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Jaworski Ranks Vick 25th Among NFL Quarterbacks

vick ravensFormer Philadelphia Eagle and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski annually ranks the 32 quarterbacks in the NFL, counting down from the bottom up until he reaches who he believes to be the top quarterback in the league. It didn’t take long for Jaworski to get to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who Jaws has ranked as the 25th best quarterback in the league, down from 12th a year ago.

Jaworski’s primary issue with Vick was the veteran’s high turnover rate. “Vick can get to the edge and outflank the defense, he can beat you from the pocket with an explosive vertical arm that can lift the top off the coverage, and he presents multiple options in the red zone with his movement. The concern of course, is turnovers. Vick had far too many in 2012. Fifteen of them in 10 games; four of those 15 came in the red zone.”

However, Jaworski also expressed some optimism that Vick could benefit in new head coach Chip Kelly’s offense. “Here’s the positive as the Eagles transition to Kelly’s shotgun, spread attack. Vick was outstanding in the two-minute offense last season with a quarterback rating of 98. I am going to be fascinated to see Michael Vick in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo-speed offense. My initial sense is it will fit Vick very well, less volume offensively, but also defensively. I would not be surprised if Vick ends the season better than my 25th-rated quarterback.”

I’m not at all a fan of Michael Vick’s game, but I wouldn’t rank him as low as 25 in this league. Here’s my take on the top 32 quarterbacks in the league.

I’ve got Vick at 20. I see him as an average quarterback. He’s clearly head and shoulders above the bottom third of the league, and on a good day he can still make some big plays happen and bite a defense. However, his flaws and limitations keep from ascending any higher on my list.

1. Aaron Rodgers (Overcame offensive line issues last year and still anchored one the league’s most explosive offenses)

2. Tom Brady (He doesn’t have the true elite receiving talent of some of his counterparts, but he always manages to pick defenses apart)

3. Drew Brees (Surgical. He seems to be challenging passing and touchdown records every season.)

4. Peyton Manning (He may understand the game better than any active quarterback; always makes the players around him better)

5. Matt Ryan (Just beginning to hit his stride. Has shown signs of improvement every year)

6. Ben Roethlisberger (Won’t ever have flashy numbers, but Big Ben knows how to win and can always bring his team back in crunch time)

7. Eli Manning (Eli has become a more than respectable quarterback over the years)

8. Andrew Luck (The league’s next big star; great things are expected of Luck in the coming seasons)

9. Joe Flacco (Has a ring and a new contract, but Flacco has never struck me as true top-5 material)

10. Robert Griffin III (His health is always going to be a concern. He’s already had a major injury after just one season.)

11. Colin Kaepernick (Was last year’s second half run for real? Unlike other read option quarterbacks, he’s got the frame to endure contact)

12. Cam Newton (Disappointment last season, but still has a great deal of upside. Primed for a major bounce-back season)

13. Tony Romo (Puts up some nice statistics, but can’t seem to get it done when it matters most)

14. Matthew Stafford (Calvin Johnson makes life much easier for the former top draft pick)

15. Matt Schaub (Solid, established, but unspectacular. He’ll keep Houston relevant, but he’s not good enough to get them over the hump)

16. Andy Dalton (He’s had a couple of nice years in the league, still has some room to improve)

17. Russell Wilson (Found ways to win for Seattle in his rookie year)

18. Alex Smith (Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman saved his career. Can he continue his success with Andy Reid?)

19. Phillip Rivers (Underachiever, but he has a good chance to get himself back on track under new coach Mike McCoy)

20. Michael Vick (He may have some decent football left in him, but the positive aspects of his game are far outweighed by the negative)

21. Ryan Tannehill (The jury’s still out on Miami’s former first-round pick)

22. Sam Bradford (It’d be nice to see this guy get a chance to play with some real receivers before his career is over)

23. Jay Cutler (Talented, but an absolute bonehead. Turnover-prone, and a terrible leader)

24. Jake Locker (We haven’t seen enough of Locker since he came into the league two years ago)

25. Josh Freeman (Looked like he had some potential at one point, but he’s regressed badly in the last two years)

26. Carson Palmer (He’s just a big name at this point)

27. Mark Sanchez (Desperately needs to gain some confidence)

28. Christian Ponder (Unimpressive in his first two seasons. This year is probably his last shot to get it right)

29. Kevin Kolb (Can’t stay healthy, has never proven he can succeed as an NFL starter, somehow keeps signing multi-million dollar deals. Kolb may not be much of a quarterback, but he’s a master con-artist.)

30. Brandon Weeden (I still don’t understand why Cleveland spent a first-round pick on this guy)

31. Matt Flynn (Finally gets a chance to start with Oakland)

32. Blaine Gabbert (The fact that he’s earned the nickname “Blame Gabbert” doesn’t speak well for his future)

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132 Comments for “Jaworski Ranks Vick 25th Among NFL Quarterbacks”

  1. Schaub, Dalton are Ranked too Highly ranked and are the Benefit of playing on swim good Teans with great WR/TE’s as well as strong Running Games
    I believe that R Wilson, Alex Smith, Sam Bradorfd and Ryan Tannehill should be Eated higher and will all make some strides this Season
    Vick is a bottom 1/3 rd QB due to his shaky decision making,
    Prone to miss 3-4 Games every Season and his Propensity for Turnovers
    He’s a High -Risk-High Reward QB which doesn’t bode well over a full NFL Seasinvwhich is great for the highlight reel but bad if your trying to compete for a serious Super Bowl Run ..

    • paul tannehill was pretty damn awful last year bro. i would rank him 28th until he lives up to all the hype he is getting this offseason

    • Paul, I agree you could make a case that Smith could be higher, but I don’t see anything wrong with where I have Schaub and Dalton…15 and 16 seem just fine for those two. They’re a couple of middle-of-the-pack guys, they’re good enough to keep their teams competitive, but not good enough to make them contenders. Other than Smith (and possibly Rivers), I really don’t see who else you could rank ahead of them.

      Younger QB’s like Bradford and Tannehill just haven’t accomplished enough to warrant that consideration yet, at least that’s how I see it.

  2. damn denny i like your list a lot. i would have kaepernick down further down closer towards 16 and i would have bradford ahead of vick, and up just before wilson. in 2 of bradfords 3 injury plagued seasons he has beat mike vicks career high in passing yards and he has tied mikes career high in passing yards too.

    • Thank you!

      I put Kaepernick that high because of his physical skills combined with what he accomplished last season, and also frankly the rest of the guys in the top-15 just aren’t that special. You look at the guys below him through 16 (Newton, Romo, Stafford, Schaub, Dalton) and while you can certainly argue that maybe Romo and Schaub are more stable established veterans, and Dalton has gotten his team to the playoffs, I think Kaepernick has a very good chance to be as successful as any of them, if not better this season.

      I agree, I think there’s absolutely a case to be made that Sam Bradford could be ranked ahead of Vick (and I did give it some thought), but I just haven’t seen enough of him in big moments that I could justify it this year.

      For all that I think is wrong with Vick’s game, he did still lead the Eagles on a couple of late winning drives last year, and he’s still capable of an explosive play every now and then…as I said in the list, I believe his negatives far outweigh the positives, but he does still have that much going for him. That could easily change if Bradford really begins to breakout this season, maybe a guy like Tavon Austin helps him do that.

      • Tony Romo is rated way to high on your list. No way should he be rated over Russel Wilson…who should also be in the top fifteen of quaterbacks. Vick was victimized by some of the worst coaching I have ever seen from Andy ‘Passaholic’ Reid. He repeatedly put Vick in bad situations by ignoring the running game. Matt Ryan is also overrated…I would take Kaepernick, RGIII, and Wilson over Ryan who benefits greatly from some very talented receivers.

        • Couldn’t disagree more about Ryan…Ryan had an instant impact on the Falcons when he was drafted in 2008. He energized a franchise that was in the basement after they had the rug pulled out from them by Vick’s dog fighting scandal and Bobby Petrino calling it quits before even playing out a full season.

          Ryan made an instant impact on that team, and has only improved over time. The presence of talented wideouts like Julio Jones and Roddy White helps, but Jones has only been around for a short time, and White wasn’t able to breakout until Ryan arrived on the scene.

          • In the two years that he played with Michael Vick (2005, 2006) Roddy White had a combined 59 receptions for 952 yards and three touchdowns.

            In his first year with Matt Ryan (2008), White caught 88 balls for 1,382 yards and seven touchdowns. He’s since gone on to have two 100 catch years and two 10+ touchdown years working with Ryan.

  3. Jaws ranking doesn’t matter because Mike Vick won’t be the starter on this team it really doesn’t make any sense for Vick to still be on this team the Eagles should of send him packing when Andy left. These Philly teams always hanging on to players to long and are afraid to go with youth at least the Sixers finally got the picture.

  4. I love when dudes rank players like it matters. Most coaches and GM’s don’t give a flying leap about what Jaws or Mayock or any of them say. My point of view is until they put together a roster that wins NFL game’s their opinions have the same merit as ours.

    • I hear you haha, and its true its not like any of it really matters…its all just for fun during these slow months leading up to camp!

      • fun to everyone except for those that worship vick

        • Well if that’s the case I saw 4 other lists including fantasy rankings and Foles was ranked 38 3 behind Kevin Kolb and 1 ahead of John Skelton. Now that’s fun.

      • Your right Denny, your list is probably more accurate and I don’t have a problem with Jaws list either. My issue as a Eagle fan is we don’t even know if Vick is on the roster come week one so why list him at all a true list should include Foles as well.

        • When I made my list, I only included the 32 projected starters for each team right now…for the sake of argument, if Foles was listed as the team’s starter right now, I’d probably have him around 24-25, he’s in the category of quarterbacks who either are mediocre or just haven’t shown enough…I’d consider Foles more in the “hasn’t shown enough” category. I’d take him over guys like Blaine Gabbert and Brandon Weeden, but there aren’t many other starters that I could justify ranking Foles ahead of.

    • Sour grapes Big. Jaws knows his stuff and you know this.

      • I guess its better to make the list at all. I have seen 4 extended lists and Foles was ranked anywhere from 35-42 lol.

      • I understand that X. Jaws is on point with his analysis better then most, but in the eyes of NFL people they don’t care because in their minds they have teams to run and Jaws is a talking head who has no insight into running or putting together a roster. You know that.

        • Nah Big he has experience at putting together the soul roster the last decade. It’s not the same but it shows he is t just talking out his ass like most pundits. He puts hours in his office watching g game film and played the position. It’s fine to disagree but for some one that comments on gcobb just to dismiss his knowledge base is either bias or foolish.

  5. Denny i think your list is pretty good. You just about nailed it. Thats a fair and pretty accurate list. So let me get this straight. Eagle fans want a QB (Foles) who is ranked lower than every starting QB in the NFL plus Geno Smith and EJ Manuel, plus a handful of backups to start for the Eagles? I start my fantasy prep and Im looking at the QB list and searching for Nick Foles hes not on page 1 so I go to page 2.Ive been told how smart he is how accurate he is and I look and hes right by Joe Johnson and and John Skelton. I say to myself how can this be? This is a misprint so I check 3 other sites. Same shit. I say to myself oh my. This is possibly our starting QB. The rest of the country must be wrong. He should be nestled somewhere between Brady and Manning. He has them qualities. lol

  6. Denny I have a question. So you have Vick rated #20. Since Foles didn’t crack this list wouldn’t that mean if Foles started he would be rated as the WORST starting QB in the NFL? My goodness. Comforting.

    • I have the qb’s ranked based on who is currently projected to be each team’s starter…let’s say for the sake of argument that Foles was number 1 on the depth chart right now, I’d probably have him around 24-25, somewhere in the that bottom tier of qb’s that either are mediocre or haven’t shown enough to warrant being any higher on the list…Foles fits into the category of “hasn’t shown enough” right now, whereas even though I don’t like Vick’s game, he’s still got a bit of explosiveness left that I feel clearly puts him above any of the guys i have ranked below him.

  7. I think Jaws has been very supportive of Vick. He said in his article that he expects Vick to play better than where he had him ranked.

    It’s not just Jaws opinion… where was Vick on the NFL’s top 100? Most of the good QBs were on the NFL top 100 list.

    • Vick wasn’t a top 100 hundred player last year Irish that’s why he wasn’t on the list. That was easy to see. But what does those rankings really mean? If you started a franchise tomorrow would you start with Peterson? Most people wouldn’t but he was the top guy on the list.

  8. Well I think Jaws was talking about last year Big… He had Vick ranked higher the previous year.

    As hard as it seems to be for some people to accept, Vick is not a great quarterback. It’s that simple. His career stats are very similar to Aaron Brooks. Only Brooks played on the worse team in football every year. Does anyone think Brooks was great?

    Besides being cousins, Brooks and Vick share other similarities…. they are the two worse 4th quarter passing quarterbacks that played the game over the last 10 years.

    • Irish what happen your TV stopped working when Vick brought us back against NY twice?. Your TV go out when he brought us back vs Baltimore. Wow the worst 2 QBs in the 4th in the last 10 years lol of course they are i wonder why. Let me guess Mcnabb and Freeman are honorable mention.

      • Better yet Irish you should go to a NY Giamts defensive meeting and tell them Vick is the worst 4th quarter QB in the last 10 years so they all can laugh at you. They would say who are you

        • Dag,
          Look it up…… Since Vick’s rookie year – of the 41 QBs who have attempted at least 500 fourth-quarter passes, only Aaron Brooks has a worse fourth-quarter completion percentage.

          In 121 games Vick has 13 fourth quarter comebacks and 14 game-winning drives. Just so you understand how good/bad that is… Carson Palmer (who sucks in your book) has 13 fourth quarter comebacks, 20 game-winning drives in 122 games.

          Vick blows in the fourth quarter – period…. But of course guys like you will cling to those couple wins in a 4-12 season.

          All you Vick worshipers have as tenuous a grasp on reality as Vick normally has on the football in the red zone.

    • Great post Irish. The Aaron Brooks analogy is dead-on, in fact, Brooks was better is a few categories (Brooks and Vick both threw for 123 TDs, Brooks did it in 28 fewer games).
      Mike Vick may be the most over-hyped player in the history of the NFL.

      If he had been white, he would have been forgotten by now.

    • Way to ignore the points of my post Irish, what team does Aaron Brooks play for and why is he relevant? If Vick starts and performs well and the Eagles win games guess what he’ll be ranked in the top 100 again. Those rankings mean nothing just like your comparison of Vick and Brooks. Those any of this make sense? Or am I just a Vick apologist?

  9. Good Job Denny,
    Overall a pretty accurate list thogh I do expect that
    EJ Manuel, Chad Henne and Nick Foles will take over as Starters for their respective Teams and a real Darkhorse to move up and have a solid season will be Carson Palmerveith the Cardinals with new HC Bruce Arians and some good WR’s to work with in Fitz & Floyd though they need a RB to step up and get their OL together, but Palmer actuall had a decent Season last year on a bad Raiders Team with limited Receivers..

    • Good points paulman, I honestly think that Barkley eventually winds up the starter before the season ends.

      • Please! Barkley is not a forth round draft pick by accident. Weak-arm QB’s will not make it in our offense with the speed receivers that we have. You have to make assessments based upon the totality of the team…we have speed receivers in Maclin and DJax…not big, go-over-the middle receivers! You need a QB with a strong arm to get it deep! With the renewed emphasis on the running game…Mike Vick will start and he has a better chance of staying healthy this year with the improved O-line…and not dropping back to throw the ball 40-60 times a game!

  10. I think Barkley is more of QB for the Future come 2014 & beyond
    I think it’s Foles, Dixon & Barkley for 2013 as far as QB Depth Chart goes..

  11. This is ridiculous. Same people that used Jaws as a football guy when he said Vick was perfect for Kelly’s offense dismiss him now because he ranked their hero too low. Can’t have it both ways fellas. Also get you stats straight before posting this is Vicks first year off the top 100 he had a childish rant last year for being ranked too low. I’m not gonna start calling names or demeaning you football knowledge, but when you start twisting stories and making up stuff you lose all credibility in my eyes. Deal with it he is a bad qb overrated. As for dag and your fantasy rankings it goes by projected starters.

    • I have no problem where Jaws has Vick rated…Xevious…its important to note that he has him rated above Nick Foles who didn’t even make the list…because he’s not worthy of consideration for it…despite playing more than Vick played last year. …Vick is the highest rated QB on the Eagles roster…and since we aint getting Brady or Manning…Vick is the right call for us!

      • Kook it is rated by projected starters and Vick started more games than Foles last year. Please go by the facts not opinion.

    • X, I stated on my post that Vick wasn’t a top 100 player last year those rankings mean nothing who cares if he bitched about his spot. It’s a damn TV show on NFL network that in the big picture means nothing again AP was ranked #1 but you find me one GM that would start his franchise with him and I’ll show you a GM who gets fired rather quickly. This isn’t even about Vick its about meaningless rankings and lists.

      • Oh well Big… on that meaningless list of the top 100 players of 2013 there were 14 quarterbacks, but Vick… because nobody considers Vick among the best players in the league.

        Who the hell cares if a GM would take the best quarterback to start a team over the best running back? Your feeble attempt to discredit the list because it doesn’t include your hero is comical.

        • Irish what does that list mean? Where was Flacco on this list in 2012? Where was Kaepernick? These lists mean nothing its a TV show. When Vick was #60 how did that season turn out for him? You don’t think Vick is a good QB there is nothing wrong with your opinion. I’m telling you these lists and rankings mean absolutely nothing whether Vick was ranked 1st or 32nd.

  12. Btw happy Independence Day fellas and TS. On 3 weeks till the real fun starts. Also belated Canada day to Vinnie.

  13. What’s important about this list is that I dont see Nick Foles name on it anywhere despite him playing most of the year. Mike Vick is the highest rated Quaterback on the Eagles!

  14. Holy crap…..I’m gonna lose my mind. This is a list of probable starters for the last time. Since the media believes that Vick best fits Kelly’s college system he is listed plain and simple. Also Foles started 6 games that is all. Vick Started 10 so MOST of last years games were started by Vick. So 63% of games started were by Vick the 11 year veteran. Facts are facts lets stick to em.

  15. One HUGE mistake. Wilson at 17. Belongs just below Kaepernick at 12. Better than all the rest. Newton, ROMO Schaub??? Wilson is better than all of them.

    • Romo perennially throws for over 4,000 yards, and last season came just under 100 yards shy of a 5,000 yard season. While you can certainly criticize him for how he performs in big moments, you also need to recognize that its not easy to come up with that kind of production every season.

      I agree though, you could certainly make a case that Wilson should be higher. Personally, I’m just not as high on him as I am on Kaepernick or even Cam Newton (even though he had a down year last season).

  16. Jaws Speaks Again!. It will be fun to see how the Foles supporters twist this one.

    “I’m certain of one thing – Vick is the most talented quarterback on the Eagles roster,” said ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski on Jaws’ QB Countdown. “Vick remains a dynamic player with top-level arm strength and unmatched movement ability to extend plays with his legs. Few can spin it as well as No. 7, especially on the run. (Head coach Chip) Kelly will look at Vick and see a multidimensional quarterback that can pressure a defense in a variety of ways.”

    Jaworski cited a key statistic as proof that Vick can thrive in Kelly’s offense.

    “Here’s the positive as the Eagles transition to Kelly’s shotgun, spread attack. Vick was outstanding in the two-minute offense last season with a quarterback rating of 98,” Jaworski said. “I am going to be fascinated to see Michael Vick in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo-speed offense.”

    Well, there has to be a reason why Kelly is holding an open competition with Nick Foles, rookie Matt Barkley, Kelly’s former pupil Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne.

    “The concern of course, is turnovers. Vick had far too many in 2012,” Jaworski acknowledged. “Fifteen of them in 10 games; four of those 15 came in the red zone.”

    • Let me guess. Jaws doesn’t know what he is talking about all of the sudden. Wow Jaws (whose job it is to break down film) tells me Vick is pretty damn good in hurry up situations. All these Vicks articles throughout the country. WTF! Why cant I find a Nick Manning article? Answer. Nobody gives a f*(k about Nick Foles he is irrelevant.

    • “Vick was outstanding in the two-minute offense last season with a quarterback rating of 98,” Jaworski said.”

      You know I’ve pointed that out on other blogs…Vick is good in the 2 minute offense – thrives actually – and the response is always:

      “Where’s the proof”

      And I’m all “Uh…do ya’ll not watch the games?”

      So thanks Jaws for putting numbers behind the obvious – ’cause when it comes to M. Vick too many people only see what they want to see.

      • How true … That credible analyst ranked him 25th. Can’t go anywhere with the 25th best qb

        • He was ranked 25th based on his play last year – Jaws is saying he expects him to trend upwards ’cause Kelly’s offense plays to his strengths – it’s not that hard to understand.

          • Oh now I get it… Vicks faults have now been cured. Yay for us

            • lol.

              Classic case of seeing what you want to see. Jaws says Vick is ranked 25 off last year – that’s right – Jaws says he expects him to do well in Kelly’s offense – oh Gawd no that’s wrong.

              I know it’s a concept you aren’t quite able to grasp…but when you play to one’s strengths, you’re generally minimizing their weaknesses.

              So for Vick a run heavy, hurry offense that has him throwing it 35x or less a game will play to his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

              Simple really.

  17. To put some #’s in Persepctive of Last Years NFL QB’s in todays pass-happy Offense…

    11 QB’s in the NFL threw for over 4,000yards last Season and Eli Manning ended up with 3,950 yards.. so that’s over a 1/3 of NFL Starters with very good Passing Proficiency..
    25 of 32 NFL QB’s threw for over 3,000 Yards..

    As the NFL has become more about Scoring and Big Plays…
    No longer is 3,000 YArds Passing by a QB deemed all that productive, the Yards Passed line has moved up to 4,000 Yards per Season (as Teams pass and pass more often)
    Same with WR’s & RB’s who used to be measured of Producing 1,000 Yards Receiving or Rushing Seasons to be considered one of the Top PLayers at your Position.. Now it’s up to 1,300 yards or more to be considered in the Top Tier which means you have to remain healthy and play a full 16 Game Schedule and you must play in a dynamic Offense led by a QB who limits their Turnovers nad Negative plays to maximize your “Positive Yards Opportunities as an Offense and therefore your Individual Players” which is why most TOp QB’s are completing Passes in the 65% Completeion Range which is a reflection of moving the ball, moving the chains,and creating longer drives which lead to more Points and Yards generated ..

    Anf for the Record,
    Mike Vick has passed for 3,000 YArds just Twice in his Career
    2010 – 3,018 YArds
    2011 – 3,300 Yards
    I am not sure what it takes for some “Eagle Football Fans” , but there is a huge difference between being a “Thrower” and being a “Passer”
    Mike Vick is very athletic “Thrower” who can also run, but he is not a “Passer” and he never has been, nor will he ever be one..

    • Paulman well than thank goodness Chip Kellys read option doesnt call for a great passer since typically to make his offense go his QB will throw for 3200 and run for 900.unless I overlooked the great Passers at Oregon. Also Paulman in your analysis of Vicks passing yards per year you conviently left out his rushing yards.pssst they counted to. Add them in with his passing yards and i think you will see he is real close to other Qbs total yards. But in fairness he does get hurt

  18. Since this article is about Jaws ranking, I thought another qoute by Jaws is needed to level the ongoing never ending Vick debate on this site.

    The leader in the Eagles’ quarterback competition seemingly changed after each offseason workout and while it remains unsettled, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski called Michael Vick the “most talented” quarterback on the roster and said he expects him to play well in Chip Kelly’s offense.

    • There is no question about who the most talented and athletic QB on the Eagles Roster.. We all know that Vick is one of most Athletic Players in all the NFL, but many of us question his Mental Capacity and Decision Making Skills as well as his Durability Isses and of course, his biggest bugaboo, protecting the Ball.. He has a long Track Record of this and unless it changes, grows 2-3 Inches Taller or increases his “Hand Size” in the next 2-3 weeks, it will be more of the same from the MV7 Experience
      which has ended very poorly the last 2 Seasons where his poor play and ball security issues have basically played the Eagles out of any legitimate Playoff Contention by the 1st Weekend of November.. The Facts remain the Facts..
      On top of all-this, the Read Option is not going to be used much by the Eagles or a Savior for MIke VIck.. He wouldn’t last 4 weeks running it as a base Offense for the Eagles and both FOles/Barkely have no business running it all… The Eagles will employ a “Stanford” Type of Offense where using 2-3 TE’s, Power Running between the Tackles mixed in with a “WCO” type of short, timing Pass Patterns to the WR”s with the occasional PLay-action to take shots down the field… In this Eagle Offense that I envision, I believe that all 3 QB’s (Vick, Foles or Barkely) can be the most effective and productive..

      • First off Paulman let me say I have enjoyed your knowledge and insight on Philly sports for years on this blog but I have never seen the hostility for a player like you have for Vick. First if you wanted the Stanford offense then you should of hired the Stanford coach. I want to see the Oregon offense personally. For better or worst. I just want to see Vick run the read option if he can for a few games to see if it works in the NFL. That’s all. Not asking to much. But I will continue to respect your insight on other Philly sports matters other than Vick.

        • That’s your Opinion Dag which you are free to post about ..
          My bigger point and disdain for Vick is not the Person, It’s his Production and Efficiency (or lack there of) at the QB position that I do hate.. He’s a Sxhoolyard QB who makes a couple of unbelievable great plays and then bonehead plays the next series.. I do not believe he is smart enough to digest a new system, to make desicions quickly and decisively and to get rid of the ball.. besides his small size (5-11 195lbs) and not the BS thats’s listed on the Players Roster, He’s too small behind big OL of Todays OL to see the Receivers.. He is the typwe of QB that has to see his Receiver open first before throwing it instead of tructing your arm, your receiver and the play called.. He’s not a natural QB, never was or never will be.. He’s a freak of a athlete but is way too inconsistent to lead an NFL Team to consistent W’s week and week.. He doesn’t read defenses well, stares down Receivers, holds the ball too long, doesn’t protect himself and doesn’t protect the most sacred fundamental rule in Football.. and that’s Protecting the damn Football.. and I am sorry, all the negative and bad of Mike VIck as far as QB Playing goes, far outweighs what occasional spectacular play he will pull off from time to time.. Maybe it;’s because I am turning 50 this month that I want to see a fresh-new start and era of Eagle Football since I won’t be around forever.. and to me, a new ERA of Eagle Football with HC C Kelly cannot begin in earnest with Mike Vick on the Roster.. It just can’t .. Time to cut the chord and move forward, so that’s why I am way beyond the frustration level with VIck, We all know what we will get from him and frankly, though exciting at times to watch, it’s just not plain good enough…

  19. Typical responses from the Foles ass kissers. As soon as a credible NFL analysts (Jaws), writes a positive article on Vick now all the football gurus on have typers cramp. Lmao.

  20. Are you serious lol? He ranked him 25th THAT’S 25th in the league he said some good things about him. Same stuff he basically said earlier this year. You guys are frauds because yesterday people were saying who cares what jaws said? It took me to point out that you all loved it when he said good stuff back in March. Bottom line with all the good stuff Jaws said he still ranked him 25th out of projected starters lol. That means he thinks 75% of the projected starters are better than Vick. Again you show how much it’s about Vick being the starter and not the Eagles having a good QB. Live in denial it’s funny, fact is no matter what he said he put on the RECORD he thinks 75% of projected starters are better…….can’t twist the numbers fellas

    • xevious…true…..but Foles is not in the rankings at all.

      Foles would welcome a 50th QB ranking right now.

    • Well X, I am going to say the same thing as yesterday who cares about rankings and lists they mean nothing and his comments mean nothing as well. I like Vick we know this but Chip Kelly won’t be choosing is QB based off of NFL top 100 lists or Jaws rankings of QB’s.

  21. Either is Geno Smith (Jets) EJ Manuel (Bills), Chad Henne (Jags) , Matt Cassell (Vikings),Terrelle Pryor (Raiders), Jason Campbell (Browns) , Ryan Fitzpatrick (Titans) who all may be starting by Week #5 (along with Nick Foles) if their Teams Current Projected Starters come out of the gate stinking up the joint and in fact.. I expect 2-3 of these QB’s that I just listedabove to actually take over the Starting QB position for their Clubs

    Vikings are built to win now, Titans Coaching Staff are all on the Hot Seat and have to show big improvement and win games if they are going to stick around. The Browns, Jags & Eagles all have new Coaching Staffs who are not tied to the Current Projected Starting QB’s that were selected by previous regimes so some of these Teams are not going to hitch their post to a Player/QB/Leader who is not having current success..

  22. Mike Vick’s quarterback rating was 78 last season – his career rating is 80.6.

    In the last two minutes of the half last year Vick was 25 for 48 passing for a 52.1% completion percentage and 5.82 YPA – THAT SUCKS! He had a 97.6 quarterback rating in the last two minutes because he didn’t throw any INTs in the last two minutes. Too bad the game is 60 minutes….

    • Why don’t you post the olines rating. Post McCoys rating behind that oline.. What did McCoy avg behind that oline in 12 weeks 60 yards and 2 tds. Maybe we should sit him to.

  23. The new QBR Ratings for QB’s is more reflective on a QB Performance and based on a Perfect Score of 100.. It takes account of Decision-making, 3rd Down and Red-Zone Plays/Production and last 2 minutes of a Half/end of game situations are weighted more ..
    The old BFL QB Rating was out of a Perfect Score of 150 and as long as you threw for a lot of yards and some TD’s, your ranking would be pretty good
    I believe Vick’s “QBR” Rating was around a 48 last Season which is terrible
    The Top QB’s are in the upper 70’s/80’s.. Anyway you slice and dice it, Vick is a bottom third AB in the NFL
    Are Foles/Barkkey any better, who knows, but with a new Era of Eagle Football upon us with new Coaches, Schemes and many new Players, as a Fan,
    I would rather see and find out what Foles can do and eventually Barkley as they the Future of the Eagles and not Mike Vick which is why I have been pissed that the Eagles even brought him back to begin with
    This 2013 should be about laying the groundwork and finding the next core of Eagle Players for the next 3-4-5 Seasons and just like CB Asmo wasn’t part of the Eagles Future, neither should Mike Vick be part..
    We all know how it ends up with Vick, turnovers, lost opportunities,
    Schoolyard football, and eventually injured and missing 3-4 Games so why even bother is my frustration
    Maybe Eagles win 6-7 Games with Vick in 2013 and only win
    5 with Foles/Barkley, they keeping Vick and letting him get the majority of snaps means that come 2014, the Eagles will go thru another vowing pains season with either Foles/Barkley meaning a list year of improvement in 2013..

  24. “I’m certain of one thing – Vick is the most talented quarterback on the Eagles roster,” said ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski on Jaws’ QB Countdown. “Vick remains a dynamic player with top-level arm strength and unmatched movement ability to extend plays with his legs. Few can spin it as well as No. 7, especially on the run. (Head coach Chip) Kelly will look at Vick and see a multidimensional quarterback that can pressure a defense in a variety of ways.”

    Jaworski cited a key statistic as proof that Vick can thrive in Kelly’s offense.

    “Here’s the positive as the Eagles transition to Kelly’s shotgun, spread attack. Vick was outstanding in the two-minute offense last season with a quarterback rating of 98,” Jaworski said. “I am going to be fascinated to see Michael Vick in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo-speed offense.”

    • Put pee wee Herman at qb for 58 minutes and mike in the last 2 minutes of each game!

  25. Seems the Eagles brass disagrees.

    Vick’s $3.5 guaranteed ranks him 21st out of the league’s starting Qbs….not 25th!

    Very encouraging when the team’s management recognize he’s in the bottom tier of NFL QBs and pays him accordingly.

    When is the first cut-down day again?

  26. Interesting opinion piece over on pro-football talk about what teams would be interested in Vick if (when) Foles wins the job….(this about a month after I posed the same question).

    Their list:

    Raiders, and Cardinals (as a potential starter) and Cinci and SF (as a potential back-up)

    That’s it (and I would scratch Cinci off the list because his style doesn’t match Daulton)

    That’s their list – very similar to mine….Raiders, Ariz and Cinci…the three most backwards franchises in NFL history are the only 3 they think would even consider Vick.

    Exactly. And yet there are still clowns on here just pining for the guy – “THIS is the year baby!!”

    Side note: I’d scratch Cinci off the list because the Daulton/Vick styles don’t match, and I’d drop SF because they haven’t been all that stupid lately.

    Raiders and Arizona.

    All you need to know about Vick.

    • Glad you and pro football talk know what 31 GM’s think about somebody else’s probable starting QB. Just like Tebow would wind up in Canada until NE signed him then it was a perfect fit. By the way why would Arizona be a landing spot for Vick when they just casted their lot with Carson Palmer? And while your at it find a list of destinations for Foles if and when Barkley passes him on the depth chart.

    • Scratch Srizona off List took
      They have Carson Palmer and if he flops, they will go with Drew Stanton who played under Arians last Season in Indy as Luck’s back-up,
      Noway does Arians want anything to do with Vick

  27. That Colin Kapernick experiment sure ended poorly

    • why does everyone keep bringing up this kapernick thing?

      regardless kapernick was good last year not great in the regular season, in the playoffs he was spectacular against the packers but not really against the falcons and ravens.

      kids got some talent no doubt but i think he still has a lot to prove and judging by his negative attitude lately it could be harder than it has to be…

      1 thing kapernick did do was really show you how bad the starting qb of the kc queefs alex smith is/was/and always will be.

      • It is because, 6 months ago, I said that the “Kapernick experiment” would end poorly if he struggled.

        I said it was pretty risky to replace a guy who was 14-1 (or something like that) with a kid. (t was) That if Kap struggled the locker room would be divided and things would fall apart fast (they would have).

        I think I also said Kap will never win a SB as long as he kept wearing his ht sideways (he won’t)

        Larrwd has taken this to mean Mike Vick is a good quarterback, and so brings it up like a little whiny 2 year old who repeats the same pathetic phrase over and over in order to get attention.

        Oh and Larrwd….before you go anointing Kap, lets let him get a full season under his belt. I do not pass judgements (good or bad) on QBs until they’ve played at least 16 games. You seem dso quick to judge. Kap will be awesome, Foles will suck, when neither has amassed a large enough body of work for those kinds of statements.

  28. Jaws is paid by tbe media, what do you expect him to say, ” Vick is one in tbe long line of overhyped black qbs who can’t play”

    • Senseless comment Jake how many over hyped white QB’s fail? How many over hyped QB’s last 12 years in the league. Stop with the race stuff.

      • Many hyped QBs fail…but you don’t see them in the league 12 years on when they continue to put up numbers like Vick.

        2011 You think Gabbert or Ponder (both 1st round QBs) will be around in a decade? (and both posting better stats than Vick did over his first 2 years)

        2010 They’re already talking about replacing Bradford and Tebow is now a TE or something…both were 1st picks and one hyped more than any player in history

        2009 Sanchez – another hyped USC guy who most jets fans would punch in the face if they could…but that’s probably because he’s Hispanic

        2008 – Brady Quinn – hyped ND guy who is out of the league (I think)

        2007 – Matt Leinhart

        DO I need to go on? There are tons of hyped QBs who fail…..and they are NOT in the league after 12 years, but this bm Vick keeps handging around. 4 coaches in and he’s still getting chances.

        To repeat…he has not led a team to a playoff win since ……


        And in that game he was 11 of 24 for 136 0tds and an int

        Did you read that? That was his last playoff win!!!

        The only reason he’s around is due to misguided hype.

  29. Black quarterbacks arent given the same weapons as white quarterbacks. Theyre expected to do more..

    • Stop larrwd don’t go there we don’t need that we get enough of that.

      • You are right Larrwd. The entire league is out to get black QBs.

        Set every single one of them up to fail. Its a big billion dollar joke. Owner after owner drafting black QBs, paying them millions in signing bonus only to not give them any WRs or OLs so that they’ll fail and be discredited.

        In fact, once every decade the owners meet secretly and draw franchise names out of a bag. The 15 teams that get selected MUST then use at least one first round pick over that next decade on a black QB and then not draft any other well respected offensive players.

        The 15 teams that don’t get selected are allowed to draft white QBs and then get “first dibs” on all the highly ranked skill players available over the next several drafts.

        This is why Ryan got Julio Jones and Daulton got AJ Green. Meanwhile the the Panthers only draft white linebackers, and no one can name a Redskins WR. Big conspiracy to help those white boys out and make them look better than other black Qbs, who we all know, if things were equal, would always and every time be the better players.

        Larrwd’s world.

        • So you chastise larrwd’s comment regarding race, but state nothing in response to jakedog’s race-baiting comment. At least larrwd’s comment was in response to jakedog’s racist comment. But as usual I’m not surprised. Anyone who conveniently ignores jakedog’s numerous racist remarks in regards to this qb issue SHOULD have his impartiality and level of bigotry/bias questioned.

  30. Yawn….. Haters and Praisers.. thats what we have here.

    If Vick is the best QB on the roster come September…. he starts. I dont know why this is so hard for everyone. I would rather see Foles be a rockstar but until he does…. he is our backup. I have no love for Vick but I KNOW Andy did him(nor McNabb) any favors with his style of play. Andys high flying act was great against the Rams and Browns but did nothing in the playoffs. It was feast or famine with Andy and have you seen him lately? He hasnt eaten!!

    In other news…. I still think we lack a starting CB.

  31. “…. he is our backup. I have no love for Vick but I KNOW Andy did him(nor McNabb) any favors with his style of play. Andys high flying act was great against the Rams and Browns but did nothing in the playoffs.”

    that’s a bit of revisionist history.

    Reid employed a system where McNabb, Garcia, Feely, Kolb, and even Vick all had their greatest success. It was a QB friendly system.

    As for the “did nothing in the playoffs” ??????????? They did make it to the NFC champ game 5x in a decade. Be careful what you wish for.

    The team lacks 2 starting CBs, but that’s not as important as the QB position.

  32. “The team lacks 2 starting CBs, but that’s not as important as the QB position”.

    thats actually what I was saying…. i dont see a single starting CB on our team… but i can see that what i wrote could be taken either way.

    While I agree that McNabb had success…. it was not until he was given a starting WR that got them over the hump. Its hard to air it out to Tod Pinkston and expect a superbowl.

    That said….. Its also a QB friendly system when you check down to a Rb or run it once in a while. Its all very sophisticated… football stuff… you wouldn’t understand.

    The line about being careful what I wish for…. hmm…. I wish for a balanced attack and a hard hitting D. Sheesh… at least im not like you… asking for a backup to be Tom Brady.

  33. The Eagles will not win a SB until they have a Tom Brady. (Or similar)

    I hope that’s Foles. If not, then I hope that’s Barkley. If not, then I hope its a future draft pick.

    I know its not Vick.

    Until the Eagles have their next SB capable winning QB, all other questions/concerns are moot.

    As for the checkdown BS….Vick had every opportunity….checkdowns were always available…he didn’t take them because he always wants the big play. He’s useless.

    • Vinnie that is the most sensible thing you have posted in a year.

    • So a Kapernick style QB can’t win a Super Bowl? I do get your point but stop acting like the QB is the only reason teams win the big game. The laziest analysis of Super Bowl winners? In a team sport like no other you need a pocket passer,especially when you consider that until very recently teams only used the same cookie cutter offenses run by pocket passers.

    • “As for the checkdown BS….Vick had every opportunity….checkdowns were always available…he didn’t take them because he always wants the big play. He’s useless”.

      WRONG!!! How many times last year did i talk about the Flats and screens? That was my entire friggin point Vin. And whenever i mentioned it… you said todays NFL QB throws deep regardless of the coverage.

      This is not about vick… its about Reid. He abandoned all of that. Kept RB’s and TE’s in to block. Mr “it all starts upfront”.. had to keep guys in the backfield to help out his piss poor line.

      Again…. I dont care who the QB is… Im just glad we will bring balance to the O and stop relying on QB to fix everything… especially when its a QB like Vick.

  34. Of course QB isn’t the only reason……its just the most important reason.

    67% 287 3td 0 int
    75% 297 1td 0 int
    62% 304 3 td 0 int
    82% 388 2 td 0 int

    Are you starting to see the pattern yet? These are the last 5 winning QB performances in the SB.

    Of course you need a good team….in today’s pass driven NFL a good team is irrelevant if the QB is not lights out.

    I mean completely lights out.

    Until the Eagles have a guy who can hit high 60s, 300 yards, multiple tds and 0 ints, its all window dressing.

    Kapernick may, or may not develop into that guy….I don’t know……he hasn’t played enough games. He won’t win a superbowl running around. And he wears his hat sideways, portraying teenaged immaturity.

    “To be honest with you, I don’t really like running. I’d rather throw the ball to guys and let the true play-makers make the plays,” Russel Wilson

  35. Vinnie.. there is no doubt that the QB is the most important position. Thats clear. I dont think you will find anyone who will argue with that. But to say that the system they are in means nothing at all is silly. You need the right players, the right coach, the right system, the right qb and even a smidge of Luck.

    If im to understand your point….. Foles should get the job because he’s not Mike Vick. I believe this was your same argument about Kolb. To this I say.. Meh. Id rather them play the best QB… and Im hoping its Foles.

    The best player gets the job. That is all.

  36. But that doesn’t make sense. If Mike Vick is the best QB (and I certainly don’t think he is, but I’ll roll with it for the sake of argument). If he is the best QB, then the team is sunk regardless. They’re not winning anything with him at the helm.

    It makes absolutely no sense rolling with him because they’re just going to lose anyway, because he stinks.

    So what is the harm with rolling with the kids? Its the only logical option.

    • Easy for you to say your not being paid millions to win, not trying to see if the kids can play and lose anyway as you put in it. I’m with Stevo you play the QB who wins the job and if he doesn’t get the job done move on to the next guy. Don’t know why that’s so difficult.

  37. Vinnie… this is the NFL… you put the best players out there.. period. IF (huge IF ).. if you go tell Djax and Shady that we are playing the lesser of the QB’s because its good for the long haul.. what do you think that says to the team? This team, this year? No… you roll with your best players (again… im rooting for Foles but clearly he was not impressive in camp or Vick would be gone).

    In the NFL you go ALL OUT until that does not work anymore. THEN and only then do you make a change. If they are 1-5.. you make the switch.

    Its a new coach, its a new system, its a new year. You put your best players on the field and go from there. Backups play in preseason and garbage time. Heres to hoping Foles wins the job!!

  38. They were able to convince Tenny players to go with Locker though at the time Hassleback better
    They were able to convince Pats players to go with Brady though at the time Bledsoe better (had they not just been to a SB with him?)
    They were able to convince Dallas players to go with Aikman though he was pitiful for an entire year
    They were able to convince Eagles players to go with Cunningham though at the time Jaworski better and had taken them to the SB (Cunningham went 1-3 in his first 4 starts with…wait for it….1td and 8 ints!)
    They are about to convince Jets players to go with Smith though at the time Sanchez just had them in 3 AFC champ games (and who, statistically was almost identical to Vick last year)

    Dumping fading veterans for young unproven QBS happens every single year in the league without any problem.

    If petulant Desean rises a fuss because the team is going with a youth movement and he can’t see the long term advantages that strategy brings or is upset his best buddy Vick is at the wrong end of the age spectrum then ship his ass too.

    • ummm…. Cause Bledsoe had internal bleeding and was unable to walk. Brady then EARNED his starting spot by his play.
      Cause Jaws hurt his hand in week 10 and R.C. earned the job.
      Locker was the 8th pick. Not a 3rd rounder.

      so… yea, wrong. Noone is handed their job. They earn it. Kolb didnt earn it. Foles has not yet earned it. Vick has not yet earned it.

      • Such a revisionist

        Did Randall “earn” his job going 1 and 3 with 1 td and 8 interceptions over his first 4 starts?
        Because that’s what he was in 85.

        They actually wnet back to Jaws in 86 who struggled to 3-6 before the team went (rightly) with Cunningham …who also struggled going 1-3-1 5 tds and 4 ints.

        (BTW this is pretty much the exact same scenario we’ve got right now – they kept Jaws on too long…nothing accomplished in 86 watching him struggle to 3-6….might as well have had randall in there.)

        Anyway, by 87 the team went with RC full time….after he had “earned” the job going 2-6-1 6 tds and 12 ints over 2 seasons.

        But that is “earning” enough for you, wheras what Foles did is not “earning”.

        To review:

        A 2-6-1 starting record 107 of 206 (52%) 1433 yrds 6 tds and 12 ints over 2 seasons is “earning”

        A 1-5 starting record going 139 of 233 (60%) for 1480 yrds 5 tds and 4 ints over one season is “not earning”

        Got it.


        Locker threw 11 tds to go with 11 ints last year (his 2nd)…team was 4-7 under his starts…was that “earning the job” in your books?

        You rip Foles for not “earning the job” and yet these other guys were at very least the same, and in cunningham’s case worse, and yet the teams still went with them.

        Why? Because NFL teams dump fading “stars” like Vick for unproven young guys all the fucking time.

        The point here was that the team is built to “WIN NOW!” (BS) and guys like Desean will pout if Vick isn’t named starter…..screw him. Teams move on all the time.

        This isn’t about “earning”. This is about moving forward with a new young team. This is about setting up a 5-6 year run starting in 2014-2015. This is NOT the time to give some old fossil one more kick at a can that doesn’t even exist.

        • No R.C. earned his job because BEFORE Jaws was hurt they used him on 3rd down and he often picked up the 1st down with his feet.

          again I’m all for moving forward if its forward that we are moving, We moved backwards when we moved forward with your boy Kolb.

          • how exactly did we move backward with Kolb? He played a half of a game? Its been Vick at the helm of the last 2.5 disasterous seasons.

            Anyone who isn’t named Vick is “my boy”

            • we traded away McNabb with the idea that Kolb was something. Thats how.

              • McNabb was finished. They moved on from him at exactly the right time. Unfortunately, moving on from Vick should have happened after the mirage of the 2010 season, then they would have received massive compensatin for an overrated player…now they will just release him for nothing. Too bad.

                But still, better late than never.

        • how am I a “revisionist”? Did Bledsoe get benched because he was old and because Brady was tall? Or did Brady take over because of injury?

          Did Jaws get benched because he was old? Or because RC took his job while he was injured?

          • Brady took over, due to injury (and how I’ve been praying for the Eagles own Mo Lewis incident for the past 2.5 seasons). But the team was already preparing to move on without him because they understood Bledsoe’s ceiling.

            RC “earned” nothing with his play. He sucked. Locker earned nothing last year, he generally sucked.

            Jaws originally was replaced die to injury in 85 but was given his job back in 86 only to flub his way through 2/3 of that year before they again went back to RC.

            And don’t give me this he earned the job coming in and diving forward for a first down 3x a game as evidence of Randall earning the starting QB spot. In all his other appearances…and it was just about every game….he was under 50% had 3 more tds to go with 4 more ints. Nothing.

            As a starter he completely sucked for 2 seasons yet was still given the job over the fading vet. the 3rd down guy he was “meh” So why did he get the nod in 87????

            Because he was young with upside. That’s all. It had nothing to do with his previous appearances because they were, for the most part….bad.

            In his first start in 86 (2nd year) he was 16 of 30 for 152 0 tds and 3 ints. “earning?” I can only imagine the vitriole you (and others) will spew the moment Foles dropped something like this in his second year (BTW – I EXPECT Foles to drop 2 or 3 shitters this year as the starting QB – its what young QBs do (or Barkley for that matter if that’s the way they go)

            Point is, the Birds have got to roll through this with the kids NOW if they want to be competitive 2014 and beyond.

            Roll with Vick now and all we get is watching Foles (or Bark) struggle through the 3 int games next year…..

            Foles/Bark = good by 2014
            Vick = good by 2015.

            The Eagles currently have 2 new QBs….both are young and at least one of them showed some upside. Lets let some other fanbase spend a year cheering, then groaning watching Vick throw a 50 yrd bomb followed immediately by a 15 yrd sack fumble every game.

            • RC got the job because Buddy wanted him to have it. He had seen in him something. Same here with Foles. If the coach sees something… GREAT. if not, heres the clipboard. I will root for either of them (not into the hoping my players get hurt) thing. Its shallow, and shows the kind of person you are.

    • No doubt in my mine that this will be D-jax’s final Season as an Eagle
      and it really should have happend last off-Season for now his Value is nothing more than a 3rd/4th Round Pick in Return..

      • you said this in 2012. Your words mean nothing.

        • His big $$ kicks in 2014 & 2015.. Eagles are not going to retain him for catching 40-45 balls a Season & 2 TD’s … Hell, Danarius Johnson could do the same for a fraction of the Salary..

          • I see Vick & Trent Cole gone before the 2013 Season
            and then D-Jax, J Peters ,D Ryans & Celek all gone after the 2013 Season as there is almost $32 Million on these 4 Players (D-Jax $12.5 J Peters $10, D Ryans at $6.8 & B Celek $4 Million respectfully)

            I do see the Eagles trying to extend Jason Peters on a new Long-Term deal (4 Years and extend his Curret Dollars over the length of a new Deal, now whether he will want to go for this is another story)

            • Paulman….

              So, the EaglesVick the roster bonus over 3 mil to cut him before the season?

              What genius would do that?

              • When Vick received his $3 Million Bonus in March, the Eagles did not believe they were in Position to Draft a QB of the caliber of Matt Barkley in this Draft, but now that they have, Kelly will go with a Power Rushing/Double TE Sets (ala the “Stanford Offense”) and go with Foles & Barkley as the future QB’s for the Eagles..
                Why will Kelly do this, because he’s smart and understands what will win ball games in the NFL which requires the QB to have good decision-making ability, by making proper reads and by getting rid of the ball timely and most importantly protecting the ball.. which we already know,Mike VIck can’t do very well..
                This is why, Coach Kelly is smart, just like Paulman…

            • you see cole gone before this season starts at 9:40 am yet at 11;11 am you see him as the starting leftside outside linebacker??//

              • one of his predictions will be correct…. its how he rolls!

              • That’s the Current Chart Depth.. I think Cole loses out to B Graham as the OLB (Actaully I believe Kendricks will be the Starter at OLB and Graham moved inside and pair with Ryans as an ILB in the Base 3-4 Package)
                Trent Cole is a pass-rushing 4-3 Down DE with his hands on the turf and not a LB and has no business even trying to play standing up or in pass-coverages, or keep proper containment, etc,etc …

              • Thanks for the clarity Paul. Got it

  39. Your strategy of waiting till 1-5 wastes a roster spot.

    • and starting a guy because he’s tall and young (not because of play) wastes a season. Vinnie… as i’ve said over and over… i PRAY Foles wins the job. I pray he is everything we want him to be. But if he cant capture the spot in shorts…. he doesnt get the job with pads on. Here is the crazy part….. if he cant beat out Mike Vick.. how good can he be?

      Camp opens with a true QB comp.(which i think there is) and the best player gets the job. Who cares about the past? Its 2013… the best player gets the job. period.

      • I do not care about the past. I care about the future. And by future I mean 2014 and on.

        The team is going no where this season. The D is crap. They’re installing new systems on both sides of the ball. This is the time to prepare (at all positions) and that means new players everywhere…..especially QB where game after game after game of practice and experience are essential.

        Vick is the (failed) past. Right now Foles and Barkley are the future….wasting half the season trying to give the mini-man another go ’round does nothin but retard the team’s progress moving forward.

        • So its simple…. with height and youth on his side… how could Foles NOT win the job? Why so scared?

          The best players play. period.

          • “Best players” is a crock.

            I want Johnson to start even though he may not be the team’s best RT right now.

            I want Ertz to start even though he may not be the team’s best TE right now

            I want Foles to start even though he may not be the team’s best QB right now.

            I want the kids to play because they have to go through their growing pains. And new QBs need to go through at least a season of struggles – Don’t get too intoxicated with the “instant” success of Wilson and RGIII – those are the exceptions to the rule.

            You are the one who seems to want to delay the young guys development, not me.

            You want the “best player” (aka the fossil) one more year.


            • im not worried about other teams qb’s… i dont get “intoxicated” with anyone.

              RT and TE are not QB. Yes, they need to be worked into the mix as well. Im all for Floes getting in there. I hope he’s the starter. If they cut Vick right now… id be fine with that. BUT… if the new coach thinks hes got something…. ill trust him.

            • so let’s get this right…the 2 QB’s which lead their team to the NFC championship and Kaepernick went to the SB are exception to the rule?

              RG3 who lead his team to the playoffs, the same pathetic team that was nothing before him….

              Exception to the rule?

              What is the rule? Matt Stafford?

              • No Songs, Vinnie says he won’t win because he wears his hat backwards so you can’t use Matt Stafford.

              • Yeah, I would consider RG3. Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Luck exceptions to the rule. I would say it is pretty unusual for quarterbacks to come right out of college and become instant pro bowl quality players like those guys.

                Matt Stafford is much more like what has been the norm in the NFL. Most quarterbacks come into the league and take some time to develop.

                Andrew Luck, RG3, Wilson…. It’s extraordinary for three guys in one draft class to have that type success as rookies….

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