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Halladay Was Wrong To Keep Quiet About His Injury

halldaypiraAfter a second straight embarrassing start, Roy Halladay informed the team that apparently he’s been dealing with discomfort in his shoulder since his April 24th start against the Pirates.

Halladay is now likely headed to the disabled list, and will unavailable until his shoulder feels right.

You could argue that Halladay, being the fierce competitor that he is, was just trying to tough it out in order to help the team. But the reality is that the opposite is true.

Halladay went through this same song and dance last season. While he wasn’t pitching nearly as bad as he’s been this season, there was a noticeable decline in the quality of the former Blue Jay’s production in 2012. He had been reportedly dealing with shoulder problems during the season before going on the disabled list for over a month. The lesson that Halladay should have learned from that experience was that if he knows that something isn’t right with his body, he owes it to the team to inform them immediately so that they can determine the extent of the injury and come up with a plan to get him back to full strength as soon as possible.

Halladay is no good to the team if he’s dealing with an injury that is impacting his game in any way. Now, instead of learning from his mistake a year ago, the former All-Star once again chose not to mention anything about his injury until it had been festering for several weeks. Perhaps if he had told them about the problem when it supposedly began (after his start against Pittsburgh), the team could have performed an MRI, figured out what was wrong, and shut him down right then and there to avoid making the situation worse.

Unfortunately, Halladay decided not to say a word. He went on with his normal routine, only further aggravating his injury, and costing the Phillies opportunities to win a pair of games against the Indians and Marlins (which he allowed a combined 17 runs in).

After what he went through in 2012, there’s no good reason/excuse for Halladay to be silent about any abnormal pain or discomfort. Now all he’s done by trying to tough things out is embarrass himself with two dreadful starts and cost his team a couple of games, and potentially more depending on how long it will take him to recover and rejoin the rotation. on Facebook

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11 Comments for “Halladay Was Wrong To Keep Quiet About His Injury”

  1. The late, great bluesman Freddie King did a song called ‘I’m Tore Down’….Roy Halladay is tore down.

    Halladay hurt his shoulder (labrum, rotator cuff, bursa sack messed up) initially after he threw the no-hitter against the Reds in the playoffs 2010…I think it has gotten worse and never been dealt with.

    However, rotator cuff could mean surgery, and year long rehab.

    Now, it could be deltoid too, but something is messed up.

    • Exactly frank. Cover up at it’s finest. After a week, when the POS Pitching Coach comes out & rips the nedia, & Mitch Williams, for calling his dumb@$$ on the carpet! Doobie, has done nothing but lie, enable & cover for these guys for 3-4 years now! It’s F^#@ING nauseating! I’m embarrassed & ashamed to be a fan right now!

  2. No excuses Denny. He hasn’t been right for 2 years now, & if these bunch of inept morons, that we have, as a Pitching Coach, Manager, GM & medical staff, didn’t realize something was amiss, & they didn’t do their due diligence, to get him examined, they all need to be fired! If they didn’t learn from the Utley debacle & lies for 3 years, they WILL NEVER LEARN! They shouldn’t have wait for him to say something! They all are cowards & enablers, to let the inmates run the prison! Pure stupidity, & ineptness, at it’s finest. That’s why this franchise is a disgrace & embarrassment! The house needs to be Spring cleaned out! NOW!!!!!

  3. He should have been on the 45-60 Day DL after Spring Traing to Start the Season with the hopes of returning to form and come up in mid-June to see if he had 20 good Starts left in him for the summer Playoff push .. It was obvious in Soring that his stuff was not up at a MLB level..
    He has not been the same Pitcher since oulling himself out due to heat exhaustion at Wrigley Field vack in August of 2011.. When I believe that something with his shoulder, elbow or arm wasn’t right..
    It’s a shame, but he has thrown a lot innings in his Career and is at the end of the line now..

  4. It could be worse Halladay’s contract could look like Chris Prongers, at least Roy gave it a try unlike Andrew Bynum

    • Big differences, Pronger can be LTIR’d every year, & Bynum was covered by an insurance policy, so those points are irrelevant! Halladay has been $40M, of dead $$$$, because of his lies & the teams incompetence & dysfunction.

  5. It’s really sad to see actually. I think it’s a culmination of an injury and miles on that arm. For 10 years this guy was a dominant horse, now it pains me to watch him. Have to give it to him though, he had a hell of a run.

  6. Denny, go back to SJ you plagiarizing Bum!!!!!

  7. Hello….

    Doc does not need to Lie to keep getting paid. He would be paid his full money if he Never stepped on a field this year. It’s one of the reasons that baseball SUCKS from a personnel standpoint. In football other than signing Bonuses teams can CUT players before the season and not owe them a dime. In baseball a guy could sign a contract on Monday and by Friday be on a beach somewhere collecting because his &*%%$ hurts cause he got sand in it sliding into first.

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