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Notes From The Phillies’ 4-3 Loss To Milwaukee

Cesar Hernandez, Norichika AokiThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their third straight game on Saturday afternoon, falling to the Brewers 4-3. Their record falls to 26-30.

  • Tyler Cloyd successfully bounced back from his rough outing against the Red Sox earlier in the week. Cloyd made it through seven innings, allowing three runs on eight hits and one walk. Cloyd struck out three, and lowered his ERA to 4.76.
  • Although Cloyd only allowed three runs, he did surrender four doubles and one triple. He was fortunate to work his way out of trouble.
  • The Phillies are now dealing with yet another injury to one of their top players. Jimmy Rollins was held out of the lineup with foot pain and is expected to miss starts in at least a couple more games. Cesar Hernandez got the start at second, Freddy Galvis played shortstop, and Kevin Frandsen handled third base.
  • Hernandez had another nice game at the plate, going 3-5 with a double. He’s hitting .333 so far, and he’s going to force the team to make a tough decision when Michael Young returns to the team.
  • Rollins did make an appearance as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning with a single.
  • Frandsen went 1-4, and drove in a run thanks to a Milwaukee error.
  • Erik Kratz singled a home a run in the sixth inning.
  • Galvis went 1-3 with a solo home run in the ninth inning.
  • Domonic Brown went 1-4 with a single, and was intentionally walked in the ninth inning.
  • Kyle Kendrick was used a pinch-runner in the ninth for Rollins, and was picked off of second by Francisco Rodriguez. Right after Kendrick was picked off, Hernandez doubled. It was a terrible blown call, shortstop Jean Segura never had possession of the ball but the umpire called Kendrick out.
  • Delmon Young committed another error in the field that allowed the Brewers to score a run.
  • The Phillies sent Michael Martinez in as a pinch-runner for Ryan Howard, and as a result Martinez was forced to take the team’s final at-bat, and he was unable to come through.
  • The team went just 2-11 with runners in scoring position.
  • Mike Adams hurt the team today, allowing a solo home run in the eighth inning to Jonathan Lucroy.
  • Antonio Bastardo pitched a scoreless ninth inning.

Final Thoughts

The Phillies let another winnable game slip away to a bad team. The Brewers are not a team that the Phillies can afford to lose a series to. The team is now four games below .500, and their chances of becoming serious contenders in the playoff race are dwindling with every loss.

This team finds some of the most painful ways to lose imaginable. From Cole Hamels spitting up his three-run lead, to Kyle Kendrick getting picked off of second on a horribly blown call just before Cesar Hernandez hit a double in the ninth inning, these are some back-breaking losses that the Phillies have taken in the last couple of days. on Facebook

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27 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 4-3 Loss To Milwaukee”

  1. love what I’m seeing from Cesar. cya chase utley u had 5 great seasons with us and ur now toast. hopefully u can get healthy enough for the Phils to get some cracker jacks 4 u

  2. Charlie needs to stop pinch running pitchers.

  3. Mhenski worried about chase when the team built by ruin 2 morrow continues to show how bad it is: consider some of his most re ent bonehead transactions.

    Trading for Ben revere

    Signing delmon young

    Promoting single a talent Tyler cloyd, a poor mans Jamie Moyer from the right side

    Signing washed up relievers in chad qualls last year and this year chad durbin

    Ruben amaro has all the money, third highest payroll, but each year the team gets worse, he’s overmatched with this job, he needs to be fired

    Dcar has been preaching this for years, it’s time to wake up, get rid of amaro

    • i dont think the trade for revere was bad at all. he swiped 40 bags last year and hit 300 and you gave up worley who stinks.

      signing delmon, cant say thats boneheaded he cost you nothing player wise and money wise, he took a shot.

    • Watch what you say jake, or our resident looney bin escapee, HAC will tell you how wrong you are, call you ill-advised names, through out BS, hollow numbers, & tell you he knows it all, & that you ain’t a fan, because of your criticisms. He’ll then put words in your mouth, have unintelligent, irrational, delusional arguments with you, saying we’re wrong because some random, meaningless, irrelevant #’s, he submits, shows otherwise. Then he’ll call you names when he inevitably loses, ALL his factless delusional, irrational arguments, & when you defend yourself, & confront him about it, he calls you a bully & all kinds of other, highly hysterical names. Be advised, he’s Ruin 2morrow’s PR man, & bestest BFF, so his word is law & we don’t know what we’re talking about, because we’re being factually honest, & criticise from the heart. But we’ll be called negative, non-fans, hindsight orators, blah, blah, blah! It’s ashame & pathetic, to watch, someone sooo wrong, time, after time, go down in flames, still irrationally defending, enabling, excusing, & delusionally not seeing, what a horrific job, his boytoy, Ruin 2morrow, Jr., has done.

      • Also, it’s inevitable, the lame, entertaining, injury excuses, come pouring in, disregarding all prior play. That’s what happens, to an old, broke down, overpaid, team, they get hurt. Especially when 3 of your so-called off-season improvements (Both Youngs & Adams), were already, coming of major surgeries, & were high risk ????’s. Howard, Utley (his health, not a surprise) & Rollins, are shot players. Ruiz, the 1 year wonder, can’t hit without PED’s. Our only saving graces right now, is Dom Browns over-achieving play, Lee & Papelbon (high trade value), who should be traded now, before God forbid, something happens to them too.

      • I did not put words in your mouth the day you said getting pence Namdi and bin was the best day in Philly sports. You were on board then

        • Those words never came out of my mouth. You might be getting me confused, with some of the flip floppers on here. I don’t contradict myself TROLL! But, I liked Pence, & never ripped him, & then we traded him, over $$$ reasons, for crap & now we have no RF. So again, you make NO sense! ASSomugha, at the time, I had no problem with, & he was coming off of a Pro Bowl career, & nobody could have had the foresight, that he’d turn into a cancer, & lose his skills overnight! As for Babin, I NEVER liked him, & called him a one year wonder, & a waste of $$$$. So again, douche nozzle, you are an idiot, & you once again are wrong, factless, baseless, & out in left field! So go back to grabbing your ankles, & biting your pillow, with your boytoy Ruin 2morrow, Jr. You got nothing on me Son! Go get a life! Here’s a thought, why don’t you try spending some quality time, with your so-called pristine family, that you brag about, instead of trolling, intelligent peoples comments. Just STFU & go away, you irrational, delusional fraud!

          • July 30 ,2011 . ” this is the greatest day in sports history” that was at 4:56 then at about 10 minutes later “this like my bday, Christmas and hitting the lottery put together.” hey you liked the moves

            • And I was being facetious the entire time Haie, go research every article leading up to Free-Agency and you will see countless times my statements off “Stay away from Asmo, he’s a bum, not physical enough to play NFC East Football, overrated and Cares about his own personal Agenmda than Team goals” ..
              Go look and Pist this if you will
              I wanted CB Carlos Rogers who has gone on to earn 2 Pro-Bowls with the 49ers or even CB Richard Marshall who was a Free-Agent from the Panthers…
              I said it was a mistake to blow their wad on 1 Player (Asmo) and should have pursued Safety Dwan Landry (Ravens at the Time)
              LB Steven Tulloch (Titans at the time) and CB Rogers or Marshall
              I stated this numerous times, over and over leading up to the Free-Agency period of 2011.. Go ask DCAR, GMCliff or other regulars who would remember..

            • The article, was greatest Friday, in Eagles history, by GCobb, you buffoon! I said it was awesome & I never said I didn’t like the moves, of Pence, Assomugha & Jenkins moves, like I said. Yes, I was excited, because for the 1st time we spent $$$$. I never liked Babin, & no where did I say so. Again, what’s your meaningless point? Has nothing to do, with anything. I never criticised the Pence & Assomugha moves. Assomugha needed to go, because he sucked. You can twist things the way want, but it doesn’t change the fact, of what & who you are. An irrational, delusional, imbecile, who is constantly unable to take it like a man, when he’s wrong, & is a lifeless loser, who spends a beautiful Summer weekend, researching 2 year old articles, to try to pick comments, that nothing to do with any topic at hand, & proves nothing but to say ooh, I think I got him on something, to support your nonsensical train of thought & constant defeat. You are a pathetic loser, that I can’t even feel pity & sympathy for anymore. You must lead a lonely pathetic existence, it’s ashame! Nothing changes the facts, you are wrong, I am right. Everyone on here sees it & what a irrational, delusional, dunce, in denial you are, & the only reason I don’t get even more backing, is because of me being combative, headstrong, skeptical & brutally honest.

  4. This 2013 Version of the Phillies is a 80-84 Win Team and not good enogught
    For Wild-Card Spot which needs an upper 80’s Win Total
    Play the Young Players.. Utley, Howard, Rollins, M Young
    Just don’t have it anymore.. Delmon Young was another poor pick-up for he’s a Defensively Liability and belongs in the AL as A DH as I stated when they signed him.. Their Bench is so week that we see Cliff Lee and Kendrick’s used as Pinch-runners late in close games..

  5. Dcar, amaro cannot be defended on his record, Ed wade was a far better gm, who was limited by salary restraints. When you spend the money he has spent you need to do a better job

    Amaro fundamentally wrong in building a team on starting pitching in a hitters park, at the expense hitting, he never replaced pat Burrells production of power from the right side

    And mhenski, adding zero talent in revere, young, cloyd, while not costing much, still adds up to zero

    • I agree 100%. But, it’s hindsight & we don’t know anything, RIGHT? Yesterday, was the last $ I spend on this team, until Ruin 2morrow, Jr. is fired. I spent over $400.00, for Wifey, my youngest Daughter & myself. Hey, at least the food was good, the weather was nice, & the beers were flowing.

  6. For once I agree with Dcar and I’m betting that the Phillies will resign Utley

    • Turk, I know I can be over-the-top, & passionate, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong, & don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve been spot on with this team, for 3 straight years, & no matter what my detractors say, or how much they want to live in denial, delude themselves, or argue irrationally, is going to change that! BTW, in no way, shape, or form, should Utley be re-signed! But if Amaro ain’t fired, God knows, WTF he’ll do next.

  7. Utley is a goner.. Provably out to the West Coast to the Dodgers
    Or Angels who will overpay for him..
    Phils will make a 2 Year Offer at approx $15 Million Total (a reduction of
    About 50% of his Current Salary) which he will not take..
    Some Team (Dodgers) will overpay for him
    The Phils are better off to play Herbandez or even Galvis at 2B for
    They will be rebuilding next Season anyways..

    • hernandez and galvis also arent injury prone and have never quit on a team because their knees were sore

      • so happy trails utley. in my this teams attitude and identity permanently changed when chase just wouldnt play not because doctors said he couldnt but because he said he couldnt.

        his body is broken down and will never play a full season without a trip or 3 to the DL

        • The PED’s caught to Utley as I stated they would some 3 Years ago..
          Once JC Romero was busted back in ’10.. Utley was never the same and began coming up with Hip, Back, Oblique, Strains , which are common
          Among users and shooters .. Then the knee issues shortly followed..
          Of course, it will be be proven,but that’s my story and I am sticking to it..
          Utley was a Top 5 Pkayer in MLB from about
          2006-2009 but has declined each and every year since
          Romero’s Bust.. Coincidence, perhaps..

    • Let’s hope, this isn’t a fugazi, & he finally, after 3 years failed seasons, has figured it out, because he is just what we need for the rebuild. A young, talented, cheap, under contract, OFer, with some pop. I hope to be wrong about him, but we’ll see if he can keep this up, or revert back to brain dead Brown.

      • the guy finally got a real shot. not a im gonna call u up for a few days, not a im gonna play u today and not the next 3 days. a real shot. what he is doing is too spectacular to be a fluke. now hopefully some of these other weasels will step it up

  8. Rumor’s from South Beach
    Phils Trade LF Dom Brown, IF K Fransden and RHP M Stutes to the Marlins for IF P Polanco and OF Juan Pierre.. “As the Phils go all-in for a Playoff Drive” per GM Amaro…

  9. the good thing about dom right now is that he gives u a reason to watch other than cliff lee… hopefully utley decides to play soon so we can trade him for some outfield help.

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