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Jeremy Maclin: Michael Vick’s Leading Nick Foles In The Quarterback Battle

NickFolesMichaelVick1Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin told Jeff McLane of that Michael Vick is ahead of Nick Foles in the battle for the starting quarterback position.

“Right now, you’ve got Mike going with the ones and Nick ‘sprinkled in,’ some reps here and there,” Maclin told McLane on Thursday.

When asked about whom he thought would be the starting quarterback when the season started, Maclin refused to make the mistake of answering that question.

“I’m not going to get caught up in all that,” Maclin said. “Obviously, you’re looking at a guy like Michael Vick that’s proven himself in this league a guy in Nick Foles who stepped in last year and had some success to a certain extent. Barkley – his college achievements are off the wall.

“So he has good guys to learn from. I’m pretty sure he’s going to have to embrace that and go through some ups and downs being a rookie quarterback.”

It’s not a surprise to me that Vick is leading the contest.  I have felt all alone that he was the favorite to be the number one quarterback when the season started.  The big question is going to be concerning his ability to hang onto the job.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wants to have the read option as part of the offense, because the running game is going to be the key to attack. on Facebook

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130 Comments for “Jeremy Maclin: Michael Vick’s Leading Nick Foles In The Quarterback Battle”

  1. No surprise that a dumb ass average wideout would be stupid enough to say that but more stupid for you gcobb to repeat it as if it carrys credibility, you are worse than these Vick lovers with your ridiculous articles loving one of the biggest frauds in all of sports, screw you gcobb

    • Wow. People on this site have a lot of vitriol for Mike Vick. I for one hope that he has a helluva year as this guy still has a lot left in the tank, in my humble opinion. I have always felt like Vick was ahead of his time. I think when he came out of college, head coaches and offensive coordinators had a difficult time trying to figure out how to use him. Amazingly, I think Dan Reeves was doing a fantastic job with him, but then Arthur Blank brought the Falcons and fired Reeves. Now years later, coaches are coming up with the read option, something that I think would have worked great for Vick when he was younger. Ironically, before all of the dog fighting stuff, I think bobby petrino was going to try and run an offense somewhat similar to this read option stuff, but then vick went to jail.

      • I like your thinking Bozack….

      • Yes bozack999 that would have been nice when Vick was in his prime. But those yrs are over now and he isn’t the same QB. Maybe have him run some trick plays, but he isn’t a full time QB anymore. Time to move on guys

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself Jakedog. Regardless of what Vick does in camp, it always seems like his teamates have his back. What a joke!

  2. well that sucks. im really glad i didnt buy any single game tickets today thats for sure. ill be able to get some for their 3rd home game for half of face value if vick is behind center.

  3. Vick always looks great in shorts. He’s a hall of fame practice player.

    Not so great when a defense is in front of him. He’s a hall of fame fumble machine.

    • Terrell Owens you say your first sentence all the time.

    • You know the funny thing about football is people give up on guys all the time. I remember a couple of years back people were talking about Alex Smith like a dog. People were calling him a bust and one of the worst picks of all time. Then, he finds a coach who knows how to utilize him and all of a sudden, people now think differently about Smith. Trent Dilfer sucked for years, then he goes to baltimore wins a super bowl and now almost everyone has forgotten about Dilfer’s horrible years. I also remember when Vick 1st got out of jail, ESPN analysts and other commentators were stating that he could never play QB in the NFL again and he would have to try and move to another position. Then they said that perhaps he could be a “specialty” QB and maybe run some wildcat. He proved all of them wrong and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he can prove people wrong again.

      • Maclin also said that Barkley would have to go through the ups and downs of being a rookie QB, and he can learn from Vick. So there you have it… Maclin has made all Kelly’s decision for him.

        I guess Foles and Barkley will have to wait 12 plays into the pre-season for Vick to get injured like last year. Then they can work with the ones.

    • *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* keeping going…you have a few months left on GCobb. Vick will be the starter, you will be gone. I’m sure one of your buddies will take over the reigns and keep your memory alive.

  4. Fuck Vick that injury prone inaccurate interception throwing piece of shit. That’s a ringing endoresment for Vick a candy ass shy away from contact pussy like Maclin. I don’t like either one of them losers. Both Maclin, and Vick have no place on this team they both need to be cut.

    • Damn you sound angry, son…They have no place on this team? what kind of comment is that? You don’t even know what this team will be “about”…you don’t know how any of these players will be utilized…Possibly a new coach, new system will be a refresh for the MAJORITY of the players…Cuz ain’t none of them remaining “wowed” me the last 2 seasons!

  5. Dear Bozack999,

    I am sorry to inform you but both of your posts are complete proof of LUNACY. Please check in to the nearest emergency room as you are experiencing delusions most often related to an intense desire to see Mike Vick as a super star. This new form of dementia is often diagnosed by the presence of what are now known to a small group as Vickscuses. These Vickscuses often turn into “Vickophilia” which is expresed as an unconditional love for Vick despite evidence that he is hurting you/your team. With out immediate treatment you may infect you family or other loved ones. Please do not turn the city of philadelphia into a mass of mindless zombies with Vickophilia. Seek treatment!

  6. G,

    How many upset IM’s TXT’s, phone calls did it take for you to back rack from your earlier post which outlines why Vick is all wrong for this team moving forward. (I know you don’t want to be against anyone but C’MON man) Tell me the truth– if you were playing and on this team and you were a 2nd year player not an end of career player– Would you want a young guy or a guy that plays like a rookie in his 30’s? Just sayin.

  7. LOL! Regal Eagle that’s pretty good man! But what I said about other QB’s and even Mike Vick is pretty accurate. These things were said about these guys and I don’t think it is delusional to bring these things up. I know that most of the guys on this site are against Vick still being on this team and I’m fine with that. If people think I’m delusional that’s ok too. I think every thing I said was pretty accurate about Vick. Hell, I even lived in Atlanta for 7 years during Vick’s heyday so I got a chance to see him in his early days. If I were to ask you about Alex Smith 3 years ago, you probably would have laughed or if I had said that Trent Dilfer would one day win a super bowl, I think most people would have thought I was “delusional and suffering from LUNACY!” Good post though, man!

    • Alex Smith had a hell of a-lot more changes in his game over his first few years which set him back. He was also relieved of his job following an NFC champ game where he played well which means that folks felt like he is just average. I don’t expect much out of him as Andy Reid will get him killed.

      Trent Dilfer is a very smart football mind but he was not a talented QB. In fact Vick is far more talented than Dilfer could ever hope to be but one has a SB ring and the other NEVER will! Dilfer never turned the ball over the way vick does. Dilfer could not put a team on his back but he would never shoot the team in the foot. I will take the conservative game manager to the River boat gambler EVERY Time. Make good decisions and win. Hold the ball to long and ruin 52 other guys dreams. Vick owes a-lot of folks for defrauding them over his tenure.

  8. I completely agree with you about Dilfer. Very bright football guy and I think he does a pretty good job on ESPN. But I also think it’s important to realize that when Dilfer won that Super Bowl he had a helluva defense and Dilfer did a good job of not turning the ball over and being “conservative” as you put it. I also agree with you that Alex Smith was getting a new coordinator almost every year (LOL!). But the truth is these guys for whatever reason were written off as has beens, just like Vick has. I also believe that it can be argued that Vick has never played on a team with a great defense or great weapons. Even during his time with the Eagles, I believe that Reid ran an offense that did not cater to Vick’s strengths. Vick is the type of QB that I believe can flourish in a “run-first offense” …The same type of offense that Mike Shanahan was smart enough to run with RG III. Will Vick work under Chip Kelly’s regime? I think it depends on how flexible Kelly will be in working with Vick’s strengths….If you want Vick to run some type of west coast offense I think you are trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

  9. Really the competition hasn’t even started yet what a dumb article

  10. Mike Vick has no business on this football team this team is about the future you really think a old QB that turns the ball over is gonna lead this team. Philly sports teams have a problem always wanting a sure thing instead of going with youth and upside don’t believe me just ask the Phillies and Flyers

    • His use is to build him up a little then CUT him to show the other that this year this team is Foles. I think it is a locker room management thing by the coach to instill a sense of “the coach trusts this guy over the legendary Mike Vick so I have to trust him too.”

      Totally not needed but expected from a college coach who is used to thinking about the psychology of his team/ locker room. I don’t think Andy Reid paid that kind of thing any attention (As evidenced by the TO-McNabb war that was totaly preventable)

  11. Unfortunately, Vick doesn’t have the Defense and Special Teams behind him like Tmrent Dilfer did with the Ragens.. All Dilfer had to every game is get 14-17 points on Offense and let his Defense get the ball back, create some turnovers and play on a short field and maybe even the Defense scores a TD here or there.. No comparison.. Today’s NFL, you need 27-30 Pts to Win Games

  12. Here we go the minute someone says anything remotely positive about Vick here comes the predictable responses. Remotely as in right now Vick is running with ones with Foles sprinkled in. That’s all.

  13. There was no need to report that tell me what’s going on when camp starts!

  14. Paulman, I agree with you, Dilfer did have a much easier job in Vick, but the point I made in a previous post still stands. No one on this planet thought that Dilfer would have won that Super Bowl with the ravens, excellent defense, notwithstanding. People laughed at the notion, just liked they laughed at the notion of Jim Harbaugh taking the 49ers job and leaving alex smith at QB. Why can’t the same thing happen to Vick with Kelly?

  15. Jesus people. it’s early.

    I swear anyone says anything good about M. Vick and all you fools go berserk.

    Your guy (be it Foles or Barkley) can still very well end up the number #1 guy.

  16. RegalEagle same thing could be said about Alex Smith…Smith had Mike Nolan, then the following year they brought in the offensive guru Norv Turner, then shortly thereafter he was under the tutelage of Mike Martz (another offensive guru), then he went on to Mike SIngletary and then Harbargh. Like I said Smith had a few “offensive gurus” to coach him, yet he did not make significant strides until Harbaugh took over. This whole notion that Vick is a “coach killer” even after Vick admitted that he did not work hard when he was younger is still a little comical to me. Dan Reeves was let go after Arthur Blank purchased the team because he wanted his own guy in Jim Mora Jr. (who had not proven anything before getting that coaching job in my opinion) then Vick went to jail and was picked up by the Eagles and Andy Reid…I don’t know how that makes him a coach killer…However, I digress, my point is that Vick’s play has been overstated at times for sure. People do remember all of the highlights and sportscenter moments. But at the same time, Vick has also caught some undue and unncessary criticism that I don’t believe that every QB would have garnered. I find it amazing that in a hard-nosed and tough city like Philadelphia, they love Allen Iverson, but yet they don’t embrace Michael Vick, who really epitomizes A.I. in his toughness, effort and grit. Say what you will about Vick, but he gives a damn and he always gives you maximum effort (at least he has since he was picked up by the Eagles). What if the cupboard isn’t bare and this team has enough to win the NFC East? It’s not like they are in a division with a legitimate favorite. Every one of these NFC East teams has big questions about their future. Last year, no one thought that the Redskins would win the division, but yet it happened. Is it totally out of the realm of possibility that the Eagles could surprise and take this division with Mike Vick at the helm?

  17. wait… what? I thought bringing in the rook… any rook at qb…. would push Vick out the door. isnt that what the gcobb “reporters” told us? Hmm…. but he’s running the O? Someone get Vinnie off the bridge.

    yawn… dont care who the Qb is….. just want the best guy in there. But…. it is funny to watch Vinnie and Pman ship bricks!! lol.

  18. Any way this shakes out, there will be no Super Bowl parties here this year.

    Perhaps Coach Kelly likes Michael Vick’s equipment.

    Me, I think Foles has a lot of talent, and he made a decent showing last year playing with a shambles of an offense and coaching staff, enough to be given a fair shot at the starting job…But, perhaps the Eagles PTB don’t see it that way.

    But, again, this report is just more ‘twitter twaddle’…

    This season looks a little like another train wreck waiting to happen, but maybe it will all shake out for the better…Kelly is an unknown in the pro game, Roseman is a fantasy geek who ‘pushed’ his way into a GM job, and Vick is a broken record; not a trio to inspire confidence.

    In truth, nobody knows.

    For G.Cobb, articles like this increase web traffic, help bring in some advertising revenue, and give us something to yap about.

  19. frankdialogue?

    How do you think Vick did playing with a shambles of an offense and coaching staff?

    • I know he did worse than Foles.

      • In Coach AR’s & Pass Happy System where AJ Feely, J Garcia, K Kolb & M Kafka all shined in limited Roles and Playing Time.. Vick had the keys to this very QB Friendly System for 2 Seasons and did nothing to Turnover the Ball and lose games early-on in 2011 & 2012 basically knocking the Eagles out of Playoffs with 3-6 Starts by the 1st Weekend of November.. You mean this Mike VIck… Good Grief.. Move on People

        • yup Vick did that all by his lonesome….

          • Both Seasons (2011 & 2012) were over by the 9th Week when Vick was still the Clearcut #1 Starter and Leader of the Eagles Team.. That’s enough that I need to know, both Seasons and especially in 2011, the Offense was completely healthy along the O-Line, RB & WR and he blew early games with his damn Turnovers and decision making (Buffalo Bills game come’s to mind, 49ers Game, etc,etc)
            Screw him, he’s had his chance and blew it.. Time to move on…

        • paulman…you think the bad picks along with the horrible safety position had something to do with it?

          the juan castillo hiring, was that Michael Vick too?

          Did you expect Michael Vick to win with a pathetic defense and bad personnel issues, and bad playcalling by Reid?

  20. Just logged to throw this in Vinnies face. CHOKE ON IT

  21. Jeff McLane missed the best question. Vick’s inability to stay healthy and how a starting wr feels about that?

  22. Vick will play with the ONEs until the turnovers come – then he will fall behind the younger more efficient Foles and Barkley.

  23. Seriously gcobb, why does there have to be an article about every lame comment all these lame players say about Vick, we heard it all, wrote it all, thanks to vinnie we have every stat about Vick, enough is enough, the troops are weary, yet you continue to call us out for more battle, I am calling on all Vick lovers and detractors to a truce, and turn your musket on the instigators of division

  24. None of you guys can tell me why Vick is still on this team what’s the point this team is rebuilding and your not gonna rebuild at the most important position which is QB that’s real foolish if Vick ends up the starter.

  25. Maclin just another guy seduced by image. Style over substance. He should pay more attention.

    With Vick.
    8 games. 32 catches (4/game) 356 yrds (45/game) 4 tds

    With Foles
    6 games 37 catches (6/game) 479 yrds (79/game) 3 tds

    Isn’t this a contract year? Guy should look more closely at where his bread is buttered.

    Especially after he had more success with another pocket Qb (Kolb) than McNabb back in 2009.

    Turk no one can tell you why…because they don’t know why. Other than they ‘owe’ him their loyalty or something. Other than they somehow “think” it will be different this year.

  26. Vinnie that is the problem with the Philly teams look at the Phillies bringing all these old players back they should of traded Carlos Ruiz and never signed Jimmy Rollins to a new deal and traded Cliff Lee last season.

    • Yup we all want the “Names” Namdi, DRC, Rollins, but when they do not produce we kill them! Crazy. I never wanted Vick don;t want Vick and will never support Vick! I will shout about him from jump to end!

  27. I look at this article about 2 Players who are gone after 2013 Season (Mike Vick and Jeremy Maclin) and will not be a part of the Eagles Future, so much to do about nothing in my Opinion…maybe we can get a quote from Trent Cole too, on what he thinks about the QB Battle….

  28. what’s wrong? All Maclin said was that Vick is taking the majority of the reps with the one’s…..Is that truth spoken or not? I mean he didn’t say Mike Vick will be the starter game 1…I don’t see how anyone can blame Maclin for his comments when he is only telling you what is going on…would you appreciate it better if he said, “no comment”…Upset that he is telling you what is actually happening right now? I don’t get you cats

    • What’s not to get? Watching Birdo and Songs blows gaskets is just funny. Anything I can do to hasten that process (and it isn’t very difficult) is just gravy.

      • BTW – he did also add that whole “MV has proven he’s the man” garbage….”and Foles had some success to a certain extent…”

        To the “certain extent” that if Foles had been playing all year and continuing his production Maclin might have looked like 111 catches for 1400 and 9 tds and he might be playing under a contract extension instead of potentially being released….

        “the man” would have led him to about 65 catches for 800 and 8….

        Guy doesn’t even know who’s best for him, let alone the team…….

        • you’re looking at a guy like Michael Vick that’s proven himself in this league” is what he said actually…nowhere does he say “the man”…that is your conclusion of what he is saying…not his words.
          Possibly Maclin knows that the offense was simplified and tailored to a rookie QB, which is why he had some success with Foles. You see it one way, possibly he see’s it the other.

          • There was no simplification of the offense. Nor was it “tailored (another myth). I wish it had been tailored. Foles threw more passes in his first 6 games than any QB in recent history….it was ridiculous.

            In fact MM constantly said he was impressed about how the rook was able to handle the whole playbook.

            The calls didn’t change, the coaches didn’t change, the players did change (Foles had less) and the rook still did better.

            • than any rookie QB….

              but he actually did drop back to pass more per game than Vick did…which was also ridiculous.

            • except certain plays just weren’t ran as much, with Foles in…a certain set of plays from the playbook that a rookie QB would do a better job with…

              • Another Myth.

                Reid called the same amount of “deep” passes as Vick.

                % of Vick passes that travelled over 20 yards in the air: 12.7

                % of FOles passes that travelled over 20 yards in the air 11.9%

                So I guess you are right….Vick through 0.8% more deep balls than Foles did…or in regular terms….2 passes over 8 games.

                Reid Should have changed the plays with Foles in there. He didn’t.

                BTW – foles completed 36% of his deep balls….Vick 32%.

              • total number of pass attempts would mask that stat…Vick had 100 more pass attempts, playing under some conditions that you ignorantly don’t want to admit…every stat you bring up, leans on another. And normally the “other” stat is the main contributor. But you don’t like to go in detail, I get that, you like to keep it simplified.

                where in truth this is what your stat really means…

                Foles -Broken down passes thrown 20 -30 yards down the field he attempted 16 and completed 3 of them. 18% completion percentage 74.5 QB Rate…

                Vick – Broken down passes thrown 20-30 yards down the field he attempted 21 and completed 7…3 TD’s and a 102 QB rate. Vick’s completion percentage was 15% higher…

              • Foles completed a total of 6 passes throwing the ball 20 plus yards…maybe they are myths but you are running around here, blatantly lying…

              • LOL.
                Umm Vinnie …Where’s the Rebuttal ?

              • GLI, how about how about one guy making his first career starts v. the other making his like 110th career start. The guy who has played over 100 games should blow the other out of the water in EVERY single category. I mean lets be reasonable here, regardless who you want to be the QB, the MUCH more experienced QB should blow a 3rd round rookie out in every statistical category. Noway should the offense actually score more points on average when the rookie plays, which is what happened here. That wouldn’t happen if Vick was actually a good veteran QB in the league compared to the other vets.

                Vick is on the same level as Sanchez. Their play is pathetic and embarrassing as NFL veterans. Both of them have no business starting for an NFL franchise, both of them will likely not even be in the league 2 years from now.

  29. the problem isn’t as much as what he said but the way gcobb draws inferences that vick is ahead of Foles, and that starts a tirade of rehashed arguments

    Look, the bottom line is the starter will be who wins the job during the preseason, they will both see plenty of action and by then we will all have seen enough to determine who the starter will be, but damn enough of this bs already, I would rather read about paulman’s 3thou mocks for 2014

  30. Isn’t knowing how to “read” a prerequisite to running the read option? Vick better learn to read defenses!

  31. We all need to get behind Vick and Chip Kelly and get excited about the season to come. What better QB to run the read option?

    Hell, it’s like this offense was made with MV7 in mind.

    Let’s rally the troops for an exciting Eagles season with Vick mounting another MVP type season now that Andy Reid is the hell outta here.

    I’m secure with Foles at backup in case Vick gets dinged during the season but Foles fragility comes into play. He went out with a season ending injury after losing consecutively but the experience can help him as back up this season.

    • Just like u did last year when Vick was benched for QB Foles and you threw your allegiance to RGIII and the Redskins, then when they lost, you got behind QB Russell Wlison and the Seahawks, you are a Fraud & Racist’s Songs, as plain as day, if a Black QB isn’t cutting it, you come up with excuses after excuses and then go to the next one Playing for whoever

  32. The best qb will win the job and i would not have it any other way. Let the coach make his pick and lets get on board with it. Its the guys first year for crying out loud!!

    It seems like its’s vicks job to lose or Foles job to win. Both will get a shot. y is that so bad?

  33. I’m not worried about who is the QB of this team. What I’m concerned about is the D. I hope we did enough in free agency and the draft (which wasn’t much) to put a good product on the field. I think we will be fine up front…linebackers should be pretty good too…but the secondary is what concerns me

  34. The D is a huge concern…one thing I do not like is the success some recently drafted college QBs did against Kelly’s D in college.

    In 2011 Foles, Barkley and Luck combined for about 70% 1000 yrds 10 tds and 2 ints against Oregon.

    Kelly always puts his emphasis on O….though, in reality, that might not be the worst strategy in today’s NFL.

  35. Seven Hells!!!!!! No more Vick posts till August please….Slow week so lets bring up the damn QB. 4 months wasn’t long enough. Be more creative in your posts G…2 QB posts in a row!!

  36. I couldn’t respond as I was out. Where did that 20-30 yard passes info come from Realtalk. I’ve never seen it.

    And I only post percentages over hard numbers because they (somewhat) compensate for playing time and #of downs.

    Last year Foles and Vick both threw about 12% of their passes over 20 yards….debunking the whole “all Vick did was throw bombs” myth.

    Foles completed 36% of those throws, Vick 32%….I don’t know where your 18% number comes from.

    But Pheags is right….shouldn’t the experienced Vick just be Killing Foles at this stage? I’d expect 10 year vet Foles to be killing rookie Foles…Hell, I expect game 16 Foles to be killing game 2 Foles……and if he isn’t….ship him.

    I’m willing to ship Foles if he still sucks and isn’t improving after 12-16 games.

    Why you so adamant about holding on to Vick who still sucks and isn’t improving after 110 games?

  37. @realtalk you beat the stat man with stats LOL, you won’t get any rebuttals.

  38. The season is so far away and people are talking trash already. It’s way too early to speculate and frankly, a waste of time.

  39. Foles -Broken down passes thrown 20 -30 yards down the field he attempted 16 and completed 3 of them. 18% completion percentage 74.5 QB Rate…

    Vick – Broken down passes thrown 20-30 yards down the field he attempted 21 and completed 7…3 TD’s and a 102 QB rate. Vick’s completion percentage was 15% higher…

    What does this prove? That DeSean Jackson didn’t play when Foles did? Good stats if they had the same personnel on the field.

    • Well Irish explain that to Vinnie, I don’t see you going after him when he posts stat line after stat line. You only post this after it doesn’t jibe with your point of view?

      • I was gonna comment on why that particular stat is egregious than any of the other sites since it is no more crazy then then 50/11 Vinnie posts all the time – but like you said I guess since that stat doesn’t jibe with his worldview then it’s bullshit.

        lol. okay.

  40. The Fact is I will not root for Vick! I want him gone and I think the idea of running your QB is stupid and I am tired of it!

    Get us a Real QB who stands in the pocket moves in the pocket to evade the rush and hits his receiver on time and in stride.

    Anything less is fools gold!

  41. Well just how significant do you think those 37 passes are in a season where the Eagles passed the ball 618 times? Are you kidding?

    Let’s see if I got this right… Vick attempted a total of 351 passes last year, and only 21 were for 20-30 yards. So, RealTalk777 is saying that there is a special significance to less than 6% of the passes Vick threw? We should judge Mike Vick on 6% of his passes?

    Here’s another thing I question… How come Foles, who attempted 265 total passes, had to throw 7% for 20-30 yards when the teams best deep threat was on the IR list? LOL

    Here’s an idea…. let’s judge the QB’s on the 3 passes that were thrown after 5:00 PM on Sundays in December for under 15 yards.

    • So how come your not chastising Vinnie for comparing Vick’s stats with Foles stats since its such a small sample size?

    • This dumb ass….I was responding to a specific stat your boy used…I wasn’t making a point with them other than, Vinnie was incorrect…The same ol same with you guys, ignorantly selective

  42. The stats Realtalk put out there are, from what I can tell, completely made up.

    Here’s the reality.

    Vick attempted 351 passes total. 12.7% of them (or 45 of them) travelled over 20 yards in the air. (NFL considers ‘deep’ throws) He completed 32% of them (or 14)

    Foles attempted 265 passes total. 11.9% of them (32 of them) travelled over 20 yards in the air. (NFL considers ‘deep’ throws). He completed 36% of them (or 10).

    That’s it that’s all.

    It is a INVENTED MYTH that the Eagles offence “changed” when Foles came in (I wish it had!!!)

    The Eagles did not run more with Foles

    Foles actually dropped back to pass more than Vick (45.5x/game for Foles, 42x/game for Vick)

    They did not start throwing shorter passes. Average yrds/attempt Vick 6.1, 6.0 for Foles.

    They threw the same % of deep balls. 12.7 for Vick, 11.9 for Foles (do you ignoramuses know what a 0.8% difference means?? It means that had Foles and Vick attempted the same # of passes, Vick would have thrown….wait for it…..2 more 20+ yard passes than Foles would have over the season………wow….what a Huuuuuuuge difference.

    Its a myth the O changed when Foles came in (they actually passed more)
    Its a myth the Eagles ran more when Foles came in (they ran less)
    Its a myth the Eagles passed less when Foles came in (they passed more)
    Its a myth that all the Eagles did with Vick was pass deep and all they did with Foles was pass short (it was the exact same)

    Anyone who claims differently is making shit up to suit the “vick’s still got it” agenda.

    • realtalk don’t make shit up…my source….ESPN…stats, “splits”…breaks it down..attempted/completed passes from 1-10 yards, attempted/completed passes from 11-20 yards…All you have to do is go to ESPN, type in the players name, click on “splits” scroll down and find “By Pass Play” as much as you post stats, I thought you knew all the sources….

      you don’t believe, check it out…I catch you lying about stats, and you then fire back saying I’m making shit up….

      @RegalEagle, you must not have a brain to fall for this bullshit Vinnie rant’s about..

      • I usually stay away from ESPN – don’t trust them. Took me a few seconds to find Vick…had to scroll all the way down to the 27th ranked QB to find him…..just below Sanchez…….

        7 of 21 from 21-30 yards. You were right (if you trust ESPN)

        But why did you leave out the 2 of 9 from 31-40 yards, or the 2 of 12 over 40 yards?

        So what’s that total” 11 of 43 over 20 yards (slightly different than the 14 of 45 number I had – in face WORSE!!!! 26% completion over 20 yards.)

        ESPN has him throwing 2 less long throws than pro-football reference does.

        And Foles:

        Here again, ESPN has him with a few less 20+ yrd throws 27 instead of 32.

        21-30 3 of 16
        31-40 2 of 8
        40+ 1 of 3

        6 of 27 (22%) instead of the 10 of 32 (32%)

        Yay…vick the 10 year vet completed 4% more of his deep throws than the rook!!

  43. Look we suck right now so hell we can give Vick the first eight. If he sucks give Nick the next four. If he sucks give Barkley the last four enough said

  44. Regardless Realtalk, your myuth is debunked.

    You stated clearly, over and over, that the Eagles O changed whenFoles came in. That all the Eagles did was throw deep with Vick, short with Foles.

    Using ESPN stats that you like)

    Attempts under 10 yards.

    Vick 244 of 351 total attemps were under 10 yards. 69% of VIcks passes last year were 10 yards or less.

    Foles 172 of 265 attempts were under 10 yards. 65% of FOles’ passes last year were 10 yards or less.

    Attempts over 20 yards (according to ESPN)

    Vick 42 of 351 attempts were over 20 yards. 11.8% of Vick’s attempts were over 20 yards.

    Foles 27 of 265 attempts were over 20 yards. 10.1% of Foles passes were over 20 yards.

    SO what do we know?

    Vick threw a slightly higher % of short passes than Foles. Vick threw a slightly higher % of deep throws than Foles. Foles threw a slightly higher % of intermediate throws than Vick.

    It was the same offence for both guys, though Foles had to run it with no Desean, No McCoy, and even without Maclin 1 game.

    But not good enough for you. Foles sucked, Vick is the truth!!

    • “Down goes Frazier”, “Down goes Frazier”!!!! LMMFBO!!!!

    • Eagles didn’t change their O, when Foles became starter….. A myth really?

      Pass thrown behind of line of scrimmage: this should give you just a little understanding of the play calling difference with QB’s…
      Vick – 51 of 64
      Foles – 54 of 66 (didn’t Foles play less games than Vick? Vick played in 10 games? Foles in 6? but still had more passes thrown behind the line of scrimmage than Vick?) But yet, play calling was the same…
      How about rushing attempts? you consider that, as part of play calling? frequency and success at which the Eagles ran the ball…

      The thing about stats, I’ve been trying to tell you from day one…they don’t always tell the whole story..

      • You really have no idea how plays are designed do you?

        At least I add my stats together to build as big a picture as possible. YOU pick and choose. seperating LOS passes with 1 yard passes….I put all passes under 10 yards together, because they’re all short.

        And you still haven’t got the whole percentages thing down yet have you? Difficult I know. Grade 6 math is hard.

        Vick 64 of 351 passes behind LOS: 18%
        Foles 66 of 265 passes behind LOS 25%
        OK…Foles through a little more LOS to the backs/TEs whatever….

        Passes under 10 yards
        Vick 162 of 351 atts or 46%
        Foles 106 of 265 atts or 40^
        Vick threw more to the backs, Wrs whatever a couple more steps down the field (BTW we have no idea if these weren’t the ecact same calls, but because Vick holds the ball so long, what should have been a throw behind or parallel to the LOS becomes a 2 or 3 yard pass forward.

        Vick through a little more 1-10 yrd passes, Foles a little more to the backs…but over all they were throwing just about the exact same amount of short, medium and long passes.

        This debunks the “everyone deep” bullshit that you guys keept trying to present as the reason Vick strugglesd.

        Every single play has short, med and deep routes. Attacking levels. Vick and Foles attacked them at basically the exact same rate. Same areas.

        It is completely made up crap that all Reid did was call deep plays for Vick. He called the same plays to the same levels for both.

        As for the pass/run ratio…the Eagles ran the ball less with Foles under centre than they did with Vick…this was a mistake.

        Foles averaged 46 dropbacks/game…Vick 42….I’ll get to the rushes later if I must, but suffice it to say the RBs carried the ball the same inder both.

        • OK…the fact that Foles played 4 games less but threw the ball behind the line of scrimmage, says absolutely nothing to you…I got it…but my views are flawed…you are just ignorant, and have a hard one for Vick…there’s no conversing with you in regards…Whatever you say!

        • One of the bits I do find interesting is how the WRs were used with both QBs.

          Vick lined up with 4 wides only 51times (14%), while Foles lined up 4 wide 73times (25%). Thats a lot of 4 wide for a rookie. But he did come from a spread in college I suppose…..

          • Remember that McCoy and TE Celek missed a few games at the end of the Season which mean more WR’s were put out in formations
            (Not that this means much for @2013), harbor then got hurt and Eagles had to get a TE (Evan Moore) who probably only knew a handful of plays for the last couple of games, Bryce Brown was not really used in the passing game either as opposed to when McCoy was in there

  45. LOL, meanwhile on the field and away from the stat argument. Vick and Foles split all the first team reps with G Cobb tweeting that Dennis Dixon is clearly ahead of both of them. This is just too funny. Mr Barkley was 4th in line by the way.

    • That seals it Dixon is our starter, Barkley as BU, Jeff Garcia as emergency QB, with Vick & Foles being traded for a tackling dummy, a bag of footballs & 3 8th rounders! LMMFBO!!! The hilarious insanity, never ends!

  46. Y I was reading those. If I had read one more post about what song was playing I was going to fly down there myself and take a hammer to each of their phones.

    Message to Philly media – no one gives a shit what song is playing during practice.

  47. MORE!! This site is great!!

    As you know (well, I’m sure you know, but will still deny publicly)…not all ints are the same….ex…a int on a 3rd and 15 heave (like a punt) not as damaging as a int on 1st down.

    Agreed? Of course.

    Vick…5 ints on 1st down. Foles 1.

    3 of Foles 5 ints came on 3rd and 6+, and two on 3rd and 11+…The probability is that the Birds would have been punting the next play anyway….bad, because some punt yardage lost……but not as terrible as….

    The 10 year vet with 5 1st down interceptions. Terrible.

    8 of Vicks 10 ints came on 1st and 2nd down….when they could have lived for at least 1 more play. Terrible.

    Keep defending him though….fun to rip his game apart…..the deeper you look, the worse it gets!!!!!!!!

  48. The reports from the first ota are not good for Vick, he looked the most uncomfortable, slowest getting the ball out of his hand, Dixon looked most at ease, foles and Barkley showed well

  49. The good news for Vick is that it appears, at least for now, Vick is the starter, followed by foles then Barkley, but the drafting of another pocket passer in Barkley is an ominous sign for the future of Vick, but certainly his play come preseason will doom his fate as a backup, but probably cut for salary considerations

    Moving forward it will be nick foles or the diamond in the rough Barkley as a franchise quarterback, there’s no other explanation for the drafting of Barkley, it clearly signals an exit sign for mike Vick.

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