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Donovan McNabb To Retire As An Eagle


DonovanMcNabb10Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Eagles on September 19th at the Nova Care Complex and former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb will retire as an Eagles on that day.

“I will retire as an Eagle and I look forward to that opportunity and that day,” McNabb told ESPN Radio 97.7 FM in Syracuse.

It’s a good fit because Reid and McNabb had a lot of success together during their time with the Eagles.  Yes they were unable to win a Super Bowl title during that period, but they went to five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl, which isn’t an easy accomplishment.

McNabb is arguably the greatest Eagles quarterback, even though he never led the Eagles to a title because he was the quarterback, who took them to those five NFC Championship games.  He has led this organization to more wins than any other quarterback.  He holds most of the passing records.  He has the most passing yards 32,873 in the history of the Eagles.  McNabb also has the most touchdown passes, 216, in team history, as well as the most completions 2,801 and the most attempts 4,746.

There are some critics and Eagles fans who want to classify McNabb as a choker, who can’t perform under pressure, but y0u have to win a lot of big games in order to get to all of those  Conference championship games.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how Eagles fans react to McNabb when he is introduced and after he speaks.  I expect the fans to greet him with applause.

“I have nothing but love for the Philly fans, even the ones who were highly criticizing me or opinionated in any way,” he told ESPN 97.7 FM. “I can’t get upset at them because my job is to get out on the field and be productive. That’s what quarterbacking is all about.”

We’ll see how long he’s able to keep that commitment. on Facebook

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16 Comments for “Donovan McNabb To Retire As An Eagle”

  1. That is gonna be a great game. Lots of boos for reid, lots of cheers for mcnabb, hopefully chip outcoaches andy and eagles win.

    Gonna get some tickets to that game for sure, I was on a dont support the Eagles until Vick is not the QB but this game is above Vick and I will be there.

    Bart Scott – “Can’t wait”

    • Star of the Game has to be my man Mardy Gilyard for the Chiefs ..
      A Receving Touchdown over Patrick CHung to start the Game
      A Punt TD where Gilyard runs over Vinny Curry and Eric Wolff
      A Kick-Of TD where Gilyard runs thru and over the Entire Kickoff Coverage..
      Gilyard also chips in with a 40 YAad End-Around where he jukes out Trent COle who looks lost playing in space as a OLB and loses Containment as Gilyard strolls down the left Sideline

  2. Word around Novacare is that McNabb looks great and is down to his 210lbs Playing Weight of his old COllege Days.. Coach Kelly had McNabb run some Read-Option Plays and is now trying to talk GM roseman and OWner Lurie about Signing McNabb to a 2 Year $10 Million Contract…
    There is activity on the Phone’s as Roseman and Gamble are now offering
    Vick & Foles in Different Trade Packages to Teams around the NFL ..
    There is No interest as of yet for either Vick or Foles…

  3. Watch these @$$clowns, schedule it for the KC game! Cue the circus theme song! What a f^#@ing joke! How many more retirees, are we going to have? GTFO ALREADY! I can see B-DAWK, even McNabb, under different circumstances, but Weaver, now McPuke, possibly on opening night, against KC, is a joke!

  4. It’s going to be the KC game. I see the crowd 60-40 in favor of McNabb. The boos will be loud and strong.

  5. I think it’s great that McNabb will retire an Eagle and I hope people give him the respect he deserves for his years of service in Philly.

    He never did anything to disgrace himself or the team over all the years he played here. In these days, where every time you turn around there is some pro athlete in the news for doing something stupid, McNabb remained a good role model for the kids. For that we should give him respect.

    • I agree 100%c McNabb was a true ” Professional” during his Tenure
      As an Eagles, yes a little goofy once in a while, but he was the Best QB
      In Eagles Franchise During the Modern Era of the NFL..

    • Then you have the idiots on the radio station asking fans to come out and boo. What a disgrace.

  6. McNabb was pure class as a member of the Eagle, but for some reason never got the respect that he deserved from the fans or the city. If only #81 wasn’t such a bitch, this team could have multiple Super Bowls now.

    The Eagles organization should retire the #5 jersey …

  7. McNabb was the best QB in Eagles history, slightly edging Randall Cunningham. However, his unwillingness to connect with the fans and display his desire to win to them is what turned alot of fans off. If only he would have showed more emotion and stop the “excuses”, he would have been idolized in this city.

  8. The emergent boos from draft day were , as it turned out , the most deserved of any Philly athlete in Philly history, the most overrated qb in Philly history,probably the most overrated Philly athlete, in the sentiment of bhopkins, a choke artist, mcnabb was a fool, a big blubbering joke who played air guitar, chunky soup mommas boy, Terrell Owens figured this clown out, just to be shown back stage like any one else who saw the emperor had no clothes, to the extent Andy Reid was responsible for this failure, I can’t wait until the chiefs get blown out by Kelly on mcnabb day, it’s a disgrace to call mcnabb the best qb in franchise history, what happens when in a few short years, if things pan out for the birds like we all hope, a real qb leads the eagles to a super bowl, who will be the best qb in eagles history then, the boos for mcnabb will be stifled, because he will become irrelevant in Philly sports history as he should

    • jake, one too many, Dogfish Head Fish 90 Minute Imperial IPA, 2night, I see?!? LOL! Just because he never fit in & got us, as a City & fanbase, doesn’t take away the 1st half of his career. The Hindenburg, wasted his early years, with no weapons, & WR’s like Torrance Small, Charles Johnson, Todd Stinkston, James Trash, Mitchell, Brown, & Greg Lewis. The only WR’s he had was TO, & we know how that ended. He always had good RB’s on his teams, & The Hindenburg never utilized them. I agree he was a choker, but you’re a bit too harsh!
      “a big blubbering joke who played air guitar, chunky soup mommas boy” ROTFLMMFBO! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

  9. I still would love to see him throw one more long bomb to DJax on the Cowboys.

  10. Angelo is an egotistical piece of shit….

  11. Im sure Redskins and Vikings fans are furious he isn’t retiring for their teams.

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