MMA Roundup: Weekend Results

weirdThe following are the results from CFFC 29 this past Friday at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA.  The event was streamed LIVE WORLDWIDE on!  If you missed it you can still order by clicking the link below.  If you order once you can re watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand:
Jeff Smith vs Brian Kelleher
From the get go it seemed like both men were looking for submission because they went back and forth on the ground jockeying for dominant position throughout the 1st two rounds.  Then in the 2nd round, TUF alumni Smith was able to secure a flying armbar forcing Kelleher to tap within seconds.
Your winner, via submission at the 4:39 mark of Round 2, Jeff Smith
Paul Holt vs Azunna Anyanwu
In the CFFC 29 Fight of the Night, Holt & “Zu” went to WAR!!!  In the 1st, “Zu” staggered Holt with a HUGE right hand put couldn’t put the big man away.  Holt fought back valiantly and made it out of the round.
The 2nd round was similar with both man trading huge blows back and forth.  Both men had their moments but “Zu” scored a take down holding the top position until both men were stood up. “Zu” also dropped Holt with a big punch but Holt recovered.
The 3rd round was the closest of them all and the action kept up.  Even though most men were extremely tired, they continued to take punches until the final bell.
After the final bell the judge’s scorecards read 30-27 x 2 & 29-28 for your winner, via unanimous decision, Azunna “Zu” Anyanwu!
Marius Enache vs. Tommy “Gunnz” Marcellino
Both Marcellino & Enache started off trading punches with no regard.  Enache seemed to have the edge early with striking but towards the end of the round Marcellino locked on an arm triangle.  Enache did his best to combat it but Marcellino held on to the choke and took Enache off his feet.  Finally the ref intervened calling a halt to the bout when Enache didn’t respond.
Your winner, via submission at the 4:06 mark of Round 1, Tommy Marcellino
Christian Leonard vs. Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz
From the 1st round Abdurakhmonoz controlled the action taking Leonard down multiple times as well as dominating while on the ground.  During the 2nd round it was much of the same.  Then in the 3rd they stood up for their 1st minute until Abdurakhmonoz scored a take down.  After controlling the ground for a minute he locked on a head arm triangle to force a tap.
Your winner via Submission at the 2:12 mark of Round3, Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz.
Prelim Results:
Jayro Martinez Sub2 Donald Koch – Rear Naked Choke
Pedro Hernandez UD Sean Gmitter – 30-27 x 3
Samuel Stausser SD Dakota Dahler – 30-27 & 29-28 Stausser 29-28 Dahler
Dan Powell SD Hakief Phillips – 29-28 x 2 Powell 29-28 Phillips
The following is the results from CFFC 30 from the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA.  The event streamed LIVE WORLDWIDE on!  If you missed the action you can still order by clicking the link below.  Order once and Re Watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand:
Main Event:  Aljamain Sterling vs. Joel Roberts
Aljamain Sterling made quick work of Joel Roberts successfully defending his CFFC Bantamweight title for the 3rd time.  Roberts dropped Sterling early but Sterling was able to regain his composure and gain control on the ground.  Sterling then caught him in a rear naked choke securing the submission finish.
Your winner, via submission at the 1:49 mark of Round 1 and STILL CFFC Bantamweight Champion, Alkamain Sterling.
Mike Medrano vs Darrell Horcher
Darrell Horcher & Mike Medrano went to war over the cause of 3 round.  Horcher controlled the first two rounds with ground work and striking.  The tides changed in the 3rd with Medrano controlling the action on the ground.  Despite last minute submission attempts Horcher was able to hold on until the final bell.
After the final bell the judge scorecards read 29-28 x 3 for your winner, Darrell Horcher.
Travis Wynn vs Christian Rodriguez
Not only did Travis Wynn come out to “Mr Perfect” Curt Henning’s Theme song but he put on a close to flawless performance.  Wynn held the edge in the 1st round when it came to striking but really took over in Round 2 with his ground work and ground and pound.  The doctor stopped the fight in between the 2nd & 3rd round.
Your winner, via TKO (Doctor Stoppage), Travis Wynn.
Chip Gerber vs. Soslan Abanokov
Soslan Abanokov was simply too much for Chip Gerber.  He 1st round he took Gerber down and dominated from the top position.  The 2nd round was mostly similar with Gerber unable to keep it on their feet.  Same thing in the 3rd except the fight was stopped by the doctor at the 1:05 mark of the 2nd round due to cuts.
Your winner, via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at the 1:05 mark of Round 2, Soslan Abanokov.
Eric Roncoroni vs Alen Hooben
Eric Roncoroni added another Highlight reel KO to CFFC 30.  Both men stayed on their feet and traded.  Rocoroni landed back to back huge left hands dropping & stopping Alen Hooben the the 1:35 mark of Round 1.
Your winner, via KO at the 1:35 mark of Round 1, Eric Roncoroni.
Other Results:
Katlyn Chookagiam UD Janice Meyer
Sharif Jones UD James Jordan
Allen Otto KO2 Steven  Romanides
Dave Roberts TKO1 Scott Dirkson
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