Coach Cobb With Coaching Point For Zach Ertz And His Corner Route

The Eagles are in the process of getting tight end Zach Ertz more involved in the offense.  They need more receivers who can get open against man-to-man coverage and Ettz is definitely one of them.  In the Giants game they had him run a corner route against the Giants linebackers about four or five times, but it took a couple of tries before he and Michael Vick connected on it, but he’s not running the route correctly.

You might ask me, how do I know exactly how Ertz is supposed to run this route.  I had the route run against me by Hall of Famers like Kellen Winslow during my 11-year NFL career.

The mistake the Ertz is making is at the top of the route, which means the point just before he’s going to make his cut and go to the corner.  He should give the linebacker an inside move of a few yards inside.  That move inside will create more separation between Ertz and the linebacker.

That will give the quarterback an easier throw to the outside because the move inside gives the quarterback three or four more yards of space to drop the ball into.

The route is really not a corner, it’s a POST corner route, when run properly. Ertz needs to look at tape of San Diego’s Antonio Gates, New Orleans Jimmy Graham and New England’s Rob Gronkowski.  They each do a great job of giving that subtle inside or outside fake at the top of their routes, to create separation between themselves and the defender.

It’s a small correction, but it will help out Ertz tremendously.  As he’s going forward Ertz will also learn the opposite of the post-corner route and that’s a corner post, which isn’t what they call it, but it’s when the tight end comes down field and takes a few steps to the corner at the top of the route, then comes back inside toward the post.  It’s very difficult to stop, especially when you have a big receiver running the routes.

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  1. Seems to me there’s a WR running wide open (from left to right) along the 35 yrd line. Easy pitch and catch and turn upfield for a big gain. (the other corner/safety has his back turned)

    Of course Vick spends the entire time staring at Ertz to the right (watch the head – it never turns) on his deep route (that’s what he does/loves) and telegraphs it so the safty can get over there for double coverage and the whammo hit.


    Of course always looking deep is Andy Reid’s fault.

  2. That’s what coaches are paid for…why they have a job…to find ways to get players open…to make adjustments from game to game…I noticed players getting open for Vick…

    Below article on Eagles dot com may shed a little light on what I’m talking about…
    Eagle Eye In The Sky: New Wrinkles

    1. We’re cracking jokes…of course WRs are open for Vick. He rarely sees them though because he’s always locked in to whover is running the deepest pattern. Because that’s all Reid calls for him.

      I mean….

      1. u can crack jokes all you want… it does not change the fact that Andy Reid in his last 5 years in Philly became all about the down field threat. It did not start with Vick. Kevin Kolb got killed back there because he held on to the ball and tried to hit WR’s deep. Think back…. how long has it been since the eagles used the run game and screens? Remember back in the day when they were the king of screens? Been a while hu?

        Listen, we ALL would love to have a Brady, Manning or Brees here. But what we have is Vick and Foles. The key…. (main reason Reid is gone.. Main reason you are not allowed to post here anymore) is that Kelly knows we need the run game and knows we have to improve the D. Kelly KNOWs we need WR’s, TE’s and RB’s who can pound it… catch it over the middle…. and take a hit. THIS is why Reid is gone.

        BTW- Vick is gone for 1 or 2 weeks and look…. you are still crying like the little b you are.

    1. Remember that TE Coach Ted WIlliams is Coaching TE’s for the first Time in his Coaching Career and was the RB Coach for Years under Andy Reid.. Maybe he is the problem with the lack of productivity at the TE Position so far this Season
      Also note that Ted Williams and Duce Staley were the only Coach’s kept from the AR Regime, and that Owner Lurie & GM Roseman liked how Ted Williams knows a lot of what goes on in the Locker-Room and trust his judgement as to the Pulse of the Team and it’s Players & Coach;s though he may not be the most qualified TE Coach at this stage of his Career or who Chip Kelly may have really wanted to have hired for that Position…. Wheels and Drama always turning at the NovaCare Center..

  3. have to admit, Jet’s OC Marty Mohrnewig is doing a pretty nice job with QB Geno Smith and the Jets Offense which does not have a lot of big-name Players at the Skills Positions (minus Santonio Holmes who did not Play last evening due to an injury)

  4. Vick- haters never cease to defy logic! In their never ending quest to bash Vick they want to ignore what a former NFL linebacker in G Cobb points out with his excellent analysis! When Ertz ran the route correctly, Vick hit him for a big gain it was one of the reasons Vick had a 16-7 lead against the Giants. The Eagles receivers and O-line needs to step up and play better….the defense needs to do what they did against the hapless Giants…create turnovers…if and when the Eagles do these things…Vick will lead the,your playoffs!

    1. kool do you know how to read?

      ” In the Giants game they had him run a corner route against the Giants linebackers about four or five times, but it took a couple of tries before he and Michael Vick connected on it, but he’s not running the route correctly.”

      where does it say he actually ran the route properly? further what the article is really saying is ertz is running the right route he is just not selling the route properly… regardless if he sells it or not vick needs to make the throw and based on gcobbs “excellent analysis” vick is hitting ertz 20% of the time on this play and that is PATHETIC

      1. wow… no,.,, it was about how to get separation. If he runs it better… he will get space to make the catch.

        Guys… i dont get it. Dont we ALL want the Eagles to win? Why do you guys try and create stuff in here to support the qb you love? Are they not both Eagles qb;s? Have we not needed BOTH of them to win games so far? Let this crap go and root for your team… not your hero’s.

        We all knew Vick would get hurt. We all knew we would need them both. We all KNOW that our future QB is most likely not on this team yet. Try… just try to root for your eagles.

        Meanwhile…. have we still not found a SS walking the streets?

        1. Yes we want the Eagles to win.

          And that’s why we don’t like a QB who stares at one guy the whole play (in this case Ertz) while another WR runs free across the middle.

          We do not support shitty QBs who make the same errors they were making 10 years ago.

          Could Ertz have sold his route better….no doubt. But that does not discount there was another wide open option for Vick that he didn’t even glance at.

          Do you not remember the final play of the GB game? Cooper the entire time while 2 other WRs wide open…

          I do not support qbs who will never win us the SB because they are BAD.

          Vick can win games against shit-ass defenses that barely put up a fight…good D co-ordinators eat his simpleton ass for lunch.

          Its time to move on to a QB who has the potential to outsmart, and not outrun, opposing defenses.

          1. ignore- I am ignoring this silly post because it puts forth the idea that a qb can “win the SB” on their own.

            bla bla bla. same dribble different day,,

        2. what do you mean wow no? yea its about getting separation by selling the play inside then breaking outside, whats so hard to understand?

        3. I know that the NFL has become a “quarterbacks league”, but I am reaching the point of pulling my hair out with the “us vs. them” ongoing dialouge concerning our starting qb.

          I only want the qb out on the field that gives my team the best chance to win. Wins are what I am interested in…not excuses about why “my guy” is better than “your guy”….I DON”T CARE….I want to know why our recievers don’t appear to be running routes to get open on a consistant basis….I want to know what we need to do to get more pressure from our defensive line….is the 3-4 the best system for the players we have right now, or do we need to sprinkle in more “hybrid” lineups……can we get a strong safety that will bring back the “fear” that recievers used to feel during the Dawkins era…..there are so many things that fans have to be concerned about with this rookie coach and his new staff…..but no…..before, during and after every game the only thing people on here are posting about is this immature battle of the QB’s….where are the EAGLES fans? Did they all get lost in the last few Reid years and now this site is populated with people who only root for a single player above the teams best interest? It is a sorry state of affairs for this fanbase, but I guess that is what happens when your team goes 4-12 and has to live with years of poor drafting and coaching.

          1. YES!!!!! I have another!! Before long we will get this site back to what it was before the simpletons arrived. One by one greenfan.. lets just ignore them( i say this and yet get sucked into their stupidity).

  5. ****More Paulman Trade Rumors****

    Texas TE Owen Daniel out with fractured fibula for 4-6 Weeks and possibly longer.. Maybe the Eagles can Trade them back TE James Casey who appears to be a wasted Roster Spot for the Eagles.. get a5th Round Draft PIck in Return or one of their Back-Up Safeties…

  6. **More NFL News ***

    Packers LB Clay Matthews Jr out for the next 3-5 Weeks with Broken Thumb..

    Falcons WR Julio Jones is feared to be out for possibly the remainder of the 2013 Season with a leg injury.. This is just breaking news and not confirmed as of yet..

    1. Does it suprise anyone else that a linebacker would miss 3-5 weeks for a broken thumb? Wouldn’t you put it in a soft cast, pad it and wrap it and play? I heard this before and still am suprised that he would miss that many games.

      1. He probably failed a Steroid/HGH Test and the NFL doesn’t want the bad press for one of their Poster Boys being suspended for 4 Games …

  7. ***Eagles News****

    QB Mike Vick did participate fully in this morning’s Practice Session which focuses on Drills from Stretching, Running, and Passing Drills which were open to the Media and there was no noticeable slowness in Vick’s ability to move and throw per any reports…
    There has been no word on whether he participated on any of the 7 on 7 Drills & 10 on 10 Drils that took place this afternoon on a Practice Session that was closed to the Media

  8. ***Eagles News****

    QB Mike Vick did participate fully in this morning’s Practice Session which focuses on Drills from Stretching, Running, and Passing Drills which were open to the Media and there was no noticeable slowness in Vick’s ability to move and throw per any reports…
    There has been no word on whether he participated on any of the 7 on 7 Drills & 10 on 10 Drils that took place this afternoon on a Practice Session that was closed to the Media

  9. Early Coach of the Year Award still goes to KC CHiefs Andy Reid …
    Runner Up is Chuck Pagano of the COlts who has his Team playing some tough, sound Fundamental Football and beaten both the 49ers & Seahawks this season so far
    3rd Place is NO Saints Sean Peyton who has teh Saints believing in themselves again and New DC Rob Ryan doing what Steve Spagnola could not do last year and get that Saints to fly around and put pressure on opposing QB’s ..

    Where have you gone “Philly Overhyped Coach” Steve Spagnola !!!!

    1. Good point Pman….Spags was “hotter than hot” a few years back, and after that year in NO with the “bounty punished” Saints, he has dropped off the radar.

      Over-Hyped or just landed at the Saints at a very bad year, no HC, lost defensive players and overall organizational chaos….even with his performance last year, I would probably prefer Spags to Davis as our DC.

      1. The NO Saints gave up a NFL History Worst Yards and POoints Greenfan..
        They actually had aqdded some pieces to their Defense last year in Free-Agnecy than most did not work out too well

        While we are on e the Saints, Another 1st Round Draft Pick is RB Mark Ingram (from Alabama) who was overhyped as well.. Lesson is, you never take a RB is in the 1st Round, they are a dime a dozen.. and you always stay away from RB from a big time program with more than 400-500 Carries/Touches during their College Career.. They are too banged up and have to many miles on their legs in my opinion

        1. I have agreed with that strategy for RB’s, and obviously the recent Trent Richardson trade highlighted those same theories. You hit it right on the head with the number of carries. Those “workhorse” attributes that coaches love also mean that the player has a shorter career and thus less value to the team.

          However, the real key is to draft players in the 1st round that will contribute, be productive starters for a number of years and not have a mistake that will cause you to draft a similar player a couple years later to make up for the mistake. The Watkins draft will haunt this team for some time. It meant that the team continued to have a need on the OL, and forced them to take Johnson. The failure in the front office over these past 8 years is the one thing that people do not understand will delay any success that Kelly might be able to realize with his schemes and strategies.

        2. So you now agree with GMCliff when he said that Trent Richardson was nothing special the year he was drafted.

          Why couldn’t anybody else see that? Some really overvalue their College highlights, and the fact they play on one of the top teams in the country. Some of these guys look good based upon the real players doing their job, and making them look good. Lesson: [Sometimes], don’t believe the hype……in those highlights, or the combine because then, You whined up with Lane Johnson…….

  10. More for Vinnie-

    About the deep play stuff. The point that I have been making for about 5 years is if all you do is look deep.. the D will just stack everyone deep… thats what we have seen. NOW… we have a run game.. a threat of a QB taking off (good and bad)… AND the ability to go deep. So…. im not against going deep. But… we are leading the league in the run game AND deep plays. Do you see how thats a good thing?

    1. but there is more to prove my point-


      Last year we had 0 games where we scored 30 or more points.
      This year we have 3 in 5 games.

      Last year we avg 17.5 points a game. So far this year we avg 27.6

      THATS 10 points a game more!!! AND- the O hasnt really even clicked yet!!

      we scored 280 points last year- we have half of those points already in 5 weeks.

      So- clearly this coach… with the same weapons…. is doing something right!! I dont care who starts at QB this week- the point remains… ill take THIS STYLE of using the run game.. Te’s…. wr’s,,,, even running with either QB over the deep pass happy andy reid ANYDAY of the week.

      Go for it- tell me hows these are bogus stats.

      1. Agreed Stevo…those are positive stats….and realize that they have not had Maclin for a single play this year. I believe that if Maclin was playing this year we would see an even more productive offense. While there are still issues and problems with this offense, there has clearly been an improvement in the output.

        I believe that the OLine can still get better..the recievers have been average at best, with room for improvement….the run game (and you really need to give credit to the OL as well as Shadey) is on a record setting pace….I am still waiting for Kelly to use his TE’s more, with more multiple TE sets…..penalties are still a problem with the OL, and this will need to be addressed if this team is going to win more games this season.

        That being said, with the point production seeing a big improvement, Davis and his defense need to step up their game and start keeping teams under 25 points per game.

  11. Figures lie and liars figure

    We all want unity, but you are blaming the wrong people

    I don’t need any stats for me to conclude that this team is going nowhere with Vick, but the eagles made the mistake of first bringing him here in’10 and the worst decision was to bring him back this year

    If this is a transition year to implement his system Kelly would have been more wise to run it with Dixon

    Kelly should have stayed with his original statement to go with a scheme that suits your personell , that would be a high tempo Brady-esque offense with foles

    This angst and disharmony among eagles fans roots with decision to bring back Vick, once he’s gone you will have a different, varied dialogue here, and much more unity

    1. dribble dribble dribble-

      what you are really saying is that we would have had peace unity and harmony if the birds would have done what you wanted. you sound like your 5.

      I didnt want vick here then.. i didnt want him at the start of the year…. but hes our QB. Im going with the head coach on this 1. Give the man time to see what he can do. So far…. we have scored 30 points 3 times. Ill take that. Ill take 30 points from any qb.

  12. Apparently the axe man agrees with Jakedog

    “anyone with eyes can see the offense is more efficient with Foles”

      1. I thought “Paulman” was the only allowed on GCobb to speak in the 3rd Person.. I will have to re-read the small print on my Contract with the Gman

    1. @jake…I have 2 eyes, and here is what I see. I will not throw a ton of stats, because I am too lazy to google them, so I will just go with my observations.

      The obvious…Vick and Foles are both running the same Kelly offense. Vick runs it by putting pressure on the defense with his threat to run, and looking for longer passes. It also has Shadey running a good amount, and the read-option with Vick opens up lanes for Shadey with the need for the defense to account for Vick with either a spy of just another defended.

      Foles (in only a breif appearance to base this statement) runs the offense with short / medium passing game putting the ball in the hands of his recievers to make gains down field. His completion % has been good (although a relatively small sample). I believe that Shadey will have a tougher time running with Foles as the QB since teams will not be concerned with his running the ball.

      Both QB’s have shown that they can move the team in Kelly’s system. They have different styles, but just like Peyton Manning has a different style from Russel Wilson, it doesn’t mean that they both cannot be successful.

      For the sake of our season, let’s hope that they both play well and the offense doesn’t miss a beat regardless of whoever is the QB. Longterm it is a different story. Based on his decsion of picking the starter, I believe that Kelly wants a QB that is a multiple threat. Vick’s age and style of play (dependant on his legs) points to him only being an option for the short-term. Kelly will need to see more from Foles (although maybe he has seen enough) to see if he is a longterm solution. I question where Barkely is in this equation, but clearly he is not in our plans for this season.

      So jake, after looking through my eyes, I see that the QB position on the Eagles is very important, but truthfully I wish we had depth at the Strong Safety position the way we have it at the QB position. Whoever Kelly plans to play will move the offense, but the team will only go as far as the defense takes it.

        1. Love it.

          You call others 5 year olds, yet you continually pound the kindergarten “if you don’t like the same players as me you are not a fan. Not. Not. NOT!” gavel every 3rd post.

      1. Great post Greenfan. And Stevo I know it’s hard but just ignore the same simple posters who post the same nonsense day in and day out. This team could be 5-0 but they would still be here with the same tired posts hating on the players they are supposed to be rooting for.

  13. A couple of Interesting Stats after Week #5 of the NFL Season

    Eagles Offense by Total Yards
    Ranked #2 In the NFL (455 Yards per Game, only behind Denver Bronco’s)
    Ranked #8 in Points Scored per Game ( 27 Points per Game)
    Give/Take Category has Eagles at a + 2 in the Tunover Battle

    Defensively by Total Yards
    Ranked Dead last 32nd (434 Yards per Game given up)
    Ranked 30th in Points Allowed ( 32 Points per Game)

    Yet their Record is 2-3

    Look at the Teams with the Top 5 Overall Defensive Rankings

    1) Panthers (Record is 1-3)
    2) Steelers (Record is 0-4)
    3) Texans (Record is 2-3)
    4) TB Bucs (Record is 1-3)
    5) NY Jets (Record is 3-2)

    Here is the List of the Top 5 Offenses in the NFL

    1) Broncos (5-0) – Defense is Ranked 31st and giving up 28 Pts per game)
    2) Eagles (2-3)
    3) Saints (5-0)
    4) Chargers (2-3)
    5) Atlanta (1-4)

    Teams with the Best Give/Take Stat
    1) KC Chiefs (+10 ) Record is 5-0
    2) Titans (+8 ) Record is 2-3
    3) Seahawks (+7) ) Record is 4-1
    4) Colts (+6) Record is 4-1
    5) Saints (+6) Record is 5-0

    Now look at Bottom 5 Teams in the Give-Take Category

    1) Giants (-13) Record is 0-5
    2) Steelers (-11) Record is 0-4
    3) Jets (-9) Record is 3-2
    4) Texans (-8) Record is 2-3
    5) Chargers 9-8) Record is 2-3

    Score TD’s in the Red-Zone and not settle for FG’s and have more Possesions in a Ball Game by winning the Turnover Battle than your Opponent and your a Top Team in the NFL..

    1. 2nd in yards
      8th in points
      32 in D
      30 in points given up

      Hey- lets talk about the qb’s again. lol


      1. Can Houston win the superbowl?

        Why not?

        Very good D. Solid RB. Decent Wrs and Tes.

        But they have no chance. Why not?

        Chicago…great D. No one better at getting turnovers and scoring. Pro-bowl RB. Solid WR corps. No chance. Why not?

        You think anyone is gong to bet the farm on KC this year in the playoffs? Even with a great D. Star RB, and OK wr corps. Why not?


      1. LOL I know right Dcar, this team actually has a chance with the upcoming schedule to win some games if the defense can hold teams to 24 points or less but let’s have another winless argument about the QB’s. By the way I am a guy who will defend Vick but one thing lost in all this. Both of these guys are great teammates I think they genuinely care about each other and put team first.

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