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LeSean McCoy Plays The Politician On Starting QB

LeSeanMcCoy7Eagles running back LeSean McCoy gave the politically correct answer when appearing on 94WIP earlier this week.  He was asked if he agreed with Michael Vick’s plea for Eagles head coach Chip Kelly to name the starting quarterback ASAP.

“I mean they’re grown men. I think anybody wants to know if they’re starter or not, so I don’t fault Mike (Vick) for that,” McCoy said. “Same with myself, so I would want to know, ‘Hey am I starting or not?’ But then again, you got to look at the head coach. He makes the final decisions on what goes on.”

That’s a great political answer from McCoy who should be headed to a big year because of Kelly’s love of the running game.  He seemed to favor Vick in his comments.

“I look at Mike Vick as one of the better players in this league, a guy that’s been established. Then I look at Nick Foles, a guy that has great potential to be a great quarterback and he’s doing great so far,” McCoy stated. “It’s hard to tell the head coach what he should do and what he shouldn’t do, because he’s the head coach. That’s why they pay him the money, that’s why they went to Oregon to get him.” on Facebook

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9 Comments for “LeSean McCoy Plays The Politician On Starting QB”

  1. Amazing that anyone, especially a teammate still sees Vick as ” one of the better players in this league”. Vick wasn’t one of the better players in the league in his prime. Exciting, athletic, playmaker, but never one of the better players in this league.

  2. Here we go again. Look why do we constantly ask the same individuals the same questions about the same quarterback? its no secret that Desean Jackson and LeSean McCoy are Vicks buddies. I bet Brent Celek, Riley Cooper, Bryce Brown, Clay Harbor, Demarius Thomas would tell you otherwise.

  3. Demarius Thomas? Wtf Vicks buddies? Those are his teamates jack. Of course they’re gonna back him up. The are also the elites and not just some second string players eaglezsucca

  4. I’m sure he meant Johnson not Thomas. You are correct though as no teammate is going to give a real opinion (or shouldn’t). I agree that there are probably guys that are probably Vick’s buddies or remember his Talent over his performance. Deep down though most guy’s on that team would like to win and will support the guy they feel gives them the best chance at that.

    That is why if Foles or Barkley win the QB competition Vick MUST BE CUT or TRADED. Vick will be a cancer (not even intentionally) if the competition is close.

  5. This is part of the needless Distractions of having Vick around which 1st Year HC doesn’t need as he and his staff attempt to turn around the Franchise
    I will say this color the umpteenth time, a huge mistake in bringing Vick back,
    And this will not be Chip Kelly’s Team 100% until Vick is gone and Chip Kelly has already blown his 1st Year as he attempts to rebuild the Eagle Franchise
    He (Kelly/Roseman & Co) will soon regret bringing back Vick for the 2013 Season for the Future of the Eagles just doesn’t include him, so why even bother.. I am sure the Eagles weren’t expected that Barkley and would be on the Board, so Kelly & Eagles actually got a break and with Foles, have 2 young Promising QB to build around Shurmur’s West-Coast Offense.. I believe that the Read-option is going to be a very small part of this Offense and Dennis Dixon can handle some packages to change things up once in a while..
    But this Eagle Offense will be very similar to Stanford’s Offense,
    Double TE’s, Power running and lots of Screens, passes to the backs and the occasional Deep Ball which Foles can handle and eventually Barkley by 2014/2015 be ready to handle if he develops quickly

  6. I agree Paulman, this is a big distraction – and every media person in the city tries to stir the pot.

    If McCoy thinks of Vick as being among the best, then McCoy is in the majority. Because Vick is not in the NFL top 100 players for 2013. That shows what others think of him.

  7. Vick seems very insecure and only looking for a payday.
    With an improved O-line he may be better but not good enough to carry this team to the playoffs.

    Give Foles a chance and let Barkley carry the clipboard.

    On a side not old Mike Kafka in Jacksonville now.

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