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The Eagles Should Pursue Jairus Byrd

jairusThe Eagles should be on the phone right now discussing the pieces needed to acquire the services of free safety Jairus Byrd.   Byrd is a two time Pro-Bowler for a Buffalo Bills team that hasn’t been very good since Byrd was drafted in 2009.  His college coach you might ask?  Byrd played under the tutelage of current Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.  Who would Byrd play opposite of at the safety position?  You got it, his former college teammate Patrick Chung.

What would we need to trade to make this deal and not just a plea from a sports writer to his fellow Philadelphia front office?   I think sending Brandon Graham or Trent Cole with a Danny Watkins would get it done.  The Bills lost guard Andy Levitre in free agency to the Titans.  Graham and Watkins are former first round picks, Byrd is a second rounder.   Cole still has some good football left in him.   Maybe Nate Allen could be used as a cornerback/safety hybrid or as part of the trade to acquire the services of Byrd.

With the struggles we have had at the safety position, I’m all-in for making this proposed trade legit.  Sending both Watkins and Graham for Byrd and a conditional round pick is how the trade talk should open.  If the Bills need a replacement for Byrd at safety, they can help themselves to Allen and we can throw in Coleman.   Immediately our starting secondary would be improved, and at what cost?  We are currently thin at good talent at the safety position.  We will go into the season with question marks surrounding whoever gets the starting spot opposite of Chung.    We would be giving up players that are of average talent or unfit for the new 3-4 scheme.

Chip Kelly so far has me loving everything he is doing with this football team.  When Kelly speaks to the media, I feel like I’m listening to a man of great intelligence, of relentless drive to succeed excellence.  Man crush before he ever coaches a regular season NFL game?  I’m electing myself president of the “Chip Kelly Man-Crush Fan Club.”

This trade would benefit the Bills as much as the Eagles.  It needs to happen.  Chip Kelly, do what you have to do to get another one of your former Oregon Ducks a member of your 2013 Philadelphia Eagles. on Facebook

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14 Comments for “The Eagles Should Pursue Jairus Byrd”

  1. Well i hope so. I would love to have Byrd on our team and we can build around him Kendricks and Cox and bennie logan and boykin as staples to our D but what will be needed picks players will they i know this is speculation but i really feel these talks of a trade have legs and it just isnt someones wishful thinking i kind of hope we see a bad outing from our Safeties so we can get the call for him. Or while we watch the game we get a breaking news Eagles have signed Jarius Byrd. OMG i hope they can

  2. Will they is another thing

  3. Would be a great move. Immediate upgrade and would shed some players that don’t fit/aren’t needed anymore.

    Make it happen cap’n.

  4. Grahram,Cole Watkins three Reid stiffs unload and make it happen maybe we make a playoff game if not 7-9 maybe 8-8

  5. remember these dates August 27th teams have to drop to 75 players and by the 31st of August 53. Lets look it in another perspective if we traded felix jones who wasnt valuable to us for a player of depth to say the least whats to say we dont try to trade those players of value to teams that need get something for it.

  6. if i was howie i would trade as many players as possible that we may not need dont have players out of position that wont help us. Kelly wants to win now then lets do something about it.

  7. As I listed last week

    Dolphins are in dire need of a TE with Dustin Keller going down (maybe Celek)
    Falcons need a down 4-3 Pass-Rushing DE (maybe Trent Cole)
    Browns needs Interior OL (maybe D Watkins or T Herremans)

    Move them while the Iron is hot and not 400 Waived Players on the Market

  8. Not gonna happen. Byrd just signed his franchise tender which makes it likely that he negotiates a long term deal with the bills. why would they take 2 former first rounders who haven’t proven anything for a pro bowl safety? the only way you would get byrd is with a high draft pick along with those players which i dont think Kelly wants to part with. plus we would have to pay him around 8-9 million dollars a year and I’m under the impression Kelly is trying to keep as much cap room free so it rolls over to next year

  9. Bills are not going to move Safety Byrd, who has been their best Defensive Player the last 2 Seasons.. but if they did, they need help at
    TE, WR and OL (maybe a Celek & Watkins or Herremans could nab him which is very doubtful that Bills would take on Celek’s & Herremans Big Contracts)

  10. plus the bills could be a sleeper team in a weak division (did you see the Pats last night?) why would they trade one of their top young defensive players.. makes no sense. i WISH this could get done but it seems extremely unlikely

  11. Yes. Yes they should.

    Will they?

    I doubt it.

  12. A couple of Veteran Safeties likely to be on the waiver wire
    Brandon Meriweather from the Redksins,
    Chris Harris & Sean Constatine..

  13. Reported on that Byrd would be open to a trade…not the organization…Byrd ain’t going anywhere…although, I wish we could get him.

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