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Notes From The Phillies’ 3-0 Win Over Miami

cleewinThe Philadelphia Phillies won their second straight game on Wednesday night, taking down the Miami Marlins 3-0. Their record improves to 23-24.

  • Cliff Lee threw the team on his back tonight, carrying the Phillies with a complete game shutout. Lee was on fire tonight, allowing just three hits and two walks while striking out five. The lefty was rarely threatened by the Miami lineup throughout the night.
  • Lee earned his fifth win of the season, and his ERA has dropped to 2.48. He also went 2-4 at the plate with a couple of singles, and he’s now batting .316 for the year.
  • Lee’s offense supported him with three runs on 12 hits. Delmon Young knocked in the first run of the game with a solo shot in the fourth inning. It was Young’s third homer of the year, and he’s now hit a long ball in back-to-back games. He finished the game 2-4 with two runs scored.
  • Domonic Brown went 1-4 with an RBI triple in the sixth inning.
  • Freddy Galvis started at second base for Chase Utley, who is day-to-day with a rib injury, and went 1-4 with an RBI single.
  • In his second game back after missing some time with a knee injury, Ryan Howard went 2-4 with a couple of singles.
  • Ben Revere went 1-5 and left five runners stranded.
  • Jimmy Rollins went 2-5 with a couple of singles. Rollins has now hit in 13 of the last 15 games, and has three straight multi-hit games.
  • The Phillies sent reliever Phillippe Aumont to Triple-A after the game. Aumont has been a major disappointment this year, going 1-4 with an ERA close to 5.00. While nothing official has been announced yet, its believed that the team will recall Mike Stutes.

Final Thoughts

This one’s all about Cliff Lee.

The ace had his best stuff tonight, and was in a no-nonsense mood as he shutdown the Miami Marlins. With Roy Halladay on the disabled list and Cole Hamels struggling, Lee has has been the one member of the three aces that has performed as advertised.

The Phillies managed to end the series with the fish on a high note, and now will get ready for a very important weekend set with the Washington Nationals. In the preseason, the Nationals were considered by most people to be the favorites in the National League East race. However, the Nats have been a bit of a disappointment and have struggled just to stay over the .500 mark. The upcoming series will be a good measuring stick for this team, and taking two out of three could do a lot for their confidence. on Facebook

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  2. what’s with the caps, quiet down mhenski

    amaro, to his credit, said he takes responsibility for this team, he’s not laying this on Charlie

    Good to see you are alive Denny

  3. The small minds on here do not see the whole picture when it comes to running a franchise …. the gm’s have rules to play by and bosses to please. certain things are done to keep asses in the seats and buying overpriced beer. not every move will work out for any of them but in this case this particular GM had to ride out this nucleus as its aged its not popular with the gcobb caps locked profanity ()&(&^(&^ idiots but in the last 5 years the franchises’ value has gone thru the roof, 100’s of sellouts, the phillies brand is more popular than its ever been. merchandise is one of the most popular in baseball.

    • “Small world minds”, “Idiots”? Glad to see, that you are still incapable of getting over your butthurt & still like to throw out your little digs, & stupid comments! What is his master plan? Stop making excuses for your butt buddy Ruin 2morrow Jr. He doesn’t have a plan. A person with a plan, doesn’t run a WS Champion i to the ground, with no back-ups, youth & future position players. He put this team together with band-aids, because out of desperation, he wasted millions, on has-beens & overpaid, & overreacted on giving unwarranted contracts. So get over your butthurt for being constantly wrong, over & over again! Change your tampon, & put some ointment on that butthurt! BTW, I forgot more about Baseball, than ever can atain. Don’t vive me your BS life story either, about being a retired coach & referee. STFU & GTFO! There is your caps & profanity, you know nothing imbecile. Keep your shots to yourself, because you constantly have no clue, are always wrong & don’t know WTF you are talking about. Be a man, admit you were wrong & move along, bestest of the est, Superfan!

    • i guess im an idiot because i gave reuben props and used caps lock. great point faggot

      • He was takhing his usual shot at me MH. He’s still butthurt, because his hero ran this turdfest into the ground. So he takes shots, makes snide remarks, & puts words in peoples mouths, because he was proven wro g, idiotic & delusional a million times. He can choke the death on Boobens cock for all I care. He thinks he’s Mr. Superfan, & because I honestly, truthfully criticize Ruin 2morrow Jr,s, horrific job, of putting 2gether this abortion of a team, with NO immediate future, I ain’t a fan. F^#@ him.

  4. the plan? you really don’t understand sports at this (and probably any level) the plan, good pitching, get some young guys to contribute and give the nucleus a chance. keep asses in the seat-
    i’m sure i’m going i’m going to get the i’m 1/2 cherokee, 1/2 black, 1/2 white, 1/2 jew, from the hood…bad ass cop kicked peoples asses for 10 years spiel.
    you mentioned my butt twice, its just fine– internet bullies mean nothing to me
    just because you say you are right doesn’t make it so….

    • Isn’t 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 2

    • You are a funny guy. Keep turning around the fact that you are wrong constantly, by taking spotlight off of your idiocy, & try unsuccessfully turn it to me. That’s the interesting part. What does my race, & background, have to do with the topic at hand, you POS? Keep showing your cluelessness & idiocy! Where am I bullying someone? Do ‘t be mad, because I constantly make a dunce out of you. You have done nothing but make lame excuses, wave pom-poms, & unwarrantedly rip me for 2+ years now, for stating the obvious truth & reality about the horrid job your hero girlfriend had done. You constantly act like you are a Superfan, & God forbid, anyone has the audacity to critize them, they are negative non-fans. I have a functioning brain, that I use, that ain’t clouded by infantile fantasies, unrealistic delusions, & I have the balls & guts, to call it as it is, not how I delusional percieve things to be. So keep making yourself feel better, by making me out to be the bad guy, but everybody sees you for what you are, a know nothing, little brat, eho can’t admit he was wrong! When I’m wrong, I have the manhood, to come on here & swallow crow. But you CAN’T, because you are the perfect, Superfan, who’s a retired ref & coach, eith the perfect family & kids who don’t cuss, drink, jaywalk, have inpure thoughts, or what other made up delusions, you can think of. So keep your BS spewing to yourself, & choke on your girlfriend Ruin 2norrow Jr.

      • you bring up your race constantly and you bring up man parts all the time… scarey
        specific moves you are wrong about: jimmy, signed 3 years at a reasonable amount, scored 100 runs and a GG, ibanez 264, 27 and 90…. we could use that right now, ben revere who you were all over is going to be just fine.

        • Blah, blah, blah! STFU! I only bring up my race in topics when somebody tries to say I don’t like Vick because he’s black. So again, has nothing to do, with the topic at hand. Move along. I don’t care how reasonable you think Rollins is, he should have never been re-signed.When was I all over Revere? I called him a noodled arm non-power slap hitter, from day 1. I said I was rooting for him, because he was a nice kid & had some talent. So again, wrong! Keep putting words in my mouth! You’re pathetic! Go away troll & worship your Ruin 2morrow poster, you have on your ceiling.

          • its your opinion… not the right opinion but your opinion.

            • Not an opinion, nor hearsay, when things are backed up by fact & were stated by me, at the time it happened. So stick to your story, & delusions. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself & makes you sleep at night. Good luck with that. But we all know the truth on here. You are a know nothing, excuse making, enabling, BS artist, who never thinks he’s wrong. I’m done. Go worship that Ruin bobblehead & poster you have.

              • fact 100 runs and a GG. ibanez ave. 264, 27 and 89… those are facts — where are your facts? all caps and #$%#@% are not facts….. arguing louder and resorting to profanity is the surest sign you’ve lost the debate…thats debate 101

              • still waiting on one fact? just because you say its a bad signing doesn’t make it so…. you never include one number ever.

              • Listen douche nozzle, I’m going to go through every single number again, every single failure of Ruin 2morrow again, because you are stupid, delusional, & lack the brains to have a rational thought, or conversation. I’ve we t over this $#!t a thousand times & you do nothing but say it’s opinion & hindsight. Pick & choose whatever BS meaningless, irrelivant stat you want, it doesn’t change the fact, that Ruin 2morrow, has ran this team into the ground, & you are his butt kissing, enabling, excuse making, know nothing, JO! You are wrong, get over it, & no matter how you try to spin it, & try to turn the topic to me, doesn’t change that fact! Go away!

      • BTW, I never said I was Jewish, you creep! Get it right, dirtball!

        • you never ever give numbers 102 runs and a GG, 264, 26, 87– those are facts not opinions– you only give your negative, passionate fan bullshit… fact is he brought ibanez in who did a very nice job. he signed jimmy (an all time philly great who is booed and criticized much the same way the greatest philly ever was) and he produced and is still producing– he put together a team that won a lot of games and didn’t win in the end….. he didn’t give up a 4 run lead in the playoffs and he had the same batting average against carpenter that you did. so show me facts not your opinion… facts are numbers you are just using your blowhard words

          • YOU, can keep deluding yourself, by continually throwing out bogus, hollow, meaningless numbers, all you want. I base my train of thought, on smarts, proactive decision making, sports acumen, knowledge, good leadership, chemistry, hustle & the end results! Ibanez was another lefty, in which we didn’t need! He was a see-saw player, & a horrific OF! Fact! Where were those BS numbers, that Rollins put up last year, in the beginning of the year, when we desperately needed him & his non-existent leadership, when Utley & Howard where out? He notoriously, puts up hollow, bogus numbers! Put them up, when realistic chances of making the playoffs, & pressures were gone. He is terrible with men in scoring position, pops up a tremendous amount of times, & does not consistently hustle! Fact! Yes he’s a GG, but Galvis is just as good defensively. Fact! Where is he still producing? Are you nucking futs! He is bad, disinterested, not hitting, & doing nothing this year, stranding tons of base runners, & again popping up at alarming rates & not running out plays! AND, don’t even start, with your BS, 102 win, 2011 season either! It is an irrelevant, BS, bogus, hollow #, when you embarrassingly, get knocking out of the 1st round! AGAIN, you are delusional! You are irrational! You are stead-fast in thinking, you are always correct, & you have flawed, idiotic, way of thinking. You are content with just being a fan, regardless of result. With you, winning, consistency, & realistically contending, comes secondary, to just enjoying the event, & waving your pom-poms! Case in point, 102 wins were a success to you, when we got bounced in the 1st round, as WS favorites. Your delusional, in you blaming Lee, for losing the playoffs, for losing a 4 run lead, IN THE 2ND GAME! I guess, the lack of hitting, & run support, from the entire, overpaid, has-been lineup, & the horrific, non-existent BP, had nothing to do with it, HUH! So, AGAIN, “havenoclue”, you can pityfully keep trying to spin this to your favor, by calling me negative, a non-fan, a blowhard & whatever other, idiotic, ill-informed, imbecilic things, you want to call me, but it still doesn’t change the fact, that Ruin 2morrow Jr., is a horrific GM, that killed this team, that this team needs to be overhauled, from the ground up, & you have been proven to be an imbecile by me, on countless occasions! So, go put some ointment on that butthurt of yours, change your tampon, & focus your wrath, on the culprit who architecturally, put together this slop, instead of blind loyally, enabling him, & making excuses, for his inept, constantly inexcusable failure! SO, keep trying to shift, & focus the spotlight on me, while making yourself, look more & more foolish, mindless & irrational! Good luck with that. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Be a man & face it! But you won’t! You don’t have the manhood to. You’ll continue your antics, excuses, ill-informed name calling, blind loyalty & delusional, irrational thinking & arguments! I have never lost an argument with you, & don’t need to resort to profanity & ^%@#&, to win 1 with you. Because, you are pathetic, brainless, mindless, sackless & have absolutely no clue, of what you speak.

            • just asking for a fact but you can’t produce any– see just because you SAY something doesn’t make it a fact– you always say you are factual– yet you produce none- your a pussy

              • I provide nothing BUT fact, everyday! I listed, on SEVERAL occasions, all of Ruins f^#@ ups, & non-moves! Calling me a PUSSY? Really? REALLY son?? Pussy, says the know nothing coward, who hides behind a computer, making condescending, delusional, reprimands & name calling, all because he’s butthurt over his man crush, being a miserable failure! CLASSIC! Who do you think you’re talking to, your kids? I can guarantee you wouldn’t say that $#!t to my face, tough guy! Another fact, Tootsie! I give you nothing BUT fact, everyday! I don’t hide behind hollow, BS #’s, that conveniently fit into your failed arguments! You don’t know WTF you are talking about! You are another internet punk @$$ BITCH, who thinks he’s better, smarter & more elite, than everyone else, but is always wrong! You ain’t $#!T! You are a fraud, just like your imaginary retired coaching/ refereeing careers & your so-called prestigious, pristine, family! GTFO, with your nonsense already! I have never encountered, in 44 years of my life, someone as irrational, delusional, clueless & argumentative, as you. You are hilariously pathetic. You are an imbecile, & not worth the acid indigestion. Go back to worshipping your Ruin 2morrow bobblehead, & having your gay fantasies, with his poster over your bed, you Nancy! You are constantly proven wrong, & no matter how hard you try to spin it, argue it, & try to take the spotlight off of your idiocy, will NEVER change that! DEAL WITH IT! I’m done with you, & I will be vindicated, when your wet dream, Ruin 2morrow Jr. is unemployed, where he belongs!

              • dcar– still no facts…not one number only your words… facts are quantitative… opinions are qualitative… you only proved qualitative information, your opinion… please disprove that 264, 34, 87 is a bad signing, please disprove a gg and 100 runs is a bad signing, please disprove that halladays’ 40 wins was a bad signing… please prove that he didn’t put together a team to win a bunch of games– prove it… be qualitative… those are fact
                and yes you are a big smelly pussy, whiner– internet bully– say it to your face? shit meet me at the corner of your a fag and i blew a load in your old ladies face–
                hollow bs??? you never say one fact– never! cuz your a negative, wannabe

              • I’m the internet bully, but you tak all the deluded, irrational, verbal diarrhea, & ill-informed reprimands. Funny how hypocrisy works. I hit a nerve, huh faggot? You ain’t a man, you’re a teenage girl, who can’t take criticism, & being shown what an idiot you are! Put your manhood where your mouth is, tough guy! I beg you! Talk all you want! Blah, blah, blah! Nothing but another internet heavyweight champion! Like I said, say it to my face, chump! I beg you. I’ll even give you the 1st shot, but I wouldn’t want you to break your Lee press on nails! The only numbers that matter to me is, in 2008, he took over a WS Champion, & every subsequent year, made it worse & worse, all the while, having an open checkbook, & the 3rd highest payroll in the MLB. All FACTS! You are a pansy, & a pathetic fraud of a man. So respond again, with your Blah, blah, blah BS! It’s highly amusing! If you really want to entertain me, meet me & say hello, CHUMP! Then, I’ll show you who the bully is. All you guys/ girls, are great at hiding, talking $#!t, when shown to be fools! PATHETIC!!!!

        • DCar original Sign-on was “DCarstein” but he shortened it..

  5. oh and to GM paulman— kyle loshe is 1-5 and has given up 60 hits in 55 innings and is missing a start with elbow problems… i think that would have been a paulman namdi situation — signing day– love this move!!! then $36 million and a 10-18 record later ‘i hate this move, the gm was stupid for doing it’

    • Loshe starting out Pitching well but has struggled the last few starts and is now out with inflammed elbow which I attribute to him missing most of Spring Training? Camp and probably was overused instead of building up his Arm Strength.. So instead, Phils are paying $20 Tto Hamels who will finsish with your 10-18 Record and Doc who is not Pitching at all.. Good Call..

      • so you were not on board with the cole or doc signing? what?

        • I was on board with Doc/Cole Signing.. The Phils helped create that $20 Million Market for Top End PItchers, so they’ve helped creat the mess that they are in .. The big thing is to avoid Long-Term Deals of more than 3 Years.. Unfortunately, you will lose out to Players beacuse of this, but rarely does a Player (even very Good Players) perform up to the expectations of their full Contract.. The Smart Teams just avoid getting into the mess to begin with..

          • sabathia, santana, zito, hampton and kevin brown were all long before the phils signed their pitchers… long!
            as for avoiding long term deals… you do understand there is this thing called THE MARKET?? that same market that would have forced gm fraudman to sign 35 year old loshe to a 3 year $36 deal… internet GM’s like to play it both ways….
            you continue to be ridiculous.

            • haveacigar, you really do own this guy

            • I stay away from all long-term Deals for Position or Pitchers..
              Phils have Tied up 75%-80% of their Payroll Budget on the same core 10-11 Players and then have to fill their Remaining 14-15 Players with 2nd Tier Talent and when many of the Overpriced Players fail to live up to expectations like they have the las tfew Seasons, this Result is an old,aging,boring, listless, low energy Team that we’ve seen the last 2 Seasons ..

              • so your staff is: kendrick, cloyd, pettibone, martin and?
                your lineup is:ruff, hernandez, galvis, ashe, revere, brown and somebody
                you continurally ignore the freaking market

              • i think his staff would be happ, worley, hamels, cloyd and pettibone

              • And would still miss the Playoffs just they the Phils have with Doc,Lee,Hamels,Papelstiff.. etc.etc..

              • they haven’t missed the playoffs yet … they are in it– but again take the negative– there are what 30 teams in MLB? all but one will not have a successful season… those are some good odds for the negative man.
                plus again ignoring the market– while attendance is down this year, it would be really down with your lineup.. its all about brand fraud… all about brand!

  6. Phillies recalled RHP Michael Stutes from Triple-A Lehigh Valley.
    Stutes has a 3.33 ERA, 1.19 WHIP and 25/11 K/BB ratio in 27 innings this season at the Triple-A level. The right-hander should do fine in a middle relief role for Philly.

    • according to him hamels makes too much and for too long–
      its the cost of doing business in MLB— when you sign a FA you understand that in most cases there productivity is on the decline at the end of the contract– puljos has 9 more years i think at like $250 and his wheels are in such bad shape he can’t play 1B!– all long term pitchers break down
      no he wouldnt sign hamels!

  7. Michael Martinez??? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The hilarity continues. Part of the master plan, I guess! He must have some pretty good pictures of Booben, because this piece of garbage, should never see a MLB field ever!

    • Well, at least he finally brought up Stutes, after an entire 1/4 of the season down the septic system, helped being ruined, by the gas can BP! When’s Durbin getting dumped? Another, huge WS winning signing last off-season! God, his isn’t even funny anymore!

      • I think Martinez was the right move for a few days. He will go down and ruff up before the Boston series, we needed some infield debth and ill take Martinez over Orr. Asche and Hernandez need to play every day…

        • absolutely… its about flexibility — remember eric freaking bruntlett and the big part that chump played in 08…. a .220 utility guy is an ugly necessity…

          • I believe Bruntley’s Jersey should be Retired by the Phil’s and placed in the Wall of Honor ..this and his “Beard” to pay respects for the man
            that single-handliy won the City of Philadelphia a World Series Championship over the starry-eyed newbie Tamp Bay Ray’s..

            • ‘starry=eyed newbie’ only you fraudman can take one of the greatiest feats in philly sports history and give it a negative slant.

              • Glad you caught that HAC..
                Phils-Devil Rays was the most boring World Series in Modern History followed by Phils & Orioles World Series in 1983 a close 2nd..

              • I am sure it was boring to a Philly fan living in the sticks of North Carolina.

                For us that lived in Philly the Phils-Rays series was some of the best times of our lives. Watching the series with friends, partying after we won on broad, the parade, it truly was one of the most amazing experiences and the most highly entertained I have been.

                But I suppose when you eliminate the camaraderie throughout the city, the fun of watching with friends or going out and watching, the shutting down your life for those games and celebrating, the parties afterwards… ya if you eliminate that stuff it was probably boring

  8. Hey paulman,how about all those stiff NFC east teams Reid mcnabb made hay on only to get beat in championship games minus one, your picking on the wrong franchise

    • Fraudman would make a threesome that included cindy crawford and jennifer addison sound negative!!!!!

      • never heard of jenn addison but isnt cindy crawford 50? jeesh, i would think you could come up with a better 3some then a 50 year old and a?

        • dont get me wrong cindy still looks good but id be concerned about a desert landscape there… thinking you couldve came up with a better scenario

        • sorry meant anniston! and she is in her 40’s…. as for cindy at 50– mhenski i am over 50 and i would take her in a heartbeat. i also don’t follow pop culture much so i don’t know who the young hotties of today are
          point is fraud always puts a negative spin on

      • That’s funny you mention Cindy Crawford,
        I jrecently removed (surgically) that “mole” off her Lip and Buttocks with a New “Laser Technology” that I’ve been developing the last couple of Years..
        I offered her a Postion to be my Product Spokeswoman for TV Infomercials,Convention & Conferences, Marketing Video’s, etc,etc and she has accepted.. In fact, I am picking her up at the Airport here in a little while..

    • No argument from me on the Eagles either Jake..
      DC Jimmy Johnson always came up small in NFC Championship Games also..
      2 Great Philadelphia Teams in my lifetime that I watched … The 1980 Phillies and the 1983 76ers, the rest were Good, but not Great.. The Flyers Team’s in the mid 70’s were Fun to follow and the 76ers Teams in the late 60’s were Fantastic, though I was a little too young at that time watch them play
      Philly Teams of the last 20 years reflect what the City and it’s Fans have become.. Arrogant, Overhyped, Soft and Under-Achievers.. but that’s just my own Opinion… All Sports and Athletes has become Over-hyped and Soft

  9. Paulman get with the. 21st century , you do know they imploded the vet and tbe spectrum is gone, how’s the mullet looking

    • I know about the Vet/Spectrum/RFK Stadium being long gone and to be honest, the Heart & Soul of the Eagles,Flyers and 76ers Teams and Fans went out right with it if you ask me…
      and Good Gried Jake.. Can you stop Playing “Achey Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus…He has a teenage/young adult Daughter now … Ha

  10. Struggling with facts dcar still no numbers Internet thug? Cuz you have none

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