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Evan Mathis Has “Clean Out” Surgery On His Ankle

EvanMathis4The Eagles coaches consider their offensive line to be the strongest area of the football team, so any time anybody on the offensive line has to have surgery, it’s news.  According to Jeff McLane of, Birds left guard Evan Mathis had surgery to “clean out” his left ankle.

Originally the Birds were looking to do surgery on Mathis’ ankle after the season since he injured it during the 2013 campaign, but when the time came to do it, they didn’t think it was necessary.

After the workouts began this off season, the left guard had some trouble with swelling and discomfort in the ankle, so they decided to take care of it now.

I’ve had the surgery myself and it isn’t a big deal.  It will give Mathis more range of motion in his ankle because the doctor was removing bone chips and other materials that may have developed in his ankle after his injury last season.
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19 Comments for “Evan Mathis Has “Clean Out” Surgery On His Ankle”

  1. They say he should be fine by camp, but what if he’s not? Mathis isn’t that great but dam we have no depth. Larry warford sure would look good right now .

  2. Guard Larry Warford was selected 2 PIcks before the Eagles Selection in the 3rd Round
    Interior LIneman who I would have preferred Drafted before DT B Logan were

    Center/Guard Barrett Brooks
    Center/Guard Brian Schwenke
    Guard Brian Winters
    Guard/Tackle Terron Armstead

  3. Yes just one of those dudes would be great paulman. I knew warford was taken before their pick. I just think they should have targeted him and made a move to get him

  4. Oh wait we have Watkins what was I thinking. Lol no worries

  5. Logan sucks by the way he is way too small to be a true NT.

  6. They must of locked gamble in a closet during the draft. I can’t believe he was part of that tragedy.

  7. a few GCobb readers could use a clean out of their cranium, including myself for caring about these local franchises this year

  8. Evan Mathis was the only Offensive Linemen who made it through the season now he is under the knife — what a horrible year 2012 was

  9. Kelce’s Knee is more of a. Inferno, not expected back to late June,
    Missing all the OTA’s with only Reynolds behind him on the Depth Cgart as far as I can see, better get another Center of have 1-2 other Interior OL take some snaps and help with the reads and assignments, this could be big if Kelce isn’t 100% by Camp.. New Offense being installed and he needs to be in there to call the blocking assignments

    • Good post paulman, I wasn’t sold on Kelce anyway small Howard Mudd guy and now coming back from an injury with only Dallas Reynolds behind him is terrible.

    • will the blocking assignments remain with the Center or will they go back to the QB?

      • Good question Regal ..
        Heck, they may even come in from the Sidelines per Chip Kelly and his SIgn Board’s .. 1 Sign, says Block the Player in Front of you,
        another says Block to the left, and another Sign says block to the Right,
        the last Sign say’s, don’t block, let them in, we are running a Screen Play
        but these Signs will all be Coded with Caharacters from the FLintstone Show
        Fred’s Flinstone will be Block straight Ahead
        Barney will be Block to the Left since he was a LIberal
        Wilma will be Block to the Right since she’s Conservative by nature
        Bam-Bam will be the let them thu for a Screen Play to throw them off..

  10. Way off topic my apologies guys, but dam these NBA playoffs have been good. It’s a shame the sixers suck so bad.

    • Hey CM,
      Has anyone officially introduced you to Jon Hart..
      He is the Resident 76er Expert on
      (At least in his own mind he is) Enjoy..

  11. Off the record…God bless those girls who were found today in Cleveland. Justice better be served. Those scum bags will get what’s coming to em i promise you all that. Prison is no place for rapist and child molesters.

  12. Not even mini-camp yet, & we have an entire line of ?????’s! Way to go Weaselman!

  13. I think Herremans takes that job back and Mathis gets cut. The reality is Chip Kelly hasn’t had much good to say about the O-Line so I’m expecting some serious cuts there.

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