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Chip Kelly Has Brought New Energy To Eagles

Riley Cooper on Chip Kelly’s offense

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The psychology of the game has always fascinated me.  The emotions that we devote as fans; the impact a coach can have with his players.  How do you feel today?  It’s a feeling that has been absent for all of us.  Embrace it, breathe it in.   Allow for it to become what it once was.  With the passion we devote; a win impacts how the rest of our week will be.  Relationships, our mood, our emotional strings are connected with this team.  It’s why we are the way we are, “die-hard!”

Monday night, it was more than a win.  We witnessed a coach that changed the way we watched football.  Things happened for the first time.  Elements of science, philosophy, communication, math, and psychology were on display from “our” head coach.  We were not admiring the work of another, wishing he was the general for our team.  Chip Kelly is ours, he is different.   This is different.  Different can be scary as your comfort factor must be open for the unexpected.

Last night, the unknown of Chip Kelly became available for the entire world to comprehend.  Everything you tried to imagine, thoughts you began to comprehend, predictions you hypothesized, Kelly has complicated all of it; and for the better.

The players on the roster are merely pieces to a puzzle with no defined border.  The coach is responsible for perfecting how these pieces are formatted, and until last night, nobody could justify which way he would manipulate these pieces.

It starts with the mental, emotional and psychological commitment of the players and coaches before statistics, wins and losses can be accumulated.  Your coach, our coach, this team, our Eagles, from this point forward everything we once knew will be only the establishment and failures of a previous successor.

A new era has begun, believe in it, minimize expectations and just be in the moment.  Let us share these moments, strengthen our brotherhood as fans as we build our connection with this brand of Philadelphia Eagles football. on Facebook

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41 Comments for “Chip Kelly Has Brought New Energy To Eagles”

  1. I’m proud to say I have embraced it since day one! That’s what REAL fans do! All these so called fans who claim their fans BUT are looking at the real picture, which they claim is, Its a gimmick, it wont work in the NFL, Vick wont be able to thrive in it. Haters on here are saying that and its only one game, After one game, the whole National media has embraced it, I’m talking about former players who watch hundreds of hours of tape like Jaws, Steve Young, who said he’s jealous that he couldn’t play in a system like that, Vegas odds went from 50-1 to 25-1 after one game, power rankings went from us being 25th to us now being 5th after one game, and yet the haters on here are saying we should calm down cause its only one game, we’ll calm down when the rest of the football world calms down. Question, when was the last time the Eagles played a game like that? You haters cant remember either! To the True Eagle Fans on here, as the beginning of this post says

    With the passion we devote; a win impacts how the rest of our week will be. Relationships, our mood, our emotional strings are connected with this team. It’s why we are the way we are, “die-hard!!!!!!

    • Couldnt agree more. And the scary thing is, this wasnt even his full assault. He streamlined it because Haslett was looking for Oregon formations lol. I ordered Game Rewind because I dont want to miss one play this season.

      I saw in preseason that his attack made Foles AND Vick look better, I knew we had something. Foles cant seem to throw a pass over 15 yards to save his life, but even he looked like a weapon running Chips system.

    • Funny how quickly it changed as you have gave nicely mentioned with media, Vegas and such. The fact that expectations were set based on the simple fact that Kelly had never coached in the NFL is amateur by those who are proessional football analysts. Veteran coaches who bounch around the league with a poor resume are fine because they have “experience.” The intangibles that Kelly has already demonstrated, the “connection” with the players, they are all in this together. In college your relationship with your player is crucial, that has not and will not change with what he now does at the NFL level. The relationships we have as fans, if we have watched the game with someone we have known for 10 years or sitting next to for the first time at the LINC, it’s family. This feeling, the one I get which triggers each letter on my keyboard discussing Eagles football with you and the rest of my Eagles brothers and sisters, this feeling is back!

      • Yes, also remember how many of the supposed “Good & Playoff Teams did not look very good in Week #1
        Seattle, Redksins,Giants,Patriots,Steelers,Falcons,Bengals,COlts,Ravens to name a few … It’s a long Season boys, Lines from Vegas folks has no bearing on how well a Team will do or not do…
        Every Season, there are 3-4 Teams that Surprise and Exceed the “Consensus Expectations” and get into the Playoffs or at least are in the Playoff Picture/Competitive just like every Season there are 3-4 Teams that just don’t seem to muster up to expectations for a host of Reasons due to Coaching Issues, injuries, Star Players Underperforming, etc,etc…

        Teams on the Rise after Week #1
        49ers,Eagles, Chiefs, Jets, Dolphins,Titans Saints, Bears, Lions & Rams

        Teams on the Decline after Week # 1
        Ravens,Redskins,Steelers,Vikings, TB Bucs, Panthers, GIants,

        Teams about where most would be but have lots of ????

        Struggling Teams where most thought they would be …
        Jaguars,Raiders,Chargers, Browns & Cardinals

        Give the Young Season about 2-3 More Weeks and the Cream will Rise to the Top, the Upstarts will gather momentum and will have to be reckoned wi, while the flustered and bad Teams will wallow in disappointment.. It happens every NFL Season..

    • I appreciate your excitement andrew, I’m excited too. I also embrace this new system and I hope Kelly takes this team to a championship. I’ll be down at the Linc at every home game again this year rooting the team on… almost like a REAL fan.

      But you and I will always know that I’m just a fraud because I still have a few doubts about certain players on this team… Sorry. But guess what… do you know who else has doubts about some of the players…Chip Kelly. He will be replacing some guys as soon as he can find replacements.

      Oh, and I don’t know where you see the power ranking that have the Eagles at #5, but they might be off a bit…. Even the zealots like you can’t believe that. The Eagles are around 13 at best.

  2. From day one Chip talked about putting players in the position to succeed. We’ve seen just that from the start of the preseason…He understands what his players do well and put them in positions to do so. This man had a plan when he came to town. The way he moved DJAX around was a long time coming…even sent him over the middle (which was beautifully scripted, wasn’t a defender 7 yards near him when he caught that pass) But he didn’t just move him around for a pass, he moved him around to spread the field on run plays…used him as a decoy…The mix of how he was used and the mix of run and pass in the 1st half was great to see. At one point the Eagles handed off the ball 22 times and passed 22 times…that’s balance! The wholes out there that were open for shady in the zone option were ridiculous.
    I can’t wait for Sunday! One game at a time…week by week…BELIEVE…we always have a shot!

    On another note…anyone wonder why V Curry ain’t get no “burn” in the game? I’m a little disappointed about that…But can’t complain D Line played pretty well…

    • V Curry didn’t dress for the game. Chip says it was because he is use mostly to rush the passer and the Skins were a running team. So he dressed the run stoppers and not Curry…

      • There are rumors out there that the Eagles are looking to trade Curry. I hope not, I like Curry a lot and would like to see him get more reps in the game to show what he can do. If we cut loose another 2nd round draft choice that would continue to look bad for Howie and what he has done in the draft over the past number of years. Kelly will be the ultimate one to decide, which is good becuase his only goal is to put the best team together and not prove they made the right choice in the 2011 draft…he can be accused of that in the future, but right now it is only about putting the best players in the best positions to succeed for the Birds. But like I said, I like Curry and really want to see him succeed for this team.

        • 2nd Year Curry has had very few chances thus far and didn’t play much last year.. He’s Trade Value would likley be a 5th Round Pick in Return .
          Just isn’t enough playing experience with him as an Eagle to this point.
          I expect (and hope) that he will be activated against the Chargers/Chiefs and get him on the field to see what he can do

        • I dont want Curry traded either. If we need to trade for something, use Matthews and draft picks.

  3. Fan- an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity.

  4. Some of you guys need to decide whether you are an eagles fan it an eagles critic. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing your team when they blatantly suck or make bad moves but a lot of you doomed us before one down was played. That seems a little bitch made to me.
    Question for the non believers: Do you go to a restaurant and complain that your entree is nasty before they even bring it out?

  5. Question for the non believers: Do you go to a restaurant and complain that your entree is nasty before they even bring it out?

    No – but if you been going to the restaurant for 10 years and you know the hamburgers suck do you keep ordering one thinking that maybe they got better? Or do you order something else?

    Don’t hate the people who are still skeptical about the hamburgers – maybe they payed for more shitty hamburgers over the years than you have!

    • Do you declare the meal a success after the waitress brings you a glass of ice water?

      Not that it won’t be a great meal, but lets get past the into to declare it a success.

      This is the FIRST game guys. GREAT START. Hope to see it continue and believe that we have a coach that can make it happen….but it is only ONE GAME. Give things a chance to work out….Steve Spurrier won his first game with the Redskins in 2002 (31-23 against ARZ), and that didn’t turn out so well in the end…..just saying.

    • Of course, if Reid was HC, I would understand the trepidation. He was by far my biggest issue with this team the past 5 years.

      But Kelly wasn’t here for previous failures. It’s a totally different operation now.

      When the Crap restaurant hires a master chef, would you still expect bad food?

  6. When the Crap restaurant hires a master chef, would you still expect bad food?

    If he uses the same spoiled meat and ingredients there’s a good chance the food will still suck. We will have to take more than one bite to know.

    • What if the meat wasn’t spoiled? Before the restaurant had your average short-order cook.

      The master chef takes the same ingredients and delivers a five course meal.

      I’ve said on a million different posts. Talent wasn’t the issue. It was coaching. Reid has always done less with more.

      • Good to see somebody gets it.

      • More power to you skayne….jump off that ledge and believe…that is great.

        Pleanty of fans are still waiting for a little more proof than ONE GAME. It is great to see your enthusiasium, but stop it with the food / chef talk. The spoiled food dicussion is making my lunch turn in my stomach.

        I have every hope that we will see a turnaround like the Colts did last year. It can happen, but I will choose to jump in entirely until I see more of this team and players, more of what the other teams try to do to counter Kelly’s uptempo, and more time to see that by increasing the total number of offensive plays we are exposing our star players to more likelihood of injury.

        Take off skayne. You can (hopefully) point at me later as one who was late to jump onboard with both feet, but I want to see more than 60 minutes of this team play before I annoint them a playoff team (which I could see happening this year).

    • Irish I’m surprised at you. I never saw u as one of the negative posters. A little apprehensive sure, but not out and out negative. Why even respond?

  7. I never claimed it to be a success. You are missing the point. I still think this is an 8-9 win team. My point is that a lot of you completely wrote this team off before 1 snap was taken. That seems foolish to me. Lets take the analogy further since you all are still in denial about your staunch negativity.

    If that same restaurant had hired one of the culinary world’s best young chef prospects to replace the old chef who everyone knows sucks. Would u not even give the kid a chance? Are you so stuck on the past that you cannot enjoy the future? If so I feel for you. Nobody is saying 16-0 and a Super Bowl win, that would also be foolish. But was is wrong with giving the new coach and system a chance before you shit all over them? Negedelphia is in the building! Smh

  8. muahahaha- You guys are killing me with the analogy.

    Heres what we know-

    The Chef says he’s got good enough ingredients to make something special.

    I’ve eaten there 1 time so far and man… let me tell you… GREEEEAT!!

    I have to be honest…. im sceptical about how the bathrooms will look after a few weeks because they still have nate allen as the attendant but…. im not going to B!#ch about it until it happens.

    So….. take my word guys- Eat there!! If not….. find another place to eat if you want!!

    Hows that? Guys- seriously, lets try and get along. I too think this ride will fall short of a Super Bowl but thats not my expectations for this year. We have something to work with right now. We have freshness… and a new coach!! We have fun and excitement and we just kicked the crap out of the NFCE champs.

    You can say there were bad and all… and thats fine… But… we shocked people on a monday night. Try and enjoy it.

  9. If you saw it all before, like many of us have, you don’t get too excited after one game.

    Here’s what the Washington Post wrote the day after Steve Spurrier beat the Cardinals in the 2002 opener……

    The Washington Redskins were every bit as dynamic, unorthodox and, most importantly, victorious as they had hoped to be yesterday in Coach Steve Spurrier’s debut. Spurrier didn’t disappoint in one of the most eagerly awaited NFL head coaching unveilings in recent memory. He had the Redskins begin the game in a no-huddle offense, even keeping it while converting a fourth-and-one gamble in the second quarter.

    Sound familiar? Know what happened next? The Eagles kick the shit out of the Skins 37-7 the next week, and it went down hill from there….

    I would tap the breaks a little if I were you guys.

    • Been a fan for 34 years… never missed 1 game… i’ve seen coaches come and go…. i too know the let down. I watched bubby/peete for goodness sake… but… will you never enjoy a win unless it is the SB win? I still see a 7-9 win team but im going to enjoy it.

      • I’m very much enjoying it, but I’m not hopping around screaming at people who ain’t hopping with me. I’m I a bad guy because I want to start hopping after week three?

      • I think people are talking AT each other on here.

        I see some who are calling themselves “super-fans” who believe that this team is already a success, mail it in, done job. And these “super-fans” are pointing at any other fan who has any doubts about the overall success of this team this year.

        Regardless of what the “super-fans” want to say, I would state that EVERY Eagles fan is happy for the results we all watched on Monday night. Some express themselves differently, and some are aprehensive to fully believe that the roster and program is as complete as they need to be. It does not make either one type of fan better.

        If you are a fan who is ready to dive into that pool, go ahead and enjoy yourself. If you want to wait to see if this team can duplicate the game on Monday night, then sit on the edge of the pool and watch the others. It is a big pool, everyone will fit once they decide to get in. Just watch that the early swimmers don’t pee in the pool and ruin it for everyone else, otherwise we need to recognize that we are all fans of a team that is trying to turn things around. Early signs are good, and will hopefully only get better with time. You determine individually when it is your time to jump in, but never think that a fan is less an Eagles fan because they are not convinced after a single regular season game.

        GO BIRDS!!

        • I don’t see that at all. In fact all I’ve ever said was to keep even keel. Going to either extreme is foolish. I can’t speak for everyone but my post are directed at the guys who said this would be a guarantee failure, Chip Kelly would be = to spurrier Etc. Were u one if those people?

          • You said the battle was all but won……not an extreme view?

            We have different definitions of extreme I guess.

            Doesn’t really matter. I see a bit more work or proof that we have in fact turned a corner, but doesn’t matter. That is the great thing about an opinion, it is what the individual thinks.

            You have also chosen to mischaracterize what those who brought up Spurrier said. I saw nowhere where it was said to guarantee failure, nowhere was that said or implied. The point was to illustrate that at the exact same point in Spurrier’s career and Kelly’s start, that both were 1-0 and both had extreem positive feelings in their fanbase. It was to illustrate that I am sure that in 2002 there were Redskin fans who believed “the battle was over”, but they were proven wrong with the overall results that followed. In no way do I expect that Chip Kelly will be a failure like Spurrier or Nick Saban were in the NFL, but to go completely “gah-gah” over a single game is proof that many in this fanbase are desperate for ANYTHING that can be viewed positively.

  10. So it’s ok to join the fight once the battle is all but won? That’s cool of that’s how you see it. We can agree to disagree. I’m not sure why you insist on arguing something that no one believes. This team is not a contender yet, that’s obvious. But they appear to be headed in the right direction. Who actually expected a complete turnaround year 1? That’s just crazy. We just want all if the negative fans to get a little enjoyment out of this new experience. I understand you are like a woman scorned, but you have to get over it and get on with life. Andy Reid is gone! We are on a new path, join us!

    • Battle all but won after ONE GAME?

      I have a little higher goal then that. This is a new era, I have been ecstatic that Reid has been gone, love what I hear and see from Kelly and his staff, but come on…the battle is over after a single game? SMH…come on.

      • Again, learn to read or mind your business. I was addressing Irish’s assertion that he would join after week 3 if everything looked on the up an up.

        • If you don’t want a comment, email him directly. You are posting your comments on a public board, don’t act like a baby when somebody points out that your thoughts are ridiculous.

          When did you become the arbitor of who is and who isn’t a fan marley? You are convinced they have no needs for improvement, others don’t, including the coach. Why act like such a dick?

  11. I said in my post you can remain skeptical. It’s the skeptics who want everyone to feel like them.

    Past failures by different coaches mean nothing to me.

    I’ve said this whole summer that the Eagles would be good. One game didn’t sway me. As I said I knew the Eagles would win. I’ve stated my reasons before-

    1) Same skill position players that went to the playoffs in ’10.

    2)’11 was ruined by Reid’s idiocy in hiring coaches. Because of it, the D blew 3 games getting us off to a 2-4 start. Still the team was top 10 in points scored and allowed.

    3)In 2012 Reid was to slow to adjust to the realities of dealing with injuries on the o-line. Typical tone deaf play-calling.

    4) Kelly being hired.

    The talent has been here. The coaching was not. So ONE game didn’t sway me. It’s the games over the last 3 years. Understand that the Eagles were also hit with some bad luck, which affects results in the NFL the most because there is only 16 games in a season.

  12. Jeff Kolsky said it best… Just live in the moment.. Stop obsessing over the Super Bowl and whether or not they will win the NFCE .. Just enjoy the ride.. We’ll see what happens next on Sunday @ 1:00.

    Watch the replays.. Read the articles and smile..enjoy this win

  13. The Eagles under Andy Reid were poorly coached. Chip Kelly is a breath of fresh air. It was actually fun and exciting to watch the Birds play the Skins. Reid really screwed up the draft four years in a row. I hope we kick his ass when we play the Chiefs. That hog know it all made life miserable for all Eagle fans.

  14. The drumbeat around the league has begun ..the birds are positioned to start 3-0 coming out of the blocks…with a sandiego team flying across country playing at 10-am and then Andy’s chiefs….times yours wasn’t uttered or self loathing..I gotta do a better job ….it’s a breath of fresh air in what had become as stale as the air in the eagle bubble..chip and the guys are enjoying the game …after all it’s all about having fun at what you do,that to me is the most glaring difference from the prior administration…49 runs to 24 passes ….times yours …I’m so happy to be relevant and even happier to be playing football taht makes me feel proud of my green ….hers hoping fly eagles fly gets worn out ….go birds !

  15. Let’s cut the bullshit

    It’s obvious this cat Kelly has a master plan

    It’s obvious that the qb is not the master in h’s offense, he’s a facilitator , gets the ball in the playmakers hands

    The quarterback is not the same franchise type in Kelly’s offense compared to the patriots, broncos, it’s more like the redskins, he’s a replaceable commodity, the play makers, not as much

    Vick may be very good in this type of offense, compared to the typical franchise quarterback , like foles probably could develop into

    But with Kelly, the quarterback is not that important, he’s a piece, not the general, his decisions are made for him, simplistically so based on formations

    So, if Kelly can corrall Vicks poor decisions, we have something here, use Vicks incredible athleticism, limit his thinking, make plays, he’s a hoss of an athlete, be smart , then maybe we have something here

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