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Cary Williams Has A Chip On His Shoulder On Field And Off

CaryWilliams30Everybody is all worked up about Eagles new cornerback Cary Williams and his decision to miss so many days of OTA practices.  His aggressive attitude is one of the reasons the Birds signed Williams and it’s also going to be the reason, fans will sometimes be bothered by him.  Williams doesn’t run away from a fight, he runs to it.  I think he prides himself in being his own man and that means taking on any wide receiver and the entire Delaware Valley if that’s what it takes.

Williams practiced yesterday rather than going with his former Baltimore Ravens teammates to the White House to meet the President and be congratulated for the Super Bowl win.  You can believe that Williams didn’t go to see the President because he he felt betrayed by the Ravens, who didn’t offer him a contract after last season, but let him leave via free agency.  I’m sure he’s got something for them if and when the Birds play them.

The first time I listened to Williams I could tell he had a chip on his shoulder.  There was a bit of a frown on his face, no smile, no friendliness in his tone.  Earlier this week he talked about getting into trouble as a youngster, learning from his mistakes and growing up in a one-parent family.

You can tell that he plays with an anger.  He shoved a ref in the Super Bowl.  He got into a shoving match with DeSean Jackson in the Eagles-Ravens game a year ago.  Williams always get into with the opposing wide receivers, which will play well here in Philly, as long as he keeps the anger on the field and aimed at the opposing team.

Williams is angry at somebody (you can guess who that probably is after he talked about growing up in a one parent family), which is good on the football field, but not so good when it’s directed at the media or the fans.  He made some good points regarding the practices he missed during the offseason and how he wants to be a good husband and father, but Williams still has the chip on his shoulder.

“I grew up as a kid that didn’t have two parents in the household,” Williams said. “I take pride in being a father, in being a husband. I take pride in being there for my daughter because I didn’t have that. . . . If I was a guy that had three different kids with three different women and I was a womanizer, you would be reporting that. Now I’m a guy that wanted to go see his daughter’s recital and I’m a bad guy.”

He made some good points during those comments and leads me to believe he’ll be able to direct his anger in the right direction.

I can guarantee that we’re going to have a long list of dustups both during the game, after the game and in the off season, during Williams time here as an Eagle.  We’ll be able to laugh at some of them, others we’ll be able to ignore, but some will capture everybody’s attention like Williams deciding to miss so many OTA workouts. on Facebook

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29 Comments for “Cary Williams Has A Chip On His Shoulder On Field And Off”

  1. The guy is human just like us. So what if he missed a few OTA’s. Family is more important than anything else in my opinion. I understand he is new to this team and people expect a lot from Williams, but I feel fans and media are making a big deal out of nothing. If he sucks on the field during game day, then we can rip him apart. But as of now give the guy a break already

  2. Lito Sheppard 2.0

  3. We need someone who plays with a chip…especially in our defensive backfield.

    This is not a bad thing.

  4. “Cary Williams Has A Chip On His Shoulder On Field And Off”

    Good: Maybe he”ll bust a few heads and ribs this year.

  5. It will be good to finally see an Eagles player with fire and passion and the blue collar ethic of not allowing yourself to be pushed around. Maybe that fight will rub off on others and translate into more intensity and determination. Reid’s teams were too wussy and finesse.

  6. Thats exactly what will happen .. All of the biches have been eliminted on defense except nate allen

  7. Okay fellas all this talk is well and good until he can’t cover anybody and he is getting roasted by Angelo and the crew. He needs to shut up and let his play do the talking.

  8. So a guy who wanted to not go to workouts with his teammate has fire and passion? Assante Samuel never wanted to go to work-outs because of personal reasons, so did he have fire and passion. Personally, I think that he is an idiot, but that doesn’t mean anything either.

    What can he do on Sundays in the fall. That is what I want to know.

  9. Bigs he may very well wear out his welcome. But let it be for what he does or doesn’t do on the field. Many of these fans really need to get a damn life. I never got this whole latching on to every word or action these athletes or entertainers say anyway. I mean what ever happened to pay for your ticket root for your team and go home and tend to your own family and life?

    • Because brewski some of these idiots think the price of a ticket allows them to be part of the show. He doesn’t stand a chance now because now fans are gonna be waiting for him go fail.

    • “I mean what ever happened to pay for your ticket root for your team and go home and tend to your own family and life?”

      Oh, I get it… so the fans should should pay for tickets and keep their mouth shut, and players should collect a pay check and say and do whatever they want? That makes sense, you nitwit. Fans are a part of the show….. without them there is no show.

      • You are kidding me the fans are part or the show? I don’t pay to watch other fans maybe you do but I could do without screaming cursing idiots when I take my kids to a sporting event.

        • If it wasn’t for the fans then most of these players would be in jail or working at Burger King. Fans are the reasons why players have millions, owners have billions, stadiums are built basically everything that is involved in the NFL product sustaining business, growth, relevance. To say they are not part of the show is ridiculous because tell me where these players would be if there were no Fans on sunday? Exactly. And fans spend money on NFL games for many different personal reasons, just like anything else people buy. As long as they are buying, the reasons themselves are irrelevant.

          Whats funny is how hypocritical some people can be on here. People are trying to tell fans they have no right to boo a bum like Vick when those same people would boo Reid, Banner, or any other vet player that sucked. Whats the difference? If they have had the fair chance to play and have sucked then I will voice my displeasure about it. Who the fuck is anybody to tell me not to. Thats like you going to an expensive restaurant and getting a poor quality meal. You have the right to tell them how much it sucked. And some idiot trying to tell you to just be silent and accept you didn’t get what you paid for.

          • Where did anyone say you could not boo Vick or any other player? Booing is part of sports. Everybody gets that. The line gets crossed when some idiot tries to project his failures, insecurities and animosities onto the players. Even worst to use the player’s compensation as a justification. What happens on this site with Vick is well past exercising one’s right to boo. It is irrational hatred. Which is the reason why so many who dislike him can’t restrain themselves from spewing their hatred about him every other thread.

            • My whole point was that if you are a fan of the team you reserve the right to cheer or boo as you please. if you want to boo Cary Williams if he is giving up TDs this year then the fans have every right to, esp since he decided to be in the minority and not show up for practice with his new team. For people to say were setting him up to fail is total bullshit and ludicrous. As if the fans are the ones that told him to go to the dentist instead of practice/learn his new system. If he fails its simply because of his own actions. Thats all Im saying.

              I disagree about bringing up player compensation. If a player is taking up 20% percent of the team cap then that dude better perform like a star.

          • If I get a poorly cooked meal I would let them know I’m not happy with it and never dine at that establishment again. So if your not satisfied with the product on the field or court or diamond stop spending your money there. Simple solution.

  10. And that’s sad Bigs. It says more about the fans than the player. Either way, well stated bruh.

  11. He hasn’t made many friends with the media or fans…But for me he can have a brick on his shoulder, I don’t give a damn…as long as he goes out there and covers somebody, and hits a few people hard along the way, I’m good

  12. I don’t recall calling you out your name. Do me a favor. Spare me the punk-ass flaming behind a computer shit. And yes, your ticket allows you an opportunity to be entertained. Tend to your own life and family.

  13. I love the if it wasn’t for the fans these guys would be in jail or working at Burger King line no biases there at all. So how does it feel spending your hard earned money on would be felons and burger flippers?

    • Actually its just reality that for some reason you can’t accept. The truth hurts too much i guess. Like the majority of NFL players would go to college, if football wasn’t an option…yea right. And by the nonstop poor decision making these guys make on a day to day basis, its easy to see why these guys wouldn’t be able to hold a job which is better than a fast food restaurant. Just stating the obvious truth that any reasonable person can see. But this wasn’t the point. All I’m saying is that without the fans there would be no NFL show on sundays. Thus, the fans are obviously an important part of the NFL existence and popularity and if you can’t see that you are a lunatic. Because fans are so important their opinions (good and bad) sure as hell matter. They wouldn’t be trying to move back the NFL draft for more hype for fans, they wouldn’t be trying to set up a team in London etc. (you can go on and on). Hell Im sure Lurie would never have fired his old pal Reid either. Everything revolves around the fans.

      • I thought you were more intelligent then this man, your just painting all these guys with one big stereotypical brush. Seriously my man that’s f’d up.

  14. Now Bigs you know you’re not going to get any well thought out responses. See your just a delusional Vick lover. Oh that’s right you’re already on record stating that you’re not crazy about him; you just root for his success as a fan of the team. Now there’s a novel concept…lol

  15. If 70,000 fans don’t show up down at the stadiums every week to watch the games, and if millions of fans don’t tune in to watch games every week there would be no NFL. So that means without the fans there is no SHOW.

    Jeezz, some of you people are stupid.

    • Really Irish? 70,000 fans aren’t all there trying to be idiots, some actually show up to be entertained watch cheer or boo then go home. How many people go to the movies to be a part of the show?



        Nobody, except you, is talking about fan behavior. My point is that the NFL cannot function without fans.

        • Brewski and I were talking about fan behavior scroll up, this conversation was about fans who think the price of a ticket allows them to behave anyway they want without repercussions so what are you talking about?

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