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Fantasy Football Week 4 Advice

DeSeanJackson7Week 4 Mindset

And so the bye weeks begin.  Maybe you call the name of one of your bench players to start.  Possibly you are searching the waiver wires for that highest projected flex position.  The bye weeks definitely add a different dimension moving forward.  At time you benefit from playing a team that has their stud players on a bye.  Other times it’s you who is sending out a line-up with names that are making a “one-time only” appearance.  It’s something to think about and plan, but should not be something that you become overwhelmed with.  All teams go through it.  I personally use to try and draft a way to manage the bye weeks.   The problem with that is injuries happen all the time in the NFL, and that a lone changes the draft strategy you worked so hard to plan and then execute.

Waiver Wire Players for Week 4

Sanu– Haden will keep himself busy with A.J. Green.  Secondary receivers have been able to exploit the rest of the Browns secondary.  Look for Dalton to have a big day through the air, and Sanu with 6 catches, 80 yards and a td.

Emmanuel Sanders– Steelers are in London, and against a bad team just like them.  Cassell will be the QB for the Vikings with Ponder hurt.  Everyone is getting excited about Bell now healthy to carry the running game for the Steelers.  Pouncey is out for the season and Steelers are going to take advantage of the poor Vikings secondary.  Antonio Brown had his big coming out party last week; look for Sanders to be the guy this week.

Wright- The Titans score their td’s through the air and Britt is no longer the go-to guy in Tennessee.  Wright who had a respectable season last season, is starting to get those targets again.  I like him to find the end-zone this week, and could be a nice wide-receiver or flex substitute if you own Steve Smith or one of the three Packers wide-receivers on the bye week.

Your Questions Here:  Have a coin-flip scenario with who to start this week?  Maybe the match-up is looking sketchy or a player simply hasn’t performed to the level with where you selected them in the draft.  I’ll give you what I would do if I had your team.  Give me the players you are looking at and the position you are trying to fill and I will give you my recommendation.  Best of luck with week 4!


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3 Comments for “Fantasy Football Week 4 Advice”

  1. I am 3-0 in both GCobb FF Leagues so far, but have some Packer & Panther Players on Bye week and a couple of RB’s injured
    I am counting on my Bench with RB Jason Snelling, Joquie Bell,
    WR Brian Hartline and TE Heath Miller to step up and productive games

  2. Jeff, Kendall Wright sucked big time last season. What is so respectable about that?

  3. Kendall Wright came on at the end of his Rookie Season and played ok GMCliff, you have to remember he was A Rookie and his QB Locker was playing in his 1st Year as a Starter and learning his way
    This year he’s had 15 Receptions, 140 yards & 1 TD thru 3 Games, so he’s no All-Star, but a young and promising #2 WR in the NFL so to say that he sucks or a bust is simply inaccurate.. You get way too personal in evaluating players my friend.. Was he hyped up like a lot of 1st Round Picks are, absolutely, but most actually saw him as a solid #2 WR with potential for big play ability which I think he has and will only get better as QB Locker improves..
    Remember the a titans are run a pretty conservative
    Offense and do not sling the ball 40-50 Times a game like many Teams do in Today’s pass-happy watered down NFL

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