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What Direction Will Sam Hinkie Take The Sixers?

sixersbllsAre the Sixers close to a head coach yet?  I would hope so. Jeff Hornacek was just hired by the Suns. The Bobcats hired Lakers assistant Steve Clifford and the Bucks are closing in on a new candidate.

The next head coach should give us an idea of what direction the Sixers are heading in. If they name a first time head coach, it could mean that they’re looking to “add” then to “shed” contracts for the up coming 2013-14 season, according to Ric Bucher.

Bucher thinks that a first time coach would likely stay away from a losing situation. He might be right.  If the Sixers intend to cut their payroll and shoot for a high lottery pick in the loaded 2014 draft that could easily scare off a first time head coach.  On the other hand, a “seasoned” coach may understand the situation and be more willing to forfeit a few years for the better of the franchise.

Going by Hinkie’s track record in Houston, it would seem that he might be looking at a transition year. Signing players to one-year deals and trying to load-up on draft picks.

The 2014 free agent class is more talented then this year’s class and the Sixers could have plenty of cap space with Hawes, Turner, Allen, and Kwame all likely coming off the books in 2014. Hinkie might also have Andrew Wiggins “fever”.

I have never been a fan of “Tanking”, for the simple reason that it doesn’t guarantee anything. Just ask the Orlando Magic about that. Like I said before, the next coach should give us an idea of what the Sixers are thinking. on Facebook

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3 Comments for “What Direction Will Sam Hinkie Take The Sixers?”

  1. How about one of the Assts from the Pacers..
    I love how this Team has been built the last few Seasons Bd stated since last year that they are one of the few Teams who can match up with the Heat due to their size, length and overall toughness..they gave finally put it together and are playing great Team Ball with multiple Scorers (George, Hibbert, Hill, west and Stevenson) no real Superstars, just a hard playing playing Team who come out and play hard for 48 minutes.. Go Pacers..

  2. Their waiting to blow Brian Shaw away with a bonkers contract and find out what his opinion of Bynum is. Unless Shaw believes the Sixers can get a great center with their draft position I suspect he’ll recommend a better than short contract offer for Bynum.

  3. Hopefully he hires some idiot like Eddie Jordan but worse so we can get lotto picks the next few years.

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