“So without a doubt, I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact.”

It seems that everybody is challenging Michael Vick this week.  Here you’ve got a quarterback, who was drafted in the fourth round, but he’s talking about making an impact in the first year.  Not just playing, but making an impact.  That means getting on the field and playing ahead of Vick and Nick Foles at some point.  He probably figures if Vick starts, he’s going to get hurt at some point and he’s confident he can beat out Foles. We’ll see.

That’s the type of confidence you want from your quarterback.  He’s not even sure about what they’re going to be asking him to do, but the youngster is confident he can do whatever they want him to do.

“I don’t exactly know what type of system it is going to be.  I probably have similar questions that you do,” Barkley was being interviewed on 97.5 The Fanatic and the quotes were on “Once we get into rookie camp next week I’ll have a better idea. But in terms of what style of quarterback he needs, I have heard him say multiple times both to the public and to me personally that he is going to make the personnel he has fit in the system. So without a doubt I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact, or just help the team in whatever way I can. I don’t think it matters what people say about me and what type of quarterback I am, I think Coach Kelly will make it work.”

I could tell the youngster what kind of offense he’s going to be running for the Birds.  The Eagles have merged segments of Chip Kelly’s Oregon offense with the West Coast offense.  I think Barkley is a West Coast offense type of quarterback.  He’s very smart, capable of getting the ball out of his hands very quickly and very accurate in the short to intermediate throws. That’s a West Coast offense quarterback.

The USC grad and the rest of the rookies will be working out with their coaches next week. on Facebook

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77 Comments for “Matt Barkley: “I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact””

  1. It wouldn’t shock me if Matt B ended up starting at some point in the year, but he definitely isn’t going to start on week 1. Chip and the Eagles are focused on “Winning now” for some reason, and not on rebuilding with the youngsters right away. Mike Vick is going to have his last and final chance with his team and will be the teams opening day starter

  2. Nothing wrong with a little confidence in the rook. Foles was a rookie and Started last year so you had better be prepared. Whomever the starter maybe be he is one hit away from being in there. Good to know at least he thinks he can do it.

  3. I have heard him say multiple times both to the public and to me personally that he is going to make the personnel he has fit in the system”

    And the question still is, what is the system?

  4. He better feel that way, I just hope he turns out better then the last 3 USC QB’s

  5. Yeah that’s right the “GOLDEN BOY” has spoken.

  6. I almost got sucked back in with Vick today. I was at work thinking about how Vick beat Mccoy in that race. Thinking how with him, Mccoy,Djax,Ertz Maclin etc etc how explosive we could be. I had to jump back and smack the shit out myself and say HELL NO NOT AGAIN. I will never be suckered by his abilities ever again dammit.

  7. Matt Barkley: “I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact”
    sounds like something Songs can get behind —
    He might be all in.

  8. gary…. not you too??? how did you get sucked into this spin? What was the question he was asked when he responded this way? I see this as a solid answer and I have no issue with this. I for 1 am always saying the players need to stop talking and play but this is a rook who is showing confidence. Nothing to see here.

  9. If Vick lines up as the starting QB in the first preseason game it will be like Spencer Hawes lining up as the starting Center for the 76ers — a complete letdown and drain on my enthusiasm toward the impending season. I would have accepted a Carson Palmer or Alex Smith anything but the status quo.

  10. I am to believe that a QB’s speed is the greater asset than pocket awareness, accuracy, and the ability to be a true POSITIVE leader of men.

    I feel certain this wont happen but;

    If Vick is our starting QB I will officially no longer be an Eagles fan and will choose a new team until such time that he cut, retires, or Hurt. Find me a real franchise QB.

  11. Lets also clarify that the is only one system in the NFL as teams steal play concepts and designs like they are left out on the curbside. All these coaches are smart. What will be unique to the eagles is how they COMMUNICATE the plays and the TEMPO at which they run. If you don’t understand that you have not been paying attention.

    • Stop Regal just stop one system in the NFL really now. Please go on further I need to learn more about this one system. Tom Brady will look real good running that 49er system that Kaepernick is running.

      • You small minded fool. You just do not get it!

      • Obviously you will not utilize Tom Brady and Mike Vick the same way but in the instance that vick goes down (and he would if he was going to see the field…which he wont) You now call different plays for Foles and Barkley. Your “system does not change because your “system” is really how you communicate plays not the plays them self. It is also the tempo you run them at. Your a mental midget!

        • Tom Brady can run any play any other qb can run. Not as well with the running plays but he could. You don’t do it because it would be idiotic to risk Brady to prove a ridiculous point..

          Belicheck may call a specific pass – Supercalafragalisticexpialadosious.

          Andy Reid may call it- A ham sandwich with heavy mayo and a side of cheeseburger.

          Chip kelly may call it: Super Mayo but it’s the same F’ing play!

          • Therefore there is really only one “system” in a traditional sense.

            West coast offense concepts are in every teams playbook so there is no West Coast offense any more.

            The Wild cat was in every-ones playbook within a year.

            Get it yet smallballedlion??????

      • Sorry.. I had a crapy day and you don’t deserve the personal (sorta) shots.

        • I just had fun reading that nonsense, sorry about your crappy day. So does that mean on defense the 3-4 is really the 4-3. LOL

          • No. However the whole Ameoba defense thing would argue your point!

            Again though I think that Personnel is far more important than scheme. Great players that are molded into a cohesive unit will make plays.

            Most teams have diverse enough rosters to run a 3-4, 4-3, nickle, dime, goal line, blah blah blah depending on what they are trying to do with match ups.

            • See now we agree on something personnel is far more important then schemes case in point the greatest show on turf in St. Louis that offense wouldn’t have worked without the right components. Which is why Mark Bulger didn’t have success in it and a guy like Mike Martz is always looking for a job.

  12. I seriously think that all 3 QB’s might play this yr. I think that Vick will run those special plays where he takes a QB sneak up the middle, or to the outside, do some option plays with Mccoy and Brown, and then have Barkley and Foles concentrate on those short passing plays. Mix it up and catch the D off guard. Use the QB’s to their strengths. Keep it simple

  13. Shit if Vick is that fast still, then put him in the back field, or at WR and run some trick plays. I’m sure Vick wouldn’t last long doing that considering he’s always getting hurt, but it would be fun to watch

  14. Everybody thinks Mike Vick is the starter QB for this team but the head coach hasn’t endorsed anyone. The last 2 college coaches Jim Harbough and Pete Carrol played the best QB not the QB who made the most money.

  15. Question: Did anybody actually see this race between Vick & McCoy?

    • The mere fact that the race story was posted on the Eagles website tells you that is was a PR spectacle. Maybe for comparison they should have Shady race some of those D-lineman and Linebackers that have caught Vick from behind lately.

  16. I would expect the fewest turnovers from Foles behind a better oline. Vick runs fast but thinks slow (averaged almost a second slower last season in getting the ball out).

    • Foles 1st 2.5 games. 1td, 3 ints and 6 fumbles (3 in 1 game)

      Foles last 4 games. 2 ints and 2 fumbles.

      Learning……finished season with interception % which Is half that of his predecessor.

  17. Vinnie is still holding the torch for Foles, give it a break man, he will not be starting. Its going to be between Vick and Barkley. Give it up. They’re going to hold onto Foles for trade value purposes that’s it. They tell the media they love Foles, then they go out and resign/restructure Vicks contract. If that’s not enough, then they go and draft a highly decorated QB in Matt Barkley haha.. I can just feel the love can’t you? Get over your man love for Foles, its pointless, we all see the writing on the wall

    • You sir are WRONG.

      They gave vick a take it or get lost contract!

      They Signed a QB in the 4th round that may have slid far more than he should have so he was value.

      Foles has NFL experience and showed flashes of real QB play that he should beat oyt the others to start the season.

      Foles will get 8 Games for evaluation. If he is not good enough then they go to Barkley

      • Regal, another delusional Foles lover. Open your eyes man. Why would they bring Vick back at all if they wanted to go to Foles? And why would they draft a highly decorated QB Matt Barkley at all? It wasnt bc of value alone, if you wanna believe that than your wrong and gullible. If Foles is the guy, why is Chip saying that its an open QB competition at camp if Foles is the so called guy? Answer these questions Regal or anyone else that wants to try and defend Foles to the death..

        • Open competition it is. If i were Kelly i would fo the same. Vick should be happy that he was even brought back after a horrible season. Yes, i understand the team had problems along the line, and he was hurt for most of the season, but it wouldn’t make sense for Kelly to name anyone the starter at this point. Open competition is what it should be, and I’m happy with that. Let the better QB take the helm. Vick, Foles, Dixon or Barkley. I just want to see this team do well this upcoming season. Makes some strides and bulid some continuity

    • I’m holding a torch for anyone not named Vick. Because, as I said in 2010, and 2011, and 2012, and now again in 2013, with Vick, I know how the story always ends.

    • I agree with Vinnie. Barkley isn’t shit but a well known name that you presumptuously assume will perform on a higher level than he did in College.

      He isn’t starting anytime soon. Infact none of these draft picks will perform to a level that will impact the Eagles the way most of you see it.YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW TALENT…..Barkley will be holding the clipboard, until some sucker assumes he’s ready to start, and will give the Eagles a high draft pick for him.

      This is no man love for Foles it’s being realistic. To hear some of you all offseason, Foles was to be traded. ..Well, he wasn’t, and isn’t. How many times can you be wrong, and still think you know what you are talking about, or claim to have any credibility? Foles is here like it or not.

      • Vick is starting, and won’t be traded….When the season starts, and he is still here can we cease with the Vick trade talk because Matt Barkley is here?…that’s BS..He hasn’t learned the NFL Game against NFL level players yet!!!!

        Case and point, he isn’t better than Vick, or Foles….He is only crowned starter in your eyes because you hate on Vick so much, and you underestimate Foles, and he can’t touch either one Period!

      • Not even Ertz Gm?

          • Ertz, hasn’t learned the NFL Game against NFL level players yet either!!!! He played behind a guy Coby Fleener who wa suppose to be as great as some are envisioning Ertz…..In reality, he stunk…you think about it.

            How foolish will you look, if he isn’t all that? Which I don’t think he will be, or any other draft pick this year.

            Chip Kelly hasn’t proven he can compete against NFL Coaching yet either. Relax…….

            • Ertz will see 25 Snaps a game as the 2nd TE, and by Season’s end ewill see more and more snaps and take a bigger Role than Celek
              Casey will line up as FB but go out into ion, and be moved around a bit. Celek eill line up as Traditional TE next to OT for the most part..

              • Yeah Paul, and Vick, Foles, and DeSean will be traded right?

                hahahahahhahahah!!!!!!!!! Don’t take that for granted my friend.

              • I would have looked to Trade Vick or D-Jax, don’t think either of them are Winners just like CB Asmo wasn’t..

              • But….In Reality they are still here, and if Vick has an even decent season he will be back next year as well……….pissing off all the haters again.

              • 2013 Season will be it for VIck, if he even lasts the entire Season..
                He was strictly an “Insurance Player” in case Foles is a Bust and depending how the Draft went. .I am sure the Eagles did not feel that Barkely would be there in the 4th Round so now Chip Kelly is now playing with “House $$$” as far as the QB position goes ..

              • Remember you said that……I shouldn’t see on word from Paulman if Vick is brought back after a good season.

                Because if he does have a good season, and thats a big if…….he would have earned another contract although I doubt it will be longer than 3 years….You know you my boy Paul, but you are 0 for 6 with these trade assumptions….DeSean, Vick, Foles, Herramanns, Celek, Cole, and Avant……..

  18. Jon they brought Vick back as insurance just in case the youngsters struggle. Jon tell me what point would it show to have Vick as QB the whole season we all can agree that he’s gone when seasons end wouldn’t you want to see what Foles and Barkley has so when the draft next season.

  19. Everyone nobody knows who the starter is but if you gonna tell me that Chip wants a accurate QB and a QB that can get the ball out his hands quickly and can make all the reads that’s not Mike Vick.

    • It will be Vick,,,,,,,,,,,,It won’t be Barkley, so get used to seeing him carry the clipboard. Foles will be the hands down back up.

      • Careful Cliff you’ll be accuse of worshiping Vick, instead of just being a level headed knowledgeable Eagle fan.

        • Biggie you know I have no problem telling one sided critics to kiss my ass, so ask me if I give less than a darn brother…What does it matter? I’m still right……….

          I will say this, Matt Barkley is completely overrated by those who don’t know talent, but will assume on the popular player’s professional career – ala Thomas Robinson, and Jared Sullinger, popular collegiate players who were overmatched in the pros – Barkley will be no different.

          I just watch Greg Cosell make the same points. No arm, no speed, no-thing special. HE WILL SIT THE BENCH!!!! If he came out last year he would already be a bust. If they wanted a QB, GMCliff says, Landry Jones, should have been the choice he will be the heir apparent to Ben Rothlisberger. Strong arm, accurate, and a better prospect than Barkley.

          I said this once, and I will say it all season long, this draft stunk, and the Eagles left serious talent on the board. We had an opportunity to fix, and impact this defense. Who is the superstar on this defense?

          I am willing to support Chip Kelly, but he was not my choice as the new coach. I’m sure Gus Bradley, would have saw fixing this defense as a priority……………..This draft is evidence of just DUMB PLANNING

  20. Vick is the highest paid starter on the roster which mean it’s his job to lose, similar to Seattle with Flynn and Wilson…..

    Wilson was so good that Flynn didn’t stand a chance.

    Vick will be the starter and will keep the job if he win games.

    It’s that simple.

    If he lose then the rookie will get his shot.

    • Incorrect Songs, LT Jason Peters is the Highest Paid Player and Starter on the Roster. Vick is the highest paid QB on the Roster

  21. Dman how can this team make strides if Vick is the QB knowing he won’t be back next season I just don’t understand unless he’s an insurance policy in case Foles or Barkley don’t look good.

    • It will all depend on how these QB’s develop in Kelly’s offense, But your correct Turk, Vick most likely won’t be back next season.

  22. Vick starts the first 4 Games, get’s hurt, Foles plays the 10 games and Barkkey pkays the final 2 Games.. Eagkes Finish at
    Vick goes 2-2
    Foles goes 4-6
    Barkley goes 0-2

    This is how I see the 2013 Season
    Nothing settled at QB for Eagles who release Vick
    And have Foles/Barkley next Off-Season to determine 2014
    Starter.. $$$ is on Barkley

    • Oh what a waste that would be!

    • That scenario sets this franchise back 5 years, if the Eagles future is Nick Foles and Matt Barkley fighting it out for the QB of the future we are in trouble. Hope I’m wrong.

      • As if the last 2 Seasons with Vick at the helm starting didn’t set this Franchise back already.. Do u guys remember the first 6-8 games of
        2011 & 2012?? These Seasons were lost before the leaves even changed colors in my opinion.. I do not Blame Vick, but as the Leader and Starting QB when has he done to warrant a Starting Spot for 2013???
        QB Competition will be wide open as it should be..

  23. BigLion – what do you expect if Vick returns as the starting QB ? You have written over 50 comments this week defending his right to be the starting QB for 2013. That is a lot of effort. You must believe the Eagles succeed with him or why bother. What is your prognostication for a Vick year 2013?

    • Honestly I have no expectations, no matter who the QB is i’m still an Eagles fan. My hope is that Chip Kelly is what Vick needs to become a better QB, if not on to the next QB. And if you read my 50 comments you would know I wasn’t defending his right to start. Only to compete.

      • Well said Big open competition is fair hopefully one of their asses can shine over the others so we can at least be competitive this year.

  24. I sat back and looked at what the eagles did in the off season. Now I know some of you guys will not agree with me but here I go. In free agency a lot of people didn’t like what the Eagles did, but I did. They went and improved themselves at every position. Granted no top flight free agents signed but good free agents. They had absolutely nothing in the secondary and they went out and rebuilt it. Connor barwin will be a factor, opposite I guess of Trent right now so they will be better upfront. I give them a B in Free agency, now for the draft. I like you guys feel they missed out on a ton of talent but hey Chip got guys he wanted. So strictly for that reason I will give them a B. There are some guys on here that just like to complain about everything the Eagles do. But let’s remember one thing this is a new everything as far as coaching goes. Chip seems to be a coach that can think on the fly while the game is going on. Not like Andy where if the game plan wasn’t working then we were screwed. So in Chip I trust, I will take my couple of month’s off from Gcobb for now. I will get back with you guys around August when the football talk will really start to heat up again. You guys have a safe and productive summer. GO BIRDS!!!

    • Cool diddy, enjoy your summer and let’s just hope these guys can make a run at the playoffs stranger things have happened.

    • Stay Cool Diddy!!

      We’ll talk about how bad Barwin, and Graham were after the season. Howie needs to be replaced, or assisted by GMCliff if he wants a championship.

  25. Other NFL News
    -Dolphins close to signing OT Ryan Clabo
    – Chiefs state that 1st Overall Rd Pick OT Eric Fisher will start at Rat as SlT Brandon Albert Remains with the Club
    -Jags state that 2nd Overall Draft Pick OT Luke Jieckel will all so play RT as Egene Monroe remains at LT
    – How far has Steve Spagnola’s reputation and coaching stock fallen, after being fired by HC Sean Payton for overseeing the worst statitistical Defense in the History of the NFL Kast tear with the Saints and all after a 2 & 1/2 losing Stinit with the Rams
    Philly Fan Favorite “Spags” had to settle for an Asst Defensive Specialist’s Coach for the Ravens as no D/C or even Position Coaching Offers came his way… Tmaje a glorious Olayoff run by the agiants D-Line a few years back in 2008 and what has Spag’s actually accomplished since.. Just another overhyped Coach who happened to have Philly ties..

    • Seems like Harbaugh has a soft spot for his Philly coaching staff buddies paulman.

      • No doubt, helping a friend and former co-worker as Spags tries to rebuild his reputation as a NFL Coordinator, let alone a GC chance anywhere anytime soon is probably doubtful..

        • Dolphins did officially Sign RT Tyson Clabo to a 1 Year Deal
          Which now means Jonathon Martin moves from RT to LT for the Dolphins
          (Rannehill will see some Defenders on his left side in his face all season..
          Martin had a disappointing Rookie Season at RT last year..

  26. I opened up the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning and on page 2 there was a wedding picture of Jeffery Lurie and Yoko Ono LOL

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