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Eagles QB Coach Gives Us A Snapshot Of QB’s

Barkley,Foles,Kelly,Vick1Yesterday Eagles quarterback coach Bill Lazor said it was too early say which of his quarterbacks, Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Matt Barkley, Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne.

“It’s too early to put a number on it,” Lazor said. “Just like with most competitions in this league, day-to-day, you have ups and downs – like the offense sometimes has against the defense. They’re working to improve. What I try to foster in that room, and what I think they’re doing a great job of, is just concentrating on themselves.”

As the interview continued he talked about the quarterbacks and he seemed to have a more glowing description of Foles and Barkley than he had of Vick.

Concerning Foles:  “He can evaluate what’s happening. He can make decisions, and he can make it look like it’s really easy for him,” Lazor said. “He has a calmness about how he plays. But I know he’s taking all this information in and computing it and making the throw. And I think it’s really a testament to mentally how on top of the game he is and the kind of athlete he is.”

“I think he really can play the game,” Lazor said. “He knows how to put it together.”

Concerning Barkley:  “From the moment he’s walked on the field here he has been accurate, and that’s the No. 1 thing. Accuracy and decision making. He’s been decisive and accurate,” he said. “I feel like the way we evaluated him so far — without having played a game — has proven to be true.”

“You’re talking about extremely high football intelligence, great work ethic,” Lazor said. “Some of the off-the-field skills, what he had to deal with, as far as the ups and downs. . . . Really, it’s a guy that became the face of the franchise out there.”

“I think Matt comes in with exactly the right attitude,” Lazor said. “I didn’t expect anything less. Matt is a quarterback. It’s easy to see why he’s had so much success in his career, from high school all the way through college. He understands how to play the position. He carries himself like a quarterback should on the field. He’s a leader. He demands respect. He works extremely hard. He puts in a lot of hours. He’s accurate. He can handle things happening quickly on the field and react to them and make quick decisions.

“He’s shown, so far, that he can learn and apply classroom knowledge to what he does on the practice field, which is a great trait for a quarterback. He’s athletic. He can throw the ball accurately on the move. These were all things that we suspected, and that’s why we took him.”

Concerning Vick:  “Now he approaches work every single day like someone who wants to be better, wants to maximize what he’s doing,” Lazor said. “He’s really been a lot of fun to be around.”

“He’s seen defenses. He’s seen coverages. He’s been blitzed,” Lazor said. “He’s made good decisions. He’s made bad decisions. He’s had them work out and not work out. . . . Now he brings all that experience. He’s an extremely willing learner.”

“I find Michael to be extremely open to it,” Lazor said. “From the viewpoint of someone coming in, being new to the situation, I find him pretty enthusiastic to learn and improve. I didn’t expect anything different. He’s being very professional.”

“I’m confident Matt is going to play in this league. I’m trying to get a guy to be the championship-level guy,” said Lazor. “I think we are a long way from determining how quickly Matt will get to being a championship-level quarterback. So though everyone wants to know, ‘Who’s the starter? Where are we in the starting competition?’ my focus is so far beyond that. You can have a starter and win six games, no one is going to be happy. We need a guy who can take us where we want to go and bring a championship here. The expectations we’re setting in our room and the standard of excellence that we are trying to be achieve every day is well beyond, ‘Could this guy be a starter.’ ”

You can see that his comments about Foles were pointed, specific and very positive.  Even his comments about Barkley are clearly positive and he believes he can be a championship quarterback.   But his comments regarding Vick are both positive and negative.  He doesn’t get on one side or the other about how Vick has played so far.  I think it would be very easy to draw too much into his comments, but we’re all looking for some indication of where these quarterbacks stand right now.

“When will someone emerge?” Lazor asked rhetorically, repeating the question. “That will happen when it happens on the field. When will Chip make a decision? You’ll have to ask Chip.” on Facebook

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162 Comments for “Eagles QB Coach Gives Us A Snapshot Of QB’s”

  1. I have July 29th Targeted as Mike Vick’s Release Date… Can’t wait…

  2. I will only say…Where’s Vinnie to lay down the law on this one??

  3. The most important quote in the entire interview was at the end when Lazor said until the pads go on all this talk means nothing. Anybody other then Sanchez should look good in shorts. Hell let me QB against Cole and Graham playing linebacker and I could complete 50% of my passes. LOL

    • It was Tweeted by D-Jax that GMCliff outruns Biggy in the 40-Yard Dash
      GMCliff then says he can complete 85% of his Passes against LB’s Cole & Graham with his left eye covered by a Pirates Eye-Patch… Details at 11..

  4. mike vick was quoted as saying he is ‘still the fastest qb in the league’ can someone tell him to STFU? he has to be the dumbest man alive…’i can rush for a thousand yards, i’m the fastest qb’– I have never heard a qb, leader of the team use the word “I” so much! ‘I have won only 1 playoff game’ should be his next sentence that begins with ‘I” — flacco, brees, both mannings and brady would not beat me in a race let alone vick—

    • *rolls eyes*

      He was asked a question – he answered it. He didn’t volunteer “Oh I’m the fastest QB in the NFL”

      Jesus – what would have been the appropriate response to the question Hav? Would you like him to answer “no comment” to everything asked of him? Would that make you feel better?

      • Maybe a little Humbleness would be warranted? You would think someone that always is the center of controversy would have learned not to answer a trap question. Nope, right in with the self love, Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings and unable to play QB well. Of course the last line was a shot, but come on a lil humbleness, especially when you just called your detractors ignorant.

        • Name me a humble QB in this league.

          I’ll wait.

          • Plenty…How many dumb statements come out of Peyton or Brady’s mouth? Joe Flacco talk about how great he is? Rogers and Brees Talk about having the most accurate arms or tossing the most TD pases? It’s Funny because all those QB’s I named keep their mouths shut and dont say how great they are…I could name 10 more if you want. RG3 Schuab Wilson Dalton, Kapernick Ect Ect Ect….Eli said he should be considered Elite and we all said what an ass….He wins a 2nd Superbowl…Honestly I think what he’s doing with the Charities is great…but be humble and shut up….

            • Arrogant, unaware, dillusional

              The NFL Network is spending the summer releasing its “Top 100 Players of 2012.” This list causes lots of controversy (that’s probably because it’s not nearly as accurate as Pete Prisco’s Top 100 list) and generally makes players not ranked No. 1 pretty upset.

              Case in point: Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was slotted at No. 70 on the list and, via Sheil Kapadia of, said that “it’s a joke” that he’s ranked so low.

              “It’s a joke,” Vick said on 97.5 The Fanatic. “I won’t say where I need to be. I’ll let my peers and everybody else just decide on that. Maybe it was voted on by the peers, but I just disagree. I know how good I am and what I bring to the table for my football team. The things that I can do on the football field sometimes can be uncanny, but I give a lot of credit to my coaches and the people around me.”

              A couple of things spring to mind with Vick’s comments. First, it is a joke that he’s No. 70 — he shouldn’t be that high. His team finished 8-8 last season, he completed less than 60 percent of his passes, he threw just 18 touchdowns (to 14 interceptions) and he only played in 13 games. What’s he looking for exactly?

              Second, did he really just say “the things that I can do on the football field sometimes can be uncanny” out loud? I mean, he’s right … but come on. Who says that? Vick, apparently, who thinks he deserves to be above some or all of Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady.

              He doesn’t, but he can at least use that thought process for motivation.

              “They got me ranked 70. I think the thing right now to do is just go prove why I feel like I should be even higher,” Vick said. “So if that’s what they felt based on what happened last year, then I’ve got to deal with it. It’s motivation, so thank you, because they’ve motivated me to become a better player this year, so I’ll have that in the back of my mind as I go out and play this year as well.”

              Good for Vick. A lot of quarterbacks wouldn’t need an NFL Network ranking to get them fired up to try and salvage a wasted 2011 season. But if that’s what it takes to get him amped for 2012, more power to him.

            • Are you serious?

              Rodgers? Maybe I’ll give you Brees – Flacco – None of those guys are humble. NONE of thos eguys you mention are humble.

              Have you read Kaep’s interviews? Come on.

              Rodgers is a smug bastard. Please. Vick didn’t talk about being the fastest QB – he was asked – my goodness. Ya’ll just want something to complain bout.

              • Clearly someone needs to learn the definitions of humble and complain.

                Virtually all qbs in the NFL are humble with the exception of a handful with Vick being at the top of the handful list

              • How about I name you the QB’s That aren’t Humble Cam, Eli, Sanchez, Rivers, Palmer, Rothlesberger…I might have Missed an Ass clown or two but I think thats pretty accurate. I think Vick is the least humble of them all. Even though Cam does the Superman bit…..

              • LMAO – I know what humble means.

                – and if you think MOST QBs in the league are humble…then I got some land in Florida to sell you.

                There aren’t too many pro athletes that are humble. Doesn’t come with the territory.

              • Haa land in Florida to sell. Ok I’m interested in the gulf coast what you got?

              • Seriously TS How many other QBs go around bragging saying the dumb shit he does? I forgot about last year his beef with the TOP 100 debacle..I was too blinded by his Dynasty remark. All QB’s are Ego maniacs but they keep their mouths shut in the Media with few Exceptions. Kurt Warner Never Said I Ever and he was 10 times the QB.

  5. Are you bored?

    “Cause he really didn’t say much of anything.

    Standard non-answer answer.

      • I don’t tell me. You’re so far up his ass most of the time I’m sure you were there when he shitted it out.

        • I am the furtherst thing from being up his ass. you on the other hand…

          • You’re the one who can’t keep his name out your mouth. Personally I think you likely get a lil’ chubby every time you think about him,,,that’s why u always have something to say.

            • I’m pretty sure you can’t keep his name out of your mouth and you can’t stop sticking up for this bum either. I’m also pretty sure you get a chubby when you stick up for him and wake up to his fat head on your wall

              • My original comment on this post:

                “Are you bored?

                “Cause he really didn’t say much of anything.

                Standard non-answer answer.”

                Wasn’t about Vick. Didn’t mention Vick. It was about the article. I was referencing the non-story of the QB coach saying a lot of nothing about the QBs at this point in training.

                Then you said:

                “what did mike eat for lunch?”

                So who can’t keep Vick’s name out they mouth?

              • It would be out of their mouth not out they mouth. Learn how to talk and write.

              • Your also an idiot you wrote he with the he part referencing Vick. Do you bring anything to the table other than having Vicks back?

              • First of all – I wasn’t referencing Vick –

                I just told you I wasn’t referencing Vick – the “he” was referencing the QB coach. But thanks for telling me what I was talking about.

                BUT since you seem to have Vick on the brain of course you would thinks a non-descript “he” HAD to be about Vick. Once again – who’s talking about Vick.

                “It would be out of their mouth not out they mouth. Learn how to talk and write.”

                I know what it is – it was written that way on purpose. But you lack any real ability to form an argument, so you focus on perceived grammar mistake instead of the fact that YOU bought up Vick when I wasn’t even discussing him.

                AND if you’re going to play grammar police you should at least make sure your comments are free of grammatical error as well – for example:

                Your and You’re

                “Your also an idiot you wrote he with the he part referencing Vick. Do you bring anything to the table other than having Vicks back?”

                That would be You’re – not Your. FYI.

                Oh and add an apostrophe to that “Vicks” while YOU’RE at it.

              • Little different in writing in short form and writing in street talk. V

              • mh, Women can’t get chubbies! Looks like someone didn’t take his ADHD meds. during “The talk”. LMMFBO!!!!

  6. “I really don’t feel like there’s a quarterback in the league who can beat me in a 40-yard dash. If somebody wants to set something up, I’ll be more than glad to accept the challenge.”

    I made a joke last week that Vick was like a 14 year old JV QB when Kelly was slapping the ball out of his hand…..

    I was wrong.

    Its more like 11 years old. The Philadelphia Eagles have an 11 year old at QB.

    Tomorrow he’ll be telling us that his dad can beat up your dad.

  7. I’m really changing my mind on my hope position vis-à-vis The Mike Vick Experience.

    I’m beginning to think I want him around for the year….team’s rebuilding anyway, so might have more fun.
    why not….who is going to bring more entertainment value to the fanbase than this guy?

    From “I’ll run for 1000 yards” to mano-a-mano races with his teammates (and now anyone in the league), to having the ball slaped out, to chastising fans, to being informed (for the umpteenth time) that “NOW” Vick is putting the effort in, to hearing coaches say that, as far as quarterbacking goes, Vick is “fun to be around”

    I mean you can’t make this shit up!!!

    Its pure comedy gold.

    I’m all-in.

    • I’m with you it would be entertainment from the time the eagles games end on Sunday until the following weeks game start time. It would be More comedy on game day but I like football too much to watch an awful qb like him so I’d tune in to the best game on the ticket.

    • Lol the lack of humbleness from this guy is incredible Vinnie. You would think he has actually done something in his NFL career. It gets better and better every week. I tried to just sit back and be cool, but how can I when this just drops in my lap….Week after week after week.

      • Did anyone actually here the conversation between Dan Patrick and Vick? Nope ya didn’t . Such a non story and simply because he jokingly answered a question while bantering back and forth with the host he’s not humble? Wow considering that there isn’t a QB in the league who is humble and self depreciating is ridiculous. I don’t think some of you guys ever played sports in your lives. If you did you’d know how stupid some of these responses are. You think you know someone by seeing or hearing them speak. Like I told paulman get over yourselves. Having said all that I don’t give a damn who’s humble or not I am a Eagles fan so if your a smug bastard or a behind the scenes asshole that’s not my problem or concern. My kids don’t look up to athletes and I don’t worship them either they are grown men who play kid games for a living.

        • Sorry about the long rant fellas.

          • Happens dude….That being said your dead wrong. Firstly, calling someones responses Stupid is not the passively aggressive Big I have come to know. Second you are an Eagles fan but Big Vick fan no matter how hard you say Im just an Eagles fan. Im gonna hit ya with some hard truths man. Mike Vick is a world class foot in mouth winner. No matter how you defend or slice it he says month after month year after year the dumbest most arrogant shit since TO. But I really liked T.O. Mike isn’t Likeable. If Mike Performed like T.O. No one would give two shits what he said. I try to repect you all as fellow Eagles fans, but sometimes I think you guys refuse to see the forrest for the trees.

            • Yes he has some really unlikeable traits and you are 100% percent correct I was out of line calling everyone stupid. Xevious I like Mike Vick the athlete obviously and he’s not close to being a top flight QB. I just think its crazy how the mere mention of his name affects some people. When his time is up its up and its not going to make peoples lives any better.

              • Big I think thats what a lot of people do, They see a great athlete with a cannon and say wow. It soesn’t work that way though at QB, It’s the most Elite position in Sports. I equate Vick with Jeff George man, both with 10 cent heads and just make people hate em. I personally and only speaking for myself just can’t tolerate the mistakes and dumb QB play. I love the QB position and when people blame everything else, It’s ridiculous. Most Sacked QB since 2009…..Aaron Rogers….shit line doesnt stop them from winning bro. Have a great memorial day.

  8. Vick is a: freakish athlete. Huge arm. Extremely fast. Unable to hold onto the ball. Poor decision maker. Huge risk taker. Injury prone. I don’t think he starts but if he does, he does not finish the season as the starter. These are facts not opinions.

  9. You clowns get derailed over what mike Vick says, it doesn’t matter, get ready fior big nick foles, he will soon make all eagles fans forget about mike Vick, that is the innuendo of what the qb coach is saying, it’s what learned football people saw in foles last season, he is the real deal, awareness, strength, arm, mobility, elusiveness in the pocket, and smart, but argue on about a has been that never was

  10. I have been calling for nick foles for months, I predicted it when I first saw him play, Vick couldn’t carry his sweaty jock, mcnabb not his dry jock, wait until all these mcnabb lovers, Vick lovers get there due for their blind loyalty, stupidity

  11. Here’s a line from Bill Lazor that was left out: (on Barkley)

    “I’m not keeping track, but I would guess most days Matt is the first person in the building. He’s excited to be here. He’s excited to be in the NFL. I believe that he’s learned a work ethic as far as what it’s going to take to be successful at quarterback in this league and he’s working his tail off to meet that expectation,” said quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor.He’s a fun guy to be around because he wants it. He’s willing to do what it takes. He’s accurate.

    “From the very first day we stepped on the field, he’s shown that he’s accurate. He can throw on the run really well. He makes good decisions. He can, for the first time being in an NFL pocket, make decisions. He looks like he’s done it before. It doesn’t look like it’s his first time and he carries himself the way you want a quarterback to carry himself. He’s probably had great teachers to teach him that and there’s something in him that’s probably innate, that when he walks on the field and tells the players what’s going to happen they believe him.”

    I’m not sure I’d sleep on Barkley.

    Oh…and this:
    “It doesn’t really matter what level you’re playing quarterback. Number one, once you have the general skill set necessary – you’ve got to be an outstanding decision-maker, you’ve got to have a sense of timing and then you have to be an accurate passer.”

    Bunb-bye former superstar…..none of the above is you.

    Eagles QBs in Sept: Foles, Barkley and Dixon

  12. Barkley went fourth for a reason. After the combine – after his pro day – team after team passed on him. That happened for a reason.

    Maybe he is a gem. But I’m not banking on it. Time will surely tell. But as has been pointed out – everyone looks good in shorts.

    • tsj, Russell, Carr, Vick, Couch, George, were all the #1 picks in the draft, Brady- 6th round, Montana- 3rd round, Staubach- 10th round, Fouts- 3rd, Favre- 2nd, Theismann & Tarkenton- 4th. So it doesn’t matter the round they are taken. I don’t like Barkley, but the round is irrelevant.

      • The round is NOT irrelevant.

        And the fact you put Vick in with Russell, Carr and Couch says a lot about your thinking and reasoning ability.

        Farve is a second round QB – so you can toss him out of your example list. You’re not going to find much success with QBs drafted 3rd and later. Are their exceptions – sure – but they are the exceptions that PROVE the rule not disprove it.

        Yes it is PROBABLE Barkley could be a good QB – it is not LIKELY based on his draft position.

        • What you have to keep in is the amount of QB’s that have Drafted in the Top Rounds in recent Drafts, A big part of Barkley’s fall was the fact that very few Teams already have young QB’s on their Roster that they have committed to in recent drafts so the demand was simply not there
          Take a look at Gabbert at Jaguars, Locker at Titans, Ponder at Vikings
          Sanchez at Jets, do any of these QB’s have a bigger side than Barkley??
          Provably not, but their GM’s & Team have invested too much in those players and are giving them this Season to perform or will have to address their QB situstions next Draft and I bet some of these Teams will wish they used a 2nd/3rd Pick this year to take Barkley
          Also look at Teams like the Bears and Bucs that have QB’s in their final years of their Contracts.. Bucs drafted Mike Glennon and the Bears did zippo addressing their future QB situation, the aeagkes got a steal
          Getting Barkkey in the 4th Round..

        • tsj, my point was, it doesn’t matter what round, the QB’s are picked. You think it does, by your comments. Vick was included with the other failed #1 QB’s, because he is what he is. A overhyped failure, who never won $#!t, & by his own words, got by on athletic ability alone, never worked hard enough to hone his skills to be a better QB. Yes he’s better than the other stiffs, but just because you are the tallest midget in the circus, doesn’t make you tall.

  13. barkleys peak is like matt hasslebak.. Foles will be the quarterback.. If not vick

    • Foles will be the QB if he is heads and shoulders better than Vick in the accuracy and decision making departments. He’s not going to be more mobile than Vick – or run the read option better – so he has to beat and I mean BEAT him in the accuracy/decision arena.

      If he is only marginally better – or equal to Vick in this area – Vick is gonna start ’cause he’s more mobile and will be able run the read option and gain yardage with his legs.

      While Kelly doesn’t need a mobile QB, clearly he likes one ’cause of the defensive mismatches it opens up. I don’t think they are looking to bring Barkley on this year so he’s not part of the QB equation unless he just really outshines everyone.

      I also think this doesn’t go down to the wire – I mean the QB comp may be on ’till pre-season but I think a leader will emerge in camp rather quickly once the entire playbook is installed.

  14. It will come down to decision making, which will translate to accuracy, anf foles was, will be much better so he will start

    It’s not that difficult of an analysis, I mean vinnie can post every known stat about Vick, but you don’t need a phd in vickology to figure this out, it will come down to who makes better decisions

    From what I hear Barkley does not have the same arm, so he’s out of the equation

    • 2012 Completion Percentage

      Vick: 58.1
      Foles: 60.8

      Foles was MARGINALLY better than Vick in the accuracy department last year. Marginally better is not going to win him the starting job – as a matter of fact it’s why he wasn’t name out and out starter to being with.

      • TS you’re not that stupid to make comparisons like that.

        One was a rookie who will improve, one was at his max career performance average.

        Yes Foles was only “marginally better” last year, but those were his first 6 games…rookies improve. He’ll add 5% this year and come in around 65%.

        Do you know what Vick was over his first 6 games? 46% Did he improve? Yes, only not enough. He’s been mired in the 50%s ever since, with one outlier 62% in 2010…that’s right, in 10 years Vick was only once able to hit 60% – something Foles did as a rook. That’s pathetically laughable.

        60% is foles base….he’ll put another 5 or 6% on there….Vick will not.


        • that’s not as marginal Asa difference as u think tsjohnson. that’s approximately 15 more completed passes a year half of which would probably be first down, changes field position or leads to a score. as they say this is a game of inches so I’ll take the guy completing 1 more pass a game because of the things that 1 additional pass.

          • once again though way to stick up for Vick and say 3% is a marginal difference. ur agenda is pretty clear. support one of the worst qbs in the league good luck with that

            • Once again you’re an idiot –

              QBR – slightly favors Vick
              QB Rating – slightly favors Foles
              Avg YPC – Favors Vick
              Wins – Favors Vick
              Turnovers – Favors Foles – though truthfully they both sucked there.
              Rushing Yards – Favors Vick – by a WIDE margin

              And that last bit is and remains my point – Foles can’t be marginally better than Vick and win the starting job. If they are relatively equal in all those other areas then Vick’s mobility wins out.

              If Foles is head and shoulders better in the accuracy department Foles wins out.

              So what support of Vick did I make?

              • im the idiot yet u say 3% is marginal. then you say vick has a higher qbr, and foles has a higher qb rating when everyone but you knows qbr and qb rating are the same thing.

                coming from you idiot is a compliment thanks tranny

        • “60% is foles base….he’ll put another 5 or 6% on there….Vick will not.”

          lol. I like how you make shit up.

          • another idiotic statement. safe to assume 60% is foles base considering he did that as a rookie and most nfl starters get better after their rookie season. safe to assume vick wont improve as he has a 12 year track record from which to judge

            • If most young QB’s get better, why are teams constantly looking for new QB’s? Stop throwing crap against the wall. Bobby Hoying anyone? Tim Couch , Rick Mirer see not all QB’s progress and get better.

              • Fine you ‘tard. “Most” rooks get better. Not “all”

                The fact remains your hero is at his pathetic max…and that was eclipsed by a rookie 6-start guy you constantly disparage. Where does that put your “superstar” that you pray every night will be the starter for the Birds?

          • I don’t make anything up. I look at history.

            Vick’s history:

            44%, 55%, 50%, 56%, 55%, 53%, 63%, 59%, 585

            Anyone who thinks he’s going to hit 65% (NFL average) is the one who is “making shit up”……they’re hoping/praying/dreaming for something that has never happened and never will happen.

            Keep hoping TS.

  15. Vick will be giving his shot and rightfully so.. I just think a 6’6 quarterback can always see and I like Foles patience. in 2010 when vick played patient. He was flawless.. but the Oline worsened each year..

    • Vick played great for 2 months in mid 2010, but once NFL D’c’s figured who to contain him and keep him in the Pocket as much as possible, his pkay, his poor decision-making, holding the ball to long,his lack of height have made him a bottom 1/4 QB in the NFL and his W-L Record since then reflects this..
      Defenses simply keep there DE’s out wide and contain him from breaking outside the pocket and let keep him in the Pocket and his play-making ability is nullified and his Turnovers increase.. Very easy to defend him
      But you have to have athletics DE’s who are disciplined and remain in their containment labes as opposed to go directly at him

      • Its not just that paulman the team also deteriorated around him.. They had the worse offensive line in the league the league did somewhat adapt to what the eagles were trying to do and Andy Reids inabilty to change just left them stuck doing the same thing. The tape doesnt lie..
        As for vinnie the victor lol what a name.. I dont even respnd to you anymore.

        • Eagles OL was completely intact in 2011, what did Vick do the first 6-8 games of the Season when he played the Team right out of Playoff Contention going 3-6 by November???

  16. “He was flawless.. ”

    Apparantly you don’t remember the last 6 games of the year. Specifically his last 2 games back at career average 55% even tds and Ints…and of course….losses.

    2010 was a mirage.

    I wonder if the fans of the Argos will rattle on about 2010 like you do when he plays there this season!

    • Yeah…playing funny with the stats again huh…

      The last six games of the year – Vick completion percentage was over 60% save for the Min game at 58.1% he went 4-2 over that period.

      The playoff game was at 55.6% – and last I checked 2 missed field goals played as big a role in the loss as the last minute INT. Akers lost his job. Vick kept his.

  17. Listen carefully to what the qb coach said, you aren’t in an nfl camp unless you have the tools, they all have them, the starter will be the one who executes the offense the best, not the fastest runner, strongest arm, etc, it’s not a skill show, for how much we think Kelly is innovative, he’s really traditional in what he requires from the qb, a field general, poised, good decision maker, none of that is Vick and the little we saw of Foles, he has upside and will be the starter

    • “the starter will be the one who executes the offense the best, not the fastest runner, strongest arm, etc, it’s not a skill show,”

      And so how is that different from what I said?

      You’re the one saying Foles will definitely be the starter – I’m not making any suck predictions for either guy.

        • TS you do realize that Vick is a 12 year vet and even by your bias standards he barely is beating a 6 game rookie? Foles is ranked 2nd historically on best debut seasons by a rookie also. To think Foles won’t get better is short sighted. To compare a rookie and a 12 year vet is kinda laughable also. I’m not putting down your opinion but I think your bias is showing through. Also I don’t know how I forgot Mr never was humble Jay Cutler on my list king of the ass clowns lol.

          • “Foles is ranked 2nd historically on best debut seasons by a rookie also”

            No. He’s not. At. All. If you’re talking about the article I think you’re talking about the metrics are so flawed it’s funny.

            “TS you do realize that Vick is a 12 year vet and even by your bias standards he barely is beating a 6 game rookie?”

            You’re making arguments I’m not making. And there was no bias in what I said. I laid out two very distinct situation where one QB would be named starter of the other.

            I did not give preference to either. My point – which no one has actually commented on – remains the same – if Foles isn’t HEAD and SHOULDERS better than Vick in the accuracy decision making department – he won’t win the job.

            He wasn’t last year which is why he wasn’t named the consensus starter. When discussing Vick you can’t discount his offensive production on the ground – where he smoked Foles ’cause they are playing for a coach who likes that – doesn’t need but like it.

            SO – if you have two guys who are on equal footing in the accuracy and decision making department the guy with the EXTRA sauce you like will win.

            How is that difficult to understand, controversial or bias?

            With that said know one knows if Foles is going to get better or if we’ve seen his ceiling or if he’s gonna regress – that’s wishful thinking.

            • No, I’m fairly certain he ranks 2nd in most categories behind RG3. There have many Philly based articles about it. The most recent by Rueben Frank on CSN. I don’t think Foles or Barkley HAS to be head and shoulders above Vick but I believe they will be. The fact is again, after 12 years Vick is what he is. Fantastic athlete no one can deny it. Just no a good QB. The fact that a 6 game starter out passed Vick in a passing league says a lot. I know Vick is a better runner but this is a passing league and always will be. Run Option gets qbs hurt and defenses will adjust. Cam Newton needs to learn from both Vicks career and the young rooks from last year. Rg3 and Wilson can pass as well as run. Cam needs to refine his game or the Carolina will look similar to this web site lol.

              • “This Sunday, Cam Newton will finish his second NFL season. As the final whistle blows in the Panthers’ final 2012 contest against New Orleans, Newton will have finished the greatest first two seasons we’ve ever seen out of an NFL quarterback. And at least in the realm of the regular season, it isn’t particularly close.

                Newton enters Sunday with the following career statistics: 574-for-969 passing (59.2 percent), 7,672 yards, 40 touchdowns, 28 interceptions; 246 rushes for 1413 yards (5.7 per carry) and 22 more touchdowns. Newton’s 8,584 net yards — including 70 sacks taken for 501 lost yards — the Panthers star has an exactly 800 yard lead on Peyton Manning’s old 7,784 net yardage mark, the previous best for any quarterback in his first two seasons. Newton still has one game left.

                Newton’s 7.9 yards per attempt ranks fourth (Ben Roethlisberger, Dan Marino, Mark Rypien). His 62 total touchdowns ranks second (Marino). Newton’s only major category away from the top: a 2.8 percent intereception rate, still 16th of the 78 quarterbacks since 1933 to start at least 20 games in their first two seasons. Only Andy Dalton attempted more passes than Newton of those above him on the list.”

                I think Cam’s game is just fine. Cam is better QB than both RGIII AND Russell Wilson – and Kaep as well. They got away form the read-option near the end of last year – Newton can pass the ball with the best of them and you will see that this year.

                ” I don’t think Foles or Barkley HAS to be head and shoulders above Vick but I believe they will be”

                I’m not saying whether they will be or not – but unless they hands down beat Vick for the starting job neither will win it.

            • Why?

              Why does Foles have to be “head and shoulders” better than Vick to win the job.

              Lets propose this scenario…they’re completely equal at the end of August (I don’t believe this – but will humour you). Exactly equal. Same % same yrds, tds turnover etc.

              Even if equal, only an idiot would choose the 33 yr old vet over the 23 yr old with 6 games under his belt. One is at his max, the other at his base.

              If anything, its the 33 yr old fading former superstar that has to be head and shoulders better in order to justify holding on to that fossil over the rooks chomping at his heels.

              Look, if the gy was like Brady, another fading superstar, but one who has 3 sbs, then everyone understands, he’s QB for life pretty much….

              but Vick? He’s a 33 yr old, never had done anything, 50% passing turnover machine. The only guy who has to be head and shoulders above anyone else is him.

              • Once again there goes Vinnie – making shit up.

                If his age was an issue he wouldn’t be here.

                Chip LIKES mobile QBs – he doesn’t NEED his QB to run. But he LIKES one who can – keeps defenses honest. SO – since we now Chip could care less ’bout his age – if he’s gonna choose between two guys who are on equal footing in every other way – he’s going to take the one who gives him the extra edge to win.

                Foles needs to BEAT Vick – not do a little better but BEAT him. Or Vick will be considered the better option of the two.

              • Vinnie didn’t make up anything, he just stated his opinion just as have TS. I happen to agree with his opinion but that is kinda obvious. Fact is I would never have drafted Vick and disliked his game from college. I have been proven correct over the years but always have these arguments here or in real life. People fall in love with the athlete and over look the QB. Good stats on Cam but I don’t like his play. Well see how year 3 treats him man.

  18. Sign Tim Tebow and end this charade..

  19. You’re wrong TS…the fossil needs to a demon this offseason to hold on to his job.

    Vick is the oldest player on the team. He’s done unless he’s lights out. Only 2 qbs over 32 have won the SB over the past 20 years…Kelly knows this…..Kelly knows age is important. So unless Vick channels some inner Unitas and shreds through June, he gone.

    But God you’re funny. I really really wish the roles were reversed. I wish it was Foles who’d have the 12 year mediocre career – and Vick the rook.

    I’d love to read you defending the incumbent Foles so vehemently…defending his medioctity…defending a guy who hasn’t won a playoff game since 2004…8 friggin’ years ago…defending that comp% that;s about 6% lower than league average, or the top 5 all time fumbling % with such alacrity as you do Vick.

    Vick is finished. You know it. Everyone knows it. Listening to Lazor…he knows it. Kelly knows it too. I hope you have your Foles or Barkley jersery pre-ordered…because Vick is going to be shipped before the season begins.

  20. To me, a QB needs to be a leader: What makes a leader?

    For QB, it means you see not only the tactical flow, but the big picture.

    It means, on an important possession, you can either make a quick decision based on the logic of the game, or, you can say to the coach: ‘Coach, they’re doing this and that…If we hit them THIS way, we’re going to do it, because they’re leaning THAT way’.

    I haven’t seen Vick do this very often…Vick seems to mostly make the choice that HE will get the job done HIMSELF, regardless of the circumstances…If he does display this leadership ability going into the upcoming season, then Kelly should see it, Vick would be the man, and I would give him credit.

    • Who has thrown over 1/2 his interceptions on 1st down?

      Huge difference between a pick on 1st and 10 than 3rd and 10. Cixk is the master of the 1st and 10 int. Always trying to “make a play”….exactly what you are talking about frank

    • Which is exactly why you haven’t seen Cam Newton take the Panthers to the Playoffs despite his off-the-wall Stats in his first 2 Seasons
      It’s about Leadership, rallying the Troops, leading by example, positive attitude and body language and not sulking, making excuses or worrying about your own image or personal stars over the goals of your Team
      Newston has this year to change his attitude or he will go down as another extremely talents QB with all the physical skills but lacking in what counts the mist in the NFL and that’s Wins..
      Look at a QB who can’t touch Cam Newton physically in any measure and that us Andy Dalton, who has taken the Bebgals to 2 Playoffs in his first 2 Seasons without a great RB or nany offensive weapons (Besides AJ Green) and happens to play in a tough ass divsion (AFC North) pkaying the Ravebs, Steelers twice a year..

  21. Do you have the same hatred vinnie for the pennsylvania pigeon shooting club.. The white criminals never go to jail.. Its equal or even worse than dog fighting.. theyve pulled guns on reporters.. tried to run over activists..or maybe your prejudice has blinded your travels.

  22. The pigeon shooters run Pennsylvania they are lawyers, board members, council members, politicians , NRA member .. wealthy people that are like an organized gang they do worse then black gangs and get away with everything and anything they want and never go to jail.. They are in cahoots with police and get minimal fines and no records.. Just writing this makes me realized what a POS you really are Vinnie.

  23. Ok then. I just googled “pennsilvania pigeon shoot” and read an article about something I’d never heard of before. Seems idiotic.

    What is your point again? That Vick did bad things but its ok because other people did bad things…….or that its unfair wah wah………or something???

    How does this somehow make him a better quarterback again?

  24. I, for one, am proud of Michael Vick for overcoming the tremendous obstacles and odds that he had, regardless of whether or not he is the starting quarterback of the Eagles this year or not (I do believe he will be). I hear a lot of talk on this website that constantly questions his intelligence, the way he speaks and his perceived lack of humility (which I believe is erroneous). However, as an African-American man from the inner city, I will say that for anyone to overcome the circumstances of poverty, neighborhood violence and the constant issues of gangs and drugs has done a wonderful and amazing thing. I don’t know if some of you guys have seen some of the conditions that many of these athletes come from, but if you haven’t I would recommend visiting the inner cities in baltimore, philaldelphia, detroit, newport news, etc. Trust me, any kid who can make it out of these neighborhoods and become successful should be applauded for that issue alone. With that being said, when it comes to Michael Vick and SOME of the posters on this website and others like it, I think there are a few things to consider about the posters themselves:

    Some posters hate Michael Vick because of his involvement with dog fighting and his “hip-hop” persona. They see him as a common black thug and wish he was still locked up. These “feelings” manifest themselves in the comments and statements made about his career, playing style and shortcomings.

    Some people don’t necessarily dislike Vick, but they believe that the QB position should be played in the traditional way (Prototypical QB, usually white but not always, that stands in the pocket, delivers the football and has excellent pocket mobility, like Tom Brady. They don’t believe that the “mobile QB, usually black, but not always, can be successful at the pro level on a consistent basis. However, I will be interested to see how Johnny Manziel is viewed when he comes to the league.

    Some people love Michael Vick, especially black people (I’ll admit I do root for Vick because of some of the things that I mention earlier) because of all of the hardships and struggles that he went through that they can identify with. They root for him because he was the 1st black QB ever taken #1 in the NFL draft and he brought a style to the QB position that had been rarely seen before (though Randall Cunningham was definitely a pioneer). Some of these feelings are also historical because for years blacks were told that they were not intelligent enough to play QB and I still think this issue resonates with a lot of black people, especially when you contstantly hear that the QB position needs to be played a certain way (i.e. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, etc. )

    Some posters just honestly believe that Michael Vick does not give this team the best chance to win or they believe because of Vick’s age that the eagles should just go in a different direction.

    Not trying to offend anyone, nor am I saying that this applies to everyone, but I think these things need to be said. In America, there are a lot of “elephants” that show up in our conversations and as a community and as a nation we don’t like to address these issues in a manner that is respectful and could lead to healthy dialogue. I know in barbershops I frequent and the black people I talk to these are definitely issues when it comes to Michael Vick. Sorry this post was so long.

  25. Great, powerful post bozack, a lot f truth there, thanks for taking the time to post

  26. You know, not everyone in the world is an American. And we don’t all frame our debates in the same manner.

    I find it a little unfortunate that so many of you do. I’m not going to preach, but have you ever considered that not everyone frames differences of opinion in terms of race. That we might actually consider other factors?

    I am not saying racism does not ecist, either in America or around the world – of course it does (and believe me, I have visited just about every major US city, and Philly over 30x – and if you think you “see things” you can only imagine what an ‘outsider’ like me thinks about the way you’ve divied up your society/neighbourhoods, but I digress)

    I do not like Vick’s sideways hats, perma scowl, pointing at himself, not in terms of his background, but because its the way 13 year olds behave. Not because its “black” but because its immature. I make the exact same comments regarding Matt Stafford who isn’t going to win anything untill he screws that hat of his the right way around and stops getting photographed grinding 19 yr olds on spring break. Its not about race, its about maturity.

    And frankly, I don’t give a rats ass that many of you don’t believe me. That you think its impossible for people to not consider race when framing the debate. Whatever – all you do is dempnstrate your own biases. Your inability to consider that other people around the world can approach issues from different perspectives.

    And as for quarterbacking – specifically my distaste for running QBs…
    that debate was settled (from my perspective) in the late 1970s watching the CFL. Climbing the fence and smeaking into the endzone bleachers to watch the Riders!

    I didn’t even know the NFL existed at that time, and I suppose because I was just a kid had no idea why Warren Moon, JC Watts, and later Prince McJunkins and Damon Allen, were playing in the CFL. Or for my Rough Riders. They just were. They were just quarterbacks.

    I grew up idolizing Warren Moon, because he was the best QB I had ever seen. 5 GC chanmpionship – in a row! He was unbeatable. No one would ever top that….and I only learned about the NFL’s existance when Moon left (and we thought of him – as kids do) as a bit of a traitor….why is he leaving?!? What’s wrong with Edmonton?!? (I don’t think I even knew he was American).

    But I do remember wondering why our QB was always running around,while Moon just sat back their and ripprd the Riders apart every few weeks.

    • Hahaha. I white non-American determining how black players should dress, talk, play etc. Who the hell are you. Oh boy you visited American cities 30 times in your life. lmao. You are a white expert on Black American culture. comical. Heres a clue. There are thousands of black players in every sport that walk, talk and dress just like Vick followed by Millions across the USA in every town and city in this great land. “I don’t like the way Mike wears his hat or the way he talks”, nobody gives a fuck what you like or dont like.. Whats your point about wife beater Warren Moon again.You see it doesn’t really matter how you dress or talk in the big picture huh? lol. Great QB, best pure passer Ive ever seen I will have to say but I really wouldn’t use him in any frame of reference other than throwing a football.

      • The opinion of an outsider on American topics, on a American sport, played in American cities, by American players means nothing. If I need to a paper on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police then your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

        • of course it means something. outsider perspectives are most often the most objective and most accurate. coming from someone who supports race talk on a sports message board you are quite narrowminded about others opinions and others country of origin.

          • White foreign perspective on race in America. Nah his perspective on the subject means nothing to me. Call me narrow minded then.

            • To review Daggolden’s position:

              “You are a f-ing racist, and I will not accept any of your ideas or opinions because you are from a different culture/background than mine…all people who aren’t like me, or not from where I am from are worthless.”

              Ok then.

              Perhaps one day you’ll step out of your tiny little gopher hole and take a look around. There’s a big exciting world out there.

              • I wouldn’t even entertain those comments Vinnie. You have explained yourself in a mature honest way. I totally remember watching the CFL on ESPN back then. You are 100% correct. A lot of people don’t like your stats but stats aren’t opinions they are facts. The relevance can be argued but not the stas themselves. Some people will never get it Vin, believe me. They want you to accept everything the embrace, but screw you when it comes to accepting you. I happen to agree with you on 90% of your arguments and I’m very entertained by them. You are never gonna convince people Vick isn’t a good QB though. If they can’t accept facts after a dozen years, they never will. Just remember we are all Eagle fans. So hard not to lose your mind with certain ones nonetheless. Thanks for the sincere post Vinnie.

  27. 18 qbs threw for more touchdowns last year than vicks career seaason high and if not for a few injuries at least 21 wouldve thrown for more than his career season high. thats 21 of 32 qbs.

    and we have people talking about race???????? the guy fucking stinks. he could be neon pink color for all i give a fuck and he would still stink.

    turn the guy white guess what he still fucking stinks

    i dont even understand why or how people stick up for this guy.

    good he came from the hood and got to play qb and great he bounced back from federal charges in life but who cares he stinks at quarterback.

    dude may be the greatest guy in the world but he still stinks at qb.

    the guy is a 12 year vet and has all these foolish supporters thinking he is good and 18 quarterbacks rookies included did last year what he couldnt do in 12.

    it absolutely amazes me the fans and coaches that still back this clown

  28. I have stated since January and will continue to do so until
    I croak or get laid by Giselle what’s her name.. That the Chip Kelly Era will not be in Full Swing until the Eagkes get rid of Mike Vick and I just can’t see the point of wasting 2013 with a Player that has failed so often in his 11 Year Career.. A dark cloud will continue to the this New Era until Vick is gone and it has nothing with him being Black, it’s because he is no good at QB
    And not a Winner or True Leader, the arrogance, excuses and denial spills from him to players like McCoy & D-Jax in my book, and he is a Cancer as far as I am concerned.. There was no better way to start the Chip Kelly era than with Vick gone and believe me, he will regret this for failing to do so..

    • @paulman
      You’re other nickname of fraudman is well deserved. You never miss an opportunity proclaim how tired you are of all the Vick commentary but you’re always right in the middle of every post about him. Often you bring him into a discussion unsolicited. Here’s a novel idea. How about you shutting the F up about Vick. You and the others ALWAYS harping on and on about the guy but have the audacity to claim that those who tire of your constant negativity are his apologist. EPIC FAIL!!

  29. i love the guys that site race for the dislike of vick. if that were the case i suppose these racists that hate vick because of his color hate pretty much everyone on the sixers, most of the phillies and most of the eagles

    • Well then stop worrying about what the fuck he says, how he dresses, stop calling him stupid. Mark Sanchez sucks, Carson Palmer Sucks etc. But never are called stupid cant read defenses etc. What fucking part don’t you understand. Nobody said Vick was a good QB. Its when you get personal is when we have a problem with it.

      • lol. im certain sanchez and palmer have been called stupid and way worse things than that

        if u have all the tools to succeed on the football field but u consistently fail, whats the problem? to me its a process of elimination. do i think mike is dumb for a quarterback in terms of the mental part of the game ? i do, but not necessarily in real life

        • On Sanchez:
          “”We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” said one player. “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.” Unnamed Jets player.

          Wait, someone calling a hispanic lazy….uh-oh…..

          “You could tell throughout the week in practice. He never felt comfortable with some of the things we were doing. It was too much for him.” Unknown Jets player…

          What is he saying? Sanchez didn’t know the plays…..not too bright??….

          Head on over to the “Carson Palmer Sucks” message board and you get:

          “Time is finally running out for Carson in Oakland and in the NFL. There is no place in the league for a “buck and a quarter” quarterback that quits and won’t or can’t lead. He’s not elite he’s inept….Get Off My Team coward !”

          “Qbs spark a team a mane, Raiders got super D an speed at wr an Rb…do these clowns not see what te young blk qbs doing around the league?! Palmer is trash an a statue, He pads stats when the game is over an the nfl hate blk qbs but u can’t stop us we coming even through your cheating when we play white boys!!! ”

          Wait….waht!?!?! Nah….can’t be!!

          This guy has got to be the most pathetic excuse for a nfl qb. How many times does this idiot have to give the game away? “Palmer…interception, palmer…fumble…that’s all we here when this loser is in. Why can’t this dumbass protect the ball. Im so sick of this loser actinf like he’s great and has come to save the raiders. Why the hell is this guy still in the league? Get rid of him, send him to europe or canada. Terrible athlete

          what was that about no other QB…gets called stupid, lazy,coward, terrible….etc etc….just Vick right?

      • @dag
        Thank you. It’s why accusations of vick apologist are beyond absurd. Many of us AS I’VE STATED BEFORE weren’t even fans of his before he got here. BUT BECAUSE HE’S OUR QB we root for him.

    • If Vick would pkay a full 16 Game Season, he would gave thrown as many Int’s in the last 2 Seasons as River’s Gas so another moot point..

  30. Race is irrelevant, it’s winning. I find the people always yelling race or elluding to race are the true racists. If Vick was Russell Wilson in everything but name we all would be happy for now.

    • Race should be irrelevant but its not, we had these same conversations and complaints about Cunningham and McNabb who were both above reproach when it came to character. Vinnie’s post was a good one but citing Warren Moon the convicted wife beater who every interview he does talks about racism against black QB’s that Warren Moon? Matthew Stafford wearing his hat backwards says nothing about his character, that young man while a stat complier has never been in the news about anything other than being soft as tissue paper. I don’t think for one second Vinnie is a racist he just see’s things different then I do. By the way Xevious, Moon is a classic example.of why I won’t allow my kids go idolize athletes or entertainers.

  31. Hey nothing remotely funny about racism but if you guys want a good laugh head over to deadspin and find the article about a scouting report on Dave Winfield when he was coming out of High School and the College. Classic good old boy talk.

  32. Vick said himself he would not study the NFL game. He would not work hard. Would leave the game tapes that coaches would give him to study stacked up in his car like an immature child not doing his hw. He basically said he didn’t give a shit till he was like 30. And there were still reports about getting him into the film room when he was an Eagle.

    So when people say Vick is stupid and can’t read defenses they are simply stating the obvious, which is backed by evidence out of Vick’s own mouth. When people say he cant read a defense like Brady or Manning, guys who put the time in mentally their entire career, its simply just a true and fair statement. That fact that the guy himself or his fans can’t take the fair criticism now is pathetic. Has no one to blame but himself. I hate losers like that in all phases of life.
    Vick is stupid. Evidence shows it on and off the field. He sucks as a QB. He is on the same caliber with Sanchez(Vick can run, Sanchez can stay healthy pretty much even it out). And if the nonblack Sanchez was wearing number 7 the past 2 years, putting up the same pathetic stats at the same age as Vick, most of the Vick supporters would call for his head. Like Xevious said, those people are basically hypocrites. Fact is you simply don’t need to be a racist to see that Vick just sucks. Its completely reasonable to have the opinion that the guy sucks.

    • Ahhh just because he isn’t a good NFL QB makes him stupid. hmmmmm. o why aren’t we calling the Fitzpatricks, Romos and the rest of the I have never won anything in the NFL QBs stupid? Those QBs actually watched film and still suck. Now who is really stupid?

      • Phillip Rivers leads the league in turnovers the last 3 years and not once have I ever heard Rivers being called stupid. WTF cant he read a defense? Doesn’t he “study”? If he does look at film that’s one stupid MF.

        • Here Here!!!! Dag dropping knowledge. Brother you just flow with Common Sensed Logic………

          • Lol irrelevant, if Rivers was here we would be killing for the same shit. He isn’t our QB so we don’t care. No one likes Rivers here anymore either so it’s an irrelevant argument.

            • God, you do live in a cave Daggolden.

              Just google “Philip Rivers stupid” and see what happens.

              But its only Vick…always only Vick…..

              • CBS sports headline: “The Stupidity of Tony Romo” in it…”yet he makes some of the dumbest decisions in all of sports”

                Sports by brooks:
                “Can Tony Romo really be that stupid?” “YES!”

                From some Dallas blog site like this:
                “Tony Romo: World’s dumbest person?
                (I’m uncomfortable calling anyone “dumb,” but Tony Romo makes tens of millions of dollars to play a game and single-handedly threw away — through repeated acts of stupidity — a game his team had already won. All Romo had to do to seal the victory was not hand the ball back to the Jets. Instead, he gifted the ball to the Jets TWICE in the final quarter. He deserves to be called “dumb.”)
                “Except I hadn’t accounted for the world’s dumbest man, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, throwing the game away”

                But its only Vick….always only Vick.

            • Answer the question. You and other professors here have all the internet mouth on determining who is smart and who is stupid. All the sudden you don’t have cable and all the other QBs are irrelevant unless they play here. Don’t act like you don’t see Sportscenter, NFL Network etc etc. When Rivers, Fitzpatrick, Palmer, Romo, and the list goes on, along with countless other turnover machines who never won anything are they called stupid? How about Kolb in Arizona? WTF cant he read a blitz? Not one time are any of them QBs called stupid or they cant read a defense. They just aren’t that good. With Vick hes stupid, cant read a defense, doesn’t work hard, wears his hat backwards. Get the f*&k out of here with that bull&&it. Its racial.

              • I just gave you a whole pile of examples of people calling Rivers and Romo dumb.

                Those guys are constantly called dumb or stupid, you just don’t hear or see it because you don’t want to.

              • And Dag that is the bottom line, when Vick snaps at reporters questions about him not being able to read defenses you better believe he has the exact thoughts that Dag expressed in his head. If you guys don’t think he doesn’t your not being realistic.

              • Vinnie your play on words don’t work here. Im not the one. Romo countless times has been criticized for making DUMB PLAYS. Never ever has he been criticized for not reading defenses, blitzes etc. He has never been called stupid. Stop with the twisting of words. You call Vick STUPID. You don’t say he makes stupid plays. Theres a difference. The sad part about it is that most fans agree that Vick isnt good and if that’s all that was said its cool. I agree. Its the racial under tone that is what gets some of us going.

              • First of all this is the mans 12th year as a pro and if any other QB had passing stats like him they would be out of the league. That’s the bottom line Big. Also instead of bringing up a 40yr old Dave Winfield issue lets try to stay relavant to 2013. I was a toddler when that was written society has changed. Frankly you wanna talk race I don’t give a shit I’m gonna talk merit. Vick is not a good nfl QB he isn’t the brightest guy on the world either. Romo Sanchez rivers the same…not my qbs so I don’t give a fuck.

              • As others have pointed out, with a simple google search you can find many of the same criticisms with the guys you mentioned. So please just stop with the bullshit. Its pathetic. If a guy like Sanchez was the Eagles QB the past 2 years, putting up the same numbers at the same age, I would be so done with him as well. Its not bullshit, its fair criticism.The evidence came out of the guys own damn mouth, yet there are still lunatics on here that try to defend it. It came out of his own freaking mouth lol. unbelievable.

  33. Hav
    I find it hard to believe you’re the same guy who consistently makes fools of the chicken little brigade whenever a Phillies article comes up. The usual suspects rant and rave about the team and RAJ ad nauseam. Your able to combat their cut and paste negativism with rational reasoned responses from a fan who has a clue. Your comments concerning anything Vick show the same irrational obsessive negativism. You should follow your own advice(per phillies post) it would go a long way towards credibility.

  34. Even if Vick isn’t the smartest guy in the world who cares. Give me dumb making millions playing football in front of tens of millions of fans over smart typing on the internet making 50,000 or whatever a year. He will make more money than everyone of us combined x 10 in his lifetime. Who really are the stupid ones?

  35. @Vinnie now where are the articles about either one them that says they make bad decisions because they struggle to read defenses. I have said this before about Brett Farve who in my opinion was terrible at reading defenses but was never called out about it.

    • Probably because Romo isn’t that bad at reading D. Guy has #s that dwarf Vick in just about every category. Romo’s issue is that he chokes. He has an amazing ability to come through with a terrible play at the very worst possible minute.

      Would you feel better if that was Vick’s problem instead.

      If people called Romo stupid, and Vick a choke artist, would you feel better?

      • Haha good point Vinnie except he’ll never be called a choke artist because too many people would have labeled his mistakes as not reading defenses. LOL

  36. Bullshit….you find me one post where I called him stupid. Never once. Never met the guy, don’t know how smart he is.

    I have however, many times pointed out all the stupid things he’s done, and they are numerous. And I have pointed out his well-known problems with the blitz (see: Arizona, Vikings)….

    So go ahead, keep rallying behind the race card for my pointing out things the man has done.

    BTW – no one ever calls Romo stupid? Did you read the title of the aricle I posted….the CBS headline was “the stupidity of Romo!!!!”

    God could you imagine the collective brain embolism in here if CBS ran a similar headline with VIck’s name in it??

    But its only Vick. Never anyone else….just Vick.

  37. @Xevious you clearly missed my point about Dave Winfield I got a good laugh about that scouting report because back then that language was appropriate for some people unfortunately and I live in the South now some folks still talk like that. How did we even get on the white Qb black QB issue again? LOL

  38. Vinnie and Mhenski you guys like to harp on Vick not learning anything being a 12 year vet never throwing more then 18 TD passes in a season, well take a look at John Elway’s career numbers, it took him until his 11th season in the league to throw more then 22 TD passes in a season and never did it again. I read an article that listed the 5 most overrated QB’s of all time and it was as follows from 5 to 1. Elway,Aikman,Fouts,Moon and Namath. I was amazed at just how mediocre they were. At least Elway and Aikman won SB’s. Dan Fouts had a year where he threw 24 TD’s along with 24 picks. He only has 4 more touchdowns then picks in his career but we have people on this forum who says McNabb doesn’t have HOF numbers. Compare his numbers to these guys and he should be a first ballot HOFamer.

    • Whoa Big whoever wrote that article is a stooge. Times have changed since the time those guys have played. Look at the career stats of all hall of famers before the year of 83. It’s almost a 1-1 ratio on td ints and a 50% completion rate. In 83 is when db’s were emasculated by the 5 yrd rule and receivers were given space. Since then it’s been a steady diet of offenses getting rule after rule in their favor. Fact is Joe Montana is the first QB to be significantly over 50% comp rating due to the west coast offense. QB tds percentages yards have gone up while ints have dropped an average QB now has significantly better stats than a QB from even the 1990’s. Vick is a below average QB for the era he is playing in. Whomever wrote that article should be fired for stupidity. Sorry Big but that’s a bunch of nonsense for a writer to put out there.

      • It was an older article the website was and Xevious the writer took into account the rules changes. The writer’s point with especially Fouts and Aikman was they were surrounded by superior talent and have subpar numbers. He also goes on to say if Elway wasn’t the 1st overall pick there really wasn’t any reason the justify why he was the starter year in year out. Vick is below average for this era, but again everyone says Vick is who he is but if you look at Elway’s career it really didn’t get better until his 11th season in the league so why can’t Vick do the same?

        • Big,

          Did the writer take into account the West Coast Offense? John Elways numbers changed as a result of the WCO. When Jim Fassel put in the WCO passing schemes in 1993 Elway’s numbers changed. Then Shanahan continued with the WCO in Denver.

          The entire NFL changed as a result of the WCO passing schemes. Not every team began to run the WCO, but every team copied the timing routes of the WCO.

          The WCO tied the quarterback’s feet to the receivers route and the league was never the same. Completion percentages around the league improved.

  39. Disturbing News. Being reported that the #4 pick in the draft is “horrific” in pass protection and needs a lot of work. I know Chip has said it may be 2-3 years for Johnson to develop. But at # 4 it sure would of been nice to plug and play a player. If he was so bad at pass protection how was he rated top 10? They better have not gotten this wrong. On a happier note Stoutland says Peters is the best olineman he has ever coached. He does everything well.

    • Word is that he is doing fine and will be the Starting RT by the Start of the Season.. I think too many of you guys, simply fail to realize what a jump it is from College to the Pro’s and it just takes a while to adjust to the speed,asjustments,terminology, pace, techniqies,etc,etc.. With good Coaching form Stoutland, Lane Johnson will be fine at RT by opening Day, but there will be some rough moments from time to time as there are with any Prospect from College or even a Pro on a new Team learning a new System…

      • “word is he’s doing fine”, what’s the word paulman, let’s hear your source

    • Like I said from the time of the pick. STUPID, IDIOTIC PICK!!!! You don’t waste the #4 pick in the draft, on a project, when we had so many needs, & depth issues. Different regime, same stupid mistakes, & square pegs in round holes. Just saying.

  40. Earl Wolff is going to end up starting as well. he had 95 takcles 105 takcles and 119 tackles at saftey and ran one of the fastest 40 of the top safteys 4.44..

  41. Nevermind just watched the tape he sucks.. Just hope nate allen got tougher

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