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Sixers Make The Right Move By Hiring Sam Hinkie

the professorI have been saying it to my buddies, even to my co-workers. Before the Sixers name a Head Coach, they needed a decision maker in the worst way. The Sixers needed a GM. DiLeo was brought in to be Doug’s “Yes Man”. Plain and Simple. My cry was heard ..

Adam Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reports:

The Philadelphia 76ers have hired Houston Rockets executive Sam Hinkie to be the franchise’s new general manager, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Hinkie will replace Tony DiLeo with the 76ers and assume full control of basketball operations.

Hinkie had a major part in reshaping the Rockets. He brings an analytical mind to the Sixers. He also has done fairly well in the drafts and free agency with the Rockets. This is something that the Sixers need BADLY. Captain Obvious strikes again!

I had to take a shot at myself there. Sabr guys will be very excited about this hire. I am for it as well. I just hope that the Sixers still use there scouts right. Numbers tell some of the story BUT they don’t tell the whole story. Good move by the Sixers. Hopefully, this starts a trend.

Since I am talking Sixers a might as well touch on the draft and the lottery real quick. The Lottery is on May 21 and the Sixers have a total of 8 balls for the chance of the number one pick. That adds up to be a percentage of .8. So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

Actually, the Sixers are in position for the “Spencer Hawes” type of players. Get excited people. That spot will likely be 11th. Here is a couple of guys that might be there.

Michael Carter-Williams, 6’5 PG, Syracuse. Scouting Report:

 A unique prospect who excels at distributing the ball and controlling the flow of the offense. His size sets him apart from other point guards and allows him to see over defenders and find teammates. Having a breakout Sophomore season. Has great court vision and a natural feel for putting the ball in the right place at the right time. Not a very good shooter from the perimeter and has a lot of work to become a threat from outside. Lacks strength at this point. via

Kelly Olynyk, 7’0 C, Gonzaga. Scouting Report:


 Shows an excellent understanding of the game and has become one of the most dominant bigs on the college level … Has the ability to score on the block with up and unders, pump fakes, drop steps as well as knock down mid range and even outside shots

Not the most athletic guy. Below the rim type of “finesse” player. Foot speed and overall athleticism are below average for the NBA. While he gives solid energy and effort, his lack of foot speed and athleticism decreases his defensive abilities .. NBADRAFT.NET on Facebook

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27 Comments for “Sixers Make The Right Move By Hiring Sam Hinkie”

  1. An excellent Hire, in Sam Hinkie, this guy has a proven track record of rebuilding Rosters, sound Salary&Contract Management and will
    Rebuild this Team in 2 Years Time to Contend again in the East
    Remember that the Heat, Knicks, Bulks & Celtics all have their Core Players that are getting some age and injuries on their Teams
    2 Good Pff-Seasons, Trades, Free-Agent Signings with a Good Coaching Dtaff can get this Franchise back in the Hunt.. Great Hire but it will take some time
    To rebuild this Franchise from the ground up..

  2. Yes, he is as aggressive a drafter, and negotiator, because he thinks just like GMCliff. The 76ers FINALLY got it right.
    Hinke also advised NFL teams like New England, San Francisco, Seattle, and the Bears on draft strategies.

    Paul. I actually met him, and heard him speak at a convention sponsored by Stanford in Sports Management, Talent evaluation, and strategic thinking. This guy is truth,young, and smart. GOOD HIRE!!

    My coaching hire would be Mike Malone, or Jerry Sloane, for the Sixers.

    • Sounds great GMCliff,
      It been a shame how this once proud 76Er Franchise has been run
      For the last 20 Years (Since Pat Croce Days)
      It’s also a very good sign that they purchased a “D League”
      Team to help develop Players and Coaches…
      There is no reason that that 76ers can’t compete in the NBA in 2 Years time and that the City’s starved B-Ball Fans wouldn’t come out and support the Team

      • I agree Paul. I think they got it right this time.

        Now I want LaMarcus Alderidge, DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, DeMar Darozen, or Terrance Ross. How about you?

        • I am not up on the Free-Agent Class and Contract Status’s of the Current Team, I will have to do some research on who is out there and trade able
          But 76ers need 3-4 Players who are versatile, fundamentally sound, tough and winners, this I do know.. They need a 1-2 scoring Presence down low, a mad, physical rebounder, a penetrator from the Guard position for Starters and get away from these Soft, Jump Shooters
          Who don’t move we’ll without the ball, who don’t play physical or solid Team Defense and who don’t pass we’ll that they currently have

  3. If Hinkie is a stat numbers guy he isn’t going to like Jrue Holliday’s free throw attempts per shots attempts ratio nor his turnover to assist ratio either. I hope something is done with his passive point guard’s game since he is 2 inches taller than most NBA point guard starters.
    Sixers were boring last year — everything was a step back jumper.

  4. Paul, who do you like as the next Head Coach?

    • Chip Kelly, I think he should Coach all the Philly Sports Teams,
      How about You.. On a serious note, I will have to do some research
      Lionel Hollins from Memphis would be great if he were to become available which is doubtful, I do like Brian Shaw also and would lean towards a younger, up and coming Coach/Teacher who has a record of Success
      With Young Players and don’t prefer a Re-tread even though the Great Veteran Jerry Sloan is out there but may lack the energy
      And patience that will be required..
      Aaron McKie is too green just yet, and don’t think a Van Gundy, Larry Drew,
      Etc would be good fits..


  6. Unless he does what’s necessary to get Brian Shaw it will be all for naught from my perspective.

    I still think the Sixers are interested in re-signing Bynum based on how much was given up for him and the likelihood that he won’t have another 2012-2013 season regardless of having a new GM…and his two-step on the dance floor is looking good. If the Sixers do re-sign Bynum, sign Shaw, on paper they will look like a more viable option for Dwight Howard…big market, big money and a really big front court. Bynum needs a threatening big man to shake him into reality.

    Brian Shaw would immediately eliminate a lot of the obstacles Evan Turner’s had put in front of him by Doug Collins by splitting PG duties between him and Holliday and Jrue will be able to be a more prolific scorer playing off the ball more. Alternatively, I can see the Sixers bouncing Turner to get Iggy back in that spot. Thad Young can finally stop getting beat up in the PF position.

    With three guys that can penetrate and two very talented big men the Sixers would immediately be a bigger threat than they were expected to be this season. As flaky as Bynum is now is not the time to puss out for the organization and not take the risk especially when they can get him on a short contract.

    My ideal Sixers starting line-up for 2013: /HC-Brian Shaw/
    Holliday, Turner/Iggy
    Young, Howard, Bynum

    • Butch, It is the Sixers best interest to trade Evan Turner, he wasn’t held back by Collins, he just isn’t that good, and I would never bring back Iguodala.

      Brian Shaw is a good name but, Jerry Sloane is a better one.

      • gm, don’t want anymore 90 year old retreads, that don’t have patience with the kids. Brian Shaw, Avery Johnson, or Aaron McKee, would be my choices. No veteran coach’s (Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloane, the Van Gundy’s), are going to come to this blackhole organization anyways. We need a younger coach, or an up-&-coming coach, who wants to prove himself. No more retreads. If we’re starting over, start over! This organization ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon anyways, so wash it clean, with a clean slate. No what I mean?

        • I understand what you’re thinking DCar. I like Jerry Sloane, because of the experience. I think he would be an asset to the organization as a whole, because he has had more success with young talent than Doug Collins. He would be a better consultant than Doug.

          I think Mike Malone, assistant Head Coach of Golden State, a defensive minded coach, is a perfect fit for what you’re looking for, and I couldn’t agree more with his pedigree, and body of work with Curry, and Klay Thompson.

          He could also help us make a play for Stephon Curry in his free agent year.

          • gmc, I liked Sloane too, but that was 5-10 years ago. He’s retired, & 105 years old. Not a fit, in which way they need to go. No thanks! Malon, Curry, & Thompson, are good names also. I still prefer Brian Shaw, Avery Johnson, or Aaron McKee. Then I’d go Curry, Malone. I honestly, don’t know much about Thompson

            • Why?

              Shaw, Avery Johnson, and Aaron McKie, haven’t proven anything. Johnson had the Nets set him up with talent, and he failed miserably. If he wasn’t successful with talent, how successful will he be without much talent.

              Brian Shaw is just a name. What has he done to feel that he is a Championship Coach. Aaron McKie, doesn’t have enough experience. I’m curious as to why you like them DCar? Hit me up.

              • I’m looking at younger up & coming coaches, & coaches with something to prove like Johnson. He was coach of the year in 2006 with Dallas. Took them to the finals in 2005. Not exactly chopped liver. I wouldn’t exactly call Brook Lopez, Humphries, & Favors, Deron Williams, who took his $$$ & tanked, & the rest of the stiffs, “set up with talent” You are wrong this time. The Nets are as bad as an organization as the 76ers. They have Lopez, a overhyped mutt in Williams. We don’t need anymore retread coaches (Collins, Sloane, Jackson, LB, Van Gundy’s). We’re rebuilding, & need young, bright minds, like Shaw, Avery, McKee, Curry, with something to prove. We are irrelevant, & a lost cause anyways, so talks of your choices are a moot point. No veteran coaches will, or want to come to this organization. Period!

              • Avery Johnson was fired early in the season after they gave him Joe Johnson to pair with Deron Williams( I don’t agree he is a mutt), and Brooks Lopez. They’re roster is way more talented than what the Sixers have.

                I agree with you on new blood, but McKie isn’t ready, and If Michael Curry was going to change the fortunes of the Sixers he would have been an instrument in moving us in that direction, even with Collins as coach, as Mike Malone has done as an assistant with Golden State. Malone is probably what we both are looking for.

    • Butch, ET is trash truck juice! Nobody held him back. He was given every opportunity to succeed. He’s a bust! PERIOD!!! Nobody on this team is untouchable. I’d overhaul the entire roster. Jrue is solid, but is not an ideal PG. I’d try to get a natural PG & play Jrue at SG. The only other player I’d keep is Thadd. Both aren’t untouchable, because both are tweeners, without a natural position. This entire organization needs an enema. Hinkie the winkie dinkie, is just the 1st move.

  7. Best move this team has made since hiring Larry Brown. Jerry Sloan is a great coach, but he is getting up there. I wish we had gotten Mark Jackson instead of Doug Collins a few years back. I’d be willing to give Michael Curry or Aaron Mckie a shot, but only if Hinkie deems them best.

  8. This guy wants to coach the team, too…There will be problems.

    • It’s a joke move, for a joke organization. Dude is another Accounting stat nerd. The only sport this guy has ever played is pocket billiards! It’s a f^#@ing joke. These analytic’s goofballs, know nothing about sports. Every since money-ball came out, every single dork, nerd & stat geek, thinks they can be a Sports Executive. You CAN NOT make an honest assessment, of a player’s skills & future outlook, by crunching numbers like a bean counter! I watched the post news conference interview with him, & he sounds like a stumbling, mumbling, geek, that can’t get out of his own way! GTFO! Decisions like this, is why this team has sucked monkey balls for 30 years, & will be for another 30! What’s next, R2D2 as Head coach, & Max Headrum as Head of scouting?!?!? What a cruel joke!

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