The Sixers Are Now Looking Towards The Future

save us samThrough his first few weeks on the job, Sixers’ general manager Sam Hinkie had been very quiet.

There hadn’t been much buzz coming out of Sixer headquarters. Hinkie hadn’t said much publicly about his vision for the team in 2013. There was little indication on what he’d do with pending unrestricted free agent Andrew Bynum. There had been little indication that he was anywhere near close to hiring a coach. And there certainly were no signs that he was getting ready to deal away the only All-Star on his roster.

But then Hinkie’s calm ended on draft night when the general manager struck, sending major shock waves throughout Philadelphia with the news that he had shipped away point guard Jrue Holiday in a deal with the New Orleans Pelicans that brought the team highly-regarded draft prospect Nerlens Noel along with a protected first-round pick.

The trade signifies a lot of things. For one, the acquisition of Noel all but closes the door on any possible chance that the Sixers would have re-signed Andrew Bynum, putting a quiet end to what will easily go down as one of the most disappointing trades in all of Philadelphia sports history.

But most importantly, the deal represents an unquestionable philosophical change within the Sixers’ organization.

Over the better part of the last decade, the Sixers have gone about things the wrong way. For too long, they were unwilling to part with their home grown players, and were content with fielding teams that were just good enough to slip into the playoffs, but were never serious contenders.

This was the franchise that held on to Andre Iguodala, and for years tried desperately to make Philadelphia believe that he was an NBA superstar that the team could build around. That same franchise also destroyed their salary cap room by signing Elton Brand to a max deal simply because he was a big name, ignoring the reality that Brand didn’t mesh well with the up-tempo style of the team when he joined the club in 2008. Even though the team squeezed a couple of decent seasons out of the Iguodala/Brand led teams, the city never truly got excited about those squads because they saw them for what they were: a mildly entertaining team with very limited upside. As hard as those teams fought, there was no way they’d ever be able to compete with the top teams in the league.

However, the organization always seemed comfortable with the results. They were hellbent on holding on to Iguodala and the core of those teams unless they were to receive a deal in which they would clearly come out on top. And as such, Iguodala remained a Sixer until last when team thought they finally found the “deal of a lifetime” that they had been looking for when they stumbled upon a chance to bring one of the top centers in the league to Philadelphia.

But now, that line of thinking has changed.

The trade of Jrue Holiday was a surprise on many levels. Holiday was one of the only watchable players on the team, and he was a guy that (unlike Andre Iguodala) was pretty well liked by the fans. He was a good young point guard, with a nice shot,  solid offensive skills, and still had room to grow following his first All-Star season. After signing a contract extension less than a year ago, he seemed destined to be the guy that the team would build around, and that the organization would market as the main attraction for years to come. Before Thursday night, it seemed absolutely unthinkable that the Sixers would seriously entertain the idea of moving their young star.

But Sam Hinkie had other ideas. When the Sixers hired Hinkie, the former Rockets’ assistant promised to bring a new approach to the franchise, and he’s done just that by moving Holiday.

Hinkie has gotten the organization to think about what’s best to do for three and five years from now, instead of what’s best to do for the immediate future. Hinkie’s plan is to take the Sixers out of NBA purgatory, and put them on the road to relevancy. And anyone who follows the NBA closely knows that there is no such thing as a quick fix in this league. If you want to contend in the NBA, you’ve got to accept the fact that your franchise may have to suffer through at least several brutal years in order to put themselves in a position to get a top lottery pick to land themselves the league’s next legitimate superstar. The Sixers were already a bad team last year with Holiday, and taking the All-Star out of the picture makes a 30-win team even worse.

But suffering through a bad year or two is still no guarantee that the franchise will land an elite talent. But the other little bit of brilliance in Hinkie’s scheme is the cap room that he’s created for the team by dealing Holiday. The Sixers will now save about $11 million a year, and next season will have even more money available to them once the likes of Jason Richardson, Spencer Hawes, and Kwame Brown come off of the books. Add in the near $17 million that they’ll also receive this year from the imminent departure of the center who never played a minute for them, and they’ll be in a position in 2014 where they’ll likely have more money to throw around than anyone.

No plan for the future is foolproof in sports, but the blueprint put together by Sam Hinkie may be by far the strongest legitimate light of hope that the Sixers have had in some time. It’s refreshing to see the organization drop the shortsighted approach that kept them stuck in mediocrity over the last decade, and finally take steps toward a brighter future.

2013 may be a rough ride for the Sixers, but better days are ahead.

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42 thoughts on “The Sixers Are Now Looking Towards The Future

  1. Is Lionel Hollins still out there as a HC Candidate,
    Works well with young Players and did a great job with Memphis the last few Seasons.. He would be a nice choice..

    1. I agree about Hollins. He is from Philly, and who were the Grizz before Hollins. He got the most out of Zach, developed players like Marc Gasol, Mike Conley. Bayless who he shoved experienced his most success as a pro thanks to Hollins and prob will get a nice FA contract because of it. Western Conference finals then fired? I don’t understand NBA franchises. I think he would be great with a young team and will say the things they need to hear about their game.

  2. I fully expect Thad Young to be traded. A 2014 1st round pick from a good team not expected to be in the lottery like The Clippers, Thunder etc. Sixers could potentially have a 17-20 pick next year. We could end up having 1st overall, 5th overall and 17th overall. WOW.

  3. This team will be BAD next year, which is a good thing for a rebuilding team. I’ll miss Jrue, but they had to blow it up and start over with a long term plan, and I salute Sam Hinkie for doing this. I think the PG from Syracuse will be a better player than Jrue in the long run. I’m not sold on the skinny center, but to get him at 6th when he potentially could have gone 1st (if healthy) is value. Clearing cap space is huge as is acquiring additional picks. Hopefully we can get a top 2 pick next year. Curious who they hire as coach, hopefully a good teacher with lots of patience.

  4. Thad won’t fetch a 1st Arounder in Return..
    His Role 6th nan off the bench and a 15-18 Minute Player on the Hester Teams your talking about.. I love Thad’s energy and hops around the basket, but he still can’t shoot the ball, can’t really put it on the floor
    Nor pass real well.. He’s very replaceable and an average pkayer in the NBA
    With limited minutes on a good team, he would probably be effective but very unlikely a top 10 Pkayoff Team would give up a 1st arounmd Pick and take his Co tract on, for his best role can be filled with Zypung, cheaper Pkayermd who can shoot better..

    1. Thaddeus isn’t going anywhere. Evan Turner, and Spencer Hawes are the walking dead on this team. They weren’t shopping Thad, but they were shopping Turner FYI……….

    2. If they felt they could get a late first for Evan Turner, they could get a first for Thaddeus Young the better player. Stop hating on my boy Paul. He was picking up the slack for our team all year. He should have been considered for the All star game as much as Jrue.

    3. Thaddeus did not come off the bench either; He STARTED, and averaged 34.6 minutes a game, team defensive player of the year, and more points than Evan Turner, as well as being their leading scorer in some games. Don’t tell me he can’t play. It would be stupid to trade Thaddeus Young.

      1. Thad is a limited tweener, IMHO, not a starter on a good team, & isn’t an untouchable, but I’d prefer to keep him, because he gives energy, heart, & DF this team needs, but at his contract $$$$ & his tweener status, I think Winkie dinkie will package him & ET soon. This team is going to be epically horrific! Kwame Brown, Hawes? BWAHAHAHA!!!!

      2. He’s for the 76ers he does Cliff, he’s a 6-7 man off the bench for most Teams and probably more productive when playing in spurts
        I don’t hate Thad, but some of you overstate his Talent
        An All-Star Candidate, are you kidding Cliff…

  5. G- Michael Carter- Williams 6-6
    G- Andrew Wiggins 6-7
    C- DeMarcus Cousins 6-11
    F- LaMarcus Aldridge 6-11
    F- Thaddeus Young 6-8

    G- Andre Miller 6-3
    G- OJ Mayo 6-5
    C- Nerlens Noel 6-10
    F- Julius Randle 6-9
    F- Noah Vonleh 6-10

    Add Brett Brown as Head Coach and bench pieces, and we are back into contention for the future

    1. LOL! Keep dreaming gm! I would have multiple joygasms, if that were our 2014-2015 roster! VERY, HIGHLY, UNLIKELY!

      1. You know I’m always happy you get a Joygasm DCar…bhwahahah!!!!

        But seriously , they have put themselves in a position to do this. This is not unreasonable or far fetched.

        If Thad, Hawes, and Turner were packaged they would get another 1st Rounder for sure, and some players to balance the cap number. They could get Mayo this offseason, and Cousins, and Aldridge in 2014.

        If the ping pong balls fall right they could have 3 top 5 picks.

  6. I actually agree with Paulman. Somebody call the police. Lol. But Hollins is an excellent choice if we can’t get a young hot assistant. But the only thing is Hollins fell out with Memphis because of the analytical approach they started taking. So that may be a problem here. But if its still made clear its about talent and eye test. He may take the job. Rumor is Brent Brown will takes the Boston Job instead. So we may not even be getting him.

  7. I like the move even though I can’t stand Noel’s box haircut and annoying thin frame. I wasn’t high on MCW either in college but when you look at his 6″6 frame and his true PG mentality he has tge ability to grow into a unique player. MCW arms are freakishly long somebody needs to make him watch tape on Penny Hardaway so he can at least pick up on how to easily use his body on smaller PG’s. Noel will at least be and energy Defensive player but that alone is not enough for Jrue. It won’t be until after next years draft that I can say it was truly worth it. Jrue is a young good player even though he was an all-star basically by default Because Rondo and Rose weren’t playing. I think his turnovers was the death nail for a guy like Hienky.

    Noel: Best Case Think Marcus Camby. Worst Case BirdMan
    MCW: Best Case Think a pass first Penny Hardaway. Worst Case: Shaun Livingston after knee accident

  8. The NBA has a long history of good role players who should be even better but are just not Derrick Mickey, Lamar Odom, and Thadeus Young can add his name to that list. He can score inside, has a pretty decent mid range shot shot the 3 pretty well in past years, can cut to the basket and finish around the rim. Defensively he hustles plays hard so what’s the problem? He never does any of those things simultaneously lol either he us having a goog game on the block or a good hustle game he never puts it all together and never will. If he did you are looking at a borderline all-star. His mentals are of a guy who doesn’t see himself as the best and that’s the mentality he needs to reach the max potential everybody sees. If he could get on a good team his value goes up kind of like San Antonio’s play Lenard. On the Sixers the glass will always be half empty.

    1. Nugreembol, that was excellent. You are one of the smartest guys on here. That is one of the more accurate, and FAIR analysis of Thad that I have heard on this site.

      My point has been is that he is better than what some give him credit for. He is not a bonafide superstar, nor is he a bum.

      Both Derrick McKey, and Lamar Odom, made the All-Star team, as respected players in the NBA. I think Thad deserves the same respect.

      Good Post Brother!! I am going to continue to pay attention to your wisdom Nugreembol. You, RealTalk and Daggolden are just flat out, very intelligent men.

      1. thanx bro, I try to take my personal frustrations out of the equation when talking about our home town players, sometimes our opinion gets cloudy because we see these guys all the time and learn to hate their short comings or overvalue what they excel at. With Thad there is no question if he was playing for the Spurs he could hurt teams the same way Lenard did. On the other side put Lenard on the sixers in Thad’s role and you would get the same now you see me now you don’t type of performances. some guys are just cut that way. Only way I see Thad maybe making himself better is if he could improve his ball handling, but just looking at him and the way he moves around walks ect it doesn’t look like he is coordinated that way. He should not be afraid to go back to stretching the floor its like Doug Collins stopped him from shooting the 3. He could be a decent spot up shooter.

        1. He was coming out of High School, and at Georgia Tech. Doug Collins insisted that he play a PF Game. He was shooting a high PCT on his outside shot, before he got hurt, and Collins took over.

          He was also their leading scorer in many games in his sophomore year in the league though, (He should have been a Junior year in College). that year I saw more talent from him than Iguodala..

          I think Thad would benefit from playing with more talent on the team, which he will if Heinke continues to make the right decisions in FA, and the 2014 Draft. Good Looking out Nu G!!!

          1. Thad is not a kid anymore, 5 Years in the NBA and his outside Shooting/;Ball Handling Skills have not very improved, In fact, he probably has one of the most inconsistent “Shooting Motions” I have seen at the NBA Level, the ball comes out at different angles and projectory almost every time he shoots…. He’s just not a Shooter once removed from the Paint,and he’s too small to play in the Paint (in a halfcourt offense) versus the big boys..
            I klove his hustle,positive attitude nad high energy off the Bench.Ideally on a good Team, Thatd would be 6th/7th Player off the Bench for 15-20 Minutes a game to provide energy, rebounding, fast break opportunities and some defense, nothing more, nothing less..
            To read about him be listed as a potential All-Star player is simply being a homer and not evaluating his game.. Average Skills with High Energy is what he is and due to his strong work ethic has kept him around the NBA and will continue to do so, but not at a big-time Salary that the 76ers have given him..

              1. Then let Thad prove me wrong, GMCliff..
                I’m not sure why you love this guy, He’s simply average if you ask me and would be a role player for the Playoff Teams in the NBA..

              2. Thad will never reach his max potential but he can defiantly start for a number of good teams in the NBA. Both things are true. Is he a borderline all star? No only if he was to put all the aspects of his game together consistently so far that hasn’t happened. He could easily however play with other good players like Kahwi does in San Antonio knock down wide open corner threes grab hustle rebounds defend some tough players, take advantage of a matchup here and there, that’s all a good team would ask. Kahwi avg 11 pts 6 reb he is a solid player he won’t be an all star but his game and contributions are respected bc the Spurs are good. Thad can post those numbers easy. Those same numbers are garbage here but on a good team its looked at as a great contribution. 15 point 7.5 reb last year won’t get you any post season awards but its defiantly not fringe bench rotation numbers. He would start for about 70% of the teams in the NBA at SF and about half of the playoff teams. Pacers would start him over Stevenson and move Paul George back to SG. He would have started for the Clippers who routinely marched Matt Barnes out there, he would start for the Warriors over Harrison Barnes if the option was avail to them last year (not saying he will be better than Barnes moving forward). Lakers would have started him over old Artest or Clark or whatever else they tried. he would start for the Bucks not saying much but they were a playoff team. Atlanta would have started him too. I just think because he is not what we need or want him to be he gets a bad rep. It not Thad’s fault the Sixers don’t have a go to superstar that makes his 15 and 7.5 reb 1.5 steals look worth it. If he is getting those same numbers in meaningful games all of a sudden wow what a key piece. He is on the same tier as Luol Deng when you look at it. Thad second and third years he shot the three around 34% and played a more well rounded offensive game b4 doug Collins shrunk his 3 point attempt from 160 to 8 lol Deng is allowed to shoot the 3 freely resulting in avg about two more points than Thad but he shot 32% last year 34% the year b4. Doug Collins choked out that aspect of his game. Thad is better on the glass and Deng can create off the dribble more besides that Thad is better scoring around the rim finishing Deng gets the edge defensively bc he is better on the perimiter, but they are in the same ballpark one plays for a good team the other plays for the Sixers. If I had to choose I’m taking Deng, but they are still in the same barnyard. Thad problems here lye in that he won’t have a defined position and is forced to constantly adjust his style night in and night out instead of being allowed to just play SF resulting in inconsistencies. Sixers ruined his development lol trade him!

              3. He already has. Several times over. I don’t really think you have been paying attention. Its like the Michael Vick Syndrome. You see what you see; you feel what you feel, and you can’t see anything else.

                He would start for: San Antonio, Indiana, Denver, Memphis, Golden State, New Jersey, and Milwaukee, as well as most teams that didn’t make the playoffs, unless they already have an established 3.

                He used to do a lot more. If you saw that 4 years ago, before Doug Collins changed his game making him a PF. He used to be a natural 3 – Doug Collins screwed his game – If you saw that you wouldn’t be viewing him in such a light.

                Obviously NuGreembol, has seen what I see. He doesn’t 100% agree with me, but he does see that Thad is much better than you give him credit for, because he has payed attention to the, Collins transformation to his game, as well as the growth.

              4. I keep reading where Thad could step out and shoot from the outside.. He’s not a Shooter and never has been… His Points come from around the basket and lane.. Him stepping out 15-18 Ft or beyond would be funny to see for his shooting form is one of th most inconsistent I have ever seen from a 4-5 Year NBA Veteran.. He is not a Scorer and yes he does other things well, but at this stage of his Career, to say that he can become a shooter like a Stevenson,Barnes or Bonner is, just wishful thinking.. You are either a Natural Shooter or you are not, PLayers can work on form,technique early in their Careers, but for Thad, he’s never learned to properly shoot and at 25 Years of Age, very unlikely at this stage of his Career that he can adjust.. He has skills of a PF but has the body of a SF but can’t shoot well enough or put the ball on the floor to create much Offense, nor the size to play PF so he’s a Tweener which are a dime a dozen in the NBA ..Thad’s Career Avgs are 14 Pts, 5.5 Rebounds during his 5 Years with the 76ers and he is Earning $8.5 MIllion per Season which is awful high for pedestrian numbers if you ask me.. To say he was not utilized by Collins has some merit, but you are either a playmaker/scorer in the NBA or you are not and Thad is strictly a “Role Player” and has not progressed in his 5 Years in the NBA as you would expect a 12th Overall Selection of the 2007 NBA Draft to become..

              5. Paul, Buddy, I don’t want to belabor this point because like I said before you are wrong.

                He can shoot 15-18 ft shot consistently, if he were allowed to, and plays were actually ran for him. No sense trying to prove what already been proven. We agree to disagree.

              6. I believe your are wrong about this one Cliff
                There’s 5 Years of Footage & Stats and Production on Thad..
                Give it up my friend.. You tend to be very stubborn when you either like or dislike a Player which skews your analysis some times but to each their own my friend and have a nice 4th of July Holiday

              7. I beg to differ buddy. I’m stubborn?

                I don’t know how many times I said Mardy Gilyard couldn’t play?
                Donahue wasn’t going to be the next GM? lol!!
                DeSean Jackson wasn’t going to be cut, or traded?LOL!!!!
                Nick Foles won’t be traded, and would be in line to start? LOL!!
                Michael Vick could still be in the team, and possibly start? LOL!!
                Bryce Brown won’t be cut?
                Thaddeus Young having an impact on the Sixers as a starter? Much more than Evan Turner…….

                Like I said My Brother, Thad has already proven you wrong, so we can agree to disagree. Peace Paul….

              8. Boy GMCliff
                I guess you don’t understand very well when I am being Sarcastic..
                You take too much of the literal word from me (as others do often as well) .. I’ve was tooing M Gilyard for a year as a Joke and many of your guys were thinking I am serious..
                I would have Cut D-Jax’s Ass last Year and not Resigned him
                just as I would have Cut Vick’s Ass this Off-Season.. I stay ahead of the Curve Cliff for Eagles will eventually dump both under-achiever’s and overpaid, cancer’s from this squad but are too chicken shit to make the tough decisions in fear of negative Fan Reaction and remember I am the one that actually called the Eagles Drafting Nick Foles due to his Upside as a Pro and like his prospects and have stated so many time…
                Trade Alerts..Trade Alerts C’mon Cliff.. You should know me better than this ..
                You go with your Drafts and Free-Agency Signings and it’s always a Pie-in-the Sky Pipe Dream.. You want every good player (Like everyone else does) .. so be realistic my man..

              9. LOL!! OK Paul. You should know me as well good brother; I have high standards for the Eagles, and Sixers.

                The only way to really improve the teams is to be aggressive. Do you think Howie can be as aggressive in his drafts, as Heinke was last week? Huh? That may have got us Cyprien, and J. Collins.

                I’m not looking for pipedreams, I would just continue to be aggressive, and give us the best chance to improve,and win a championship. I am always a fan 1st, and I have a phobia to mediocrity. You can’t blame me for that.:)

  9. I almost threw up about this but I think the sixers have the most definitive plan. Sad state of affairs in philly sports

  10. 2014 FA List

    Point Guards
    TyShawn Taylor Brooklyn Nets $788,872 $1,115,243 Q
    Avery Bradley Boston Celtics $2,511,432 $3,581,302 Q
    Ramon Sessions Charlotte Bobcats $5,000,000
    Kemba Walker Charlotte Bobcats $2,568,360 $3,272,091 T
    Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers $5,607,240 $7,070,730 T
    Kirk Hinrich Chicago Bulls $4,059,000
    Marquis Teague Chicago Bulls $1,074,720 $1,120,920 T
    Jerryd Bayless Memphis Grizzlies $3,135,000
    Tony Wroten Jr. Memphis Grizzlies $1,160,040 $1,210,080 T
    Mario Chalmers Miami Heat $4,000,000
    Norris Cole Miami Heat $1,129,200 $2,038,206 T
    Andre Miller Denver Nuggets $5,000,000 $4,625,000 N
    Rodney Stuckey Detroit Pistons $8,500,000
    Brandon Knight Detroit Pistons $2,793,960 $3,553,917 T
    Eric Bledsoe Los Angeles Clippers $2,626,474 $3,726,967 Q
    Steve Blake Los Angeles Lakers $4,000,000
    Chris Duhon – X Los Angeles Lakers $1,500,000
    Luke Ridnour Minnesota Timberwolves $4,320,000
    Ricky Rubio Minnesota Timberwolves $4,002,120 $5,070,686 T
    Malcolm Lee Minnesota Timberwolves $884,293 $1,148,163 Q
    Greivis Vasquez New Orleans Pelicans $2,150,188 $3,203,780 Q
    Reggie Jackson Oklahoma City Thunder $1,260,360 $2,204,369 T
    Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs $12,500,000 $12,500,000 N
    Patty Mills San Antonio Spurs $1,133,950
    Cory Joseph San Antonio Spurs $1,120,920 $2,023,261 T
    Jameer Nelson Orlando Magic $8,600,000 $8,000,000 N
    Ish Smith Milwaukee Bucks $951,463 $992,435 N
    E’Twaun Moore Orlando Magic $884,293 $1,148,163 Q
    Jimmer Fredette Sacramento Kings $2,439,840 $3,110,796 T
    Isaiah Thomas Sacramento Kings $884,293 $1,148,163 Q
    Kendall Marshall Phoenix Suns $2,005,560 $2,091,840 T
    John Wall Washington Wizards $7,459,925 $9,697,903 Q
    Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers $3,202,920 $3,340,920 T

    Shooting Guards

    John Jenkins Atlanta Hawks $1,258,800 $1,312,920 T
    Lou Williams Atlanta Hawks $5,225,000 $5,450,000 N
    MarShon Brooks Boston Celtics $1,210,080 $2,179,354 T
    Keith Bogans Boston Celtics $5,058,138 $5,058,138 N
    Ben Gordon Charlotte Bobcats $13,200,000
    Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers $3,894,240 $4,062,000 T
    Vince Carter Dallas Mavericks $3,180,000
    Jared Cunningham Atlanta Hawks $1,208,400 $1,260,360 T
    Dwyane Wade Miami Heat $18,673,000 $20,164,000 E
    Ray Allen Miami Heat $3,229,050
    Evan Fournier Denver Nuggets $1,422,720 $1,483,920 T
    Jordan Hamilton Denver Nuggets $1,169,880 $2,109,294 T
    Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors $2,317,920 $3,075,880 T
    Orlando Johnson Indiana Pacers $788,872 $915,243 N
    Jamal Crawford Los Angeles Clippers $5,225,000 $5,450,000 N
    Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers $30,453,805
    Jodie Meeks Los Angeles Lakers $1,550,000
    Austin Rivers New Orleans Pelicans $2,339,040 $2,439,840 T
    Thabo Sefolosha Oklahoma City Thunder $3,900,000
    Jeremy Lamb Oklahoma City Thunder $2,111,160 $2,202,000 T
    Iman Shumpert New York Knicks $1,703,760 $2,616,975 T
    Nando De Colo San Antonio Spurs $1,463,000 $1,828,750 Q
    Terrence Ross Toronto Raptors $2,678,640 $2,793,960 T
    Shannon Brown Phoenix Suns $3,500,000
    Gordon Hayward Utah Jazz $3,452,183 $4,677,708 Q
    Alec Burks Utah Jazz $2,202,000 $3,034,356 T
    Bradley Beal Washington Wizards $4,319,280 $4,505,280 T
    Jordan Crawford Boston Celtics $2,162,419 $3,206,867 Q
    Will Barton Portland Trail Blazers $788,872 $915,243 N
    Jason Richardson Philadelphia 76ers $6,204,250 $6,601,125 P
    Evan Turner Philadelphia 76ers $6,679,867 $8,717,226 Q

    Paul Pierce Brooklyn Nets $15,333,334
    Tornike Shengelia Brooklyn Nets $788,872 $1,115,243 Q
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Charlotte Bobcats $4,809,840 $5,016,960 T
    Jeffrey Taylor Charlotte Bobcats $788,872 $915,243 N
    Shawn Marion Dallas Mavericks $9,316,796
    Alonzo Gee Cleveland Cavaliers $3,250,000 $3,000,000 N
    Jae Crowder Dallas Mavericks $788,872 $915,243 T
    Luol Deng Chicago Bulls $14,275,000
    Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls $1,112,880 $2,008,748 T
    Rudy Gay Toronto Raptors $17,888,932 $19,317,326 P
    Quincy Pondexter Memphis Grizzlies $2,225,479 $3,284,807 Q
    LeBron James Miami Heat $19,067,500 $20,590,000 E
    Mike Miller Miami Heat $6,200,000 $6,600,000 P
    Shane Battier Miami Heat $3,270,000
    James Jones Miami Heat $1,500,000
    Khris Middleton Detroit Pistons $788,872 $915,243 N
    Richard Jefferson Golden State Warriors $11,046,000
    Brandon Rush Golden State Warriors $4,000,000
    Harrison Barnes Golden State Warriors $2,923,920 $3,049,920 T
    Draymond Green Golden State Warriors $875,500 $915,243 N
    Chandler Parsons Houston Rockets $926,500 $964,750 N
    Danny Granger Indiana Pacers $14,021,788
    Paul George Indiana Pacers $3,282,003 $4,470,088 Q
    Caron Butler Los Angeles Clippers $8,000,000
    Metta World Peace Los Angeles Lakers $7,727,280
    Tobias Harris Orlando Magic $1,545,840 $2,380,594 T
    Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks $22,407,474 $24,351,924 E
    Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs $1,887,840 $2,894,059 T
    Maurice Harkless Orlando Magic $1,809,840 $1,887,840 T
    Linas Kleiza Toronto Raptors $4,600,000
    John Salmons Sacramento Kings $7,583,000 $7,000,000 N
    Michael Beasley Phoenix Suns $6,000,000 $6,250,000 P
    Marvin Williams Utah Jazz $7,500,000
    Trevor Ariza Washington Wizards $7,727,280
    Jan Vesely Washington Wizards $3,340,920 $4,236,287 T
    Chris Singleton Washington Wizards $1,618,680 $2,489,530 T

    Power Forwards

    Kris Humphries Boston Celtics $12,000,000
    Jared Sullinger Boston Celtics $1,365,720 $1,424,520 T
    Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers $4,062,000 $5,138,430 T
    Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks $22,721,381
    Zach Randolph Memphis Grizzlies $17,800,000 $16,500,000 P
    Darrell Arthur Denver Nuggets $3,231,683 $3,457,149 P
    Udonis Haslem Miami Heat $4,340,000 $4,620,000 P
    Rashard Lewis Miami Heat $1,399,507
    Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets $1,367,640 $2,249,768 T
    Charlie Villanueva Detroit Pistons $8,580,000
    Jonas Jerebko Detroit Pistons $4,500,000 $4,500,000 P
    Greg Monroe Detroit Pistons $4,086,454 $5,479,935 Q
    Patrick Patterson Sacramento Kings $3,105,301 $4,319,474 Q
    Marcus Morris Phoenix Suns $1,987,320 $2,943,221 T
    Royce White Houston Rockets $1,719,480 $1,793,520 T
    Terrence Jones Houston Rockets $1,551,840 $1,618,680 T
    Miles Plumlee Indiana Pacers $1,121,520 $1,169,880 T
    Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers $19,285,850
    Larry Sanders Milwaukee Bucks $3,053,368 $4,268,608 Q
    John Henson Milwaukee Bucks $1,905,360 $1,967,320 T
    Derrick Williams Minnesota Timberwolves $5,016,960 $6,331,404 T
    Dante Cunningham Minnesota Timberwolves $2,180,000
    Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans $5,375,760 $5,607,240 T
    Jason Smith New Orleans Pelicans $2,500,000
    Perry Jones III Oklahoma City Thunder $1,082,520 $1,129,200 T
    Amar’e Stoudemire New York Knicks $21,679,893 $23,410,988 E
    Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs $10,361,446 $10,361,446 P
    Boris Diaw San Antonio Spurs $4,702,500
    Matt Bonner San Antonio Spurs $3,945,000
    Andrew Nicholson Orlando Magic $1,482,000 $1,545,840 T
    Andrea Bargnani Toronto Raptors $10,750,000 $11,500,000 E
    Amir Johnson Toronto Raptors $6,500,000 $7,050,000 N
    Ed Davis Memphis Grizzlies $3,153,860 $4,361,788 Q
    Quincy Acy Toronto Raptors $788,872 $915,243 N
    Thomas Robinson Houston Rockets $3,526,440 $3,678,360 T
    Channing Frye Phoenix Suns $6,400,000 $6,800,000 P
    Markieff Morris Phoenix Suns $2,091,840 $2,989,239 T
    Derrick Favors Utah Jazz $6,008,196 $7,882,753 Q
    Kevin Seraphin Washington Wizards $2,761,114 $3,898,693 Q
    Trevor Booker Washington Wizards $2,350,820 $3,420,443 Q
    Lavoy Allen Philadelphia 76ers $3,060,000 $3,825,000 Q
    Kwame Brown Philadelphia 76ers $2,945,901
    Arnett Moultrie Philadelphia 76ers $1,089,240 $1,136,160 T
    Aron Baynes San Antonio Spurs $788,872 $1,115,243 Q
    Chris Johnson Minnesota Timberwolves $916,099


    Fab Melo Boston Celtics $1,311,240 $1,367,640 T
    Bismack Biyombo Charlotte Bobcats $3,049,920 $3,873,398 T
    Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers $9,036,364 $9,704,545 N
    Tyler Zeller Cleveland Cavaliers $1,633,440 $1,703,760 T
    Kosta Koufos Memphis Grizzlies $3,000,000 $3,000,000 N
    Chris Bosh Miami Heat $19,067,500 $20,590,000 E
    Joel Anthony Miami Heat $3,800,000 $3,800,000 P
    Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons $2,462,400 $2,568,360 T
    Vyacheslav Kravtsov Detroit Pistons $1,500,000 $1,875,000 Q
    Andrew Bogut Golden State Warriors $14,000,000
    Andris Biedrins Golden State Warriors $9,000,000
    Festus Ezeli Golden State Warriors $1,066,920 $1,112,880 T
    Donatas Motiejunas Houston Rockets $1,422,720 $1,483,920 T
    Jordan Hill Los Angeles Lakers $3,563,600
    Ekpe Udoh Milwaukee Bucks $4,469,548 $5,962,377 Q
    Marcus Camby New York Knicks $4,383,773 $4,177,208 N
    Nikola Vucevic Orlando Magic $1,793,520 $2,751,260 T
    Jonas Valanciunas Toronto Raptors $3,526,440 $3,678,360 T
    Aaron Gray Toronto Raptors $2,690,875
    DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings $4,916,974 $6,519,907 Q
    Marcin Gortat Phoenix Suns $7,727,280
    Enes Kanter Utah Jazz $4,505,280 $5,694,674 T
    Emeka Okafor Washington Wizards $14,487,500
    Meyers Leonard Portland Trail Blazers $2,222,160 $2,317,920 T
    Spencer Hawes Philadelphia 76ers $6,600,000

    Definition of Options
    A player headed into an option year the following season cannot be traded after the trade deadline (near the draft, etc.) without the player or team picking the option to stay.

    Sizing up the contenders for Dwight Howard’s services.

    Sizing up the contenders for Dwight Howard’s services.


    Bynum Drawing Interest From Several Teams

    Bynum Drawing Interest From Several Teams


    Bynum Drawing Interest From Several Teams

    Bobby Lashley, Kendall Grove, Andre Winner among winners at GWC 1

    Grant Van Aman, a Florida Gators’ Walk-On Redshirt Freshman Punter, Arrested for DUI on Scooter Early Saturday


    The 10 most difficult NBA free agency decisions

    The 10 most difficult NBA free agency decisions


    Kevin Martin puts Thunder in free agency pickle

    Kevin Martin puts Thunder in free agency pickle


    15 Awesome pictures of Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend

    15 Awesome pictures of Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend

    Rant Sports

    Is Brooklyn Decker the Most Attractive Swimsuit Model in the World?

    Is Brooklyn Decker the Most Attractive Swimsuit Model…


    The 10 most difficult NBA free agency decisions

    Kevin Martin puts Thunder in free agency pickle


    15 Awesome pictures of Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend

  11. **NBA NEws
    Pacers re-signed PF David West to a 3 Year $36 Million Deal with the 32 Year -Old Veteran who will most likely finish up his Playing days as a Pacer who are should be competitive the next few Seasons in Contending for a Championship
    which is good for him and good for the Pacers

    1. I would rather take a chance on Zoden, at least he’s got some heart & passion in him.. Stay away from Bynum at all costs in my opinion,
      He’s a malcontent & cancer..

      1. I would go after DeMarcus Cousins next year, and bring Noel of the bench as a back up. I don’t think Noel is going to be a star. I see Caldwell Jones.

        But he could serve as a defensive option in case Cousins were to get into foul trouble. Cousins is the flat out, best Choice, at center for the Sixers.

          1. They may not have a choice if decides not to sign his qualifying Offer, which he has already declined to sign. If he doesn’t sign, he will be a free agent, and fair game for the Sixers.

  12. Michael Carter-Williams – G – 76ers
    Michael Carter-Williams was impressive during Summer League on Sunday, racking up 26 points, seven rebounds and eight assists.
    The bad news is that he coughed up nine turnovers, missed all six of his 3-point attempts and finished 8-of-23 from the field, emphasizing the learning curve he’ll face as a rookie PG with a shaky jumper. Despite such flaws, he’s the Sixers’ presumptive starting PG for opening night.
    Jul 7 – 11:42 AM

    1. i like the boards and assists but 8-23 is gross, grosser is 0-6 from 3 pt land, grossest is 9 turnovers from a pg in a summer league.


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