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Eagles Sign Former Cowboys RB Felix Jones

FelixJones1The Eagles have signed former Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones to a one-year contract.  Jones showed some of his talent as a Cowboys, but overall he was a major disappointment because he was a number one draft pick of Dallas in 2009.

Jones just can’t stay healthy.  If he could stay on the field, he has shown the ability to put up some good numbers.

He doesn’t have a long list of teams interested in him, but the Birds were one of them and they brought him in for a workout last week.  The Patriots are the other team that showed serious interest.

Jones is a long shot to make the team because of his injury history.  The Eagles couldn’t have given him much money in his salary.  Once he gets banged up, the Eagles will likely be quick to get him out of here. on Facebook

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21 Comments for “Eagles Sign Former Cowboys RB Felix Jones”

  1. Great Signing, Low-Risk, High Reward..
    Felix Jones can run the Read-Option wide Runs to the sideline better that
    McCoy/Brown who are more between the Tackle’s type of Runner..
    F Jones is also a better Pass-Receiver than Bryce Brown and JOnes can also contribute in the Return Game on SPecial Teams..
    I believe Chip Kelly’s Offense will be similar in sharing the ball on Offense
    McCo may actually get less touches than he did under AR.. Kelly likes his RB and WR’s touches to be spread around and to “play by committee”.. (which may upset McCoy & WR D-Jax) a bit and is something to look at it further down the road)
    This Signing also puts directs pressure on back-up Bryce Brown who better take care of his ball security issues or will not make the 2013 Final Roster.. Kelly will have “Zero Tolerance” of a RB putting th ball on the ground per his past history.. I like this signing..

    • paul, I for once, have to disagree with alot of what you’ve stated. It’s not a great signing, & not a low-risk, high reward signing. Although, he can be an explosive change of pace RB, a good ST’s return man, & a solid Receiver, he is a very high risk, he has never been healthy, is a locker room issue, & can get fumblitus. I loved him, coming out of Arkansas, but dude is always hurt, & proved to be a problem on, & off the field. I agree, he is very talented, but again, we’re accumulating non-needs, & now have a f^#@ing M*A*S*H* unit, rather than a f^#@ing roster. Let’s take a look at the injury risks alone-
      Acho, Benn, Chung, Dixon, Fletcher, JONES, Momah, both Phillips’s, Sopoaga, Williams, all off-season, supposed upgrades, all injury high-risks. Not to mention our own injury risk returnee’s- Colt, Celek, Cole, Dixon, Foles, Graham, Herremans, DJax, Kelce, Maclin, Mathis, McCoy, Peters, Ryans, Vick & Watkins. That’s waaaay too many ????’s, for a roster/ M*A*S*H* unit, full high-risk players, whom many having had major injuries! Not that positive, in my reality! O.o

  2. Good move Felix Jones is not a every down RB but in this situation being part of a rotation he will shine with this team.

  3. It’s a good move since the Eagles will be running a lot more and it’s going to be a running back by committee situation.

  4. The biggest question I have about this signing is can he play quarterback?

  5. Uh oh.

    TMZ – According to the lawsuit filed by a woman using the alias “Mary Roe” … the Philadelphia Eagles RB had invited 15 women to join him on a party bus that went from Philly to a NYC nightclub on December 18, 2012. During the trip, the lawsuit alleges, McCoy, along with his bodyguard and a couple of other guys, began to spray some of the women with water. Roe claims she protested the water spraying … so McCoy ordered his bodyguard Big John to “get her.” In the suit, filed May 10 in Philadelphia, the woman claims McCoy and/or Big John proceeded to hit her in the face, causing her to fall to the ground. While she was on the floor, the men allegedly physically restrained her and poured a beverage onto her hair, clothes and body. And if things couldn’t get worse … the woman claims McCoy and Big John then forcibly ejected her from the party bus on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike. But some of the women allegedly complained to McCoy about Roe getting the boot — so she was snatched back up from the side of the road and placed back on the bus. The woman claims she was taken to a nearby rest stop — where the football player once again ditched her — and continued on with his party trip. Roe is now suing for more than $50,000 in damages for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence. Roe says she suffered head trauma, a disc protrusion on her spine, bad sprains, contusions and bruises all over her body, and severe shock.
    I mean…since when can a professional athlete not fill a party bus with golddigging sluts, spray water on them, punch and/or force his bodyguard to punch the one that complains in the face, pour drinks in her hair, and kick her off the bus to walk home from the New Jersey turnpike? That’s easily a top three reason why little kids want to grow up to be football players in the first place.
    Number 1 – Glory.
    Number 2 – Money.
    Number 3 – Opportunity to physically assault and embarrass bitches on party busses.
    The hard part for us as fans is not worrying for the girl or considering the destructive and mean-spirited actions of a local role model, but rather something that matters: whether or not this will affect his play. The lemmings will make themselves feel good by soapbox preaching and taking stances and pointing fingers at the Dick Doctor trying to make him look bad — but real fans know the drill. We’re not gonna lie to ourselves pretending to care about anything other than wins, yards, and touchdowns. It’s a waste of time.
    PS – Gotta wonder if Shady says “McCoy!” while disrespecting hoes the same way he does when shaking defenders.

    • This is not even news, probably a chick trying for an easy payday. 50,000 yeah okay.

      • It’s news big. Don’t be so dismissive. It doesn’t surprise me, with the way he’s acted the last year, or so, & the lack of respect he shows towards women.

    • The party bus, is always a bad idea! The more I’m seeing & hearing about Shady, the more of a POS, he’s starting to become. He better grow up, & wise up, or he’s going to be one of those athletes, winding up on the police blotter! What an @$$hole!

      • Dcar the reason I was being dismissive is because the cops investigated and didn’t believe her story. Did it show bad judgement absolutely does he have a disrespect for woman yep.

  6. Just McCoy’s Overall behavior the last 2 Years are kind of disturbing
    Being a multiple noshow at kids charity events, the stupid Tweet back and forth with Giants Umenyuri, the cases with Women.. All a bad pattern if u asked me and the beavior of a real man or leader if u ask me..

    • paul, with all the tell tale signs, that it’s inevitable, that he ends up a broke ex-athlete, in jail, & having multiple baby Momma’s. What these immature, dumb@$$, clueless, self-entitled, punk athletes, fail to realize, is when the posse’s, & Baby Momma’s are done using him up, & the multi-year, multi-millions run out, his time is up! I hope he grows up, & wise up soon, because his lack of respect for reality, will inevitably bring him back down to it! Look no further than TO & AI, to name a few, for prime examples!

  7. I have said that since day 1 I dont like Shady and I got blasted for it. I think he’s immature, Not a team player, Always had a me first attitude. I dont like him on the field. I think he bounces around way too much. I have said that Jason Peters deserves all McCoys stats because you can have just about any runningback there with Jason Peters and he will produce. I think Bryce Brown is the future of this team.

  8. WOW, some of you are complete idiots. Yes, I’m talking to you “EaglesSuck”

  9. I think Felix can contribute on special teams. He is also explosive on the edge at times but not in the class of a Shady in that department or any other.

    As far as McCoy behavior off the field as long as its not illegal I don’t think it matters. actually I know it does not matter. If it was illegal activity it would be huge as far as the team is concerned, but twitter beef, a party bus ect is not an issue. the Dallas Cowboys did fine winning super bowls with a “white House” full of prostitutes and coke. Not saying that’s the way to go, but if you understand football locker rooms ect you know players can care less about that off the field exploits when it comes to the games being played. you can say his behavior is not typical o f the perfect role model leader off the field, I would say every good player is not a leader in all areas. I know on the field he does more than enough for the players to get behind.

  10. ***NFL News ***

    SD Chargers lost last Years Top Pick DE/OLB Melvin Ingram to a Torn ACL Injury, that occured at Yesterday’s OTA Practice in Non-Contact Drills, and will be out for the 2013 Season.. Ingram had a so-so Rookie Season last Year with 41 Tackles and 1 Sack just to show once again that DE’s/OLB or Rookies in General and especially on Defense, rarely come in and light it up during their Rookie Season’s as they adjust to the NFL Game
    Chargers now have begun talking to Free-Agent Dwight Freeny since they have few proven Pass-Rusher’s on their Roster

  11. **NFL News***
    Free-Agent Safety/CB Charles Woodson is meeting with the Denver Bronco’s as he tries to entend his Career with a Team making a legitimate Super Bowl Run..Patriots & 49ers have also expressed some interest as his Former Team, the Oakland Raiders..

  12. I am so glad this show went on the road:

    Akeem Jordan started alongside ILB Derrick Johnson in Chiefs OTAs Tuesday after running with the first-team defense in voluntary workouts.
    He’s the mediocre linebacker coach Andy Reid just can’t quit. “The thing you get with Akeem is he’s a smart football player,” Reid said. “He hasn’t played in the 3-4, but he gives you the trust that he can do that. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes.” Best suited for a reserve/special teams role, Jordan is supposedly competing with fourth-rounder Nico Johnson and Zac Diles, but the job is his to lose.

  13. Nico Johnson was one of the Steals of the Draft.. I liked him a lot out of Alabama and was not very hyped up like many other Alabama Players and kind of flew under the Radar.. 6-2″ – 250lbs, sound tackler, physical,good natural instincts with good leadership qualities..
    Remember the new DC of the CHiefs is Bob Sutton, formerly of the Jets and who likes Veteran players, but I would not be surprised to see Nico Johnson in versus the Run and Akeem Jordan come in on Passing Downs/Siutations for the Chiefs.

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