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Michael Vick Is Really Competing With Himself

MichaelVick&NickFoles11In the past week and a day since the Eagles have put on pads, Michael Vick has opened a gap between himself and Nick Foles.  He’s been throwing the ball with anticipation and most of the time, his throws have been on the money.  He’s been picking the proper time to use his legs.  He’s relaxed and confident and his teammates have been feeding off of it.

All the receivers know Vick can get them the football regardless of where they are on the field.  Vick is starting to get more comfortable in the offense and more familiar with the routes, so he’s getting the ball out of his hands quicker, which really accentuates the difference between Vick’s arm and Foles’ arm.

But what does it matter.  Vick isn’t competing against Foles he’s competing against himself.  He’s got the confidence of his teammates, much more experience than Foles, a much better arm and he’s twice the athlete that Foles is, so the competition between Foles and Vick is a joke, but Vick’s true battle isn’t with Foles.

Vick’s battle is with turnovers and bad decision-making.  Vick’s battle is with injuries and not learning how to slide.  Will he continue to throw interceptions and lose the football?

Everybody is making a big deal out of this quarterback competition, but I don’t take it seriously.  I’m at the practices every day.  I see them working on the read option.  Chip Kelly has already said that he needs to be fired if he calls 20 read options with Foles in there as the quarterback.

If Vick starts playing poorly in the preseason games or in the regular season games or he gets hurt, the Eagles will have wasted a quarter of their practice time because that’s all the time which they have spent on the read option.  How could Kelly hand the ball to Foles as the starter after all the work on the read option?  Teammates of the two quarterbacks have been there in practice as they’ve spent all this time working on the read option.   They’ve seen Vick run the read option and they’ve seen Foles run it.   It would make no sense for them to go with Foles at this point.

I know there are a lot of Eagles fans and media people rooting for Foles to get the job, but the starting quarterback job is Michael Viick’s to lose.  If he’s playing poorly or turning over the ball in the preseason games, he could lose the job, but the job is currently his to lose.  Through competition, Kelly is giving Vick the motivation to raise the quality of his game.  For the past week and a day, it’s worked, Vick has taken his game to another level, but can he keep it there.

Foles and Matt Barkley has spent a countless amount of time working on the read option, but they”re never going to run it effectively in the National Football League.  There are 350 pound nose guards in the league, who can outrun both Foles and Barkley.  They will be easy targets for what will feel like heat-seeking missiles coming at them when they try to turn upfield in the NFL.

The only other quarterback in camp who can run the read option effectively is Dennis Dixon.  He knows the offense through and through, but I don’t know if he really has a chance of remaining with the team.  Maybe they’ll release him, but resign him if Vick goes down.

I’m confident that the Eagles will have a potent running game and that’s what will take the pressure off of the quarterbacks.  I like the offensive line, even though center Jason Kelce has been struggling in his comeback from knee surgery.  He probably needs to slow things down a bit.  The same is true to Jason Peters.  They don’t need to focus on getting ready for the preseason, they need to get ready for the regular season.

If Vick wins his battle with turnovers and injuries, the Eagles could have a potent offense, but if he goes down, Foles will run a offense that lacks a lot of excitement.

If Vick takes care of the ball and doesn’t get hurt, defenses will live with the fear of DeSean Jackson getting behind their safeties and Vick getting the ball to him.  The safeties will be living with the temptation of cheating up and helping out on the run.  The Birds offensive assistants will sitting upstairs monitoring the safeties every play and then give Chip Kelly the word that they’re vulnerable to Jackson getting behind them.

I can’t say I’m confident that Vick is going to be able overcome his shortcomings because I’ve seen him stink up the place the last two years, but he can beat out Foles in a quarterback competition any day of the week.  Vick has to show me in the games that he can take care of the football and slide to avoid getting hit and hurt.   He hasn’t shown me much in the last two years, so I’ll believe when I see it.

Donovan McNabb was disciplined enough as a quarterback to throw the ball away or throw the ball into the ground to avoid turning it over.   That’s one of the reasons the Eagles won so often with him at the helm.  How many of McNabb’s throws into the ground were intercepted?  Zero, exactly.  His bad throws were into the ground, Vick’s high throws get tipped and intercepted.

Vick doesn’t need to go after spectacular plays, he needs to be boring and take care of the football.  Rather than looking for the fifty yard bomb, take the 15-yard throw that’s safe and gets you a first down.

I want to see Vick play boring football, where he slides and doesn’t get hit and hurt.  I want to see him scramble and gain six yards for a first down then slide and not get hit, rather than try to gain another ten yards, then get hit and knocked out of the game.  He should get the ball out of his hands early on a check down route, in order to avoid getting hit by a defensive lineman.

I want him to be boring and consistent and healthy. on Facebook

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98 Comments for “Michael Vick Is Really Competing With Himself”

  1. For a guy with “much more experience” and a “much better arm” and who is “more than twice the athlete as Foles”….

    For a guy who is as especially specially special as Mike Vick is, then why am I seeing this:

    Vick 132 of 177 8tds 1int
    Foles 137 of 187 7 tds 2 ints

    For an especially specially special guy he seems to be having a pretty hard time shaking the plodding, much less talented and experienced kid.

    “It would make no sense to run the read-option with Foles”

    We can only hope.

    “but if he goes down, Foles will run a offense that lacks a lot of excitement.”

    Please please please. I’ve been watching “excitement” for the past 3 years, and I’ll take efficiency over excitement any day.

    “Foles and Matt Barkley has spent countless amount of time working on the read option, but they”re never going to run it effectively in the National Football League.”

    And thank goodness for that. The economic structure of the NFL won’t allow the read-option to exist as a viable consistent offense….why run something that won’t exist after a few more blown ACLs?

    • Oh Vinnie…you love picking them cherries don’t you?

      The numbers are close b/c all the practices haven’t been in pads. Foles looks (and plays) like a super star in shorts. Runs up his averages quite nicely.

      Also even the most pro-foles reporters (and there are many) have said Vick has looked pretty darn good once the pads have gone on and there’s a live rush and receivers can be covered.

      Also do you REALLY beleive Kelly is giving up 20/30% of his offense just to “see” what he has in Foles? Really?

      Vick’s biggest issue is his decision making. Kellys system minimizes that. If he buys in…REALLY buys in, it’ll be all good. We’ll see what that looks like come pre-season and Patriots scrimmages.

    • Vinnie…you should pay more attention to the obvious…GCobb summed it up nicely and this is why Vick is the man for the job!
      GCobb states: “But what does it matter. Vick isn’t competing against Foles he’s competing against himself. He’s got the confidence of his teammates, much more experience than Foles, a much better arm and he’s twice the athlete that Foles is, so the competition between Foles and Vick is a joke, but Vick’s true battle isn’t with Foles.”

      1. Teammates know that Vick is the leader not Foles
      2. more experience
      3. better arm
      4. better athlete..

      Face the facts…Vick is the man for the job…trade Foles and bring Dixon in to back up Vick…keep the offense with the read option consistent!

      • Trade foles? Really? Dude Vick won’t last half the season. You really want Dixon to be the back up? Cmon man, use your head bro. Not a smart move

  2. Vinnie be real with yourself for one moment…The stats you mentioned above are very similar…However, what you aren’t taken into account that gives Vick the edge by a mile, is what makes Vick, Vick…he can run! Not to mention he has by far the strongest arm on the squad! So when you look at the numbers, that don’t include the yards Vick put up running with the ball, yes it looks very even. But include those runs for first downs, 25+ yards gains and what do you get? Vick starter!

  3. I disagree with G Cobb opinion you gonna run the read option with a injury prone QB who’s 33 and the replacements has to run a whole different offense when Vick gets hurt plus they haven’t played no games yet what if Vick turns the ball over in the preseason are you still gonna start Vick.

  4. I’ll say one thing, this qb competition has disaster written all over it.

  5. Hopefully, with Belichick in Philly for 3 days he’ll be able to talk some sense into Kelly about this impending QB fiasco.

    ‘Cause you know there’s no way the hoodie would ever have MV7 as his QB.

  6. You can see G Cobb loves Vick and what he has done in the past and he’s not referring to what his done the last 2 seasons if the Eagles were smart the will run there offense similar to what the Patriots run Brady can’t run a lick. If you give Foles protection and that running game and stick to the short passing game your offense will be a lot better than the read option you would run with Vick.

    • Turk? Why not refer to the Mvp runner up season knowing that the team faults hinged more on Reid’s decisions than who played QB?

      I mean….Vick didn’t hire McDermott then Juan Castillo to coach the defense …you now?

      Vick didn’t spend a load of money on the Andrews brother (the human turnstile)

      Passing 70% each game……Who idea was that?

      Maybe Vick should have done better drafting.

      You know what?

      I really don’t know why Reid was fired come to think about it, when we all know the last 2 years of disgusting football was all Michael Vick.

      The damn defense couldn’t stop a damn nose bleed with the secondary running around like keystone cops, yet everyone want to point to Vick as the reason for the pathetic last couple of years.

      What damn coach calls continual pass plays with the ball on the goal line?

      The joke is over called Reid and I’m wiling to give Vick another shot in an offense tailored around his skill set, and if he fail after that then there’s nothing more to say for him,

      But, I’m excited about the possibility of what this team will do if the offense clicks on all cylinders.

      • Excellent And Balanced. GoodJob Songs! Running ThE Football Will Address And Solve A Lot Of Michael Vicks Problems

        • Mike Vick win totals as a starter:

          8 3 11 8 7 8 7 3

          I’m sorry….was Reid the coach for all that mediocrity? Oh ya that’s right…Mike VIck is the unluckiest quarterback ever, and all he ever did was play with bad coaches, bad olines ad bad playmakers around him.

          Keep rooting for a guy who has cracked 8 wins ONCE.

          I know, I know….this year will be different!!

      • EXACTLY! Vick was the qb of a sinking ship. In a running offense he is a nightmare. Health is his major issue always will be. He plays like Allen Iverson on the field, He has a lot of ability but Reid got carried away throwing that much. No QB is asked to put the ball in the air that much and win on a week in and week out basis. its stupid, Andy will protect the knees of his running backs over his qb. Vick also has to take responsibility for himself getting hurt all the time. that run vs the redskins two years ago says it all, trying to truck two players at the endzone?! If he can control that we will be fine.

  7. It appears that Vick is winning the QB Competition rather easily and I am ok with this.. The Coaching Staff and Kelly have given all QB’s an Opportunity and Vick has remained focused and is getting the job done so far per ost reports..
    Maybe the Open Competition, Kelly not naming a Starter back in the Spring, or Vick just reallizing at 33 Years old, that this is probably his final Chance to be a #1 Starter in the NFL has brought out the best of Vick in his preparation, his focus and his desire to compete at the highest level..
    I am good with all of this for it makes Vick a better QB and the Eagles a better Team and more difficult to Defend against ..

  8. I laugh as I read all this because for some….. you would have handed the starting job over to Foles before he took a snap.

    As I’ve stated over and over since day 1…. you play your best players. You give it your all from day 1. I would have prefered to roll with Foles but…. clearly he has not been the QB we all hoped he would be as of yet.

    Its going to be a while till the eagles climb to the top again my friends. All we can do is sit and watch…. hope… dream.

    Vinnie, i fully understand where you are coming from in regards to the option…. im not a big fan of it either but it has worked in the NFL lately and I will take running (including the option) over bombs away ….anyday!!!

  9. what I am somewhat excited to see is an actual running game.

    Back when Vick was named the starter (a few years ago) I called for the Eagles to bring in some of the old Atl coaches that used Vick as part of that 3 headed monster. They never did… instead they wanted him to drop back…. see what was there and either air it out or scramble. I really really disliked that idea.

    Part of me (though a little part) is excited to see them run run run using everything they have (including Vick). I truly believe they will win more games this year with a balanced approach. Dont believe it can work? Look at the Vikings last year…. they are not a good team at all… trust me…. but they were nearly 50-50 run/pass and went to the playoffs. If somehow… someway… our CB’s step up.. OR… we land a starting CB before reg season…. i actually think this team could hold their own in the NFCE.

    • NFC East is winnable. VERY winnable. If the defense can just NOT look like the keystone cops and also tackle someone we have a pretty good shot I say.

      • A lot of ifs on that side of the ball TS.

        The transition of the scheme.
        The transition of Graham and Cole
        And the Secondary. Chung and Allen as the last line of defense doesn’t make me feel very comfortable.

        • and if they dont…. it will be all Vicks vault… even if he is sitting on the bench.

          • @bugsyhawk

            I know. I’m expecting a very 2011-esque year of very close games that fail ’cause the defense poops the bed in the 4th. I can hope for better though.


            IKR! lol

            • Agreed. They really need another draft and off season and I am ok with that. Everyone needs to remember that this team won 4 games next year in order to have a context for success.

          • nfc east is extremely winnable no doubt for the redskins, giants and cowboys.

  10. There are running QBs

    There are old QBs ( >= 33 yrs old)

    There are NO old running QBs

    Turn the page, release him and start the new era of eagles football

  11. Yeah, honestly Vick should be the starter. Not just because he can run the read option, but because Kelly wants mismatches and that is what he is to a defense. He adds another thing to worry about. If he turns the ball over, then given his track record, Kelly will make a change. I am worried about injuries a lot with him, but it is what it is.

    Seems like Kelly’s long term QB is not currently on the team. Vick is getting older and he has serious injury concerns. I have no idea what Foles is because how can you tell from last year? Both QBs were in bad situations last year. Barkely looked real small at training camp and I think that he is gonna get eaten up in the pros. Just my own feeling there. He may have started every game in HS and in college, but he also had stacked teams at Mater Dei (private school in orange county that recruits big time) and at USC (consistently top 5 recruiting classes until this year). I found myself wanting to see what Dixon could do yesterday, but he didn’t get any snaps in the 7s or 11s.

    Looking for Bridgewater, Boyd or Hundley from UCLA after next year. That being said, I don’t want the team to stink, but it may be inevitable with all of the changes on both sides of the ball, both personnel wise and schemes.

    • 6 or 7 wins is a stretch

      We don’t know what Foles can do so play him.

      Barkley 2nd string
      Keep Dixon as 3rd as a player coach because he knows system

  12. Vinnie is delusional … The run option wont exist in a few years. But there are more and more running quarterbacks as the years go by.. Heck, there’s even white running quarterbacks now. Observe without being objective for once.

    • agreed. Yes… in a perfect world… we would all love to have Tom Brady or Aaron R on our team but sadly… there are not enough to go around.

    • Really – more and more running Qbs eh?


      Seattle? Wilson has stated several times that he does not want to run. He understands what happens to running QBs and wants to run a pro offense.

      Washington: Where the QB is coming off his second knee surgery in 4 years running the read-option

      SF – there you go. They ran it for 8 games. We’ll see how long it lasts until even a guy as big as Kap starts getting beaten down.

      And of course Philly – where the running QB hasn’t finished a season since high school.

      Look – all I am saying is the economics of the game, where the QB is the highest paid position, will not support a read-option attack over the long term, because the quarterback gets hurt.

      Owners will not want it because their #1 investments will be in the infirmary
      Agents will not want it because it will lower the paydays for their oft injured clients.

      The economics of the game, unless they change immensly, will not support this type of quarterbacking.

      That’s all I daid dimtwit.

      Oregon played 11 Qbs over the past 6 seasons under Kelly (HC and OC). YOu think that sounds like a model for success in the NF???? And that was with 11 game seasons….not 16!!!

      To run the read option, a team will need 3 or 4 $1million QBs, and no $15-20 million dollar QBs because no one want s to expose that amount of $$ to that kind of risk.

      Now, actually, the Eagles are in pretty good position to run the RO this year with Vick being paid in the bottom tier of NFL QBs, while FOles, Bark and Dixon are all around league minimum……as long as they keep that going, perhaps the read option is here to stay.

      Exciting times if we’re going to be running through 10 shitter QBs over the next 3 years eh?

      • Vinnie…. the thing is… IF your QB can run, it gives you another option. Plus.. misdirections keep a D even MORE honest. Im not saying that I love it BUT…. unless you have a Brady or Manning or Rogers on your team… you would be stupid not to use everything you can.

        I would LOVE to see the eagles pound it over and over with their backs AND… on occasion (maybe 3 times a game) have the QB (whomever) take off to in the opposite direction of the RB.

        Plus having the QB get rid of the ball, get rid of the ball, run for 3 is LOADS better than Former Superstar Coaches old ways of letting the QB drop back and air it out. With that… your QB gets killed. Fact is fact… designed run plays are WAY less of a beating than when they are in the pocket. Need proof? Almost every Mike Vick injury is while he has been in the pocket.

        • Brady, or manning, or rogers, or brees, or flacco, or ryan, or “Almost every Mike Vick injury is while he has been in the pocket.”

          Such a myth

          I’ve also proven (over and over) that the idea that Reid just threw bombs all day was another complete myth.

          Plus: Read option run plays allow for the QB to be hit, whereas traditional running plays don’t, so the QB does get hit more. A lot more.

          Short term fad.

          • Really? Vick injured in the pocket a myth? Are u kidding me? Look at his injuries in Philly… almost every one of them was in the pocket.

            And no.. you have never proven anything in regards to Andy’s play calls.

            He threw threw threw. And his O often led the league with passes thrown deep. You can say whatever you want but its true.

            I HAVE PROVEN over and over again that he abandoned not only the running game but also the screen game AND he failed to put people in the flats for checkdowns. Guys like McCoy and BC were kept into block.

            This does not excuse MV. not one bit. But…. i dont want to hear how great the Former Superstar Coach was.

            • God, it gets tired repeating the same shit over and over:

              226 of Vicks 354 atts traveled less than 10 yards in the air.
              21 of his 354 atts travelled over 30 yards in the air….

              The “just throwing deep” business is BS. No coach just runs route trees where everyone is running straight down the field.

              Eagles were 7th in the league in passing attempts last year.

              • dont worry… it gets old for the rest of us hearing your BS day in and day out.

                Now… lets look at the entire ppic. What has it looked like over the last 4 years?

              • And 19th in rushing attempts per game. So what is your point? Are you saying that because 6 other teams had more attempts, then they didn’t pass a lot?

                I took the passing attempts and added the running attempts and divided by the sum of those 2 to get a % of passing attempts. The Eagles were 59.9% pass last season which is 8th in the league. I would round that up to 60%. Here are the teams that had over a 60% passing percentage: Detroit, Dallas, NO, Ariz, Oak, Jax, Atl and the Eagles. Only 1 winning record for any of those 8 teams.

                League average is 56.1%

  13. TsJohnson- its good that you are a Vick fan because in all honesty there are a lot of Vick haters here. BUT, at the same time, you need to look at things with an open, unbiased eye too.

    Both QB’s have been pretty even. This goes back to last year. They both had pretty identical numbers. And Foles had a worse offensive line and less weapons to work with ( Injuries to Mccoy and Djax). If you look at their numbers, they were virtually even throwing the ball. Vick had those 3 wins early in the year, but the Defense won the majority of those games.

    At the same time, Foles is no stud by any means. In all honesty, Vick should win the competition by a mile. He’s sickly talented, and has a lot more going for him than Foles. But he’s not. And its not like Foles is playing all that great either. So what does that tell us about Vick?

    To be honest, lets just hope they can draft a franchise QB in this next draft. I think we can all agree on that

    • “Both QB’s have been pretty even. This goes back to last year. They both had pretty identical numbers. And Foles had a worse offensive line and less weapons to work with ( Injuries to Mccoy and Djax). If you look at their numbers, they were virtually even throwing the ball. Vick had those 3 wins early in the year, but the Defense won the majority of those games. ”

      Someone on here actually did a real (not vinnie-esqe) breakdown of the play calling last year and what that meant for QB release times etc. The playcalling documented by several reliable Philly sites changed when Foles entered the game. So the numbers aren’t so identical especially when you look at who they played and other external factors.

      ” Defense won the majority of those games.”

      Come on now? Really?

      BUT my above comments weren’t about last year. They were about practice this year. And Foles with pads and without is a very different player. Though today with the Pats both Vick and Foles had pretty solid days.

      • To review:

        Stats Vinnie posts are “Vinnie-esque” and not reliable because they do not fit the conclusions I like.

        Stats “reliable sites” post are because they do fit the conclusions I like.

        Aren’t you the one who said that the read-option Shannahan uses is idiotic because RGIII actually runs, but the read-option Kelly will use will be brilliant because all he need is the threat of the run.

        Or some other such nonsense?

        • Actually.

          No. Stats you post are useless, cherry picked and out of context 99.9% of the time. The stats I mentioned weren’t necessarily favorable to Vick (or Foles) but showed a complete – non-cherry picked – picture.

          “Aren’t you the one who said that the read-option Shannahan uses is idiotic because RGIII actually runs, but the read-option Kelly will use will be brilliant because all he need is the threat of the run.”

          No. Not what I said. But way to go for making ish up.

          • Its exactly what you said.

            Shanahan is an RGIII runs…all Kelly needs is a threat to run…ignoring the fact that its the QBs decision during the play….Vick will run a lot if that’s the system they use.

            Shanahan is an idiot for running the read-option, but it’ll be all good for Kelly.

            Make up your mind.

            And I’ll use any stat you want, It’ll still show your hero is a bad QB.

            • No.

              I made it clear it was HOW Shannahan used the read option with RG3 that was the problem. RG3 wasn’t even throwing it 30x a game most times. Less 20 in some. That’s ridiculous.

              Kelly isn’t going to need his QB to run it like that. He needs the guy to be a threat and to take off when need be – expect the QB to have 30/35 pass attempts a game – not 15/25 like RG3.

              But I was clear on what I meant. You just like to argue made up points ’cause u have nothing else to say.

  14. Nice article G…

  15. “There are 350 pound nose guards in the league, who can outrun both Foles and Barkley”; That’s pitiful as heck. Do ya thang Vick!

  16. So today I read a desean tweet where he referred to his defensive coordinator as “defense of coordinator”. Smart guy

  17. I agree with everything GCobb says in this article. I’ve said the same thing…. Vick would beatout any QB in the league. If you put Vick against Tom Brady in a QB competition – Vick would win…

    Every advantage Vick has over Foles he also has over Brady. Vick is faster than Brady – Vick has a stronger arm than Brady – Vick runs the Read/Option better than Brady – and the players like Vick better than Brady.

    If Vick makes smart decision and doesn’t put the ball on the ground, and if Vick throws the ball on time/on target he is a best QB in football.

    Now let’s see him go out and do those things in a game.

    • Its true….Vick has the greatest skill set ever (or so I’ve been told). He’s the fastest. The quickest. The toughest. The strongest arm. Now he’s the bestest to run the read option.

      Amazingly, Vick is the best at everything.

      Yet year after year mediocre results.

      Weird eh? Just one of those unexplainable things. How can a guy so talented/skilled/athletic be so……below average?

      The fact that he has such an amazing skill set only serves to make his career even more disappointing.

      He certainly hasn’t been able to do much with his amazing skills.

      Until this year of course. This year will be different.

  18. Plenty of “ifs” there Irish, but the point is well stated, time will tell, but I believe most eagles fans know how this will turn out

  19. Vick will be released in January

    Vick will be released in March.

    Vick will be released before TC

    Vick wont win QB battle with Captian checkdown.

    Vick wont last 4 games

  20. Essentially everyone’s going to have to wait and see what happens in the pre-season games. Like I said…the likelihood of Vick playing 16 games are slim to none and slim just walked out the door. If he can help the team while he can actually get out on the field I’m all for it, but I have no illusions about what he’s been over the last 2 years or what his “ceiling” could be at this point I just want wins and the rest will work itself out.

    • Amen Butch. Exactly.

      I have no doubt Vick will start… get hurt… come back late in the season. We dont have a star QB on the roster.. it will be sometime till we do.

  21. Aaron Rogers, Andrew Luck, Mike Vick, Ryan Tennehill, RG3, Russ Wilson, Colin Kap, Jake Locker, Alex Smith, Ej Manuel, Geno Smith all can hurt you with their legs if you let them. Just because some are faster than others doesn’t mean any of them won’t take off if given running lanes or when the opportunity presents. all have above average speed to get to the pylon in the goaline jailbreak scenario.

    • rogers, smith, locker, wilson, smith and luck can run but they are not running QBs like Vick is/was

      Kap and RGIII are running qbs and GRIII has already visited more doctors than my 97 year old grandmother. Kap played 8 games….we’ll see what happens to him if he keeps running.

      • lol.

        Oh boy so you still want to comment ’bout that Kaep experiment huh?

        Raves tried to shut him down running. He did a pretty good job of slicing them up with his arm. But he’s a running QB. RGIII accuracy has never been in question – which is why Shanahan needs to have him pass more and run less.

    • only 1 of them takes their eyes off looking downfield. only 1 of them turns their back to the line of scrimmage time and time again. o

      • omg love the back to the line of scrimmage, then spin right into the DE…whammo.

        And then the supporters say, “see, he was hurt in the pocket!!!:

      • The point is in their capabilities not in the label. They all are capable of hurting the defense with their legs and its something as a defense you have to look out for. Its an ability you rather your QB have than to not have. the only difference with a Vick or RG3/Kap is they are so fast its almost impossible not to run or try to run knowing they have that kind of speed. And Wilson does more improvising than a little bit just bc he says he prefers not to run doesn’t all of a sudden change the game tape. Wilson is another Steve Young type. No he is not rushing for 800yards but he uses his legs and ability to run all the time. How did I forget Cam.

        • Can’t forget Cam.

          Dude is like a Mac Truck racing down the field. DBs are thinking twice before hitting him. lol

          • Those days of statue Cigar store Indian QB’s like Drew Bledsoe are over. lol You are at least going to have to show good pocket footwork like Big Ben or Romo to slide back there. Before in the younger ranks guys who would normally be forced to scramble all the time bc they were “running qb’s” weren’t being developed to play the pro game and were told they would have to change positions. Now they are being taught the position and coached up to be quarterbacks. Just look at RG3’s passing as a rookie or Cam, Kap, a guy like Bridgewater coming up they all can pass as well as run. That’s the wave. You can win with any style QB if you have the right team, but right now and moving forward if you have a guy that can pass and a guy that can do both they guy that can do both wins. EJ Manuel first QB taken. Luck’s college highlights are full of him running in the open field breaking out the truck stick and he had his fair share of rushing TD’s last year. Foles does a good job of sliding his feet so im not down on him. I think Foles is a gamer and practice reps probably will never show how he plays with live bullets flying. that being said the veteran Vick is the logical starter to usher in a new era period especially since you brought him back.

  22. Arrelious Benn is done for the year. Tore Acl in knee

  23. Have you ever wondered why Chip Kelly picked Billy Davis as his defensive coordinator? Here’s my opinion…

    I think it’s because Davis will utilize a hybrid 4-3 under defense. This is the defense used by Gus Bradley at Seattle. It is a great defense for stopping the read option. RG3 and Colin Kaepernick were shutdown by the Seahawks last year and everyone noticed.

    I think Chip Kelly (and other coaches) know that you won’t be able to live off the read option in the NFL for much longer. I think Matt Barkley is Foles backup when Vick goes on IR.

    That’s the word from the Irishman….Tell you friends – you here it here first !!!

    • If you look closely at the info I provided a few weeks back, you will see how the production of the read-option offense dwindled every time it went up against a team for the second time.

      Once there is film and experience, the production of the read-option drops. Co-ordinators have spend the entire offseason planning and scheming for this wrinkle that was brought into the NFL by Denver with Tebow and adopted last year by Wash and later SF. (I don’t put Sea in the read-option category).

      We’ll see how long it lasts. Not too long methinks.

  24. I hope Foles plays well enough to attract some attention in a trade! If we can move Foles then we can move Dixon in the back-up role with Vick starting. This is the best fit for this team

  25. For you “best player will start” types. Sounds great in theory….doesn’t work in practive once the season starts.

    How does that work when a guy has a bad game? How long is the leash?

    If ____________________ is named starter, what happens if he throws 2 ints week 1?

    We know Foles will have a bad game at some point because he only has 6 starts under his belt and hasn’t seen everything. We know Mike Vick is going to have a bad game because he’s Mike Vick.

    So exactly how will this work if _____________ is named starter and the other is sitting on the bench?

    Is the leash longer for Foles because he’s younger? Does he get one game? 2?

    Andrew luck had 5 multiple interception games last year. Would you allow the same for Foles, or would you scream for Vick?

    What about Vick? When would he get yanked? First fumble? Third?

    One of the 2 has to be released or you have a disaster all season with both guys looking over their shoulders at every mistake.

    • Don’t compare Foles to Luck again. You have no basis for that comparison. He was drafted to be the future of the franchise so they are gonna take their lumps with him. If that was the intention with Foles, that was Reid’s intention.

      This just goes back to the fact that I don’t think that the long term answer is on the roster and I don’t think that I am alone in thinking that.

      • You missed the point.

        Was Russell Wilson drafted to be the future of the franchise? Go check out his weeks 4, 5 and 7 last year.

        All I’m asking, of those “best man win” people is how does it translate to the regular season? (no one answering of course)

        How long will the leash be? One game? Two? One interception? One fumble? 4 3 and outs? Before everyone is clamoring for the other guy.

        If you have 2 QBs, you don’t have one.

        One of wither Foles or Vick has to go, and I think it will be Vick.

        • Wilson won that job in camp and he is Carroll’s guy just like Kap is Harbaugh’s guy. Foles was not drafted by Kelly.

          I am a best guy would start guy and I will answer it for you. I am not expecting much from the season. I am looking for development in certain players and units together. I am not investing in either of these qbs, because I don’t think either one can win a championship.

          Everyone who loves Foles will want to give him a long leash and Vick a short one.

          Everyone who loves Vick will do the opposite.

          I agree that having both could be difficult, but how do you get rid of the guy that is by consensus outplaying the other and seems to fit the coach’s scheme better? Throw aside your disdain for the read option and answer that question. You can keep throwing up Vick’s win % over his career, but then put Foles up there as well. You can’t just ignore that. Kelly seems to be looking at this as this year matters and not what you have done in the past. Whoever does better in camp or in the pre-season is gonna win the job.

          • I get the whole, its “his guy” business. But Russel and Foles were almost identical in the preseason…and almost identiacal over their first 6 starts.

            One given a leash, and the other, not (at least by a large number of posters on here)

            And: “You can keep throwing up Vick’s win % over his career, but then put Foles up there as well. You can’t just ignore that.”

            You are better than that.

            I think one thing the Vick camp has going for them is that VIck is clearly the easier choice.

            If Foles is chosen, and goes out an mucks up the first game. (Lets say 2 picks in a loss – entirely possible). The headlines the following day will read something like:

            “How could he have chosen Foles over MV….just 2 years removed from a MVP runner up…a guy with all that experience on the bench….wasn’t MV supposed to be “perfect” for Kelly’s offense, yet he went with the kid…and look at the results”

            They will be merciless, and the locker room will split.

            Conversly, if Vick chosen and he rolles out one of his patented fumblefests or something like that, I think the media will be kind:

            “You can’t fault Kelly for going with the vet…..He was thinking of the locker room…..the young players idolize Vick and some up and down performances in TC weren’t going to change that….now they may slowly see the faults in his game….Kelly made the right call, but its clear VIck isn’t the answer and they’ll move on soon….”

            It will be a much gentler criticism

            So clearly, If Foles is chosen they have to make a clean break and cut Vick….there is NO WAY it works with him on the bench. I think it MIGHT work with Foles on the bench….but the heat will turn up once the human fumble machine gets up to his old tricks.

            I don’t think the “best guy in pre-season” is enough here….the other guy has to be cut…eap if Foles is named the guy.

            • “You are better than that.”

              What does this mean? What did Foles show last year that has you so convinced that he is the guy. You are assuming that he is gonna get better and no one knows that. At this point, I honestly don’t think that he is the better QB or option, because I haven’t seen enough of him at all.

              Vick is the easier choice because he has been a pro QB for years whereas Foles has one season under his belt. You are projecting big time on him based on a tiny sample size.

  26. The AP Power Rankings are out. They have the Eagles ranked 27th. So, I guess nobody sees Chip making a big difference.

    1. San Francisco 49ers (5)0 0 0 344
    2. Denver Broncos (4) 0 0 0 335
    3. Atlanta Falcons 0 0 0 323
    4. Seattle Seahawks (1) 0 0 0 322
    5. Green Bay Packers 0 0 0 304
    6. Baltimore Ravens (1) 0 0 0 290
    7. Houston Texans 0 0 0 281
    7. New England Patriots 0 0 0 281
    9. Cincinnati Bengals 0 0 0 257
    10. Indianapolis Colts 0 0 0 229
    11. New Orleans Saints 0 0 0 227
    12. New York Giants 0 0 0 226
    13. Washington Redskins 0 0 0 220
    14. Pittsburgh Steelers 0 0 0 219
    15. Minnesota Vikings 0 0 0 197
    16. Dallas Cowboys 0 0 0 191
    17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0 0 0 178
    18. Chicago Bears 0 0 0 175
    19. Kansas City Chiefs 0 0 0 150
    20. Miami Dolphins 0 0 0 144
    21. St. Louis Rams 0 0 0 133
    22. Detroit Lions 0 0 0 131
    23. Carolina Panthers 0 0 0 121
    24. Arizona Cardinals 0 0 0 91
    24. San Diego Chargers 0 0 0 91
    26. Tennessee Titans 0 0 0 90
    27. Philadelphia Eagles 0 0 0 73
    28. Cleveland Browns 0 0 0 49
    28. New York Jets 0 0 0 49
    30. Buffalo Bills 0 0 0 46
    31. Oakland Raiders 0 0 0 25
    32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0 0 0 16

    • Based on these above “Power Rankings”
      Here is Paulman’s Initial Top #10 Mock Draft for 2014

      1) Jaguars – OLB/LB Jadeveon Clowney – South Carolina (6-5″ 270lbs)
      2) Raiders – QB Tedy Bridgewater – Louisville (6-3″ 220lbs)
      3) BIlls – OT Jake Matthews – Texas A&M (6-5″ 305lbs)
      4) Jets – OLB Anthony Barr – UCLA (6-4″ 250lbs)
      5) Browns – QB Taj Boyd – Clemson (6-1″ 225lbs)
      6) Eagles – OT Taylor Lewan – Michigan (6-7 310lbs)
      7) Titans – DT Louis Nix – Notre Dame (6-2″ 325lbs)
      8) Chargers – DE Stephon Tuitt – Notre Dame (6-5″ 303lbs)
      9) Cardinals – OT Cyrus Kouandijo – Alabama (6-5 310lbs)
      10) Panthers – CB Bradley Roby – Ohio State (5-11 195lbs)

  27. Depending on the season that he has, take Hundley from UCLA whenever they can. I think that he will have a big year, because they had a really good recruiting class this year at WR. Only question mark there is RB to replace Franklin.

  28. ****Some brief notes from Eagles camp yesterday****

    -Been seeing some 3 safety sets with Chung up in the slot covering the slot man.
    – Coach Bill Belichick is very fond of Chip calling him “A great coach and said Chip will use whatever resources possible to win”
    -No music at practice yesterday
    – It took the Birds a little bit to get going and get a rhythm but they got it together in 11 on 11s
    – Desean Jackson will play a huge role in special teams as the punt returner
    – Tom Brady is an artist. His ball placement, accuracy and strong arm is unrea to see up close. Carved up the birds in 1 on 1s.
    – Foles had is best practice with pads on thus far yesterday. But Vick has been most consistent with he pads on
    – Desean has had the best camp out of all the players, making big plays all over the field. Damarius Johnson as well.
    – Fletcher Cox has been moved all over the DLine and was getting heavy penetration yesterday at practice on 11 on 11s
    – Boykin has really looked good. Hasn’t been beat yet at practice, whether in the slot or on the outside (where he belongs)

  29. As much as I love that DJax will return punts this is a huge risk with Maclin gone. There is no #2 WR on this roster and DJax has proven to be fragile becuase of his size. We are one hit away from Avant and Cooper/Johnson as the starting WRs.

    • I agree Bugs…its risky…But after the season we had last year in regards to special teams return game, I think DJAX has to do it. I think Johnson is going to have a strong season..He looked good from what I saw on yesterday…mainly WR/CB 1 on 1 drills…his routes look sharp, he;s lightning quick and has been all over the field…with DJAX on the outside and Avant and DJ in the inside…that is going to put a lot of pressure on the defense…I see Cooper as being the 4th best option

  30. Go big or go home right!

    Johnson looked great the day that I was at camp.

  31. “THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT PDIDDY”!! Long summer and I’ll be back on when the season starts. Peace bruh!!

  32. Damarius Johnson the key? A NE beat writer made a point Ive been saying for years. He said that if you have a small quick guy like D Johnson or DJax and stick them in the slot there is no one in the NFL that can cover them. They are just to quick and have to many options. Welker is wide open every damn play because of this. The key is being able to take occasional big hits. DJax cant but I think Johnson could. Love Avant and his toughness and hands but its time to put a playmaker like Johnson there.

  33. rom all reports the Birds D looked terrible against the Pats. We pretty much knew this would happen. New scheme, new co-ordinator, and new secondary means its going to take till at least week 8 before they look even remotely competent.

    At this point Vick fans are very happy. If he gets named starter, they’ll have another set of built in excuses as to why he sucks.

    “it wasn’t his fault….it was the defense….its a team game….”

    Ever wonder why the apologists always scream “team game” for the most ‘individualistic’ QB there is. A guy who bails on 25% of the plays called and just does his own thing.

    Funny how so often in the same post they write….”its a team game and MV had no support” followed by “you just do ya thing MV – do what you do!!”

    They want a “team game” as long as it involves MV running the ball 10x/game by himself.

    They want a team game, yet constantly cheer for his individual accomplishments….scrambles, runs, escapability etc etc.

    • Chip Kelly is making the decision not Vick fans. If you have a problem with any of his decisions take it up with him.

      • Dag I have been screaming the same thing for months its pointless to argue with each other whether you prefer Vick or Foles. Chip will choose who he thinks is the best to take the team forward.

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