MMA Roundup: Delbrugge Defeats Johnson In Nine Seconds

weirdIn the Main Event, Jon Delbrugge (3-1) proved why he may be one of the best 170 pound prospects on the east coast.  After dropping  Neil Johnson (7-6) with a vicious overhand right, he went Delbrugge went on the attack until the ref halted the fight after just 9 seconds!
Your winner via TKO at the 0:09 mark of the very first round, Jon Delbrugge (3-1)
After his astonishing victory Jon Delbrugge thanked his supporters:
“I feel great.  Thank you to everyone who supported me.  It really means a lot.  One of the reason we get on the cards is because of the supporters, so thank you guys!”
“Anthony Terrell DESTROYS Velasco in just 23 seconds!”
In the Co-Main event, Anthony Terrell (4-0) continued to live up to the hype when he blitz his opponent Pedro Velasco, swarming him with strikes.  Before Velasco could respond Terrell stopped him with a BRUTAL left head kick!
Your winner via KO at the 0:23 of Round 1, Anthony Terrell!
Anthony Terrell had this to say about his BRUTAL stoppage:
“I wouldn’t be nothing without my team!  I wouldn’t be fighting if it wasn’t for Brazen Boxing & MMA!”
“Daukaus demolishes Duvall to capture victory in his pro debut”
In the 1st pro bout of the evening, Chris Daukaus made his pro debut against fellow debuting Bobby Duvall.  Daukaus missed a kick early that sent him to the ground.  Duvall jumped quickly on the grounded fighter but Daukaus fought his way up.  After trading for a bit, Daukaus landed an accidental kick to the groin.  When the action continued, a nasty elbow from Daukaus sent Duvall to the ground.  After following up with two vicious rights, the referee called a halt to the action.
You winner via TKO at the 2:03 mark of the 1st round Chris Daukaus!
This is what Chris Daukas (1-0) had to say about his TKO victory:
” I seen his step in and I threw the elbow and figured why not finish the fight”
During the intermission XFE Promoter David Feldman announced that he was matching the money raised by Bassil Hafez and his friend Mike for Mary Walp’s fight against Breast Cancer.  The total was $750 raise and $750 matched by David Feldman.
“Lowry stuns Hafez to capture the XFE Welterweight Championship”
XFE Welterweight Champion Basil Hafez (4-1) was able to return to his feet early after a HUGE takedown by challenger Joe Lowry (4-0).  After they returned to their feet, both men traded punches and jockeyed for position against the cage in a close 1st round.
The 2nd round turned into a stand up chess match.  Both men showing each other a ton of respect, by refusing to let their hands go.  They stayed on their feet until the final 10 seconds when the challenger Joe Lowry scored a crucial take down.
In the final round,  the Champion Hafez gave it all he had taking the challenger down on several occasions.  After the second take down, Hafez attempted a standing guillotine choke but it was escaped by Lowry.  The two men traded strikes until the final bell sounded.
After the final bell, the judges scorecards read 30-27 across the board for your winner via Unanimous Decision and NEW XFE Welterweight Champion Joe Lowry (4-0)!
This is what the NEW XFE Welterweight Champion had to say:
“It was a tough fight.  He is a good kid.  It feel’s fantastic to put this belt on!”
“Stankiewicz tops Encarnacion in a WAR!”
Fan favorite Erik Stankiewicz (3-0) took control of Izzy Encarnacion (0-2) early. “E-Stank” took him to the ground early and attempted several submissions before getting back to their feet and trading leather until the end of the round.
After trading back and forth for early in the 2nd round,  Encarnacion landed a low blow on Stankiewicz.  Stankiewicz recovered and started to trade before they went to the ground.  Encarnacion had dominant position landing several body shots until they both made it to their feet.  The round ended with both men trying to take the better position against the cage.
In the 3rd round,  Stankiewicz seemed to be tiring leaving Encarnacion as the aggressor on their feet.  Stankiewicz took his opponent down but wasn’t able to keep him there.  As the they jockeyed for position, it went to the ground with Encarnacion holding the dominant position while landing punches until the final bell.
At the final bell, the judges scorecards read 29-28 across the winner via Unanimous Decision Erik Staniewicz (3-0)
“I came out strong at first and by the 3rd I gassed out.  Izzy brought it and I brought it too.”
“Oristaglio “takes down” Kim to spoil his debut!”
Vinny Oristaglio (2-1) and William Kim (0-1) opened Round 1 with some back and forth action.  Kim got on top of Oristaglio early but the ref stood them up.  Then Oristaglio landed and accidental low blow that caused a short break.
When Kim was ready to go the round ended.  Oristaglio scored a early take down in Round 2 and secured dominant position until Kim worked his way back to the feet.  Back on their feet, Kim was dominant but at the end of the round Oristaglio scored another explosive take down.
In the 3rd round, Kim was once again dominant on his feet but was answered with another Oristaglio take down.  This time Kim maneuvered into dominant position until the final bell rang.
After the final bell, the judges scorecards read 29-28 Oristaglio, 29-28 Kim & 29-28 Oristaglio for your winner via Split Decision Vinny Oristaglio (2-1)
“I feel great.  It was a hard weight cut.  He fought hard.  I didn’t expect to get hit that hard.”
Leo DaSilva (1-3) & Ryan Kemmerer (4-0) went back and forth in the first round exchanging take downs.  In the final seconds of round 1, DaSilva attemted a triangle choke but couldn’t get it fully locked in.
Early in the 2nd, Kemmerer scored a takedown but DaSilva worked his way to his feet.  The two men began to exchange punches until Kemmerer scored another take down, in which he stayed in dominant position until the end of the round.
In the final round, Kemmerer scored an early take down but both men bounced up which resulted in Kemmerer land vicious knees on DaSilva until he got free.  Both men traded back and forth until the final round.
At the final bell the judges scorecards read 30-27 across the board for your winner Ryan Kemmerer (4-0).
This is what Ryan Kemmerer had to say about his victory:
“I would just like to thank everyone who came out here.  UFC gym for giving me the opportunity.  That is all I can ask for is an opportunity.”
“Flemming’s stand up out lasts Doer”
Kiefer Flemming (2-0) opened the 1st round of the fight against Taylor Doer (0-1) explosively. He continuously pushed Doer back against the cage until landing a vicious barrage and a take down at the end of the round.
In the 2nd round, saw both men growing increasingly tired with Flemming dominant while standing up until the end of the round where he scored another take down.
Flemming scored a take down early in the 3rd and held dominant position landing a few blows for the entirety of the round.
The judges scorecards read 30-27 across the board for your winner Keifer Flemming (2-0).
Your winner Kiefer Flemming (2-0) had this to say:
“Feel good coming into this fight.  You just have to remember there is no safe place in a construction zone and I’m the handyman baby!”
“Leone outlasts Klacic in a classic!”
In the opening bout Matt Klacic (2-1) faced William Leone (1-0).  The first round saw a close back and forth battle which was seemingly edged by the the more Klacic who held dominant position for a portion of the round.
Leone came back strong with a dominant 2nd round, almost choking out Klacic in the final minute but Klacic held on until the final bell.
Finally Leone scored takedown in the 3rd round, which may have been a deciding factor even though Klacic landed a nice combination at the final bell.
After the final bell the judges scorecards read 29-28 across the board!
This is what the winner William Leone (1-0) had to say:
“I thought I could do better.  It was my first fight I was nervous.  I was never nervous like this for football or anything.  He is a great fighter I take my hats off to him.”
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