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Report: Dan Cleary to Inexplicably Sign With Flyers

Detroit Red Wings v Boston BruinsAlong with the announcement over the weekend that veteran defenseman Hal Gill had been signed to a professional tryout contract for the upcoming training camp, there had been rumors as to whether the Philadelphia Flyers were also going to bring in veteran forward Dan Cleary on the same type of contract.

Those rumors heated up early Monday, when it was suggested that Cleary was in talks with the Flyers, Detroit Red Wings (his former team) and the Florida Panthers.

The bombshell news dropped late Monday by Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press– Cleary was going to Philly.

On a three year contract. Worth $2.75 million per season.

Cleary, 34, is a solid veteran forward addition to any team. At those terms, though? There is, unfortunately, no way he is ever going to live up to that contract (expected to be signed at the end of camp).

Cleary can reasonably be expected to put up 15 goals and 35 points in a full 82-game season, but for how long at his age? He’s talented, but he’s no Jaromir Jagr.

A three year deal will block the path to the NHL for any prospects looking to join the big club. Forget about letting the competition at training camp draw out the best available candidate; Cleary wins every “battle” by virtue of his contract.

The contract size would also further bloat the team’s salary cap situation, forcing a trade. General manager Paul Holmgren had previously been hesitant to move a defenseman for the offers he was getting before. What would one expect now if they are forced to shed salary? We’re looking at another Matt Walker situation here, where the organization must take o contract dead weight just to complete the deal.

Speaking of a “Matt Walker situation,” Cleary will also have the stigma as “the guy who forced Simon Gagne out of a tryout contract.” Some fans may not think twice about it, but Gagne still has plenty of loyalists.

Many of the offseason moves by the Flyers have been decent and well-lauded. If and when Cleary is officially signed, this will likely be one of those situations that tilts the scales back to an even balance. on Facebook

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7 Comments for “Report: Dan Cleary to Inexplicably Sign With Flyers”

  1. Guess this spells the end to the chances Laughton makes the team?

  2. A “Bombshell” .. I think that’s a little too strong Josh..
    Clearly is a nice Player..$2.7 Million is what a wily,experienced Veteran will cost any Team..
    Laughton is a year away, and simply not strong enough to last a 80 Game NHL Season at this stage of his development

    • I like Cleary, just think 3 years is too long. At least he’s 34 so if need be it shouldn’t be too hard to cut him loose if need be. I’d like the move more, but Cleary seems like a good player to have on a championship contending team, which I’m not sure if the Flyers are quite there yet. Regardless, season can’t get started soon enough.

      • That’s the thing- Cleary would be a great third line addition and an improvement over Simon Gagne. It’s just the terms- multiple years and a high salary- that are a concern.

        If Laughton remains in juniors for another year, his contract will slide again. It’s not necessarily in management’s interest to bring him up at age 19 anyway; allowing him to further mature isn’t really an issue.

    • Are you suggesting that I am overreacting to a hockey-related story in September? Impossible…. *cough*

  3. gagne is faster than cleary — cleary tougher
    Holmgren and Snider love muckers on the 3rd and 4th lines ( they never change)

  4. Solid signing. Rather him the gagne for the grit. Can play on any of the top 3 lines. The price tag might be a tad high but I have no problem with it. He will get his 17-18 goals each year and provide leadership from being in a winning organization. This also allows a damn to move for prospect or picks.

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