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Michael Vick Shines In Chip Kelly’s First Win

MichaelVick1Everybody has been talking about whether Michael Vick can take care of the football well enough to lead the Birds to a good season.  Despite being emotionally-charged up last night in the season’s first game on Monday Night television, Vick played under control well enough to lead the Eagles to a 33-27 victory.  He didn’t turn the ball over all night long, but still able to throw two touchdowns and run for another.

Chip Kelly took a page for Andy Reid’s book with the well-scripted Eagles first drive.  Vick began the game throwing darts to his receivers, first wide receiver Riley Cooper to his left, then tight end Brent Celek to his right and up the seam.  His throws were tight spirals with plenty of steam behind them and they were on the money.

I thought Vick was up too high emotionally at times during the game.  He was throwing bullets and some of them were misfiring, but he choked things down a little bit and started connecting very consistently.  He had his feet quiet and set, when he hit DeSean Jackson on the crossing route for the touchdown.  That’s the key with Vick as well as any other quarterback.  He’s got to have good footwork or the ball with sail on him.  When his feet are quiet and set, he throws the football well.

There was great pass blocking on that touchdown throw to Jackson.  Vick stood back there with no pressure on him and three a dart to Jackson.  He took the snap and was thinking of throwing the football, not running with it.

The throw to Brent Celek was a harder throw for Vick.  There was some pressure in his face, to he had to move, but he kept his eyes downfield and threw a bullet to Celek in between a couple of defenders.  His footwork wasn’t the best on that one, but he made a great throw off of his back foot .

“I think it was a good play fake because the (line)backers bit really fast and then as soon as I got behind them Mike made a good throw,” Celek said. “It was a great play call right in that time, especially with those (line)backers coming up like that.”

All in all, Vick had a good night throwing the football.  He went 15-for-25 for 203 yards with two touchdowns.  He also ran nine times for 54 yards and that included a three-yard touchdown run.

“I just like what we do, and I feel confident and comfortable with everything that Coach Kelly calls,” Vick said. “We sit down and go through the game plan and try to make sure that everyone understands what we’re trying to do, and it doesn’t get any better than that. We just have to keep working and continue to work on our tempo and doing things fast and making sure that we’re on top of everything.”

Vick must stop trying to be a pulling guard for LeSean McCoy or he’ll run the risk of getting hurt.  He’s the brains of the operation, not the brawn.  He must execute the handoff then get out of the way. I appreciate his grit and toughness, but

Still before halftime,when the Eagles were only leading 12-7 and they were piling up plenty of yards but didn’t have the points to show for it.  They were much like somebody who was working and not getting paid for it.  Vick’s throw to Celek, three yard run up the middle and LeSean McCoy’s brilliant run did the trick. on Facebook

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66 Comments for “Michael Vick Shines In Chip Kelly’s First Win”

  1. Definitely left some plays on the field.

    But it’s got to be a great feeling to know you didn’t play anywhere near your best game and still put up 33 points.

    That’s real nice.

    If this is their foundation, their building block, it should be a good year.

  2. They should have put up a-lot more.

    This team stalled out in the second half and almost did not finish!

    15-25 PLEASE – Its the NFL don’t give me Christian Ponder Numbers and ask me to be impressed.

    Vick gave the skins 6 on the batted pass (cause he short)
    Vick can not throw a screen pass worth a Damn

  3. Good win but do not think that they are gonna be hanging 50 on good teams!

    The Skins Defense adjusted and they nearly took the game back!

    • For your information, the only reason they came back was we let up on them, even Chip acknowledged that, only threw the ball 5 times in the second half. Your gonna have to accept this fact, were The Real Deal! Your gonna see this every week! The difference between Vick n Ponder? Vick, 3 TDs no turnovers, QB rating over 100, Ponder, 1 TD, 3 turnovers, rating under 70, get your facts straight before you come on here to make a fool out of yourself

      • CRAP, CRAP, CRAP

        The Redskins defense made plays and stopped the offense in the 2nd Half.

        It was a great first Half of ball but………..It was not a full 60 minute beat down.

        The league will begin to force this team to try things they are not comfortable with…Like Mike Vick Side arming a pass to cooper as he is in he grasp that should have been a pick. Like the other pass to cooper that should have been a pick (both in 1st half BTW)

        This running attack will open up a-lot of opportunities (Sadly Vick will miss them and run himself) in the passing game.

        • For the record…. I live in MN.. the Vikes fans sent me these exact texts last night,,,,

          “Wish we had Vick, that O is FLYING”.
          “Wanna trade Ponder for Vick?? haha”
          “Is that the same Mike Vick from last year??”

          So…. dont give me the Ponder junk.

          • Carolina fans are wishing for Kelly. lol. They are REALLY pissed and Rivera and Shula for calling such a conservative game. Kelly goes for it on 4th and 1 in the first half and doesn’t even think twice about it – Rivera had SEVERAL of those in the game against the Seahawks and refused to pull the trigger.

            It’s nice to have folk envious of the Eagles lol.

        • Why are you such a fuckin hater? You sit around and critique every missed throw. You’re an idiot. I wish I could meet you in person so I could sock you in your mouth. We won the game. We looked good coming off of a 4-12 season and you on here bitching. Shut up

      • Agreed AP, I mean I am not a Vick fan but I got to give it to a man that comes to ball. And Vick played well last night no doubt, I hope he can keep it up. Go birds.

    • The Skins defense did not adjust.

      Kelly let up the gas – and went super conservative…milking the clock by slowing down the pace and running the ball. Avant also gave them a gift fumble. And Chung made a HORRENDOUS play that led to a touchdown.

      Not to mention unnecessary penalties that led took them out of field goal range.


    • They did not adjust. Our offense is predicated on 3-4 options per play in the second half there was only one option

  4. Interesting that you gave the Eagles almost zero chance to win but now say Vick shined because we eeked it out?

    This wasnt shiny Vick in my opinion, this was more like Vick did okay enough to win.

    He is still taking too long to make decisions when he has no time. The fumble six was a perfect example of this, and the Skins blitzing was way too successful against him. All they did was delayed linebacker blitzed and it stymied him. I promise you he will see it again next week.

    That being said, Ertz and Avant need to seriously step it up as well. As much as I love Chip’s playcalling, I still think Vick is being asked to do a little too much, and until he stops thinking he can take on safeties and linebackers, the read option isnt a good look for him in a 16 game season.

    If we can stop these mistakes and get more guys involved in the offense, we are the team to beat in the NFC East, even if the defense has a bad night or two.

    • Once again…

      1. Davis let up
      2. Kelly let up
      3. Avant gave the Skins a gift fumble
      4. Chung made a REALLY bad play on a pass that should have been intercepted or at least broken up.

      Yes they blitzed…they had some success…but some of that was on the line as Hermanns (sp?) and Johnson got beat BADLY a few times. There was nothing for him to do but take the sack.

      Also they clearly had no intentions of throwing the ball in the 2nd half – he let up the gas too early. I guarantee they won’t make that mistake again.

  5. Good game for Vick. I agree that we did leave some plays on the field last night, but I expect it to get better. Wasn’t that backwards pass a turnover on Vick? Vick looked like he struggled a bit with the read option on when to hand the ball off and when to run with it himself. He did well on his TD run but that’s about it for a good read. He got McCoy hammered a couple of times because he didn’t pull the ball back. I also expect this to get better over time, so I’m not really complaining just making note of what I saw.

    • The better option is to usually hand it off to the RB NOT for him to run it himself. Conditions need to be very favorable for that, let the backs run and him throw.

  6. The mistake the haters/lovers of Vick will make is focusing ALL on Vick….

    Bottom Line-

    The Oline looked great
    The Run game was amazing
    Mike Vick ran the O great for 40 mins
    The D showed up and played better than expected for 40 mins
    The special teams did great.
    AND ABOVE ALL- Chip coached a great great game.

    This is a team and they will play as a team. The mistake AR ALWAYS made was that he put it ALL on the QB. NO MORE!! Its a team and they will play as a team.

  7. Washington had two rookies in the starting secondary
    CB David Amerson and S Barcarri Rambo both looked overwhelmed. Rambo looked as bad as a safety can look, he was just awful. This might be the only game this year when Nate Allen isn’t the worst safety on the field. Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers must be licking their chops looking at the Redskin Secondary (pathetic) next week. The Redskins are not making the playoffs with that bunch of cornerbacks and safeties.

  8. Some tough games for some NFC East foes next week with WSH vs GB, Giants vs Den, both squads could be off to 0-2 starts…Eagles gotta handle business with SD and hopefully AR and his Chiefs can take care of Dallas.

  9. Is vick injured? There have been some sources reporting it..

  10. Vick, Chip, and The Eagles are flying high now that Andy Reid’s lame ass is outta here and those fans who are not on board the Vick train get the hell off and follow another team.

    Real Eagle’s fan get on the train!!!!!

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!

    • I guess like you did last Season Songs..
      Your first adopted Team was the Redskins with RGIII
      then your switched allegiance to Seattle Seahawks with Russell WIlson and then ftinally with the SF 49ers and Kaepernick…

      You should be the last one Songs, telling anyone about being a “Bandwagon Fan”

      • I guess he thinks that everyone will just forget that he quit on this team.

        WE WILL NOT FORGET SONGS… are a FRAUD. And a self-described Redskins fan. Go away you troll, and console the loser Deadskin fans who are ready to jump off the 14th Street Bridge because RGIII wasn’t their savior.

        Go away FraudSongs…you are not one of Kelly’s Eagles fans.

  11. Vick played a good game – he stayed under control and managed the Chip Kelly blitzkrieg without making any mistakes, or doing any freelancing.

    I agree that Kelly took his foot off the gas in the second half and played conservative. I’m not sure he will do that again so early in the game. But he is learning too, I guess.

    I’m happy to admit that I could be wrong about Vick. If he can stay compose and play Kelly’s game, he might thrive in this new system. I just hope he can stay healthy.

    I said all along that the Eagles can cover-up a lot of defensive shortcomings if they get turnoves. Lets hope that continues!

  12. the game Cary Williams had ( both tackling & coverage ) I haven’t seen that since Troy Vincent left town…. CARY CAN SAY ANYTHING HE WANTS TO… LEVAE HIM ALONE !

  13. Paulman is mysteriously absent HMMMMM…

  14. can anyone PLEASE TELL ME why the cb HALL that everyone raves about gets a free shot at qbacks after they are tackled & down . the official stood there & watched him put his elbow & shoulder into vick after the whistle & YET STILL NO WHISLE FOR LATE HITS He does this all the time & gets no penelties WHY????????????

  15. I agree. Regal WTF is your problem?? Do you have friends,girlfriend or sex? You the type of guy who is happy for your friends in public but hate they success behind they back lol. You probably whined when Vick scored 6 TD’s against Washington last time lol

  16. certain posters wonder why their fandom gets questioned. How can you be a birds fan that disappears after wins and only post when Vick throws an INT, or only post to defend your opinion on Vick being not good enough. If the Eagles would have lost the same dudes would be on here crying, but bc they won there is half the amount of post. lol So I guess you are not happy they won BC Vick is the QB? the team is so much more than just Vick win or lose. Every incomplete pass Regal hangs onto like all QB’s complete all of their passes or if they don’t its never their fault. Tom Brady had over throws under throws vs the BIlls, How did Eli look in big D first play of the game INT on a screen pass I guess he can’t throw screens either. obvious hate for the man above and beyond football. That’s fine you have to live with that hate but please stop faking like its a football explanation. I get it dogs are a mans best friend.

    • NuGreembol,
      Do you mean Vinnie? If so, he was barred from posting because he made a bet with another poster and lost. Most others are here posting.

      • They are not posting with the same frequency and intensity that they normally do on a daily basis, that’s why we are wonderring where are they at?

      • Do you really think if Vick stunk it up or the Eagles just lost he wouldn’t be on here posting away? Im not one of the guys that believes you support your team blindly no matter what they do, but some of the hate is obvious. just below is fakedog making valid points but then says the team has too many weaknesses especially at qb? so I guess QB is the biggest concern of this team? FakeDog: Vick will revert to his old ways when the pressure is on. Hasn’t the pressure been on? Opening game of a new era is not pressure? Now same dudes that question Lesean as a man bc of a party bus will latch themselves to his scrotum if it means they can have another angle to cheer but still say Vick had nothing to do with it.obvious agenda laced hatred. The fact that Vick won the qb comp. flat out the season has started the Eagles won and Foles at least for the time being is not a afterthought is craaaaaazy. (kia commercial voice)

    • Because they are fake Eagles fans who are more interrested in they’re own self adulation than being happy with their team when they win. Most people picked the skins to run all over us. Some of the fake Eagles fans would rather see the Eagles flounder and fail so it would prove what they say correct than have the Eagles win and prove them wrong. What kind of self righteous pompous fan is that? A fraud, and today has proven they’re are plenty of them out there!!! Shhh, back to your hideouts, I’ll be looking to hear from you frauds in force when the Eagles lose a game.


  18. No one disappeared

    That was a hell of a game

    Chip Kelly has one of the most disciplined, well conditioned teams I have ever seen on the nfl level

    Shady McCoy is the rarest of running back talents, he has the ability to be the greatest running backs since Barry sanders

    Vick played good, not great, which might be a good thing, he’s not, never was a franchise qb, but if he can stay within a system, limit his improvising, not play stupid, he can be the ideal qb for Kelly’s offense that doesn’t require the qb to be the man, unlike the traditional nfl, modern stud qb, but jake still believes this old hoss Vick will revert to dumb ass plays when the pressure is on

    Eagles fans are the most capricious, fickle fans, there is definitely reason for optimism, but Rocko calling for super bowl, no fucking way, this team has a lot of weaknesses, especially at quarterback

    • Jake,I bet Vick will lead us to 10 wins this season and if not I”ll hang up posting here.

      If they’re under 10 you get the hell off the site.


      • You said you were done posting on here at the end of last year….DON’T YOU REMEMBER SONGSSSSSS???? You don’t remember stating that you were an RGIII fan…buying all your kids his jersey and rooting for the REDSKINS???? Don’t remember that you FRAUD??

        You shouldn’t be on here anyway. Your team lost last night, how did it feel??

        • Seriously, did he (Songs) trade on the Eagles for RGIII and the deadskins? That’s unconscionable and unforgiveable. There’s no coming back from that!

          • Absolutely yes he did. He thinks that everyone will just forget if he ignores it, but the guy bailed on th Eagles and jumped on RGIII and the Skins.

            He is the worst kind of fan, and as long as I stop by here I plan to remind everyone the his is not really an Eagles fan, he is a FRAUD.

      • calm down dude…the bet was meant for regal

  19. Why would you want me from this site, because I offer a different view of things, if you disagree, if you think I’m wrong, irrational, a racist, point it out like many have but failed to convince

    But your suicide bet, dual, so to speak, is completely irrational

    I have supported your right and have agreed with a lot of what you have said, in fact I frequently offered praise of your posts, naming you the reverend

    Many have called for your ouster, with good reason, never jake

    You are a traitor, I supported you when few did, except those brain dead mother fuckiers who have clear agenda

    And get this dumb ass songs…

    I ain’t going fucking anywhere you little backstabbing pussy, I will leave when I want, not because of some stupid bet you think I am dumb enought te accept, like vinnie was stupid enough with that weasel real talk

    I will continue to post as I see fit, until gcobb decides to rid me

    • Weasel? who says that? Jake, what are you 80 yrs old? So the only way you’ll really be happy with this team is if Foles was playing, correct? Honestly, you have the agenda…Foles has done nothing to warrant anyone of your loyalty…has done nothing to be giving the keys to the franchise….did nothing in college and nothing in the pro’s to warrant any of the praise you give him…You are the one with the agenda due to your closed mindedness

  20. And get this songs, if the eagles win 10 games, most likely foles will have a hand in it and most definitely the best player on the offense, lesean McCoy will have a bigger role in it

    • I commented 1st thing thing this morning, dorkhole! I work 2 jobs, & overnight is when I comment. Read & get a clue! I cower, nor back down from nobody. It’s 1 game, get over yourself!

  21. ***Reports from Sources down at Jefferson Hospital**** (My Sister)
    Mike Vick has a very sore and “Pulled Groin Muscule”, Upper Chest Bruise and a Severe Bruise in his Upper Back area that he probably got when getting knifed in his back very hard on a 3rd Down Scramble for the 1st Down during the first halff .. Most likley from her reports/sources that Vick is out this Week versus the Chargers for sure and that he hopes to be ready for the Following Thursday’s game versus the Chiefs and Coach AR Return and Donavan McNabb’s Retiring of his Eagles #5 Jersey..
    Expect Foles to get all Snaps with the #1’s come Tuesday and Wednesday….

    • Pman… i hope u are lying but…. i expected this after he was not pulled and took the pointless beating. Foles looked pretty good in preseason and i would trust he can do the job.

  22. I hope no one from Jefferson is giving out those reports to anyone. It is very possible the person could lose their job and license. Oh! I didn’t here anything about MV not playing the next game? I am a MV fan. But most of all I am a EAGLES fan. I believe if you are going to take us to the promise land as a quarterback you have to beat the guy out who is starting. This is the NFL and you don’t start because you command a huddle. Like Rocky a fake wanted to be champion. Keep it real people?

    • I was just speculating Randy.. Hospitals and Employees of Hospitals cannot and should not give out any Patient Information.. goes against Federal Law, Hospital Rules and the “Code of Conduct” ..
      Vick was at Practice Today and is fully expected to Play in Week #2

  23. 1- We won in spite of the points we left out on the field
    2- We won in spite of the fact that the team slowed down in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

    Nobody expected the eagles to even be able to keep pace with Washington. Nobody knew what to expect going in with a new coach and a team in a rebuilding phase with a defense that has some weaknesses. We won! I repeat the sky is not falling the Eagles won the game. lol

  24. It’s all about the name in the front not the name on the back. So you Vick haters and lovers remember that!! With that said #GO VICK

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