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DeSean Jackson Makes Another Plea For Kelly To Name Starting QB

DeSeanJackson&BryanJackson1Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was at St. Joseph’s University on Friday for a local screening of the documentary “DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream”.   Jackson’s brother Byron started filming his younger brother’s career at a very early age and chronicled his rise to the NFL ranks.  It includes plenty of captivating footage of the Eagles wide receiver’s deceased father, Bill Jackson, pushing and motivating, the young DeSean to work his way up to that level.

At the event, Jackson talked to local reporters and made the same statement he had made previously about the Eagles players needing to know who their starting quarterback is going to be.

He says the fact that Chip Kelly hasn’t named a starter has become a problem.

“I definitely think it is,” Jackson said. “Just to have the sense of knowing so we can kind of prepare and go out there and do the things we need to do with who’s going to be the starter. Once again, it’s uncertain, so we don’t know.

“We have to go in there and do our jobs,” Jackson continued saying. “That’s what we get paid to do is to go in there and do our job. Chip Kelly gets paid to be the head coach and make those decisions. I’m sure him and Pat Shurmur are going to make a good job of putting the best guy out there to give us the best chance to win.”

I don’t agree with Jackson.  The Seattle Seahawks went to training camp last year not knowing who their starting quarterback was going to be and they made the playoffs.  The San Francisco 49ers were in the middle of the season last year and they didn’t know who their quarterback was going to be, yet they finished the season in the Super Bowl.

Naming the quarterback early isn’t a necessity of winning football teams.  Jackson should just focus on making sure he’s ready to do his job when he gets to camp. on Facebook

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45 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Makes Another Plea For Kelly To Name Starting QB”

  1. I wonder how much this documentary cost to make? My guess would be someone ripped off Desean and charged over $1 million to make it, I would also guess sales will not top $20,000. Basically a $1 million home movie highlights.

    Fearless Prediction – Desean gets cut after this year and Maclin is resigned

    • His brother has been documenting his training since grade school, doubt seriously it cost half of that and guess what? Its his money to waste or spend and if he’s let go he’ll have tons of offers the next day.

    • Flapping your gums again and don’t know what you’re talking about.

      His brother is a filmmaker and has been documenting him since he was a kid.

      So yeah. Try again.

      • your right ts i have no clue. im sure his brother did it for free… im also sure this film is gonna make lots of money.

    • I agree with your fearless prediction

    • Mhenski why don’t you do a documentary on your life. I bet that would be a good f(*king laugh.

  2. Jackson = 1 trick pony.

    He should keep his mouth shut and realize that his career has been going downhill since his rookie season.

    He’s the M. Night Shyamalan of the NFL.

  3. That colin Kapernick experiment sure ended poorly..

  4. “That colin Kapernick experiment sure ended poorly..”

    lol. I know right.

    The DeSean hate make no sense –

    “Jackson = 1 trick pony.”

    Yeah. But it’s a pretty darn good trick. Jackson on the field AUTOMATICALLY occupies the DBs – automatically – everyone saying Kelly won’t keep DeSean around is silly, They obviously don’t hear the man when he says he likes to create mismatches for the defense with his offense.

    DeSean does that – his presence on the field automatically changes what the defense is going to do. No one is leaving him uncovered – as a matter of a couple of folk gonna have his attention.

    Also any comment about DeSean not producing is ridiculous. He was the only receiver last year (at one point in the year) who hadn’t dropped a catchable ball. He doesn’t fumble the ball – and he’s always knocking on the door of 1000 yards.

    His only real knock these days surrounds his health – and he’s a small dude so he’s gonna get hurt – but in 11 games last year he still put up 700 yards.

    Like WTF?

    • I don’t get it TS. This guy does unbelievable charity work off the field and other then the dispute over his contract has never caused problems but yet is labeled a bad guy or a cancer. I guess its because of his hip hop persona, I don’t get it.

      • You don’t “get it” because you choose not t.

        Saying you ‘don’t get” why some people might be rubbed the wrong way by a guy like Desean only demonstrates close-mindedness.

        College leaping into endzone and fumbling before td – “look at me showboating idiot”

        Prime timegame with Eagles when he drops the ball before the goalline = look at me showboating idiot.

        Falling backwards – look at me showboating idiot

        Ball in the air – look at me showboating idiot

        There are many people, myself included, that think that “me me me” showboating idiots never ever win in football (Deion being the exception I suppose). I don’t let the

        kids I coach act the way he does on the field. Ever.

        Desean’s childish antics do not bother you. That’s fine, but they do bother some of us. How can you not understand that?

        Oh, and then there was that whole ” quit on the team and took a year off because I didn’t think I was making enough millions” business.

        and as to your point TS. I can guarantee, the Eagles O will/would produce just fine sans Desean.

        In 2012 the Eagles produced about 5 pts a game more when Desean was out of the lineup (though of course that may also have been because there was a better qb under centre)
        In 2011 They scored their 2nd highest point total in the game he missed

        He is what he is…a speedy little fast guy who “stretches the defense” and is completely useless inside the 20.

        • I guess in the Super Bowl Jacoby Jones just handed the ball to the refs after scoring his TD’s right? Wow I never saw Barry Sanders spike the ball after he scored must be the reason he had 5 SB rings, wait the Lions never won a thing. What I get is that in your way of thinking. I’ll leave it at that. Is Matt Stafford still wearing his hat backwards? I guess he’ll be on the police blotter soon.

          • I think people/athletes should behave professionally. You think on field behavior doesn’t matter.

            I believe there is a difference between pre-teen behavior and adult behavior. I prefer one over the other as I am an adult. When I was younger I didn’t care as much. You seem to prefer players who act/dress/behave like petulant teenagers. (and unfortunately for society, there are more and more people everyday who embrace perpetual adolescence)

            Difference of opinion. If you speak to your grandfather, he will probably agree with me. One day you will recognize you are incorrect.

            BTW – Matt Stafford will not win a SB until he puts his baseball hat on the right way around, or better, stops wearing one period.

          • Arguments like the one Vinnie is making would turn the NFL into a touch football league full of good boys with the only viewers being their grandmas and grandpas.

            Look humility is to make those who can’t do – feel better about their mediocrity. And – it never fails – only SOME players are expected to be humble – while the arrogance of others get a pass.

            As far as DeSean’s former antics he was young and stupid – he’s hardly been a problem recently. It’s football people…a GAME…so if you can’t have a lil’ fun (as long as it’s costing no one points or field position) what’s the point?

            GTFOH with that.

          • ” guess in the Super Bowl Jacoby Jones just handed the ball to the refs after scoring his TD’s right?”

            We know Thor on the Packers likes to do lil’ sexy dances after making a sack:


            For shame. Cut him now.

      • The year he was phoning it in – 2011 his contract year – he put 961 yards.

        If that’s how he plays “phoning” it in…he never needs to get cut. lol

  5. If I was the Eagles I would think about releasing Jackson he talks to damn much him and Vick both would be gone if I was the coach!!!!

  6. I don’t mind any of the showboating, to me it’s part of the game.

    I just don’t think there is anything special about his game now that defenses have figured out how to play him. The team has been in steady decline since he arrived. I’m not blaming him for that, but I don’t see him as the game-changer that we all thought he was capable of being a couple years ago.

    It’s nothing personal, I have no gripes against him as a person, I just think there are far better receivers in this league than Jackson. I would take the Giants top 2 receivers over Jackson. I don’t think Jackson is any better than Maclin.

    I’m hoping he has a breakout season this year and that Chip is able to utilize some of his strengths that Andy was unable to.

    • You mean the two who are pissing off Coughlin by not showing up at OTA’s? Cut their asses right now selfish only thinking about themselves. LOL

    • ” I don’t think Jackson is any better than Maclin.”


      Jackon does NOT fumble the ball. He catches 98% of catchable passes.

      “now that defenses have figured out how to play him.”

      Yes they figured him out so much he but up 700 yards in 11 games last year. 2011 when he was alligator arming everything ’cause of contract issues he put up 961 yards.

      Dude has six SIX career fumbles of which 2 were lost.


      I just don’t understand Philly fans.

      • Where did this 6 fumble number come from? Its 13. ( little more than Maclin’s 3)

        I don’t have anything against Desean as a player. He’s ok. Nothing more. (he clearly thinks he’s a lot better than he is) I thought he was going to be a superstar after his first little while, but that hasn’t turned out.

        You would notice very little difference in Eagles’ offensive production whether he was there or not.

        As for the “I don’t understand Philly fans” line….what is difficult to understand is the overexagerated adulation for a mostly marginal player. Lots of love for the #2 WR on the team.

        (and that’s 2 marginal players you tout as the best on the team TS – you sure do love your sideways hat boys – style over substance should be your motto).

        2012 Desean ranked 54th in yrds. 2 TDs? tied for 112th. Yrds/game 28th

        2011 24th in yrds…… 64rd in tds….. yrds/game 27th

        He’s been fading (rapidly) since his brain got scrambled a couple years back…..understandable.

        Guy thinks he’s top 10….he’s not.

        Style over substance. Why so much love for a pretty marginal guy?

        Whether he’s here or not will have very little impact on the Birds offensive production.

        • 1. Career fumbles: 6 unless ESPN is somehow wrong.
          2. You can’t discount what DeSean does when he’s in the game as far as how defenses play him
          3. “2012 Desean ranked 54th in yrds. 2 TDs? tied for 112th. Yrds/game 28th”

          – He played 11 games
          – TDs aren’t solely a function of how good a WR is. You know that.

          4. “Since 2008, Jackson leads the league in touchdowns of 50 yards or more (13), leading players such as Tennessee’s Chris Johnson (10) and Cleveland’s Josh Cribbs (6).”

          – that’s some style over substance.

          “(and that’s 2 marginal players you tout as the best on the team TS – you sure do love your sideways h”

          I never mentioned anything about DeSean or Vick being the “best” on the team. Way to go on making ish up.

          You not liking DeSean ’cause he “wears his hat sideways” and an inability to recognize what he brings to the table is classic VInnie. I expect such small thinking from you.

          You don’t disappoint.

          • ESPN counts fumbles lost (6) not fumbles (13). All fumbles are negative.

            “I never mentioned anything about Desean or Vick being the “best” on the team.”

            LOL….actions over words TS. You “never said”.

            No, you “never said”……

            …..but you spend 6 hours a day on every blog site on the Eastern Seaboard defending Vick (and now Desean) at every opportunity,

            Don’t see this much passion from you for anyone else. In this sense you’re just like Vick…say one thing but mean the exact opposite.

            Desean is gust a guy. (and the fact that he does get hurt every year does play a role in all this…the guy is just too small.

            • No they count fumbles 6 and fumbles lost 2

              – I do know the diff between the two stats.

              “.but you spend 6 hours a day on every blog site on the Eastern Seaboard defending Vick (and now Desean) at every opportunity,”


              Says the man who writes DISSERTATIONS on a guy he claims he can’t stands – on every philly blog available.

              And posts bullshit stat after bullshit stat (with no context) to back it up. lol

              Pot meet kettle.

              • “All fumbles are negative.”

                Well, all fumbles are only negative when it’s against a player you don’t like – when it’s against your saviour St. Nick then only the ones he lost matters.


                You’re so full of it.

  7. I don’t understand: Do Jackson’s pass routes change when Vick is the QB, or Foles is the QB, or Barkley is the QB?

    Is the ‘leadership’ style so different that Jackson has to make major adjustments?

    It seems to me that Jackson does what he wants to do no matter who the coach or the QB is.

    • “It seems to me that Jackson does what he wants to do no matter who the coach or the QB is.”

    • It seems to me that Jackson does what he wants to do no matter who the coach or the QB is.

      WTF does that even mean? Hes had one coach since hes been in the NFL until now. Do you mean he just runs around and makes up his own routes? Is he suppose to do what frank says? What actually does he “does what he want to mean?”

  8. Putting our difference’s aside for the sake of the Eagles if you are correct and Foles wins the job Vick has to be released.This isn’t gonna work. These players don’t respect CK and if they start losing (which we all think) these players, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin are gonna talk. If his system don’t work these players are gonna talk. This isn’t good. These players never talked with AR. I have a very uneasy feeling about this.

    • They better learn to respect him, or they won’t be here long! He’s the coach, period! Peters, Vick & Williams would have been gone already, if I were the coach, or GM.

      • Correct you are DCar about the respect. The problem is and you know how it goes they start losing with Vick/Foles/Barkley and he will be looked at by his players as Joe College who has no clue about the NFL. So in hindsight he should have swept the locker room clean and started over, but in reality how do you accomplish that and field a competitive team?

        • That’s why he shouldn’t have been hired to begin with. It was absolutely stupid, that Lurie hired a gimmick college coach, with ZERO NFL experience, at any level, who initially refused Lurie, & only excepted the job, because the NCAA hammer was about to come down, on his @$$! IMHO, it’s inevitable, that he fails, & is gone in 3 years. Already, his decision making, has been atrocious! From the hiring of his loser staff- the mediocrities, that they signed in FA- to the stupid decision, to keep Vick in a rebuild- the draft full of reaches, & bad picks- to not taking any action against Peters, Williams & Vick. We aren’t even in mini-camp yet, & the team is a circus! He better lay the law, before $#!t gets unfixable!

          • BTW, they ain’t competing anyways, so they should have been swept clean, Weaselman included!

          • We haven’t even had training camp yet. Relax. The roster will probably turn over more next year. This is a process. One arrest for raising and 2 players who were outspoken with Reid speaking out now? What has really changed?

            How is this a circus?

              • How is it a circus? Players getting arrested, for stupid, juvenile behavior & not showing up to OTA’s, because they are sulking over their contract, after tearing their achilles twice! Failure players, who constantly spews, verbal diarrhea, who shouldn’t even be here, wanting jobs handed to them, without competing! Overpaid, mediocre players, not showing up to OTA’s, on a new team, because they have to pick out sconces! The QB carnival! A coaching staff, who refuses to inform it’s fanbase, of what kind of offense & defense, they’re running! To the stupid fruit smoothies! AND it’s not even mini-camp yet! That’s how, bugs! I’m sick of this $#!t, & these unlikable dickheads already!

              • agreed dcar. this team has all the makings of a complete mess. i put 2 paychecks on eagles under 7 wins this weekend

  9. G. you mention the 49’ers and Seahawks as teams who made QB changes
    But what made those changes work were the fact that both of those HC’s had some early success so those players on those teams had already “bought in” to the system and the coach…Coach Kelly hasn’t won a game and is trying to get these players to “buy in” to his style. Which hasn’t fully happened yet and won’t happen until they start winning some games.

  10. One player was arrested. Let’s not exaggerate.

    Players talking? Players always talk. See Jason Avant, McNabb, TO…

    Assante Samuel used to regularly miss OTAs for personal reasons. I don’t agree that this is ok, but it has happened before.

    Fruit smoothies bother you that much?

    The team doesn’t owe anything to the fanbase. Should he send you a playbook too?

    The only real difference is the QB situation.

    None of this except for the QB situation has any real bearing on what happens on Sundays. This was a 4-12 team last year, so you want them to win the SB the next year. What if they win 6 or 7 games? Failure in your eyes or improvement over last year? What is your expectation? Do you really think that he could completely overhaul the lineup on both sides of the football in 1 year?

  11. ladies ladies….. relax, its june. Sit back and watch the phillies lose for a while before crying about the eagles. I’ve said it 1,000 times…. there are too many reporters in this town…. there is nothing to talk about right now and so we will hear the same old stories about what Vick had for breakfast and about what djax said.

  12. for those that dont like the “thug” style… get used to it…. its on every team. And if you want to try and use the Pats as an example of a team that doesnt… tell that to guys like Stallworth, Chad Ocho, Moss and others….. sure Tom Brady may not have “swag” like some of them… but believe me… its on their team.

    That said…. I dont like it either… id rather have a team full of guys that keep their mouths shut but sadly…. its hard to find players/team like that anymore.

  13. The “Cancer” of Vick has already seeped I to D-Jax and McCoy
    It’s a what have you done for me lately Sport and all I can say is that
    D-Jax McCoy, and everyone else (including Vick) better know their assignments and be prepared to play or other Pkayer will get more opportunities to take snaps from them.. Stop this Public Media Blitz on who should be QB by the Players and keep your mouth’s shut and play some damn Ball.. Way too many selfish, me-first Players still on this Team if you ask me and Vick just perpetuates the “coddling” and “denial” that is still going on after Andy Reid was let go..

    • Paulman professional sports are full of me first selfish guys, I don’t know why you continue to harp on that. This ain’t 1950. Be nice if all teams could be the Spurs but for the most we are in the me era. Sportscenter took care of that.

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