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Understanding Dallas Fans In Philadelphia

dallas fanPhiladelphia; this is the city of brotherly love.  Where Eagles fans embrace the sports culture, it’s all in or it’s nothing.    There are Dallas Cowboy fans throughout our neighborhoods.  This bothers me greatly, how about yourself?  Help me my fellow brothers and sisters.

I struggle with the idea that someone could align themselves with the Dallas Cowboys while residing in Philadelphia.  Yes, there are those that call themselves Dallas fans who are originally from the area or were raised in a household of Cowboy fans.   My beef is with the fans which have no business aligning themselves with the star.   To make matters worse, additionally they consider themselves “true” Philadelphia fans, cheering for the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers.   Can such a fan really be a “true” all around Philadelphia fan?  Look; I consider myself an open-minded person who is passionate about sports on all levels, but something just isn’t right about this.

Can a man cave be respected; when pictures of the 2008 Phillies parade and a portrait of Bernie Parent are sandwiched between photos of Emmitt Smith?  It just doesn’t look right; feel right, but unfortunately all too common.  A dad wearing a Brain Dawkins jersey while carrying his son who is sporting a Dez Bryant jersey?  What is that child supposed to think?

Whether a family member, a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, mailman, bartender, a church member, etc., the list goes on and for too long of Dallas fans that we know.  Hey Dallas fans, you want to compare all-time rosters and championship glory years?   That is all fine and well, but this is not a conversation centered on success, this is loyalty.  What has Dallas done lately?  “One” playoff victory in the last fifteen years and Jerry Jones spills his billion dollar oil all over the playbook year after year?  Hey Mr. Jones, stick to your private suite and stay away from the sidelines.   The cameras do little to hide the wrinkles.

I’m calling out Cowboy fans who also love Philadelphia sports, who read articles looking for their opportunity to sound off.   Stop hiding in your Aikman and Irvin jerseys because current players on the roster don’t warrant your hard earned money.   Justify your choices; speak facts and leave out any mention of “America’s Team.

Am I going overboard with expressing how I’m dissatisfied with Philadelphia residents living as a Cowboy fan?  For me to suggest they should abandon their own family for the Eagles family would be speaking with passion and not ethical principal.  Loyal Philadelphia fans, I say imposters!  Demonstrate love for three teams, and in a mere flash, football season kickoffs and they hate every single one of us?

In Philadelphia sports go deeper than the game that is played.  The hatred for the Dallas Cowboy fans, a real issue, especially when they claim a love for the other teams which represent this city. on Facebook

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  1. The biggest douches in Philly are Cowboy fans. Just the sight of that star tells me the kind of person they are. Weaselly rats that always have to be right. No one in my family would even date a Cowboy fan. Just can’t do it.

  2. Not Philadelphia, but this video pretty much sums it up:

  3. Both Teams have been irrelavant and under-achievers for a while now,
    so don’t see where this even an issue anymore..
    It’s funny how Eagles Fans and Organization look at the Cowboys as their biggest Rival when the Cowboys don’t look at the Eagkes the same way
    It’s the Redskins for the Cowboys
    The Eagles Organization and Fans should really focus on the Guants as their biggest Rival and not the Cowboys who have made the Playoffs less than the Sagkez have over the last 15 years.. Time to deal with reality..

  4. I like the Eagles fans who say tell people that cannot be a Cowboys fan because they live in the area and they should root for the eagles because they are the local team. These are the same losers who walk around with Penn State football stuff on and have no connection to the university. Where is there Temple football stuff? That is their local team.

  5. Nothing wrong with liking Dallas or any other team I’m a Eagles fan but I started out a Cowboys fan when I grew up Tony Dorsett was my favorite player and most of my friends were Pittsburgh, Raiders or Cowboys fans.

  6. Bottom line, most Fans of Today like to follow Winners and right now,
    The Eagles & Cowboys have Won Zippo in over 15 Years so a generation of younger Fans are following the Packers, Patriots, Giants, Ravens, and now Teams like Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks, Redskins have the high Profile QB’s
    Who grab the media headlines for their Play while the Eagles QB gets headlines for running and challenging other QB to 40 Yard dashes as if that names a damn bit of difference.. Eagles are screwed and going nowhere as long as Mike Vick is on the Roster, not sure how much clearer I can be..

  7. Unless there from Texas it’s cool, if there from here than they are front running bitches. Period. It’s sport ethics violations 101. F*ck’em!

  8. I think in this city we get to carried away with this Four for Four stuff. Honestly I know people in Austin Tx who are Eagle fans. I mean you like who you like and that’s it. If you the Cowboys are your team, and you have never swayed from that so be it.

  9. Personally I think the hatred of those that follow the cowboys only embolden them. As stated earlier by others; the eagles are not even the cowboy’s biggest rival. I really hate this mindset with many eagle fans. Born and raised in Philly and no offence to Dallas, but the team are the reason most Americans even know anything about the city.

    • Brewski their strip clubs are ridiculous in Dallas, better than Philly, Miami and even Atlanta bro. It’s not a bad place to be, just don’t do no crimes there. Man they don’t play that shit in Dallas. LOL

    • Dallas is a great City with lots to do, freindly Business Environement and has seen lots of Growth over the last 20 YEars and is a much better all around City than Philly, which is a typical Northeast City that’s dying on the Vine with a dysfunctionable City Government, an eroding Tax and Economic Base and a lot of areas to improve and address from Crime,Public Education, City Services and the like… Many Fans appear to Overrate their own City as they down their Own Teams and Players
      It’s a big old World and Country out there and many Philly Folks still have never been outside of a 2-3 Hour Radius of their Hometown (NYC,AC,or DC) and think the rest of Country is the same Rat Race/Cease Pool that most of the Northeast Region has become over the last 20 Years..

  10. I think there’s something wrong with people who live their whole lives here and root for the Cowboys. To me, they generally fall into 2 categories; those that feel the need to be different (contrarians), and those that feel the need to be noticed (attention whores). Most of the ones I’ve met over the years know less about the Cowboys than the average Eagles fan knows about the Cowboys.
    Fandom is a birthright. You don’t cheer for Russia in the Olympics, you don’t applaud Japan for attacking Pearl Harbor, and you don’t root for the Cowboys.

  11. You right E you should root for the home team. Sometimes man you just like another team better. I will use myself for example, love the eagles,love the phillies, like the flyers. But I am a Detroit Pistons fan, I been a fan since I was a child. That was the team I followed, I love Zeke, Dumars, Mahorn etc etc. I wish the Sixers well obviously, but their not my team man. I love the Pistons in good and bad times. So I feel if you are a Cowboys fan no matter what than so be it man.

  12. If you are from the Dallas area and have relocated here or if your father/family was a Cowboys fan then I would understand a guy who cheers for that team in this area. If not they were simply just front runners and are living off that success decades later. Most of the those frontrunner Cowboys fans that I know are Yankees fans too. Pretty much proves why people wouldn’t like them.

  13. The Eagles-Cowboys rivalary for me really became clear when Danny White, Randy White , Tony Dorsett, Ed “Too Tall” Jones crossed the picket lines and joined the replacement players during the 1987 NFL labor strike…That team according to Buddy ran up the score against our ALL Scab team…Buddy said wait til we get our guys back we gonna get’em…for me that was all I needed to hate a team..the next game Randall did the fake kneel down and tossed a TD was the best thing a 14 y/o kid to see..LMAO…then Punk ass Jimmy Johnson claimed Buddy put a bounty on some players I think it was like $200 or……But to me the Buddy Ryan era solidified the Cowboy Hatred for me…..

  14. When someone is a fan of another team. I always question their fandom , it’s childish but I ask them to name players. Like you will be surprise how many people, of these successful teams. Really don’t know the rosters, I caught a fake cowboy fan once. I asked him to name the starting o-line he couldn’t do it.

  15. @cmurder

    lmao asking them to name any players on the team. I admit cmurder I catch a few frauds myself with that one. Oh I heard about their strip clubs. Heard the display was top notch. Don’t get down like that anymore though. Plus even when I did bruh I had a thing for the hood spots…lol. I’m talking old Fox Valley back in the early 90’s..Broad and Cumberland baby!!…lol

  16. @paulman

    Why am I not surprised at your response. You wouldn’t last 2 weeks in Philly.

    • Philly has been a dying City for 20 Years now “Brewski”
      Go ahead and revel in your slop and the “tough streets” which mean absolutely nothing to most people.. Hell, . Philly even doesn’t have it’s own
      ESPN Page.. Too many in Denial, overrated Teams like many of it’s Fans..

  17. who cares if they like the cowboys? to each his own. if you were moved from philly to texas for a job, would you become a cowboys fan? no! to each his own.

  18. Paulman I forgot are you a resident of Charlotte? If ou are you better stay here. Because if you spout that in Phily you are in a world of hurt my friend. You taking pot shots at the city and the fans but you are on a philly sports blog page giving your thoughts. I expected a response like that from you anyway. You are the Skip Bayless of GCOBB and I see your game straight troll and contrarian.

    • I moved from Philly area back in 1987 and never looked back..
      I’ve lived in INdianapolis,In,then Charlotte,NC, then Altoona,Pa (another shit hole) and finally here in Boone,NC (Blue Ridge Mtns of Northwestern NC)
      I miss family and the food and that’s about it, Can’t stand the Northeast for too many people, too much traffic/consgestion and the quality or life with the crazy cost of living sucks up there .. but to each his own.. some like to remain close to where they grew up– not me, I like to explore and move around ..

  19. Paulman, world traveler, self anointed renaissance man, the only gcobb blogger who ever left Philly, um excuse me, cherry hill…..

    • Pretty Close Jake, Voorhees..
      I grew up there when it was still a small,rural,farming Town in the 60’s & 70’s
      then Echelon Mall was Built on old “Tomlinson Farm”, The Patco Hi-Speed-Line Stattion in Ashland was added, West Jersey Hospital and then Growth from Philly to the Jersey Suburbs was on in full force.. Was a great Place to Grow up, not so sure now with all the congestion,traffic and high-taxes.. Parents grew up in PHilly (Dad in South Philly off of Gerritt Street-all Italian and Mom in Northeast Philly – Irish/Scottish)
      Went to Rutgers-Camden, Lived in Camden for 4 Years on Cooper Street
      My Favorite Color is Blue, and Pasta is my Favorite Food.. This should
      just about cover it…

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