Fantasy Football: Trent Richardson Traded/Thursday Night Thoughts

TrentRichardson3Trent Richardson fans have to be happy, Bradshaw fans not so much.  Jordan Cameron’s stock will take a dive with the 3rd string and no running game.  Injuries took out starting running backs last week, while other teams like the Texans and Bills make you want to start both of their running backs with splitting carries.  Very few backs left in the league getting the majority of touches.  It’s been the dominant performance thus far for tight-ends, wide-receivers and quarterbacks, with only a handful of dominant running back performances.  My advice is to sell high on some of the names that will soon disappoint, and leading the way is McFadden.  He may stay healthy, but it’s Oakland, and they have played the Colts and Jaguars, his best games are already behind him.

Eagles Trio- Vick, McCoy and Jackson.  McCoy was expected to be a major factor in this new style of offense.  Vick we knew could be drafted as a bottom tier qb in a 12 team league, or one of the first few back-ups with upside, when “healthy.”  Jackson has to be the biggest surprise of all, not because he is catching the deep pass, but the face that he has 16 catches and is leading the entire NFL in receiving yards.

Chiefs- Charles and Bowe.  Charles is a no-brainer, he will collect 125 total yards and a touchdown easily.  Bowe has been off to a mediocre start, but should have plenty of opportunity to put up stats versus a very bad secondary.

40 thoughts on “Fantasy Football: Trent Richardson Traded/Thursday Night Thoughts

  1. The Browns have just given Indy their version of the big 3. Luck, Hilton and Richardson. Indys 1st round draft pick will probably be in the 14-18 range as I expect them to go around 8-8, 9-7 at best. Cleveland must think Indys pick will be better than Richardson which is ridiculous. Cleveland now needs a QB, RB and 2 WR. I ma

  2. I may have understood it if Richardson was 28 years old but hes not he just turned 23. There is no back in college better than him right now and I cant imagine them drafting another back anyway., If that was the case they already had one. Cleveland would of had a top 5 draft pick anyway and could of drafted a QB.

  3. Pres Banner & GM Lombardi are going for a complete makeover with their own Pkayers.. Remember that Weeden, Richardson were selected by the previous regime there.. Browns have the Following Picks for 2014
    1st Round – 2 Picks
    2nd Round – 1 Pick
    3rd Round – 2 Picks
    4th Round – 2 Picks

    Figuring the Briwns have a Top 5-6 Pick in Each Round
    Plus the extra Picks they accumulated with Trades this past Draft and now with Richardson, they now have 7 Draft Delection
    Out of the Top 125 Players give or take
    And 5 of which in the Top 85 or so..
    They have a ptretty decent young Defense
    And can use many of these Picks for QB, IL, WR & RB
    Which this appears to be a pretty Deep Draft
    In 2014..

    1. Them picks aren’t getting you Clowney or Bridgewater. So basically in a little over a year the Browns blew 2 first round picks in a loaded draft.

      1. Yes they did, Clowney is injury prone has a bad foot, now his shoulder, has attitude/coachabilitiy concerns.. He will drop by next Pre-Draft Run up..
        There are 4-5 Nice QB prospects in this upcoming Draft who project as 1st Round Talent
        (1) Bridgewater from Louisville 6-3 210lbs
        (2) Hundley from UCLA, who I like, at 6-3 & 230lbs playing in a Pro-Style System under Jim Mora,Jr probably could adjust the quickest
        (3) Taj Boyd from Clemson 6-1 220lbs
        (4) D Carr from Fresno State 6-3 2150lbs
        (5) Possibly Mariotta from Oregon 6-4 215lbs

        WR’s who Project as 1st Round Talent
        1) Marquise Lee – USC 6-0 200lbs
        2) Sammy Watkins – Clemson 6-1 205lbs
        3) Mike Evans – Texas A&M 6-5 225lbs

        OT’s who Project as 1st Round Talent
        1) Jake Matthews – Texas A&M (6-5 310lbs)
        2) Cyrus Kouandijo – Alabama (6-5 310lbs)
        3) Taylor Lewan – Michigan (6-7 315lbs)
        4) Antonio Richardson – Tennessee (6-6 325lbs)
        5) Cameron Erving – Florida State (6-5 310lbs)
        6) James Hurst – North Carolina (6-6 305lbs)

        This is not a very Deep Draft for Defensive Secondary help and the Browns actually have a apretty good young Secobndary (Haden,McFadden, & Ward)At LB, they had Q’well Jackson, Kruger & Mingo so their needs are really on the Offensive Side of the Ball at the Skills Positions and OL where they most likely will target many of their Top Draft Picks

  4. I understand that they won’t to rebuild, but trading a solid YOUNG rb makes no sense. They whiffed on Weeden, but if you could build around a running game, then they would be better off. I don’t like this move for the Browns at all. Brilliant by the Colts.

  5. I actually like the deal for Cleveland…they need a ton of help and while Trent Richardson was a good young running back, he’s not exactly a once-in-a-generation Adrian Peterson-type of running back…and running backs are probably one of the easier positions to replace…and they also have the shortest shelf-life of any position, if they hung on to him they may have worn him down over the next couple years and his best seasons may have come and gone by the time they’d be ready to be competitive.

    1. I agree Denny. I have been saying since he was drafted that, to me he is just another average RB; He just played for Alabama. Jim Brown was screaming it also.

      If Cleveland can draft correctly, it will be a move in their favor. I don’t think Trent Richardson is all that. Many won’t agree with me, but if he blows in Indy like he did in Cleveland This year – you’ll have to bow down, and swallow your pride.

      1. I mean honestly, what has Trent Richardson accomplished in Cleveland?

        11 touchdowns is a nice number, but we’re talking about a guy with three career 100-yard games, didn’t go over the 1,000 yard mark as a rookie…I know the Browns have very little offensive talent, but it goes back to my point that its not like this guy is an Adrian Peterson-type, franchise changing running back prospect that the Browns gave up on.

        Look at what Peterson does for the Vikings…they have a terrible quarterback situation with Ponder, and Peterson is capable of throwing the team on his shoulders and making them relevant in a league that passes first and runs second…was Richardson going to do that for the Browns?

        I think he’s a good fit for the Colts, very nice player but ultimately he’s not irreplaceable on a team that is a minimum of 2-3 years away from any kind of competitive football.

        1. Remember he played for the Browns who scare no one with their Passing Attack & QB Play so Teams were stacking 8-9 in the Box..
          Also remember the Browns played in the AFC North so you play 6 Games versus the Steelers,Ravens & Bengals Defenses (all in the Top 5 in stopping the Run last Year)
          Do I think Richardson is a Franchise Back and in the mold of A Peterson, abosolutely not, but with teh COlts Offense and Skill PLayers and QB luck, I can eaasily see him as a 1000-1200 Yard A Season Rusher with another 40-50 Receptions for 10 TD’s Season for the next 4-5 Season if he remains Healthy and whats wrong with that… He’s gone from a bad situation in Cleveland to almost a Persfect Fit for him at Indy…

        2. If you compare anyone to AP, they are gonna look bad. You think that there is an AP in next year’s draft or the year after? That is why he is generational.

          You and GM both underrate this guy playing for a crappy offensive team. He can run and catch the ball out of the backfield. I never said that he is irreplacable What I said is why add more to a rebuild than you have to? If you have a solid young player at an important position, then why not keep him?

          The point is that they will not get the return for him when they get a 20+ draft pick next year. Last time I checked AP only made until pick #7 and that was because he had injury concerns.

          1. Bugs, maybe you misundetood my posts, I like Trent Richardson and think he’s a perfect fir for the COlts.. I do not think he or 99% of any of the RB”s are “Franchise Backs” .. AP is a Beast no doubt, but personally, I would never Draft a RB in the First Round under any circumstances, but that’s just me.. but I do think Richardson can be for the Colts Offense and QB Andrew Luck, what RB Edgerrin James was for QB Peyton Manning during his early years which was pretty damn good and effective..

              1. Haha Bugs, with all due respect, did I miss something here? I never said there was a generational running back in every draft…my point was that the Browns weren’t wrong and my comments weren’t directed towards you, I was just giving my general thoughts on the deal. You can find a nice back like Trent Richardson easily enough…guys like Doug Martin have come out of the bottom of the first round in recent years, and it may not even be next year that they target a running back.

          2. I respect your position on that Bugs, you know I do.

            I just NEVER felt this guy was all that coming out of College; That is documented. I felt he was a good RB, that played for the best College team at Alabama. You don’t always have that same advantage in the Pros, thus your real talent, and worth comes to the forefront.

            I feel many overvalued, and overrated him based of what they saw him do in college thinking, Wow!!, he can do that in the pros!!. It doesn’t always translate like that. He will help the Colts, but I think his career will be no different than it’s started this year. He’ll score some short yardage TD’s, he’ll catch the ball out of the backfield, and get 50- 60 yard per game, and some games he’ll disappear. Average numbers for an average player.

            1. Sorry, unlike my buddy Paulman, I’ve never liked him….

              Many asked me what kind of GM are you that you don’t like Trent Richardson? The kind that knows what he is talking about. Case, and point, if it was that obvious that he was all that, why would the Browns trade him?

  6. From what I have seen so far, no one in next year’s draft is substantially better than Richardson. And let’s face it, they were bad with him, so they were gonna get a top 5 pick anyways.

    I feel bad for the Browns fans.

    1. You shouldn’t Bugs. NFL Network is reporting some in the Browns Locker Room felt that Trent Richardson was, and I quote, “NOT A FRANCHISE RUNNING BACK”, Not just in comparison to Adrian Peterson, but in comparison to most average NFL Runing Backs…..He has been completely overrated…Which is what GMCliff has been saying since before he was drafted. I don’t see what is so special about him.

  7. NFL Top 7 Draft Picks of 2014

    1) Jaguars – QB Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville)
    2) Browns – QB Brett Hundley (UCLA)
    3) Raiders – DE J Clowney (South Carolina)
    4) Jets – OT Jake Matthews (Texas A&M)
    5) TB Bucs – QB Taj Boyd (Clemson)
    6) EAGLES – OLB Anthony Barr (UCLA 6-4 250lbs)
    7) Panthers – OT Cyrus Kouandigo (Alabama)

      1. Isn’t Clowney more of a 4-3 DE? I think Barr may fit more into what their projected scheme is going to be as a 3-4 OLB. Clowney is getting foot surgery during off season too. Not sure of the degree of the severity. I’m a fan of both players though, they both can ball.

          1. OK. I have been watching S. Carolina play, i haven’t seen him drop in coverage. I just read up on his injury, it’s just bone spurs from calcium deposits. @ month full recovery time according to his surgeon. If he can cover…grab him. Gotta get a corner and safety also!

          2. gm, usually you are spot on, but Clowney hasn’t dropped into coverage in either years he has played! Your infatuation for these big project dudes (Dion Jordan, Ziggy, Clowney) is head scratching. I just think, in another life, you wanted to be a 6’6″ 280 pound lineman? LMMFBO!!!! Just because someone is built like Aldon Smith & Von Miller, doesn’t mean they will be the second coming of them. Clowney will not fit into a 3-4 DF. He’s a 4-3 dominant DE, in the making. Just my educated opinion.

            1. Its respected DCar Brother, but he has dropped into coverage before, as did both Jordan, and Ziggy.

              I wasn’t thinking about Aldon Smith or Von Miller in my appreciation for their talents. They all have major athleticism, are fast, can cover, and stand out when they are on the field, because their active, and cover a lot of ground.

              1. I think Clowney is an explosive players who will make plays at the NFL, but he is not consistent with his attitude and mental part of the games from many sources.. I question his work ethics and maturity to ever be a real consistent NFL Player
                I saw LT from North Carolina handle him one on one for 90% of the Game without any help and this LT from the Tar Heels is a mid-late round Prospect.. I think Clowney has been overhyped in what will be a pretty weak Defensive Draft in 2014.. Eagles missed the boat again in the last 2-3 Drafts where good NFL Defensive Prospects were available.. There not much help coming in the 2014 Draft for Defense..

  8. I believe Vinny Curriy has been activated for this game…finally! Let’s see how many snaps he gets to prove himself tonight.

    For those about to rock…We salute you! Go Eagles!!!

  9. Eagles should go back to a 4-3
    Go with Cole & Curry as DE’s with Cox & Thornton
    As DT’s. Then have Barwin & Kendrick’s as OLB’s and Ryans as MLB which would be their best Front 7 to have any real chance of being a decent Defense

  10. I’m not a fan of Nortre Dame players and how they have transitioned to the NFL, however, DT Louis Nix III is intriguing @6’3″ 340 and cat quick off the line.

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