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Sixers Need To Continue Stockpiling First-Round Picks

save us samWhile, we all wait for Jrue Holiday to get back from his “Honeymoon” to make the trade with the Pelicans official and how we still wait for Hinkie to name a coach (my guess, Michael Curry), I figured to take a look at Royce White.
To be honest, it seems like a favor to me. As everyone knows by now the Sixers have traded for Royce White of the Rockets. The kid is a talent but he has major anxiety problems (Scared of Flying). The Sixers also received cash and  big man Furkan Aldemir, who they will stash in Europe. The Sixers gave up future considerations.

White was a major headache for the Rockets since the day they drafted him. Hinkie was involved in drafting White, when he was with the Rockets. The move really is small gamble by Hinkie.  Like I said before, the Sixers also received cash in the trade, which will likely cover White’s salary, if the kid can’t get over his anxiety.  To be honest, I don’t see the kid helping the Sixers at all. He will likely be in the D-League. I hope that the kid can keep his anxiety disorder under control for his sake (everyday life). I know some people that deal with anxiety issues and I feel for them. At the end of the day though, it was just a FAVOR.

In other news, there were reports out that the Sixers were involved in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. They were trying to help the Warriors free up money to get Dwight, by receiving the expiring contracts of Richard Jefferson ($11 million) and Andris Biedrins ($9 million).  So what was in it for the Sixers?  They could have received a few first round draft picks, including one in next year’s draft (2014). BUT Biedrins, Jefferson, and two first round picks (2014 and 2017) went to Utah and Dwight went to the Rockets. End of that story.

Would the Sixers do a sign in trade with Bynum?  The Mavericks and Cavs are hot on Bynum. The Heat could really use someone in the middle as well. Dallas has Shawn Marion’s expiring contract and the Heat have Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis’ expiring contracts. By the way, the reports on Bynum is that he needs time to think about the Cavs offer (2 years, $24 million). Ha…this dude.

In ending, whatever the Sixers do I am cool with. As long as we get a first round pick back. on Facebook

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7 Comments for “Sixers Need To Continue Stockpiling First-Round Picks”

  1. Just for fun, let’s look at the Dwight Howard/Andrew Bynum/Andre Iguodala trade one year later and see which of the four teams involved made out best.

    Sixers got…

    Andrew Bynum (appeared in bowling alleys, Dave & Busters, and also did some flamenco dancing, but never played one lousy minute for the Sixers…Bynum’s year off sabotaged what was supposed to be an exciting year for the Sixers, brought about the end of Doug Collins’ tenure, and got Tony DiLeo fired in favor of Sam Hinkie…which is actually a pretty good thing when you consider the direction Hinkie is taking the team long-term, so at least the Sixers got some kind of silver lining on their end)

    Jason Richardson (played decent before going down for the year with a knee problem)

    Lakers got…

    Dwight Howard (rented the All-Star center for one year, only to have Howard jump their sinking ship for a better situation in Houston…Howard leaves the Lakers with no star to build around long-term, and with Kobe Bryant injured and Steve Nash at the end of his career, the Lakers could be in trouble for some time)

    Nuggets got…

    Andre Iguodala (They got one decent season and an early playoff exit with Iggy on the roster, and then he opted out of his deal to become a free agent, signing with Golden State)

    Magic got…

    Nikola Vucevic (turned into double-double machine)
    Arron Afflalo (not a star by any means, but a nice player)
    Moe Harkless (nice young talent who has a chance to develop and improve)

    Additional future first-round picks

    A year later, the other three teams involved in this deal are holding three very empty bags, but the Magic actually got a decent haul out of a terrible situation that Howard put them into.

    The fact that the Sixers weren’t the only team that got screwed in this deal is enough to take a little bit of the sting away from the whole Bynum mess.

    • Agree 100% Denny.. Orlando Magic made out in last Year’s Deal..
      76ers gave up way too soon on Vucevic who will average a Double/DOuble for the next 10 Years and Harkless can be a great 6th-7th Man off the Bench to add Scoring and Energy as his Career go along with the steady Affalo and future #1 PIcks .. Great Deal for a Franchise that D Howard was holding them hostage with..

  2. I pray this is our starting PG this year. Sixers are gonna regret passing on Kelly Olynick (spelling?)

    Finally, Michael Carter-Williams had himself a nice showing. Carter-Williams, up until [Thursday], was one of the worst performers in Orlando. His field goal percentage for the week hovered around 25 percent, which is downright horrible. More than once he’s complained to the referee rather than run back on defense, and has attempted many a jumper with many a miss. [Thursday], however, was a different story. Though he did have eight turnovers, he also had nine assists, and would have had several more had his teammates been able to convert some easy looks. He looked much more in control, much more mature, and much more like the type of player he should look to be: pass-first, and scoring only when the opportunity presents itself.

  3. That’s what we will see from MC-Williams who will be up and down as most Rookie Players are and especially at PG as they transition to the NBA.
    Key for him is to run the Offense, whatever that will be and not try to do much with the ball.. run the plays, work the time-clock in the half-court and get the ball to open players, if he can maintain a 2 to 1 Turnover/Assist Ratio and shoot close to 40% from the field during his Rookie Season, and get other Teammates invovled and play solid Defense than that
    s a pretty good start for a Rookie .. His Shooting will be a work in progress but it will come if he continues to work on it and he appears to be a hungry player looking to improve his skills and is very coachable ..

  4. sixers projected starting lineup

    pg – michael carter williams
    sg – evan turner
    sf – thad young
    pf – moultrie or spencer
    c – lavoy or spencer.

    i see 0 nba starters above, can this team win 10 games next year?

    • Missed on Guard OJ Mayo – 3 Year $22 Million Deal with Bucks was a great Deal for the Bucks..
      PF Al Jefferson went a little too pricey to the Charlotte Hornets but is a Solid PF who still has 4-5-6 Good Seasons in him…

      Would have loved the 76ers to get these 2 Players and then add a Pure Shooter or Two mixed in with the remaining Roster…

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